Dems invade Columbus

As Nebraska Democrats gather in that city named after the vile, genocidal, American Indian hating Italian, (Chris Columbus), we will have some fun this weekend taking stock of their party.

Don Walton of the LJS has started the ball rolling, talking to their various leaders (and those who would like them toppled).

So, we find Nebraska Democrat Party Chair Vic Covalt thinks voters in western Nebraska don’t like Democrats because the voters are filled with hate.

Got that, rubes west of Lincoln (because that is where “west” starts, right)? You’ve got hate in your ears!

Then there’s Jane Kleeb who has fashioned her own group “outside the traditional party structure”.  She says that INside the party structure there needs to be new leadership.




Of course Kleeb’s plan to pump up the volume in Nebraska?

That would be more money from outside Nebraska.

Her vanity-project, which she claims gets the “majority” of its money from a single Nebraska donor, has materials prepared to get money from non-Nebraskans. That way she and her staff of six will have more funds to post funny things on Facebook.

That is “the new”.

“And the new is frustrated with the old,” she says.

Got that Old Man Covalt!


Of course, we always chuckle when Mrs. Kleeb is quoted in the paper (and she seems to be the mouth-piece for you Dems these days, eh?).

When Don W. really got her rolling, her line was, “Nebraska is winnable.”

Nebraska is “winnable”?

To whom? For what?

Oh yeah. You see, Jane still sees Nebraska as an “it”, or a “them”.

Not a “we”.

But the only time you’re talking about the whole state as winnable or not, is when there’s a Presidential race.

And, last we checked, “Nebraska” is not going that way. Not by a long shot.

But hey Democrats, good luck with handing over the keys to “the new”.

They have this bitchin’ Facebook page….


Oh, and by the way:  Nothing says “new” like George McGovern…



Meet the New Boss.
(Same as the Old Boss.)


  1. Anonymous says:

    I've heard May Jane Fields and the Boulder Nebraska Blog are kicking Jane's highly paid staff's butts all over the internet.

    Is THAT the best Jane can buy with all of that Dick Holland and out of state money?

    If I were her contributors, I'd want my money back.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Democrats in Iowa are pulling the same stunts. They've lost a considerable amount of support IN-state, so they have to pull the money from around the country. That will do a lot of good for advertising, but unfortunately those $$ will not be visiting the polls.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The young people Jane hired would do well to flee now before their future job opps are forever tainted by the sleaze that Jane is encouraging. Wouldn't you love to tell a future employer, "I was a video tracker/blogger for a slimy political operative who flitted from one bogus entity to the next; with no real agenda other than making personal attacks on others." "Oh, and I was proud to do it."

  4. Mary Jayne Fields says:

    I used to have a bitchin Facebook page!!! Hey I made this post from the Convention. Look for the IPAD Jane.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hilariously written post Sweeper. Why does what's her face get under your skin to give her soooooo much ink when there are sooooo many others for material? She's a side show in her carnival of one.

  6. Street Sweeper says:

    We just write about what's topical.

    Someone collecting out of state money with the goal of toppling the current leadership in the Democrat party is certainly topical.


  7. Anonymous says:

    afStreet Sweeper, it is the Kleeb way. That's what was done in Scott Kleeb's run for the Third District, and his run for U.S.Senator…..using out-of-state money to fund his carpetbagging attempts in Nebraska. And so it goes. Jane livin' the dream.

  8. Ricky says:

    The way Rep Terry is going I think the chances of Senator White winning the 2nd Congressional seat here in Nebraska are getting better all the time.
    And both political parties nationally feel that the race could go either way.
    Only by a reflex action could Nebraskans pull the lever for Terry. I think it's time to give somebody else a chance; Terry's record is dismal.
    But if the New York Post is to be believed, he is still worth charming by lobbyists.

    Ricky From Omaha

  9. Anonymous says:

    Jane Kleeb in the gutter again.

    "Bold is not engaged in the election of Terry. We are advocates of progressive, moderate and independent values. Terry does not hold those, so we do blogs about his policies, his ideas and when he does stupid stuff like get drunk with lobbyists"

    She is the ultimate hypocrite!!!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Jane is using ACORN/Union tactics to get around FEC reporting of BN's in-kinds to the White campaign. As an attorney you would think White would run fast and far away from them. And the kids she has doing her dirty work ought to be concerned about potential FEC violations as well. Doesn't look well on a resume and Jane's past employees seem to end up back in the unemployment pool after a few months.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Ask past employees of Jane's. General concensus will be she's horrible as a boss, forbids them to do things while she does what she wants (especially political activities), and treats them like dung. I guarantee you will have a hard time finding one person who's had to work for her on any of her "grassroots" efforts that have anything good to say about her.

