What I saw at the GOP convention

Again, Leavenworth Street recruited a correspondent for the state party convention over the weekend — this time the Republicans in Fremont.

We hand it over to Matt Pinkerton, who was recently elected Chairman of the Nebraska Young Republicans.  Take it away, Matt!:

8:30 AM – Governor Heineman draws large applause when he calls out Democrats for their over spending, over taxation and contributions to a huge deficit. Meister was not safe either, especially for his support of amnesty of illegal immigrants.

More from Dave Heineman:

– We are the party of ‘yes’! YES to lower taxes, YES to lower spending and YES to quality jobs.

9:00 AM – Mike Meister is not safe from Jon Bruning. As if they didn’t know already, Bruning tells the crowd that “Meister puts the ‘goober’ in gubernatorial.”

[Apparently Meister didn’t like this characterization from Bruning and has asked — Nay, Demanded — an apology.  Meister and the Dems think Bruning, Nebraska is more cosmopolitan than Scottsbluff?  Look, it ain’t the town.  It’s, well…just take a look at THIS photo…. -Ed.]

9:30 AM – Let the Lee Terry show begin! Richard Carter, co-chair of the campaign, draws the significant difference between Lee Terry and Tom White: $2 trillion! $2 trillion representing the amount of spending White would have supported in Congress if he was there this year.

Terry enters the stage, flagged by several members of the Blue Crew and to the music of Tom Petty, “Won’t back down.”

Terry delivers an very energizes speech, telling the delegation that as a party, we must pay down the debt, balance the budget, and put people back to work. This year he put up an amendment for a balance budget. You can guess how that went over. Terry says that we have seen $1.5 trillion added to the deficit this year for a total of $13 trillion, which our country cannot sustain.

More from Lee Terry:

– Tom White would have voted FOR Cap & Tax
– Every new bill by the Dems this year includes a new tax.
– Lee Terry is 1 of 9 GOP representatives targeted by Nancy Pelosi.

12:00 PM – Senator Scott Brown arrives and greets the delegation at lunch. He is well received. So much so, Bold Nebraska even sent a minion. Question: How do you smuggle a camera and recording device into a convention you’re not invited to? Answer: Fake a broken arm with a very over dramatic cast! ‘A’ for effort!

1:00 PM – Back from a much needed lunch, the crowd gears for Senator Scott Brown.

Senator Mike Johanns set to introduce Senator Brown. Johanns discusses his work in the Senate since his election. He draws large applause for his bill to block Cap & Tax and a bill to give tax breaks to small businesses. Not to mention, his work to block funding for ACORN.

More from Mike Johanns:

– Johanns says that Nebraskans are a tough bunch of people but the Dems are more destructive than any tornado or storms this state will ever see.
– Johanns greets the crowd as fellow owners of General Motors.
– A debt that is 60% of GDP is not sustainable.

Johanns introduces Scott Brown as the 41st Senator to a large applause.

Scott Brown says that he is still driving that same pick up truck, but to the Dems dismay, it’s now parked in front of the Capitol! He warns Fathers in the crowd to never say on national TV, that your daughters are available.

Delegation roars when Senator Brown fired back at critics, “It’s not Kennedy’s seat, it’s not the Democrats’ seat, it’s the PEOPLE’S seat!”

Senator Brown is happy to be the party of “No” when you’re putting people’s interest over special interest. He says that Republicans offer many bills to participate, but only one Amendment has been accepted.

Senator Brown talks about how Nebraskans helped him get elected by sending him checks and making phone calls. He was happy to get here and meet some of those people.

Senator Brown says the best way to help the soldiers in battle is to help take care of their family left at home. He says the little things count the most. Help with yard work, offer to take them out for an evening, treat them for dinner. He says in most cases the soldier isn’t as worried for themselves as they are for their family.

[See the entire video of Scott Brown speaking, via Fremonter.com by clicking here.  -Ed.]

1:45 PM – Adrian Smith from the 3rd District takes the stage. He says that the delegation has to be happy when Congress is not in session. He goes on to say that the people of this country continue to signal the alarms on spending, but Nancy Pelosi continues to hit snooze.

More from Adrian Smith:

– American conservatives are clearly in the majority and we’ll prove it in November
– He has a bumper sticker that reads, “We survived Carter, too!”
– No bigger affront to freedom that removal of the secret ballot in regards to card check.

2:00 PM – 5:30 PM – The afternoon finished with several breakout sessions, committee and standing reports and resolutions.

In my opinion, the hangover from the 2008 elections is gone and the Republicans have their winning swagger back. It’s going to take quite a bit of work and effort, however the energy is there. We know 2010 is going to be a good year!

Thanks Matt!


  1. Anonymous says:

    This is a crock. Bruning, has no right to start the name calling in a race, he would prefer his name was on the GOP ballot. As for his comment regarding the town, party turncoat,Jon Bruning, is not and will never be from Bruning, Nebraska. I have lots of friends there who which his last name was Jones.

  2. Laura K. says:

    Comparing the two reports it sounds like the democrats had a lot more fun in Columbus. Fremont featured boilerplate blah-blah-blah.

  3. Anonymous says:

    So Dave wants lower taxes, lower spending, less government. And if you continue to fall for that pipe dream, you're an idiot. He wants to focus on illegal immigration – a federal issue – but doesn't say how he'd do it.

    Guess what. You'd have to increase spending and increase government to really enforce even existing laws more, and right now Obama is enforcing existing laws at levels even above President Bush. And where do you get the money to increase the spending and the government workers to do this?

    Given that Dave is facing a $750 Million budget deficit that his is refusing to face right now (because calling a special session would mean having to lead and make difficult choices during an election year), where the hell does he think he's going to get the money to deal with it? He certainly can't depend on the federal government to keep bailing him out. Of course, he'll tell you in one breath the "less government, lower taxes, less spending line" and criticize the fedderal government in one breath, but then in the next, he'll take every dime he can get and take credit for what he does with it and the benefits it brings the state. He's a hypocrite. And, yes, he is running in 2012. If you think he's not, you're, again, an idiot.

  4. Macdaddy says:

    What are the Democrat plans to balance the budget? Any budget? We know Suttle wants to raise taxes. Meister hasn't said a word about the state budget. The Democrats in Congress refuse to even pass a budget while Obama is going to wait until after the election (December 1st) for his revenue commission to tell him what to do.

    I don't expect Pelosi/Reid/Obama to be honest about what they want to do to us but I'd think Meister should be able to come up with an actual plan for our little ol' budget.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Wow Bold Nebraska we must be at work early this morning. No hangovers or bad trips still from the Oberst Concert over the weekend? Please keep telling Nebraskans that you want Clown leaders like Mike Meister. We will keeping elections year in and year out.

    Do you guys have any love to give for "Fremont Diva"??? She's going to win too, right?

