Primary Plans

A quick Separated at Birth for ye:

1st Congressional District Democrat candidate Ivy Harper and SNL star Kristen Wiig.


The other day Congressman Lee Terry, State state Senator Tom White and others joined at a candidate forum to talk about issues and such and such.

You can see a news report on it here (and feel free to debate the various candidates’ positions).

But our main point here is, of course, just how in the heck Dewey went from Malcolm in the Middle to reporting for KPTM!


Some interesting battles coming Primary Day May 11th.

Note that there are FOUR Democrats running for the nomination in the 1st Congressional District. That’s a serious battle to see who is going to get wiped out by Jeff Fortenberry. It’s either Jessica, Stanley, Ivy or Sherman. Our money’s on Ivy.

Then there’s perpetual candidate Steven Laird added to the mix in the 2nd District. Like it or not, that’s going to hurt the MattSak float wagon, as voters look to the name they’ve heard and seen before when they look for an alt-candidate.

Then after you see the few Dems that are competing in the races for Treasurer and Secretary of State, did you note that there is no competition against Jon Bruning for AG or Mike Foley for Auditor? Arguably the second and third most high profile positions in the state government these days, and once again the Dems took a “pass”.

Not that they would have likely had a prayer, but just something to note in any case.


And just to note, that once again, Senator Ben Nelson is a fan of Reconciliation for the Health Care re-from bill.

Just remember the Triple Lindy Nelson has been pulling on this issue for over a year now.

You can read the news that the President once hated this maneuver as well.

But the end result is whenever Nelson — and we’re going to focus on him here — promises anything, states anything, declares anything, just assume he may say the exact opposite in a couple of days.

And then decide if you’re into that.


  1. Chairman Mark Fahleson says:

    Finally Nebraskans are wising up to Ben Nelson's duplicity. There's the Nebraska Ben who says things like any health care reform will not be "legitimate" unless it garners at least 65 votes in the Senate (Lincoln Journal-Star, Sept. 28, 2009). And then there's the Washington Ben who says, Nebraskans be damned, we Democrats are going to ram this monstrosity thru with 51 votes. If it were a Scooby Doo episode, Ben Nelson's mask would be lifted and he would exclaim, "And I would have gotten away with it if it weren't for you meddling voters and Al Gore's Internet!"

  2. Anonymous says:

    Senator Nelson may be bad news bears. But that does not stop the majority from getting their way on health care in the Congress. Many things that are good for a person or a nation are not always popular with the above. Most people don't like the taste of cold meds. But they take them any way . I doubt if the Dixie states wanted Civil rights passed, but that was done. The health bill will be passed. America will be btter off for it. If the GOP can win back the Congress in 10 and the Presidency in 12. They can make the changes they want. That is why we have elections. The Rich got there way during the Bush years. The rest of America will get their way now. I am willingly to take my chances.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Any truth to the rumor that Tommy Boy cried about his placement at the MBA candidate forum?

    Someone told me they actually saw tears??

    Can't wait to see him in a debate!

    He may actually explode into a crying rage, is that possible???

  4. macdaddy says:

    Actually, there won't be any reconciliation for Obamacare. Reconciliation is just a carrot to get the House to vote for the Senate bill and "we'll fix your concerns later." Wink. Wink. Once the House votes for the Senate bill, it's done. Obama can sign it and the increased taxes and Medicare cuts start immediately. Right now, reconciliation is for suckers. The only vote that counted for Nelson was the one in December when he voted for cloture. He can do what he wants now because it won't matter. Either he knew that in December and was being dishonest or he was too stupid to see it. Either way, he has lost all integrity and credibility. He should resign now. He's a disgrace.

  5. GeosUser says:

    Way to go Sad Sak (Matt "striving for very distant second" Sakalosky)! Miss a public event with free media and a chance to compare/contrast yourself with both Terry and White. Being a "no show" says a ton about you and your campaign…not taken seriously even by yourself.

  6. Mr. Blackwell says:

    Oh Ms. Jane Flemming Kleeb I didn't forget you honey, don't you realize that the Hastings school board won't pay you and that studly cowboy of yours any money!!!!

