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Say hey kids.

We hate to go more than a week without saying anything, so here is a brief post to say hello, and start out a new comment board, if nothing else.

Oh sure, the big news this week has been about the travails of Nebraska State Treasurer Shane Osborn and his family. If that is not a sad story, we don’t know what is. Many commenters here on on L. St. have been anxious to make declarations one way or the other about the case, who is right, who is wrong etc.

We are not going to stop you from discussing it, but we would simply ask that you use your best judgment here and consider that there are three young children in the balance. Please try to keep it to the political issues. Your comments should show them and their family respect at all times.

Treasurer’s wife drops request for protection order


Omaha Mayor Mike Fahey is going out of office with a bang. Freezing wages, closing pools, reducing library hours (people still use libraries?). Of course many of these problems are of his own making, so he should propose fixes as well.

However, we can’t get over the statements, or lack there of, of his successor, Jim Suttle.

Suttle declined to comment Thursday. His communications manager said Suttle would follow Fahey’s recommendations.

“We support everything Mayor Fahey has done,” spokesman Ron Gerard said. “We are fully apprised of the situation.”

OK, that’s fine and all, but nothing? Nothing from the Mayor-to-be at all? He’s got NO suggestions? No tweaks? No proposals?

Well, we suppose at least he is being consistent from his campaign, when he didn’t propose any ideas then either…


Senator Ben Nelson is getting more heat from Democrats. A national group, “Change Congress” is hassling him for the position he has taken regarding the goal of President Obama to nationalize the health insurance biz.

The group claims, essentially, that Nelson is beholden to the insurance industry because they’ve given him lots of campaign cash.

Of course, they seem to miss the point on Nelson — pointed out by his spokesman:

Nelson, he noted, has been an insurance executive, an insurance industry regulator and a senator representing Nebraska – “arguably the insurance capital of the world.”

So, maybe, just maybe, Nelson is getting the insurance money because he supports their positions, and not the other way around.

Expect Nelson to get some more face time as the Supreme Court vote heats up.

Not that he doesn’t enjoy the attention. (smirk)


We leave off this week with a note about one of our fellow bloggers of the Left.

Kyle Michaelis’s blog, New Nebraska Network has been up for around four years, about a year more than Leavenworth Street.

During that time he has written about political issues from his Democrat/Liberal/Progressive stance, and frequently criticizes us. And we enjoy criticizing him. We think he is wrong 90% or more of the time and believe that if his positions took hold in the state or country, they would have a disastrous effect.

That being said, Kyle, and some of his blogging compatriots at NNN, are very good (if not sometimes verbose) writers, and they often make their case (however wrong it may be) eloquently.

Kyle has recently suggested that his blog may go the way of the Bugeater moniker and fade into Mike Tyson’s Bolivian. We think this would make the Nebraska blogging community a less interesting place.

The back and forth between Republicans and Democrats and Conservatives and Liberals and Libertarians and Progressives makes for a healthy debate. When you argue, you fine tune what you think, you make the other person think, and hopefully, we shape a better community.

Now we also enjoy the pure politics of it, and one of the reasons we get into it is because it’s fun. If it wasn’t fun, many wouldn’t bother being involved. Having someone to argue with is a much better time.

So we suggest that after you’re done reading Leavenworth Street, you hop on over to the NNN, give it a read, and possibly comment (it would make it much easier if Kyle dropped his sign-up policy — we understand why it’s there, but you have a trade-off with it). Tell Kyle why what he writes is goofy, and that he write more of it.

We hope he sticks around.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Will someone PLEASE tell me where the Hell my waterpark in West O is? Mayor Mikey promised it 4 long years ago, and I have yet to be able to find it. Wasn’t it supposed to be at Zorinsky? What are us rich people in West O supposed to do with these kids all summer.
    I guess we will just have to drive to Ashland, or Papillion, or Fremont-for God’s sake, even Colombus, NE has a dang waterpark!

    Come on Mayor Mikey, where’s the West O campaign promise?!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Isn’t the Zorinsky water park supposed to open next year, in 2010? Or has that been scrapped now that not-so-Subtle has been elected?

  3. Geosuser says:

    Hard to overlook that both Fahey and Suttle are not willing to consider implementing the plan spearheaded by Dan Welsh of reducing the number of firefighters from 4 to 3 on each truck, thereby saving some really big dollars. If I remember correctly sweetened pensions and provisions that enabled spiking resulted from the last pay freeze Fahey negotiated with those unions. I also don’t see any reduction in Fahey/Suttle’s proposed staffing of the Mayor’s office…an area well overdue for major cuts. Better yet, everyone that can move should do so and those that can’t should make sure to shop outside Omaha’s sales taxing area. If you think it looks bad now…just wait until Mayor Moron officially takes office supported by the best city council the fire union and Susie Buffet could buy.

