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Between the College World Series, NBA Finals, World Cup (oh, and work) it had been tough to squeeze in the politico issues.

But we can always find some time for a few links.

First, we were looking for an excuse to post this Separated at Birth, and the Objective Conservative wrote an article on Jim Esch which you can read here.

So with that in mind, we give you…

The original Bad Boy of 2nd District Democrat politics (um…or whatever) Jim Esch, and the original Bad Boy of the (original) Karate Kid, Billy Zabka!


If you are well read on the Google machine, you may have noticed that the National Republican Congressional Committee came out with their nine focused races for Republicans for 2010. Lee Terry is on that list.

Of course while certain Dems are hootin’ and hollerin’ about this, please keep it in context kiddies. Lee Terry is on the list because the NRCC’s counterpart, the DCCC, has Tom White on their list.  (Although lib blog Firedoglake is still convinced that Jim Esch is taking another shot at it…)

And why is Tom White on the DCCC’s list? Because of the success of Barack Obama in the 2nd District on 2008.

Which didn’t translate into success for Jim Esch in 2008.

And which 2008 success does not transfer to 2010.

And hence, doesn’t translate (or transfer) to Tom White.

But hey, the DCCC can spend their money anywhere they want.
And the NRCC will counter it.

And the local TV and radio stations can light cigars with thousand dollar bills.


A Leavenworth Street reader, The Unicycle Guy, sent us the Esch-Zabka SAB above, as well as the pic below of a recent billboard up at 72nd and Pacific in Omaha:

Note this is the same “Rock N Roll” that put up this billboard a few months ago:


We were notified that while Dems such as Boyle and Hassebrook are abandoning Mark Lakers, there are other Dems who are providing outright support for Dave Heineman!

Gale Lush, is listed on the NDP website as a “Chair Appointee” to the NDP State Executive Committee.

Lush is also the President of the Nebraska Farmers Union PAC.

And the Famers Union PAC recently announced their endorsement of Heineman in the 2010 Governor’s race!

Gale Lush of Wilcox, NEBFARMPAC President said, “Governor Dave Heineman has earned our endorsement based on his proven track record of achievement on the wide range of issues that impact rural voters.”

Can Vic Covalt be far behind?


And an Amen! to Tom Shatel’s column today regarding the fence that has been put around Rosenblatt:

All this because the last CWS at Rosenblatt figures to attract a number of first-time visitors to our mecca (not MECA) on 13th street. Wait until they see the fence. Won’t they be impressed?

Whatever the reasons, the timing couldn’t be worse. This figures to be the most emotional CWS ever. Why make it harder? The CWS is all about memories. Will the obstacle course take away from these final memories?

Blame the City or the NCAA?  Either way, it ain’t pretty.


  1. Jamie says:

    Oh geez, the NDP is such a mess. I don't see how they Covalt or any elected Dems in NE can wake up without feeling huge shame of how poorly they're being run.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I hear there is an effort to drop Lakers from the ballot by Democrats at their convention.

    Who will take his place?

  3. Anonymous says:


    If that was the case, you'd have credible Dems all over the place trying to run for Gov and all of the underticket spots. Fact is, you;ve got nothing…

  4. Gina says:

    Anyone notice that the Jim Esch of Western Iowa lost in the CD-5 primary last week? Not suprising when all you can get to introduce your candidacy is a twice failed candidate from another state. Since they both now have time on their hands we'll probably see them frequently at Mr. Toad's together hitting on women like the two Czechoslovakian brother's from Saturday Night Live.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Rumor I hear from a well placed source in the Democrat camp is that charges are forthcoming soon on Lakers.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Maybe the guy lost because he carpet bagged across the state just to run. Maybe he lost because of the advice he was being given. Maybe he lost because the area is conservative, not liberal, and represented by a man that has been living and conducting business in that part of the state for decades.

    Whatever the reason, I am not too confident that they will be hangin' at Toads picking up on women. But, you're probably right about them being together.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Those bar stories are so funny I forgot to laugh.

    Ya right and anyone who is in the GOP party never, ever, stepped foot in a bar. Get over it.

  8. TexasAnnie says:


    Any lack of credible Dems does not diminish Heineman's probable legacy of deaths (Beatrice) and deficits (November Special Session). Do you deny these very relevant facts about your Governor? The Democrats are no worse than the Republicans when it comes down to governance…

  9. Anonymous says:

    TA–the fact is, the state's budget was falling out of balance last fall and Heineman stepped up to the plate and fixed the problem–no thanks to 7 lib Senators including "Silent Tom."

  10. Anonymous says:

    Maybe he lost because he worked in the financial sector for a firm closely associated with the market crash?

    Or maybe he lost because he ran an incompetent campaign and no one in the district supported him?

  11. Anonymous says:

    If by "stepped up to the plate and fixed the problem," you mean "used federal stimulus dollars to plug holes in his budget," then yeah. I suppose that's what he did.

  12. Anonymous says:

    The new sign all over the Gulf of Mexico. If you like this mess vote Republican. Just ask Congressman Joe Burton.

  13. Anonymous says:

    You Republicans are just mad because Obama made BP pay 20 billion for their crimes. While Bush and Cheney gave the oil companies billions in tax payers money. The truth is starting to come out about how the Republicans are the party of the rich and powerful. All of Rush Limbaughs lies can not cover this up.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Didn't this President say while he was running for office that there would be no Katrina type responses during his administration. This is worse than anything Bush could have done.

    If I recall, didn't Obama say that his ability to lead a multi-million dollar campaign was the reason why we should elect him.
    On September 1, 2008, Barack Obama, fresh from his Roman-colonnade speech on the final night of the Democratic convention in Denver, talked to CNN’s Anderson Cooper about Gustav and the Gulf. The question: As president, could he handle an emergency like that? Obama pointed to the size of his campaign and its multi-million dollar budget as evidence of his executive abilities. “Our ability to manage large systems and to execute, I think, has been made clear over the last couple of years,” Obama said. That executive ability, he added, “indicates the degree to which we can provide the kinds of support and good service that the American people expect.”

