Memorial Day 2010

Have yourself a weekend, and be sure to remember all of those who served.

(And the comments are opened up to discuss all.)


  1. Street Sweeper says:

    I'll let this one stand.
    Otherwise, please folks, no links.
    I simply don't want to go policing them.
    If you put one up, know that no matter how great it is, it will be deleted.
    If you want to write some tribute, write it.

  2. Brian T. Osborn says:

    Thanks, Vets, for the freedoms you all fought so valiantly for. If we don't make good use of them, then we'll have let you down. So, I urge everyone to take democracy out for a walk; it needs some fresh air. Be outspoken about the things you believe in, but listen carefully to those with whom you disagree.

  3. Sen. Price says:

    God Bless those who have paid the ultimate price for our Country, to those who served, are serving, and to the families of them all.

  4. Anonymous says:

    My prayers go out to my brave, gay soldier relative currently serving over in Iraq. May she and her fellow soldiers continue to be safe.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Not to belittle anyone's service, Gay or Straight, but no one refers to a relative as "my brave, gay soldier relative" I think the "gay" description was inserted to make some political point…very tasteless on this day. If she is real, I think her for her service,

  6. avet says:

    12:47, you are very right.

    If people want to argue the merits for or against making taxpayers pay for spouse benefits for gay couples, and other matters surrounding that issue, fine. But it is, as you see, a political issue. Wait until next week and then we can finish debating it.

    Memorial Day is about remembering dead vets. (Remembering the live ones is Veterans Day.) In any case, it is tacky to pull out some vets. Dead is dead.

    If someone said "thank God for our white troops" or "black troops", that would be wrong too.

    If there is equality, surely is in the grave. If there is religion, surely it is in the foxhole. And if politics can be put aside, we should try to do on Memorial Day.

  7. A veteran says:

    Honoring fallen gay veterans is NOT a political issue … it IS a human one. We honor ALL fallen vets today.

  8. aVeteranToo says:

    Honoring one small group of veterans over another isn't political?

    Okay, then I choose to honor WHITE MALE HETEROSEXAL veterans.

    They are the vast majority of our war dead. Yet they get no special memorials for themselves. They share all major memorials with women and gays and every other smaller catagory of veteran who get thier own special memorials in addition. Why? Obviously, because IT IS POLITICAL.

    FYI, America floats on a river of white, male, heterosexual blood that was shed in war. That river contains some blood of non-Caucasions, of women, of gay men, etc., but by a huge margin, the bloody sacrifice made for your freedom was made by white, male, women-loving men. And for that they get no memorial of thier own.

    Your sensitivities toward various groups' cups of blood insult the buckets of blood shed by most who died in combat.

    Forget your goal of dividing and diversifying America, and get on with honoring all who died to keep us free. Quit splitting our vets.

    BTW, I'd be willing to bet that whatever you did as a veteran, you didn't risk or suffer more than I did.

    Frankly, I would say we are all in this together as veterans, but you seem to want to pull veterans apart, to have your separate memorials for each group. But by pulling apart American veterans you pull apart America itself. That isn't what our fallen buddies fought for.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I wonder what the new Texas history text books are going to have to say. It's a shame that politics has to get in the way of facts, and history.

  10. Anonymous says:

    As a veteran of the first Gulf War, many of those that paid the ultimate price for our country have been forgotten.

    I had 2 great friends die in that conflict. They were the best men I have had the pleasure to serve with.

    It seems that this weekend is focused on the World Wars and I will not discredit the sacrifices they made for the freedom of the world, but there are many men and women that gave their lives for our country.

    Korean War (may be coming for a second showing soon)

    Vietnam War

    Gulf War I

    Gulf War II

    Iraq & Afghanistan

    and the many who have died "outside" the realm of true conflict.

    The greatest gift we can give to those that serve is PEACE, but when there can be no PEACE, our men and women of uniform will step up and serve proudly.

  11. Jamie says:

    Heineman was actually a Captain and a Ranger. That's pretty badass. I don't know if Lakers has done anything, but two thumbs up, Dave.

  12. Bryan's grandpappy was Davie Crockett says:

    Jamie, the Ranger part is badass. The Captain part not so much. But Ranger — what those guys have to go through to get that Ranger tab should earn them the esteem of anyone and everyone else. Ranger school (from what I've heard) is absolutely some of the most difficult, physically-demanding, gut-puking, constant-pucker-factor training available in any military anywhere.

  13. Brian T. Osborn says:


    USN Seals and Marine Recon eat Army Rangers for breakfast. But, we're still thankful for the good work they do. 😉

    So, BgwDC, your own genealogical claim to fame, I take it, is that you're related to one of the "campfire girls" that used to sit on the fence outside of NAF Naples?

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