Filing Deadline Day

See all of the 2010 Nebraska Primary Candidates here!


Jim Geraghty’s Campaign Spot blog at the National Review Online features analysis of the various Nebraska races.

After Geraghty’s analysis of NE-2, a reader piped in with their own analysis of Terry v White:

The Nebraska Second is NOT a competitive race.

First of all, the Democrat brand is currently dead in Nebraska. Thank you, Ben Nelson, thank you, Omaha mayor/cranky-old-man Jim Suttle, thank you Nancy Pelosi. 

Second, Obama’s superb campaign organization won the NE-2 but was not able to carry their guy across the finish line. As we have seen in races around the rest of the country, Obama’s organization was a one-hit-wonder. Will it be around in 2012? Maybe, but it won’t be operative in 2010. 

Third, Lee Terry is a decent enough Congressman. 

Fourth, Tom White is [what Mr. Bumble called the law]. Nobody likes him in the legislature. He is currently ticking off the local Democrats by trying to knock down a double taxation issue that is worth millions of dollars to Omaha. He is also one of the lead idiots in the Safe Haven law that made Nebraska the laughingstock of the nation. I happen to agree with him on the double taxation issue, but I think the issue is technical enough that it won’t help him with most Independents. 

I think Lee Terry wins by 10 this year.

We don’t think this came from the Terry campaign. Because, when you think about it, they want the national readers to think it’s close so they can keep the donations coming.

Maybe it was a White supporter?


Speaking of the Nebraska deadline, you can go to the Nebraska Secretary of State’s website for the updates on who has filed and who hasn’t — though we would guess they may wait until tomorrow for the final tally?

As we have noted in our Tweets, Jeff Fortenberry gained a third Democrat opponent late last week in one Ivy Harpera former Hill staffer who has also penned a Bob Kerrey bio. You can see her very green website here.

And then there’s the Democrats favorite Democrat (haw!), Kris Pierce.

Pierce, the former ED of the Douglas County Democrats had filed for Secretary of State. Then as of yesterday, he sent out a letter to supporters telling them he was dropping out of the SoS race, and instead putting all his efforts into replacing Chuck Sigerson on the Omaha City Council. In particular he said:

My full attention will be to seek and fill the vacant seat on the Omaha City Council…

Uh, which is swell and all, but his “full attention” is basically on convincing four Council members to place him. That’s it. It’s not as if he’s out campaigning. He’s not going door to door — or if he is, he only has six to visit.

Just sort of a strange message to send out — and many Democrats tell us they aren’t surprised by said message.  But the note he sent makes it sound like he has the votes locked up…


A nice article in praise of Senator Mike Johanns today in the National Journal Congress Daily (subscription).

While Sen. Scott Brown, R-Mass., is getting much of the attention, freshman Sen. Mike Johanns, R-Neb., has quickly and quietly become a rising star within his caucus.

As a former mayor, Nebraska governor and Agriculture secretary under President George W. Bush, Johanns said he arrived in the Senate familiar with his state and Washington. And with an experienced staff, he recorded some notable legislative successes last year, including passage of an amendment preventing the use of reconciliation on cap-and-trade legislation and amendments to appropriations bills cutting off federal funding for the embattled community group ACORN.

Using a soft-spoken Plains manner to deliver a firmly conservative message, Johanns is a frequent participant in news conferences with Senate GOP leaders on health care and other issues. Colleagues said he also has become a respected voice in his caucus.

“It didn’t take him long to figure out what was going on,” Senate Minority Leader McConnell said in an interview. “I’d be hard pressed to remember a freshman senator who so quickly got into the flow. He’s been extraordinarily effective when you consider he just got here.”

McConnell called Johanns knowledgeable on a number of policy fronts, but noted he built support for his positions quietly. “He doesn’t just jump up and pound his views all time,” McConnell said.

McConnell noted Johanns worked with Sen. Robert Byrd, D-W.Va., on a letter, eventually co-signed by about 30 senators, laying the foundation for the reconciliation vote.

