Suttle’s 2010 budget

Leavenworth Street can give you a few “highlights” of Mayor Suttle’s 2010 budget.

Property Tax increase
by $.024 per $100

A new 2% Entertainment Tax.
If you entertain yourself by eating out, going to the movies, concerts, the theater, bars or anywhere else food and drinks are served, you’ll be paying more to The Man.

Closing Westwood Golf Course
No more par 3’s for you!

The Safety Auditor is back.

At an increase of $135,000

An overall increase in spending of .6%
Because significant cuts couldn’t be found.

  • An increase in the Mayor’s office budget of 1.9%
  • An increase in the City Finance Dept of 15.3%
  • An increase in the City Planning Dept of 10.8%
Well but there is a decrease…
… in Community Service Programs by 28%
You’ll get the rest via the MSM and the Mayor later.


  1. Anonymous says:

    I think I am going to move to Waverly. Their mayor declined his $6000 a year salary this year. He said everyone is making sacrifices. Looks like Suttle could take a clue or two from that man.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I predict the golf course stays! By trying to take the course, Suttle will piss off Golfers, Mothers (the one's whose kids use that course on their own and via the YMCA), kids, seniors, Grandparents (who have a great place to teach their kids), and everyone in West Omaha because there are no other affordable West O courses and this is technically the only public one! All the others are privately run, nit pick at the kids constantly and have no interest in "growing the game", just making a buck as fast as they can!

    Not to mention the fact that just about any court would consider it parkland due to the way the City obtained it. Put it in front of a jury.

    AND, where the Hell does Omaha By Design stand on this? Are we only suppose to have greenspace in our backyard if we live West of 108th Street?! Where is my Elmwood Park or Memorial Park. All the big open greenspace out here is treeless or owned by a country club and not open to me!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Doesn't Waverly have the "Juice Bar" for income?

    Maybe we could open one of those here and then those 3 Millard boys wouldn't have to jump on someone's mommy!

    AND, we could put an Entertainment Tax of "A Penny A Peak". LOL

  4. NE Voter says:

    Omaha does rely too heavily on sales tax revenue, which exacerbates budget problems when the economy takes a dive.

    I predict the Council will approve the entertainment tax, and reject a property tax increase. Remember that Chuck Sigerson was on the pension study committee that made these recommendations. Sigerson's support provides the fig leaf the Republicans on the Council will need to support the new tax.

    Stothert's position will be the most interesting to watch. She is joined at the hip with the firefighters.

    In terms of revenue generation, I am not a gambler, but I think Nebraskans made a mistake a few years ago when they rejected the expanded gambling initiatives. I would prefer that some of the shortfall be covered by revenue generated by those who choose to waste money in casinos. I suspect that a simpler initiative might have a shot in the current revenue-starved climate.

    It's also true that casino gambling is down at the present time — but it hasn't gone down to zero.

    I have no moral qualms with expanded gambling; it just ain't for me. Heck, I've never even made a sports bet in my life. I'm just saying, "Let the gamblers pay for it." Or at least a good chunk of it.

    And to those anonymous posters complaining about the "lack of green space in West Omaha," give me a break. The City's master plan includes an absolutely massive Memorial Park-style park way out there somewhere. Please tell me how you would fund/maintain such a new facility in the current economic environment — I would really like to know your ideas.

    Just saying.

  5. GeosUser says:

    Mayor Moron makes his first…and final…mark in city history. A May 2010 primary which includes a mayoral recall is climbing up the probability scale with each passing day. If you do just a little research, you'll see why "4 men & a truck" doesn't even get a serious look in the budget. Suttle and several city council-persons took big contributions from the fire union…there's $7 million in potential savings out the window.

  6. Anonymous says:

    The point, Mr. Smarty Pants, is that you either keep what you've got, or you have to create new.

    Right now, they are creating new by putting in a big waterpark about 15 minutes away from Mahoney State Park (which has a great water park for $7 bucks, $3 for a tube that you don't have to have, and an affordable concession stand). There is no way the Zorinsky Park will be that cheap. The talk was of stopping construction, but when that proved to be too expensive an option, they moved forward. In general, the people in West O (which is really west of 90th Street) wanted swimming pools. Some study must have shown the City that this single water park will produce more revenue than 2 more City pools.

    Closing the course will not stop the maintenance expenses, grass still has to be mowed. The only way to stop the grass from growing is to put a building and a parking lot on it. Based on the vacancies in the area, who would lease it?

