What a feeling

The Dems made national news with the ads they were going to run against various GOP Congressmen, and Lee Terry was always featured as the one with a radio ad against him.

And now we know how much they spent on Lee:


That’s it.

If they had really meant to go after Terry, the buy would have been something around $25K.

With this buy, they essentially bought lots of free media.

On the one hand, nice job getting it for free. On the other, not a big surprise to see the Dems being all talk, with their hand out.


Omaha Mayor Jim Suttle’s press flack, Ron Penzkowski, regarding the the change on the 24% lease on the Mayor’s RED Durango from four to one year:

We truly felt we had a one year lease.

Because “feeling it” is much easier than, say, reading it, right?

Then this line still kills us, on Suttle’s requirements for his new ride:

The only direction Baxter was given was that the SUV had to be a fuel-efficient hybrid, and it had to be red.

Gee Mayor, how about just riding around on a shiny firetruck?

(…I’m not “subtle” about my garish vehicles…)


By the way, lots of talk about Omaha’s Mayor giving huge raises to his new staff (compared to what the previous staff made), while freezing the salaries of everyone else paid by the city.

But really if the Suttle-ites want to make the BIG bucks, they should move to Sarpy County. You go there, and you get open-ended contracts for your services.

And heck, we don’t begrudge the K-Man for his $600K payday. But we do chuckle at those who agreed to hire him apparently without asking what it would cost.

(“Just go ahead and replace all my plumbing, and, uh, let me know what I owe you after you’re done…”)


  1. Anonymous says:

    Funny thing is, in today's O'Herald, Brasheer did tell them how much it could be-around $500,000.

    They should immediately determine how many of the four or five attorneys in that firm billed for the exact same hours on the exact same day AND, did any of them do any other work for anyone else and how many hours in the day would there need to be to cover it all?

    On the car thing, maybe what they meant to say is that they sent Matt Samp to get a car that the City could lease for a year and then Matt could by for a $1 at the end of the lease and that is why it cost so much for 1 year.

    If Matt Samp was never "actually" offered the job of neighborhood Co-COS, and he never actually worked for the City of Omaha, then HOW IN THE HELL DID HE NEGOTIATE A CONTRACT ON THE CITY'S BEHALF???!!!

    Last, it appears that the Dems are not as dedicated to Tom White as they were Jim Esch. Maybe Tom White should get Matt Samp out to D.C. to woo the DCCC the way he did for Jim Esch? Or maybe Tom White just isn't as cute as Jimmy was.

  2. Lifelong Nebraskan says:

    The Sarpy county taxpayers are getting screwed again by Kermit Brashear. $350 an hour!! Hell the masseuse in a CB hotel is only $250.00 an hour and at least you get a happy ending!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Brashear got a lot accomplished and the fees his firm charged are not out of the ordinary for a project that large. What PJ Morgan was offering was real estate brokering services–kinda like the half-brained realtor who sells your house–no legal work, and not much work at all. Not even comparable. And Brashear's rates are a fraction of what guys like Hal Daub try to charge.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Matt Samp got the Durango. Interesting. It's important that the mayor have a kid friendly SUV with 3rd row seating.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Former mayors of . . . Omaha. This is an Omaha vs. Sarpy County fight. Given Daub's opposition to the Royals moving to Sarpy, that disqualifies him. Did Morgan ever say anything about whether he supported the Royals moving to Sarpy?

  6. Anonymous says:

    "Dems are not as dedicated to Tom White as they were Jim Esch"

    That's because Tom White keeps Ian Russell in his office. The Dems don't like Ian.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Lee Terry is definitely working harder. I hear him on the radio more, I get responses from his office, more town-hall coffees, PS ads on cable. I think Lee Terry got the message.

  8. Anonymous says:

    The Ian Russell/Matt Samp team will have to try harder the next go-around on DCCC ads. None of the press will buy their line that it means they are really going after Terry. Not after $1700.

  9. Uncle Wiggily says:

    I have always felt good about living out here in the sticks as opposed to the Douglas/Sarpy County hoo-hah … but every time I read an L-Street blog post or comment anymore I get positively giddy about being out here in the flatlands where respect and integrity are not just commodities to be bought, sold, bartered or stolen by the political elite.

    No offense to Omahomers … but how in the hairy-legged hell do you guys tolerate that stuff day after week after month after year?

  10. Anonymous says:

    I guess when you don't have the corn to watch grow and the cattle to tend to, you take what you can get.

    I for one am glad to be entertained by the politically unelite, it keeps me from getting bored between campaign seasons!

    BTW, I have noticed that with the fine weather we've had this summer, the corn is looking mighty tall and green!

  11. One Out In The Third says:

    The crops are tops…the subsidies keep rolling in…and now we're all going to get rich harnessing the passing zephyrs.

    Uncle…we are in heaven and don't even know it.

  12. Anonymous says:

    ,in hindsight my comment about corn and cattle sounds nasty. It was not meant to be, my point is that we have nothing but politics in the big city to keep us occupied.

    I doubt you'd find anyone in the 3rd that would trade it for the snarkiness in the 2nd.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Sarpy County buffoons (leaders) hopefully are getting an ear full from taxpayers, if not, what a shame. Kermit Brashear and company are laughing all the way to the bank.

  14. NE Voter says:

    Oink says:

    Rock on, Kermit — You're setting a new gold standard for the Republican way of doing business (Oink Oink). I haven't seen one this good since David Kramer's "Yes for the Kids" lobbying bonanza!

    Wake up, people!

  15. Deployed NE says:

    I am having a hard time understanding how people can call NE politics dirty or overly aggressive (I know those were not the exact words used, but I'm just paraphrasing). The political climate of NE2 plays more like a rated G movie when compared to more politically professional states.

