Vote early, Vote often

On this first day to send out sample ballots in the Nebraska Primary, we see Don Walton reference Lee Terry’s latest campaign flyer in his Monday column. See it below (click for larger images).

Walton notes the image of Terry and Governor Dave Heineman used. Note that it is from the closing ad of Terry’s 2008 campaign, seen here:

You can read the initial themes the Terry campaign will be pushing for a while as well.


We see that Nebraska Democrat Gubernatorial candidate Mark Lakers is staffing up his campaign.

His campaign manager, Jon Degner, has a few posts up looking for money people and field reps. Degner is the contact on, and lists his personal phone number at the Lakers for Gov page.

How do we know it is his personal number? Well, because it has his Fort Lauderdale, Florida prefix on it. Degner has his own political consulting company, Vulpine Group based out of Florida. The Iowa native, and Drake U. graduate signed an online petition for “Draft Scott Kleeb for Senate” way back when. Not sure if his Nebraska connections get any closer.

Here’s the thing. We get that campaigns often have to (or choose to) hire out-of-state talent. Sometimes there are only so many experienced politicos out there.

But this year?

Nebraska Dems have ONE major races that they are involved in (NE-2). The rest are a mish-mash of minor candidates and lower profile gigs. So they couldn’t stay in-state for the top statewide race? And further, their guy couldn’t take the time to get himself a Nebraska phone number to post?

Since Lakers has pledged to drop 100,000 of his own clams into his race, you’d think a little more thought would go into who he has running the show and how. Seeing as this is only his second foray into elective politics, it is not unlikely that we will see more of this.


In case there was any doubt that Jane Fleming Kleeb (of the Hastings, Scott Kleebs) has broader intentions on the state Democrat party, look no further than the latest “candidate meet-up”, hosted by Marion Bahensky, former President of the Nebraska Democratic Women’s Caucus.

Bahensky send out an invite for her gig — in Grand Island — featuring Rebekah Davis (for the 3rd Congressional seat), Janet Stewart (Sec. of State), Annette Dubas (state Senator – Grand Island) and “candidate” Jane Kleeb for…? Well, we know she’s a candidate for the Hastings School Board. Maybe that’s why she’s just listed as a “candidate”. Hmm.

Then again, maybe it’s because her REAL candidacy is the tops of the state Democrats. Leavenworth Street has heard from more than a few Dems who aren’t crazy about certain “new” Nebraska Dems (cough, Kleeb, cough Barry Rubin) trying to take over the party. Then again, if no local Dems are willing to step up, what’s to stop those newer immigrants from running the show?

(Oh, and btw, no male Dem candidates at the meet and greet? Were any invited? Just asking…)


  1. Anonymous says:

    What an original and refreshingly new political ad. I've never seen any like it at any other time in all my years of following this candidate. Gosh. I feel so inspired.

  2. Jamie says:

    I'm not really inspired by any candidates here in Nebraska, but the Republicans are definitely the less of two evils, especially on the governor ticket.

  3. Jamie says:

    how much money does lakers have btw? 100,000 bones is a lot of money… at any rate, i'm sure he makes enough for someone to tell him his mustache looks awful?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Terry's right to hit on jobs and the economy with this mailer.

    The other side is running on the 'stimulus program'–the one that costs $1,000,000,000,000 and was going to keep unemployment at 8%. It's now 9.7%. The Democrats will be running in support of something that is an utter failure.

  5. Anonymous says:

    With Heineman's record and approval numbers, Lakers really needs to pony up alot more than $100,000 in personal money. He'll need about 10 times that amount to make it credible.

  6. Brian T. Osborn says:

    I wasn't invited to the Grand Island event, despite my declared candidacy for the NDP State Chair. I guess I'm just not the right gender to be taken seriously as a candidate.

    Curious isn't it, that despite the fact that, demographically speaking, we men are in the minority, yet we have no caucus to stand up for our rights, while the women do? Hmmmmmmm.

  7. One Out In The Third says:


    You can always crash the party. I saw the list of attendees for the GI event and believe me you aren't missing anything.

  8. Brian T. Osborn says:

    Hey 1/3rd,

    Let's both do that! In fact, I would suggest that everyone – Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, whatever – do so. It would be a really good thing for these candidates to face the folks they hope to represent. Here's the when/where:

    Sunday, April 18, 2010 – 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM.
    Candidates will speak beginning at 2:30 PM.
    1405 Koenig Street, Grand Island, NE; Community room; parking in lot in back.

  9. Brian T. Osborn says:

    By the way … you are ALL invited to attend a little soiree that the NDP 3rd CD Organization is throwing in Funk Nebraska on May 1st. I'll get more info out on that later. I'm in charge of putting the meeting together, and our good friend Bud has had a lot to do with it as well. Unlike the T-Baggers, we WELCOME a lively debate and genuinely hope to see a lot of our opposition show up! That's how we'll get you converted!

  10. Jamie says:

    hahahahahaah a liberal trying to talk about how fair and honest they are and how they welcome debate…

    … while the liberal media slanders and smears the Tea Party's name by claiming they're violent homophobic racists. degrading them and calling them tea baggers. credibility = none. go watch family guy.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I see that the Libertarians are trying to get back on the ballot in Nebraska. That looks like a much better fit for the Tea Party crowd than the Republicans. It will be interesting to see if the Republican Party owns the Tea Baggers, or if they are willing to show their independence.

  12. Street Sweeper says:

    Feel free to offer any corrections.
    That was what I understood originally, then read the SoS site, and adjusted.

  13. Brian T. Osborn says:

    Here are some facts from the REAL world, not just the fantasies that echo inside your skull:
    1. Yes, I invited you to debate; can't you read?
    2. I am not a member of the "liberal media
    3. Judging by the photos taken at many T-Party events around the nation, there certainly are a good number of homophobic, racist morons (and bad spellers) in their midst. Unlike you, I don't lump them all together. I actually agree with "some" of the points they make.
    4. Tea-baggers is a name they call themselves
    5. Family Guy makes more sense than you do.

  14. Bud says:

    BTO I would like to see some Tea Party people come to the Funk event on May 1st. But I just can't see it happening. Those type people will not come out of their comfort zone. Any more than you could get them to watch MSNBC for an hour a week. I know they are saying how about you. Well I watch FOX for at least that much and usually more in a weeks time. I have been to GOP rallies and one Tea Party rally. It is hard not see stuff like this in Nebraska. Just yesterday, while having breakfast in a local cafe I heard a very interesting talk from 6 hard core racists about the current President. I think the nicest thing they called him was the "N" word. Then to my amazement all of them said how much they enjoyed the Tea Party rally in North Platte Nebraska. Where there were people like them. I rest my point!.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I am going to leave the "Family Guy" point alone, we do not watch that show here, but we do enjoy The Simpsons 99.9% of the time(I roll my eyes during the .1%).

