Nelson and Lakers and White (oh my!)

Over on his blog, Joe Jordan is getting every drop of milk he can out of Ben Nelson’s recent meeting in Millard with 75 people.

Well, we will help Joe out by following up on Senator Nelson’s recent “defense” of his infamous Cornhusker Kickback.

Nelson says:

“…this so-called ‘Cornhusker Kickback’, let me explain what that was all about…”

He then goes on about unfunded mandates and blah blah blah blah.

Lest we forget, let us focus on what pissed people off about the the Cornhusker Kickback. And to do that, we will go to the half hour Nelson had with Greta Van Susteren to defend himself:

Greta: “When was the first time you heard…that Nebraska would get … a $100 million provision?”

Nelson: “Probably during the discussions on how we would get an opt-out.”

Greta: “Who came up with the idea that $100 million would go to Nebraska? Was that your idea?

Nelson: I think it was the idea — someone’s idea to put it in.

Greta: Someone?

Nelson: There were various people involved at various times.”

Greta: “Is (Majority Leader) Senator Harry Reid wrong when he says you wanted this (the Cornhusker Kickback), that you got it for yourself?”

Nelson: “I don’t know what he means by ‘got it for myself'”.

Greta: “Whose idea was it for the $100 million? … By whom?”

Nelson: “I didn’t draw the bill so I don’t know the answer.”

Just so we remember, it was all about the $100 million that got set-aside for Nebraska.

So, look at it this way: Nelson has gotten hammered like no other time in his political lifetime on the Cornhusker Kickback. Yet, Nelson claims he doesn’t know who put in the Cornhusker Kickback provision.

So doncha think…doncha think… that if Nelson REALLY DIDN’T KNOW who was responsible for his potential political downfall, he’d be screaming to the high heavens that it wasn’t him, and dammit, he was going to find out who it was, and when he did find out there’d be hell to pay?

In other words, Nelson is out on the golf course instead of looking for the real killers.

Hey, he brought this up, not us.


Speaking of looking for the real killers, note that Democrat Gubernatorial candidate Mark Lakers is still promising that he’ll fix that minor little snafu of a couple hundred thousand dollars in pledges that he lied about mistakenly placed on his campaign finance reports.

Lakers told 10/11 last week:

“If there are errors in the report, we’re going to make the allowed amendment to the reports…we now have a full staff…”


Well Mr. Lakers, that was THREE WEEKS AGO when this all broke.

Good thing there’s not a oil pipeline gushing up under your campaign office. Lord knows when you’d plan on fixing that…


Congressman Lee Terry is asking again for his opponent, Democrat state Senator Tom White, to give his position on a recent vote in Congress.

Terry voted against HR 4213 that provides additional spending for a number of programs and raises taxes on businesses and entrepreneurs.

Terry’s position was that while there were some good provisions in the bill, it simply added $54 billion onto the national debt.

And said Terry, as quoted by the New York Times, “This is not a time to raise taxes on investments in business. That’s a sure way to kill jobs.”

The question: How would Tom White have voted?

And really, shouldn’t the MSM require that White — or anyone challenging an incumbent — tell them how he would have voted on every bill that comes down the pike? Aren’t we supposed to be comparing the two candidate? Then White should be on the record.

And it’s not like there isn’t plenty of staff to assist on that at the DNC, DCCC or where ever else he wants to get his info.

These two candidates have major differences — particularly on how they support the Democrat agenda in Congress. It’s time that the Democrat candidate take a stand and let the voters know.

(Oh wait, that might let the cat out of the bag, huh?)


  1. Anonymous says:

    Who knows where Tom White stands on anything. For that fact, who knows where Tom White is. The kids aren't doing a very good job of getting Tom face time or ink.

