Lakers dropping out of Gov’s race!

Leavenworth Street has been informed by a credible source that Democratic nominee Mark Lakers will be dropping out of the race for Nebraska Governor.

(Confirmed and posted by the LJS about minute before us…)

We had been informed in the last few days that Lakers was unable to pay staff, and had spent quite a bit of time recently out of the state, not bothering to campaign.

The Lakers campaign has been on rocky ground ever since his campaign finance filing was shown to include hundreds of thousands of dollars in “pledges” that could not be substantiated.

In the past weeks, several prominent Nebraska Democrats had called for Lakers to drop out of the race, because of this.  Lakers had stated that he was staying in the race.

Our understanding of the law is that a new Democrat nominee will be chosen at the Dem’s state convention in Columbus, Nebraska on July 23, 24, and 25.



Mike Boyle?  Anne Boyle?  Chuck Hassebrook?  Mike Fahey?  Scott Kleeb?  Jane Kleeb?

Let’s hear it.


  1. Anonymous says:

    The campaign has never missed a payroll, including the payroll that went in today, July 2. The Lincoln Journal Star was given the heads up and posted there notice a few mintues before you. The campaign has little reason to give LeavenworthStreet or the Omaha World Hearld any exclusive.

  2. Street Sweeper says:

    Well, we missed the "exclusive" by about a minute (to the LJS). So we've taken down that part of the headline.

    (And you may not like the fact that Dems talk to L. St., but I can guarantee that our sources are credible.)


  3. Anonymous says:

    blah blah blah

    I know people on the campaign that were let go for lack of money.

    I actually thought he was a decent candidate for about a minute. Never thought he could actually win, but he dug his own grave on this one.

  4. Anonymous says:

    You have to feel for lakers a bit. This will go down as perhaps the worst race for Nebraska's top job in history. He may never live this down and will be forever tainted by what a lousy candidate he turned out to be. And I'm sure he was otherwise a reasonably good guy and effective businessman.

  5. Lightfinger says:

    Worst run race in history? I dunno, but Gene Spence's ridiculous campaign would be hard to unseat for that category.

  6. GeosUser says:

    Mrs. Jane "Ivy Starnes" Kleeb for a really Bold Nebraska…LOL!!! Just think of all the free ink for her new online venture.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hey Anon 12:47- please learn the difference between "there" and "their".

    I heard that Mello and Nordquist are already fighting over who gets the nomination.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I don't know which is bigger news..Lakers withdrawing or the Jonas Brothers canceling their Omaha concert…You make the call…

  9. Anonymous says:

    Jane Kleeb would be a riot to mess with. That would be so much fun. Imagine what google alone would provide on her goofy ideas and public musings. Bring it!

  10. One Out In The Third says:

    What's David Hasselhoff doing? The first time I heard Lakers open his mouth in an interview the "Loser" flags went up with a resounding click.

    All those Dems in Nebraska…or should I say in the "Neb"…and not a lick of leadership. Why is that? Don't cry Jane. You and your SEIU/ACORN thugs will get the "Neb" whipped into shape.

  11. Anonymous says:

    As long as Nebraska remains predominately Republican, we will, alas, always have the government we deserve.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Hey lay off Mello, he just got married.

    But it would be funny to see either of the two run. Most likely they would be on the ticket as Lt Gov……bwaaaaa haaaaaaa

  13. Right Wing Professor says:

    I say they nominate Lebron James. He's a free agent. and he's used to playing secon fiddle to Lakers.

  14. Dirk Diggler says:

    The Dems couldn't win this race even if every undergrad male was allowed to vote 3x and they had Ron Jeremy as their candidate.

  15. Jamie says:

    Despite the apparent spanking political scientists said Heineman would deliver to Lakers, I still have faith in him. This is just a campaign tactic! You can't trust headlines with a conservative agenda, Sweeps. As someone said earlier on the blog…

    Exon, Kerrey, and Nelson were all successful businessmen who had never run for office and ended up defeating Republican career politicians. Anyone see a pattern here?