    Yup, his ability to lead a campaign is the reason why we should elect him. Look at the disaster in the Gulf. He hasn't led anyone, it is absolute chaos down on the Gulf. Chaos ensues from the top down, not the other way back up.

    His speech the other night — ABSOLUTE DRIVEL.

  15. Anonymous says:

    It looks like Finally we have a leader in Obama who knows what he is doing. If the Republicans had been in charge we would have more ass kissing like Joe Barton was doing yesterday. Obama is making BP pay. We got GOP leaders who always say they are against the government being involved. Unless it means giving big tax breaks to the rich and making sure companies like BP get government assistance. While middle class and poor people get the usually GOP screw job. when BP got permission from the Bush administration in 2008 to drill this hole they said they could handle a mess 250 times worse than what is happening now. They lied! They should be punished. Obama is punishing them. But the republicans think that Obama is picking on the poor rich corporation. WOW! what a bunch of normal Republican drivel.

  16. Anonymous says:

    9:45–no, I mean by cutting spending. That's what Heineman did–spending cuts not tax hikes like the D's wanted. 40 legislators agreed except for the 7libs, including Silent Tom. Look at LB 5.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Typical liberal drivel…blame an entire party because one representative made an idiotic remark. Republican leaders are not happy with what Barton said, and they are expressing their displeasure.

    As far as middle and porr class getting screwed…pretty soon only the poor will…and that's ebcause the middle class is being driven into the poor class.

  18. Anonymous says:

    8:09–sorry, no sale.

    You Dems have totally lost the 'competence' issue for a long, long time now. No matter what the issue and controversy, everyone will just say, "Oh right, they'll fix that? Just like they've plugged the hole". Fact is, the Obama admin response has been chaos.

    Main issue remains the economy–the Dems policies have brought 9.7%unemployment with their policies– that's why you are going to lose big this Nov.

  19. Anonymous says:

    And there are bad signs for the June employment numbers–unemployment claims have shot up unexpectedly the last week.

    The unemployment rate could hit 10%this month.

  20. Nate says:

    Anon 8:09-

    Talk about drivel. You are living in a dream world or have serious denial. This mess is all Obama's and he and the Dems will have the political fallout. So Obama has managed to shake down BP, what's he going to do to fix this problem? He has no idea because he is in over his had and he will pay the price for this at the polls.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Dem economic plan = hire 400,000 temp workers at Census and 'claim' they've expanded the economy. lol

    Meanwhile, only 40,000 real private sector jobs were created in May.

    No wonder the Dems have given us a $1.5 trillion deficit this year–what losers…

  22. Anonymous says:

    If the republicans were in charge and had kept up the failed policies of Bush. The employment rate would be right around 25% . The federal government would have gave BP 20 billion to say we are sorry that you have to wait to drill. The mess is BP's they made it they must clean it up. Why do republicans always defend the rich and the powerful? In this case a foreign corporation. BP has stone walled and lied and done nothing but fail to stop the leak. They said they could handle any leak when they got permission from Bush to drill. This mess is BP and Bush's fault. . Everyone who does not listen to Rush Limbaugh knows this. But don't worry republicans. Obama will get the job done and you will have to find something else to complain about.And you will. There is a reason why you are the minority party. Learn it.

  23. Anonymous says:

    There will be books written about the Gulf disaster for use at graduate business school–textbook case of how not to respond to an emergency. Obama=management by chaos.

  24. NE Voter says:

    Just gotta love all that leadership coming from Heineman regarding the Fremont hate ordinance.

    "I can't comment on a local issue." His wife won't say how she'll vote.

    In his home town.

    Wake up, people!

  25. Anonymous says:

    Unfortunately, One City, One School District was not a local issue, it involved multiple cities, covered the better part of 2 counties, and and shifted tax dollars from being controlled by the local school districts to being controlled by well payed "volunteers" and Ernie Chambers.

  26. Anonymous says:

    The total federal debt on 1/09 was 9 trillion.

    Obama and the Dems have increased it to $13 billion–an increase of 44% in just 17 months.

    Meanwhile, unemployment has spiked to nearly 10%.

    The more they blow in tax dollars the worse things get. Demonomics.

  27. Shoe Salesman says:

    Name a spending cut made by Heineman. He balanced the budget with additional federal dollars. Johanns did it too. And they both like to complain about federal spending.

    As for Obama and the Gulf. I know you repubs like to try to trash Obama's response but get real. The federal government doesn't have the equipment to plug a hole in the bottom of the sea. GOP Secretary of Defense Robert Gates said so. Every attempt to control the leak done by the "experts" in the private sector failed. In fact, in every spill of this kind previously the ONLY solution has been to drill relief wells. That takes time.

    But keep trying. remember there is a difference between the BP disaster and Katrina. the BP disaster was a sudden explosion 70 miles off-shore and a mile beneath the ocean. Katrina had two-weeks of weather forecasting before it hit New Orleans. For several days the predictions were dire. President Bush still failed to show up on time for a response – no boats, helicopters, cooridanting national military equipment. He had fair warning. and failed miserably. of course he was on vacation when 9/11 happened too!

    Lee Terry took more than $10K from Joe Barton and calls him "that guy" in the OWH today – like he doesn't know him or something. What an embarrassment of a congressman he is. Lee should donate that 10K to a gulf coast relief fund. that would be saying something about Joe Barton's decade-long support of Lee.

    And for the fool who said "one comment and we blame the entire party" consider these quotes from leading republicans:

    PAT BUCHANAN: “Barton made a very courageous statement in my judgment. … To have anyone stand up and even indirectly defend [BP] and say that they were a victim of a shakedown shows some political courage.”

    – INGRAHAM: “I think Joe Barton, before he apologized, had a legitimate point.”

    – NAPOLITANO: “That is a classic shakedown. The threat to do something that you don’t have the authority to do. ”

    – KILMEADE: “One Congressman calling the BP compsensation fund a ’shakedown,’ but does he have a point?”