  6. Mary Jayne Fields says:

    I don't know why anyone would attend the GOP Convention except to see that hunk Scott Brown. He's more studly than Scott Kleeb and he actually won a US Senate Race against the majority party of his state!!!

    I think the Connor Oberst concert was great. It kinda reminded me of concerts held back home in Boulder. I saw lots of Progressive College kids standing up for Progressive values. I even saw some Che Guevera t-shirts in the crowd. Say what you want L Street readers but Boulder Colorado values are here to stay in Nebraska.

  7. Uncle Wiggily says:

    Nice to read a factual and relatively objective recounting of a state political convention … instead of a self-serving blovium-fest like we were treated to last week.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I suspect the difference between the two party's conventions is one offers substance and has delivered for the people, and are therefore is in control of the state. The other one is full of the same hope and change that has yet to deliver anything other than bills for those who work and PAY taxes.

    Squeal and complain all you want lib's, the facts are what they are. From what many polls are indicating the Liberal/Progressive brand is sinking faster and faster.

    Now should the Democratic party ever return to what it was in the 50's and early 60's the R's would be in trouble. BUT that won't happen for quite some time thanks to Soros, Jane, Holland et al.

    It's also interesting to note how the posts here on LWS tend to be dominated by the Libs during the day, unemployed peeps, and by conservatives in the evening, working folk. Just a trend I've noticed is all.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Yes, all "libs" are unemployed and wanting government to pay them to be lazy. Anonymous 11:09AM must be a lib since he/she is also posting during the day. Huh.

    Back to reality now. If Heiny is so worried about illegals, why did he keep silent and stand behind Mike Johanns when he convinced the feds to leave the state when they were working on Operation Vanguard. It was a program to weed out and crack down on illegal immigrants and the employers doing most of the hiring of them. But when the meat packing plants cried about it affecting the bottom line, Johanns and Heiny were happy to stand up and demand the feds end their enforcment on behalf of their campaign contributors.

  10. Oh mander says:

    After reading that convention recap you'd think that the Democrats control the state legislature and governor's office. Nebraska Republicans: If you want lower taxes, then lower them. If you want a smaller deficit, then make it smaller. If you want a balanced budget, then balance it. You're in charge and you apparently have all the answers. I for one think those three things are mutually exclusive on a state level at this point, but I'll defer to the LEADERS on this one.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Well thanks for that one Sigmund….I was more interested in the miracle that Lee Terry gave an "energizing" speech. I didn't know dead toads could be energized.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Typical lib blah blah on here today.

    It sure is great to wake up in a state where the R's are in control. Can't wait till Ben is booted out and we have a cleaned up after him.

    So what is Goober up to today?

  13. Nick Naylor says:


    Jane sent a thug there that was faking a broken arm?


    Hey jane, this is N E B R A S K A…

    or if you understand it better, this is the NEB. No one wants your thug union politics in our state.

  14. Anonymous says:


    It sure is great to wake up in a state where the R's are in control. Can't wait till Ben is booted out and we have a cleaned up after him.

    Oh yeah except the Lincoln and Omaha city governments because the NEGOP dropped the ball on both of those elections. Ken Svoboda was a few hundred votes away from being Mayor in 2007 and in 2009 he lost his at-large City Council seat (came in 4th behind 3 newcomers) because the NEGOP is completely inept.

  15. Anonymous says:

    The only way I could see Lee giving an energizing speech was if he had been drinking previously. The only more energizing than Lee speaking would be to hear Dave or Yoyawns speak.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I hate Jane Kleeb and everything she pretends to stand for, but that being said….Hey idiots, did you know that these conventions are legally required and are public, therefore are OPEN to the public? Of course, Republicans work to deny the public and voters access to witnessing the process, but that's not surprising in this state. They'd love to do everything without those pesky laws and regulations getting in the way.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Did anyone ask Scott Brown how he could vote for the monstrosity of a bill with the Orwellian title "Financial Reform"?!?

    Another example that Republicans get it only slightly more than Democrats.

  18. Grundle King says:

    @ Anon 1:32,

    No, Ken Svoboda lost the mayoral election and the council seat because his company failed to successfully cultivate poppy mallow in the salt-soaked city medians, and because people viewed his contract with the city as a conflict of interest.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Still it is great to be in an R state. Suttle is another story, one that reminds the rest of the state of what happens when you elect a liberal progressive. So it's not all bad for Nebraska.

  20. Ted Turner says:

    God Bless Governor Heineman!! His 'economic program' of giving property tax rebates to out-of-state landowners like myself is a godsend.

  21. Anonymous says:

    anon 3:09,
    your wrong. You are required to have credentials and without them, entry can be refused…check the law.

  22. Nick Naylor says:

    7:33 aka Jane

    If there is no crying in politics please stop whining about peoples pants, conversations on your face-book wall etc… It goes both ways darlin 😉

    Your the one that has set the tempo for negative, dumpster level politics in this state. i can't blame folks for responding in-kind.

    And for the record no, I am not going to be making a citizens arrest. Jill Haller @bold Nebraska can do whatever illegal activities that Jane wants her to. I just hope she knows that once its over for her she will be tossed out on the street like the rest of Janes staffers over the years.

    oh, and just one more time for good measure… Goober.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Scott Brown is a donkey wearing an elephant's jock strap. What little Brown has to offer is unsupportable and of little real use.

  24. Anonymous says:

    If Meister is Goober, then Nick Naylor is definately Barney Fife. "Got to nip this illegal activity in the bud." We need Andy Taylor here to tell Nick Naylor to calm down, shut up, and act like an adult.

  25. Andy Taylor says:

    Nicky, now you behave yourself or you ain't gettin' none a Aunt Bea's apple pie. You keep it up an' I'll have to have Barney toss you in there with Otis.

  26. Nick naylor says:

    Alright kiddies from bold, it's obvious I got under your skin a little. Little taste of your own medicine and the kids come crying to mommy.

    Let's face it, I don't care who you are or what half witted comments you come up with the face of the matter is Jane is encouraging her staff to break the law with identity theft by using a fake name to get creds at the convention. Now, although I am sure that you are having trouble understanding this, I understand. If I was following janes lead I would be a bit ignorant as well.

    I guess I really don't care that bold was there but the way it was gone about was childish at best.

    I am sure the bold staff will now follow with a bunch of half witted comments that will further erode my confidence is the intelligence level of democrats everywhere

  27. Roger Hannah says:

    On NTV in the Tri-cities I just saw John Bruning in Holdrege, with Brian Osborn in every shot with him.

    Has he defected? He'll have to learn some party discipline.

  28. Anonymous says:

    KETV had a story today on the Keystone Pipeline, and they quoted Jane. But this is what they wrote:

    The Nebraska Wildlife Federation's Jane Kleeb said if you haven't heard about the pipeline project, now is the time to listen.

    Do we finally know who's funding her little astroturf project?

  29. Anonymous says:

    Jane is irrelevant and her attempt to send her broken-arm comrade into the convention was just another attempt to be "sassy".