  16. Danny M says:

    I have inquired about the raises for the last few weeks with no response from Suttle's office. Soon Suttle will become synonymous with failure and disgust. The voters and non voters deserve this though. Too bad the rest of us have to suffer for it.

  17. Council Bluffs says:

    Thanks for the free Dental Clinic at Papillion High School last weekend, we will be back next year.

    (L. Nebraskan)

  18. Anonymous says:

    Wow! Wasn't one of Suttle's reasons for having NO PLAN was that he wanted to get feedback from the people to do what they wanted. Yep, that's happenin'. Suttle wanted to cram his greedy, self-serving hand in the pockets of the city and grab what he could for himself and his friends. Interpret that how you want. Considering some of his appointments to key roles, I am sure there are multiple interpretations. Jim serves nobody but Jim, and his cronies. The warnings were out there before the election, but nobody listened. If you think this is bad, just wait until he starts awarding huge contracts to his former employer, HDR. Hmmm, wonder how that benefits his retirement/pension with them?

  19. Anonymous says:

    I wonder how many Omaha companies Suttle is will to destroy in his guilt by association way of conducting his affairs.

    He wrongly laid it on the dealership (I am not saying there name purposely because they don't deserve any of this) that leased him and Matt Samp the car. And now, HDR will be unable to make a dime in this City without it being tainted by Suttle the Hypocrite.

    BTW, was he at least smart enough to by Fahey's old SUV for a buck? I am sure Fahey's lease included that provision since it is supposedly standard in Municipal leases. I wonder how much time was left on Fahey's old lease? Sure seems like it would have been more fiscally prudent to have used up that lease, bought it for a $1 at the end and then leased a hybrid in a year or 2 when the prices come down and the MPG is better.

  20. Anonymous says:

    I heard Jim Suttle was drinking a coke today. I heard Tom Becka and Councilwoman Jean are going to start an investigation into how Suttle could have bought a bottled water instead and saved Omaha five cents. Recall!!!

  21. 3rd floor watcher says:

    Actually Anonymous @ 2:52pm, It wasn't a coke they were going to investigate, it was how over paid Mayoral staffers post silly comments on L Street and Suttle Watch Blogs during city time. If you Suttleites are that clueless about how the Mayor's spending habits are resonating with the public you will be shocked next spring.

  22. Brian T. Osborn says:

    Ooooooooo. Some "major businessmen" in Omaha want Mayor Suttle out. Well then, it must be a done deal. Who cares what the majority of registered voters that showed up for an election had to say about it!

  23. Anonymous says:

    As a resident of Omaha, many people have told me they didn't vote because they thought Hal would easily win. I'm not excusing inaction, but based on those comments and low voter turn-out, Jim does not represent the majority of the citizens. Furthermore, in roughly a month he has managed to piss off so many people that many of the ones that did vote for him say they regret it. I realize you said voters that "showed up" to vote, but I'll bet voter turnout will be much higher in about 6 months or so.

    These are the kinds of things you pick up when you actually live in Omaha. I'm puzzled by why you care so much about the politics in a city you don't live near. NOt sure if it's just a strange hobby for you or if you just like to argue against the facts.

  24. Anonymous says:

    I was just reading some comments by BTO over on NNN. Wow, some anger management help seems to be in order: Chairs across people's faces until they are laying cold-cocked out on the floor?

    In addition, he must not be supporting Tom White, he hates Democrats that act like Republicans to get elected.

  25. Brian T. Osborn says:


    OK. I'll explain how this "DEMOCRACY" thingy works for you again. We elect our representatives in government by the majority of those that legally register to vote, show up, and cast votes. That's it in a nutshell.

    Now, for those of you that still don't get it, the "silent majority" doesn't get to pick the leaders, nor do they get to be in charge. They only get to write nasty comments on blogs.

    There now, you have been metaphorically hit across your faces with a folding chair. That didn't hurt too much now did it?

  26. Brian T. Osborn says:

    Oh, I forgot, Anony 7:42, I really don't care so much about who runs Omaha, but I do have two siblings that live there. And, yup, I do like to argue with (not against) facts. You should try it sometime. It is refreshing.

    Whappity, whap, whap! There I go again with that metaphoric folding chair across the face. I guess that nicety-nice session counselor just didn't do the job. Maybe I'll have to ask for a refund. 😉

  27. macdaddy says:

    BTO, yes, a majority of voters elected Mayor Kookypants, but Omaha's laws also allow for a recall. Now maybe you, like myself, who is also not an Omaha resident, would consider a recall a big waste of time. But it's still democracy.

    And I didn't even need a chair.

  28. Brian T. Osborn says:


    It will take a lot more than the dozen or so hardcore Suttle haters on this blog to pull off a recall. A recall so soon after an election IS a big waste of time, money, and energy.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Geez BTO,

    Thanks for the info on that there Democracy thing. You must be all smart and stuff from fancy book lernin. Betcha made it at all the way to Senior year, 8th grade.

    Seriously, I'm well aware of how Democracy works. My point is that people weren't motivated enough to vote the first time, but now that they've seen what their apathy has brought them, they are mad. They are mad at Suttle, and probably mad at themselves for mistakenly letting him win and/or being duped. However, they are smart and learn from their mistakes, and would like another chance to rectify the situation. I have never heard of as many people (even past Suttle voters) calling for a recall so early. Go to wowt.com . There are at least 100 comments on a Suttle story from last weekend, and 99% of them are negative about Suttle, many of them want a recall. These are not a handful of people on a blog. In fact, sadly many probably don't know this blog exists. What they do represent is a pretty good statistical sampling of how Omaha feels about what has happened so far.

