Omahans have been talking about it since the week Omaha Mayor Jim Suttle took office.

Anthony Fasthorse thought about it real hard, then gave up a week ago.

But folks, it looks like the real deal will be announced on Thursday.

The report we have is that the Campaign to Recall Mayor Jim Suttle is in full gear.
And it is being lead (as reported by Joe Jordan the other day, after we hinted at it) by :

1) former Omaha Mayoral Recall chief Jim Cleary;
2) Omaha Burger King mogul Mike Simmonds; and
3) Tom Jizba, owner of Atlas Engineering, and more recently of the Omaha Property Owners Association, which paid for a poll showing Omahans were not gruntled with their current Mayor.

It is our understanding that Omaha Alliance for the Private Sector spokesdude, Dave Nabity, will not be and/or is not directly involved with this effort.

There may be others involved as well who may be the faces of the effort, much like Cleary was back in the Recall Mike Boyle campaign in 1987. The name of the Cleary’s group back in that day was, “Citizens for Mature Leadership”, and they succeeded in ousting Boyle on a vote of 56% – 44%.

No word yet on what this group will be called, or the exact focus of their effort. (We would note that, and are all taken and reserved anonymously.)

Joe Jordan noted that, “In order to recall Suttle, the Mayor’s opponents would first have to acquire the signatures of 26,642 registered voters in the City of Omaha. Those signatures must be gathered within 30 days.

It is our understanding that this group will focus on Election Day, November 2nd, to collect the required signatures (also recently noted by Jordan).

Of course our information is very fluid at this point, and much of it could change.

But keep your ears pressed to the internets over the next few days.

Politics in Omaha could be blowin’ up.


From the folks at…  Their newser will be at 9:30am on Thursday on the,

“… formation of a committee to explore the possibility of a petition campaign to recall Mayor Jim Suttle.”

**UPDATE 2** streaming the presser live on Thursday morning at 9:30am.


  1. Anonymous says:

    The one thing Suttle has going for him in this sorry mess is that Cleary is the kiss of loss. ie. Councilman Chip Maxwell and Mayor Hal's victory last time out.

    So the fat cats got together and found their bad boy. Oh goody. A blast from the real past from Arizona back to save our day. Charming.

    Oh the poll…nothing contrived there given who conducted it for that less than 1% sample. If the poll was so accurate, how do you explain Jerram's favorable ratings after what's come out of his mouth of late?

    At least I know what my money went for eating at Burger King back in the day. Now I know why junk food is bad for me.

    Ya don't recall every time you don't like what happens after an election. You vote.

  2. Oh mander says:

    The first line says it all. The fact that "Omahans have been talking about it since the week Omaha Mayor Jim Suttle took office" shows that people that wanted Daub to win were going to complain about Suttle no matter what he did. I don't think he's done anything that warrants a recall, but hey, that's just me.

  3. Anonymous says:

    So how about that Legislative Class of 08 and the State wide testing.

    I wish I kuld reed two. with $800+ million going to edukashun ewu wud think the skools wud do a betua job of teechin.

    Not to be picky but just what the heck has been going on for all these years? Pumping hundereds of millions of dollars into a system, EVERY YEAR, which has pretty much the same number of students as they did in 1960. Sure there are differences in the students, more languages to contend with etc., but what the heck over.

    And now there is &70+ thousand spent for a survey for the the "Learning Community". Well based on the reading scores it looks like most schools can't cut the mustard. So the answer will of course be……. SPEND MORE MONEY AND HIRE MORE ADMINISTRATORS!

    Do the same thing over and over and expecting different results?

    The education mafia needs to …..

  4. Anonymous says:

    Just because he doesn't give you want you want does not mean he's incompetent. I hardly think a man gets to be VP of HDR because he is incompetent in his dealings. He is, however, a PR nightmare when it comes to educating the public and for that his "people" are the blame for not telling him different. There again, no offense to Ronnie, but you have to do better than a defunct weather man.

    Even George had his Karl.

  5. where is Sen. Lawyer Lautenbaugh says:

    If we ditch Suttle, who is mayor? Someone on the city council? Do we have a special election? And if election, is there a primary?

  6. GeosUser says:

    If Suttle is recalled before his second anniversary, the city council will appoint an interim mayor and set a special election to elect a new mayor. If the recall is past that time, then the interim mayor would serve out Suttle's term. If you Suttle staffers and/or local Dems think Cleary is the driver behind this, you're sadly mistaken. Look for more members of the business community to join this effort and put money into it. I wouldn't be surprised if the Chamber even endorsed the effort. Unfortunately, the police union deal is done, the fire union deal will be done shortly so there won't be an immediate impact when Suttle is removed. Now if only they could rid us of Jerram and Mulligan at the same time.