    Just one time I would love for her to run for a state office and leave herself open to public scrutiny. Let's see how she deals with "sassy" opposition.

  30. Don Kuhns says:

    Lee Terry still thinks the $3 trillion Iraq war was a good idea(it wasn't).

    Lee Terry thinks tax cuts pay for themselves by increasing revenues(they don't).

    Lee Terry thinks we don't see through his deficit hypocrisy(we do).

  31. Right Wing Professor says:

    I'd have to check, Nathan, but I'm moderately sure most of the congressional Democratic party supported the Iraq war. And it does seem to have had a favorable outcome. The messy democracy now there is a big improvement over the military dictator who slaughtered hundreds of thousands of his own people, no?

    Now, it's definitely arguable whether we should have spent $3 trillion making Iraqis' lives better. It's like spending $200 K on a car; granted, it's a nice car, but is it worth the cost?

  32. Hastings School Parent says:

    No one is disputing Jane Kleeb was escorted out of the Adams County fair???? Interesting! usually Jane is the first one to post on here.

  33. Anonymous says:

    I heard Jane was being BOLD with the pro-lifers at the fair and was asked to leave the premisis. It seems she was with the Energy Cowboy selling energy audits at his booth and alledgedly got into a yelling match with the local right to life chapter.

    Julie what do you know?

  34. Anonymous says:

    Were the Hastings right-to-lifers escorted from the premises as well? Seems they must have been doing some shouting too.

  35. Anonymous says:

    Don K, you're a bloomin idiot to say that tax cuts don't raise revenue. They might not always but they certainly can. There is not a linear correlation between raising taxes and raising revenue. You probably won't understand this but in order for your statement to be true, there would have to be a direct and proportional corresponding increase in revenue for every increase in taxes (but there isn't). Sometimes tax increases LOWER revenue because they disincentivize the behavior upon which the tax was based. Raise taxes enough on cigarettes and people will stop purchasing as many taxed cigarettes. The revenue will go down. Same thing if you tax income too much.

    Sad having to explain basic economics and what anyone who'd ever run a business would know to a lib, but not surprising. Even sadder that Obama put guys like Don in charge of general motors. Libs know better how to raise your kids than you do and they know better how to run your business than you do. (Except they really don't.)

  36. Anonymous says:

    I heard that BTO was on the news last night with Jon Bruning. Is that correct? Has he become a Republican, posing with Jon Bruning and reporting at the Dems convention for Leavenworth Street and carrying on this Boulder Nebraska fiasco. Has he finally become a Republican?

  37. Anonymous says:

    OMG Boulder just got BOLDER…lol Jane you should have went to the convention instead of fighting with Pro-Lifers!!!

  38. TedK says:

    Ok, 10:51, I'll try to remain calm. I blame the 70's promotion of "self-esteem" for the epidemic of people who think they know what they're talking about, but don't have a clue. Even Laffler won't claim that the Bush tax cuts increased revenues. This is voodoo economics, pure and simple. Now if the top marginal rate were high (70 – 90%; the pre-Reagan period when I grew up and the economy generally did well without the large income gap between top and bottom), revenues may go up due to the decrease of tax avoidance. However with the historically low current marginal rates (35% on wages, 15% on capital gains), only a fool believes that lowering tax rates will increase govt revenue. Historical data completely disproves your claim.

  39. Anonymous says:

    Well I went to the Saline County Fair and saw chickens, ducks, rabbits and a sad Elvis impersonator, but ALAS!….no Jane and who the hell cares already? Isn't there some cure for what ails those addicted to a limelighter in need of a carnival? Could we get back to the issues of what divides the candidates and it isn't Jane with a camera poised somewhere up her…sleeve. Why do we elect Lee Terry over Tom White?
    Other than a rotten wardrobe choice why is Dave a better choice than Mikey? Besides giving us one of the funniest quotes of the summer, Jon Bruning has a record of accomplishments a mile long, what are they? Stenberg. What's old is….well…old again. What happens if Mayor Suttle is ousted?
    Why is Jean Stothert so tall?

  40. Anonymous says:

    Ben Nelson is such a chicken sh-t. Elena Kagan's confirmation is a foregone conclusion but big, tough, old Ben bravely announces that he's going to appease Nebraska voters, er, stand up to the Dems, and vote against her.

    Ben, you nitwit. There was only one vote in your entire career in the Senate where YOUR vote actually mattered and that was last December on healthcare and you blew it.

    Ben sure does posture a lot when there's very little at stake. But when the vote actually counts, he folds like a cheap suit.

  41. Nathan says:

    To backup Tedk,even Alan Greenspan admitted the Bush tax cuts didn't pay for themselves. It was on one of those Sunday political talk shows this weekend

  42. Jamie says:

    I don't get it… we have a guy on here, TedK with reasonable opinions and accurate financial and economic data. What has happened to Leavenworth St?

  43. Macdaddy says:

    Where are you guys getting $3 trillion for the Iraq war? Those neo-cons at the Center for American Progress put it at $750 billion, $50 billion for reconstruction, and $420-720 billion projected cost for veterans healthcare. Granted, I went to a public school, but I think that adds up to about $1.5 trillion or one year's worth of debt under Obama.

  44. Anonymous says:

    OK, Ted, nice job remaining calm. Nice job also creating a strawman argument and debating a point I never made.

    Let's review. Don didn't say tax cuts rarely raise revenue or that they often don't. He said they don't, period. And that is just blatant nonsense.

    Now, if you want to argue, argue the point I actually made.

  45. Anonymous says:

    Let's try it this way, Ted, oh ye of reasonable opinions and economic data. Do you agree that there is a point of diminishing marginal returns on tax increases versus revenue such that an incremental tax increase could have a net negative impact on revenue? That's a simple yes or no question.

  46. TedK says:

    11:54, read my post again. The answer is yes. But our tax rates are nowhere near the point where that would happen. And 11:47, yes, Don was correct as far as Lee Terry is concerned as Terry thinks tax cuts will ALWAYS increase revenue (or at least help him get reelected).

  47. Anonymous says:

    Did you all see that the U.S. stock market soared 200 points yesterday. I guess that's bad news for all of you out there hoping our President to fail.

  48. Anonymous says:

    You call 200 points "soaring"? Remind me never to go "soaring" with you in an airplane. We'd be clipping stop signs at 120 knots.

  49. Anonymous says:

    Yeah Ted, read my earlier comment again. In reference to tax cuts reising revenue, I specifically said they may not always but they certainly can. What part of that did you disagree with?

  50. TedK says:

    1:04 (geez, pick a handle), we're sure nitpicking today. Don was speaking in terms of Lee Terry saying that tax cuts (NOW, not when the marginal rates were higher) would not increase revenue. You responded by calling him an idiot. When people make quick posts, you need to learn to understand the context. Sure, Don could have been more precise. But when faced with a massive dump of Republican lies and deceptions, sometimes the rare exceptions may be omitted from our posts.