“What Mike did was to show there was bipartisan opposition,” McConnell said.

McConnell called Johanns “one of our members who can deal with and talk to Democrats.”

But the early success doesn’t appear to be going to his head.

“We had a good first year and want to work hard to make sure there’s a good second year and a third year and fourth year and fifth year and sixth,” (Johanns) said.

He described his ambitions as solving real problems and “treating people decently.”


  1. Right Wing Professor says:

    Ivy Harper is apparently the IRL name of the the Land Grant University Reform commenter who has occasionally favored the Lincoln Journal Star forum with her, ahem, distinctive perspective. She's addressed the Regents on the issue. She also has a begun-and-quickly-abandoned blog, which isn't hard to find.

    I suspect Fort may not be sweating this one.

  2. Street Sweeper says:

    Just to be even-handed about this, here's how you could have just wrote the last post:

    "How about that OWH article that says that Nebraska has smallest amount of state government debt per person and the smallest amount of unfunded pension obligations per person? Sort of takes the wind out the 'Billion Dollar Dave' sails, huh?"

    And then you're done and everyone's happy, right? Right.

  3. Anonymous says:

    There is a marked difference between Harper's appearance on her website and on her web page. the website photo has to be 15 years old.

  4. Anonymous says:

    The party of 'no':

    Speaker Pelosi in today's NYTimes…

    "To be negative is easy, I know that. That's how we won the House."

  5. Roger Snowden says:

    Noticing Steve Laird's website, he says, "Americas Boarders are not protected".

    Yet, I fail to note any specific proposal on how to protect boarders. Or from what.

    Moreover, how many people are living in boarding houses these days anyway, and why do they need any special protection?

    Just curious.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Ivy Harper calls her candidacy an "independent campaign." She also calls herself a "center-pivot" candidate, swearing to bend left or right depending on the whims of Nebraska's electorate.

    Sounds like someone that can't make up her mind to me.

  7. NE Voter says:


    Your eulogy for Nebraska Democrats is a wee bit premature. I'll grant that the Dems tend to struggle statewide.

    But you should be equally willing to acknowledge that the Republican Party in Douglas County (the most populous; affluent and forward-looking of the 93) is basically dead. Praytell — How many Republicans filed to challenge Democratic incumbents in Douglas County races?


    In Douglas County, the Republicans are on the run.

  8. Street Sweeper says:

    Au contraire! We asked if it was "the bottom" for Nebraska Dems, and lo and behold, the next day they found a candidate for Governor. I'd say L. St was prescient!

    And I think there are lots and lots of Douglas Co. Republicans. Last time I checked, Lee Terry was one.

  9. NE Voter says:

    Sweeps, you're too in the know to not see that I was referring to the countywide Douglas County office holders (Attorney; Treasurer; Assessor; Comissioner).

    No Repug. challengers. Not exactly a Rethug. show of strength in Nebraska's most important county.

    Congratulations to Don Kleine; John Ewing; Roger Morrissey and Pam Tusa on their reelections today.

    Unopposed Democratic incumbents, in what's supposed to be an anti-incumbent cycle. Not happenin'.

  10. Anonymous says:

    It can all be explained in the Cook Report. This is the Democratic playbook and they have moved Lee Terry from a toss up district to a LEAN REPUBLICAN and now recently moved it again to LIKELY REPUBLICAN(Feb. 19th). Sorry Tom but even the Dems are seeing the writing on the wall.

    It looks like they are down grading Tom White even before the general election. This is also going to hurt his fundraising ability. Dem money is not coming to a candidate that is being down graded in thier own political playbook. BYE BYE TOM!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Sweep… Check the cook report!!! It looks like they moved Lee Terry's race farther away from the Dems!!! Sorry Tom it looks like the dem's playbook has crossed you out!!!!