    Not to be confused with Lee Terry who comes out every two years to prowl the halls of KFAB looking for free air time and make it seem like he is so well connected to his people. He sure can find the TV cameras in an election year. Question remains: What has he done for me lately? Or, what has he done for the past ten plus years? (Let her rip Boomer)

    These guys want the power and prestige, but its just that annoying interaction and answering to the people they allegedly want to serve that therein lies the rub.

    All that money raised, so little time to let us know why.

  2. Anonymous says:

    11:13–here's what Terry did for you last week–he voted against the bill that would add $54 billion to the debt.

    btw–how would White have voted on it?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Saves you and your kids and their kids from having to pay the interest and principal on another $54 billion in debt.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Bet it is a long time before we hear the Obama admin. criticizing GWB's admin. for incompetence or whatever. The Gulf leak is getting worse and worse…

  5. Anonymous says:

    I read yesterday that they keep stonewalling Gov. Jindal, who wants to put equipment in to keep the oil from hitting beaches– the admin. won't give him an answer.

  6. Anonymous says:

    11:14–it also depends, for instance, on what you do for a living. There are several tax increases on entrepreneurs–if you're on them them, you're hit.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Vile at NNN is hitting Terry on his vote on HR 4213 and the fact that Terry's floor statement was carried in the New York Times on Saturday. If the bill is so good, then why isn't White attacking?

    Vile Kyle apparently likes the bill because it raises taxes on investors–the very people who fund start-ups.

  8. Anonymous says:

    This is the first time I've heard Lakers talk. The guy seems to have about as much personality as a piece of celery.

  9. Anonymous says:

    BTW, have you attended one of Congressman Terry's Coffee Shop townhalls? He's had a number of them, mostly on saturday mornings all across the 2nd District. I bet if you called his congressional office they could give you the dates and the places of all the ones he's had in the last two years. I tried to go to one last year at a coffee shop off 90th and Maple during the rain. I wanted to see what he though of the Congressional healthcare bill. It was pouring down rain and he stayed for almost 3 hours so that everyone that was waiting could get in and be heard.

    How about those telephone town halls? Ever been on one of those? I've had neighbors tell me that they are surprised that Lee Terry even calls the people that don't like him very much.

    Anon 11:13, I would have to say that if you have had no interaction with Lee Terry, you haven't wanted any. My brother in law even saw him at Walmart one day with one of his kids and the guy still took time out to shake his hand.

    BTW, TW had some kind of a townhall at a bar in Bellevue last week. Why didn't you go if you wanted to know where he stands?

  10. Anonymous says:

    Uh, cuz he currently has no staff. Unopposed does not mean that you ignore your voters-that is done at your own peril.

  11. Anonymous says:

    White staffers…

    So tell us…how would your boss have voted on final passage of HR 4213 last Friday… simple question.

  12. JayArr says:

    Terry's vote against the bill in question actually stands for the proposition that hedge fund managers should be taxed at a lower rate than someone making $10 an hour, and that the long-term unemployed (obviously lazy folks given the heroic entrepreneurial efforts of those hedge fund managers) should have their benefits cut off. That's a pretty good metaphor for the goals of the Republican Party, I would say.

  13. Macdaddy says:

    Lee Terry won't vote for Nancy Pelosi as Speaker. Tom White will. But leave the obvious aside. Apparently Tom White's campaign consists of not saying anything and hoping people will vote for him just because he's got a D after his name. Good luck with that. Matt Sakolosky, a political neophyte ran a better, more informative campaign with just $25,000. He actually put some effort into it and still lost. Tom White is apparently too lazy to even put some effort into it although I bet he's collected way more than $25 large. Those who have donated to his campaign might want to ring him up and ask what he plans on doing with their money.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Jay–I just think the lower 15% rate on capital gains should apply to everyone, equally.

    Unfair to single out just one subset of a profession for the higher rate. Regardless, the effect of the proposal is to discourage entities from investing their money in hedge funds–the vehicle that funds start-ups.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Jay–Terry's vote against the bill in question actually stands for the radical idea that if Congress wants to fund something (i.e. unemployment compensation extension) they should pay for it.