    I don't care what the Tea Partiers are called-I prefer "tea partiers".

    Just because you typed it, doesn't mean you meant it, but maybe you did.

    Since blogging is, sadly, now considered a form of media (sorry SS), and you are liberal, then you, technically speaking, a a member of the liberal media. You probably aren't dues paying though since you live in Nebraska and we are cheap here (in a good way!)

    About "point" 3. WOW! all that from pictures? I have never seen a white sheet in a single pic, unless it had been painted on to create a home made banner or sign. What I have seen is many visibly Caucasian men and women; a small percentage of Americans with possibly African or Latino (broader definition) descent.

    How do you look at someone and determine they are homophobic and racist? Really, Brian, how paranoid are you?

  16. Anonymous says:

    You can stick your head in the sand and refuse to speak to anyone that doesn't know your handshake.


    You can yell and scream and demand people do what you tell them to do-until they hang up on you and your client.


    You can reach across the aisle, engage in dialogue, find some middle ground and get something accomplished.

    You choose your Representative, that's why they are called that.

  17. Bud says:

    When I was at the tea party rally in North Platte with a friend I listened to what many had to say and I asked some questions. Now lets get through the racial crap that was thrown out by many of them there. All agreed that taxes are too high and spending is out of control. Well guess what I believe that too. But I asked them what they would cut? So our taxes could be lower. No answer. Just give us lower taxes. Now Democrats are called tax and spend people. That is true too a point. In other words we try to pay for items. The GOP borrows and spends. They will pay for it later. Also true to a point. So what to do? Well 75% of our budget is Medicare, Social Security, Military and debt.How much of that will really ever be cut? The other 25% is everything else. Foreign aide is 1% of the budget. So it is time to cut. Any major cuts in that 75% will cause any party to loose elections. That is just the way we are. That is why the GOP plan of borrowing has worked so well since they startd running the country in 1980.It wins them elections. Now we never had an over wheleming amount of debt in the modern era (1932-2010) Except three times. 1. World war two.2 The 1980's. 3. Right now. So how did they handle paying the bills in the 50's, 60's, 70,'s and the 90,'s? We balanced our budget twice in the 60's and also in the 90's. Well they had very high taxes. In some cases some very rich people paid over 75% of their income to the government. In the 1980's that stopped. But spending did not. Our debt went sky high. In the the 90's Clinton raised taxes. Spending was not really cut. But we balanced the budget. In the Bush Junior diaster. Taxes were cut to the bone for rich people. Spending was not cut. Our debt is huge now. Now another thing about the Bush budget. They never put the wars on it. They cooked the books and used accounting tricks to make the budget look smaller. Than Obama added the wars to the budget. WOW! did it go up the biggest in history. But if Obama did what Bush did his budget is 2% less than any Bush budget. That is making some progress. Lets face it we will always have a big fight over th size of government and what we want to spend OUR money on. But Americans are fickle they change their minds a lot. The two parties have big differences in how to do it. In 2012 you GOP people may get your wish and Obama will go home to Chicago. Only once in American History has three Presidents in a row won double elections. 1800-1824. Jefferson. Madison. Monroe. So it looks good for you guys. So you will cut taxes like you did in the 20's the 80's and the Bush era. If you are going to do that you better make some deep cuts somewhere. But that is hard to do because Americans are fickle and want you to cut some one else not them. Trickle down does not work. It did not work under Coolidge, or Hoover. It did not work in the 80's remember voodoo economics. It did not work in the Bush time period. So what does work? What has been proven in history to work? High taxes on the rich. Is it fair? Maybe , maybe not. Does it hurt our economy? No! Look at the Clinton time period. The best economic time period in our history. 25 million new jobs. A whole new way of life came about. The internet age. Those high taxes did not slow the stock market down or keep the rich from getting richer. Well enough for now. Back to my check up with the doctor. I hope The so called death panels do not get me.

  18. Anonymous says:

    BTO, I have just been wandering the internet. I now understand how you could come to the conclusion that the tea partiers are a bunch of racist folks. I landed on the website of the self proclaimed tea party candidate in Omaha. This Sakalosky guy definitely sounds racist or at least doesn't like people without generous means to support themselves.

    I guess he does not want anyone to have anything he has. Take for example his stand on rural broadband access. He does not believe that communities that lack the resources to establish their own broadband should have it. I guess he just wants small town and mainstreet Nebraska to move to Omaha or Lincoln if they want service.

    I wonder if he had to work as hard for his non college degree as he is advocating others work for their access to everyday information.

    I do not believe this Sakalosky guy is representative of the tea partiers, or, at least I hope he is not.

    We need a conservative approach to our government programs and all their spending, but without an ounce of common sense, it won't make a damn bit of good.

    Common Sense Conservatism! That is what I will advocate for.

  19. Anonymous says:


    You call Matt Sak a racist, then back that up by noting his stance against broadband internet???


    You're an idiot and a loser.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Why is it that people who attend Tea Party rallies are considered homophobic racist, trouble causers…but, no one gave a crap when people protested Bush, hung and burned him in effigy???

    I know exactly where we can cut taxes:
    welfare…too many people LIVE on it and it is not used the way it is meant to be: temporarily. And before someone goes off on me about this…I WAS on welfare for about 8 months, with my child being able to receive Medicaid and WIC until she was one (after I got a full time job). THAT is how it should be used. Instead, people rely on it.

    Dept. of Educ.: This outdated relic spends all of it's time issuing federal mandates that do NOT improve the education of children.

    Department of Energy and the EPA…

    Cuts can be made EVERYWHERE….this current government has continued to hire more and more people to take care of everyday needs of people. If we didn;t have such a big government, there would be less taxes thereby more opportunities for job creation and more money in my pocket so I can go get my car fixed.

    I make 43k a year, amd a single mom, and am BROKE. No extra $ for copays at the doctors, no extra $ to repair the wheel bearing on my car, no extra$ to have my hair cut every 8 weeks…nothing.

    I believe in the same principles as the Tea Party..and I am sick and tired of my money going to government programs that aren't needed.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Interesting that the nat'l Dems are encouraging candidates to have media events promoting the new healthcare law.

    Maybe Tom White got left off the distribution list–not a peep from him. Buyer's remorse?

  22. Anonymous says:


    Hope you still go to the meeting–stand up and demand the right to address the group. You are a candidate for NDP chair–it is outrageous that Covalt, Rogers etc. are trying to rig the process.

    Free BTO! Let BTO speak!