    Find me anyone that drives Center Street, Interstate to 144th, that thinks we need more concrete on that corridor.

    The Golf course needs to stay. There is no development plan for the property, Suttle needs to prove how it will be better to close it or back off. Why not close ALL public courses one day a week on a rotating basis?

    An additional thought, because I have done some of my homework, I have it on pretty good authority that the design of that neighborhood requires that low point to be green space in order to collect all the runoff in a torrential downpour. I wonder how this would affect the sewers to have that water running into them instead of onto the fairways and roughs?

    If Suttle refuses to remove the golf course from the chopping block, he will prove that he only cares about his own ass, he gets to go home and play golf in his backyard-at the Country Club that he lives on! Jerk!

  7. Nate E says:

    Whats going on here SS? You starve us for a week and then post two stories within 24hrs of each other? Quit playing with my emotions!

  8. Nate E says:

    Sigerson is on record as saying that the budget is tightened as far as it can go. I think he has given up and will support tax/fee increases of some kind.

  9. Anonymous says:

    An entratinament tax will drive sales tax revenue down more. People already are cutting back on going out to eat, etc because of the economy. This will cause me to drop one night. I watch my pennies and dollars that close.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Blame Suttle, but it remains that there are seven people that make up the legislative branch that can raise holy hell if so inclined or sit there like political lumps. Call them relentlessly. E-mail them nonstop. Show up if possible.
    Point? Stop complaining and take
    more action before you jump to a
    recall. And, "no" I'm not related
    to Suttle.

  11. Anonymous says:

    And now we have OPS salivating over the Learning Community's taxing authority that is about to go live!

    I would home school my kids, but that still wouldn't lower my taxes.

    BTW, does anyone have any insight as to what tax number Ernie Chambers is looking at?

  12. Anonymous says:

    According to Sunday's article in the OWH, the cuts have to come from discretionary because everything else is contractual or legally obligated (which I am pretty sure is the same thing Giligan :).

    My position is that if things are that dire, then close all the pools and golf courses for 1 season instead of picking and choosing which taxpayers to screw the most.

  13. not lloyd bentsen says:

    Anyone who thinks Chuck Sigerson will approve this budget is nuts.

    Folks, I know Chuck Sigerson; I respect Chuck Sigerson; Chuck Sigerson is a friend of mine. Jean Stothert is no Chuck Sigerson.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Thank God, could we take 2 of either of them?

    I am supportive of both of them, but the reason is that they both bring different things to the table. Chuck has a vast amount of historical knowledge of Omaha politics and goings on at City Hall. Jean is fresh City Hall (and politics in general even though she sat on the MPS Board) and with that comes a bit of hutzpah, which, I believe, has been sorely lacking at City Hall as everyone on the Council and in the Mayor's Office contemplated their next career moves.

    And yes, I do know that jean is contemplating her next career move in 3 1/2 years too.

  15. GeosUser says:

    It could be that Mayor Moron's chief of staff isn't as intimidating as Mayor Landow was. When Landow told a city councilman that his district would be last on services priority list unless they towed the Mayor's line, they believed it.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Stothert will not vote for any tax increase. Sigerson is on record as saying he would support a sales tax increase.

  17. Anonymous says:

    So Suttle is trying to intimadate the City Council into passing his budget, or all city polls will be closed next year…did I read that wrong in the OWH?

  18. Anonymous says:

    So are we going to get the Zorinsky Lake waterpark all constructed and then it will sit there empty because we can't afford to open it?

  19. Anonymous says:

    Stothert was right about not funding the new waterpark until the budget was released. Jim Suttle you are an idiot!!!

  20. Macdaddy says:

    Suttle has given republicans a huge attack ad for 2012. Maybe they'd like to start running it early: Suttle is more interested in enriching his buddies than he is in providing recreational opportunities for the less fortunate.

    But from what I've seen so far, I don't know why suttle ever wanted to be mayor. The only vision he's showing us is that he wants to make it profitable to work at city hall. Crime? Yeah, so? Opportunities for poor people? Are you kidding me? Solving omaha's many funding crises? Fuggedaboutit!

  21. Anonymous says:

    There will be NO problem coming up with ads against Suttle if he decides to run again. All they have to do is run snippets of his campaign ads from this last Spring and then show that he did the exact opposite in every situation.