    – GINGRICH: “The president is directly engaged in extorting money from a company.”

    – VARNEY: “It is Hugo Chavez-like, is it not? To sieze a private company’s assets.”

  28. Anonymous says:

    President Bush was not on vacation when 9/11 happened. He was in Florida speaking to a group of school children. The First Lady was in Washington, on her way to Capitol Hill to meet with Senator Kennedy on a literacy issue.

    Get your sh*t straight before opening your lips again.

    Obama and the First Lady have failed miserably on their reaction to the Gulf disaster. They should be called on the carpet for it.

    Joe Barton is an oil man from an oil state and has never known when to keep his mouth shut. He should quit and then he can go do PR for BP if he loves them so much-or just get coffee for the CEO until one of them gets fired.

  29. Anonymous says:

    It's too bad that retired Presidents are expected to stay retired. GW would be an awesome person to take the reigns of this mess that Obama knows nothing about.

  30. GeosUser says:

    Shoe Peddler,
    What specific legal authority did President Obama use to convince BP to deposit $20 billion to a fund administered by the Federal government to repay losses suffered by businesses/residents of affected areas and the clean-up costs? What are the Federal and state courts for unless they are there to enforce current laws regarding incidents like this? What makes you think the "pay czar" is going to settle claims any faster or fairer than BP has been doing itself or would happen as the result of court proceedings? Just think of all the new Federal employees that will be hired to staff and operate this shakedown fund. Obama's only answer to 10%+ unemployment. As for Lee Terry having accepted campaign contributions from a fellow Republican, I see Tom "Mr. No Age Limit Child Safe Haven" White's campaign is sparing no time in trying to use that in their own fund raising efforts.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Any one who defends the BP people and feels sorry that they have to pay 20 billion is a stooge. Geousuwer is worring about the courts and is this legal. Where was he when Bush got us into a war with Iraq by lying then broke every law there was when it came to torture. Has for Bush being on vacation or at work on 911. Lets say he was at work. Especially when he ran away and hid in SAC because he was so busy peeing his pants and did not know what to do. So Obama is 100% with magic going to plug the hole. So I guess Deficit Dave will 100% with magic stop the flooding. You republicans you can cause a good laugh. Please keep it up! It helps the democrats to win elections. Keep being on the side of BP

  32. GeosUser says:

    Anonymous 1:07 PM (aka moocher class idiot),
    I'm not apologizing for BP nor am I saying they shouldn't be held responsible for any/all damages/costs they have/will cause. I am saying that President Obama did not have any legal authority to "jawbone" BP into paying $20 billion into a nonexistent Federal reparations program to be administered by Obama's current
    "pay czar" on some as yet unspecified proof of harm process/procedure. We do have lots of established legal precedent for determining damages and repayment terms in our legal system. So why shakedown BP, pushing it to even more strongly consider bankruptcy protection other than to mollify members of the moocher class like you? When BP North America goes bankrupt then what??? Even Obama's $20 billion slush fund isn't going to be funded all at once but $5 billion/year over the next 4 years.

  33. shoe salesman says:

    President Bush was on vacation. He was reading a book about a goat to school kids to justify using Air Force 1 for a fundraiser.

    As for the courts Geo – don't you right wingers HATE the courts? Hmm, what's better? a voluntary fund set up by BP and administered by a 3rd party or a court fight where only the lawyers get paid? and the taxpyers have to foot the bill of the legal costs. get a grip.
    I thought you guys were for tort reform? I know you love the courts to decide elections but I think you're stretching it here. The president doesnt need a "legal authority" when BP is volunteering to put up the cash. Its VOLUNTARY and Barton and Lee are apologizing to BP for it. Hilarious.

    There's no question the entire GOP is behind letting BP off the hook. From Boehner who said taxpayers should cover the cost of recovery, to Michelle Bauchmann who said the reimbursement fund is "A redistribution of wealth fund" to Barton's apologies to BP and Tom Price's acusing the president of a crime because he tried to get BP to pay for the damages – its a uniform, wholesale lovefest for BP and big oil. Thanks for the election issue – we needed one and you gave us a good one.

    Oh, and anon 12:22 – did you really attack the First Lady for her "response" to the BP oil disaster? You must be a special kind of doofus.

  34. Shoe Salesman says:

    Geo – impressive use of every GOP talking point in your post at 1:07. you got em all in – leagal authority, slush fund, shakedown, jawbone, federal administrator. Nice work.
    Too bad its all lies -every line if it. Haven't you seen that even John "let the taxpayer pay" Boehner is backing away from the nonsense you spout? Hell even Doofus Lee Terry and Senator Johanns have endorse the "slush fund." get a grip.

  35. Anonymous says:

    Peter Wehner's take in Politics Daily:

    The Deepwater Horizon disaster has also brought to the surface concerns about Obama's inexperience, which was one of the main concerns voters had about him during the election (In March 2008, after Obama effectively secured the Democratic nomination, an ABC/Washington Post poll reported that 46 percent of Americans found him too "inexperienced" to be an effective president, the highest number ever for a major party presidential nominee.) This crisis has shown Obama to be a person lacking in basic managerial skills and executive leadership. Anytime a public figure acts in a way that reinforces the public's pre-existing concerns, it is damaging and dangerous.

  36. Right Wing Professor says:

    Meanwhile, BoldNebraska is trying to shut down an alternative source of oil that poses absolutely no danger to anyone in the US, unless you wait up nights worrying about a pound or two of bitumen leaking out somewhere in the Sandhills.

    And the Coast Guard is shutting down Louisiana's clean up efforts, because Bobby Jindal's barges don't have the requisite number of lifejackets.

    Obama and the left's response to the Gulf disaster would be comical if it wasn't so tragic.

  37. Anonymous says:

    Everything happening in the Gulf reflects on Obama and the Dems. It is a real disaster environmentally–and a worse disaster poltically.

    "Tell us about your plans for gov't reform, again?" Sure. Right.