  23. Anonymous says:

    Heck, I'm a republican and I support BTO for NDC chair!

    Republicans for BTO
    (hope the older people don't think of Bachman Turner Overdrive)

  24. Anonymous says:


    New poll has Branstad beating Culver 50-34.

    New polll has Harry Reid losing by 10% to any of his top three challengers.

    New poll has Thompson leading Feingold in WI (he needs to get in the race).

    And, DNCC is worried they'll lose the two upcoming Special Elections in PA and HA.

    Looks like there's been a bump because of the healthcare law…. just not in the direction of the Dems.

  25. Jamie says:

    I'd love to come to Funk, NE if it weren't on Dead Week. I guess I'll just do keep debating specific to Leavenworth Street. Plus I can't handle the intellectual superiority of BTO.

    I'll also support him as ED of the NE Dems. I'd support the ghetto kids at the mall with "Yes We Can!" T Shirts at the mall. It quite frankly doesn't matter who's ED because the Democrats are just running themselves into obscurity more and more with each election cycle.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Good mailer by Terry.

    I think those DNC radio ads on health care helped Lee–reiterated he was against the $1 trillion takeover.

    DNC–pls run some more ads attacking Terry–it pushes Repubs to him quicker than anything!

  27. Anonymous says:

    For all the people who want to believe that the Tea Partiers (who do NOT refer to themselves as Tea Baggers — nice try, BTO, but not true), you probably don't want to look at the latest Gallup/USA Today poll that showed that Tea Partiers basically reflect a cross section of the USA demographically. I know it doesn't fit the little racism narrative you libs all want to propagate but that's because your narrative is false.

    According to Gallup, Tea Partiers are decidedly conservative and Republican, but, "In several other respects, however — their age, educational background, employment status, and race — Tea Partiers are quite representative of the public at large."

    So there.

  28. Street Sweeper says:

    11:24 (sorry, the whole thing got washed away),
    That was an interesting rant on the 3D Dems — but using the word "bribe" will get your comments deleted.
    Feel free to try again.

  29. Anonymous says:


    One thing the Dems don't want to talk about is the economy.

    That's what people are going to vote on–9.7% unemployment.

  30. Bud says:

    In George Bush's last year in office he averages a net loss of 750,000 jobs a month. Since President Obama took over he has averaged a net gain of a average of 50,000 a month. March 2010 being the largest in three years with a net gain of 162,000 jobs that month. It will take the President a very long time to clean up the mess the Republicans left him in. But he is working at decent pace and will get the job done. The stimlus was too small and they should have another one to get things going even better. Remember the bank bail out was on Juniors watch. So don't get those two items comfused.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Bud–over half the jobs lost–millions and millions–were lost after Obama took over. Sorry, that is the fact.

  32. Bud says:

    Anonymous sorry but that is not true. It is a 60% to Bush 40 % to Obama. Plus there has been growth in the economy since March of 2009. The stock market when Obama took over was in the 8,000 range. It is now in the 11,000 range. During Bushes term in office more jobs were lost than any time since the great depression. The all time job creator is Bill Clinton in the 90's with 25 milliom. That is the facts. I know you don't like it but the stats don't lie.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Bud, unemployment was at 4.6% in Jan 2007, two years before Obama took office. In January 2009, when he was inaugurated, unemployment was 6.0%.

    Obama's economic team predicted that if the government didn't do something drastic to stop the rise in the unemployment rate, it would climb to 9.0% by December 2009 before falling off on its own. They urged that, by spending upwards of a trillion dollars on the Democrats' stimulus plan, that unemployment would climb no higher than 7.8% and would go down from there.

    Those were YOUR folks's figures: unemployment as high as 9% if we did nothing; unemployment stopped at 7.8% if we did the trillion dollar stimulus.

    Based on those representations, Congress passed the trillion dollar stimulus. Yet, unemployment climbed higher and higher, reaching 10.2% by November 2009.

    Remember: the selling point of stimulus was 7.8% tops in unemployment with; 9.0% tops in unemployment without. Reality with stimulus was far worse than what had been projected without it.

    By now, according to the Obama team's numbers from just over a year ago, things were supposed to be leveling off at 9.0% unemployment even if the government did nothing at all and were supposed to be on their way back down as the economy healed itself. Yet, when jobs figures were released a few days ago showing job growth, the Obama adminstration was out taking credit for it.

    These people said the economy would recover on its own by now even without the stimulus! How can they take any credit for job growth? You have to be kidding me. The stimulus has had no discernable beneficial effects whatsoever. It was a total waste of money. But that certainly won't stop your side from claiming credit when the economy naturally recovers on its own.

    And here you are, showing up just on cue, doing what I've been predicting for months that your side would do — tooting your party's horn, taking credit. Sorry, but your side deserves no more credit for any economic recovery than they do for grass growing in the spring.

  34. Anonymous says:


    That's the real unemployment rate–those without a job and those who stopped looking and thus don't count in the monthly surveys.


    That's the unemployment rate the Dem policies have given us. Their 'stimulus' plan was sold as keeping it below 8%. A failure.

  35. Anonymous says:

    I feel sorry for any Democratic candidate this year. They have to defend their economic policies…

    When the census employees are let go, bet it hits 10%.

  36. Bud says:

    Anonymous your economics is so bad that it is not even funny. I guess you never studied it in grad school like I did. The long term hurt that Bush and the GOP policies put on the American economy were projected to hit their negative peak in September 2010. That was with Stimlus money. Yes they thought the stimlus money would slow and then eventually cause growth in the economy. But most state Governors like ours in Nebraska used that money in an im proper matter. It was for job creation. Not to keep their current state budgets current.Plus barely half of it has been spent. What are they waiting for? That' s why we need another stimlus. With out it Nebraska will be BROKE no matter how many cuts they have next year. When the economy started to crumble in February of 2008, all economists said we will not be out of this mess unless drastic action is taken right away. Well we waited until March 2009. The companies of America did everything they could to stay a float and cut jobs at the last minute. 3 million American have been with out a job for 18 months or more. That mess started in 2008. Now if we do the things that have to be done we will get out of this mess. But the GOP can do one of two things. 1. Cooperate and help America get better. 2. Say we would rather win an election in 2010 and just say NO to everything. I wonder what they will pick?

  37. Anonymous says:

    Bud at 2:52 claims:

    "In George Bush's last year in office he averages a net loss of 750,000 jobs a month. Since President Obama took over he has averaged a net gain of a average of 50,000 a month. March 2010 being the largest in three years with a net gain of 162,000 jobs that month."