  7. Mr. Blackwell says:

    And on a final note there is that lovable bafoon we call Senator Tom White, when you go out to Millard again dear Tommy please do try to keep those tears out of sight!!!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Really good to see and hear state senator Tom "No Age Limit Child Safe Haven" White talk about his wonderful accomplishments in his three year legislature career.

  9. Street Sweeper says:

    For the newbies here, links are not allowed in the comments section.

    (I really need to post that somewhere…)


  10. Right Wing Professor says:

    The Cvil Rights Act of 1964 was passed only after a cloture vote in the Senate, by a margin of 73-27. Hardly comparable to ObamaCare, which can't get 60 votes to cut off debate in the Senate.

  11. across the street says:

    I see that this blog is oddly silently on Gov. Tiny deciding to deny prenatal care to legal citizens who are unborn. I guess he hates immigrants more than he loves fetuses. Where is the outrage from GOP/RTL?

    And I also see that Senator Lautenbaugh has declared another doozy of a priority. Expanded gambling on historic horse races. you got to be kidding.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Scott "if it feels good do it" Lautenbaugh. I'm guessing if he is reelected his next priority bill will be legalizing prostitution. Not sure if the hookers have contributed much to his campaign.

  13. Millard Parent says:

    Sorry Ed…anyways folks I was at that forum and there was a very good turnout and it was nice to listen to everyone. I enjoyed speaking with Austin Brake, a young candidate for the Millard School Board, and I intend to vote for him. You should check him out…oh and Matt Sakalosky was there but not like it matters because Terry is going to clean his clock

  14. Anonymous says:

    Lautenbaugh may not get much in campaign contributions from the hookers if he proposes legalizing prostitution, but the support he'll get from the preachers who are their regular clients will more than make up for the cash shortfall.

  15. Millard Resident says:

    Is that the Same Austin Brake that told the voters at the Forum Millard Should embrace the Learning Community???? No one in Millard supports the learning community!!! Is this an OPS plant??? Pat Rickets will make a fine addition to the Board.

  16. Shoe Salesman says:

    News for RWP and False-son:

    RWP – the bill DID get 60 votes. remember? you kicked the crap out of Nelson for being the 60th vote when it happened..

    And for you and that silly chairman – the health care bill will be passed through the congress through regular order – not reconciliation. The House is going to pass the senate passed bill – the one that got 60 votes – a supermajority.

    You all (especially Mark) want to continue to lie about the process – what will pass under reconciliation is a fix on budget related items. Reconciliation hasn't been used often but it has been used far more often by Republican controlled congresses.

    So just to be clear – time to stop lying. the health care bill got a majority in the House, a supermajority in the senate, if passed will get another majority vote in the house and be signed by the president. Then they will use reconciliation on tax/budget related items – just as the process was intended for. Reconciliation will not be used to pass the health bill. It will be used to pass technical corrections. the bill, will pass under regular order.

    It's called democracy. I'd link, but well, you know the policy here…

  17. Macdaddy says:

    So far it looks like opposition to obamacare in the House remains solidly bipartisan and pelosi doesn't have the votes. Of course, I'm sure there are a few more judgeships, ambassadorship, and other such inducements to get some of those No votes to flip. You know, it's pretty bad when the hopes of 3/4ths of the country rest on a few democrat congressman maintaining a modicum of integrity.

  18. Macdaddy says:

    Shoe Salesman: if anybody is lying, it's Obama, pelosi, and Reid who keep promising that all the house objections will get fixed through reconciliation. It is now clear that they have zero intention of doing that. So that means Obama has been lying through his teeth to the American public.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Observer reports……

    Looks like the toy general Lorenzen is haunting the board again.

    Tommy White looks so disheveled all the time, like he just doesn't care about his appearance? Whats that about Ian?

    Shoe- Even Dean says this whole Healthcare issue is going to be bad….. a medical guy at that….. so if it goes then so goes the Democrat party… shoe fly shoe…… if the shoe fits:) Pun intended….hehehehehe

    And what is the deal with the "Humble Pie?"