  38. TedK says:

    RWP, google "Utah Oil Spill" to read about the 33,000 gallons of crude that leaked from a pipeline and may find its way to the Great Salt Lake. I'm betting 33,000 gallons weighs more than a pound or two. Don't you realize after the last several decades of deregulation and lack of enforcement that many big companies just don't care if they follow the rules? And concerning the Coast Guard delaying those barges, you forgot to mention that they wanted confirmation that fire extinguishers were on board. Considering that oil is somewhat flammable, not a needless concern.

  39. Right Wing Professor says:

    The total spill in Utah, 33,000 gallons = 600 barrels, or about what gushes out of Obama's gulf hole in 15 minutes.

    You crack down on safe onshore development, and they take it off shore. This isn't rocket science TedK. It isn't deregulation. Ban drilling where it's safe to drill, and they'll drill where it isn't safe.

  40. Right Wing Professor says:

    The total spill in Utah, 33,000 gallons = 600 barrels, or about what gushes out of Obama's gulf hole in 15 minutes. C'mon, TedK, you can do the math too, try for a modicum of honesty.

    You crack down on safe onshore development, and they take it off shore. This isn't rocket science TedK. It isn't deregulation. Ban drilling where it's safe to drill, and they'll drill where it isn't safe.

  41. Macdaddy says:

    Shoey: the Coast Guard was in place immediately when Katrina went through and was rescuing people right away. You are smearing some very fine people who put their lives on the line all in the name of trying to excuse obama's lack of leadership. That's despicable. As for obama's shakedown of BP, how's that going to plug the hole or clean up the Gulf? It isn't! He's failed utterly and is trying to buy a diversion. Obama has no interest in anything other than golf and basketball. The world series champs will visit the White House before the hole is plugged. Obama just can't be bothered actually solving problems.

    And you owe the Coast Guard an apology.

  42. Ricky says:

    I think it's rich for Regent Hassebrook to ask Dems to abandon Mark Lakers.
    What kind of bone fidas does Hassebrook have in the Democratic Party anyway?
    In the run-up to the Presidential election of 2008, Hassebrook attended a fund raiser for John McCain (along with Regent Hawks and NU AD Tom Osborne) at the SAC museum in Ashland during the summer.
    Then, as Chair of the Nebraska Board of Regents, Hassebrook denied William Ayers his first amendment rights to free speech when Hassebrook allied himself with those that objected to Ayers speech at the school. Obviously, that was a political act meant to hurt Obama.
    So for Hassebrook to come across as a loyal Democrat is a farce.
    He is probably aligning himself with Governor Heineman, knowing the Gov is a likely winner.
    What Lakers did with his disclosers to the NADC was no worse than AG Jon Bruning skirting the spirit of those laws.

    Ricky From Omaha

  43. Right Wing Professor says:

    Then, as Chair of the Nebraska Board of Regents, Hassebrook denied William Ayers his first amendment rights to free speech when Hassebrook allied himself with those that objected to Ayers speech at the school

    Damn. I had no idea such a right existed. When Ward Connerly tried to speak at UNO, a bunch of faculty and students prevented him. Where was the First Amendment then?

  44. Anonymous says:

    RWP sounds like one of those shills for BP and the drill baby dril nut jobs. Everything is safe don't worry Sandhills people nothing bad will happen. We are a rich and powerful corporation and your interests are our interests. NONSENSE! BP lied about how they could clean up messes. I am sure the pipe line could fail also. Water is Nebraska's number one resource. There is no reason to take a chance on getting it ruined. How could any one believe any one who voted for Sara Palin. The bigest rock of all the GOP rocks. Thank God Obama is President a man with brains.

  45. Anonymous says:

    They should have let Connerly speak. The man is a right wing kook. But he and other Americans should be allowed to speak. Plus the more often kooks like him get to speak the more likely people see how much of a kook they are and will get turned off by what they say. Look at Sara Palin. When she came upon the scene it looked good for the GOP. But the more she talked the bigger the gap between Obama and McCain got. I hope the GOP will unleash the kooks and all of their tea party friends. It means more votes for

  46. Reaper says:

    The Liberal wing of the D Party is running the party into the gulf. R's will win big.

    I hope there are investigations into Barney Frank et al. Then they are charged and convicted of crimes.

    Then there needs to be a purge of FAR LEFT Lib's from universities and mid/high-level government.

    Of course those in charge will need to "Get" the message about reducing the size of Government and too pay down the debt.

    The results will be unemployed Libs who cant find jobs because the "GOVT" took away the jobs, and or had the companies destroyed.

    The Dept of Ed, should be the first to go. Then 1/2 of the cabinet. These should be followed by EPA and so on.

    Put the largest growing sector, Government, back on the street so they can actually produce something for the economy!

    However, whatever happens after the elections of 10 & 12 the Libs will be crushed. Then the few left will howl, and the unemployed ones will raise cain. So get your ear plugs ready and prepare for the howling.

  47. Right Wing Professor says:

    RWP sounds like one of those shills for BP and the drill baby dril nut jobs.

    Anonymous @ 8:31 sounds like a mindless knee-jerk leftist luddite moron.

    Hey, I prefer an intelligent discussion, but I can slinging insults instead.

  48. Right Wing Professor says:

    They should have let Connerly speak. The man is a right wing kook.

    Connerly is a very thoughtful man who, back in the sixties, helped write housing discrimination laws in California, put himself through college, made himself moderately wealthy in business, and then chaired the California Board of Regents. Yeah, a real kook.

    Anonymous @ 8:47, on the other hand, is too cowardly to identify himself. Mind you, if I posted the garbage he posted, I wouldn't want anyone to know who I am either.

  49. TexasAnnie says:

    I certainly agree with Anonymous 12:02!

    Let's try and debate, not just insult. I am seeking understanding of how Right-to-Life Nebraskans can continue to support Dave Heineman in view of the Beatrice State Developmental Center tragedy, and, how limited-government types can continue to support Dave Heineman in view of his liberal corporate welfare policies. Can we debate this? It is a real mystery to me. If folks are dissatisfied with his record on these important issues, NOW is the time to let him know. Not AFTER he is reelected in November.