  51. Nathan says:

    Oh and lest we all forget… We are so busy talking dollars amounts we have forgotten about the human cost, 4,404 dead American soldiers and many thousands more Iraqi civilians.

  52. I fear for your kids says:

    Jane Fleming Kleeb: When kids are taught about food, help prepare food, eat with their families these are all things that help prevent eating disorders. We can start with local veggies, fruit, milk and cheese and go from there. Its better for our kids and helps our local economy. Improving our kids school lunches is def not gong to be easy, but we can take small steps, see what works for our schools, what doesnt and come up with a program is healthier for our kids."

    Hastings get ready for the new Lunch Lady!!!

    My suggestion focus on reading and math Jane!!!

  53. Anonymous says:

    I know Hastings taxpayers are suffering from the increased costs of illegal students. It's nice to see that Jane went to the Connor Oberst concert in Omaha, while we here at home are paying the bill!

  54. Anonymous says:

    True Nathan,

    But our troops know that combat has its risks, even though we do as much as we can to reduce them. Nobody is glad or gleeful that they've died; we all mourn their passings.

    But what our troops have done over in Iraq is a great and honourable thing: they removed a tyrant, freed the Iraqi people, and are helping secure the country so they may live free, like we do.

    Because lest we all forget, liberty from tyranny is not exclusively America's

  55. Anonymous says:

    If that statement would have been made by anyone other than Jane, would you have had a problem with it? School lunches need improvement. I always try to get my daughter, who is in middle school, to bring her lunch as much of the school food is crap, and definitely carb heavy. You folks have a real problem separating the person from the message. Everything's personal with actual ideas not counting for much.

  56. Anonymous says:

    "We can start with local veggies, fruit, milk and cheese and go from there." What does that cost extra???? I know Jane is anti-cattle so how much Tofu are we going make in Hastings??? You know, help the local economy!

  57. Mary Jayne Fields says:

    Hey Folks its all about local sustainability. I agree with Jane on this one. You can grow lots of items locally and pay a neighbor for their time and effort instead of some multi-national. Nuts, berries, milk, cheese, breads can all be done. It will cost a little extra, but its better food!

  58. Grundle King says:

    But, but…how will the poor pay for healthier, but more expensive food?!!

    Oh wait, I know…they won't, the rest of us will.

  59. markfahleson.com says:

    When Mark Fahleson ran for chair of the Republican party he vowed to win the 'technology war.' How well is that war going for you Mark?

  60. Anonymous says:

    To the 3 posters above: How is that candidate thing going for you??? Fremont Diva looks like she is going to win??? Mike Meister is a strong candidate? Who is running for AG??? Who are your congressional candidates? It's nice that Dick Holland bought you all Ipads to blog!!

  61. Anonymous says:

    Considering we live in one of the reddest states in the country I'd say Democrats fare pretty well. CD2 has been rated in the top 9 red to blue races to watch in the country, we are the reddest state in the country with a Democrat in the Senate, and the Dems control the city governments of the two largest cities. We do ok, if NEGOP wasn't incompetent we'd be in much worse trouble.

  62. Anonymous says:

    Top 9 by the Republicans. The Democrats won't even spend a dime to pre buy ad time here. they don't care about Tom White or Ian Russell's ego. they seem to be spending money where they want to win a race.

  63. Macdaddy says:

    Tom White won't even buy ad time. Why should the national organization?

    So when is Mr. White going to start campaigning? Three months left to Election Day!

  64. Anonymous says:

    Jane how are you going to ensure the safety of the food chain? Don't know do you? Go away and don't bring ideas forward until you can work through the details of how you will keep our children safe and maybe even how you plan to pay for the whole program.

  65. buck turgidson says:

    Only the NDP and FOLD Nebraska would consider buying up a bunch of domain names as "winning" the technology war.

    They aren't even bringing a knife to this gunfight – they've got a big dirt clod.

    The Nebraska Democrat Party: "We're not in the middle of nowhere, but we can see it from here."

  66. Don Kuhns says:

    Dear nomenclatorially challenged,

    I make it a point to listen to economists who actually know what the hell they are talking about.

    Joseph Stiglitz, co-author of "Three Trillion Dollar War" in mid-September 2006:

    "There's a real problem not just for the housing sector but for the whole economy."

    Arthur Laffer, supply-side voodoo economics witch doctor, in late August 2006:

    "This is an economy that's driven by good economic policies, good monetary policy, by good trade policy, and it's working beautifully!"

  67. Phil Montag says:

    Do a google search on "Four Deformations of the Apocalypse
    By David Stockman"

    David Stockman was director of the Office of Management and Budget under President Ronald Reagan.

    He's writing a book on the financial collapse, I hope you all take the time to read it.

  68. tgg says:

    4:40 Democrat. You call NE a Red State and then call those who made it Red "incompetent".

    You think having Ben Nelson and two Dem mayors in two Dem cities constitutes major accomplishment for NEDems? Get real. You and every other Nebraskan are Ben Nelson's toilet tissue. His politics is Nelsonocracy.

    NE isn't Red by accident. I grant you that NE has a NonPartisan-Unicameral martian-like politicial bizarro electorate. But back when GOP Stenberg was Atty Gen, all the other state offices, Gov, Lt Gov, both Senate seats, and 2ndD were all DEMOCRAT. You say the NEGOP had nothing to do with that change? (Keep drinking that Kool Aid, Jack. It will all be over soon.)

    If Nebraska being a Red State is is GOP incompetence, then NE Democrats must be drooling idiots.

  69. Anonymous says:

    Mayor Suttle just refuses to "get it". He laughs in the face of the tax payers and can't control his anger when challenged. Who the hell does he think he is talking back to a taxpayer, let alone with that kind of attitude and mouth.

    He justifies his "administration's" existence and their salaries by saying they are the best. Well, Mr. Mayor, maybe they are, but I have it on good authority that one of them is making far more working for you than she/he was ever going to make at his/her last job right here in Omaha. You had to bribe them to come and work for you.

    Shame on you for treating this town the way you have. Go back to West Virginia, maybe the Governor will appoint you to something while he waits for the Senate race to roll around.

    Quit turning our City against the hardworking street, parks, fire and police employees-you should be ashamed of yourself and so should Fahey. By the way, Fahey's responsibility for the state our city was in when you got elected is the only point we can agree on. But you, Mr. Suttle, created more of a mess than even the most inexperienced of politicians ever could have and you just keep trying to dump on us more and more every single day.

  70. Interested says:

    No one is saying anything to refute the Frolic at the Fair???? So did Jane get asked to leave the Adams county fair or not???

  71. Anonymous says:

    Who cares if Jane was asked to leave? Really, it's over. What needs to be focused on is the danger Mello, Nordquist, and Snow Plow Nantkes (Conrad) pose.

