GOP radio hits Nelson

The Nebraska Republican party has a new radio ad addressing Senator Ben Nelson.

Hear it here:

We are told that the initial buy for this spot is in the 3rd “and building from there as
money is raised via”

Obviously the theme is to counter Nelson’s TV ad where he posits that he “listened to you” on the Health Care Re-form bill.

Not bad (though we’d suggest a :30 sec spot).


And because some have claimed that we’ve gone over board on the Ben Nelson news, here is another great line from Senator Mike Johanns — this time regarding his co-sponsiroing legislation to block the EPA’s greenhouse gas regs:

“Congress should not force the American people to step in front of a bus to avoid a freight train.”

Are these common phrases? Are these coming from Johanns’s library of quips? Is there an intern responsible for these?

Nebraska pols need to know!


And, of course, congrats to Governor Dave Heineman and Attorney General Jon Bruning on declaring their candidacies for re-election.


  1. pol observer says:

    Mike Johanns is a great REPRESENTATIVE of the state. No Ego, no need for fame, he just takes a common sense approach and gets his point across.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The simple, undeniable fact is DH and JB have done excellent jobs.

    That's why the NDP still has no candidate against the former and a total unknown against the latter.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Off topic but Tom White's endorsement of the House Dem health bill–the $1 trillion takeover of healthcare that would cut Medicare $500 billion and raise taxes on individuals and small businesses by $400 billion–will doom him.


  4. Anonymous says:

    The economy and jobs will be the main issue though.

    That's why White's endorsement of the Dem economic program and the $800 billion stimulus plan–the one that was going to keep unemployment at 8%–will hurt him more than h/c. Goodbye.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Okay, I like Mike, but "no ego"? Give me a break.

    BTW, I didn't mean to complain earlier, just looking for a little new meat, SS.

    How about a post on Jim Suttle being the "Joe Wilson" of Nebraska?LOL

  6. Anonymous says:

    Please God let it be either McGrain or Northwall, and not some Perre Jr. straight out of the bureaucracy with no field/fundraising experience.

    Please Mark Fahleson, don't make that mistake again.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Liar's Poker?

    What's up with the Dems these days–all they seem to be doing is calling each other "liars".

    Over at NNN, Vile Kyle said BTO is a "liar and fool". BTO said VK is a "bitter, little man".

    Suttle then said White's sewage letter is based on a "bald faced lie".

    What's Samp think about all this? Crank up the circular firing squad…

  8. Anonymous says:

    NEGOP E.D.:

    Will the job description be the same as Jim Rogers' over at NDP–if so, that means the new E.D. won't be recruiting candidates.

  9. Jenny Craig says:

    Right from today's OWH:

    The solution, Jerram said, “could be something as simple as, ‘Hey, let's get some contractors in there with smaller trucks.' ”

    Those private trash contractors would carry a cost. But with all the city snow-removal money spent after recent storms, he asked, “What's another $50,000 or $100,000?”


  10. Anonymous says:

    8:47–I bet Rogers has been trying to recruit. Problem is there are no legitimate takers–no one wants to walk the plank. Covalt has been getting alot of heat from his lack of performance lately from NDP SCC members–he's then blaming Rogers but it is bigger than that.

  11. macdaddy says:

    Nebraska Dems are having the same problem as every other state: Obama is screwing up big time and has no way forward. Everyone except the White House knows it and no one wants to be on the wrong end of the beat down that is coming.

    As for the Republican ad, I think it's an effective ad and people are paying attention right now, so even though Nelson has 2 more years left, it's good to plant seeds. It certainly nails the mood as to why people are so pissed at Nelson.

  12. Anonymous says:

    So, let me see if I have this right: the next ED of the State Republican Party is going to be Jordan McGrain? Sure. Makes perfect sense. What's his record as campaign manger? 0-32?

    Was Bill Callahan unavailable?

  13. Anonymous says:

    "Speaking of the NE GOP, any word on who will be the new Executive Director?"
    Word on the street is former ED of the DCRP, Chris Donnelly," is the front runner.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I've heard that Kristine Gale has been offered and accepted the position of ED. Kristine is the wife of Dave Gale who is the son of John Gale.

  15. Anonymous says:

    "I've heard that Kristine Gale has been offered and accepted the position of ED. Kristine is the wife of Dave Gale who is the son of John Gale."

    Well that makes her more than qualified!

    $20 says the NEGOP leadership picks a government dinosaur with no experience in today's politics. Just look at the last hack they put in there.

    Have fun Repubs! / Fail

  16. Anonymous says:

    McGrain? Please don't tell me as in Jerod? The guy who consistently loses campaigns and has his foot in his fresh and punkish mouth? That guy? Yeh right. What was a dead toad busy?

