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The third (total) Hal Daub for Mayor spot, entitled “Getting the Job Done”, is now up.

See it here:

We like these people talking at the camera ads, generally. It’s always good to have some “average” citizens pimping the candidate. 

And to Joe Jordan’s critique from yesterday of all the ads, (he noted that Daub’s ad was lilly-white) note that this one has: a white woman; an African American woman; a Latino woman; an African American man; and closing it all up with another white woman. (Oh, and a old whitey dude – Daub.) Heck, this could be a Children’s Tylenol ad.  Take THAT Joe!

Our only problem with this is that it was clearly scripted. These are better done when the person is told to maybe talk about a theme, then uses his or her own words. Maybe that was done here, but it seems more like each line was memorized.

(Also, we need to tone down crazy-Hal-smiling-face at the end! Yikes.)

In any case, Daub’s rotation of ads will give viewers a break from seeing the other ads over and over and over.

It keeps getting more fun.

One of our readers wanted to point out Robert Nelson’s OWH column (an “Online Special”!) today about the Mayoral candidate websites.
We saw Nelson’s column, which seemed to focus on Suttle’s goofy picture viewer program.  Funny thing was, Nelson ended his analysis of Suttle’s page talking about the group photo and how well put-together the site is.
Of course he failed to point-out that the photo and the site are all the product of a $65 template that you too can find online.  (See L. St.’s discussion here.)
He then knocks Vokal’s website for being too spartan — and harangues one of Vokal’s videos (which is sort of a separate issue –which we’ve discussed — from his website).
He loves Daub’s website — but still seems to be worried that Hal wants to create Lake Ashland.  (Now THERE was a cool idea….)
Thanks to the City Council candidates who have sent us photos and website links.  Any others out there, we would be happy to take.  
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  1. Anonymous says:

    I think Hal’s slogan should be “Hal. . . You remember, the guy you voted out of office eight years ago.”

    He is riding the nastalgia train worse than the Clintons, and you know were it got them.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Typical Hal and his supporters. . . attack the person not the premise of the article.

    You stay classy Anon 9:56 or should I say Hal.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Fact not attack: Hal was turned away by the voters for the same job he is trying to get again.

    An attack is Anon 9:56 is loser for supporting a five time (or however many times Hal has lost or withdrawn to avoid losing)loser.

    Not that I would say that. It is for example only.

  4. macdaddy says:

    There are reasons to criticize Suttle’s website but the tiltviewer and the fact that it’s a $65 template are not two of them. I think the tiltviewer, while a gimmick, is pretty cool.

    You can cite the logo, which resembles the Gateway Arch in St. Louis and the picture of his headquarters at the old Florence City Hall. Makes him look like he wants to be mayor of everywhere else but Omaha.

  5. Anonymous Forever says:

    Hey Anonymous at 11:12, I think you need to learn the definition of an attack and stop attacking Anonymous 9:56. And you, Anonymous at 10:01 need to apologize to Anonymous at 10:18 in regards to the attack on Anonymous 9:56 who was only trying to help Anonymous 9:39 with his/her spelling in an appropriately humorous way. On the other hand, I don’t think we need the childish name calling like Anonymous 12:56. Anonymous 9:39, Anonymous 9:56, Anonymous 12:56, Anonymous 8:43, Anonymous 7:10, and Anonymous 13:67 all need to take a cue from Anonymous 11:50 and really start to elevate the level of the debate.

  6. Street Sweeper says:

    Thank you for making the point.

    As I’ve said MANY times before, all you have to do, when you enter a comment, is click the “Name/URL” button, and enter a name you’ve come up with (instead of using “Anonymous”).

    It’s not that difficult.

  7. Street Sweeper says:

    It’s really just a factor of being able to respond to another person’s comments. But hey, be that way.


  8. Anonymous says:

    Just read an article about the mayor’s race on NNN.
    Does anyone else read it anymore? Of the last six articles or so, most have no comments, maybe one (usually from the authors). Maybe Kyle and Hannah Montana should rethink their vitriol.

  9. Eric says:


    I think it is funny that you read NNN but don’t have the cojones to comment there, and then you come here to your little Republican security blanket and lob insults at them in the comments of a story that has nothing to do with NNN.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I’m not a big fan of Daub, although I’m not a hater… but from where I’m sitting this race is over unless something really big happens. Its Daub’s race to lose, he seems to be gaining steam and its pretty much the seventh inning stretch here.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I read NNN occasionally,too, including the recent article on Suttle’s ad. I agree with the prior post that is interesting how little reaction their articles generate. Maybe the authors are turning people off.

  12. Eric says:

    Or maybe, Gladis, instead of leaving a comment about the post on the actual blog it was written on, they go to other unrelated blogs and talk about it there…

  13. Anonymous says:

    I guess Kyle’s little gopher, Eric, is active today.

    There’s no reason to leave a post on NNN– no one else does.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Did anyone else notice Daub had like 150 people at the St. Patrick’s Day parade? Vokal had a pitiful number, and I think Suttle had his family and maybe his next door neighbor.

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