    Oh wait not to worry, the "Libs" have um….. NO say in the Non-Partisian legislature!

    Heck their "Former" Leader, Tommy White, was the only muscle they had and he is nothing more than an unpleasant memory. Who will be the force behind the party of Tax and Spend?

    Nope with any luck at all the R's will pick up a couple more seats, maybe even 4, and that will pave the way for Nebraska to protect it's future.

    Imagine Mello's and Nordquist's solution to the budget shortfall. Their primary method to balance the sheet is to RAISE taxes. Since that wont happen, then their only action will be to beat up on the Gov for reducing services.

    People need to pay attention to what those two do as they are the future of Nebraksa's Liberal Party. Be afraid, very afraid, as they are the darlings of Dick Holland, and the protege of Ben Nelson.

    Other than that, have a great day knowing the R's are in control and your future is bright.

  72. Anonymous says:

    What committee is Sen Cornette the chair of again? Whew, for a moment I was unsure and thought it was the Appropriation's Committee, the one that pays the the state's bills. She is chair of the one that collects taxes.

    Now how is it that two retired cops, gotta be making at least $100K between the two of them, with jobs are in their situation? Let's list it out.

    Mr cop retirement= ~$70K
    Mrs cop disability ret = ~50K
    Mr Job= ~$200K
    Mrs Job @ Bellevue Univ.= ~$40K
    Mrs Job @ Leg (pay + Travel)= ~$20K

    Total gross= ~$380,000.00

    Not enough I suppose.

    Another RINO?

  73. Truth Seeker says:

    It seems Bold Nebraska is trying to change the issue on Jane Flemming Kleebs bad behavior at the Adams County Fair. It seems the Bold posters are now saying who cares? Well I will guarantee you this id Jordan McGrain the ED of the NEGOP was escorted out of the fair, BOLD NEBRASKA would be making it a media event and ask the Chair to have him fired. Also truth be told Jane is the defacto ED of the State Democratic Party with her running Bold Nebraska.

  74. Anonymous says:

    Adrian is a great guy and I loved how he kicked Scott Kleeb's butt. I know the faux cowboy's ego was crushed. Adrian is now a respected congressman and Scott sells weatherproofing. How's that Ivy League degree working for ya…lol

  75. Anonymous says:

    So, are you actually saying that someone that sits in the middle of Iraq and dismantles bombs and ieds before they blow up and kill soldiers and civilians doesn't deserve to be paid enough to take care of his family while he is taking care of others?

    Are you saying that if someone completes their obligation within a contract that they should not get their benefit at the end of the contract period?

    Are you saying that a person injured in the line of duty (or at work for private businesses that are required to carry workers compensation insurance) doesn't have the right to compensation for lost earnings?

    If you ask me, they look like a pretty hardworking family to me. Considering that I knew her mother pretty well and believe that if she wanted to, she could sit around and watch television all day, the fact that she is willing to work 2 jobs while her husband works in a foreign country to help save lives, she deserves a medal for all she does for her young family.

    I suppose for you liberal detractors, not providing for her children so they can suck off the teat of the government when they go to college or start their families would be more appropriate.

    It's too bad they aren't like the Kleebs. Creating a business that can only exist via tax dollars and incentives from the government. Flitting about from one idea to the next while collecting a paycheck from one liberal sugar daddy to another. Paying little girls to follow elected officials and their families around and try to entice them into "gotcha moments" for her own personal gratification.

    Yeah, the kleebs really embody Nebraska values, don't they.

    Abbie and her family= A+
    Janie and her assorteds= D-

  76. Anonymous says:

    Leave Scott Kleeb alone! He is in "Community Organizer Training 101". Jane Kleeb is his Prof. don't know who his minister is, but I am sure he will throw someone under the bus when he runs for President.

    It's the Democrat way. Live off others. make everyone else fund your "community organizing".

    And make it "society's" fault when idea after idea fails.

  77. Anonymous says:

    It just has to burn the Colorado Couple that they had to move here and Adrian is sitting in that seat and Jane is relegated to running for school board. What happened to that so-called professorship at hastings??? Scott call me I need to high R value triple pane windows before winter

  78. Anonymous says:

    @anonymous 11:03

    I'm sorry you are not capable of acquiring wealth with our current tax burden. I am sorry you are looking for the government to raise your income in the form of a tax break. My suggestion would be to quit blaming the life you are living on the taxes you are paying. Look to yourself to develop your talents and work harder to raise your income. You live in the country with the lowest tax burden and most opportunity in the world. The government can only do so much for you as far as tax breaks, go out and get yours!

  79. Anonymous says:

    "I am sorry you are looking for the government to raise your income in the form of a tax break."

    Your kidding me right? It's my freaking money to begin with!!!

  80. Anonymous says:

    Jane Kleeb is "relevant" in this state only so long as the lazy fools that work in the Nebraska news media accept her press releases as real news, and some fools in the Nebraska Democratic Party kiss the ground she walks on. They should all get off of their fat asses and go talk to real Nebraskans about real Nebraskan issues.

    Those in our state's press corps that are impressed by her, based solely on her past participation on Fox News programs, and her "cuteness," have really let the citizens of our state down.

    Also, so long as we're writing about her here on Leavenworth Street, we too are part of the problem. Ignore her and she will wither up and blow away. She thrives on the attention she receives.

  81. Anonymous says:

    Anon 12:04, without government and the services it provides (police, fire fighting, roads, armed forces, courts, etc…) you would have a difficult time earning and keeping any money. So it's not all "your money" much as you righties like to think you do everything on your own.

  82. Anonymous says:

    "Anon 12:04, without government and the services it provides (police, fire fighting, roads, armed forces, courts, etc…) you would have a difficult time earning and keeping any money."

    Ok send me a bill on those services. I agree I owe for those things. Just deduct your social engineering crap and the studies on "Lunar Moth" mating habits and the Gangster museum in Las Vegas.

  83. Anonymous says:

    Anon @ 1:12 It is my money and not yours!!! You want me to pay for all your needs? quit working for Bold Nebraska and get a real job!!!

  84. Macdaddy says:

    How 'bout Mizzou putting the smack dab on Obamacare? Holy cow. 71% against. But I'm sure it will be very popular 3 months from now.

    BTW, what does Tom White think about Obamacare? Is he for it or against it? Would he tweak it? If so, how? Does he agree with the provision that all Nebraskans must buy health insurance or pay a fine? Will he vote for the government option should the Democrats hold the majority in the next Congress?

  85. Anonymous says:

    Anon @1:35, I just want you to pay your fair share. You righties just want a free ride. (Ironically you always accuse the left of this.) If you don't want to pay taxes, then please leave the country. You'll find that as far as developed countries are concerned, our taxes are among the lowest. Korea has the lowest personal tax rate with Mexico a close second, so feel free to emigrate to one of these countries if you want to keep more of "your money". (Love it or leave it!) And not every comment you disagree with comes from Bold Nebraska.