  17. Anonymous says:

    Who is going to fill the E.D. vacancy at NDP?

    Nothing's been going on there; they have no candidates–the job must be vacant, right?

  18. Anonymous says:

    2:01–have to disagree w/you.

    White was the lead architect of the no age limit provision in the Safe Haven bill. It was his baby, no pun intended. He got it passed and was all over the news claiming credit for it–until it turned into a disaster with over 30 families driving here from around the country to dump their kids (mostly teenagers) off at the E.R.

    Tom's has had an accomplishment–just not one that made much sense.

  19. Anonymous says:

    2:01–I re-read your post–if you are referring to White sponsoring a bill on taxes during the Special Session and having it ruled out of order, that's fair game. If he didn't read the rules carefully, his competence is an issue. Or, if he read them and still offered the proposal (knowing it would not be germane), then he's just a publicity hound. Either way, makes him look like a doofus.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Anon. 7:29, what debacle are you referring to? If you are referring to the McCain race as a whole, I hate to break it to you, a Field Rep in southwest IA does not make or break a campaign.

    Northwall has taken Douglas County lightyears ahead of where they were 10 months ago. He would be an excellent ED and would be in line with Fahleson's desire to reach out to young voters.

  21. Anonymous says:

    I doubt Fahleson would be so misguided in choosing Northwall, who I'm told doesn't even have a college degree. The GOP needs someone who can actually fundraise and have sound, mature judgement.

  22. Anonymous says:

    I would rather take someone like Northwall with years of field, grassroots experience, technology implementation and a couple of classes left to get the piece of paper, than some government yes man for trivial things like Perre has been.

    Mark needs to learn that this is the time for the republican party to shine and playing favorites with the old guard is going to backfire on him.

    / GOP insider

  23. Anonymous says:

    Northwall wasn't a field rep. in SW Iowa, he was the Iowa GOP Victory Field Director – and talk to any of your Iowa friends involved in party politics and you can see it was a disaster. I got a chance to talk to Matt Strawn personally about Northwall. If you don't have any friends in Iowa Republican politics, look at how poorly McCain did in counties the GWB crushed Kerrey in 2004. Northwall doesn't have what it takes to complete college or take down Nelson.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Speaking of '08, we don't have to cross the Missouri to know how poorly Kanger did. I remember on election night after CD2 was called for Obama Kanger went into "everyone's fault but mine" mode and never quite took responsibility for it. There's no way Fahleson will hire him considering the amount of trash-talking he's been doing.

  25. Guy actually from Iowa says:

    You do understand that strawn was not even the chairman or even considering when the McCain election was happening? I have no idea who this 'northwall' is but apparently you in Nebraska would rather eat your own than bring folks up in the ranks. It is this 'blame game' with Republicans that seems to be our biggest downfall.

    If Republicans in general keep this up and don't support our younger generation we will leave ourselves irrelevant in this changing political climate.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Not to get in to the pissing match of who the new ED should be of the NE GOP (I'm from Iowa so I don't have a dog in that race and don't know most of the other candidates) but I wanted to clear up a couple of things.

    Matt Strawn was not the Chairman of the Republican Party of Iowa during 2008. Jim Anderson was the Iowa Victory Director. Northwall was the SW IA Victory Field Staffer (and did a good job considering the resources they pulled from the state 6 weeks out from the Election).

    Good blog. My first time posting on it. You guys have some good info. Keep it up!

  27. Anonymous says:

    Matt Strawn wasn't the Iowa Republican Party Chair at the time, but he was neck deep involved in the '08 elections. You don't have to be Chairman to know someone did a terrible job.

    Andrew told he me was was the Victory Field Director, and when I google "Andrew Northwall – Linkedin" he proclaims it to the world on his Linkedin page. Sounds like Northwall is a sensational LIAR.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Of all the people criticizing Northwall, how many of you actually know him and know what he has done for Douglas County? My guess is most of you are those people who like to sit behind their computer and gossip, but do nothing to help the cause.

    Speaking of Northwall not having a degree (he is a couple classes away from one), do you know the educational level of everyone else at the party? Here's a hint…the person with the highest education (a Masters degree) is the youngest person there. Let's not throw stones simply because of someone's age.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Anyone want to bet that Anonymous @10:27 is Northwall himself?

    Tell me what has Northwall done for Douglas County, get Jim Suttle elected? Maybe in the upcoming years he can achieve his goals and get his bachelor's degree at the tender age of 35 and get Ben Nelson re-elected.

  30. Anonymous says:


    The reason Suttle got elected was because Hal Daub just had to get in another race.

