Don’t tease me Bro!

This is a tease.
Leavenworth Street is conducting a tease of an announcement (possibly very big) likely scheduled for this coming Thursday in Omaha, that will affect (mainly) Omaha politics.
This is only a tease.
This concludes this tease on Leavenworth Street.

**UPDATE 7:30 pm**
Small town.  Cat’s (RRRrrrrr!) out of the bag.

(But whomever can deduce the clue given in the picture to the right wins a L. St. silver dollar.)


Oh, and the NEGOP will be holding a presser Tuesday morning.

Omaha-area State Senators Bob Krist, Beau McCoy, John Nelson, and Rich Pahls will join NEGOP Chair Mark Fahleson to discuss their opposition to Omaha Mayor Jim Suttle’s proposed tax increases.


And former Senator Chuck Hagel was sort of in the news today.

Seems he is endorsing Democrat Congressman Joe Sestak for Senate in Pennsylvania.

Of course, our first reaction was, “Well, that’s one way to get on Democrat Senators’ good side for any potential SecDef confirmation hearings next year.” Seeing as they’d need something to get them over two GOPers in a row for that spot.”

The Washington Post’s Chris Cillizia echoed our sentiment calling it the “Me Me Endorsement”:

The simple fact is that Sestak won’t gain anything of significant substance from the endorsement; he may get some residual benefit from the perception that Hagel, like Bloomberg, is independent-minded or the expectation-turning that a Republican not backing former Rep.Pat Toomey (R-Pa.) creates.

On the other hand, there could be genuine benefit for Hagel — albeit symbolic. Hagel is rightly understood as trying out for a Cabinet job and the more he can show a willingness to put party aside to do what he believes is the right thing, the more attractive he will be to President Obama and his inner circle.

The irony is that the list of major legislation that Sestak favors is almost the exact opposite of what Hagel fought for in Congress.

Well, maybe now Mayor Suttle can get Hagel to come out in favor of his budget…

(We know he’s not going to get any help from Fahey…)


  1. One Out In The Third says:

    I guess this means I have to go listen to Omaha's Premiere Loudmouth Tom Becka if I want to learn now. I guess it's time for a hefty city income tax.

  2. Right Wing Professor says:

    I'd call Hagel a whore, but that's an insult to women driven to commercial sex by economic deprivation. Is there any depth to which Chuckie won't stoop to get a job with Obama?

    I also love the way the MSM is describing Chuck as a 'moderate Republican'. He had close to a 98 ACU rating until he detected the wind shifting.

  3. Nathan says:

    Hmmmm. Either #1. this is a drastic change of heart for him, #2 he is trying to keep his name in the news, #3 or he is trying to get a administration job. Possibly all three of the above, more likely its only #3 though.

  4. Ricky says:

    My I am waiting with baited breath to hear the Nebraska Legislatures Republicans take on Suttles budget.
    Why didn't the GOP win the race for the Mayorship if they have such great ideas?
    Also I predict the recall effort will fail, and it is a dumb idea anyway. If the GOP thinks they are the cat's pajamas then take the job from Mr Suttle next election. I bet they can't do it. Omaha is a Democratic town now.

    Ricky From Omaha

  5. Anonymous says:

    Don Walton is such a political hack. Why not drop this pretext of him being a journalist? He so blatently carries water for the Democratic party, it's sickening. Today is his newsy-ish piece on Upchuck Hagel. It puts the most favorable spin possible on Hagel endorsing Sestak. Doesn't mention anything whatsoever about Hagel's ambitions as a motive. If it had been someone pandering to a Republican leader (like the next POTUS), you know that would have been the main thrust of Walton's article.

    Democrats around here love to bash Glenn Beck but at least Beck doesn't try to portray himself as some neutral and objective journalist. Don Walton, that makes you worse than Glenn Beck.

  6. Anonymous says:

    To the ignorant Ricky: Do you remember what Jim Suttle said in his high priced ads??? Something about cutting taxes??? Sounds like a republican position to me.

  7. Anonymous says:

    It is not that simple.

    Hagel and Nelson aren’t liberals. They are Nebraskans, taught from birth to trust political personalities and to appreciate unbalanced government. The deep and abiding political stupidity of Nebraskans, when applied in DC politics, sometimes leads to men like Hagel and Nelson too easily slipping away from their own principles in exchange for power.

    Sure Hagel and Nelson are whores. Everyone in DC is a political whore. They all seek power. But unlike most whores in DC, Hagel and Nelson perform their whoring outside on the sidewalk in public. Get a room, guys.

    There are other ways for politicians to whore themselves for power other than to latch onto Obama's rear. Whatever the reason, we all see Hagel and Nelson sniffing Barry's butt on primetime news. It isn't pretty.