  20. Austin Brake says:

    Millard Resident: Let me set the record straight…I absolutely oppose the learning community! It is a horrible idea! However,the learning community is state mandated and we can continue to complain and try to reverse it all we want but up to this point many have tried and all have failed. Until the learning community is changed or scrapped all together I believe that we must "embrace" this change and work with it. Otherwise, the learning community is going to take control and I will not let that happen. I have and always will put Millard families first! I will also work with the Senators and find a solution to this problem. For more information check out my website.

    Millard Parent: Thank you very much for your kind remarks.

  21. Austin Brake says:

    Millard Resident: I would also like to state that I am a happy Millard North graduate and have family members still in the Millard District. I am proud to be Millard!

  22. Anonymous says:

    Are you 18 years old Mr. Brake? Did you just graduate from high school? Your website says you are pursuing 6 different degrees and masters including a JD/MBA. Have you been accepted into that program? On another note, your website is well put together.

  23. Shoe Salesman says:

    Mac and nony –

    I'm not talking about what Obama and reid et al are saying. I'm talking about the lies Fahleson is saying.

    The health care bill, if passed, will be passed under regular order. Majority votes in both the Senate and House. Not through reconciliation. th reconciliation process will be used to pass the corrections that impact the budget – just as reconciliation was intended to be used.

    Fahlson promotes the lies that its getting "jammed through" the Congress. Not so. Any bill that gets 60 votes, as the HCR bill did, is be definition not "jammed through." A majority in the House has supported the bill as well.

    So, go ahead and attac kthe president. I would too if I was you becasue you cant win the argument I present on the facts.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Ian Russell actually works for Sen. Ben Nelson. He has been placed in charge of handling Tom White. From the looks of it, he hasn't been doing his job very well. No surprise there.

  25. Austin Brake says:

    Anonymous: I am 19 years old and currently a student Creighton University. As you read on my website I am obtaining bachelor degrees in political science and sociology and a certificate in Business Administration and this May will conclude my certificate in Emergency Medical Services. I have not been accepted into the JD program yet however, I have been told I would not have an issue being accepted.

    My age is surely not a negative issue for me. Unfortunately, too many school board members are out of touch with the challenges facing our teachers and students in and out of the classroom. We need active and engaged citizens with an awareness of important policy decisions affecting education today to play an active role on our school board. Who has a better understanding of the challenges facing our schools than someone who has recently experienced it all?

    If you would like to know more about myself or my vision for MPS I would love to speak with you. And thank you for the kind remarks on my website, I designed it myself.

  26. Web Watcher says:

    From the Washington Times:

    To make the reconciliation gambit work, the House has to pass the existing Senate bill as is. Then, immediately, the House would pass the smaller bill of "fixes" meant for a reconciliation vote in the Senate. The Senate would then take up that second House-passed "fix," pass it with 51 votes, and then the two bills would be sent to the president for signature.

  27. Austin Brake says:

    Concerned Citizen: I am a registered voter. One of the requirements before you can file to run for the Millard School Board is that you are a registered voter in the Millard district. Thank you for your concern.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Mr Brake,

    I doubt the Legislature has the will to undo the LC. Bottom line is there are those within the legislature who bow to the NSEA, and would rather feel good about throwing more money down a well than do something that made sense.

    I wish you well in your race. You are doing a good job.

  29. Austin Brake says:

    Anonymous: My primary concern with the learning community is that here in Millard, Millard families come first. I have spoken with many people in the Millard community including students, parents, and educators and they have spoken. They do not like the learning community. I will continue to work with our NE Senators about the Learning Community because if it is a concern of the Millard Community, it is a concern of mine. Thank you for your comment. I am looking very forward to this race and if the weatherman is right, I will be able to get out into the neighborhoods and speak with the people soon which I always enjoy.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Bit off the beaten path of primary, but about
    the city council race.

    Looks like the dem good o boy network is
    working overtime.

    Looks like Mike Leahy (county chair of the Dems)
    is supporting his family member Patrick Leahy.
    Talk around the water cooler is that he gave
    the dem voter database to Patrick. Now here
    is the kicker…Patrick isn't a dem…He is a registered
    NP. The dem leadership isn't supporting any of
    the Dems in the race.

    Also got a good tip the Jeri Regan, wife of Jim Regan
    who is a law partner with Jim Cavanaugh, is getting
    help from the firefighters.