    By the way, a recall is part of the democratic process, and I'll bet the turn-out will be far greater, so I suppose by some measures that step is more democratic.

    You can try to hit me with a folding chair if you want, but I am kind of a big guy so make sure I don't see it coming…and be sure to wear your running shoes.

  30. Cathy says:

    OH MY GOSH, I haven't been on here for awhile because I was sick of reading BTO continual nonsense.

    I see that nothing has changed, he/she is still on here blogging his/her stupid stuff and claiming not to even be from Omaha, hogwash!

    That does NOT even make ANY sense whatsoever…if he/she is NOT from Omaha… then WHY would he/she EVEN CARE SO MUCH about OUR politics. And to the point that he/she has to be on here…….. ALL THE TIME…. monopolizing this blogspot?

    Either he/she is a fake or is socially sick! Maybe, even mentally sick because he/she sounds violent like a psychopath

    So, don't let him/her fool you people!!! He/She is either from here and is involved in Omaha politics, OR, he/she is a LOSER and NEEDS to get a life! Or maybe even both. lol lol lol lol

    I've said this before, way back when, but I'll say it again. We should all ignore him/her, and then maybe BTO (who isn't worth arguing with) will go away and crawl back under his rock.

  31. Cathy again says:

    Plus… after reading BTO's idioticy… I notice that he/she is nothing more than an arrogant smart allic (ass)!!!!!

    He/She MUST somehow be close to Mayor Suttle!!!!!
    … family, friend, or staff

  32. Nate E says:

    Cathy you must not get out much. BTO is in fact a real person, if I were to dumb it down for you and use a Pinocchio referense, he is a "real boy". Go the the NNN website and look him up, you will see he is indeed real, from CD3, and a respected former NDP official.

  33. Brian T. Osborn says:

    Anony 9:17,

    So, you have discovered America! Congratulations Mr. Columbus!

    What part of my phrase, "We elect representatives …" did you not understand – and what has the fact that the United States is a Republic got to do with the discussion about Omaha's mayor? Are you inferring that you believe Omaha is a banana republic, or is that what you'd like to see it become? Banana republics seem to change their leaders every time a bunch of disgruntled peons get together. That would be about par for the course should Omaha be subjected to another of those incredibly expensive wastes of time and money that a recall election often is.

  34. Anonymous says:

    Had to think about that one. Thank you for saving me from myself in my excitement to opine.

    The last recall worked very well here in Omaha and not many people thought it was a waste of time or money. We were able to vote to remove a Mayor who was allowing a family member too much influence over our Chief of Police's continued employment over personal issues.

    This recall is not about personality or style, it is about the law and running rough shod over it. As a Mayor, you should get the law right the first time. Not the 2nd or 3rd or 4th. Your judgement needs to be on the side of the public at all times. Not who owns most of your political capital as in the case with Matt Samp (wasn't he getting $14,000 a year to be on retainer with Suttle since Suttle's CC election?).

    You should treat everyone with the same respect that they deserve. You don't give executive branch employees higher salary increases than that position paid last year while asking EVERY OTHER CITY EMPLOYEE and citizen in your community to give up more of their hard earned dollars to pay those salaries. Departments have been asked to cut, employees are being asked to cut and soon the citizens will be asked to cut-cut services and cut their personal budget to pay higher property taxes in addition to valuation increases.

    In reference to the cost of a recall election, I would be curious if they are paid for the same way that ballot initiatives are-by the proposer. If so, I would bet the Recall Suttle folks would be happy to fork over the cash to pay for the election-if there is enough of them, it shouldn't be more than a few bucks per person.

    Anyone have the info on who pays for a recall election?

  35. Anonymous says:

    Anon 3:26: "You should treat everyone with the same respect that they deserve." Dude, he's a Democrat. They live by the mantra "all animals are created equal but some are more equal than others."

  36. Brian T. Osborn says:

    Anony 3:54,

    Perhaps you should pay some attention to what Anony 3:51 had to say about me. I'm definitely NOT your average Democrat. I march to my own drummer, not Ben Nelson's.

    I know that some NDP leaders wish I would just go away, a trait they share with some of you LS readers. I am an equal opportunity pain-in-the-ass. It doesn't matter to me if those doing wrong are Republican or Democrat. I will not defend my party merely because it is my party. I have fought tooth and nail, ever since becoming active within it, to ensure that the NDP is responsible for what it stands for and what it does.

    My battles within the NDP have made me some excellent enemies, they have also gained me some outstanding friends. So I guess you could just as easily say that I am "respected" as you could say that I am not. To me, it really doesn't matter. I'm not one of those that ascribe to the "why don't we all just get along?" mantra. As for the "all animals are created equal but some are more equal than others" mantra, well, no, I don't believe in that either. I believe in the basic goodness of everyone until they prove otherwise. For me, you have to PROVE your relative worthiness, and unfortunately, too many prove they are unworthy of my respect.

    I've been following all the rants against your Mayor Suttle and I've got to admit, the excessive pay for his executive staff, while shortchanging the city workers, has irritated me as well. Does that rise to the level of calling for a recall? I don't think so, but it certainly merits the outcries of "foul!"

    As for the possibility of State Senator, Tom White, running for Congress? I personally would not support him so long as he keeps Ian Russell on his payroll. My reasons for that are that I strongly believe that Ian has committed some unforgivable offenses against the NDP. Other than that, I kind of like Tom and would probably work toward getting him elected once he cut Ian loose.

    Then my conflicts with Sen. Ben Nelson have gotten to the point of irreparability. His consistent lack of respect for the Nebraska Democratic Party has put him permanently on my s*** list. It would take a determined effort at rehabilitation on his part to ever regain my good graces. I'm sure he could care less – and so do I.