  22. Anonymous says:

    not to change the subject, but does anybody know this guy Matt
    Salalosky (sp?) who is runnin against Terry and seems very conservative and against high taxes?

  23. Suttle Watcher says:

    Sweeper thanks for the kind words about our Blog the other day!! You scooped everyone on the mayor's budget. Good work!! We enjoy reading your posts.


  24. Anonymous says:

    Here it is, just after 10 a.m., what has Suttle decided to destroy today?

    Does anyone know how a person finds out how much a golf course costs v. how much income it has? Note that I did not ask how much it makes, I am not an idiot, the City is running it, I know it doesn't make any money!

    I have talked to a lot of people that are not happy about the closing of Westwood Golf Course. Many of those people could certainly afford to golf at a Country Club, but prefer to golf in a variety of places with their kids and grandkids and not pay $100 bucks a round-that is probably why they could afford a CC, if they wanted.

    Just because we are in West Omaha we should not be constantly expected to pay more for activities that are cheaper in other parts of the City.

    I reiterate, if you take from West O, you damn well better take from Midtown, too! How about, we let you close Westwood Golf Course when you announce that you will permanently close Elmwood park Pool. That seems like a fair trade, they can haul their asses out to our Waterpark at Zorinsky just like i have to haul a carload of kids to Elmwood Park Golf Course to get yelled at by all the retirees that think that is their private Country Club.

    As for this Salaisky (sp) person? Big ego, and basically another self funder like Esch.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Northeast Omaha gets to keep an 18, a 9, and a 9 hole par 3? Southwest Omaha gets to keep only an 18 hole course that is too hard for anyone under 14 to play?

    Thanks a lot Suttle, you sure are paying back your votes! BTW, do you enjoy living on the OCC golf course? Would you be happy if the Board decided to develop it into a hotel and waterpark?

    Why is it so hard for rich liberals to understand that people in the suburbs (ie everything west of Midtown) just want neighborhoods too?

  26. Anonymous says:

    The Westwood decision is all about political payback!!! Suttle hates West Omaha and is sucking up to Gray and Garnadt by not closing their courses. I love driving from 160th & Center to play at Miller Park Golf Course. It's a safe place to take my kids!!!

  27. Anonymous says:

    There are better options that can and should be looked into in regards to closing Westwood. Closing the golf course is NOT the best option. Westwood is the most successful 9-hole city golf course. Out of all the city golf courses, only two turned a profit this past year: Goodman and Elmwood. Westwood lost the least amount of money($48,000) compared to the rest of the courses (Fontenelle lost $180,000), and this includes Benson–an 18 hole golf course. If for whatever reason you are against closing Westwood, BOMBARD the city council–not just the council person in your district–and BOMBARD the mayor with emails and phone calls. Every little bit helps.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Ben Gray is a hypocrit on this issue. He wants it out of ordinance but wants assurances that trucks in HIS district still have four men.

    There are parts of the ordinance that can/should be negotiated (firefighters for non emergency rolls and such) but to think that an essential safety element like minimum staffing per unit should be "negotiated" is a very dangerous proposition. If you think only three are the safety standard, that should be in ordinance and not part of a collective bargining agreement.

    Gray's approach made the issue to hot to fix the right way. He went for the throw the baby out with the bath water approach, when it took a much more intellegant approach.

  29. Anonymous says:

    I agree with the comments regarding west Omaha feeling the cuts more than others. I live in the Real Midtown (120th and Dodge) area. We have one little park. The pool was changed to a glorified wading pool years ago. We have no boulevard system or parks at every other corner. We have virtually no bus service. But yet, we get to pay for all the stuff being added in downtown and midtown.

    How about the Westies getting a recall petition going now? That way we would have plenty of time to get it on the ballot and get rid of this guy soon.

  30. Anonymous says:

    The glorified wading pool was an alternative to closure. In the "real" West Omaha, we would love to have a pool, instead, we get a giant waterpark not in the vast open spaces of the great Zorinsky Park, but backing right up to our back yards! FYI, if you can't get a parking spot at the waterpark next year, just pull into the neighborhood and park in front of someone's driveway. There is a very nice walking path that will take you right to the waterpark.

    Suttle is probably afraid that if he closes anything in NE Omaha that all those bored kids will start hanging out in his neighborhood and trying to sneak into his private pool at OCC.

  31. Anonymous says:

    If a recall begins on December 12, the 6-month date, is that the date when signatures can begin, or the date when the recall filing process can begin?

