Whoops* (updated)

KLIN‘s Drive Time Lincoln (1400 AM) is reporting that two Democrats filing for statewide office had their filing checks with the Secretary of State…bounce.

KLIN reports that Attorney General candidate Van Argyrakis had his $950 check bounce. *  (Note that this information is incorrect – see update below).

They also say that Secretary of State candidate (d’oh!) Kris Peirce’s $850 check bounced. However, apparently Pierce was able to come up with the funds and his name will stay on the ballot.

No word yet whether Argyrakis has cured the problem (which he should have until March 1st to fix).

(Jon Bruning may have dodged the Van the Man bullet!)

**UPDATE 2/22/2010**

An update from Van Argyrakis:

The information the radio station received was incorrect. The reason the check did not clear was because I put a stop payment on it, not for insufficient funds.

The state had 3 weeks to cash my check which it did not do. During this time I changed my mind about running for the AG’s office and decided to withdraw my candidacy. Since the check had not cleared, I stopped payment on it and informed the Secretary of State’s office that I was withdrawing my name from the race.

At this point I am no longer a Democrat. I switched parties back to Republican, which I had been since 1985.

Thank you,

Van Argyrakis, Esq.

Kris Pierce is also now listed as a candidate for Secretary of State.
We could try to get to the bottom of this story…but we don’t really care.
Someone feel free to let us know.


  1. Right Wing Professor says:

    And by the way, is this another Greek debt crisis? Maybe he needs a German to bail him out?

    Bruning's a German name, right?

  2. Uncle Wiggily says:

    Hmmm … how does news like this get out? Does Gale's office notify the media of the name of everyone who writes them a rubber check … or just Democratic candidates?

    Just wonderin' ….

  3. Anonymous says:

    Well, it appears from his filing that he prefers EA Argrykis, no doubt intending to garner votes from those who confuse him with Mr. T's character from The "A" Team.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Mort Sullivan for Governor! He can top his memorable run for Governor in 2006, and his run for Mayor in 2009. Hell, let's get all of the wash-up fringe mayoral candidates to run for office.

    Gun-toting JB Medlock can run for Douglas County Sheriff. Van's already running for AG.

  5. buck turgidson says:

    Is Van aware that he is running to be Attorney General and not just a general attorney? He already is one of those – could save himself the cash. Someone should help him out.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Nebraskans deserve office holders who reflect and represent not only the smartest and most ethical of average Nebraska voters but also the drooling mouth breathers with sticky fingers who also vote, up up they become felons or are committed to mental institutions.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I think yesterday was some kind of deadline for filing, maybe for incumbents. Does anyone know if the replacement Mayors in Sarpy County all filed?

    Anyway, the Press probably called the SS office and asked who was filed and if they had payed their fees-you apparently can file as a pauper and avoid the fee.

  8. Macdaddy says:

    Uncle Wiggily,

    call me overly optimistic but I'd like to think that a journalist somewhere was doing her job and actually made a phone call rather than a government official leaking something. Please let me have that dream.

  9. Uncle Wiggily says:

    Mac & Anon 8:40

    Just so we're clear … my question was not intended to be a partisan jab. I'm pretty much an equal opportunity antagonist, though I will admit that I prolly roll right more than the other way.

    I just like things to be out in the open.

    Now – does anyone have an answer as to how this particular piece of "news" got into the headlines?

  10. Street Sweeper says:

    As I was told, the guys from KLIN saw that Pierce and Van's names were not on the SoS website list of filed candidates, so they called the SoS office and found out the reason why.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Perhaps Van needs to ask his parents to increase his allowance. He must take out the garbage or cut the grass to earn the right to live with the folks.

  12. Anonymous says:

    The check didn't bounce – there was a stop payment put on it because it appeared that it was lost when after 3weeks it was not cashed.

  13. Van Argyrakis, Esq. says:

    I have asked SS to remove this story from the site because it is incorrect. There was plenty of money in my account for the check to clear. I stopped payment on it because I changed my mind about running and decided to withdraw from the race. The SOS's office gave the radio station incorrect information, which they then broadcast over the air. I am contemplating taking legal action over this. I have also changed my party affiliation to Republican. Thank you for reading this.

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