  37. tombecka says:


    You obviously don't know the whole story on Mr. Suttle.

    1.) Lease's a Dodge Durango and runs afoul of the City Charter by purchasing a vehicle for more than $20,000. Not once, but 3 times.

    2.)Attempts to hire a suspected child pedophile, while turning a blind eye to the problem at hand with Mr. Samp.

    3.) Suggests ridiculous tax increases which will harm job creation in Omaha.

    4.) Suggest city worker take a pay freeze or even a cut. Yet, hires his personal staff and gives them outrageous pay increases. Yet, he also tells Omahan's that he is going to raise their taxes and even those who do not live in Omaha.

    5.) Says he wants to lower the crime rate, yet the action the city council and Jim Suttle took yesterday will not lower crime or the amount of gun violence in Omaha. This will only drive gun sales underground and to the black market while making legal citizen deal with more red tape.

    He is scared of the media. That is what has happened. He will not tell us what he is going to do, he will leave it to his 2 lackey's, Oltmans and Gerard.

    Suttle is well on his way to being recalled. Besides, a majority of Omahans didn't vote. So, did they get a say by saying, "None of the Above??"

    This city gets what they deserver for voting that jackass in the office of Mayor. TOOT! TOOT!

  38. Brian T. Osborn says:

    Anonyfool 5:47,

    "Dude, he's a Democrat. They live by the mantra …"

    Dude, I'm a Democrat. If you are going to throw out idiotic generalities, everyone that is hit by it has the right to respond.

  39. Anonymous says:

    BTO has once again shown how full of himself he is. No one gives a %$*&@ how you think your opinion is so much more special than anyone elses.

  40. Brian T. Osborn says:

    Anony 6:56,

    And everyone is on pins and needles awaiting your next bon mot. If only they knew who you were!

  41. Anonymous says:

    Ian Russell is Tom White's Unicameral Staffer and only point contact for his Congressional Exploratory. Completely unethical and likely a violation of State and Federal Law.

    As for why the Dems hate him, I have no clue. I have read of this hatred on several other Blogs, but no one is ever specific. Ian Russell must be like Ben Nelson, if you are a Dem then you celebrate a lovefest for him or you hate him and call him a hypocrite.

    Maybe BTO could share some insight on this Ian Russell being an a**hole thing?

  42. Anonymous says:

    No wonder the 3rd CD Democrats are all screwed up – look at who were their leaders. Oh wait, they are like Sarah Palin. THEY QUIT!

  43. Cathy says:

    Ha Ha Ha BTO: I am NOT even going to read yours – I know it will be garbage, plus WAY TOO lengthy for me. NO THANKS… GOOFY. I'm by passing you… AGAIN, I think you are fake (flake). Good bye.

  44. Anonymous says:

    People… Please listen to me. Life is way TOO short to read blogs from BTO. And, especially answer him/her.

    I've learned from the past that he/shit goes on and on and on… and, ALL he/she/it wants to do is ARGUE, again LIFE IS TOO SHORT TO DANCE WITH UGLY MEN. If you have not learned YET… you'll soon know to bypass him/her altogether.

  45. Anonymous says:

    Sorry, but just have to say, I just was going to read some other blogs and found that those who answered BTO's blogs were also pretty boring. I guess because his/her's were answers (arguments)to BTO's. What a shame! Nobody to communicate with…. here!

  46. Brian T. Osborn says:


    What!?? Don't read what BTO writes, and miss out on all the entertainment value? What do you come here for anyway, to read the 147,263 suggestions that Mayor Suttle should be recalled?

    What would you readers do without my rambling babblings? Oh, yeah, I forgot – there is always Fox Noise. THAT should keep your pre-frontal lobes well rested.

  47. Cathy says:

    Anon 6:56:

    BTO must be on this blogspot to chase everyone off… because as I have noticed of h/she… it's loosing it luster because of him/her. He has monopolized it! And, to a point where it's nothing but a waste of everyone's time. Either SS needs to block him or start a new sight…

    BTO is an extreme waste of a life.

  48. Nate E says:

    Being told what to do and think is much easier than being an independent thinker and slightly rebellious. I suppose that is what makes democrats what they are, democrats. Looking at the bigger picture, Republicans always seem to be much more unified and robotic, all following the line. Dems are truly the party of the bigger tent, more open and accepting of other ideas, questioning what we are told and especially who told it. Just my thoughts on it

  49. Cathy says:

    Sorry, but I'm tired… it's been a long-long day and I've had very little sleep so far this week.

    bi-passing = by passing

    site = sight

    Now, go away BTO

  50. Cathy says:

    Nate, I do understand what you just said, plus, what you meant to say.

    I guess that, I am a Democrat in a Republican's body. But, that's just the way it is !!!

  51. Cathy says:

    But Nate, what I am actually saying is that; this year, I have found it necessary to be non-partisan, and now, may forever remain so.

  52. Cathy says:

    Nate, just re-read your post…
    Ummmm… well, in response to you. I am without a doubt probably the MOST independent thinker (therefore, person) that most people will EVER meet… and yet, I AM VERY FEMALE… that's why MOST of my BEST friends are male!

    And, as far as being (slightly) rebellious… not sure that's me!
    I am definitely rebellious, in fact, it should be my middle name! But, I believe that, I am ALOT more… than the slightly part. Not sure, if that's good or bad… but, I'm comfortable with it… AND, that's just the way it is!

  53. Anonymous says:

    I get a sense that some here confuse political independence with morality. Is that a Nebraska trate? To feel guilty about being a member of yor own party and then rabidly defend it with equal unreason?