  12. Anonymous says:

    So it looks like TW is trying to trick the state into giving Omaha a pass on paying taxes on new water an gas lines! He is trying to hide the fact by attributing the tax dodge by tying it to the Sewer Seperation Mandate. BUT looks like Sen McCoy found the ploy.

    Funny how Subtle wants the tax on the tax to help pay for his union contract issues. Of course only 1.5% of the tax raised is returned to Omaha for 50 YEARS!!! And the state gets the 5.5% for 50 years. What a deal for the tax payers.

  13. Solomon Kleinsmith says:

    I don't have an expletive strong enough to express how amazingly dissapointed I am with every single major elected official in Nebraska right now. I think there are some decent state senators, city councilmen/women and whatnot, but if it were up to me, I'd toss out Suttle, Terry (and put in some third guy, White sure isn't worth voting for), Heineman, Johanns, Nelson and Smith… although I really don't know enough about Fortenberry (I hear he's popular).

    A pox on both houses.

  14. Solomon Kleinsmith says:

    And what a joke with Pierce… I wasn't aware that getting fired from the Executive Director position at the local party organization was a good bullet on the resume for a city council seat.

  15. E.V.Debs says:

    I agree with Soloman K. We have a proud tradition in this state of producing poor elected representatives. It's going to stay that way too, as long as we have the present structure. Our "non-partisan" Unicameral along with term limits makes it hard to devolpe candidates for either party that can go to D.C. and contribute anything. They all end up being back-benchers in the House or grand-standers in the Senate.

  16. Pol Observer says:

    I can just hear the Hastings kids sing in school…"mmm…mmm..mmm Barack Hussein Obama…mmm..mmm.mmm..Barak Hussein Obama….equal work means equal pay, have you hugged a SEIU worker today..mmm..mmm..mmm"…lol

  17. Anonymous says:

    The last comment was racists and so nasty that it made me wonder how can you type with that sheet over your head?

  18. Anonymous says:

    8:15 interesting that you find that racist since that is word for word what a bunch of school kids sang and made famous on YouTube. Feel free to look it up — then take a long look at yourself in the mirror.

  19. Pol Observer says:

    Actually I added the SEIU worker part in honor of Jane Kleeb, but the rest was sung in praise of the president at a public school on the east coast. Also how is it racist???? I'm dying to know.

  20. Pol Observer says:

    Here are the lyrics Anonymous, so stop your race baiting!!!

    Mm, mmm, mm!
    Barack Hussein Obama

    He said that all must lend a hand
    To make this country strong again
    Mmm, mmm, mm!
    Barack Hussein Obama

    He said we must be fair today
    Equal work means equal pay
    Mmm, mmm, mm!
    Barack Hussein Obama

    He said that we must take a stand
    To make sure everyone gets a chance
    Mmm, mmm, mm!
    Barack Hussein Obama

    He said red, yellow, black or white
    All are equal in his sight
    Mmm, mmm, mm!
    Barack Hussein Obama

    Mmm, mmm, mm
    Barack Hussein Obama

  21. Street Sweeper says:

    You mean a post about the City apparently not doing their job, and a citizen using their personal email account to contact them (11 out of 22 times)? That's the way I read it.

    After those 1,300 words that seemed to imply some sort of impropriety, I will say that Joe does some good work, but I wouldn't put that piece in his keepsake album.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Doesn't the law read “essential personal business” that is “kept to a minimum and shall not interfere with the conduct of public business.”.

    So, 11 times is kept to a minimum and is essential?

    And it sounds like her real problem was with her contractor/builder. I wonder how many emails she sent to her contractor? I guess the contractor didn't care that she was with governor's office.

  23. Web Watcher says:

    That's the point though, isn't it? You're not an expert. You don't know all the facts. They weren't presented in the blog post. And the only point is that private citizen sent some emails via their work email. Big deal. Or throw it back to the City people and ask why they are trying to negotiate this issue with a blog writer? Is the issue about emails or is it about city services?

    Or should that blog post never have been written?