  12. Right Wing Professor says:

    Jane Kleeb brought a new kind of politics to Nebraska — gotcha politics. Obviously, we weren't all saints before 2006, but it's my impression that that election was the first time we had a candidate. — Adrian Smith — stalked with a videocamera. Then in 2008 they tried it on Mike Johanns. — a comically futile endeavor to anyone who knows Johanns, since he is the last guy on earth to shoot his mouth off injudiciously. Now, in 2010, Jane 'Rosa' Kleb is stalking not just Lee Terry, but even his wife and kids.

    Dick Holland is one great sugar daddy to have. He laid out thousands in 2008 for the anti NCRI campaign. That campaign was also run by a comparatively young woman, who also pocketed a lot of money for her services to the campaign. Dick seems like he might just be a bit susceptible. No fool like an old fool.

  13. The Pip says:

    And where did Adrian Smith's Club for Growth money come from in the election against Kleeb? I don't think it came from a Folger's donation can down at the feedmill in Funk.

    They ALL become like a prostitue on pay day. The hypocrisy of it all, is they take the money and claim they owe no favors in return. We can't stop it.

  14. Macdaddy says:

    Did Mrs. Kleeb have anything to say about Tom White and his not bothering to campaign? Or is the strategy to have Bold Nebraska sling as much mud as possible while hoping that people won't notice who the Dem candidate is?

  15. Right Wing Professor says:

    George McGovern, despite his politics, which these days are not as far left as they were, is a literate and intelligent man.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Jane's structure is showing wear and tear. Even the girl that was trying to interview Mrs. Terry is pissed off that Jane won't stick to the issues. Jane had to bend over backwards on her post to explain to Malia that it would all be okay in the end. That she was leading up to something of substance.

    The truth Malia, is that you are working for a person of no substance who looks for her paycheck from whatever wealthy person she can sweet talk into giving her cash.

    Richard Holland, and his deceased wife Mary, have done amazingly kind and abundantly generous acts for the community and state they love.

    He obviously needs someone to sit in on meetings with East Coasties with cute smiles.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Jane is an effective manager, and the anonymous trolls on here claiming to be former disgruenteled employees of hers, were ineffective employees. Ryan Anderson, Mike Nellis, Chris Tiwald, Priscilla Pekas, and many other people who've worked for Jane speak very highly of her.

  18. Anonymous says:

    And, an "effective manager", would show up for work on time and not refuse to do work that she asks others to do regularly.

    Also, why wasn't Jane Kleeb in Columbus for the convention yesterday. She posted on Facebook that she was just going for a couple hours today. Was she asked to stay away by Covalt because he was afraid that she might open her mouth and lose him votes?

  19. NEGOP Staffer says:

    I think the key to beating Democrats in this election cycle all comes down to turnout. We've got to get our supporters to the polls, but I'm not sure whether to spend money on calling, canvassing, mail, yardsigns, etc.. I'm trying to figure out the best method.

    RWP, what do you think is the best method to reach out to people like you and get them to vote for the first time?

  20. Anonymous says:

    You must think we are stupid. A rebublican wouldn't post a snarky comment about RWP.

    Jane Kleeb would.

    Astro Turf, much, you troll?

  21. repub says:

    We got her to tell us that her organization is a 501(c)4 on her Facebook page.

    The reasons for this designation are significant — she doesn't have to release their donor list publicly. It also allows them to publicly lobby on legislation, be active in political campaigns and elections.

    The donations to the organization are not tax deductible.

    She wants to hide her donor list behind this designation. That is unfortunate.

    She questions Platte Institute, AFP and Nebraska Watchdog. They are 501(c)3 non-profits and are to make their donor lists public. They are not allowed to lobby or be active in political campaigns or elections.

    Are you hiding something Jane?? Like SEIU, Andy Stern and others as your other major donors. How about making your entire donor list avaliable for public view.


  22. Macdaddy says:

    Jane is just following the example of Dear Leader when it comes to transparency in government.

    BTW, Sweeper, I guess you were right about where the new trolls came from. Seems to be pretty light in here on the weekends. I guess their commitment to speaking truth to power only happens between 9am and 5pm Monday-Friday. Did Jane tell them they weren't getting overtime?

  23. Mary Jayne Fields says:

    I agree with you on the transparency of Bold Nebraska. Groups like Bold Nebraska are designed to hide their donors. You republicans do this as well!!! I have an idea. I believe NADC requires all candidates report all donations over $250.00 Have Jane report all her funding over $250.00. If she has nothing to hide, then their shouldn't be a problem. Progressives believe in transparency in politics!!!

