calls Terry names has a new ad up — no word if it’s TV or just web (we’re now hearing web-only) — against Lee Terry on the House Health Care re-form bill vote.

See it here:

So here’s the thing: You know how the Sierra Club, or whatever they are, re-named themselves “Bold Nebraska” to attack Terry?

Well, needs to do the same thing in Nebraska if they want anyone to listen to them. They might as well call themselves the ACLU or just ULTRA LEFTIES! rather than No one thinks they’re anything other than a left wing crank group. (Because, well, they are.)

But here’s the funny thing: the Sierra Club attacked Terry on Cap & Trade — except that Terry’s opponent, Tom White, said he would have voted against it too.

So now, White hasn’t said how HE would have voted on the House Health Care re-form bill! If he comes out against it, will MoveOn call him names as well? Will they just give up on Nebraska?

What’s poor to do???

(Well, nail down Tom White, for one…)


  1. macdaddy says:

    I hope they make a big buy. This issue could put Tom White over the top. Commercials like this, which are well-done and well-produced really hit home. I can see Terry's support melting away every time they run it. I recommend during the Husker game on Saturday. Or maybe during the Super Bowl.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Just wondering, when did Old Macdonald become such a liberal suck up?

    Sweeper, maybe you could do a post on when good Posters go bad?

  3. Big Game James says:

    how dare people attack lee terry…

    lee would actually have to do something or make a decision to have people mad at him.

    well, there was that cabbie he told to f-off. atta boy, lee! way to show them who is boss!

    see you at the fish fry…

  4. Macdaddy says:

    I'm just trying to be helpful, cause that's just how I roll. I happen to think that the NE2 is a great place for Democrats to spend lots of money this election cycle. NE1 and 3 would be better places, but I don't think they'd go for it. I also think that ads highlighting Terry's opposition to cap and trade as well as Obamacare are quite helpful.

  5. Macdaddy says:

    To be honest, though, the very fact that the Dems think they need to compete for Terry's seat shows that they're scared to death they're going to lose congress. They realize that the blue dogs can pretty much kiss their seats good-bye and so they're casting around for fresh ones to win. Defending the blue dogs is going to take lots of money, which is in very short supply, and I don't happen to think Terry is vulnerable this year. But good luck with that. You can do it!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Now I am really lost. But I agree, show more of the "Oily" ads. This entire Country needs to know what Crap and Tax will really do to them, just in case they have not listened to their not for profit public power districts.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Cap & Trade is key in reducing emissions, reducing our deficit, and possibly lowering other taxes.

    Tax people more on what they burn and less on what they earn.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Who's chair of "Weenies for White" …

    Interesting that TW hasn't said a peep about how he'd vote on the healthcare bill.

    Tom, what are you afraid of? Take a stand–

  9. Anonymous says:

    Maybe it's Matt Samp?LOL


    8:28, you are an absolute idiot, and I pray that fools like you have a violent stomach virus on every election day. Please move to California where you can pay all the excessive taxes you wish.

    BTW, I am all for "Brain Drain" when it is actually a net plus on average!

  10. GeosUser says:

    I saw the ad on cable TV last evening and noted was clearly identified which pretty much ruled out any minor shred of credibility in the ad…not that claims of lower costs, no tax increases aren't ridiculous on their face for Obamacare.

  11. Anonymous says:


    Wow what a compelling argument you've formed against cap & trade. Way to elevate the conversation.

    I don't vote on election day, I vote early and volunteer all day on election day. Seek and Destroy!! There's a lot more Democrats like me nowadays, maybe that's why we won CD2 a year ago, then took over the Lincoln and Omaha city governments this spring. Aren't Hal Daub and Ken Svoboda now out of public life now? At this rate we could run Stormy Dean again and take out Heineman.

    Didn't your mother teach you it's rude to tell people to leave the state? I know it's perfectly acceptable among Republicans to tell Democrats to leave the state or the country, but it's chickenshit, especially when we're the majority party and winning elections. If you don't like it… don't leave, volunteer on election day.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I volunteer on Election Day and throughout the year for candidates.

    I actually had typed out a firm argument with regard to Cap and Trade, but my stupid Vista ate it during an unannounced update.

    It referenced public power, not for profit, ratepayers on the hook.

    Continues with Nebraska being a coal powered, trains and trucking, agriculture based economic oasis.

    But, I am so glad I now have the opportunity to opine again to inform you that you did not win CD2, nor will you win it next year. Independents are predominantly voting conservative-not Pelosi these days. As for 2012, Obama will be toast by then and if you don't lose the House next year, you will in 12. BTW, even if the One were to win reelect in 12, NONE of his Socialist Agenda will see the light of day in a Republican controlled Congress.

    Thanks for sharing, now go home to Mommy so she can tell you how perfectly wonderful you are, then, go get a job.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Talking smack on leavenworth street isn't volunteering.

    Actually keep up the good work. Way to represent the Republican party and conservative ideals. I hope you "volunteer" every minute of your free time. You're probably convincing more people to vote Democrat than I ever have.

  14. Mrs. Smith says:

    To all my dear Anonymi, please choose a name, any name. If you need help, just ask. We'll find one for you. It makes this much more interesting.

    Now, last Anonymous, as 6:36 mentioned, you did not win CD2. How, you ask? Lee Terry. TWICE you tried, and TWICE you failed. And Suttle, really? That's a victory for you? Yikes. He'll make sure an R is in that seat next term. And what about the state senators and surrounding towns… all D's? Nope.

    Nebraska is full of hard-working, common-sense people who know better than to vote in folks who don't have their best interests in mind. The Obama vote was a fluke, and the kool-aid is no longer welcome.

  15. Shoe Salesman says:

    Bold Nebraska is not the Sierra Club.

    Lee Terry is a dirty oil staffer

    Mrs. Smith endorsed Ben Nelson and how he represents Nebraska. the Senator thanks you.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I thought those type of commercials had to be independent of each other?

    How come so many different groups can run identical ads?

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