    HR 4213 adds $54 billion to the debt. White may think that's ok to do but most voters I bet will agree w/Terry.

  16. Anonymous says:

    In March White supported cutting Medicare by $500,000,000,000.

    Now he wants to add $54,000,000,000to the debt? Goodbye.

  17. JayArr says:

    To anonymous 4:57: Heaven help us if financial gamblers have to pay taxes at the same rate as employed working stiffs.

  18. Anonymous says:

    JayAr–so, you would have voted for that tax change and in the process saddled the country with another $54 billion in debt? Sorry bucko… no sale here.

  19. Anonymous says:

    To 3:53 the coffee shop trots by Terry were a year ago when health care was a burning issue. You're paying him a salary to stay three hours and tell what he's doing so no big whoopie there. I don't like him much, vote in every election and he still doesn't call. Boo hoo. Unfortunately, I haven't been around Walmart when our employee was there to shake the hand of his boss though the townhall at Bellevue's bar sounds like a plan.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Nice article (that's "article" not "column;" y'know, newsy-ish as opposed to blatant opinion) in the Lincoln Journal Star by (wait for it …) Don Walton today. About Ben Nelson of all people.

    Ever the fiscal conservative, Ben Nelson says it'll be pretty tough getting any deficit-spending votes outta him. Yep. He's on it. Our pocket books are safe with "Penny-pinching" Ben on the clock.

    (Penny might be his secretary.)

  21. RWP says:

    Lakers has apparently withdrawn $300,000 of pledge claims, all the while blaming people for noticing what he blames on his staff's incompetence.

    Stick a fork in this guy.

  22. Liver says:

    Tom White in a Bar? Say it isn't so? Now doesn't TW's meeting in a bar provide a little insight into the workings of his mind?

  23. Anonymous says:

    Liver, you just made me think of a new contest. Finish this:

    So, Tom White walks into a bar.

    I'll try first.

    So, Tom White walks into a bar. Immediately, a talking dog, a penguin and a democrat get up to leave.

    Tom White says, "hey, guys, where are you going?"

    They say, "Sorry, but we don't want any part of this joke."

  24. Shoe Salesman says:

    There you go again sweeper – trying to rewrite history. Nelson's story hasn't changed as you like to say – when it comes to his vote on health insurance rform. it was always about killing the public option (have you thanked him for that yet??) and restricting abortion – which many independent experts have concluded was successfully accomplished with the Nelson language. (Julie, save your bullshit pushback. People like you who profit from limiting the rights of women are not independent). But you keep on the $100 million – a provision Nelson didn't even highlight in his intial comments about the agreement. By the way, I noticed that when EVERY state got the same deal as Nebraska – just as Nelson intended, requested and demanded – Gov. Heine welcomed the cash with open arms. See, he was always for it, even when he was against it after he asked for it.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Lee Terry likes to think that raising taxes on investments would mean fewer jobs, but where is the historical evidence of that? There is none. Sure, it's a great talking point meant to scare people, but there is no proof that it has ever happened. And not voting to extend unemployment benefits? I know of two people in Omaha who just yesterday lost their jobs. Bet they won't be very happy with Lee's vote.

  26. ttg says:

    Ben Nelson is not only slimey, he is proud of being slimey. He embraces his Kickback because in his mind, it is okay.

    Barack Obama is not only inept, he is proud of his ineptitude. He embraces it because in his mind, he is a great leader.

    You cannot elect a President who is the most inexperenced candidate in recent history and expect the guy to know how to lead.

    You cannot elect a Democrat Senator from a mostly GOP Nebraska; a member of the liberal party from a mostly conservative state; and yet expect that guy to be ethical. Its not reasonable.

