Fahey hates Suttle less, or…

Omaha Mayor Mike Fahey will make an announcement at the Jim Suttle for Mayor HQ on Monday morning at 9:30 AM.

Fahey is going to announce that he is going to be non-committal in the Mayor’s race.


Well, what would one expect, after Suttle dismissed the importance of Fahey, a fellow Democrat, endorsing him:

“We are both Democrats. I am a protege of his. I think we have to put Fahey’s comments into proper perspective.”

Oh, wait. Suttle didn’t say that about himself. He said it about Jim Vokal’s endorsement of Hal Daub. But of course, if Suttle believes that to be the case with Vokal and Daub, it is certainly the case here.

After all, anyone who has been around City Hall for the past four years knows that Mike Fahey does not like Jim Suttle. As we mentioned before, Suttle has consistently been a thorn in Fahey’s side, opposing him on key issues, and posturing himself for a run at the Mayor’s office.

But Fahey’s no dummy. He can’t NOT oppose Daub, whom many local Dems hate with a seething hatred they reserve only for George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. Fahey would be persona non grata at the Holiday if he were to stand still and let Daub take the Mayor’s office.

Fahey is a practical guy. So he will swallow his pride and “endorse” Suttle, and then belch and go on about his business.

Of course in real life Mike Fahey was front row and center at the most nationally televised CU game at the Q.

And that facility never would have happened if it weren’t for the leadership of former Mayor Jim Suttle.

(Oh, wait…)


  1. Anonymous says:

    And in real life, Mike Fahey would have never been mayor without the questionable leadership of Hal Daub.

    And in real life the Qwest Center wouldn’t have been possible without the invention of electricity and indoor plumbing.

  2. Anonymous says:

    That will be nice for Suttle.

    Anyway, Daub has 50 (yes, FIFTY) elected officals endorsing him tomorrow morning, including Gov. Heineman, Sen. Johanns, most of the city council, two former mayors, virtually the entire Omaha delegation of state senators, Douglas County officials, and everyone and their dog. Including a number of Democrats.

    I’m sure Suttle got word of that (after Daub’s media alert went out Friday) and that’s why he scheduled his press conference for exactly the same time. Classy.

    Watch for the article from the World-Herald: Endorsements Fall Along Party Lines…

    Don’t believe it. Suttle has AN endorsement coming tomorrow. Daub has 50, from basically every elected offical who has any interest in who the next mayor is.

  3. 3rd floor watcher says:

    Hal built it, and they did come!!! Hal put it to a vote of the people and won!! What about the downtown stadium? Was there a vote? You Suttleites can say all you want, but Hal was a good mayor.

  4. Anonymous says:

    “Virtually the entire Omaha delegation of state senators”?

    What, you mean, excepting anyone who represents a district east of 72nd Street?

    Dave Heineman? Lee Terry? Last time I checked, those guys can’t vote in a city election so why should we care what they think?

    A huge number of Republican elected officials endorsing Daub? Not big news.

    Fahey endorsing Suttle? Well, it took this blog by surprise. That’s for sure…

  5. Street Sweeper says:

    Nyuk nyuk nyuk,

    Well, we were “surprised” in that we had thought more of Fahey — that we figured he wouldn’t bow to Suttle.

    But Dems never cease to amaze us…

  6. Anonymous says:

    “Dave Heineman? Lee Terry? Last time I checked, those guys can’t vote in a city election so why should we care what they think?”

    Because our next mayor is going to need to work with these people — that’s why. I’m glad you asked.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Why can’t Lee vote in an Omaha City election?? Last time I checked, Leester lived inside the Omaha City Limits.

    As a matter of fact, I saw Lee at the Regency Lodge on election night supporting Hal Daub.

  8. Proud Daub supporter says:

    Lee lives in Millard in an SID. Just left Hal’s event and it was impressive. Lots of Democrats there supporting Hal including the former democratic county chair!!!!

  9. Six Dollar Payer says:

    To Proud Daub Supporter: I looked at the list on the Daub website. The only Democrats were Tom Doyle and Ron Hug. Hug is the former DC dem chair. He’s there because Terry Moore told him to be there.

  10. Anonymous says:

    If Hug is too spineless to do what he wants, then why was he your Chair? Why was Tom Doyle there? Why did the Labor Unions endorse Hal and not Suttle? How come no one will say how Suttle allowed the endorsement to slip away? What is the real story?

    I hope the Police and Fire Unions don’t put too much faith in any promises that Suttle gives them about contracts. With Hal, they know where he stands and they also know that he will talk to them any time. They only know that Suttle changes his position-if he has bothered to take one-every time the wind blows.

    I know I will make my 2 cents known to the Union heads. We’ll see who they believe will actually work with them for the betterment of the City and who will backstab them for political gain.

    As for as where anyone lives, why is it so difficult for you to imagine that any elected official wouldn’t care who the Mayor of this State’s largest City is? I would imagine that even State Senators and adjacent Community’s Governments would like to have a straight talking well educated and currently informed person representing the State’s largest city and biggest tax base.

    Quit being so small minded and insulated!

  11. Anonymous says:

    I know Daub wants to maintain an aura of bipartisan support, but I don’t think Ron Hug is the right guy. He is not exactly liked in Democratic circles. Some of you may remember that he was pressured to step down due to some outrageous screw ups; which include sending out a flier virtually accusing Sigerson of being a child molester after the Red Robin incident, and also for his rumored (so take it for what it’s worth) involvement with the infamous “pink flier” during Vokal’s 2005 council race. HOw do Vokal supporters feel about having Hug and Daub so close?

  12. Anonymous says:

    It sounds like Hug is a loose cannon (plus he thinks he is a lot more important than he is or was!). I would not want him in my camp, but Daub probably takes the old position of “keep your friends close and your enemies closer”.

    This just shows that Jimmy V is about this City-he is willing to hold his nose and stand next to people that probably don’t deserve the benefit of the doubt-people like Hug.

    BTW, the Daub press conference was very impressive. Who, other that Suttle, his wife and Fahey were at the subtle press conference? What was the blogging I read the other day about Jim Suttle’s wife creating a bunch of enemies because of some fee she fought for while in the Legislature?

    I tried to go back and find it to do some research (so I can be a more informed conversationist) and I couldn’t find the entry.

    Also, it appears that Suttle has gotten his hands on Esch’s commercial sign location list. Can anyone confirm that Suttle is working with him and does he intend to make him his COS should he get elected? That, right there, will turn off a lot of voters!

  13. Anonymous says:

    I am curious what person would call Congressman Terry the “Leester” anonymously that was at Hal’s Victory Party. Pretty disrespectful! Based on other posts, you don’t know much about the Congressman, maybe you should just stick to “Sir” or “Congressman” when addressing him or referring to him.

  14. Backstabbed once too often says:

    Anonymous 1:34, most of Deb’s work as a senator was done in relation to HHS, although I don’t believe that is what the previous poster referred to. If people knew what I knew, they would see the irony in where her efforts were focussed, although I guess the connections that she made while working with HHS really paid off in the end.

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