  86. Ted Turner says:


    Thanks for working so hard for such a small wage. If it wasn't for low income people like yourself taking on such a huge tax burden Governor Heineman couldn't have given me that 13 million property tax break. God bless you and Governor Heineman.

  87. Anonymous says:

    How out of touch are the teacher's union lobbyists? They insist that the House of Rep return to Washington to pass and education and medicaid funding Bill before school starts in September. Apparently the teachers' lobby doesn't really care about the teachers and students in the Midwest where everyone returns to school in August. The only reason they go after labor Day in Washington is so all the government employees can take a month long vacation before school starts-and Congress reconvenes.

  88. Anonymous says:

    Has Tom Mulligan switched parties yet? We hear he will go hand in hand down the road with Suttle on the police contracts.

    Wouldn't be suprised to see the two of them together celebrating at McFly's.

    Looks like Mulligan will be no more than another Brad Ashford.

  89. Macdaddy says:

    Conservatives know that they have to pay taxes. What they can't stand is the absolutely wasteful ways that Democrats think up to spend it. Democrats just can't help themselves. It's almost Pavlovian: there's a problem? Must increase taxes. Doesn't matter whether it's the right thing to do or the smart thing to do or the best thing to do. I freely admit that Republicans have a lousy track record on this score, but at least with Republicans, we have a small chance of keeping some of our pay. With democrats, we have none.

    Descartes must be the Dems favorite philosopher: I tax, therefore I am.

  90. TedK says:

    Republicans spend without taxing to pay for their expenditures (see Iraq war, Medicare Part D,…). And to make things worse, they cut taxes. Democrats at least try to pay for their programs and have even had success at paying down the national debt (see Clinton). It bears repeating that our tax burden is near the lowest of all developed countries.

  91. Anonymous says:


    Can you please name a bigger waste of money than Heineman's cash giveaway to wealthy out-of-state landowners like Ted Turner?

  92. Grundle King says:

    Boil down TedK's post at 4:11, and you could have the Democratic Party's new motto…

    "We make sure to charge you when WE spend money!"

  93. TedK says:

    Which is much more responsible than the Republican saying "We make sure to pass the bills down to our kids and grandkids, so that we don't have to pay them now."

  94. Anonymous says:

    So why does someone have to claim bankruptcy on a house that burned down? Wouldn't the insurance pay it off? Hmmmmm……

    Let's figure that one out.

  95. Phil Montag says:

    Ted, we can't hold these Republicans responsible for the reckless spending that all the people they voted for and donated to took part in. Once Obama was elected they all became born-again deficit virgins and absolved themselves of all that.

  96. Julie Schmit-Albin says:

    It's my understanding from talking with Connie of South Central RTL that Jane came up to their booth and raised her voice over the NRL PAC piece we had in the booth (re:Jane's statements and actions). Security did come over but I don't believe anyone was booted out. Connie and Marcia from SCNRTL were working and the RTL booth was located next to the Kleeb energycompany booth

  97. Julie Schmit-Albin says:

    Anon 7:04 I talked to Connie the afternoon it happened (Sat 7/24) I wasn't there, just going off what Connie said. She is Prez of SCNRTL and Marcia, who was also working, is a longtime board member. They have dealt with county and state fair booth altercations over the years. Now if they had only video-taped the incident:)

  98. Nathan says:

    If the Democrats are the party is the party of tax and spend then the Republican party is the party of spend. Thanks for admitting it Macdaddy.

  99. Keep kids Alive says:


  100. Anonymous says:

    At the NDP State Convention they had a pro-life keynote speaker, Ben Nelson.

    At the NEGOP State Convention they had a pro-choice keynote speaker, Scott Brown.

  101. Anonymous says:


    If all your dreams come true and Roe vs. Wade is overturned and 2 million babies are born into poverty next year and the U.S. needs to build and maintain around 30,000 orphanages next year, can we count on you to support a tax increase for the largest entitlement spending program in history?

  102. Anonymous says:

    @anon 10:25

    That's a good question for Julie Schmit-Albin. Julie, are you prepared to support a tax increase to pay for caring for all these unwanted children in the event that you are able to successfully overturn Roe vs. Wade?

  103. Anonymous says:

    LOL. Look at the Dems on here boasting about holding the mayor jobs in Lincoln and Omaha. I'm not sure that's something you really want to take credit for. Look at the disaster facing Omaha right now. And Jim Subtle can't blame George Bush for the mess things are in. As long as you continue to elect mayors who have jumped in bed with the firefighters, you're going to continue to get screwed by your mayor. Right, Don Weasely?

  104. Macdaddy says:

    Anon 10:25: you're the one living in fantasyland. How in the world will Roe v Wade get overturned anytime soon? In the meantime, as the pro-choice folks keep aborting their children and the pro-life folks keep raising theirs to be pro-life, abortion will become safe, legal, and rare. You know the line that Democrat politicians feed everyone but have zero intention of trying to make happen. Of course, the safe part is also a lie.

  105. Grundle King says:

    TedK wrote: "Which is much more responsible than the Republican saying "We make sure to pass the bills down to our kids and grandkids, so that we don't have to pay them now.""

    Did I miss something? Have the numerous Obama spending adventures suddenly been paid for?

  106. TedK says:

    Hate to have to keep repeating myself, but the vast majority of economists regard the stimulus as necessary to prevent Great Depression II. Government becomes the spender of last resort. Without these expenditures, the economy grinds to a halt as no money is circulating. It's common sense. However if you have a problem with common sense, a paper published by two economists, one who worked on the McCain campaign and another who was on the Federal Reserve board, empirically proved that the stimulus prevented a depression. Now once our economy is stable, I agree that we need to balance our books and start paying down the debt. This will require a tax increase which I know is anathema to you right-wing types, though we have one of the lightest tax burdens of all developed countries.

  107. Phil Montag says:

    Also Ted, when we pay down the debt we need to start a special fund to prepare for the next disasterous Republican presidency.

  108. Right Wing Professor says:

    This will require a tax increase which I know is anathema to you right-wing types, though we have one of the lightest tax burdens of all developed countries.

    If you add FICA and Medicare and federal, state, and local taxes, I doubt this is true even for income. Furthermore, our corporate tax rate is one of the highest in the world.

    I'm all for letting the Bush tax cuts expire, as long as they all expire. I have no problem with the rich paying more than the poor, but I do have a problem with half the country paying no federal income tax at all. Taxes need to be unpleasant for everyone. I don't want someone who earns $20 K a year paying 39%, but I do want them paying something. Keeping the country running is everybody's burden, not just a burden on those earning more than $50 K a year.

  109. Right Wing Professor says:

    Also Ted, when we pay down the debt we need to start a special fund to prepare for the next disasterous Republican presidency.

    WHEN we pay down the debt? ROFL! Clearly, you haven't looked at Zero's budget projections.