  32. No to Union Thugs says:

    How many cities the size of Omaha or larger have militant fire unions? Did you see yesterday that the head of the fire union got removed from the city council meeting???

  33. Anonymous says:

    Steve LeClair and Mike McDonnell looked like 2 guys on Soprano's shaking down the city council. My thought is have the firefighters reveal how much time they spend on the city dime running their side businesses?

  34. Anonymous says:

    I am not going to allow you to portray firemen as cheats. They issue is minimum manning and there are good reasons to keep it and logical reasons to dump it. A better question should be what was the argument in 2000 that got a Republican dominated City Council to agree to it as an ordinance?

    If National Standards advised a biracial response to a police call, would the City abide by that?

    At what point do we accept National Standards as advice or policy?

    The issue with the Fire and Police Unions should not be about a safety issue, it should be about limiting future expenses. Healthcare, retirement, overtime, etc.

    Put minimum manning to a vote, be done with the subject and get to the contract. Every single day that we do not have new contracts with the Police and Fire Union, another firefighter or officer reaches retirement and gets to jump out of the plane and into retirement with their golden parachute. GET NEW CONTRACTS AGREED TO!!! It is the first step toward solvency for the Pensions and the City!!!

  35. Anonymous says:

    Was anyone at the outdoor concert last weekend when Suttle got booed after being introduced?

    If it actually happened, does anyone have video of it? I heard that they began chanting recall after booing him?

    And that was before he announced his jackass entertainment tax and closing of golf courses and threatening to close pools and libraries. He should probably just stay home this weekend.

    He hasn't said one damn thing about how he is going to get new union contracts with the Police and Fire Unions, only that he doesn't think West o deserves an affordable golf course and kids shouldn't read or swim.

  36. Street Sweeper says:

    No linking on comments, please.
    We don't have a desire to go policing every link posted.

    The above comments said (sans link):

    Pool Closing Protest: 1819 Farnam St. City Hall Plaza 7/23 1:30-2:30 Swim Gear Optional – Just Let 'em Swim Jim!

  37. Anonymous says:

    I saw the city council meeting and I couldn't tell whether Mike McDonnell was management or the head of the fire union!!! LeClair did Freak and an officer pulled him out of the city council meeting!!! How many lawn service or drywall companies answer their business calls at a firehouse during city time???

  38. Tee(ed) Off Westwood Golfer says:

    I know! For all of you who are upset with Skuttle wanting to close the Westwood golf course. If he succeeds, just load up ALL the kids (daycare or whatever) –that would normally be playing at the Westwood course and take them ALL over to where Skuttle golfs. I bet he'd love that! And, I bet he wouldn't mind waiting of them either! Seriously though, they've got to golf somewhere. I could gather up all my grandchildren, plus, their friends to go golf with ole Jimbo.

    He golfs at Country Clubs and some various other places. So you may have to stock him first though to find out his golf schedules. LOL LOL. GOOD LUCK AND HAVE FUN !!!!!

  39. Anonymous says:

    And just to be clear, you have never answered your personal cell phone while at work? They are at work for 24 to 48 hours and then off for the same. If they didn't have work to do during that time, "someone" would call them lazy.

    Do you suppose teachers don't check their email and voicemail during the school day? what do many of them do during their Summers off?

    Unless there is a ban on personal cell phone and email use on City property or while at work, I could care less as long as they get to my house or emergency fast and have enough people to deal with whatever is going on-ie: A FRIGGIN' FIRE or BAD ACCIDENT!

    As I said before, the City Council just needs to vote on this issue, thumb it up, or thumb it down, and then get to the real problem-an old, overly generous contract that is still in force because Fahey didn't have the balls to say he screwed up!

  40. Anonymous says:

    Channel 6 news tonight at 10 pm( showed some of Suttle's old campaign ads and gave their input about them talking about the broken promises. Therefore, lies. The funniest part of it to me was when he was saying he is going to cut waste in city hall. What??? He just created a whole bunch of waste in city hall with all his new hirees and the pay raises, including his pay and his new Dodge hybrid. Now, tell me he's not a liar !!! Basically, what ch 6 news was showing the public – is what a liar Suttle is

    Check it out – it was weird seeing it after the fact (6 wks after he got his foot in the door). Him and his phony face. It was kind of sickening really. I don't know how he can look at himself in the mirror.