  54. macdaddy says:

    BTO: with your strong sense of following the rules and concern over shady accounting practices, I wonder why you're even a Dem at all. The Dem party, at all levels, from the President to Pelosi on down to ACORN and apparently, Nebraska Dems, is all about bending the rules so that they will gain more power and their buddies will end up rich. If even Democrats from Nebraska can't be trusted, there's really no point giving any of them the benefit of the doubt.

  55. Uncle Wiggily says:

    Sweeper, you know I love you … but the comments here lately are trending positively Dadaist. I don't mind a little "surreal" now and then but, Sweet Jebus – some a these folks are waaaaay off their meds.

    As Strother Martin said to Cool Hand Luke – "What we have heah is a failya to communicate" …

  56. Street Sweeper says:

    I take credit for the posts, not the comments.

    Some are good. Some not so good.

    New posts tend to invite better comments, but I've been very busy of late, and haven't had the opportunity. (And there's not always something new to write about.)

    Hopefully the readers and commenters can keep the Bauhaus in line.

  57. Brian T. Osborn says:

    Sweeper, with good reason, deleted one of my diatribes from last night. It will reappear after I have made the requested edits. I respect that he contacted me about it. As I replied to him, "It's fairly apparent to you, by now, that I like to stir the pot. If one doesn't, all the good stuff burns on the bottom and ruins the stew."

    Leavenworth Street is the premier political blog in Nebraska. If I'm going to blog I want to do it where there is an audience. Where else would my gigantic ego be satisfied?

  58. Anonymous says:

    So, what does Jim Suttle think of the name Matt Samp these days?

    So, what does Matt Samp think of the name Jim Suttle these days?

  59. Brian T. Osborn says:

    The resignations of the Chair and Assoc. Chair of the NDP 3rd CD were nothing at all similar to the resignation of Sarah Palin. Palin could no longer afford to fight all the ethics complaints brought against her. Hannah had grown tired of what she tearfully called, "the politics of personal destruction." I left so that Hannah would leave. She thought I wanted the position … silly girl.

    If pointing out to the Chair that her actions were contrary to the rules that govern the party is "the politics of personal destruction," then I stand guilty as charged. I tend to believe the Chair of an organization is there to help the organization grow, not just serve as a means of edifying one's own self.

    Anony 9:14,

    So long as I am baring my soul, I'll give you a couple of reasons why I, for one, don't trust Ian Russell any further than I can throw him. The following comments are my own personal opinions based on the facts as I have seen them.

    Ian's company, Vanguard Strategies, was hired by the NDP to manage funds that the NDP had set aside for the purpose of helping elect candidates to the Nebraska Legislature. Six months after the election, he finally provided the NDP-SCC with a very insufficient accounting of how that money was used.

    I believe that Ian Russell was the person responsible for "losing" State Senator Gwen Howard's paperwork authorizing her to be a PLEO candidate to the DNC National Convention. I also hold him responsible for allowing that seat to go to a person that was unqualified according to the rules in place at the time.

    Out of deference to the Sweeper, I'll leave it at that. For the rest of the story … you'll have to buy me a beer and we'll talk.

  60. Anonymous says:

    What should Lee Terry be thinking about Scott Hazelrigg? Did I miss something.

    And I find it hilarious that Nate E says republicans don't question those in charge HAH. On one of the political boards I belong to, all I get is crap because because I refuse to blindly follow Obama. I question him and his cronies on everything.

  61. Anonymous says:

    Best question-What are the Democrats thinking they are accomplishing by running our economy into the ground?

    1st Banking and Financial Services
    2nd Auto Industry
    3rd Energy Policy
    4th Soon to come-Healthcare

  62. Brian T. Osborn says:

    Anony 8:55,

    Uhhhhhh, we think we are attempting to fix the incredibly serious economic damage the Bush administration committed against our country. The mess we're in was already there when Obama took over. But, you go ahead and listen to what Beck, O'Reilly and Limbaugh tell you to think.

  63. Nate E says:

    Anon 4:22
    How much do you question your OWN party? George W. Bush wanted the whole country to follow him with a Bible is one hand and a gun in the other, and from 2001-2006 he fooled most of the people, especially you Repubs.

  64. Anonymous says:

    Don't like Beck (and I don't even know when he is on), refuse to listen to Limbaugh (I think he is a hypocrite in his personal life), and while I like O'Reilly, I am either busy with kids and bedtime or already sleeping when he is on (although, on an occassional bout of insomnia I have caught him in the middle of the night, but I couldn't even tell you when that was).

    That said, your a**hole President Clinton is the President that demanded Fannie and Freddie suspend their automated approval process for mortgages so that MORE people that couldn't afford them would be eligible! Everyone has agreed that the financial meltdown is directly linked to those crappy loans and the way they were bundled and repeatedly sold as assests. So Clinton and GREED brought us to the financial position many people are stuck in.

    Your President Clinton is the one that artificial placed our Military at full capacity by lowering the recruitment numbers. This made us weak in the eyes of terrorist countries and brought on the attacks of 9/11.

    Yes, we went into horrific debt paying for the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan while also maintaining our full military support in all the nooks and crannies everywhere else in the world that relies on us to assist them in their national security. We did this to prevent another attack on American soil-GUESS WHAT? THERE HASN'T BEEN ANOTHER ATTACK ON AMERICAN SOIL!!!

    I would rather have a Bible and a gun than Reverend Wright and Czar.

  65. Anonymous says:

    Anoyn 7:23AM – I would go even further than the deregulation of Fannie and Freddie. I believe the real estate crash is really just the second leg of the dot.com crash–the failure of housing to absorb the tremendous cash surplus generated by the irrational exuberance of Internet investors.