  16. Rigth Wing Professor says:

    No way Ron Jeremy has anything to do with the NDP. He's used to being the biggest d!@# in the room.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Democrat Mark Lakers should have paid his staff with his hundreds of thousands of invisible Democrat dollars.

    This isn't like non-Democrat taxpayers objecting to Obama performing invisible miracles with real taxpayer dollars. These are Democrat staffers who should not mind being paid in invisible Democrat dollars. Unless, of course, they find it difficult to eat invisable food.

  18. ANGRY DEMOCRAT says:

    Vic Covalt and Jim Rogers should be fired from their positions…

    We have only 2 candidates for any statewide office and literally no candidates for many of the state legislative races…

    Lousy candidate IN ALL 3 congressional races (WHITE INCLUDED)

    What the H*** are they doing in Lincoln….I hope we can get rid of both of them at the convention…

  19. Anonymous says:

    What do all you R's out there think about Michael Steele coming out and saying that Afghanistan is Obama's war that the American people don't support and it cannot be won. Great 4th of July Day message.

  20. Anonymous says:

    You gotta at least compliment Steele on his consistency.
    He keeps putting his foot in his mouth every time

  21. Anonymous says:

    Of course. We sent the first troops to Afghanistan the day after Obama took office, right? They think we're stupid. They really do. The GOP thinks the American people are stupid enough to believe this outright nonsense

  22. Anonymous says:

    It's no surprise that republicans take liberties with the truth because they have a dedicated following of ditto heads who will believe whatever lies are told to them

  23. Anonymous says:

    I don't know why they are blaming Mr. Steele. It's hard to always know what to say when your party has no real values left. He forgot that the Republican party is about controlling religion, specifically Christianity, to control the masses to promote consumerism and to prepare the middle class for their own consumption by the elite. Mr. Steele will now become the first human sacrifice on the altar of entitled delusion

  24. Anonymous says:

    Angry Democrat

    Why don't you run for some office? Put your money where your mouth is. Has for Vic and Jim they are working their tails off to get something done. Yet how many times have you volunteered to do anything? The GOP in Nebraska have the numbers to win elections. Democrats have to out work them. When some one like the clowns the GOP have like A. Smith and Heinman are in public office it tells me that hard work gets trumped by numbers.

  25. ANGRY DEMOCRAT says:

    I have given time volunteering for the dem party and worked hard in 2008 and 2009 for dem candidates.

    I also DID give to the Lakers campaign.

    Now he just quit…LOSER

  26. Anonymous says:

    With anony 4:32 saying Mello just got married and others indicating he is in the mix as the new Dem candidate for Gov or LtGov, the operative question many will want answered is…"did he retain his maiden name?"

  27. Anonymous says:

    You are all wrong about the Lakers campaign. Staff got paid. No way they didn't. If you don't believe this, then ask Sweep to reveal his source. Cause I am pretty sure it was someone from the Lakers camp. Sweep is obviously not a writer from the World Herald because Tys didn't have a good story for a half an hour. It is really funny that all of the republicans had to find out from Don Walton. He is a more respectable journalist than anyone else in the state, and you should all be thankful that he was willing to write the story for you all to read!

  28. One Out In The Third. says:


    I thought about that…maybe we should make his campaign easy. We promote a write-in. Just take our soft leaded pencils…check the box next to the blank line and legibly write-in "BTO." That's all we need to do…everyone knows who "BTO" is. What was that? Did I hear the groundswell forming?

    What have we got to lose? Most of it's gone already.

    Maybe the Dems can hold an "Emergency Caucus?" That's the only way of pick a leader this late in the game…an "Emergency Caucus." All those Nebraska Dems and not a lick of leadership to be found anywhere on the horizon.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Steele and Obama are proof positve that white Americans feel more comfortable electing clueless blacks to be in charge. There are many smarter, wiser, more experienced black American leaders but American whites aren't going to vote for them. Ironically, neither will black voters.

  30. Anonymous says:

    People should quit trying to start trouble with BTO, he has stopped blogging on here and is not causing trouble. Nobody should be messing with him.