  41. Anonymous says:

    So which outdoor concert was it? Did you find out yet? There was the ones at Village Point and also the Playing with Fire concerts. I'll have to check around – but have heard anything about it yet.

  42. Anonymous says:

    The City showed, whether anyone likes it or not, that they did not want Hal, or that they barely wanted him in, if he won. They wanted to hold onto their, "Well, I didn't vote for him." I think most of the Republicans in this City did not go vote because they thought the "Activists" would "Get 'er done."

    That is how little the real people understand about politics.

    I am not sure Jim Vokal can even come in at this point. He is too tied to the election and the recall effort. It would appear too self serving. I don't think anyone can really please everyone at this point of our City's problems, we need someone good that won't run for reelect-ie: someone willing to throw themselves on it.

    Maybe someone like StreetSweeper!

  43. Anonymous says:

    Street Sweeper,

    If you eliminated 4 jobs in another department and made people scoop the snow from the street in front of their home or business during 2 of next year's snowstorms, then you could in "good conscience" give your self a $90 thousand dollar a year raise.

    The devil is in the details-or at least the person creating the details!

  44. Street Sweeper says:

    Done and done. Oh and I'm also going to need the city to pay for my red Maserati.

    It's fast and safe, so everybody wins.

    And by "everybody" I mean me.

  45. Anonymous says:

    You know, red is so "last week", maybe you could get the Italians to give you a flexible plan that would allow you to trade it in for a different color depending upon which way the wind blows.

    I know this guy, he negotiates real good, his name is Samp, Matt Samp. Ever heard of him? LOL

  46. Anonymous says:

    Why is it OK to hijack with another vague, yet smart mouth, remark about Matt Samp and all bets are off for any other rides?

  47. GeosUser says:

    Chuck Sigerson was on KFAB this morning talking about the budget. When asked what he liked about Suttle's budget…nothing but silence. Then when asked about revising the city ordinance requiring 4 firefighters to a truck minimum…Chuck did nothing but stutter, stammer and try throwing a big load of BS. I don't suppose his "concern" has anything to do with the support he receives from their union???

  48. Anonymous says:

    I'll vote for you Anonymous 12:03! I have no idea who you are or what you believe in, but you have GOT to be better than Suttle!

    Seriously, go on the ballot as "Anonymous." I bet you'd be Suttle these days! LOL!

  49. GeosUser says:

    Omaha is in "crisis" but Mayor Moron has time to play 18 in the Cox Classic pro-am yesterday??? I see his overpaid and inexperienced policy analysis staff let him down again…LOL!!!

  50. Anonymous says:

    Oh sure!! They mayor gets to go play golf in an elite country club that only people like him (and by that I mean people who screw other people out of lots of money to fatten their wallet), which is in West O, but wants to close down the ONLY city golf course that the majority of people can afford in West O. You can only save so much money by closing it. What are you going to do with the land when it's closed Jimmy? Wait!! I know how you can fill that hole on W. Center!! Grow some corn! It would make the perfect headline: "Jim Suttle Corn Holes Omaha"

  51. Nate E says:

    West Omaha being discriminated against??? I havent seen this much complaining since the last time I watched Glenn Beck.

  52. Anonymous says:

    If Suttle were on the payroll of those who own Iowa casinos, Suttle would try to raise taxes on entertainment in Omaha.

  53. Anonymous says:

    Safety Auditor is back? THAT is a total waste of dollars. The position did NOTHING but create and perpetuate animosity with our community police relations. I want those folks to roam my neighborhood and catch the creeps without some "do-gooder" thinking that they are being too tough on criminals.

  54. Anonymous says:

    Real nice. Some woman is yacking to the World Herald about a service road destroying her view of Memorial Park. A service road that gets heavy equipment in and out of the park for all of the free events that she gets to enjoy. A road that prevents contractors that are unfamiliar with her beautiful park from driving all over her greenspace to get to where they want to go. A road that prevents Semi ruts from destroying the turf in the event of a storm (that only happens 2 4th of July Concerts in a row, though).

    What did I tell you people about Midtown? They think those parks and that golf course are there private little country club. Maybe the City should start surcharging them the same fees that it costs to be a Member at Champions or Ironwood or even Shadow Ridge? Thousands of dollars a year to have a convenient (within a 25 minute drive) swimming pool. Then, gold fees on top of that unless you want to play by yourself all the time. Where is it written that just because I live in West O I have to pay $65 to $100 per round of golf-even for kids? Why should I have to be a member of a private pool or put one in my backyard and pay $400 per month for an electric bill? Give me a break Midtown.