  27. Julie Schmit-Albin says:

    Pushback for Shoe: There remain seven egregious areas in the healthcare law that neither National Right to Life nor the United Conference of Catholic Bishops can abide by. So your new standard is we have to be "independent" experts to weigh in? When the abortion industry concludes with your "independent" experts that everything is great? It's interesting how Congressman Stupak's path followed that of Senator Nelson's. National attention focused on both of them for months as the only two hold-outs on good abortion language. Then suddenly, it all turns on a dime and they both cave at the end of their respective timetables. Cong. Stupak decides it's time to leave office. Sen. Nelson claims he is running in 2012. I imagine some day we will know more clearly exactly what their turn-abouts were worth. In the meantime, I would think Sen. Nelson would want you to put a cork in it regarding his abortion language. The more you beat that drum closer to 2012, the more we will "push back."

  28. Macdaddy says:

    Anon 7:28: Capital gains taxes were raised in 1969 and 1976. The unemployment rate went up by 1.5% and 2% respectively. When they were cut in 1981 and again in 1997, the unemployment rate went down. When you raise taxes, you raise the cost of doing business. Businessmen, unlike government employees who can never be fired, even when watching porn at work instead of inspecting oil wells, are not guaranteed prosperity. If you raise the risk of failure, like you do with raising the cost of doing business, the likelihood that they will start or expand their business goes down.

    You will soon get to see this in action starting December 31st when the capital gains tax goes from 15% to 25% and the marginal income tax rises 4%. You are going to see lots of marginally "rich" people, like retirees, watch their wealth drop by a lot. In return, they will forgo services like getting their house redone, vacations, gym memberships, buying cars, and the many other things that are not essential but make life easier. What do you think happens to the people who are employed in those businesses? They become unemployed. The big hurt is still to come and it's courtesy of Obummer and the Democrats.

  29. Street Sweeper says:

    And just to pile on on Shoey:

    1) Feel free to look at the news on your internets each and every day to see how much more the new law costs (just like Nancy Pelosi suggested! Surprise!), and all the little surprises the fine print contains.

    2) But, once again, neither you, nor your boss can explain just WHO IT WAS that came up with that $100M proposal. Which is what people are really pissed about. Hmmmmmmmm…

  30. Anonymous says:

    I bet if you actually picked up your telephone and called the Congressman's District office, they would be happy to tell you how many TH's there have been this year. Do you object to taxpayer dollars being spent in the most efficient way possible by having tele TH's? If you are not getting calls, maybe you have an unlisted number or are on the do not call list? Or maybe you are one of those people that has gotten rid of their home phone to save money? Just a thought. Maybe you should call the local or Washington office and ask them to put your name and telephone on a TH call list. If you only have a cell phone, I wouldn't suggest doing this, it could get expensive for you. Maybe you could ask them if you could call in?

    Just some thoughts. The point being, don't bitch and complain about not having any contact with your elected officials when every single one of them has an office with a telephone number.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Anon 7:28, your 2 friends will be welcome to apply for benefits. If they were at their jobs more than 6 months, then their employers will be taxed for it. If they weren't, then their former employer will be charged.

    What won't happen is folks that have been on unemployment since this crushing downturn started about 2-3 years ago and have continually received extensions can continue to turn away from jobs that would give them some income.

    I have a friend that was downsized at First Data maybe 6-7 years ago. He got a severance pkg per his contract that lured him and his family here from another part of the country. He immediately began the job search paying a headhunter firm. He wanted to stay in Omaha due to kids in school. After 3 years working for a startup with very little capital (ie: all expenses went on his personal credit card) he took a job in Michigan. His wife and kids stayed here and he commutes.

    You do what you have to do to pay your bills and take care of your family. Sometimes they are difficult choices, but you make them. Does anyone ever want to downsize because of finances? No, but sometimes you have to.So, tell your 2 friends to take the help while it is there (they actually have earned it by their work anyway, but get back out there doing something ASAP. The world isn't supposed to wait around for people, people are supposed to jump in.

