Votin’, votin, votin’…

A quick post before the evening begins…


Word has it that turn-out may be lower than 31%. Rumor has it that the election commissioner’s office has told some members in the media that turnout might be 27-28%.

So, able readers, does that help Daub or Suttle?

Arguably, Daub has more hard-core supporters than Suttle.  So you figure that they are going to be more gung-ho and vote. 

Then there are the Daub haters. Sure they’re out there — but are they really motivated to get up out of the barcalounger and vote against Daub? For Jim Suttle? (It’s the Jim Suttle part that is more likely to keep them in their chair, than say a Fahey would.)

From a Commenter in District 3, voting at 50th and Pine:

I was (voter) #107 at 1:30 pm.

For the primary I was # 70 at 2:00 pm. Went back & checked at 6:00 and it had exactly doubled to 140. So… it appears turnout is stronger today than for primary for whatever that’s worth.


Scott Voorhees on KFAB this morning:

“Frank Brown is a race-baiting, tub of goo.”

This, after Brown called Ben Gray an “Uncle Tom”.


Nice to see that the Dems have kept their streak alive of trashing opponents signs. We HOPEd there would be CHANGE on this front.  Apparently we were mistaken…


  1. One Out In The Third says:

    I was thinking in light of Lincoln’s poor turnout…maybe 23 percent would be a good number for Omaha.

  2. 3rd floor watcher says:

    Jon Blumenthal’s van has been reported to the election commissioner for parking within the electioneering zone at several polling places.

  3. A Likely Voter says:

    Both sides campaign signs were trashed. It is more likely just high school kids having “fun” than some vast left wing conspiracy.

    Jerram 54%
    Brown 52%
    Franklin 55%
    Festerson 62%
    Stothert. . . who cares I am tired of both sides trashing each other.

    Daub 51.2%

    It will be fun to see if Hal has learned his lesson and can work with a Democrat controlled city council.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I think Suttle is having a harder time with getting out the D’s then Daub with the R’s. The more people get to know Subtle, look at his proposals, and look at his actions on the Council the more support erodes.

  5. A Daubette says:

    Yes Sweeper,

    The Demwits were out vandalizing and stealing Daub’s signs late lastnight. Who knows maybe all night. There was a tremendous amount of them gone!!! But, Daub does have ALOT of supporters, I for one, worked on getting signs back out there all over town and all day, rain did not bother me either. We no doubt want Daub !!!

    Plus, I noticed at 72nd and Dodge (one of the busiest intersections in town) there was a huge amount of supporters holding and waving Daub signs. It’s was really cool to see all of Hal’s supporters out there.

    And, as far as the sign vandals and thieves go…

  6. daubbie says:

    I’ve been facebooking for Hal all day! Furthermore, I’ve been calling people to get them to vote using my cell phone for Hal!

  7. 65-35...er 70-30 says:

    Yep 3rd Floor, that is correct. The Blumenthal van spent a few hours this afternoon “covering up” Stothert signs so they couldn’t be seen and also spent time insideof the “no campaign” zone.

    Busted on both accounts.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Jean Stothert’s own husband reportedly spent all afternoon following Blumenthal supporters around Ward 5 – absolutely pathetic

  9. Anonymous says:

    All the police and firefighter union memembers and all those illegal aliens in south Omaha better be scared because Hal Daub is coming back BABY! Victory will be sweet especially when I see all those San Fran Liberals crying over at the Firefighters Hall on Grover…

    Horray for Hal

    thank you Hal & Mary and Brinker and everyone!!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Who will the Vokal voters break for? Jim Vokal is the new KingMaker of Omaha. Plus, he’s got a new MECA seat. The sky is the limit for this guy. I heard he is thinking of running for Treasurer but also Mayor in four years.

    Either he will challenge Suttle or will run because I heard Daub will challenge Nelson for Senate.,

  11. Anonymous says:

    Its just before 8:00 and here are my last minute predictions;

    Hal Daub over Suttle by only 1%

    Peter Festersen will win big

    Frank Brown will win by only 1%

    Chris Jerram will win by only 25 votes

    the rest easy: Stothert, Thomspon, Gernandt, & Chuck "red robin" Sigersen.

  12. Anonymous says:

    With all the rain, one must ask ” Which candidate is a mudder? which is better in the mud?”

    The obvious answer is HAL DAUB

    He’s an expert at being dirty and throwing mud.

    Let’s hope he has to eat some of it tonight.

  13. Anonymous says:

    voorhees is right,

    frank brown is a race-baiter

    i mean, frank brown was nothing more than a ernie chambers puppett

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