  24. Anonymous says:

    The city has a responsibility cite code violations as they are reported. It seems city hall didn't do its job.

  25. Mr. Know it all says:

    "I'm not a complete expert on city laws but what power does a city code inspector have."

    Sounds like a Suttle Staffer …Not an expert on anything. Isn't that right Mr. Sund!!!

  26. Anonymous says:

    Can someone answer me this question…

    Is that property even in the Omaha city limits?

    I don't think that area has been annexed. If I'm wrong, please correct me. If she's not in the city, then the city inspectors have no obligation to her.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Anon 2:53

    Do not speak that of which you don't know. City building codes and inspections go beyond city limits. Generally there is a two mile zone outside of the city where you must comply with city code and inspections, unless in a different municipal jurisdiction.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Joe hit a new low with that one…

    Just lost a great deal of respect for him with that story. Are you telling me with everything else going on with the unions and such that dribble was newsworthy?

    C'mon joe, your a professional, start acting like one.

  29. Ricky says:

    The National Review said those things about Senator White? Not exactly an objective publication.
    I think White has a decent chance, especially with Rep Terry having a primary opponent.
    When will Rep Terry debate that guy what's his name; Sadofsky or something?

  30. Anonymous says:

    White has made a living from suing government. He would be just like Rangel in Washington with his hand out for favors and gifts.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Why wasn't the mayor at the Special Olympics Breakfast of Champions at the Quest Center on Monday morning? Was he not invited?

    Or did his staff not think it was important for the Mayor to be there?

  32. Anonymous says:

    I think J Jordan is on Ricketts dime, which is interesting as one would think the Gov's connection to the State Party and all….. Maybe Joe is taking someone new's money?

  33. macdaddy says:

    Very nice article about Senator Johanns. And then he blows it by threatening Japan with a trade war. I'm sure Johanns is irritated by Japan's refusal to import our beef, but this is not the 1980's when Japanese cars were actually built in Japan and you could stop the boats at the dock. I hope he was misquoted, because I don't know why the Japanese government should vouch for the safety of cars built in the US. If he wasn't, then he needs to remember that the flame of populism often ends up burning those who start swinging it around. We do not need a trade war with Japan.

  34. Anonymous says:

    I imagine Joe Jordan as a fat nerdy kid wearing one of those Big Dog T-shirts with a picture of a saint bernard on them. Remember those shirts? Well, he's the fat nerdy kid who wore them.

  35. Anonymous says:

    i've been watching this story on jow jordans/pete rickets blog and so far jj has taken down AT LEAST 5 comments that i've seen for short periods of time on his story that ranged from comment on what facts did he leave out, from another member of the homeowners board, questions as to catherine leo's involvement (better known as heath mello's soon-to-be-wife), questions as to who at the city first contacted jj to make a personal issue a political game… i guess he can dish it out, but can't even answer questions about his own product – which is paid for by pete rickets, yes… way to go joe jordan! nice transparency and freedom of speech!

  36. Anonymous says:

    NE Watchdog deleted this comment!!!

    It is rather unfortunate that this situation has turned into a political battle. Jen Rae was forthright in email and telephone correspondence with the city that this was a personal issue and was completely unrelated to her position within the Governor's office. While the City of Omaha may not have appreciated our persistence in seeking answers, we (the homeowners' association) were not having much success via the attempts we had already made to get answers and find solutions, so we asked Jen Rae to represent us as a private citizen in dealing with the city because she was familiar with how government and the public sector operates.

    Meanwhile, our association is still waiting for answers – specifically, why the City of Omaha passed the inspections on our homes in the first place. Maybe I am naïve, but I never thought I was going to have to put thousands of dollars into a new or slightly used home and community when the community is only five years old. The association is taking on a very costly project to remediate the issues in our homes and our community overall. There are many upset homeowners having to clean up a mess we never thought we would have to be responsible for because people are too busy pointing the finger at each other, not taking responsibility and accountability for their actions, or have left the country.

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