    Looks like the Omaha Catholic Mafia is working hard
    to make sure they get their gal on the council and
    the fire guys get their fourth vote.

    Chuck please come back.

  31. macdaddy says:


    Mr. Fahleson and Obama are saying the exact same things. Perhaps you'd care to condemn the President for lying, too? BTW, I don't think Mr. Fahleson is lying. I think he is mistaken and got faked out by the Axis of Weasels: Obama/Reid/Pelosi.

    But I do agree with your asessment that Obamacare is going to be passed through regular procedures. I made the same point around noon yesterday. All this reconciliation talk is like closing the barn door after the cows got out.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Mr Brake, I don't doubt you will work with the Senators, but do you expect them to do anything? The next step would be to get the Governor to sign a bill. Based on his past actions I would bet he wouldn't sign it. See he is too worried about "Omaha" money and his race with Ben Nelson. Besides the Gov would never cross the NSEA, his wife is a teacher. Couple that with the FACT he said he wouldn't sign the legislation with a common levy but low and behold he DID. So while you may well work with the Senators, who lack the courage to take on Education, you then have to work the Gov who won't support it. Perhaps if you work on the Lt Gov now he may sign a change in 2013?

    But for now remember you are on the campaign trail and need to keep your focus there.

    Best of Luck

  33. Anonymous says:

    Speaking of Mike Leahy and City Council contestants, do we know if he is related to Patrick Leahy? Is M Leahy still County Dem Chair? Was he the Dem Chair for past Dem Exec Dir and boss to Sec of State candidate—oh, yeah that's right, scratch that, city council candidate, Kris Pierce when Pierce went crazy haywire a la Howard Dean at the Obama party?

  34. Austin Brake says:

    Anonymous: While working with the Senators in Lincoln I can only hope for the best. As for Governor Heinemann, the past discussions I have had with him lead me to believe that education is a very big priority for him. Thank you for your comment and please, call me Austin.

  35. Right Wing Professor says:

    Shoe Salesman:

    The Democrats are not going to pass the Senate Bill as it stands, with the various pay-offs intact, with the tax on Union health plans intact, with the huge Medicare cut, etc.. They know the GOP can string out the reconciliation process forever. They won't change the Senate rules, because there's a fair chance they'll be a minority in 2010. They can try 'fixing' the Senate Bill before it's passed, but that's risible, and the GOP has an arsenal of parliamentary maneuvers and amendments to stop a bill from amending a law that doesn't exist yet.

    They've been beating their chests for two months now about how they're going to pass ObamaCare any time now, this week for sure, well maybe before Easter, they have the votes, they're just ironing out some details, yadda yadda yadda. I know that's crap; most of the regulars here know that's crap, and even you, I suspect, know it's crap.

    They're flailing. They're running around like the proverbial headless chickens. If they could do it, they'd have done it. The corpse of ObamaCare ain't smelling any better for having sat for two months, and the weather's getting warmer.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Suggested SAB…Ivy Harper and Ivy Starnes, character in Atlas Shrugged, whose views and philosophy Ms. Harper mirrors perfectly.

  37. Interested says:

    So does Dave Heineman and the State Senators consult with you on educational policy Mr. Brake? It seems you have many discussions with the governor.

  38. The Law Matters says:

    Across the Street at 2:57 on March 4:

    Women who are here illegally should be deported to their country of origin. There they have every right to seek out the pre-natal care their country provides.

    Also, this talk about unborn citizen? Not so fast. Who knows where their baby will be born? It's a pretty good hussle if they wanted. Come to Nebraska, receive care on Nebraska taxpayers, then go home and have he baby.

    You cannot assume the baby will be a citizen of this country. If the law were followed they most certainly would not.

    Finally, those women are not denied care. Just not paid for by the taxpayer.rocude

  39. Anonymous says:

    AMEN Law Matters

    The economy as such and enough budget wrangling as we need to do why would we want to attract people who are in this country illegaly to Nebraska to receive our handouts?

    Cheaper tuition, free pre-natal care…

    It's got to stop!

  40. Anonymous says:


    What don't you understand about what Fahleson is saying?