  55. Anonymous says:

    It was the Playing with Fire concert at the riverfront last Saturday night. He was soundly booed, but I can't say I heard any "recall" chants. I wasn't that close to the stage, though.

  56. Anonymous says:


    Try living in a part of the city where you get to pay taxes like everyone else, but only see cops when they are setting up speed traps. Or, only play golf if you can afford to join a country club. Or, only swim in a pool if you can join a club.

    How about a city section like old Millard where the house value is about the same as Benson, yet the pools that they used to have were destroyed by the city. When the people complained about it, the mayor's office rep said "you people are rich, you can afford to join a country club."

    How about a city section (like old Millard) that is the ONLY section to not only exceed their share of section 8 houses, but have more than they were allotted?

    Paying taxes, and getting no service, or getting what you have taken away, entitles you to complain.

  57. Anonymous says:

    Anon 1:02 — Remember, everyone seems to think that everyone in West O is rich. And now remember the tone of the country right now. If you have money or are considered wealthy, you are evil and must give everything you have worked hard for to "the poor."

  58. Abe Vigoda says:

    The mayor should fire the Fire Chief after last council meeting. Does he work for the taxpayers or the Fire union still??? C'mon when you have your union leader escorted out of the meeting by law enforcement that means something!!!!

  59. Fire Guy says:

    I am entitled to more tax dollars or I will sue!!!! The lawn business isn't doing to well. Greedy homeowners!!!!

  60. Anonymous says:

    In response to the proposed entertainment tax, I will gladly reduce my entertainment expenses 10%.

    All it takes is cutting down just a little bit. Instead of a large, get a medium, instead of 3 bottles of beer, get 2. Its actually pretty easy to do.

    Thats the issue with this type of tax, it seems like it is going to help, but it is entirely optional for the people supposedly being taxed. They can simply opt to not go out or to spend less when they go out. However, for the venues, it could be a killer. 5-10% reductions of individual expenses is not bad and not very noticeable on the consumers behalf, but decrease your restaurant revenue by 10% and you may have issues.

    Also, how does the city get around having to go to the legislature to effectively increase the sales tax above the 1.5% allowed by state law?

  61. Jimmy Said... says:

    State laws…pish posh. Ol' Jim doesn't have to observe laws, or rules for that matter. Those are for the little people. Now get outta my way little people, I'm being chauferred around in my nice new expensive SUV to the next pool and golf course closings, and I'm in a big hurry. I'm playing 18 holes at my private country club, followed by an expensive dinner.

  62. Bone Thrower says:

    And don't forget, with Mayor Suttle's new entertainment tax comes a new minimum wage hike on top of it mandated by the feds. That's going to be a double hit for the entertainment industry in Omaha who employs many people who are getting their first job. This is going to be beautiful…

  63. Anonymous says:

    Omahans, please lose your old Knights of Aksarben mentality. Who would ever want to belong to a big old private country club frequented by a bunch of old rich white men and a few token minorities and women, all worried about who has more money and power? Ick.

  64. curbfeeler says:

    That photo of Suttle and his index finger is disturbing.

    Dare say he might be attempting to poke Sweeper in the eye.

  65. Anonymous says:

    If you are so mad at Suttle then offer your brilliant ideas to balance the budget…

    Ok, let's here your ideas….

    …still waiting….


  66. 3rd floor watcher says:

    Hey Weatherman, I mean Anonymous above. I'm glad you are working on weekends to justify that $20K salary increase.

    Ok Here you go.

    1) Eliminate the raises Suttle's cronies received…$170,000

    2) Go to 3 men on a fire truck….$5million

    3)Cut the zoo's 1,000,000 subsidy.

    4) Negotiate a 1 year pay freeze or in the alternative furlough workers to achieve savings..3,000,000.

    5) Cut pools and parks and libraries for consolidation for 1 year 1,000,000

    6) Lease Mayor of Lincoln's car (Ford Escort)savings $12000 a year

    Total savings…$10,182,000.00

    Pay me $180,000 a year!!!

  67. Anonymous says:

    I could go for cutting, if the cutting happens everywhere. How much does the City pay for the extra concert in Memorial Park each year. What is the City's contribution for the 4th of July fireworks and concert and how much of the Royals 4th of July celebration does the City fund. If it is even $1 it should be cut out of the budget completely-they had no allegiance to Omaha, why should Omaha have any to them.