    P.S. I also need help understanding why I have to create a google account each time before leaving a comment here. Does everyone do so, or am I doing something wrong? Please advise me accordingly without calling me STUPID!

  50. Anonymous says:

    I agree about the Beatrice State Home being an absolute disgrace in what was allowed to go on until it hit rock bottom. Such is the case with many of our nursing homes that have long distance corporate ownership that take Medicare and Medicare dollars while being massively understaffed with little to no watchfulness. HHS is a monster of a taxpaid agency with little to no oversight except the governor.

    It seems the term pro life only applies to a fetus while those left helpless such as the disabled, mentally challenged or senior citizens get lost in the political convenience of what is marketable.

  51. Anonymous says:

    Kyle had said a few months ago that his own site, NNN, had become "too shrill and hypocritical". He's right.

  52. Kyle Michaelis says:

    Anonymous 8:51 – I am so glad that you enjoy the New Nebraska Network Twitter feed! Please forgive my occasional lapses into cynicism, self-doubt, and excessive self-reflection. But, I'm very proud of the work I've done over the years – and the work we continue to do at NNN. Thank you for reading!

  53. TexasAnnie says:

    Happy Father's Day to all fathers!

    Anonymous 3:39 –We exactly agree on this issue! I want to lower the cost of government as much as anyone. But NOT by throwing those unable to care for themselves under the bus. Nebraskans have done such for a long, long, time…

    I know very little about Suttle and Boyle. Can't comment there.

    Kyle, you should be proud of your site. You are a very talented writer. An ideologue, but reliably consistent and forthright. I have a good appreciation for your work. At NNN I read unfamiliar ideas. But I have an open mind, and I do enjoy well-developed argumentation. (Hit and run insults are a waste of reading time.)

    Can anyone help me with understanding my Google account? Alternatively, I could just post easily under 'Anonymous.' I did that once. But I prefer continuing to 'own' my ideas via my chosen pseudonym.

    And finally, thanks Street Sweeper for providing this forum!

  54. Anonymous says:

    Kyle–you are indeed welcome. Keep up the good work–maybe you'll write something soon that prompts five, eight or even ten comments from readers!

  55. Anonymous says:

    More and more articles and political observers are saying the Gulf disaster response has been a management disaster from Day
    One. No one is in charge. Local officials try to get an oil collection boom in the water; Coast Guard says o.k. but EPA says "no". Whose fault? Obama administration–management by chaos doesn't cut it. The Dems have totally destroyed themselves on the issue of competence now. Goodbye.

    And, no, trying to switch the issue to Barton isn't going to repair it. People will continue to see oil pouring out of the pipe for another two months. Have a gret summer!

  56. Anonymous says:

    Would love to get an update here on what is happening at NDP and Lakers. Need the take of an activist at grassroots level who really knows the deal.


    Wonder what the odds are that Lakers might actually appear in public somewhere this coming week to address the allegations of fraud.

  57. Anonymous says:

    And before some doofus Dem posts here attacking BTO, let's be honest–the NDP/Lakers wouldn't be in their current meltdown had BTO been the state chair.

  58. Anonymous says:

    anon 9:27 and 10:31

    Knock it off!! BTO has not caused any trouble, why are you trying to manipulate him into writing on here again?

    “Mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of, but stigma and bias shame us all.” Bill Clinton

  59. Anonymous says:

    12:05–knock it off!

    I know the truth hurts–but that shouldn't outweigh BTO's exposing wrongdoing and malfeasance at NDP.

    I bet most of the Dem trolls here haven't made a telephone bank call or gone door to door in years–they're too busy being 'strategists'. Give me a true grassroots activist like BTO any day.

  60. Anonymous says:

    Babbitt on Gulf Disaster

    "The Administration took way too long getting its act together and in mounting a coordinated, aggressive response to the spill."

    Bruce Babbitt
    Interor Sec. Clinton Admin.
    NYTimes 6/20/10

  61. Anonymous says:

    50,000 gallons a day

    New fed. gov't estimate is the leak is 50,000 barrels a day.

    Wonder what it would be if the Obama Admin. had a competent response plan from Day One…

  62. Anonymous says:

    Here's Frank Rich…

    NYTimes liberal columnist said this today:

    "The president has still neither explained nor apologized for his own assertion in early April that 'oil rigs today don't generally cause spills'…".

  63. Anonymous says:

    50,000 to 100,000 barrels of oil leaked this weekend. But don't worry…

    Obama was able to play a round of golf on Saturday for five hours w/Biden and two others. And, he went to the Wash. National's game Friday night (but left at the start of the 9th inning)according to W.H. pool reports.

    How was your weekend?

  64. Nathan says:

    Texas Annie,
    Sorry for the delay in getting back to you on this, life has been unforgiving and merciless of late and I haven't been able to check out this site in some days now. I dont have to "create" a google account every time I post a comment here. I just have to type my google email and my email password and it will attach my nom de plume "Nathan" to the site automatically.
    If you dont want to do that, try and log into google and stay signed in with it, I believe that will automatically keep you signed in.

  65. Nathan says:

    Texas Annie,

    You could also click the "Name/URL" option under the "Choose an Identity" menu, and then type your alias as Texas Annie. Good luck to you and screw the longhorns!

  66. Shoe Salesman says:

    RWP – exaclty how is the spill Obama's responsibility? Seriously. You just called it "Obama's Gulf Hole". Explain that.

    macdaddy – I owe the coast gurard nothing. See, when you guys are blaming obama for not having a plan you are smearing the Coast Guard and the local fishermen who responded to the emergency to protect BP. I guess YOU owe the Coast Guard – who has been on the response since the first minute – the apology.