    Nelly said 65 votes (not 60 or 51 or 218 in the House) in favor in order for the health care legislation to be "legitimate". Ergo, by Nelly's own definition the health care bill is not legitimate.

  41. macdaddy says:

    Anon 2:42: the other thing is that Nelson wants to "fix" things through reconciliation. Everybody now knows that this is a smokescreen and apparently Nelson is in on the con. So let's add his name to the Liars' List.

  42. Anonymous says:

    Correction, the Governor's wife is a principal. And, I have talked to her and know that she is as conservative as he is and does not try to tell him what to do on policy.

  43. Anonymous says:

    I just have to get this straight. Are these comments about Austin Brakke criticizing the fact that he has been politically active for several years?

    Most people would be thrilled to hear that a young person would be so committed to something so civic minded.

    There are many stones to throw, name recognition, close ties to elected officials, too hard working, very dedicated to principals…

    Hope you get my point.

    Good luck to all the school board candidates.

    BTW, google the resume of a freshman congressman from illinois, aaron schock. He started on the school board at 19 or 20 too.

  44. curbfeeler says:

    "Bend" Nelson has bent over Nebraska's voters for decades, leaving them begging for more, and it is only when other states start passing anti bribery bills with Nelson's name in the title do Nebraskans begin to get the picture. But do they really?

    Look at the idiots in this blog who say people often don't know what is best for them. For Christ's sake, that's a Hitler or a Stalin talking.

    Which tyrant knows what is best for Nebraskans? Which one knows what should be shoved down people's throats? Obama? Nelson? The idiots who vote for them?

    Something tells me Nebraskans are still bent over, waiting for the next crypto-tyrant to sweet talk them into the political stupor so beloved by too many huskers.

    "There's no place like Nebraska." Thank God for that.

  45. GO PAT!!! says:

    I think people are criticizing Austin Brake for his positions and resume. The "Embracing" of the learning community should worry most voters in Millard and that he has no clue on budgetary issues. In his web site he states "I would expand these programs"(referring to specialty programs). So how will Mr. Brake fund these programs and start up costs….HIGHER TAXES???? I think Pat Ricketts is a great candidate and has actually researched the issues.

  46. Anonymous says:

    Was not able to be at the forum. What are the other candidates (besides Brake)positions for Millard school board?


  47. Austin Brake says:

    Interested and Anonymous: I did not state that Gov. Heineman and our State Legislators consult with me on educational policy. Educational policy is a concern of mine, thus I do inform them of when I do or do not like something. And I ensure these policies do not prohibit Millard from providing a world-class education like we have been doing for many years.
    Go Pat: As you can read in some of the earlier comments and on my website, I believe that the learning community is a horrible idea. The learning community is state mandated and until our State Legislators do something to change it or scrap it all together I believe that we must work with it. I will ensure that Millard families are put first. I do understand budgetary issues and have had experience with budgets. The Millard School Board has never had an issue getting a bond passed and Millard is due for another bond. However, we are in a tough economy these days and many Millard residents have stated that they would prefer the bond issue be put on hold. I will be responsive to what the Millard community wants. There is a quote that, “no tax is a good tax, because you can never please everyone.” The start-up costs and funding for these programs is not a lot to be honest with you. The biggest dollar expense is ensuring we have enough teachers with the credentials to teach these programs. There are many Federal and State grants that the school board can apply for. Millard’s specialty programs greatly contribute to the district providing a world-class education to students. However, many students are waitlisted for these programs or might not be allowed in. It is time Millard recommits to providing a world-class education to our students and if we are to do that I believe that we must expand these specialty programs so that more students are able to partake in them. We cannot prohibit our student’s education, because that is the worst mistake anyone can make. We need to do everything in our power to ensure that our students have the best education and are prepared for life after high school. Who better knows the issues facing the students and the educators in and out of the classroom them someone who has recently experienced it all? I am very grateful for everything that Millard has done for me and I want to give back to this community. I am a very service orientated person. Most people would be thrilled to hear that a young person would be so committed to something so civic minded. I am not pursuing this job for the pay monetary people. But rather the other benefits this position yields. The youth of today will be tomorrow’s future and I want to be a part of that. Millard students have the potential for great things and I want to be that extra push to get them there.