  4. Vindicated says:

    From The OWH:

    The estranged wife of State Treasurer Shane Osborn dropped her request for a protection order Friday — three days after saying she “feared” her husband.

  5. Street Sweeper says:


    I was looking to goad YOU on.

    I think this is a real question worth considering. I understand how important getting info, etc is. And I understand that certain people “need” them.

    But I’m curious to know of a study to show the drop, rise or steadiness in library use in the past 10 years.

    Btw, I’ve heard kids ask why it costs to rent movies, but not books. Or why, if they’re free to rent, why they’re not just online, like everything else…

  6. Anonymous says:

    Is anyone else out there wondering about the cabinet level positions Suttle is supposed to be appointing? Boards, etc.?? I heard he was at the Chamber soliciting for a CFO. But what about the others? Is part of the cost cutting and freezing of dollars have to do with not setting up the leadership?? It’s a bit scary to think Omaha is in a stall mode… But maybe that is the plan. Or is he in deep thought and just wants to take his time in doing the right thing??

  7. Anonymous says:

    “But maybe that is the plan. Or is he in deep thought and just wants to take his time in doing the right thing??”

    Maybe he wants to wait and “ask the people” who he should appoint to his cabinet. Or maybe he wants to run an on-line poll to decide.

  8. Paul says:

    Anonymous 4:09
    I agree with you. Why doesn’t Shane submit to a Psych exam as well?
    Shane should resign immediately so that he can concentrate on taking his kids away from their mother.
    That’s something he should really be proud of. Mr Hero again.
    Resign Shane NOW!!! If it comes out that you are correct in all of this then you can run for another election again as a double SuperHERO.

  9. Paul M. says:

    Anony 4:09: that makes no sense whatsoever. It’s obvious she is ill. Look at her twitter page for crying out loud! Hopefully now, Teri Osborn can get the help she needs so that she can continue to care for her children. Politics aside, mental illness is a very serious thing and we should all be praying for the Osborn family.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Shane should NOT resign from office as he has done absolutely nothing wrong. Yes, he and Teri are getting divorced- but so are 50% of all other married couples. There is zero proof Shane ever did anything wrong to his wife. Zero. Like another poster stated, those who have followed Teri know she likely has some sort of mental illness which should be treated and not neglected.

  11. Anonymous says:

    When I said my wedding vows, I repeated the words “in sickness and in health”. If Shane wants to claim that Teri is mentally ill, he should have sought help for her rather than filing for divorce.

    Someday his daughters are going to Google their father…bet they will be disappointed in what they read. Hopefully, they won’t marry men who don’t support them in time of need.

  12. DOMA-MAD says:

    Where are all the DOMA demagogues now? Marriage is between a man and a woman- at least temporarily. Isn’t marriage a sacred vow for eternity? But hey, lets make sure them gays can’t ruin it for the rest of us!

    Same people who crusade against gays in defense of marriage should be holding Shane’s feet to the fire of the vow he made. “in sickness or in health” not “in sickness or in health or until I get sick of you.”

    Where are Nebraska’s DOMA crusaders Hagel terry Fort Smith Nohands and Heine? What do they have to say?

  13. Anonymous says:

    Shane said that Teri had the PO lifted so that their divorce proceedings could continue amicably. Yet in response, Shane asked the Court to order a psychological eval for Teri and asked for temp custody of the children.

    Teri, he is a snake! It’s all about the win for the public eye, isn’t it Shane?

  14. Anonymous says:

    Shane, you have done enough damage. At least love your children enough to let them remain with their mother. Trust me, Teri will be much better person without you.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Rock and roll Republicans…let’s get Ted Nugent into town maybe at the DJ Dugout and invite Dan Welsch to speak and fire up the base. We need some encouragement these days. How about some free beef jerky too! and some good olde BBQ from Mason?

    Let’s elect Steve King as our nominee next year.

  16. Paul M. says:

    Anon 4:37: My facts that Shane isn’t mentally ill is that he didn’t provide written testimony that he was being followed by CIA spies nor does he have a novel worth of lunatic Twitter updates alive and well in cyberspace nor does he have a Facebook page talking about paranoid government conspiracies.