  32. Anonymous says:

    7:28–bet most people will be happy with Terry's vote.

    If you want another $54 billion piled onto the debt, then you'll probably not like Terry's vote. That's how it goes…

    What's White's position on the bill…

  33. TexasAnnie says:

    The whole nation now knows Ben Nelson is not trustworthy. But it is a lesson I learned many years ago while living in Nebraska. While Governor, Nelson initiated cost-cutting "care" for the developmentally disabled which he called a 'Blueprint' for "structured growth." When the legislature appropriated funding, Nelson vetoed the designated amount, explaining that an idea of care for the developmentally disabled is really just "a cruel hoax."

    I notice that in these many years since Nelson's gubernatorial reign, Nebraskans, the Nebraska Right to Life, and Nebraska Catholic Bishops have yet to intercede in the "cruel hoax" being perpetrated. It's not just a Nelson thing, or a Democrat thing…

    So, Street Sweeper and Shoe Salesman, if the new healthcare law diminishes quality of healthcare or increases cost of healthcare for everyone, sobeit! I'd rather we all have crappy healthcare than continue our system whereby those unable to afford healthcare are required to share the public cost of those getting it at public expense. And I'm thinking that with the new healthcare law, Nebraskans can figure out a way to provide health care for it's BSDC inmates…

    My experience and observation of how Nebraskans have treated their developmentally disabled citizens has left me an indelible cynicism about "sanctity of life" claims. But I still believe we can and should strive for equality before and under the law.

  34. Anonymous says:

    Rut Row…

    David Broder's new column is about the similarities now emerging between Jimmy Carter and Obama….that outide events (Iran hostages) overtook Carter and dominated/defined his admin. Same thing now with Obama vis a vis the Gulf disaster…

  35. Anonymous says:

    Is it true that all Lee Terry has done is rename a Post Office? if this is not true than please list his accomplisments and demand that Tom White apologize. Let's get to the facts boys!

  36. Anonymous says:

    12:57–look at Jim Esch's old stuff too–even he admitted Hill-Terry was a bill that Lee got passed into law. Have fun…

  37. Jamie says:

    On a more serious note, as a LWS regular, I am tired of debates about Lakers/White/Nelson debates. It's a zero-sum game. It's done, they're over. I think we need to talk about Jane Kleeb!

  38. Anonymous says:

    Shouldn't Lee be telling us about all the great laws he's been passing since he left the kiddie table instead of surrogates?

    And, when Julie speaks about "pro" life issues does she include stepped up protection for seniors in corporately owned nursing homes sucking up mega amounts of Medicare and Medicaid dollars or is it only about governing what a woman can do with her body that is the pro to her life concern?

  39. Anonymous says:

    2:17–yes, by all means.

    And let's talk about a great law Tom White sheparded through–Safe Haven w/no age limit.

    That's the one in 08 that prompted over 30 parents to drive here from all over the country to dump their teenagers off at the hospital ER. Nebr. looked like fools to the country–thanks, Tom.

  40. Anonymous says:

    Or, since many people are concerned about spending…maybe Tom can talk about all of the times he voted to override Gov. Dave Heineman's veto of unnecessary spending…and how much that would have added to the tab if White had prevailed. Good thing for everyone that he lost…

  41. Anonymous says:

    What's 'Silent Tom' think about the Lakers' scandal…

    'Silent Tom'–time to say something…on anything…hello, anyone there?

  42. Anonymous says:

    2:17–look at today's Public Pulse in the OWH. Terry has a letter there and in it you can see some of the legislation he's responsible for. Have at it!

  43. Anonymous says:

    Pretty bad if you have to remind the people you serve of what you done by using the Public Pulse. Give me a break. Have it yourself.

  44. Papio Dem says:

    Having had conversations with Tom White more than once, I can't believe he's earned the nickname "Silent Tom."