  48. Anonymous says:

    Read Kyle's Tweet…

    Kyle just posted on twitter that he "is worried that the site (NNN) has become too shrill. And, my own work too focused on others' hypocrisy."

    Finally coming to reality?

  49. I'm voting for Austin says:

    I wish there were more people like Austin Brake in our world. I think it is a great thing that he is a service orientated person and wants to give back to the Millard community. Austin has spoken to my children and cared what they had to say to him and my kids later told me that they don’t think those on the board would have listened like that. I really believe that Austin will be able to do great things for this community and that is why he is getting my vote.

  50. Extremely Politically Active says:

    Not meant as criticism but…

    – If Austin Brake has been politically active for several years, why have I never heard of him until these blog posts?
    – He should know better than to engage in debate on any blog

    He could be a great guy and a great candidate. Don't know yet. I will offer some advice, free of charge. Stop out-kicking your coverage and don't argue the point on any blog.

  51. Not voting for the Kid says:

    Mr. Brake I have read your website and you clearly have no clue about the Millard School District or its budget. Adding programs DO have a cost and the current Millard Board has been wise to expand and create programs that are determined to be needed by the community and the administration. Millard consistently has had strong record of having the highest test scores and lowest per pupil costs than the other Metro Districts.

  52. Right Wing Professor says:

    Kyle just posted on twitter that he "is worried that the site (NNN) has become too shrill. And, my own work too focused on others' hypocrisy."

    What? No, Kyle, it's just the way we like it. I wouldn't change a thing! 🙂


  53. Anonymous says:

    Not meant for critism but…

    After many years of being politically active, why hasn't Kennedy climbed further up the political ladder?

    Guess he is no Aaron Schock.

  54. Anonymous says:

    Kyle's next post:

    Maybe Kyle can update everyone on New York.

    Let's hear NNN's take on Rep. Rangel … Rep. Massa … and Gov. Patterson.


  55. Anonymous says:

    Extremely Politically Active: I can attest to Mr. Brake being politically active. You might not have heard of him until now because for the past few years he has been behind the scenes working for political candidates and elected officials, etc. I believe he is a great guy and a great candidate.

  56. Interested Voter says:

    I'm looking at Mr. Brake's website. I do not see any political resume that reflects what campaigns he worked on and in what capacity. Please enlighten us to his behind the scenes work.

  57. Anonymous says:

    Interested voter: Mr. Brake has had experience working behind the scenes for political candidates and elected officials for local, state and federal races. I believe he even played a small part when a former vice-presidential candidate came to town. I have seen him in the capacity as a field representative, intern and acting as a sign director. However, I think most people would be thrilled to hear that a young person would be so committed to something so civic minded. I believe he is a role model to young adults. If you would like to know more I encourage you to contact him.

  58. Austin Brake says:

    For the record, I never stated that I am a pro at working with budgets. That is why there are six people that serve on the school board so that they all may draw from each other’s strengths and experiences. However, I do hold some experience at working with six figure budgets. Due to the fact that I recently graduated from the Millard district, and have been in the district since kindergarten, I believe that I have a very good clue about the issues facing our schools and our students and educators in and out of the classroom. There are currently 25 elementary schools, six middle schools and four high schools. There is only one elementary school with a CORE program. The IB program has three levels, primary years, middle years, and diploma program. Each one of these three levels is currently only at one school. The Montessori program is in two elementary schools and one middle school. The new career academies take up space in all four of the high schools. I believe we must recommit to providing a world-class education to Millard students and expanding these programs to other schools in the future allows for us to do just that. I am very proud of the fact the Millard has a strong record for high test scores state wide and nationally and the lowest per pupil costs than other metro districts. And thank you anonymous for you comment. You are correct in what you have said about my political experience.

  59. Millard Parent says:

    Austin please explain why you disagree with the extra days the Millard Administration added due to the snow storms. Do you know why the Board added the extra days?

  60. Anonymous says:

    The incumbents in Millard are safe, Anderson and Kennedy are fiscally conservative. There is one open seat available for Brake and Ricketts.