  110. Right Wing Professor says:

    Hate to have to keep repeating myself, but the vast majority of economists regard the stimulus as necessary to prevent Great Depression II.

    The vast majority of economists also regard the stimulus as having been poorly designed, if its purpose was to stimulate the economy.

  111. TedK says:

    RWP, I partially agree with you on the tax cut expiration. I would initially let only the top rate expire. Once the economy is stable I would restore all of the rates to the Clinton levels. You and I both know that income tax is just one of many taxes, so I don't get too upset with the fact that some with lower incomes ($50K ?) don't pay income tax. And while the posted corporate tax rate is high, the effective rate paid after various accounting maneuvers and write-offs is much lower. The tax-cut component of the stimulus was the least effective part but was required to get Republican support.

  112. Anonymous says:

    Somehow, through some mix of wedge issues (flag burning, gay marriage, abortion) and Southern Strategy racism…..the party of the extremely rich & corporate destruction, has become the party of choice for middle class and poor white males. That is why you see so many people cutting their own throats on the economic issues. Being an unformed voter is just hurting the majority of people who are so scared of any change that they turn to FOX news to scare themselfs some more to vote against their own self interests. The super rich GOP people are laughing at them all the way to the bank.

  113. Anonymous says:

    wWen you have years and years of Republican de-regulation and gutting of regulatory bodies mixed in with crony capitalism. Now, no one in power, both private and public, wants to accept and admit responsibility so they scapegoat Obama and the Poor Mexican as being the source of everyone's problems. This is an old cynical game the Republican elite play to deflect and distract attention from the real source of our problems by picking on a man who has to clean up after their mistakes.

  114. Anonymous says:

    Obama promised to pay for my gas and mortgage!!!!! Where is my free money??? Where is my free health care??? I'm entitled!!!

  115. Anonymous says:

    Bush was a Dolt who ruined the United States of America. The Republican Base and some on this site voted for Bush twice. Therefore, The Republican Base, some on this site, are dolts who were complicit in ruining the United States of America

  116. Grundle King says:

    @ 1st Anon 11:15

    Pfffft…ROFL. You're complaining about the 'scapegoating of Obama', while he continues to scapegoat Republicans?! You're complaining about the scapegoating of 'poor Mexicans' while Dems continue to scapegoat the rich as being the source of all the problems in this country?! (nevermind the fact that the rich are the ones that own the companies that provide the jobs) Give me a break.

    You're right, no one in power is willing to accept responsibility for their failures…not even 'the One'.

  117. TedK says:

    Grundle, and the employees provide the work that make the companies money. Funny how so many buy into a plantation mentality and forget this side of the equation. Hope you're not an employer 'cause you'd be a terrible boss to work for. No one has said that the rich are the source of all problems in this country. They do need to pay higher taxes. Large corporations, who have somehow become persons, are the biggest problem.

  118. Anonymous says:

    RWP, you said: " our corporate tax rate is one of the highest in the world."

    Sorry, but the initial rate has little to do with reality. We've also got a huge stockpile of loopholes that corporations can jump through. Since SS doesn't like links, just Google "most US corporations don't pay taxes", and you'll get all kinds of articles. One good one is from Forbes, where it tells you how such companies, like Exxon, have found ways to pay NO taxes. I think it's time they pay their fair share, don't you? Especially since oil companies continues to get welfare from us taxpayers.

  119. Macdaddy says:

    Green energy companies get ginormous amounts of welfare from the government especially compared to amount of energy produced. Let's make sure we cut that, too.

    BTW, someone earlier made the comment that the poor and middle class are voting Republican against their own interests. Does that mean you are endorsing the selfish voter? There ya go. Democrats: Get in touch with your selfishness!

  120. GeosUser says:

    Unless a business is ceasing operations, no business pays any taxes. Consumers pay business taxes that are always included in the price paid for their goods/services. In addition to the actual taxes, consumers also pay businesses for their costs associated with collecting "business" taxes. Only a true progressive liberal socialist democrat moron wants "business" to pay their "fair share".

  121. GeosUser says:

    Need a good laugh today? Click on over to the NNN and checkout Tom White's newest tome…He's going to reform Washington and needs your help! Just for grins, I posted a reply and listed all the PAC money the White campaign has reported to the FEC as of today. Pretty interesting list of unions, SanFran Nan, the democrat congressional campaign committe, NE Dem office seekers/holders campaign funds, etc. I wonder if White's campaign has to report using the NNN website as an in-kind contribution?

  122. Phil Montag says:

    Geouser, please keep repeating over and over again that only morons think that businesses should pay their fair share of taxes, I have a good idea how well that statement would sit among independent swing voters.

  123. GeosUser says:

    Just to be clear Phil, where do you think businesses get the money to pay taxes??? And why do you think anyone with an IQ above 60 can't understand the concept? But feel free as one of those progressive liberal socialist morons to keep telling them something different.

  124. Phil Montag says:

    Any Republicans out there want to back Geouser up and proclaim that anyone who thinks businesses should pay taxes is a moron?


  125. GeosUser says:

    Since you didn't answer my question Comrade Phil, it's obvious to anyone that you are a moron.

    "Just to be clear Phil, where do you think businesses get the money to pay taxes???"

    If they don't get it from their customers through adding it to the price of their goods/services, where does it come from…the Democrat Party, the Communist Party, President Obama,
    the "stimulus bill", the Federal Reserve, just where???

  126. TedK says:

    GeoUser fails to see that corporate taxes can also be paid out of profits. Less money for the shareholders and the executives, not necessarily pulled from consumers of the business' products or services.

  127. GeosUser says:

    Just where do you think profits come from? Profits are what's left over after all expenses, including taxes, are paid from gross revenue. Sales of products/services at a "price" produce gross revenue. That "price" includes all projected expenses when "price" is set. Hence, the business' customers pay the taxes by purchasing the products/services. End of "Basic Business Concepts" chapter 1.

  128. TedK says:

    Geouser, it's not that complicated. I once started a business and still work for a mid-size one, took plenty of accounting courses, so I understand the mechanics of "profit". Let's say a business makes a profit of $10,000 and is not taxed. This can either be paid out to the owners or put back into the business. Now let's say a 10% tax is instituted. With no change in their product pricing, their profit after taxes would now be $9,000. See how easy this is? Less money to the owners or retained by the business. Price to the consumer is unchanged. Now I'm not saying that businesses never pass a tax increase on to consumers. But it's not as tightly coupled as you seem to think it is.

  129. Phil Montag says:

    Geosuser created a neww form of 'rugged individualism', saying something so outrageous (like anyone who thinks businesses should pay taxes is a moron) that nobody from your own party agrees with you.

  130. Macdaddy says:

    Nice example of Groupthink there, Phil. Whether or not Geosuser is correct depends on how many postings he gets in support. Interesting philosophy.