    Rather than bashing Shane Osborn over phony charges you should be praying for Teri to get better.

  17. Nate says:

    Going from 4 firefighters down to 3 is a bad idea. When you do that you lose the buddy system, and potentially leave one guy alone. I know in the proposed model that the solo person in outside on the truck, but what if the two inside get trapped and need assistance? Not very safe

  18. Insider says:

    Living with somebody with mental illness is not easy, and is sometimes impossible. By getting his kids away from that behavior, Shane is being a good father by protecting them. If his wife has rich politician parents that can cover up all sorts of bizarre/illegal behavior, then he and I should grab a beer and talk.

    As far as Suttle goes, I cannot wait to say “I TOLD YA SO!” and ironically I am normally not one of those people, but in this case I will be. Jim is in it for Jim and Jim’s ego. You’ll see. Now where’s the popcorn? This is gonna be fun to watch.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Hey Nate when was the last time only one rig showed up to a medium or large fire? The common joke here in Omaha is that 12 to 16 firefighters show up to any blaze. 3 man rigs will save money and not cost any lives.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Wow. The poster who keeps ragging on Shane Osborn has some serious issues. Are you Teri’s boyfriend? Do you know who asked for the divorce? Maybe Shane didn’t want a divorce, but thanks to liberals, we now have no-fault divorce. He has no say in the matter if his wife wants a divorce. And besides, what does Shane getting divorced have to do with DOMA? Maybe you could come up with a few more non-sequitors.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Speaking of resigning from office, shouldn’t Suttle resign given that he knowingly chose to hire an alleged pedophile as his co-chief of staff?

    Or do we need to be tolerant of grown men allegedly wanting to have sex with 14 year old boys? Welcome to the modern Democratic Party!

  22. Anonymous says:

    Suttle shoudn’t resign over it. For all we know he didn’t know and I’d bet that’s the case. Samp should resign though. For sure…

  23. Anonymous says:

    I have to agree with the last post. Samp should resign, not Suttle. This is a really good investigative journalism piece on the part of OWH (a rarity from the news). I’ve heard from numerous people who have worked with him over the years about his sexual orientation, which is no big deal, but 8 years ago Samp would have been in his late 20’s and this boy was 14. He shouldn’t just resign, he should go to prison.

  24. Anonymous says:

    WOW! So we now have 2 people running this City that can’t keep it in! One confirmed and one alleged. At least Oltmans engaged with an adult, the only thing he violated was his wife’s trust.

    This guy allegedly destroyed the trust of a 14 year old kid. Quite honestly, whether this is true, or not, Samp should resign. he shows an incredible inability to make moral or ethical decisions. He, as a gay man, should have known that an emotional relationship would have been devastating to this child. So whether Matt Samp sexually assaulted this child, or not, he very definitely engaged in a very inappropriate relationship with a child that could not react in any other way than the one he did-hurt.

    Here is the question, I thought when it comes to children and allegations of sexual assault, that you always error on the side of caution with the child.

    Yes, he was 19 when he made the claim, but even his dad says this “friendship” started when he was 14. Does anyone know of any case when a 23 year old man should be spending that much time with a 14 year old boy-or girl, for that matter!?

    I wonder if Matt Samp ever thought about becoming a member of the clergy or did he just think public relations would be an easier way to get into a position of influence over youth?

  25. Anonymous says:

    All of Omaha should apply for a Protection Order against Mayor Suttle and his Staff! It may be the only way we can protect our wives, children and property!

  26. Anonymous says:

    Agreed 12:14 AM! Not only should he resign, but he should go to prison.

    Doesn’t matter if he is gay. No child (boy or girl)should EVER be a victim of sexual abuse by anyone ESPECIALLY of someone of influence such as clergy and teachers, don’t you agree?

  27. Brian T. Osborn says:

    Anonymous 10:47 said…

    “… thanks to liberals, we now have no-fault divorce. He has no say in the matter if his wife wants a divorce.”

    As an unrepentent Liberal, I say, “You are very welcome.”

    The alternative would be, what? The man in a marriage “owns” the woman and has the right to enslave her into a relationship, for life? I suppose she should be wrapped up in a burrkah as well!

  28. Anonymous says:

    What BTO, no chime in on the news of the day about Samp?

    As for Suttle not knowing, he states that he heard about these rumors about poor little Matty and chooses to ignore them. That’s not “not knowing” that’s shoving under the rug that which you don’t wish to deal with!