  31. Street Sweeper says:

    Just an FYI, but the LJS wasn't our source for this. That's why we originally had an "Exclusive" tag on the headline, then a few minutes later saw the LJS had beaten us by a minute or 2. Not really a big deal. Just making it clear to ya'll.

  32. One Out In The Third says:

    BTO has been around the block a couple times and wears his big boy pants like a man. I am sure he is busy rather than moping in the dark because someone here "picked on" him.

    Maybe he's too busy preparing his run for Governor. He may be the Dems last best hope.

  33. Jamie says:

    Apparently the state convention will be where the new candidate is nominated. I think Fahey, though he'd lose, is their best bet. Personally. Has leadership experience on the city level, has a street named after him, but may not be recognizable outside of NE2.

    Speaking of which, the NDP is run by a bunch of morons. How could they possibly think any of their candidates stand a chance against the incumbent Republicans? They HAD qualified candidates at their disposal- Boyle, Fahey, etc. How did they not recruit them to run?

    Furthermore, I wonder what the repercussions will be for Lakers' bank… I, for one, would never do business with him after this debacle.

  34. TexasAnnie says:

    I have been assuming that Nebrskans will reelect Heineman as "the lesser of two evils."

    Now I guess they will just elect him as evil…

  35. Anonymous says:

    Anon at 12:29, you're delusional. Laughing that Republicans "had to find out" about Lakers quitting from Don Walton … and then calling Walton a journalist? That's rich.

    Walton is a democrat shill who writes opinion pieces thinly disguised as news stories. Lakers was letting Walton break the story as a favor for all the hard work Walton had done shilling for him in the LJS beforehand.

    Walton a respectable journalist? Not in this lifetime.

  36. Anonymous says:

    And more examples of the LJS carrying water for democratic candidates appears just this morning. That paper is just the worst.

    So, today, Nancy Hicks goes out of her way to help Danielle (Nantkes) Conrad set up her "bringing up my DUI arrest would be dirty politicking" campaign strategy.

    The whole lousy lot of them down there, from Nancy Hicks to Don Walton, shill for Democrat candidates every chance they get. If it was a Republican with a DUI, they'd be running hit pieces all day long — disguised as "here's what the Democrat opponent had to say."

    The Urinal Star really is simply the public relations arm of the Nebraska Democratic Party.

  37. Anonymous says:

    NDP webmaster…

    Lakers is still listed in the "Our Candidates" section….

    Time to update the web page!

  38. Experienced at some level says:

    Its interesting how the LJS article on Nantkes 3rd drinking ticket fails to mention she was in a car with a lobyist.

    Great for her to be in control of the issue, but…. She showed a lack of judgement for a long time.

    Oh and the fact she is always going on about abortion….. you'd think she wanted every baby to be aborted and paid for by tax payers.

    She needs to go because she really doesn't get much done. Her district would be better served by someone who has held a job, built a business, and felt the sting of payroll taxes. The Obama experiment where you vote in a person who has NO leadership at any level has FAILED!!

  39. One Out In The Third says:

    Didn't Nantkes hit a snowplow during one of her offenses? Nancy Hicks is obviously not the brightest bulb in the barn for even bringing it up. I guess she saw the most threatening of Nantke's many weaknesses.

  40. Anonymous says:

    Mark Fahleson has been claiming for a year that he was going to organize this huge protest at the opening of the Ben Nelson Memorial in McCook. It opened today and I hear Fahleson and his swarming crowds were a no-show. Looks like there's a lot of grassroots enthusiasm in the Republican ranks.

  41. Anonymous says:

    Great Moron Bashing….You Stay Classy Nebraska Democrats!! I don't have to worry about Mr. Wright killing my family drunk behind a wheel!!

  42. Anonymous says:

    Republicans you get upset because one writer in the LJS is a democrat. But you have the OWH and FOX news and 90% of talk radio sewed up. You guys are something else. You won't be happy until we get rid of the republic we live in and replace it with a GOP corporation state. With a slogan Hail the rich and the heck with everyone else.