    Can anyone here point to a solid recommendation from any Republican in the United States on how to plug the hole? Obama did everything he could – he tried every method and those methods had little chance of success and failed. The ONLY way to fix this is to drill the relief holes. Had BP been drilling a second hole as is required by regulation – we wouldn't be in this predicament. But Bush's MMS approved their plan (including the plan to save Gulf Walruses)and BP cut corners to expand profits.
    Blaming obama for causing this or failing to respond is apologizing to BP and Big oil for how they've been treated. Its a distraction from the truth. You all want us to blame obama so we won't blame the oil companis. That's just unamerican.

  67. macdaddy says:

    Baloney, Shoey. You freakin' do owe the Coast Guard an apology because they, which are part of the federal government, were there at the beginning risking their lives. Currently, the Coast Guard is the only agency actually doing anything in the Gulf while the EPA and everyone else is gumming up the works despite having had 2 months to get their plan together. Now, who do you think is in charge of all these agencies and has the authority to get them to work together? That's right. Little ol' Obama. Who turned down help from all over the world? Obama. But it turns out he has no desire to help. He wants to run off and play golf and basketball. It's a shame that his job is getting in the way of his recreation. This is all on Obama now. He took responsibility for it, but I guess those were just words. Blame Bush all you want, but Obama put someone in charge of the Energy Department who doesn't know anything about oil. He put someone in charge of MMS who had no experience whatsoever with oil. If Bush screwed things up, don't you think 16 months was enough time to straighten it out? I mean, good grief, Obama got on camera and said that oil rig spills never happen when he "opened up" more areas for deep water drilling. You mean nobody in his administration actually knew what they were talking about? Whose fault is that? What were they doing in MMS? Oh, yeah, they were watching porn. Don't you think 16 months was enough time to get them to at least quit watching porn on government computers?

    And everything you accused Bush of failing at, Obama is doing even worse. This is one freakin' hole that Obama can't manage. Can't wait until he gets his hands on my healthcare. Just remember, Obama asked for this job.

  68. TexasAnnie says:

    Thanks Nathan. I'll get someone with computer savvy over here to try your suggestions. I never tried the 'Name/URL' method because I don't know what 'URL' signifies.

    Screw the Longhorns! (And the Huskers too: I hate football!!!)

  69. Anonymous says:

    It wasn't Bush's mms that got high on meth prior to going out on that rig to determine whether they were following the design plan-WHICH THEY WEREN'T BECAUSE OBAMA'S ADMINISTRATION WASN'T MAKING THEM FOLLOW THE DESIGN OR THE REGULATIONS.

    Drugs, porn and rock concerts? The mms was doing everything, but working. Who is in charge of them and why hasn't that head rolled yet?

    Oh, wait, I know, Obama was too busy having a "guys" weekend. What, did Michelle give him a kitchen pass and he just couldn't help himself?

    Hope he had fun, I guess we can be happy he didn't go sailing somewhere.

  70. Anonymous says:

    Good Monday Morning!

    Anyone going to the Motivational seminar at Qwest?

    Maybe Lakers will go!

    Another 50,000–100,000 barrels of oil leak will today in the Gulf…

  71. Anonymous says:

    There is no doubt that the Bush Cheney administration caused the mess in the Gulf of Mexico. All of the Obama haters cannnot take that away. The arrogance of BP is very self evident. They and other rich corporations got used to running the country during those stolen years of 2001-2009. Now a man(Obama) comes in and has so many problems to take care of that it will take more than one term to clean up. The GOP goes around saying government is the problem. Well when you believe nonsense like that. Your goal is to make sure government does not work. They did such a great job of that during the Bush years. It is no wonder the democrats have been behind the 8 ball for the entire Obama administration. Maybe the majority of Nebraska is republican. But the country is not. There is a reason why the democrats are the majority party. The Republican messs will get cleaned up just like Clinton did in the 90's Hopefully the American people have seen the republicans with their true colors with leaders like Congressman Burton. That guy and many republican leaders seem to think the fictional character JR Ewing is a real good role model to follow.

  72. Anonymous says:

    Hey Republicans I was on your Libery and and freedom web site the other day and i saw that your top 5 things that you want to do to fix America are listed below. GOOD JOB! About time you joined the 21st century. 1. ban handguns, 2. "drop the idea that we're a 'Christian' country," 3. declare abortion "none of the government's business," 4. allow gays to serve openly in the military and 5. legalize marijuana. WOW! I am proud of you republicans.

  73. Anonymous says:

    Anon 7:34, due you work for the mms or are you just enjoying your morning smoke?

    BTW, his name is Barton. If all you dem asses can't get his name straight, then quit trying to toss it around.

    Barton was a jerk for apologizing to BP for Obama's behavior. First off, you cannot apologize for other people. When you do, you are only trying to make yourself feel better. Second, the hearing had nothing to do with the $20 bill trust that was set up. It was a flogging and should have been allowed to remain as such. Third, it is Barton that should apologize for his tenure on the E&C where he did all that he could to protect big oil from the infringing development of alternative fuels.

    Barton is an oil man, from oil country. I wish he had taken the opportunity to apologize to his fellow members on the committee for having worked so hard to protect BP and big oil when the rest of the committee was trying to reduce our dependence on oil-both domestic and foreign.

    But I will not apologize for his stupid comments. It is not my place, it is his.

  74. Anonymous says:


    Oil pipelines can and do leak, with varying degrees (Utah and Nigeria representing both ends of the spectrum). Some pipelines leak relatively small amounts that are "contained" after inflicting small amounts of environmental damage while other leaks are more substantial with some going unnoticed or unaddressed for decades. Some pipelines have leaked substantial amounts in short term blow outs as with the recent Alaskan pipeline leak attributed to corrosion. Other pipelines have repeatedly had significant blowouts that go on for decades, as with the Shell Oil system and the eco terror going on in Nigeria over the course of several decades. (This is widely reported and available on the internet- SS prohibits posting links or I would have included some). The Nigeria disaster has caused staggering environmental damage over decades and that generally recognized as "dwarfing" the current BP disaster in the Gulf. So, your "pound or two of bitumen leaking out somewhere in the Sandhills" comment dismisses the seriousness and potential grave ecological consequences that can and do come with pipelines. According to your logic, people need not concern themselves about pipelines having incidents more consequential than "a few pounds of bitumen." Your comments suggest that people need not worry about a pipeline leak in the Sandhills. People need not worry about the people and ecosystems, including the subterranean systems, which make up this region. My suggestion: If "Big Oil" or its apologists like RWP tell us not to worry and just close our eyes at night and trust that the system is safe, this is the time to believe the opposite.