    This is our leadership? This is our future? This really sucks!

  29. Brian T. Osborn says:


    What makes you think that I should be fretting about what takes place in YOUR mayor’s office? Omaha is over 200 miles away from where I live. Do you give a damn about what Mayor Rona is doing in Holdrege? Do you even realize that there is more to the State of Nebraska than what lies east of Boys Town?

  30. Anonymous says:

    Suttle will not resign. Samp will not resign. No one is going to resign. There are different standards for DemocRATS. You people should know that by now.

  31. Anonymous says:

    BTO: it works both ways. Thanks to liberals, the wife also has no say if her husband wants to trade her in for a younger model or he hates her meatloaf. Doesn’t matter. And that was my point which you so obtusely ignored.

  32. NE Voter says:

    Wow — The World-Herald has completed its final descent to unabashed tabloid trash.

    An above-the-fold, UNSOURCED story concerning allegations made TEN YEARS AGO. No charges, not even an arrest. This has Tim Dunning’s fingerprints all over it.

    Though I hate having to do so, I must give credit to the Daub campaign for having the good sense to stay out of this rumor and innuendo cesspool during the race. Evidently, the Daub campaign has scruples.

    Not so much for the once-upon-a-time respectable Omaha World-Herald.

    In terms of trash reporting, I really didn’t think the paper would be able to top its grotesque tabloid story last weekend about the sexual assault trial of the west Omaha kid that involved the 42 year-old woman. It is incredible to think that the paper had a reporter sit through that entire trial, then publish all of the scandalous evidence (teen boys; hot mom; booze) — after the kid was ACQUITTED.

    All. Time. Low.

    Wake up, people!

  33. Brian T. Osborn says:


    So, what’s your point? People who made mistakes have to live with them forever? Geez, we even get to change our politicians periodically.

    So even if someone like, oh, lets say … Newt Gingrich, wants to dump his cancer stricken wife for some other hot babe, or maybe even a D.C. intern, you wouldn’t give him the opportunity and forgive him? Besides, after he dumps the old one, he still has to pay for her. Ever heard of alimony? Or don’t they have that in the Taliban?

  34. chris says:

    While these are just allegations, what I find more disturbing is Suttle saying he doesn’t do basic background checks on anyone he has hired.

  35. Anonymous says:

    I have said that I will never be able to support Newt. I think what he did is shameful.

    I think Rush is a hypcrite.

    People do get divorced.

    And I too live West of BoysTown.

    Samp should resign so Suttle can go on to destroy the City with no one else to blame but himself.

    And BTO, you should care what we do in The Big O, we pay for all your roads with the gas we buy!

  36. Anonymous says:

    and in other news…you know, I hope nobody’s believing this whole Matt Samp child rape story. It sounds like a carefully crafted hoax to me. I mean, the kid was a liar. No politician, or political associate in Omaha would rape a kid. Hogwash. It’s only too bad that kid killed himself – if he was alive we could prosecute him for perjury, put him in jail for seven years, and shut him up! Yours truly, Larry King

  37. Anonymous says:

    I take that back. Samp was listed in Suttle’s NADC report for the 2005 city council run. It came nearly a year after his election in the February 2006 report as a
    $33,434.93 payment for management and consulting. If I’m paying that kind of money, I’m checking to see what comes with it. Hey Jim, why the late reporting? A good engineer always keeps track.

  38. Anonymous says:

    So….When a Republican is accused of beating his wife, she's crazy and he's innocent. When a Democrat is accused of molesting a kid 10 years ago, it's all true. But cases, of course, involve very little to absolutely no evidence presented to the Public to know what the real story is, BUT if they're Dems they're guilty, and if they're Reps, they're innocent.

    I hate hypocrits, regardless of party! So that means all ya'll AND BTO!!

  39. Anonymous says:

    Who was convicted in any of these cases Democrat or Republican?? I think you people need to get a life and quit smearing people's reputations.

  40. Brian T. Osborn says:

    A-1:40, Do you honestly believe that there is no one making money and being taxed outside of Omaha? Agriculture is the primary money maker in this state, and it ain’t just the suits in ConAgra that are making it. I think we’ve paid for our own roads, among many other things.

    A-3:08, Wow. That was really witty! . . . NOT!

    A-6:59, Now how in the hell are you tying me into these ongoing conversations about Shane Osborn and this Samp guy? I have taken no stand either way, actually I’ve stated my indifference. So please, explain how that makes me one of the “hypocrits” (sic)?