    Northwall is 23 and although the tone of post was rather sarcastic, I just want to clear this up, he could complete his degree in about a year. So, that would make him 24/25 not 35.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Speaking of the E.D. job …

    Will Jim Rogers be at the Tom White/Chris Van Hollen 'strategy' session next Friday? If so, maybe they can strategize about today's AP story:

    "More than half of the 7 million-plus jobs lost since the recession began in December 2007 vanished since Obama signed the $787 billion stimulus package last Feb. 17. That aid was intended to help reverse job losses. The unemployment rate then was 7.6 percent. Now it's 10 percent."

  32. Anonymous says:

    Not to change the topic but to respond to an earlier post. I agree that Dave Heineman has done an excellent job. But I agree with the judge that called Jon Bruning a fanatic. Bruning's blind ambition frightens me.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Was that really a personal attack or just voicing an opinion. Had I said the same thing about Ben Nelson or someone you didn't care for SS I doubt you would have made the same post.

  34. Old Abe says:

    Street Sweeper –

    As fond as I am of this blog, the comments on this post are frightening. It's fairly obvious who has spent the past few days wrangling their friends to flood the blog. If these are the people working on campaigns, we're in big trouble cuz I'm having flashbacks to Jr High. Thank you Anon 11:49 for moving to things of real importance!

  35. Anonymous says:

    Objective Conservative just claimed Charles Isom as the next ED. Looks like Mark will be replacing one politically inexperienced government employee with another politically inexperienced government employee.

    With all of the talent in the state we are going to hire a Washington outsider whose only experience is collecting a government check and being friends with the political elite?

    Great Job Guys.

    / GOP insider

  36. Anonymous says:

    This party has been eating its own for years. Instead of encouraging these people to succeed, they bring them down and trash them on these sites. Yet, I can guarantee that none of the people on here would say any of these things to their faces. It doesn't matter if it's Northwall McGrain or whomever is up for something, we still need their help in the long run. If you don't like them, then you don't have to hire them. However, they all bring something to the table no matter who they are because they wouldn't be considered if they didn't.

  37. Anonymous says:

    I wouldn't trust Charles Isom any farther than I can throw him. I've seen him downtown drinking and getting chummy with Gary Di Sivlestri, Kris Pierce and other Democratic consultants. Who knows what sort of insider info he's swapping to help out whichever candidate he's working for.

  38. Anonymous says:

    McGrain has raised more money and won more races than the rest of the candidates combined, and that includes the last two executive directors.

  39. Karl Rove says:

    THIS JUST IN. The new ED of the NEGOP is Karl Rove.

    He will now be ripped on this board for something, anything…whatever.

    BTW, when Rove got GWB elected guess what he did not have? A college degree.

    Some of you people are incredible.

  40. JoHan Fan says:

    McGrain is the logical choice for ED. Say what you will about the guy – he's not afraid to get out from behind a desk and run hard campaigns. And he's been working his ass off for the party. We don't need a bureaucrat in that role. We need someone who can take down Nelson, motivate the troops, raise the money and herd the cats. McGrain could do that better than anyone.

  41. Anonymous says:

    Mcgrain is a gutless coward. Google "Nebraska Senate Race Shapes Up" and you'll see 'ol Jordan proclaiming "Jon Bruning is in this race to win and will take on all comers, including Mike Johanns."

    A few weeks later he talked Bruning out of running because the private poll numbers were so bad, even though an earlier public poll showed Bruning as the front-runner. We need an ED with some cojones if we're going to give Ben the Boot!

  42. Anonymous says:


    Yes, the Dem won the mayor's race. But Northwall put a system together and executed it that resulted in MORE Repubs voting than Dems–even though the Dems have 20,000 more registered voters. That should count for something.

  43. Blah Blah Blah says:

    Don't know if anybody else saw the ad from the NDP with Warren Buffett calling EBN "couragepus" for voting for helath care reform. I just found it odd that the newspaper they kept showing said "Lincoln Star-Journal" not the Journal-Star we all know and love.

    I don't know how much cash the Dem Party is blowing on these ads but you think they could at least get proof read by an actual Nebraskan who knows the name of the second biggest paper in the state.

  44. sick of politics as usual says:

    I don't know why all of you are even worried about who they pick. You know they aren't going to pick anyone that isn't an establishment 'yes man'

    That 'yes man' is Charles Isom hands down.

  45. Anonymous says:

    Meanwhile the kids on NNN are trying to make the case that Tom White has a chance based on the OWH poll on EBN. Pretty scary if you ask me.

    Lets follow the logic. A sitting Sen and former Gov loved by most before THE vote, is now disliked by most. This means Tom White has a chance to UPSET the incumbent in a mid-term election. This logic ismost interesting.

  46. Paul M. says:

    To Anon @3:52 PM, January 24, 2010:


    That is the best joke of 2010!!!

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