  43. Anonymous says:

    This is completely off topic, but….
    our very own former presidential/mayoral and current congressional candidate Jerry Odom, started his own 912 group. I dont know why, but I remember the real 912 group's message board, people getting frustrated with him for his indulgent self-promotion

  44. Anonymous says:

    Moronic anonymous democrat at 10:13, talk radio hosts don't go around pretending to be journalists. Journalism implies a certain unbiased neutrality. LJS reporters claim to be journalists. They're really no different than talk radio hosts in the sense of having an agenda — except that talk radio hosts are at least honest about being partisan.

    Now, I've given you two specific illustrations of the bias apparent in the Lincoln Urinal Star. Please provide me a specific example of bias at Fox News or the World Herald.

  45. Anonymous says:

    FOX news is not news. They are pundits. They freely admit that they are the network of the GOp and the Tea party people. can you name a democrat who works for FOX news? You see Fox news people like Beck, O'Riley, Hannity at Republican rallies and tea party rallies. They don't even pretend any more. the OWH is a republican editorial based newspaper. Everyone knows that. Just because you like what they say both FOX and the OWH you say that is news. You don't like the LJS so you say that is not news. MORON! MSNBC is a liberal slant tv network. But the don't pretend to be an objective news station like FOX. Except for the fact that FOX 's owner does not pretend any more either. FOX is like all star wrestling all talk and no facts.

  46. Anonymous says:

    Fox News Channel controversies
    Accusations of conservative bias
    Several critics have accused FNC of having a bias towards the political right at the expense of neutrality. In 2004, director Robert Greenwald produced the documentary film Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism, which argues that Fox News has a conservative bias, including as evidence internal memos from editorial Vice President John Moody which the film uses to support its claim that Fox attempts to alter news content.

    A Pew Research poll, released on October 29, 2009, found that Fox News is viewed as the most ideological channel in America. The poll, which featured Americans' view of various news channels by ideology, scored Fox News the highest of any category with (47%) as "mostly conservative," (14%) as "mostly liberal," and (24%) as "neither. In comparison, MSNBC had (36%) identify it as "mostly liberal," (11%) as "mostly conservative," and (27%) as "neither." CNN had (37%) describe it as "mostly liberal," (11%) as "mostly conservative," and (33%) as "neither.

    Accusations of misrepresentation of facts

    The media watchdog group Media Matters for America has cataloged what they claim are the ten most "egregious examples" of "distortion" by both Fox News and its TV personalities. The criticisms include several examples of cropping quotes from President Obama, Vice President Biden, and Vice President Gore so they appear out of context, using image manipulation software to edit the appearance of reporters from The New York Times, and using footage from other events during a report on the November 5 "Tea Party" rally in Washington DC. They claim the intention is to make it appear as if a larger number of protesters attended the event. Media Matters also called attention to the December 4 edition of Fox and Friends and accused the show of misleading their viewers with a "questionable graphic" that showed the results of a Rasmussen Reports climate change poll adding up to 120%.

    Talking points from Bush White House
    While promoting his memoir, What Happened, Scott McClellan, former White House Press Secretary (2003–2006) for former President George W. Bush stated on the July 25, 2008 edition of Hardball with Chris Matthews that the Bush White House routinely gave talking points to Fox News commentators — but not journalists — in order to influence discourse and content. McClellan stated that these talking points were not issued to provide the public with news; instead, they were to provide Fox News commentators with issues and perspectives favorable to the White House and Republican Party.

  47. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous 10:29 If you hate the LJS for being a democrat newspaper. What do you think of the NY Times or the Washington Post? Have you ever thought that there is a reason why the GOP is a minority party in this country? With almost 100% are white people over the age of 45. That your base is in the south. That the one part of the population base that you dominate (85%) Is high school drop outs.

  48. Right Wing Professor says:

    Nancy Hicks is a hack. I've been at legislative hearings on which Hicks reported, and didn't recognize them from her description. At one, Ernie Chambers offered to punch myself and a colleague in the face. Hicks instead reported some cute 'Ernie-isms'. When Brad Ashford started bandying around his idiotic claim of a 40% infant mortality rate among children of women who lacked pre-natal care, Hicks reported it without question, and then snuck in a quiet correction to the number when its falsity was pointing out, without changing the rest of her story.