    Well, Bud, that may be what Daily Kos tells you but you need to stop getting all your info and insight from left-wing whacko blogs. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says the economy lost only 302,000 jobs per month during Bush's last year and continued losing 395,000 jobs per month during Obama's first year. So, you're just flat wrong. Did you make that up or did you just regurgitate something some crap fed to you by Keith Olberman and all his other left-wing liberal whacko counterparts?

    And, actually, if we go back just one more year, the economy gained an average of 90,000 jobs per month in 2007, Bush's 2nd to last year. Let's see if this 162,000 in March is a flash in the pan or a trend. Too early to call it a trend yet.

  38. Anonymous says:

    Even if Obama has created more jobs, they only last for three years under the stimulus plan and most of them are government jobs.

  39. Anonymous says:

    I should point out that during the period from 1994 through 2006 when the Republicans controlled Congress, was a period of exceptional prosperity where the economy added significant numbers of jobs in all but 3 of those years.

    The collapse of the job market, where the economy started hemorrhaging jobs, corresponds pretty much with the Democrats regaining control of both Houses of Congress. Another historical fact, compliments of the Bureau of Labor Statistics (as opposed to a mere creation of Bud's imagination).

  40. Anonymous says:

    Project for Bud

    Bud–I'm sure Alex Ginannoulias could use your help and advice. Please call him (Dem candidate for Obama's seat in IL). He's now trailing Rep. Mark Kirk 33-37.

    Another good pick-up opportunity for the Repubs.

  41. Anonymous says:

    From Bud at 3:57:

    "The long term hurt that Bush and the GOP policies put on the American economy were projected to hit their negative peak in September 2010."

    Bud, you Dems are (typically) long on assertions and short on substance. Here's just another example of it. Saying something is so — no matter how loudly or how often you repeat it — doesn't make it so. I'd be surprised if you didn't reflexively bark out "Bush's tax cuts for the rich" or "Haliburton" as you typed that.

    And the suggestion that GOP Governors are to blame for the stimulus not being spent, well that there's funny I don't care who you are. For someone who claims they studied this in grad school, you clearly don't have a very deep understanding of it. You won't learn much about the stimulus if you go to "" but you won't learn anything about it if you keep listening to MSNBC and getting all your insight from those left-wing wackos at Daily Kos.

    Bud, Pres Obama is responsible for spending (or not) the money allocated through the Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Too many Democrats I run into think TARP and stimulus are the same thing. I hope you understand that they're not. But if you think the stimulus isn't being spent quickly enough, that's all on Pres Obama.

  42. Bud says:

    You right wingers, trying to explain economics to you people is like hitting rocks with a rubber hammer.Maybe that is why you believe in voodo economics. Dewey had that fight with Taft in the 48 primary elections. Nelson Rockfeller fought with Goldwater over it in 64. Nixon and Ford thought it was nonsense. Only the hard core right wingers who think the richer you are really believe this stuff.. No Democrat does. No moderate or liberal GOP does or should I say did believe in it. There are no liberal or moderate Republicans any more. My information was taken from the Dept. of Labor. Where your made up stuff came from I do not know. But I will try to dumb it down one more time. The economy is a boxer getting hit with body blows for 8 of 10 rounds. The years 2001-2009. Then a new coach comes in. The body blows that have pounded the economy for 8 years then causes a collapse in the new coaches (Obama) time period. Now that new coach has the economy up to one knee. We will see if he will get it up on his feet all the way. An your example of the GOP running Congress from 1994 to 2006; WOW! thanks for proving my point. Because if that was so great then the Bush era of a Republican Congress and a Republican President should have been one of the greatest periods in history. It was not instead the seeds of sorrow that have resulted in the collapse of the American economy took root and really grew then. TRICKLE DOWN does not work. PERIOD! It helped cause the Great Depression of the 1930's. Coolidge and Hoover believed in it. Ronnie tried it in the 80's that caused our great debt and poor economy that got Clinton elected in 92. Then Junior drank the the koolaide and took the best economy in the world and sold it to China. Those are historical and economic facts. How hard is it.? But besids that why won't the GOP come up with any plan to help solve the problem. Just like in the health care bill. They just say NO, NO, NO. You would rather win the election of 2010 than see America get back on it's feet. If I thought any GOP program of the last 30 years would help us out of this mess I would jump on it in a heart beat. But that may be the difference between being a patriot and what ever you guys call your selfs. Come on you can do better than that.

  43. macdaddy says:


    Coolidge and Hoover did not follow the same economic philosophy. Coolidge was very much laissez faire and that led to the roaring 20's, a decade of great prosperity. That decade started off with a recession where unemployment shot up to 10%. It was below 5% 2 years later and stayed 3-4% for the rest of Coolidge's presidency. Hoover started meddling at the first sign of trouble (stock market crash) and only made things worse. FDR continued that very same philosophy of meddling and as a result there was unemployment in the high teens until WWII. Hoover's take on trickle down philosophy was that companies couldn't cut wages so instead they cut jobs. Hoover thought companies couldn't pare back spending on things like construction and other capital improvements and he used the power of the government to pressure businesses. A business who loses money is called bankrupt. Hoover greatly increased government spending and borrowed it all. Sound familiar? But I'm sure you know all this since you studied economics in grad school.

    This recession would have gone away anyway as all recessions do. But now it is going to be longer and deeper than it should have been and we get the added bonus of having trillions and trillions more in debt along with a new entitlement program that will bankrupt us within two decades. I have to laugh at your disdain of Reagan because he "caused our great debt." Your head must be exploding with Obama.

  44. One Out In The Third says:

    I will throw support to BTO for 3rd Party Head. He's local…a veteran…and I think he pays taxes.

  45. Majority says:

    Seems the comments I made earlier are now echoed by even Juan Williams, the demonization of the Tea Party will only hurt D's. See the movement is mostly middle of the road people from BOTH parties. When such rash statements from the left are made it only serves to anger those who identify with the Tea Party movement.

  46. Bud says:

    Macdaddy you said some good stuff. No one believes in laissez faire any more. All economies are mixed now between government and private spending to keep it rolling. SHUSH some call that socialism. Don't tell any one. Both Coolidge and Hoover did trickle down. So if Roonie did not cause our great debt by cutting taxes to the rich and spending more and more what did? What was that big debt that Clinton paid down. Yes you are right about Hoover in his borrowing and spending a great GOP tradition. FDR raised taxes on the rich. He said they can afford it. That is why he was hated by the rich and they called called him a traitor to his class. Yes my MA is in history plus I took extra graduate hours in economics. But I study main stream history by reading. Not John Wayne History on TCM. Or Glenn Beck nonsense that he just makes up. Like I said your own party got rid of those ideas in the 1940's. It was not until Taft then Goldwater brought them back. Now the whole GOP party is back to where it used to be with ideas that have been proven a failure more than once. Eventually maybe you will get a Nelson Rockfeller type leader that can lead you out of the wilderness.