    People will understand a year or 2 of tightening and limited services. Close something permanently and arbitrarily and you piss off everyone-except those that some no cuts.

  68. Anonymous says:

    Good job 3rd floor watcher. You have my vote. Unfortunately that won't happen because Suttle has to take care of his buddies and himself. Part of Jim's Omaha Asset Reallocation Administration.

    Anon 10:57: Privatize the golf course? I hear that is already planned. I beleive somebody close to Jim already wants that land. Once again, part of Jim's Omaha Asset Reallocation Administration. Boy, I wonder what kind of deal they will get on a prime piece of land? I'll bet it's a steal, maybe litterally.

  69. Anonymous says:

    3rd Floor watcher

    1. The amount of money being spent on the Fahey and Suttle admin offices are the same.
    2. Put people who have dangerous jobs in more danger, I love your sense of preservation!
    3. I hate animals anyway.
    4. Make other people suffer so i dont have to. Thats right you damn city workers, I dont want to pay a 10$ a month garbage fee so your all getting less money in YOUR paycheck.
    5. Cut pools and parks and libraries, but I'll be damned if you cut my West O golf course!
    6. The one (1) halfway decent idea you came up with. But is the mayor of lincoln really leasing a ford escort? Im pretty sure they quit making those in 2003.

  70. brm says:

    Times are tough and we need to make some cuts, but we need to be sure that all the sections of the city get some cuts. Not fair to close the two pools in Millard, but expand the pool in Benson. Not fair to close down the public golf course in west Omaha, but leave other courses that are losing even more money open.

    I will take my cuts and deal with them, but then I expect to see other guys take theirs as well.

    No cuts for Omaha east of 90th, then there must be enough cash to cover the city west of 90th.

  71. Laying Some Knowledge says:

    Closing Westwood is NOT about saving money. Suttle has plans for that space, and I do beleive those plans benefit him and/or those close to him directly. Just watch.

    To: Anon 5:20
    The spending should NOT be the same as Fahey's!! Cuts remember?? Furthermore, how about spreading the wealth a bit instead of enriching a few. Spending the same amount, but employing fewer? Genius!! THERE IS NO WAY THAT FEW OF PEOPLE CAN DO THE SAME AMOUNT OF WORK THAT SEVERAL CAN. I DON'T CARE HOW SMART THEY ARE (OR PURPORT TO BE). There are only so many hours in a day, and only so much one person can accomplish in those hours, period. TEAMS accomplish big tasks, not individuals.

    If Suttle were a good leader, he wouldn't have to hand out those outrageous raises. They would want to be a part of it, instead of being bought. People generally take jobs like this out of a sense of civic duty and/or for the experience they get, which can be used later in the private sector to earn more. As an example, residents earn a pittance while in office, then millions afterward. Over a hundred mill if you are a Clinton. THAT'S how public service works.

  72. Anonymous says:

    3rd floor:

    1. Stothert is the swing vote on 3 Men – – convince her.

    2. Cutting the zoo's subsidy is ridiculous – – that is the city's crown jewel – – not the CWS – – and a bargain at $1mm per year.

    Anon 5:20 – – if it's so dangerous, here's a tradeoff – – no more part-time jobs, so we can have you at your best for this "dangerous' job. Do I hear crickets chirping??

  73. Nate E says:

    Anon 11:23,
    Can you legally restrict someone on how many jobs they are allowed? It sounds suspiciously like socialism to me… Are Obama's Omaha Socialism Agent?

  74. gldeys says:

    Here is an idea. Suttle can work for FREE. If he was half as worried about Omaha as he wants the citizens to think he is, then he would. Arnold Sch— is not taking a salary to be Govenor in CA. Scuttle can do similar.

  75. Anonymous says:

    Wanna really raise revenue? Have the county accessor actually access all properties equally. There are 10s of millions of dollars left on the table out there because the accessor does not do this.

    As for three on a truck, you can forget about it. Suttle has stated he will never support three on a truck. His negotiation team won't touch it and you can count on four being in the next contract.

  76. Anonymous says:

    Regarding closing Westwood Golf Course and selling the property for development: I drove down Center Street and from 135th to 108th there is plenty of Commercial Real Estate available. What is this joker thinking? Oh yeah, he doesn't.