    Are all you Anonymouses related, or are you all the same guy?

  41. ah says:

    Apparently Stupid Stubble has called a presser tommorrow afternoon around 1:30.

    I wonder what he will be talking about?? Samp resigning? His plan to raise taxes? His no-named cabinet?

  42. Anonymous says:

    I would bet that if some reporters were to do some more digging they might find more molestation of children by people in a position of power in the Suttle circle. Perhaps involving a female teacher.

  43. Anonymous says:

    Anon 10:05: Stay stupid. My comment was sarcasm. How long you been in Omaha? 5 minutes? Get a clue. Try googling “carefully crafted hoax” and “Omaha.”

  44. Insider says:

    Hmmm…interesting. What a tangled web we weave. Wonder what else there is to uncover? Keep digging. Have a “hunch” there’s more. The “Told ya so’s” are coming.

  45. Trish says:

    And if we were to dig into Mr. Anonymous’ past, what would we find? Maybe that is why he always posts … anonymously. Why is it that the most vocal moralists so often turn out to have the dirtiest linens?

  46. Insider says:

    First of all Trish, why do you assume anonymous is a “he”? Most of the anonymous people here aren’t public officials who are running our city. THOSE PEOPLE SHOULD BE HELD TO A HIGHER STANDARD. Average citizens (anonymous posters) have a right to know things about the people they have elected and are paying. Do you disagree with that?

  47. Anonymous says:

    From a new OWH article:

    “Bruning said an Omaha father contacted him earlier this year, concerned about e-mails and other communication that his 16-year-old son recently had been receiving from Samp. Although the interaction was not criminal, Bruning, a Republican, said he notified two Democratic leaders about the complaint.”

  48. Anonymous says:

    Fahey wants to shorten library use, but Suttle said he’s going to fight crime by cutting the drop out rate down. I thought they were supposed to be collaberating on issues. That seems in conflict to me. Like putting a humidifier and a dehumidier in the same room !

    They are both GOOFBALLS !

  49. Anonymous says:

    9:59 PM

    Probably be saying ‘nothing’, as usual – same Old Suttle – up to his same old tricks.

    But whatever it is: It will be a no brainer – that’s for sure.

  50. Anonymous says:

    May 29th, 3:17

    But when Suttle went down there he was as confused as ever, and asked about getting a UFO. lol

    Suttle doesn’t know what he’s doing – he is in WAY over his head.

    Look out Omaha.

  51. Anonymous says:

    To: May 24th 6:45 PM

    He did try to get her some mental tuning, that’s what the medical records supaenia deal is about. Check before you speak. Are you a man eating feline? Or, are you just mental?

  52. Anonymous says:

    So, Jim asked Samp about the allegations back in 2005. Samp told him they weren’t true. Suttle believed he was telling the truth. Well, what do you think Samp would tell Suttle – Yes, I’m a child molester!

    Suttle must have some mental issues. I would have went to eh police and asked for more information and made a decision on his future.

    Face fact, not only is Samp done after today. Suttle has no judgement. Both his chief’s of staff have past sexual misconduct in their past.

    How stupid can Omahans be?? I think we need to start a recall Suttle movement.

  53. Anonymous says:

    And people thought Daub was arrogant. Suttle puts that to shame. Suttle is the dumbest, most arrogant, self-centered and selfish person to ever be Mayor of Omaha.

    That says a lot after this arrogrant prick we currently have as Mayor.

  54. Brian T. Osborn says:


    Yup. Blogging in Nebraska has definitely taken a turn for the worse.

    Kyle is suffering doubts due to the sparse readership over on NNN. It’s pretty bad when one of my posts gets more replies than his diaries do, and basically, it was just a re-posting at that. But really, I do have to give the kid credit for what he has done over these years.

    Then, here on Leavenworth Street, we get a lot more “conversations” going on, but the level has sunk below even that of making fun of someone’s hair. (By the way, did you get the photo I sent you?) It’s mostly re-hashings of the same old drivel over, and over, and over … Or, it’s playground insults like “Moron! Stupid” Or, “Arrogant Prick!” all of them coming from the Anonymous family. (Obviously some serious inbreeding going on there!”)

    I hate to say it, but even a snarky old bastard like me just isn’t having us much fun matching wits on these blogs like I used to. Its too much like shooting fish in a barrel! Where is the competition? At least Kyle always gave me a run for my money, even though he was usually wrong, and I often find your musings to be thought provoking.

    I guess I need a new hobby. Sigh.

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