  47. Bud says:

    Senator Coburn of the land of the Sooners has really suprised me. He talked to his town hall meeting and warned them about the Myths of Fox news. He also warned his mainly conservative audience the dangers of getting their news from just one scource. Another slam of FOX news. He even said that they have an agenda. WOW! I and many other democrats, liberals, and progressives have been saying for years that FOX news is not real news. It is nice to see a United States GOP Senator say the same thing. I wonder if he will get kicked out of the party by Glenn Beck?

  48. Anonymous says:

    Bud- you are just whack. Your so out of touch with the mainsteam it is comical. You seem to be more of a "Teacher" type with very little real world experience.

    What's sad is you don't even realize people are laughing at you and your comments. But hey it's still a free country and you can pretty much say what you want. Just don't act indignant when your ilk is booted out of office.

  49. Bud says:

    Well thank you anonymous. I am a teacher. I became one in 1985 after I got out of the Marine Corp. I have been married for 21 years and have two kids. What more real life experiences do you want? Your right about(laughter) Many of my friends love to get on this Right wing blog and we laugh our tails off on two major things. 1. Many of the people who write on here have no real knowledge of our countries history. 2. How out of touch so many of you seem to be with how America really is. It is not the 1950's any more. For example You know white people will be a minority in around 50 years. I won't be around to see it. But America is changing , for the better. But your right sooner or later the Democrats will not be in control. In my life time we hve had 5 Democratic Presidents and 5 GOP Presidents. History keeps rolling.

  50. Bud says:

    Anonymous. 3 years in the Corp. I was an officier. I broke my neck in an exercise in my last year or I might have stayed longer. I Laid in a hospitial for a very long time. It still bothers me today. Do you want any more real life experiences. Like working has a grave digger for one job. Or maybe working in the hay fields when I was a kid. Then those times I worked at Sears selling paint and hardware while I went to school. How about hobbies? Watching the Huskers reading and gardening. I have traveled to ever continent but the the South Pole. To every state but Alaska. I work with scouts and I go to church almost every Sunday. I like writing on this blog. Because not everyone in Nebraska thinks conservative. Yet most Nebraskans think all of us are conservative. I still shoot off fireworks on the 4 of July to celebrate America.. But I have had many a Nebraskan tell me I must hate America. Even so I care very much for her. The reason I must hate her is because I want to see her change and became greater country than what she is. While the same people who get after me. Call me names like homo lover. commie, Or use the "N" word to describe the President. They say how did he become President? We did not realize America is so screwed up. Or he cheated. That a working man can't out vote the welfare hordes. They seem to get many of their ideas from right wing talk radio and FOX news. I am betting that most of the people on this blog can't stand what I believe in. Yet I know that the GOP will be back into power some day to balance out what democrats do, just like the Democrats are running the show now. That is a good thing. Having a two strong parties is good for the USA. I just hope they do a better job of picking the President unlike the last 30 years. because America does not need a repeat of Regean and Bush. But when I read some of the ideas that the super right wing want to happen. I see they are stuck in the past and long for America that was not really America. When womanre always at home. When gays had to stay in the closet. When blacks and other minorities were not even given a chance. That is not the America I want to see come back. I know history very well. It repeats itself many times. That's not a rerun we can afford. Well anonymous I hope that helps. I will be away from a computer until tonight since I am traveling all day. Have fun beating on my comments.

  51. semper fi says:

    Anon 816
    you are a despicable lowlife.

    Of course – another example fo the Right Wing attacking US Servicemen and women for their service.

    You don't deserve the rights you have protected by the sacrifice of people like Bud, and others in the US Armed Forces.

    You are a coward.

  52. Anonymous says:

    Simper Crybaby of 9:42. Because a Marine cannot spell "Corps", that tells you that Marine is politically Conservative? Sounds more like a typical stupid Marine.

    Frankly, if you call Marines despicable and assume political motives to them, then perhaps you are the lousy Marine and a lowlife.

    Embrace your feminine side. It is showing.

  53. Anonymous says:

    Bud, the sheer volume of nonsense you type is remarkable. What's scary is that, seeing how your mind works, if you're really a teacher as you claim, you have too much opportunity to infect your pupils with your brand of contagious stupidity. It's a frightening thought. I hope you teach shop or something like that.

    Your posts, though, are absurd. For starters, you claim that Dewey and Taft had a fight over "voodo [sic]" economics in the '48 primary. That would be kind of difficult since the phrase "voodoo economics" was coined by George H.W. Bush in the '80 primary against Ronald Reagan. What Bush was calling "voodoo" at the time was the notion that you could lower marginal tax rates and, at the same time, increase net tax revenues. But that's exactly what happened. Reaganomics worked.

    But go ahead with your tale, told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

  54. Anonymous says:

    Just found out the Suttle, by way of Steve Scarpello, has cancelled the permit for the April 15 Tea Party rally at Zorinski.

    Can't le good ol' Americans peaceably gather…now can we Mayor Suttle.

  55. Brian T. Osborn says:

    I am constantly amazed at the "courage" of those who post their anonymous BS here. It bears repeating: if you are stating your opinion, using a nom de plume is OK; if you attack an identifiable individual, use your given name or crawl back into the pile of excrement you slithered out of.

    I will personally vouch for the veracity of Bud's statements. I have been to his home and was astounded by his library of historical tomes. I know him to be an avid reader and student of history; it is his passion. Although Bud and I disagree on many things – I actually find him to be fairly conservative – we are able to discuss our differences without rancor.

    To diminish Bud's service to our nation, or to doubt his patriotism, just indicates what lower forms of life some of you posters are. I have several friends that are Marines (by the way, there is no such thing as an ex-Marine) and for the most part they are conservative Republicans; Bud is an anachronism, having a more liberal social view than many of his fellow jarheads.

    OK, let's deal with something straight up: Bud's writing style leaves some of you English majors with your panties in a bunch. I know that most of his blogging is done on his Blackberry, and he is all thumbs. His field of expertise has never been literature (other than the consumption of it) he is a history buff, a history teacher, and a football coach that wears a State Championship ring. I will wager he has done a lot more good in his lifetime than most of you that find glee in attempting to cut him down.

    Just remember, he fought for your right to be an idiot.

  56. Jamie says:

    i like to think everyone who posts an anon here is a big-time politician who doesn't want his or her comments linked to him or her, actually.