  24. Right Wing Professor says:

    Wll, "NEGOP' (actually NDP) staffer, here are some ideas to help the Democrats in the next election. You could try running on the truth…

    (1) We're going to raise taxes and use the money to put our political cronies on the public payroll (the Suttle strategy).

    (2) We're going to rig union elections so millions of people who don't want any part of unions are forced to join them. (Thanks SEIU!).

    (3) We're going to spend like drunken sailors and borrow from the Chinese to cover the deficit (the current Dem. strategy)

    None of these seem like electoral winners. But then, there is this…

    (4) We'll nominate a slightly mysterious, (half) black guy, with no record or experience, surround him with mystical iconography, and tell people he's going to magically bring about 'change'.

    Remarkably enough, this worked once. My feeling is, it isn't going to work again, people having been badly burned already. So you could try this:

    (5) Obsess about some obscure academic's voting record, and drive yourself crazy because he's voting and you can't figure out how.

    Yep, I'd say (5) looks like a winner. Ride that sucka!

  25. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, I'll go further and say that Jane's list…uh…Anon 9:15's list…would be 4 out of 4 NOT speaking highly of her. There'a couple dozen from the last couple years that would further have little good to say about her. As for Columbus this weekend, Jane was an elected delegate – a legal responsibility – and she had better things to do. She was in state. She was available. She just didn't go. An alternate stepped into her place, but she only daned to grace anyone with her presence today. Some of us actually believe when we make a choice to registered at the election office, and run even for such a small role in our nations electoral process, that it is a privilege and our duty to fulfill that role. If she can't fulfill such a small, limited roll, how will she be trusted to actually do her job if elected to school board????

  26. Bud sinsemilla says:

    Let me take you down, cos I'm surfing to
    Mary Jayne Fields
    Boulder Nebraska is real, and Jane's getting the run about
    Mary Jayne Fields forever.

    and, hey, dude, don't bogart the, uh, medication.

  27. Brian T. Osborn says:

    Just got back in from Columbus. Some good things … some bad things, but all interesting nonetheless. I'm too busy catching up with my accomplice and our little girl that is home from LaLaLand to write much now. But stay tuned … you won't be disappointed.

  28. Brian T. Osborn says:

    Oh … and for those that are wondering. I DID get a photo of myself with Mary Jane Fields. I'll be forwarding it on to Sweeper later on. You all might have to harangue him to post it.

  29. Anonymous says:

    I am adamant that Jane was told to stay away. Covalt couldn't risk her opening her HUGE mouth and embarrassing him and pissing off a bunch of donors and delegates.

    Tick Tock janie. Better call the East Coast toadies and see if they'll take you back.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Boulder Nebraska is totally lame. They require approval. Kudos to Street Sweeper for protecting the freedom of speech.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Repub – Actually, Americans for Prosperity (AFP) is a 501(c)4, not a 501(c)3. Nebraska Right to Life is also a 501(c)4. Will folks be urging those groups to disclose their donors, too? It's all about transparency.

  32. Shoe Salesman says:

    RWP – you say Jane brought Gotcha politics to NE – LIAR

    NEGOP/candites used trackers in 2000 and 2006 against Ben Nelson. BTW – Why are you so afraid of accountability?

    Oh – TerryGate is now in the DC mainstream media. Roll Call calls it the "Terry Incident."

    Hey Lee – yuor pushback is lame – the reporting isnt "an attack on my family" unless, of course, your family gets drunk with lobbyists at the eclusive Capitol Hill Club. Oh and Lisa Ellis – if Lee's comment wasnt "intended to be flirtatious" then what kind of comment is "How did you get me so drunk"?

    Sweeper – if Jane Kleeb is topical how is Lee Terry's group gropes with DC lobbyists not?

  33. Julie Schmit-Albin says:

    Anon 7:17 a.m Nebraska Right to Life also has a PAC with separate donors and expenses for all political activities. Jane's latest group doesn't have a PAC because it appears that it does not want to be accountable to Neb Pol Accountability & Disclosure Commission with reports of how money is spent; among what candidates and who the large donors are to political activity. NRL doesn't hide political activity behind the C-4. Express issue advocacy of course can come through the C-4. Jane has pretty much revealed that Dick Holland is BN's major donor and their smaller donors are people who purchase things from them; like signs and t-shirts. I find it interesting that Jane takes off after NRL about the prenatal funding issue and our support of the Governor but her major financier also is the major funder and founder of Nebraskans for Lifesaving Cures, formerly Nebraskans for Research. This group is a direct counter to the pro-life Chip Maxwell-run (formerly) Nebraska Coalition for Ethical Research which opposes cloning and embryonic stem cell research. In fact Jane's biggest donor came to the NU Board of Regents' meetings last Fall to battle the pro-life side on the ESCR policy issue. So Jane can look in her own back yard when she starts pontificating about how un-pro-life NRL is and how she needs to educate me on what it means to be truly pro-life.