  61. Austin Brake says:

    Millard Parent: I disagree with adding the two extra days because in the long scope of things they really will not do much for the students. These two days were originally to be used as a staff development day and a teacher workday. Both the staff and students benefit from these development and work days. Millard already goes an extra two weeks compared to other metro districts. It is my understanding that the board added these extra days to ensure that the number of instructional hours they set for this school year would be met. During my educational tenure I have experienced many snow days and the teachers/students did just fine adjusting. They were not rushed and they were able to get all the required material covered in time.

  62. Millard Parent says:

    Mr. Brake, your ignorance of the budget would cost the Millard tax payers a few million dollars in State aid. Millard recieves supplemental state aid due to the amount of extra instructional time Millard requires.(this time has to incluse seniors) This is no chump change to property taxpayers in the area. Furthermore, Millard does require extra days because the educators believe that that extra time produces better results (OPS has less days, you want their scores!!!). Maybe that is why Millard has high test scores compared to the other Metro area schools.

    If you are elected to the board Mr. Brake you will be responsible for over 2000 employees and nearly a billion dollars of spending. Simply attending highschool in Millard, dreaming of going to law school, and holdong a campaign sign on a corner will not prepare you for this task. I would suggest you make more informed opinions before you publish them.

  63. Austin Brake says:

    Millard Parent: As I have stated previously, I am not a pro when it comes to budgetary issues. I have worked with very large budgets in the past but this does not make me a professional. This is why the school board has six members and a community that cares so that they may all pull from each other's experiences. I graciously appreciate the overwhelming support that I have received already from educators, administrators and community members. Later this week the current school board will be voting on three options for the elementary school schedule. Option one would keep the schedule the same; option two would add an extra 15 minutes to the end of each day and option three would end the early out on Wednesdays. As a Millard parent would do you perfer? From the educators I have spoken with already they could care less about the extra days Millard attends. I am very pleased with the test scores that Millard has but the number hours spent in the classroom in not the sole contributor. Our students' desire to learn and the excellent educators we have play a larger role. When elected to the school board I, and the rest of the school board, will be responsible for 2,500 employees and 22,000 students; if I did not believe that I could handle this position, I would not have decided to run for it. Before you are quick to judge me, please take the time to get to know me. I would enjoy sitting down for a cup of coffee with you and talking about the Millard district.

  64. 1st time blogger says:

    No wonder this is no one good in politics at any level. It's because people like you folks on here try to run them off when their young. You all should be trying to help this guy. And by the way…who ever said the current individuals on the school board are professionals when it comes down to every single issue? No wonder I stay away from political blogs…

  65. Austin Brake says:

    Before I was a student at Creighton I was attending Rockhurst University in Kansas City. The largest budget I have ever delt with was when I served on the allocations committee for the University.

  66. The Embelisher says:

    Don't you mean the allocations committee of the Rockhurst Student government Austin, where you served only a few months as a Freshman student senator last fall? How much money did YOU actually allocate?? Isn't Rockhurst's undergraduate population smaller than Millard North High School??? You still didn't answer what campaigns you worked on and in what positions you held????

    Didn't someone advise you not to outkick your coverage !!!!

  67. Austin Brake says:

    My budget as a senator serving on the allocations committee primarily delt with travel expenses for staff and students, the use of activity fees and stipends that some students would be paid for their work in a particular position, such as the newspaper editor. However, my position also required me to vote on such issue as the University Master Plan. Since middle school, I have been involved with student government. With those positions I have gained experience working with budgets large and small. While a senator at Rockhurst University, I alsoco-wrote a strategic plan for a special task force committee that secured grant money that would be used ovee two years. I do not believe that my past political work for other campaigns has anything to do with my current race for the Millard School Board. As it was answered previously, I held positions as a field representative, intern and as a sign director in addition to volunteering for different candidates and elected officials. I will be updating my website soon, as I have noticed that this information is not posted there.

  68. Austin Brake says:

    I would also like to state that I am not able to sit on here all day, every day and police the things that are stated about me. Thus, if you a question for me I would be more than happy to answer it for you. On my website you can fine my mailing and e-mail addresses.