  57. macdaddy says:

    Bud, it's hard to take someone seriously when they think Nelson Rockefeller is an example of a leader that the Republicans need. Hell, that America needs. If I remember correctly, Obama was touted as a guy who placed pragmatism over ideology. Of course, that was a lie, but the point is that if you don't believe in something, you'll believe in anything.

  58. Tea Party Czar says:

    We applaud Lee Terry's pledge to "oppose government-run healthcare" in his mailing. We hope he will keep his promise and lead the charge on the next budget to oppose Medicare funding.

    This is a key difference between LT and Mr. White who is quoted in the past as being a strong supporter of Medicare. And as a result will not be supported by the NE T-Party.

  59. Anonymous says:

    You hear that, Bud? Brian is calling YOU OUT! Before you attack anyone on here, you need to tell us who you REALLY ARE. No more of this hiding behind anonymity, got it? Otherwise, you should crawl back into the pile of excrement out from which you slithered. (A pile of excrement which, incidently, Brian says he has visited.)

    In any event, no more attacks from you, mister. Not until you tell us who you really are, you anonymous poster of messages who goes by "Bud."

  60. Brian T. Osborn says:


    I'm in LD38 – my state senator is Tom Carlson. He's a good guy. We don't agree on a lot of issues, but he is an agreeable sort, concentrates on the water issues – which is HUGE in our area, and he keeps his constituents informed as to what he's been up to while in Lincoln.

  61. Brian T. Osborn says:

    Slithering c*** eater at 1:09. If you haven't already figured out who Bud is, with the abundance of clues you've been given – including his real name – then you need to change your diet.

  62. Brian T. Osborn says:


    Of course! It hasn't been easy, since out in my part of Nebraska being a Democrat is viewed as being in league with some pretty unsavory characters. I'm one of the few oddballs that publicly claims his partisanship.

    And before you ask, no, I will not be running for public office in the near future. I can't afford to do it right now, and my principles keep me from being bought.

  63. Anonymous says:

    Brian Osborn laments at 8:56 on 4/5:

    I wasn't invited to the Grand Island event, despite my declared candidacy for the NDP State Chair. I guess I'm just not the right gender to be taken seriously as a candidate.

    Curious isn't it, that despite the fact that, demographically speaking, we men are in the minority, yet we have no caucus to stand up for our rights, while the women do? Hmmmmmmm.

    Wow, the irony of reading this complaint coming from a true-believing Democrat is stunning. What are you saying, Brian? What exactly is your point? That liberals have no problem with reverse discrimination? That the "identity politics" of the left judges people based on race and/or gender and has a clear preference for women over men?

    I mean, really Brian, this is black helicopter, conspiracy theory kind of talk. What exactly are you trying to say? "Poor me, I'm being treated less well because I'm a guy?"

  64. Brian T. Osborn says:

    Anonymouse 1:23,

    Yeah, I'm just a walkin', talkin', bundle of contradictions to your preconceived notions of what a Liberal should be aren't I? I suppose that's why so many of those "Democrats" that I spar with over on NNN would like to see me gone – I don't do "status quo" very well … never have, never will.

    Anymoose, 1:09,

    Perhaps I should modify my (certainly not Sweepers') "rules" for appropriate blog attacks. I believe you should use your name when attacking another individual by name. The change would be an exception: you can say what you want about public officials, just don't attack their private lives. Now you have to tell us who YOU are, or point out exactly which PERSON Bud attacked. …. I'm waiting.

  65. Brian T. Osborn says:

    Anon 1:23,

    During the 2006 NDP State Convention, I sat beside then 3rd CD Chair, Joe Shoemaker, while all the various "affiliated caucuses" were presenting their justifications for existing. I leaned over and told him, "Joe, you and I need a Middle Aged, Pudgy, Grey-haired, Near-sighted, Slightly Dyslexic, Scot-Irish Men's Caucus." He chuckled.

  66. Anonymous says:


    White is on record as supporting the $500 billion cut to Medicare.

    Terry opposed the $500 bil. Medicare cut.

    Seniors have been opposing the healthcare bill and they'll be likely to vote for Terry in Nov.

  67. Anonymous says:

    Terry's mailer is smart–he's talking about the economy and jobs. One thing you don't do is put the country into another $1 trillion in debt by funding temporary gov't jobs–that's basically what the stimulus program is.

    The promised effect was unemployment would cap at 8%. It's now 9.7%–no wonder the Dems are trying to talk about everything but the economy.

  68. Prefer Coffee says:

    AARP and other senior orgs. supported the health care bill. And I would think that all seniors who like Medicare would be worried about electing someone who is "opposed to government run health care" (Medicare). I guess the thing that would be comforting to my dad is that Lee does not keep his promises – like not becoming a career politician. His mailer was obviously trying to kiss up to the tea drinkers. His staff should proofread more carefully so that his direct mail pieces don't boldly proclaim in large type that he opposes Medicare.

    I noticed on NE Watchdog that Lee go into Matt's face and started whining that his campaign website was too critical of Lee and his record. C'mon Lee grow a pair.

  69. Anonymous says:

    Put down the coffee, switch to decaf and re-read the mailer…

    It is pretty clear to everyone the references are to the recent House vote–the $1 trillion takeover of health care.

    That's what people oppose and that's what Terry voted against.

  70. Anonymous says:

    Focus on the Big Picture…

    The photo of Terry w/Heineman speaks pretty clearly–the team approach–both have primary opponents I guess.

  71. Anonymous says:

    Bottom line is White is on the wrong side of the healthcare issue and vote.

    Interesting that he is ducking the press on this…

    Terry voted the right way on the $1trillion takeover.

  72. Macdaddy says:

    Prefer Coffee: interesting you mention the AARP support of obamacare. That's because it gets rid of Medicare part D and guess what AARP sells: Medicare supplemental insurance! Nothing like legislating away the competition to improve your bottom line. Most seniors, however, are opposed to obamacare because they have been around the block a few times and can recognize snake oil when they see it.

  73. Anonymous says:

    Prefer Coffee (3:30)

    Here's the issue on Medicare.

    White wants to cut it by $500 billion.

    Terry does not.

    That's the diff.

  74. Anonymous says:


    If White and Lakers were featured together in a jumbo card picture, what percent of voters could identify each one?

  75. Brian T. Osborn says:

    A 4:32,

    Sorry, I had to go hide a couple of bodies. I just took care of the clowns on NNN. Sorry to keep you on pins and needles, I know how much you guys appreciate the comic relief I provide over there. It's a public service that I provide.

  76. LD 12 Watcher says:

    8:33 on April 6
    Lathrop's bill is supposed to be bsed off of an Arkansas law but the Arkansas law has some limits and safeguards to protect municipailities from wrongful and excessive claims.