  34. Right Wing Professor says:

    I did a little searching on the 2006 Senate race, and found one OWH story about a tracker named Matt Schaub following Ricketts at the behest of the Nelson campaign. For what it's worth, the GOP denied they were using trackers in that campaign.

    I could find no media mention of trackers at all in the 2000 Nelson-Stenberg campaign.

  35. Mike Nellis says:

    People shouldn't speak for me without asking.

    I like Jane Kleeb a lot, and admire much of the work she has done over the last couple of years. But we have had our professional differences in the past. Like anyone Jane has her good qualities and her bad qualities and I'd want her in my corner any day for a political fight.

    Mike Nellis

    P.S. Boulder Nebraska = lame. Do better NEGOP.

  36. Mary Jayne Fields says:

    Mr. Nellis, I do not work for the NEGOP.

    I have read some of your Blogging and in my opinion, it's crap! Your work on Everyday Citizen and Daily Kos could have been written by a freshman at dear old CU (and a high one at that)!

    What troubled me most is that resume of yours…very lacking indeed!!!

  37. Anonymous says:

    You only find reports mentioning trackers because it happens when Republican say something about it. Otherwise, there have been trackers on both sides for years now on campaigns in this state. Only difference is Republicans are offended they are being recorded so they can be held accountable to their statements and promises. Democrats – and we did do this – invite the tracker out for a been and some BSing afterwards!

  38. Anonymous says:

    Mary Jane Fields isn't a tool of the NEGOP, huh? That would be a shame if it were discovered to be untrue. It would more than likely be an FEC violation, and with IP addresses it's possible for pretty much anyone to track something back to the Republican Party.

  39. Anonymous says:

    Looks like Lee Terry has been caught in a lie. Salon, Roll Call, Washington Post following up and include statements from others who overheard Terry's comment.

  40. Mary Jayne Fields says:

    Once again not working for or paid by the NEGOP, consultants, 501c3's, 501c4's or any Party organization for that matter. What interests me is your FEC threat, which proves for some strange reason you must fear what I post. Since when is one persons musings such a threat?

  41. Anonymous says:

    You apparently have no idea how political parties work. The NEGOP, or the NSDP have no oversight from the FEC, unless, and only unless, they have raised and spent money from an embargoed account on a federal race.

  42. Anonymous says:

    "Looks like Lee Terry has been caught in a lie. Salon, Roll Call, Washington Post following up and include statements from others who overheard Terry's comment."

    I don't see any statements from others. The Salon piece just repeats what Anonymous Page Six reporter says. Enlighten me.

  43. Anonymous says:

    To July 26th 7:49AM: I think Sweeper meant "tropical" as in Janes are considered hot and Lee Terry is…well… not.

  44. Mike Nellis says:

    For the record I'm 2-0 in North Carolina, but I think it's funny the time wasters here feel they need to attack me in such a personal way.

    Stay classy, everyone.

  45. Anonymous says:


    Vile Kyle had asked someone, anyone, over the weekend to write a front page article at NNN about the NDP convention. No takers yet.


  46. Macdaddy says:

    Let's see: we have an anonynmous reporter, who, for all we know, could be a friend of the Kleebs (Didn't Scott Kleeb go to Yale or someplace like that? Wasn't Jane Kleeb on the Washington talking heads circuit for a while?), says that Lee Terry said something that sounded like a pick-up line. Didn't say he ever touched the woman. Didn't identify the woman. Didn't tell us what the other personal remarks were, even though it's a gossip column and the juicier the better. He, she, or it, then reports that Lee Terry was so in charge of his faculties that he recognized the reporter and changed the subject. Lee Tery denies it. John Boehner denies the statements he made. The lobbyist is nowhere to be found.

    Wow. I am impressed by the journalistic capabilities of the New York Post.

    In the meantime, not to change the subject, or anything, what are the positions of Tom White on Obamacare, cap-and-tax, and the upcoming tax increases? Hell, how about his position on the Sandhills pipeline? Will he vote for Nancy Pelosi for Speaker? Because there are some actual important things out there to talk about. Unfortunately, Tom White doesn't think we, the voters, deserve the courtesy of finding out what's on his mind. Tick-tock, Tom. November is fast approaching.