  8. Anonymous says:

    To Ricky: I see you like to wear a clown t-shirt. Anyway, We will se how demopcratic this town is when Lee Terry wins and Obama loses by 10 points in Douglas County. The independents are on to your progressive ways. My advice Ricky is to stop drinking the kool-aid!!!

  9. One Out In The Third says:

    Anon on Walton…

    How many "journalists" in Nebraska do you know that aren't liberal waterboys or girls?

  10. Uncle Wiggily says:

    …"baited breath"?!!?

    Hahahahahahahahahaha … Sweet Jebus … out of the mouths of fools ….

    (Pssst, Ricky … it's "bated breath" – meaning to tensely hold one's breath in anticipation … "baited breath" means something … uhh … altogether different)

    May I suggest a good idiom dictionary for those who wish to go on-line and swing the king's english around their head like a dead cat?


  11. Anonymous says:

    UW, have you considered sending a copy of that book you're pushing to Sarah Palin or George Bush? This is a political blog. If you want to correct grammer and spelling errors you should probably go volunteer at your local high school.

  12. Right Wing Professor says:

    If you want to correct grammer and spelling errors you should probably go volunteer at your local high school.

    That's 'grammar'.

    (Nyuk nyuk nyuk.)

  13. NE Voter says:

    City Council should be done with the 2010-2011 budget inside the hour. Let's review.

    Suttle passes 2009-2010 budget? Check.

    Suttle passes Fire union contract reforms? Check.

    Suttle passes 2010-2011 budget? Check.

    By my reckoning, that's Suttle 3, Noobity and Mean Jean Stothert 0.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I love Uncle Wiggly! My kind of poster. I agree that if you just can't help but be a smart ass, then at least take the time to spell your words correctly so you don't end up looking like a dumb ass, instead.

  15. Right Wing Professor says:

    Uh, NE Voter, looks like reports of the 2010-2011 budget's passage were premature. Judging by the OWH blog, it's chaos in the council chamber.

  16. Nathan says:

    The budget in Omaha has been passed. I haven't heard word of who voted for what but they voted for 13 million in spending cuts apparently. Out of towners who work in Omaha are getting royally screwed and taxes on restaurants and bars now total 9% of your bill. Otherwise its not ttttoooooo bad, hopefully the streets can be fixed at least!

  17. Anonymous says:

    Wonder if the Legislature will trim the Out of Towners Tax? Or will Senators McCoy, Krist, and Lautenbaugh just wink and let it go by. You know that was why they had their press conference, to do a little CYA so they don't get hit with the negatives.

  18. Grundle King says:

    Ricky horked: "Why didn't the GOP win the race for the Mayorship if they have such great ideas?"

    Good question, but here's a better one. Why are the Democrats projected to lose seats in both the House and Senate if they have such great ideas?

  19. Anonymous says:

    Why are the Democrats projected to lose seats in both the House and Senate if they have such great ideas? Because the economy sucks and the people in power always get blamed. Even if they inherited the problem and it's not something that is easily fixed. Especially when the party out of power obstructs rather than helping to work on a solution.

  20. Grundle King says:

    Maybe the people in power get blamed because they're the ones who are responsible. The Dems have controlled Congress for the last 4 years…you know, the part of the government that actually writes the budgets?

    It's a good thing the Republicans are obstructing…who knows how bad things would be screwed up if the Dems REALLY had their way.

    BTW, you can't really accuse the Republicans of not offering solutions…though I suppose you could accuse them of offering 'bad' solutions…if 'bad' were taken to mean anything you don't like. They've offered solutions, and the Dems don't listen. All the Dems can hear are chants of "Mandate! Mandate! Mandate!". Good or bad, finance-gufus Barney Frank still thinks 'mandate' is actually two words.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Grundle, the damage was done way before the Dems controlled Congress in 2007. And the first budget the Dems could even affect was the 2008 Budget. The president submits the budget, and while Congress can change the submitted budget, the president can also veto it. The only "solutions" from Republicans are tax cuts and spending cuts (but no specificity). Bad "solutions" are those that no honest, educated person thinks will work.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Wrong again, it is on the House to pass a budget. PERIOD! Pelosi won't even attempt to present a budget to her Conference let alone try to pass one because then they would be obligated to live within it.

    When was the last "budget" presented or passed by Congress?

    Anyone, anyone? Bueller, Bueller?

  23. Anonymous says:

    From wikipedia: The President, according to the Budget and Accounting Act of 1921, must submit a budget to Congress each year. The House and Senate Budget Committees begin consideration of President's budget proposals in February and March The process starts with the president. Considering how intransigent Republicans have been, how many changes do you think Democrats could make without causing a Bush veto?

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