    Lathrop is nothing but a schill for the unions now. He has several bills that take away rights of the individual and give power to the unions. the unions and trial attorneys.

  77. Bud says:

    Oh you right wingers. I have gave you so many clues who I am including using my real first name it is not even funny. You want to know who I really am? Well do some research. Has for my little spot on Taft vs. Dewey in the 48 primaries I don't remember saying they called it voodoo economics then . It has always been trickle down to me and it goes back to the end of WW1 in history. Yes they did fight about it during that election cycle. It was a losing thing for the GOP until 1980. The other num nuts who who was against Nelson Rockfeller. So be it. Like I said the GOP has no more moderates or liberals just right wingers who can base their roots back to the Dixiecrats who left the democratic party in the 60's and 70's because they were mad at Northern Democrats for pushing Civil rights. Yes BTO is right about me being all thumbs on my Blackberry. When I broke my neck I still have no feeling in the tips of my fingers. It is hard for me to type on even a regular key board. Sorry for the errors. I feel so George Bush like. My rating is 20% on my injury. Yes I teach history. It is against my principles to tell kids how to vote or to expect them to think the way I do. Let me make that clear that is not right. I worked with a teacher from the early 90's until 2002. He was more right wing than any of the crazy tea baggers. He beieved the Holocaust never existed. He made fun of a guest speaker who came to our school who was a victim of that event in NAZI Germany. Told the kids the victim was not telling the truth. Just made it up. Called coach Ron Brown. of the Huskers at a FCA event a "N". When the elction of 2000 had all it's problems proudly told the kids that he had voted for David Duke and that George Bush was his second choice. Do any of you think he should be a public school teacher? If you do please say so. Tell me on this blog. I play devils advocate in my classroom all the time. Most of my students were really suprised that I had an Obama sticker on my car. They never thought I was a Democrat. I must have no weight with them in voting. Because in the 2008 mock election in my classroom, 85% of my Seniors voted for McCain. Brian is right I am not a liberal. I believe in the death penality. I think every American has that right to bear arms. I wish they would bring the draft back because I am tired of poor and middle class kids doing all sacrifices in our military. But I hate racism. I think trickle down is a joke that has never worked. I don't believe that the richer you are the better you are. I have no problems with gays in the military because who really cares. And we have had gays in the military since cave men times. I think a woman has the right to choose. And my fondst political hope is that Sara Palin gets the GOP 2012 Presidential nomination so that Obama will have an easy victory. Right wingers think about it. Us Democrats, Liberals, Progressives, people like me and Brian are running the country right now. And there is nothing you can do about it, until election day. So do your best. That is the American way!

  78. Brian T. Osborn says:

    How I wish it were Liberals that were running our country like you and I, Bud. We'd be far better off than we are right now. We may be "tax and spend" Democrats, but its better than being a "borrow and spend" Republicans.Sooner or later somebody has to pay for government, and really kids … D's and R's … the Government 'R' Us.

    By the way Bud. We agree on gun ownership, the draft, racism, piss down economics, women's rights, and I could care less who anyone dates, but we disagree on the death penalty. I'd rather keep someone that deserves death alive for as long as possible, but in prison, so that they suffer every single day for what they have done. I know, I'm more cruel than you are. You Marines just say, "Shoot 'em all and let God sort 'em out," but my way no innocent person can ever be executed by the state.

  79. Anonymous says:

    Bud- sorry to hear about your injury, and while I may not agree with your political views, I do say you have earned all of our respect, gratitude, and debt for your service.

  80. Anonymous says:

    "Us Democrats, Liberals, Progressives, people like me and Brian are running the country right now and there is nothing you can do about it…"

    If that is correct, and it is correct, then you are pounding on the powerless. Only a neurotic bully would do that.

  81. Anonymous says:

    "you are pounding on the powerless. Only a neurotic bully would do that."

    Did someone just mention Dick Cheney?

  82. Bud says:

    Dick Cheney? Geez when I was in the service. We were given lectures on war crimes and proper treatment of POW's including torture. There was a question by a guy from Georgia. It was about waterboarding. I can still hear the Major teaching the class say that is "torture" But VP Cheney was never in the military. He had 5 different ways to get out of it during the Vietnam war. All legal but a bit fishy in some respects. But all better than Rush's anal problems.

  83. Anonymous says:

    Sorry for your brain injury. Will you be able to grow back common sense or are you stuck being a Democrat.

  84. Bud says:

    Anonymous 7:23: You know when I moved back to my home town in 2006 after being away since 1983. I had some people who said to me. "I thought you would out grow that liberal crap". Now I heard that from some good guys. But they had been born there, never been any where else and had a hard time understanding what it is like out side of rural Nebraska. If you mean by my neck injury that about killed me to be part of my brain. No I will never get better from it. It will get worse every year and the doctors tell me it will kill me some time. Hopefully in my case not for a very long time.

  85. Anonymous says:

    Thank you, Bud.

    For your service to our nation. I don't agree with alot of your positions but appreciate very much that people like you have helped ensure that our country is protected from foreign adversaries so that we can continue to have the right of free speech.

    I really hope people will take it down a couple of notches here. No one is right or wrong 100% of the time. Frankly, this applies to you, too, Bud.

  86. Bud says:

    Anonymous 7:50 Are you my wife saying I am not right all the time? lol. But like you said in a serious note. No I am not right all the time. No one is. JC was, but he was the son of GOD! thanks. Time for the meeting grind. Got to go.

  87. Brian T. Osborn says:

    A 10:18pm – How can you say that the Republicans are powerless? After all, you have 40% of the Senate votes, a majority by the count of some of your colleagues.

    A 7:23am – Bud already has common sense and plenty of the uncommon kind to boot. You, however, need to go back to school. Take a course in biology while you're there.

    Osborn ambles away humming the old Fats Waller hit "Dem Bones."
    (With the hip bone connected
    to the back bone,
    and the back bone connected
    to the neck bone,
    and the neck bone connected
    to the head bone,
    Oh mercy how they scare!)

  88. Anonymous says:

    Bud–I just don't want LS to turn into what NNN already is–just a bunch of, to quote Kyle, "shrill and hypocritical" posts. (Yes, Vile was talking about his own NNN.)

    Their article on Nelson a few days ago has 20 comments–which is alot for them, not many for LS. But almost all are shrill attacks on BTO. There are a few people defending BTO, but it looks like he could use some reinforcements over there.

  89. Brian T. Osborn says:

    A 12:18pm,

    Don't worry, I can handle anything they throw at me without going insane with rage the way Kyle does, or nailing myself to a cross the way Lisa does.