  69. The Embelisher says:

    What do you consider a large budget Mr. Brake? How much did YOU actually allocate at Rockhurst as a Freshman Student Senator. Wasn't the budget set before you arrived on campus??? In all honesty if you were only at Rockhurst for a few months, how much of that University Master Plan did YOU actually give input on???

  70. Anonymous says:

    In all honesty, Mr. Brake is answering questions in a very professional manner.
    It seems that Mr. Brake has a stalking attack dog on his trail.
    Maybe The Embelisher should research Anderson's and Kennedy's backgrounds and give us an update on them before and since first being elected to the board.

  71. Anonymous says:

    Agreed. If The Embelisher doesn't want to do it maybe Mr. Brake should do some research and give us a report.

  72. Austin Brake says:

    lThe Embellisher: The largets budget that I have dealt with was a little under seven figures. During the time I sat on the allocations committee as a student senator at Rockhurst University I allocated a littler under $170,000. While I was at Rockhurst the administration was revamping the University Master Plan. I provided input on how the University could have a better relationship with the surrounding community and prioritized the buildings in an order that I felt each should be remolded first. Like I stated before, I am not calling myself a professional with budgetary issues. And like someone pointed out earlier, the current school board members are not professionals at everything they do. I am running for the Millard School Board because I feel that I have a better understanding of the issues facing out students and educators in and out of the classroom.

    Anonymous: Thank you for your support.

  73. Austin Brake says:

    I would not mind doing some in depth research on my opponents. However, I am not a fan of dirty politics and I intend to run a clean race.

  74. Anonymous says:

    You people kill me. I think you have trumped all this up so you can drum up some support. For what a school board race??? This seems just like the crap that was used on Jean Stothert and where did that go? The incumbents always win and win big in Millard. Anderson and Kennedy have done a great job and there is one open seat. Break and Ricketts can fight over that.

  75. Anonymous says:

    Brake has my vote for sure! I don't agree with you that Anderson and Kennedy are a shoe-in…and as for Stothert she has moved on the city council.

  76. Anonymous says:

    I disagree with you anonymous above. There is no real community dissatisfaction with the school district or the board. The Millard Board runs a tight ship. So I think the incumbents are safe, now if they plan to hike taxes that could change things.

  77. Anonymous says:

    I am sure that 9 out of 10 in the Millard District couldn't name their school board members. These board members can pat themselves on their back all they want but really does anyone look up to them with notoriety.

    People will show up at the polls and vote for the first three listed on the ballot….shame on those voters.

    After reading these posts, I am going to do a thorough research on the candidates before I vote in May.

  78. Anonymous says:

    Ditch the Wednesday early out. Most parents hate it. The teachers must love it though because it is the only day of the week that the parking lot is empty within 5 minutes of the end of the day.

    If I remember correctly, the early out was a contract concession as many as 10 years ago. If they ditch the early out, how much more would we have to pay the teachers for their overtime?

    I say, start the year the day after labor day and end it after the 1st week of June.

    Give us 3 to 5 days at each quarter, the day after turkey day, 2 weeks for that winter holiday in december and new years, 4 days bookending easter and 1 day for memorial day.

    Don't extend the length of the school day, it is already hard enough to get the various little league activities done each night before it gets dark and by bedtime.

  79. Austin Brake says:

    Anonymous: Thank you for your comment. I am not sure how the teacher’s pay would be changed if the early out on Wednesday is ditched at this point. I am meeting with Dr. Lutz, Millard’s superintendent, later this week and I should be able to answer that later. In your opinion is there currently anything wrong with the early out?

  80. Austin Brake says:

    I would like to know what you think is the most important issue facing the Millard Schools. You can respond on my website on on my facebook page.

  81. Anonymous says:

    I dont think all the Millard people are squirmming. They are just tired of the few negative comments on this blog post. Here in Millard we do things a little differently and we are darn proud of it! and btw Embellisher has "l"s

  82. Jamie says:

    The NE Democratic Party is simply a mess. First, you have them competing against each other in low-profile, non-political offices like Secretary of State. Then the goofball who was running for the actual office drops out to push for a City Council seat he has really no control over. Then they throw a no-name in for governor to compete against one of the most popular elected officials in America. I'm surprised the have the competence to make a website, for goodness' sake.

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