  47. Anonymous says:

    So the sly guy with the lazy eye (who gave a try to have Otey not fry) will lead the cry for Dems who vie and, by and by, watch his party die as funds run dry. His modus operandi belongs in a sty. They elected him why?

  48. Anonymous says:

    I am very upset. So what are the democrats saying. If you are a woman you can't work as a lobbyist in DC???? So all the boys can go for a drink and the ladies are shut out???

  49. Anonymous says:

    No, dems are saying that Republicans can't associate with female lobbyists because if any Republican is in favor of traditional values then they ALL have to adhere to those values, which means that male Republican politicians cannot talk to female lobbyists EVER and certainly not in a public place that serves booze. If ANY male Republican politician talks to any female lobbyist, then ALL Republicans are hypocrits; however, dems can get drunk and screw anyone anytime and it's NBD because the highest (only) value to which dems siubscribe is non-judgmentalism and, hence, no dem can EVER be a hypocrit. Got it?

  50. Anonymous says:

    No, no, no Anonymous @ 4:44. The democrats are just amazed that a republican congressman was hitting on a female rather than on another man. It just seemed so out of character. All of the them – senators, representatives, lobbyists, pundits and bureaucrats – ply the same trade and it is the oldest one in the world.

  51. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous @ 5:12. What are you, jealous because the democrats are judgmental about republican moralists' failures, yet accepting of their own representatives' free spiritedness? The outrage is over the hypocrisy, not the behavior. If Lee Terry was an avowed hedonist the democrats would be shouting, "Good for him!"

  52. Anonymous says:

    I know I would. He can't help if he looks like Harry Potter grown up and sitting at the kiddy table.
    Barkeep. Order me up another Shirley Temple and a side of Cheetos, please.

  53. Macdaddy says:

    Dems don't screw around: they've all been neutered. Bill Clinton is the exception that proves the rule. He's since been neutered.

  54. Anonymous says:

    You all claimed the comment by Terry to the lobbyist was made up and a lie, mainly because you had no name to turn to. Well, according to Roll Call, someone spoke up who ALSO heard it. Since it's for subscription only to see, here you go:

    "Several Republican lobbyists said the Terry incident is part of a larger concern involving a group of House Republicans and lobbyists, including Glenn LeMunyon of the LeMunyon Group, who regularly party with female lobbyists.

    “On the Hill, there’s a lot of older men that just go home when they’re done with votes,” said the longtime Capitol Hill Club member who overheard Terry’s remark. “Then you have a smaller group that likes to knock back a few and have a good time.”

  55. Anonymous says:

    Dumbass: if you read the initial New York Post article, you'll see that LeMunyon's name is thrown out as a bad person. He isn't Roll Call's "second source", if there even is one.

  56. Macdaddy says:

    If the "long-time Capitol Hill Club member" is the second source, then I have a bridge over the Missouri to sell you. An anonymous quote in Washington, DC is worth what you paid for it. Everybody's got an agenda.

  57. Shoe Salesman says:

    RWP – thanks for finding evidence that Jane didn't 'bring dirty politics to NE" I think you now owe her an apology.

  58. Anonymous says:

    Shoe: you want to dicker over who brought dirty politics to Nebraska; let's just say Jane Kleeb is championing it by being the Queen of Sleaze this election cycle.

  59. Right Wing Professor says:

    RWP – thanks for finding evidence that Jane didn't 'bring dirty politics to NE" I think you now owe her an apology.

    Huh? I showed evidence that in 2006, while Smith was being stalked in his campaign against Kleeb, Ricketts was also being stalked (late in the campaign). How is that evidence?

  60. Shoe Salesman says:

    RWP – is it your inherent misogyny that prevents you from apologizing to Ms. Kleeb?

    you showed that "trackers" predated what Bold NE is doing now. She didn't "bring dirty politics" to NE. I assume you are simply overlooking all the rumor mongering on this very website about Senator Nelson's family in the 2006 race?
    You republicans are hilarious. you like to complan about what the Dems are doing will denying you do it too.
    Apologize to Jane or drop the issue entirely.
    anon – I'm not "dickering" just trying to set the record straight. I dont blame you for trying to change the subject.

  61. Street Sweeper says:


    Please identify the "rumor mongering on this very website about Senator Nelson's family in the 2006 race".

    All of our posts and the comments to those posts are still up. If there are any about his family, I will personally apologize, and then take any down that were left up.

    If you can't ID any, please apologize and retract your statement.

    -Street Sweeper

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