    And it actually goes deeper than this. The Internet is even more directly at fault. The fact is, most Internet businesses don't require venture capital. The beauty of these technologies is that they decentralize value creation. Anyone with a PC and bandwidth can program the next Twitter or Facebook plug-in, the next iPhone app, or even the next social network. While a few thousand dollars might be nice, the hundreds of millions that venture capitalists want to–need to–invest, simply aren't required. Entrepreneurs who do accept such exorbitant funds do so knowing full well that they won't get paid back. The VCs investment is the entrepreneur's exit strategy.

    The banking crisis began with the dot.com industry, because here was a business sector that did not require massive investments of capital in order to grow. What's a bank to do when its money is no longer needed? Especially when contraction is not an option?

    So they fail, the tax base decreases, companies based more on their debt structures than their production fail along with them, and we get an economic crisis. Yes, the Internet did all this.

    But that's also why the current crisis should be seen as a cause for celebration as well: the Internet actually did what it was supposed to by decentralizing our ability to create and exchange value.

  66. Brian T. Osborn says:

    Anony 7:32,

    So glad to see that you learned all you needed to know about world history from comic books.

  67. Anonymous says:

    As I was saying, what was Lee thinking when he voted for the bailouts? That would be #1 on our list Anon 8:55 p.m. July 16th:

    1st Banking and Financial Services

  68. Anonymous says:

    And we all know Al Gore invented the internet, right? Therefore, Al Gore is responsible for this whole economic mess. I knew it!

  69. Anonymous says:

    BTO, I am a girl and girls don't read comic books and rarely read Science Fiction(this I know from college coursework) and I am shocked at your inability to respond. Maybe it is because you stayed up late and slept in and I went to bed early and got up early.

    As for Lee Terry being responsible for the financial meltdown, nice try. Clinton, I believe by Executive order, demanded "loosening" the racist automated approval system at Fannie and Freddie. Without all those sub prime loans, there would have been very little "toxic asset" for greedy investors to salivate over and wrap and rewrap into investment packages doomed to failure.

    I guess I will consider myself lucky that the only time I had several nickels to rub together I invested in the homegrown Level 3 and lost most of the money. I now get to enjoy, as many others do, the investment loss well into the next decade AND had nothing but my kids 529's left to watch sink.

    Last Fall, not being rich was a lot less painful than being rich was. I am more than 2 decades from retirement and intend to save enough between now and then to live in retirement as I have lived the rest of my adult life. Few extravagances, dinner out when we feel like it, a roof over my head (that I can afford!) and a reliable car.

    I am glad that the Simpletons of this Country can point there finger at 1 single vote by a conservative congressman from Nebraska (ooh, we have so much power in this state!) as the cause of all your financial problems. Might I suggest that you glance in the direction of that mirror in your entryway to find the real cause of your problems? And, while your at it, consider selling some of the toys that became so vital to your life in the last 6 years.

  70. Brian T. Osborn says:

    Anony 1:29,

    Yup, I guess girls just write comic books and science fiction (this I know from the real world,) girls such as: Mary Shelly, J. K. Rowling, Andre Norton, Margaret Atwood, and hundreds of others.

    My inability to respond? Jeez, you sound like a Viagra commercial!

    I never mentioned Lee Terry, but don't let little things like facts slow you down.

    I guess the fools that fell for the sub prime loans are the guilty ones, never-mind the greedy damned vultures that wrapped and re-wrapped them. Hmmmm, how many of those carrion eaters were Republicans … I wonder?

    And what do YOU know about my toys and my narcissistic predilection for mirrors? Are you that weird woman that has been stalking me lately?

  71. Nate E says:

    Wow the financial mess AND 9-11 are directly Clinton's fault. I must have missed the fact that he circumvented the constitution and got 4 terms…

  72. Anonymous says:

    No you didn't miss the fact that Clinton circumvented the Constituton because he did on numerous occasions.
    What you did miss was the discussion at which the good lord said he was passing out brains, you thought he said trains and…

  73. Anonymous says:

    It is a damn good thing that Suttle decided to close the pools early this year. Now he can almost pay for his new Finance Director who now makes more than a Congressman, a Senator, the Governor, the AG and only slightly less than the President (I think he is in the $190's?).

    Wait for it-is that the OPS School Board gearing up to insist that their Superintendent take a raise so he will still be paid more than any other Public Servant or Political Appointee in this State? LOL

    BTW, the $4000 in savings that he is getting on that fancy new ride of his should just about finish off the raise for the position of Omaha City Finance Director. Now that I think about it, even Suttle got a raise-he went from being a retired HDR Engineer living on retirement and a part-time gig on the CC (roughly $26k a year) to being a retired HDR engineer living on his retirement and a job being Mayor at what, $90k a year?

  74. Anonymous says:

    My Dear BTO, I can't help it that girls are smarter than boys. Of course they write the books, for little boys to buy and read-pretty smart, huh.

    Point 2-You said it, not me-is that why you were up so late last night?

    Point 3-I wasn't responding to you-there are other comments on this Blog that need my attention. Multitasking-yet another skill that girls are better at than boys.

    Point 4-I am pretty sure that Old Warren is a big time Democrat and he lost buckets of money for his investors by buying into those sweetheart toxic assets.

    Last, the woman stalking you is not me. It is much more likely that it is an experienced stalker. Perhaps someone that you have recently thrown one of those metaphoric chairs at? LOL, stalking seems to be her favorite thing to do whether at work or not.

    Now, go out and enjoy a beer, it is a beautiful afternoon and the weekend is here!

  75. Brian T. Osborn says:

    Anony 3:53,

    Very good points … really.

    I think I will go have that beer. You have a great weekend too.