    Corporate taxes are actually paid on the profits after all other expenses are taken out. In essence, though, businesses will plan for taxes and adjust their prices and operating expenses accordingly, therefore, they actually don't pay taxes. Their employees pay them through lower wages. Their customers pay them through higher prices. Companies can also move their operations overseas to save on operating expenses so that they will have some profits to be taxed on. Because, after all, what do you call a business that has no profits? Bankrupt. Unfortunately, small businesses are not so lucky and are stuck with the higher corporate taxes. Some structure it so that the owner pays income taxes rather than the 35% corporate tax that US companies currently pay, which, is one of the highest in the First World. The corporate tax rate is probably the biggest impediment to an economic recovery although uncertainty about all the changes Obama wants to make is a close second. Even Charlie Rangel wants to lower the corporate tax.

  131. Right Wing Professor says:

    Businesses don't pay tax. Businesses collect tax. A corporate tax is a general consumption tax. And when the taxes businesses collect in the US make the price of goods uncompetitive, they move somewhere with lower corporate tax rates.

    Phil Montag should pick up an economics text.

  132. Phil Montag says:

    Macdaddy and Right Wing Professor,

    Do you believe businesses should pay any taxes?
    Do you think that someone who believes businesses should pay taxes is a moron?

    Just for the record I don't think you guys are morons, just have a different belief set than me on some issue.

  133. Anonymous says:

    Ted slimes:The tax-cut component of the stimulus was the least effective part but was required to get Republican support.

    Describing something as the "least effective part of the stimulus" is like trying to find the fattest kid at fat camp.

    The stimulus was an abject failure across the board.

    And there was really nothing the Republicans could do to prevent it from passing, what with the vast majority the Dems managed to sweep into office along with the Big O. Unfortunately for you guys, the novelty is wearing off a bit.

  134. Anonymous says:

    Ted barfs: The tax-cut component of the stimulus was the least effective part but was required to get Republican support.

    Good God I should hope so. European countries are going bankrupt with their tax burdens overwhelming the tax payers who have to foot the bill for government-sponsored retirement plans that pay people to stop working at 55.

  135. Anonymous says:

    Browser cut and pasted the wrong Ted quote just above. Should have been: "we have one of the lightest tax burdens of all developed countries."

  136. TedK says:

    Yeah, Europe is such a mess. You can point to Greece, Italy and Ireland (which has the lowest corporate tax rate by far). Germany's doing fine, and they have the second highest personal tax rate. You folks need to study more and quit being such ideologues, especially when your beliefs conflict with reality. An increase in corporate taxes is not necessarily passed on to consumers. I'm finding out that many of you think everything is black and white and can't fathom any complexity beyond 1 + 1 = 2. Let's say we added a corporate surtax on any salaries and other compensation over $1,000,000. In your belief system companies will just pass the added costs on to consumers. You may be right. But it is also possible that it would cause companies to reduce CEO pay so it's something less than 300 times the average worker's pay. When I entered the work force it was 30 times. Guess CEOs have gotten 10 times more valuable to their companies. NOT.

  137. Macdaddy says:

    TedK: Actually, some CEOs are worth that much. Some are not. How is it the government's business as to which CEOs get what salary? Because if you think the government has the right to tax those people down to whatever take home pay little Timmy Geithner the tax cheat thinks is reasonable, then they certainly have every right to do that to you. It's just a matter of time. Rich people don't make enough to balance the budget.

  138. TedK says:

    MacDaddy, read my posts more closely. The corporation would be taxed more heavily when salaries were over a certain level, not the employee. Or better yet cap the corporations payroll deduction over a certain amount. Corporations would still be free to pay whatever they wished. They would just be taxed more if the pay was excessive. This is the only way CEO salaries will ever be checked. You have to realize that it's an insiders game. CEOs sit on the boards of other companies, and are on the committee that sets those companies CEO salaries. The incentive is to keep raising salaries so the CEOs on my board will raise mine. I do agree that everyone's taxes will have to increase. But to be fair the marginal rates at the top need to increase more.

  139. Right Wing Professor says:

    Do you believe businesses should pay any taxes?


    A publicly owned corporation is not a person. it is not a sentient entity. Its purpose is to make money for its equity holders, and if it is well run, it does that. Speaking about 'fairness' when it comes to corporate taxation marks you, well, as someone who doesn't understand these basic facts.

  140. Right Wing Professor says:

    Yeah, Europe is such a mess. You can point to Greece, Italy and Ireland (which has the lowest corporate tax rate by far). Germany's doing fine, and they have the second highest personal tax rate.

    Ireland's GDP increased by 497% from 1989 – 2009, a time period which includes the recent recession. Germany's increased by 149%.

    Most economists (and anyone who knows anything about Ireland) attribute Ireland's amazing growth in the 1990s and 2000s to the low corporate tax rate. The recent problems were caused by a real estate bubble far worse than ours. Basically, their economy grew so fast it caused massive imbalances. Mid decade, the Dublin property market was insane. My parents' house, a modest four-bed one-bath duplex in Dublin, was bought in 1967 for $15,000. We sold it in 2007 for $1.3 million. My brothers still claim we missed the market peak.

    Ireland is now out of recession after slashing government spending. Paul Krugman says that's the wrong way to do it. But if Ireland had taken Paul Krugman's advice in 1989, it would still be the poorest country in Europe.

  141. Right Wing Professor says:


    To illustrate how Ireland doubled its GDP in four years by having the lowest corporate taxes in the EU, I should tell you the story of the Coca Cola syrup scam.

    Coca Cola is obviously an American corporation, but they have subsidiaries in most countries in the world. The 'secret' syrup is made in America, and exported; it is turned into soda in the country of sale.

    Ireland joined the EU in the 1970s; this meant there were no tariffs on trade between Ireland and countries like France and Germany. Ireland also lowered its corporate tax rate to 10%, lower than any other country in the EU.

    What Coca Cola realized was that it could export all its syrup first to Ireland, selling it to Coca Cola (Ireland) Ltd.. Coca Cola (Ireland) then re-exported it to the rest of Europe, but it exported it with a massive mark-up. None of the other subsidiaries in Europe could make a profit, and so they paid no corporate tax. Meanwhile, Coca Cola Ireland made a humungous profit, and paid 10% of it to the Irish government, before repatriating it to the US. Result: Coca Cola paid a low 10% tax on its European sales, even though it was selling billions of cans of soda in countries with much higher corporate taxes. Ireland raked in billions of dollars in taxes, because even at 10%, the taxes on total European sales of Coke are massive. Thousands of Irish guys had well paying jobs, because moving the syrup employed people from dockhands up to CFOs. The only people screwed over were the Germans and French, who took years to figure out what was going on, and lost billions because of their zeal to milk corporations.

    The same thing happened with other companies; Dell, Intel, etc.. And right now, even though the IRS looks out for this sort of thing, it's happening to the US.

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