    Actually, if you haven't noticed, about the only time that NNN has more than three replies is when Rich Schoomer and I reply to their drivel. Maybe Kyle owes us a debt of gratitude for stimulating NNN's readership.

    At any rate, I'd have to say that I enjoy tweaking noses in both places, but it is even more fun over here since most most "progressives" fear you guys and it leaves me an open playing field. Real Liberals are more inclined to join in the fight rather than rant about getting their feelings hurt.

    If you haven't already, you should go to your local library and check out the auto-biography of Nebraska's most famous Liberal – Geo. W. Norris – who was, by the way, a Republican.

  90. Anonymous says:

    BTO–good recommendations. I actually did several papers on Norris when I was in college (70s) and read his autobiography as well as several other volumes written about him by a history professor who I recall was from somewhere in Ohio. Fascinating guy–I loved the "Grocer Norris" stuff.

  91. Anonymous says:

    BTO–you're right about Norris. He was the father of the non-partisan Unicameral. Great policy by a Republican!

  92. Anonymous says:

    BTO–how's this for 2010's version of Grocer Norris:

    You change your first name to Shane…then run as a write-in for the Dem nod for State Treasurer.

    You win in Nov–and Shane Osborn is succeeded by Shane Osborn.

  93. Anonymous says:

    Anon 1:23, it's much easier than that. That T in BTO stands for Tom.

    The state Auditor's office was passed on in exactly the same way. It Went from Ray Johnson to Ray A. C. Johnson.

  94. Uncle Wiggily says:

    OK … it's time somebody said it … I've weary of BTO-BUD's George and Lennie schtick – (for those who remember "Of Mice and Men"); at least Steinbeck endowed his fictional characters with minimal endearing sensibilities. These two schlubs are interested only in attracting as much attention to their insecure selves as possible. If you add their political IQ's together the total score is still only somewhere between day-old bread and shrubbery. They don't offer commentary – they just mindlessly create furor, and then bask in the tabloidesque notoriety.

    Sweeper, you run a great poli-blog, but I'm swearing off your comment section until these two are reined in.

    Check please!

  95. semper fi says:

    Anon 1028AM 4/7:

    Are you on crack? I was defending the Marine (Bud) who was atacked at 826 when someone questioned his service because of a typo.

    But thanks for reading – it is fundamental – or in your case just mental.

  96. Street Sweeper says:


    While I might agree, I will defend Bud & BTO's right to pleasure themselves — as it were.

    And remember: just because there is a giant block of unspaced sentence-likes there, that doesn't mean you have to read them.


  97. Anonymous says:

    Semper Fi, you can be a former service member and an idiot at the same time and someone can attack you for being an idiot without attacking your service. Not saying Bud is an idiot; his (barely literate) posts can stand on their own two feet (or not).

    But your assertion that people making fun of Bud's posts — target-rich environments for the proof-reader's red pen, such as they are — are "another example fo [sic] the Right Wing attacking US Servicemen and women for their service" is so logically flawed on so many levels it makes me wonder if you might not be one of Bud's (current or former) students.

  98. Anonymous says:

    Hey, GREAT NEWS everyone! I just read where 47% of American households will pay NO INCOME TAX this year. With all this new spending, that means that, in spite of Bush's tax cuts for the rich, we're still managing to stick it to the wealthy. (Cue evil laugh.)

  99. TedK says:

    Uncle Wiggly, the problem is that you just don't agree with Bud and BTO's commentary. So the typical right-wing response is to ban or denigrate. Now we know their backgrounds because they don't post anonymously, and Bud is more than qualified to back up his opinions. Unfortunately we have no idea who you are, so your opinions are barely worth the pixels they are written in.

  100. Street Sweeper says:


    Uncle Wiggly runs his own blog, where he writes better than anyone else I've read in the state. Heartland Notebook, listed on the right.

    He's has been commenting here for about four years, and his ideas are, as a rule, intelligent and well expressed.

    His identity is not difficult to ascertain, if you're dying to know.

    He hardly needs me to back him up, but I'm happy to do it nonetheless.

    And thanks for reading.


  101. semper fi says:

    anon 414:

    the attack on bud implied that his claim of being a Marine was suspect becasue of a typo. that is a direct challenge of his military service. It was and I quote: "I CLAIM to be a Marine and I can't spell Corps." A clear and despicable attempt to question Bud's service as a marine. Undeserved and out of line.

    the assertion that the attacker – perhaps you? – is a right winger stands as only Right Wingers resort to challenging America's service men and women and their patriotism when they don't conform to the tea bagger ideaology – Karl Rove takes credit for this tactic in his book.

    Judging by your incapacity when it comes to reading comprehension perhaps you are a student of the notorious RWP? You should stick to copy editing and not preaching logic.

  102. Brian T. Osborn says:


    Don't like my posts? Go back to reading NNN. To be honest, I haven't witnessed any great contributions by yourself.

    As for Bud's detractors … if you aren't a veteran, then you are mere cowards that are taking advantage of the liberties he (and I, in my more limited way) fought to protect for you.

  103. Anonymous says:

    Cool! I'm a veteran so I can attack Bud! That is AWESOME, baby!

    Semper fi, you throw around the word "despicable" like it's candy. That's pretty despicable of you.

    And you have to stop getting all your news from Daily Kos and MSNBC. It's not right-wingers who attack service members. It was the "" folks — a group not exactly known for being right-wing — who called David Petraeus, "Gen. Betray-us." And that's just one illustration. You're just wrong.

    Finally, Brian, don't like my posts? Go back to reading NNN. To be honest, I haven't witnessed any great contributions by yourself.

  104. Brian T. Osborn says:

    Anon 8:46am,

    And your point is? You have learned to cut and paste, I see that. Bravo! Now please tell us, what all that did to contribute to the conversation here?

  105. Anonymous says:

    Whoa, Brian, you just attacked me. And I'm a VETERAN! You left wingers attacking veterans like that. Not cool.

    And what was my point? Oh, just that what you said to Uncle Wiggily would have been more appropriate if you'd said it while looking into a mirror.

  106. semper fi says:

    Anon 846 4/9 –
    Actually it was Nebraska Senator Chuck Hagel who first called the man "General Betrayus." The ad was a quote from Hagel.

    Who's wrong? Oh right, that'd be YOU.

  107. semper fi says:

    CORRECTION – WITH APOLOGIES TO SENATOR HAGEL – it was Rush Limbaugh that called Hagel "Betrayus" before the moveon ad on Petraeus.

    so it makes my point – right wing nut jobs (in this case Rush) attacking Military veterans (in this case Hagel) when they don't agree with the right wing ideology (in this case the Iraq war).

    Sorry for f-ing that up.

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