    BTW, the miscellaneous anonymous leftist cowards are particularly active and particularly rabid the last two days. Could something have happened that enraged them? 🙂

    I'm backing Chuck Hassebrook for Democrat gubernatorial nominee. Nothing could so exemplify the ethical and intellectual vacuum at the heart of the NDP, than to nominate the author of the corporate farming ban, after nominating the man who got it struck down in court.

  49. ak says:

    Prof, a braying donkey isn't a "coward". It is just an ass.

    You are right about the "ethical and intellectual vacuum" of Democrats. But the key word is "vacuum".

    You keep expecting Democrats to grasp reality, cause and effect, logic and substance, when they obviously embrace childish impossiblities as if real.

    American voters feared kneejerk McCain, believed Obama's bull, and are learning the hard way to pay more attention. Republicans too are learning by soon ousting the dimwit Steele. But Democrats won't learn. They can't.

    Look at how poorly Democrats do in Nebraska. Look at how EBN runs from his own party every time he runs towards voters. Yet instead of Nebraska Democrats working to elect more Democrats, they bray and crap in this blog.

    You got to admit, the ass really fits them as thier party symbol.

  50. Anonymous says:

    Support President Obama, support democrats. Republicans are against freedom, liberty and opportunity for all. What is the difference between freedom and liberty anyway? And why don't the tea baggers talk about justice

  51. Anonymous says:

    Sara Palin's new rantings are out on foreign policy. She really is a fascist, isn't she? I don't know what's worse, how stupid she is, or that anyone takes her seriously when she actually advocates military strategy. She doesn't even know basic geography, a shred of history, or basic logic

  52. Anonymous says:

    No Democrat will run for Governor!

    The focus will be on Tom White trying to upset Lee Terry

    After that then its all about Ben Nelson

    After that its all about retaining Jim Suttle as Mayor

    In other words, not too much excitment for progressive Democrats in Nebraska…

  53. Anonymous says:

    How much property tax do you think the average voter from Fremont will incur after they're successfully sued by the ACLU and other organizations protecting the constitution? How much will they each pay to defy federal law and be on the forefront of racism in America today?

  54. Right Wing Professor says:

    Hey, Anonymous Coward @ 6:27, does the ACLU have a plaintiff yet? Because the ACLU has no standing to sue Fremont. And last I heard, they were having a hard time finding someone with standing who was willing to sue.

    And Happy 4th, tovarisch! Or whatever it is you celebrate in your marxist hell-hole.

  55. Anonymous says:

    RWP you are the coward, you are the one that can't say anything intelligent enough for it to stand on it's own. You have to slap your PhD and University tenure behind your arguments to make them stand out. Guess what, they're still drab and uninformed.

  56. Anonymous says:

    Pretty sure that you have to be 35 to run for Governor in Nebraska. So sorry to all of you out there looking for Scott to run, he doesn't make the age cut. Good try though. The saddest thing is that Dave may run unopposed, which is a shame. He has screwed this state. People on this blog need to start calling out their own every once in a while because that would make us all the more credible.

  57. Anonymous says:

    I think it's funny that the Republicans have all this fake outrage for Conrad's DWI, yet they have no problems that Joe Kelley has a DWI. You'd think for county attorney they'd be a little pickier, I guess it's only a problem when the candidate happens to be a Democrat.

  58. Anonymous says:

    Ann Boyle was on KFAB this morning officially taking Mike out of consideration for entering the governor's race. Her big message for Nebraks Democrats was "Get out there and run on giving amnesty to illegal aliens!". She also inadvertently admitted during the interview that she personally knows and is close friends with a couple of illegal aliens from Peru and Columbia living/working illegally in Nebraksa. How's that for a big time leader of the Nebraska Democrat party and currently holding office in Nebraksa state government upholding the laws and constitution of both the USA and Nebraska? Way to leave no doubts about the political views and ideas of Nebraska Democrats Mrs. Boyle. I'm sure Tom White shares them all with you.

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