  77. Anonymous says:

    Supposedly all of the people who live in West Omaha can afford a membership to a country club and do not need pools, parks and any type of recreational activities. I'm waiting for him to suggest closing Lake Zorinsky.

    Last time I looked I use Lake Zorinsky, Millard Library and the trails around here and cannot afford a membership to a country club.

    Go figure, Jim could care-a-less about West Omaha. He is showing the same anger and ignorance towards the people out here. Probably because we did not vote for him and our City Council woman has had the balls to call him out on the carpet for the ignorant lease he had.

    I would start by freezing hiring and salaries in all departments, except the police department to the 2009 levels.

    I would also look at the fire department and see how many batallion chiefs, assistant chiefs we could let go. Do we really need 2 assistants to the assistant chief?? The fire departments is supposed to receive new staff in Suttle's budget, but the police get no new staff?? Has their been an outbreak in arson, fires that we need to hire that many new staff?? Couldn't we reassign a few people to make up that. The police need new blood and since crime is up that should take priority.

    I hope those who are against this budget will be there on August 11 @ 7pm.

  78. Anonymous says:

    The mayor of Lincoln is not being reimbursed for mileage, and he is using his private vehicle for work. They are not leasing a car fot him this year.

  79. 3rd floor watcher says:

    Also those Suttle Watch guys ripped me off…Only I can watch the 3rd Floor of city hall…I'm calling Mex Roats to file a lawsuit!!!!

  80. Anonymous says:

    I hope the Thompson/Stothert Plan includes a provision that any increase in fees that results in a profit at Westwood be spent repairing and maintaining the course.

    If this provision were include, i would be happy to pay the additional fees.

    BTW, I drove by the course at about 7:45 this evening and the lot was more that half full and I could see 3 groups playing in view of Center St. Not bad for a Monday Evening, how busy was Miller Park or Fontenelle at almost 8p.m.?

  81. Golfer says:

    Miller Park was very busy this evening 2 crack deals, 3 gunshots, and 1 car broken into. I love the way Suttle measures success.

  82. Anonymous says:

    The news just reported that the Omaha area Golfers Association asked Scarpello to consider raising fees at all Omaha courses by $2 a round. This is even better than the Thompson/Stothert deal and would help all the courses. The City's response is to pay a consultant $19,000 to see if they can come up with a better idea. What is with spending money instead of accepting a free idea?

    Also, I can't find any info on the comment earlier about Suttle's daughter wanting the Westwood course for a frisbee course. Where was that info found?

  83. macdaddy says:

    Frisbee course! Surely that's a joke. Somebody's been watching too much Seinfeld. What's next, a hacky-sack park? Besides, the wide open spaces at Zarinsky would make for a better frolf course.

  84. CLASS WARFARE says:


  85. bottom of the fifth says:

    Here is my advise to Mayor Suttle. Don't raise taxes and cut spending, except for those items that I and the people who write on this blog use and enjoy.

    If you do this, we still won't vote for you or support you, but we might just throw up another weak candidate for you to beat.

  86. Middle Class West O resident says:

    From the OWH this mornimg

    Although the figures vary year to year, Westwood tends to lose less money than the other nine-hole courses while serving more golfers. The Fontenelle Park course has lost the most in recent years and has had the fewest rounds played.

    But officials decided to put Westwood on the chopping block. Scarpello said the city considered the courses' locations, their historical importance and whether golfers in that part of the city have other options.

    Fontenelle and Spring Lake courses are in larger parks that play a significant role in their eastern Omaha neighborhoods, he said. Public courses were created to provide an affordable alternative to country clubs, he said, and the need for affordable courses remains.

  87. Get this guy out!!! says:

    My family makes $50k a year Jim Suttle and we live in Millard!!! So my kids, because we live out west, are assumed to be Country Club members!!! So for us to play golf we need to drive down to Miller Park and play…F@## YOU JIM SUTTLE!!!!

  88. Blind/Deaf Mute Taxpayer says:

    To; July 25th @10:57 AM:

    Blah – Blah – Blah, well atleast Westwood makes more $ than the rest of them.

    And, why should we the taxpayers pay for fireworks and concerts?????

    Blind Man/Deaf Mute Taxpayer

  89. Anonymous says:

    hey if want to make a difference have Sigerson and Suttle demand to have their homes re-assessed. According to the County Assessor they have only had one assessment in the last 6 years.

    Or just jack up everybody else's taxes…….

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