    He's one of the most intelligent communicators I've ever met and has a strong stance on a number of issues, including energy independence for Nebraska.

    I don't know how you can look at somebody who's served in the legislature and say you have no idea what he stands for. Obviously you haven't been paying attention. Spend some time at Committees: Business and Labor, Committee On Committees, Executive Board, Revenue, Urban Affairs.

    "Who knows where Tom White stands on anything. For that fact, who knows where Tom White is."
    Yesterday evening, he was at the Sarpy County Democratic Party Convention. Saturday, he was walking in the La Vista Days Parade. The week before, he was holding a Q&A in Bellevue.

    It's not hard to find Tom White if you're looking.

  45. Anonymous says:

    Ohhh. Tom White expects to win this District by only hanging out and talking to his party loyalists?

    Check the numbers Papio Dem. They simply don't hold up especially when you consider how many Dem votes Lee Terry has pulled in the past.

    Lee Terry can pull D's, and Tom White doesn't appeal to a single R. Facts are facts, just ask Matt Sakalosky.

    Tom White better get his ass out in public (not his private little party functions like his kickoff at the union hall or last night's SCDP convention). I look forward to him trying to explain most of his votes in the unicameral and I am curious what his incentive was to screw the entire rest of the state on sales tax and try to get a special deal for Omaha only. For God's sake, how is that any different that what Ben Nelson did when he decided to drag our good name through the mud when he sold his vote to Harry Reid in exchange for the Cornhusker Kickback.

    After we get an explanation on that, we can head straight into Safe Haven, go on to school consolidation, and end up with constantly fighting the Governor, at every turn, on spending by the state.

    We don't need another Ben Nelson in Congress. Tom White is using the same play book as Ben Nelson. He wears one face in front of Nebraska voters and puts on an entirely different one when in front of his Party hardliners.

    The one difference between Tom White and Ben Nelson, is that Ben is at least a nice guy. I have never heard that said about Tom White-in fact, I hear quite the opposite.

  46. Anonymous says:

    Papio–since you're in the know…

    How about having Silent Tom speak up about the Lakers scandal?

    Is he condoning Lakers' actions–seems that way if Tom just remains on the sidelines avoiding reporters about the issue.

  47. Anonymous says:

    7:47–look at it this way–a White troll hits Terry in a letter to the editor. Terry himself responds, sets the record straight on energy and details three provisions he authored in law.

    LT gets add'l exposure. Smart.

  48. Anonymous says:

    Good job, Jim Rogers!

    All of that hard work on candidate recruitment by NDP exec dir Jim Rogers has paid off.

    Mark Lakers for Gov.


  49. Anonymous says:

    Congressman Terry used the Public Pulse to clean the record on his energy record? Sounds like a great way to do it. It will leave about $10.000 in his camaign account for ads about Tom White's spending frenzy in the state legislature. Or, he could use it to send out a letter on how much Tom White's provision on Safe Have ended up costing the state. Or, he could just use one of Sweepers pictures of White in a mailing about a dumb looking Democrat that walked into a bar one night and tried to convince a bunch of people that he has a conservative voting record.

    Any way you look at it, I am sure Lee Terry's donors are glad to see him using a public media outlet to clean the record.

  50. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone out there really believe that Tom White will be a fiscal conservative?

    Does anyone really believe that he has a conservative spending record?

    Does anyone really think that without the pull of the western 2/3 of the state, he would be conservative at all?

    Tom White and Ben Nelson have 3 things in common:

    1. They both supported the crap ass healthcare bill Congress passed.

    2. They're both from Nebraska.

    3. They'll both tell the voters how conservative they are and then go suck up to the first liberal idea in Washington that will get them face time.

  51. Anonymous says:

    2 trillion

    White supports the fed stimulus ($800 bil) and ObamaCare ($1 trillion).

    That's $2 trillion more than Terry–sounds like White has a credibility problem if he wants to appear tough on gov't $$$$.

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