  76. Anonymous says:

    Nate – This is why some people were talking about Clinton. Since, you don't read all the posts, I will repost what I wrote earlier.

    I would go even further than the deregulation of Fannie and Freddie. I believe the real estate crash is really just the second leg of the dot.com crash–the failure of housing to absorb the tremendous cash surplus generated by the irrational exuberance of Internet investors.

    And it actually goes deeper than this. The Internet is even more directly at fault. The fact is, most Internet businesses don't require venture capital. The beauty of these technologies is that they decentralize value creation. Anyone with a PC and bandwidth can program the next Twitter or Facebook plug-in, the next iPhone app, or even the next social network. While a few thousand dollars might be nice, the hundreds of millions that venture capitalists want to–need to–invest, simply aren't required. Entrepreneurs who do accept such exorbitant funds do so knowing full well that they won't get paid back. The VCs investment is the entrepreneur's exit strategy.

    The banking crisis began with the dot.com industry, because here was a business sector that did not require massive investments of capital in order to grow. What's a bank to do when its money is no longer needed? Especially when contraction is not an option?

    So they fail, the tax base decreases, companies based more on their debt structures than their production fail along with them, and we get an economic crisis. Yes, the Internet did all this.

    But that's also why the current crisis should be seen as a cause for celebration as well: the Internet actually did what it was supposed to by decentralizing our ability to create and exchange value.

  77. Anonymous says:

    I'm pretty smart, but I need Cliff notes for that last one.

    Cliff Notes: It's all Clinton's fault. Always. The end.

  78. Anonymous says:

    However, comforting it might be to blame Bill Clinton, George W. Bush or Barack Obama for our faltering economy, the real seeds of the current crisis, are located in the eeemingly prosperous corporate parks of Silicon Valley. In fact, the dot.com boom and subsequent, inevitable bust are the real causes of our economic malaise. Californians were hit first, hardest and most directly by the rise of dot.com-style capitalism, the rest of us soon to follow.

    Put simply, California cannot afford to pay its bills because its tax base contracted at the same time as its investments tanked. Like any of us contending with the double-whammy of lower pay and shrinking portfolios, California is getting slammed on both income and savings at the same time. Unable to secure credit, the state insists on paying its bills to citizens and local governments with IOUs.

    While the pundits point to real estate speculation and bank insolvencies as the chief cause of California–and the nation's–financial distress, these are both direct results of the late 90's explosion of technology/computer innovation and Internet proliferation. That's right: The Internet crashed the economy.

    First, and most obviously, the Internet served as a shiny new calling card for an already-exhausted equities market. The biotech boom of the 80's had failed to spawn a successor, recession appeared interminable, and the emergence of the Internet provided a new "story" through which speculators could be encouraged to buy stock.

    The dot.com boom was among the largest collective investments in American history, leading to a near doubling of stockholders–and quadrupling of the NASDAQ index. Where did all this money come from? It was printed by the Fed and then loaned by banks, who used the good times to justify more highly leveraged rates of borrowing, themselves.

    Problem was, the dot.com industry–while certainly fun and wonderful–could not support this level of investment. There just wasn't very much more profit in doing things with chips and wires that used to be done with paper and people. Thus, the crash.

    In an effort to orchestrate a soft landing, Alan Greenspan looked for someplace all the money printed for the dot.com boom to go. Real estate was the obvious choice. Banks were enabled to stay in the leveraged lending business, and homes became the asset class to fill in for Pets.com and Lucent.

    Alan Greenspan, helped the deregulation of Fannie/Freddie by continuing to print money. This in turn led banks to become even more leveraged and overextended because they lost focus and became greedy beginning in the 1990's. This is the final shock from the dot.comm bust of the 1990's.

    Remember, new wild ventures creeping up?? You could get $20 million to startup anything that was web-based and you could find a VC to give you the money. I went to many dot.comm auctions in the DC Metro area during my time there and I will tell you their lifestyle was extremely lavish. $100,000 custom conference tables. The Bldg. was art and there was hardly any art on the walls. 60" Plasma TV's that cost $5,000 a piece. They forgot to purchase decent equipment (PC's) – low-end Dell's and the sort. They were greedy – took the money and ran.

    This is all a part of the dot.comm bust, the ME Generation. McMansion living, greed and pure idiocy.

    Ever wonder why, Warren Buffett never invested in the dot.comm craze – HE KNEW IT WAS DESTINED FOR DISASTER.

  79. Cathy says:

    7:23 AM:

    Now don't you pick on our man Clinton, he had alot going on; and alot on his plate. Or, was that under the desk?

  80. Anonymous says:

    What? So what's Suttle paying his new fiancee' director? Geez, I could do that, but, my first direction for him would be to put a sack over his head first!

    Sorry, couldn't resist!

  81. Cathy says:

    July 17 3:44 PM:

    In regards to Suttle…
    And, it doesn't matter if he's a dem or a rep… but, what does matter is good ethics and good character… he has neither… and that is the truth and the whole truth… so help me GOD…

  82. Anonymous says:

    So, Suttle's new hiree, female finance director, that came from Werner Enterprises (making whatever it was from Werner), but, now will be making $180,000 a year under Suttle's Administration, which is $80,000 more that the last finance director earned. WOW, is that IDIOT pushing his luck or is he just plain ole' crazy. There has GOT TO BE something wrong with his thinking. That man is ABSOLUTELY INSANE!@

  83. Anonymous says:

    That's it, put that SOB in a straight jacket immediately!!!!! Can't stand hearing this BS on the news every damn day!!!!!

  84. Anonymous says:

    Suttle is nuts!! And, now we can all see it. Check his family history. I guess mental illness runs in the family, and few people know how deeply it runs.