  75. Anonymous says:

    No matter how you try and dodge and weave it, Dems, Obama's response to the spill has been incompetent and a disaster. That's the issue.

    More and more columnists–even on the left–are saying so.

    No one is in charge of addressing the Gulf disaster. That's the problem even 60+ days after the explosion.

  76. Anonymous says:

    Shoe–go to FEMA's web page. Click on the Gulf Oil Disaster for information and details about what they are doing.

    Can't find anything? That's because there's nothing–absoutely nothing– on their web page about it.

  77. Anonymous says:


    That local fisherman are told they can put out an oil boom by one fed. dep't but then are told by another they can't. Who's in charge of the Gulf disaster? No one knows…

  78. Macdaddy says:

    Obama is in charge. He stopped deep water drilling for 6 months thus ensuring that people in the Gulf will lose those jobs for years once the drill rigs pack up and move somewhere else. Why'd he do that? Because he wanted to! He's in charge. Does it matter that the experts he tasked to study the matter said, "No, don't halt drilling?" Heck no! Why he just claimed (aka lied) that they said to stop drilling and ordered it done. Obama is a man, for sure. Let's see how those middle class peons down there that didn't vote for him like it now! No oil jobs, no tourist jobs, no fishing jobs. That serves them right for electing Republican governors.

    And if you think I'm hot about this, you should hear James Carville.

  79. Right Wing Professor says:


    You must have missed this: 5/27/2010.

    "In case you were wondering who’s responsible, I take responsibility,” said Obama, who will travel to the Gulf on Friday for the second time since the April 20 explosion of the Deepwater Horizon rig. “It is my job to make sure that everything is done to shut this down.”

  80. Right Wing Professor says:

    So, your "pound or two of bitumen leaking out somewhere in the Sandhills" comment dismisses the seriousness and potential grave ecological consequences that can and do come with pipelines.

    The Keystone gulf coast extension will bring millions of dollars in property taxes and hundreds of jobs to Nebraska. Should it indeed spring a leak, that leak can be easily detected and repaired. Moreover, the viscosity of the material it carries will limit the rate at which it can diffuse from any leak. Claiming this is somehow going to contaminate the Ogallala aquifer is hysteria, plain and simple. There is more danger to the aquifer from a leak in a gas station storage tank.

    This illustrates the partial responsibility the environmental movement has for the Gulf spill. By mindlessly opposing relatively safe oil exploration and transportation, such as Keystone XL and ANWR, they have created increased demand for deep water drilling, with the consequences we see in the Gulf today.

  81. Anne says:

    Usually I really enjoy reading Leavenworth, but not lately. I have noticed that both (all sides?) have resorted to petty name calling particularly calling people liars. I am a Republican, I am not rich in any sense of any one's definition, I do not listen to Rush, I did not fully support Pres. Bush, Rep. Terry, Gov. Heinemen, Attn. Bruning etc. But I have enough respect that I give all of those men their titles and even bothered to capitalize their names. What happened to people respecting offices, even when they do not respect the office holder? President Obama will always be President Obama even though I have no respect for his economic policies or his experience. I guess respect for offices disappeared at the same time as real political conversations, in which people debate and offer facts not just name call.

  82. Anonymous says:

    Since anon 7:43 typed her diatribe against things Republican this morning…

    Up to 25,000 barrels of oil have leaked into the Gulf.

  83. Anonymous says:

    Each and every hour…between 2,000 and 4,000 barrels of goopy oil are leaking into the Gulf.

    What would the leak be if the Obama admninistration had actually implemented a response plan on Day One?

    Chaos is not a management plan.

  84. Anonymous says:

    If Bush and Cheney were still in charge they would have given BP a $20 billion compensation from the federal government for their inconvenience.

  85. Anonymous says:

    In the one minute that it took Anon to write the prior hit on Bush, up to 70 barrels of oil leaked into the gulf.

    Obama and the Dems are taking a huge hit on this. Deserved.

    Incredible stories about incompetence, infighting, jurisdictional fights by the Obama Admin. in the NYTimes.

  86. Right Wing Professor says:

    What happened to people respecting offices, even when they do not respect the office holder?


    Respect disappeared sometime during the reign of President Chimpy Bushitler McHalliburton. A pity, really.

  87. Right Wing Professor says:

    Incredible stories about incompetence, infighting, jurisdictional fights by the Obama Admin. in the NYTimes.

    Even NPR is getting in on the feeding frenzy. They had a story this morning on how almost every 'fact' Thad Allen gave in his last press briefing was wrong.

  88. Brian T. Osborn says:

    A 9:56 AM,

    Tell us what YOUR plan for stopping the oil leak in the gulf is. While you're at it, please tell us what YOU believe would be the fair way to deal with the people who have lost their livelihoods because of it. You are obviously a genius, so this should be an easy task for you.

  89. Nathan says:

    I want to know anybody's idea for stopping this oil leak, what other conceivable plan is there that hasn't been tried and failed? Obama could order to Navy to torpedoe it or drop some depth charges I guess. Im not to sure how that would help though. I would like to know how Obama is supposed to stop this thing when the experts in deepwater drilling and engineering cant do it themselves. The thing is, all semi smart and logical people know this. Sadly there is nothing that can be done until these relief wells are done. Its going to be a long summer for us all I believe.

  90. Nathan says:

    And did Bush never play a round of golf when soldiers were at war and dying? Even after he claimed he quit playing golf while they died he went out and golfed again and again. I distinctly remember seeing a video about that, something along the lines of "I call upon all nations to do everything they can to stop these terrorist killers. Thank you.
    Now, watch this drive."