  85. Nate E says:

    BTO, you sir are to kind.

    Anon 5:10
    Interesting theory, but thats all it is.

    The OWH is now saying that the total amount of money Suttle is spending is about the same as the Fahey administration. Instead of spreading it amongst more employees, including some part-time help, Suttle wants a highly paid smaller staff. Not sure i agree with that, but there can be arguments made for either side of that.

  86. Anonymous says:

    He wants the city workers as a whole to take a pay freeze. Let's the part time staff go and then proceeds to pay his closest advisors a ridiculous sum of money.

    So, the planning director position was a part-time position before? The finance director?

    Is he saying those people were only doing half the work his people will be doing, driving our economy into the ground after our esteemed Mayor asks the city council to raise taxes next week?? They will be working full-time driving the Omaha economy into the ground – yet they get their nice little cushion.

    I bet the city workers that voted for Suttle are wishing they hadn't now that reality has set it. If you aren't in his inner circle, he doesn't give a ratsa$$ about you or your family or the city of Omaha.

    What will he pay the new Police Chief when Buske leaves?? 262,000? Since Buske makes $131,000, it would seem to me that the next chief stands to benefit handsomely.

    Mr. Suttle said, "I want to reduce gang violence and reduce the dropout rate." How does cutting SunDawgs and cutting pool hours keep kids off the streets? It doesn't you idiot. There is 1 lie during his campaign.

    Lie #2 – Suttle's ad said,
    "I will work to keep property taxes low." Um, you are suggesting a property tax increase!

    Lie #3 – Suttle's ad, "I will bring more fiscal discipline to city government." If that means asking city workers to take a pay freeze or cut and give big huge pay raises to his staff. That sure isn't discipline. That is a lie.

    Jim Suttle has already lied 3 times and flipped on 3 issues he ran on. I don't think City Hall is going to be very civil during his term in office esp. with city Workers.

    Oh yes, I wonder if these contracts are legal or valid since they are above and beyond what the city budget has alloted for each of these positions??

  87. 3rd floor watcher says:

    I think that is sexist to say "FEMALE FINANCE DIRECTOR". You wouldn't say male finance director!!! Just keep her away from the chief of staff.

  88. Anonymous says:

    Didnt matter if I was at a four year birthday party, poker last night, or speaking with my mail carrier today, these salaries are resonating with the public. They think Suttle is arrogant and they want him gone.

    A recall effort will happen. Let's just see how successful it will be. Vokal versus Festersen is my prediction.

  89. Anonymous says:

    I agree, give Suttle a chance. We always hear about running government like the private sector, well if you were to hire a top CFO, you'd be paying a very high salary so why is everyone on Suttle's case about that?

    We are in the midst of difficult budget and economic times, (no great fault of Suttle's);

    sales taxes & investments down thanks to Bush ruining the economy

    city in debt thanks to Daub's big downtown projects

    city in debt thanks to Fahey for sucking up to the Fire and Police unions.

    The lease of the red SUV Durango was bad, I admit, he should be criticized and punished for that stupid move but it is really the worst thing in the entire world?

    If Mayor Suttle is successful in helping to bring new jobs to Omaha, I will be voting for his re-election.

  90. Anonymous says:

    7:23 –

    Id agree about the salary for the finance director; but he's done the same thing for all of his top people, while telling all the other city workers that they won't be able to get raises for a long, long time.
    It stinks of cronyism

  91. macdaddy says:

    A recall is a rather dumb idea unless the politician is a crook. You all knew Suttle was bad news. You all knew he was going to raise taxes. But yet you people couldn't get off your asses to go vote for Daub. You made your choice and now you need to live with it. Staying home was a choice. That's how democracy works. Sure, you are entitled to a recall if you want to pay for it and can get enough people to put it on the ballot. You have to remember, though, that barring criminal activity on Suttle's part, you have a tough case to make. The other side is going to throw up cries of coup and subversion of democracy. They are going to throw everything they have at it in order to keep Suttle in office, because if they win, it will strengthen his hand in 2012. It is much better for people to suffer for the next 4 years, and suffer they will. Everything that Suttle has proposed will hurt every Omahan, even those who voted for him. So save your money and your energy to make sure Suttle is a one-term footnote. A recall would be foolish. I know you don't want to hear that but you need to. It's fine to blow off steam on a blog, but don't mistake disgust for Suttle's policies with a desire to shake up the electoral process.

  92. Anonymous says:

    None of the people he has appointed has had to sacrifice. He is asking the city workers, police and fire to take pay freezes, pay cuts and even laying off or eliminating positions.

    That my friends is hypocritical and ignorant at best. He will not have the support of the city workers for very long acting like that.

  93. Anonymous says:

    Just to make a point, any new jobs that come in the next 6 months get to count for the previous administration. Relocations don't happen over night. They are planned well in advance.

    AND, WOW, i am totally stunned the the Dem Hacks on this blog would try to blame Suttle's stupidity and arrogance on the former President! I am shocked!


  94. Anonymous says:

    Suttle Watch compared Jim to office Bar Brady….lol Remember Jim Suttle will reduce crime……lol…lol…lol

  95. Anonymous says:

    Why hasn't the Omaha World Herald given us a summary of the case they went to court to look at? I am speaking of the Matt Stamp case. Is it safe to assume there was nothing there? Doesn't the World Herald owe an apology to Mr. Stamp?

  96. Anonymous says:

    If EVERY one of the unrelated people that accused Samp of defiling them says he didn't, then an appology is in order. I strongly believe in innocent until proven guilty, but there are multiple claims, and I have personal experience on how people in the Suttle camp work, so pardon my skepticism on things being on the up and up. I personally don't beleive they are, and I know some things.

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