  91. Macdaddy says:

    Bush quit golf in the fall of 2003. He made the "watch this drive statement in 2002. Much to the consternation of the Left, he did not play any golf during Katrina. The White House today said that the President plays golf to clear his mind. I am speechless…

    As far as solutions, there have been many proposed. Go google them yourself. Obama has been following BP's lead and going along with whatever they want to do. He needs to make a decision and go with it but instead is more interested in playing golf and eating snow cones. He is oddly uninterested in actually stopping the leak. I guess he doesn't want a good crisis to go to waste.

  92. Brian T. Osborn says:

    Obama, despite what SOME Democrats MIGHT think, and despite what SOME Republicans insist he thinks of himself, is NOT Superman. No one on this earth is. Superman only exists in the comic books, films and on TV.

    So, where does that leave us? I believe it lies somewhere between a rock and a hard place. The fact is, no amount of rhetoric, finger pointing, and name calling is going to resolve the gulf oil leak. Had this incident happened on President Bush's watch, it would have been his problem. It happened on President Obama's watch, so it is his.

    The President of the United States, despite what Jack Bauer (a fictional character) fans think, is NOT omnipotent, capable of resolving every crisis with a stroke of his pen. He does have the authority to make things happen once he obtains the right information from all of the advisors he surrounds himself with. President Obama NEEDS every single American to help him get us out of this crisis. That means that Republicans have to quit turning this into an opportunity to make themselves look good. It also means that Democrats have to quit blaming everything on Bush and the Republicans.

    I am going to do my part by ceasing to waste my time blogging with anonymous idiots, taking pot shots at their idiocy, and take a different approach to politics than I have for the past four years. I wish you all well, and I wish you'd all realize that we're all in the same boat and we've got to stop using our buckets to pour water into it. Either we start bailing it out, or we all drown.

    Happy Trails my friends.

  93. Anonymous says:

    Google and ye shall find:
    Actually, it is far more likely that Bush quit playing golf because he was suffering from knee problems throughout the latter half of 2003.Bush, 57, will have an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) test on Thursday, Dec. 18 (2003). The body-scanning device enables doctors to see internal organs in 3D. The MRI is being performed on the advice of the President's regular White House physician. Last summer, Bush suffered a minor muscle tear in his right calf and that injury, along with aching knees, forced him to abandon his running routine. The calf strain healed by August when he had his annual physical, but the president said in September that he suspected he had a meniscus tear.

  94. Anonymous says:


    We've seen how you've treated people online. If you are looking for sympathy you've come to the wrong place.

    Have a nice life.

  95. Nathan says:

    Bush claimed he quit playing golf in 2003, but he actually didn't. Use that handy dandy newfangled "Google" thingamajig and you will see he lied about it. Feel free to get edamucated anytime. Imagine the vemon that would be turned on Obama if he claimed he had stopped golfing for the troops, and then proceded to golf.

  96. Brian T. Osborn says:

    A 6:45,

    Just keep bailing that s*** into your own boat. Have a nice trip to the bottom. We won't miss ya.

  97. Macdaddy says:

    Nathan, from a 2008 AFP News story: "Bush's last round of golf as president dates back to October 13, 2003, according to meticulous records kept by CBS news." Even the Huffington Post said he quit playing golf.

    This is getting old so I'll let you have the last word.

  98. Shoe Salesman says:

    MacDaddy – clever restatement of what you said before. Your attacks on the president include the coast guard too. I guess we were all supposed to understand that your blanket attacks automatically except the Coast Guard. Only now you seperate them out. Very clever and eternally disingenous. Good for you.(By the way, how can you give them credit for their response and deny it to the president? Isn't the Coast Guard part of the federal response?? Or are you just trying to have it both ways?)

    RWP same as well. When you called it Obama's hole in the ground you were feeding into the he did it crowd. Yes this president took responsibility for the recovery. Did you know that W never accepted any responsibility for Katrina? His hacks spend 5 years blaming everyone but themselves. Rove even offered an edict that NOBODY was EVER to admit culpability in the wake of Katrina and the deaths their failures caused. Big difference between Obama an Bush – after the 11 poor souls lost during BP's explosion (read: not the government's fault), no additional person has died as a result of the government's actions. Can't say that for Bush. He sat around with his thumb up his ass while Americans died. Only last week when Rove said this is "Obama's Katrina" did anyone in the Bush Admiistration even remotely admit their failures.

    I noticed nobody answered my challenge to demostrate one real solution offered by a single Republican to stop the spill. I can show you a dozen or more who have apologized to BP. and that pretty much says it all. GOPers want to apologize to BP. Democrats want to hold them accountable. Republicans want taxpayers to cover the cleanup. Democrats want BP to pay. It comes down to that.

  99. Nathan says:

    Im going to start charging a fee for proving you wrong all the time. If i could post link I would, but there is video of him golfing two months after he said he quit golfing. Its on huffington post. Your welcome and please send the check soon.

  100. Right Wing Professor says:


    the federal goverment has mostly gotten in the way of governors trying to deal with the tragedy. Bobby Jindal has been tring to move mountains to prevent it hitting beaches and marshes, and keeps getting impeded by d#%^less federal bureaucrats refsing to permit barrier islands, counting lifejackets on barges, etc.. This is in contrast to Governor Blank-o (D) who wouldn't even issue a clear evacuation order before Katrina.

    And yeah, somone has died. A boat captain killed himself yesterday out of despondency with the tragedy.

    The bureaucracy that permitted this to happen has been in Obama's hands for 18 months. He stopped ongoing reform efforts at the MMS and instead changed their focus to wind power.

  101. Street Sweeper says:

    You're a smart guy, right? Try making your own point, instead of relying on someone else to make it for you.

    And also, I don't want to take the time to police every link, or every product or everything else the web has to offer when the commenters post it. So instead they're all out. It works pretty well. Live with it.

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