  7. Macdaddy says:

    I'm a little confused by the recall. Didn't the Council sign off on his budget and the police and fire contracts? How is removing Suttle going to change anything? The City Council is as big of a problem as is the mayor.

    I'm just glad I don't live in Omaha.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Geosuser thinks it's "unfortuante" that Omaha's police and firemen be given a fair contract and a respectable wage. What are they, loafers milking big government's teet? NO!! They pull children out of burning buildings and take down bad guys, two of the most honorable professions there are. Geosuser isn't fit to sit at the same table with any of Omaha's police or firefighters.

  9. Right Wing Professor says:

    Well, on the one hand the only good Democrat Mayor is a recalled Democrat mayor.

    On the other hand, seriously, didn't y'all know when you voted for Suttle that you were in for tax hikes and sweet union deals? The general disposition of the Democrat party is hardly a secret. Why not save all the fuss and muss and not vote for them in the first place?

  10. Chris says:

    When he doesn't understand that taxing 4 other counties, two of which are in IOWA, is a stupid idea; when he doesn't believe in doing a simple background check or ask rudamentary questions about his co-chief of staff; when he's okay with paying 24% interest on a car lease; and when he doesn't realize that the collapse of the world economy MIGHT have an effect on the revenues the city receives, he's incompetent. And you're right, he hasn't given me what I want: I want him to resign

  11. GeosUser says:

    Anon 12:25,
    I'm convinced both Omaha police and fire are grossly overpaid, both while on the job and more so in retirement. Their combination of wages & benefits should be cut by at least 50%. If they don't like it, I'm sure they can take their highly valuable skills and experience elsewhere for even more money. If you have hundreds of people lining up to join either force, then you are by definition over compensating them. Let's get real. They are blue collar folks who value their services at significantly above their real worth. They are just over compensated…period.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Ever since Suttle won, there's been nothing but a lot of bitching and moaning on here by the usual crowd. I've never heard once real solid suggestions on how to handle the complete clusterturd that is Omaha. But, hey, let's recall him and put in another person who will have the same problems and, if you don't somehow magically do please this crowd, be sure to recall that person also! What a bunch of whiny idiots. Glad I don't live in Omaha.

  13. Street Sweeper says:

    And the answer is…

    See a few more tidbits in the Update at the end of the post.


  14. GeosUser says:

    Here's a way to "fix" the police and fire union pension problems. Drop the pension and convert them all to a 403(b) plan. For already earned pension benefits, the city would buy each individual an annuity that would be equivalent to today's cash value of their already earned pension benefit. This is how the private sector converted from pensions to 401(k) plans. It would still be expensive to implement but not in the same ballpark as $500-600 million. The city Finance Dept should be "hedging" vehicle fuels, electricity, natural gas, snow & ice removal costs, etc. Net cost to taxpayers…nothing but would "lock in" budgets for those items. Then I'd try to privatize golf courses, parks, libraries, etc., that are not a valid government function. Lastly, I'd defund any city sponsored and/or participation in any "social programs" that again are not a function of city government. How's that for a few ideas for getting Omaha's city finances in order??? A top to bottom performance audit of all city government would be advisable and it's already overdue.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Actually, it's been talked about since the night of the election on this very blog. No matter how long you wait or how you spin it: it's still sour grapes from Hal and friends. Apparently the new GOP strategy is "Who needs elections when we have recalls!?" Brilliant

  16. Oh mander says:

    To Geouser and others that point to the City's financial woes as a reason for the recall:

    Recall voter referendums and special elections are not free. Spending money that we don't have is a stupid way to demonstrate anger over a budget shortfall that Suttle did not cause.

  17. gldeys says:

    I truly hope the ramifications of a Suttle recall are thought out thoroughly.

    I don't like Suttle's "It was the prior administration's fault." (which if I recall, he was part of). So, I do not entirely agree with the things he is doing.

    Gary Garnandt is next in line. He is the closest thing to a Suttle clone as you can get. Would we really be better off with Gernandt as a mayor?

  18. Anonymous says:

    Where do I sign and how many friends can I bring to the signing. Looks like they need less than 1000 signatures a day. Vote on Election day and sign the petition before you leave the area. Bye Bye Jimster!

  19. Anonymous says:

    So, Sweeps, thanks for posting the 3 of the faces of the recall effort. Let's summarize shall we

    1. Face #1, Coloradan, GOP operative and former Hal Daub Campaign manager (sore loser's club) is involved.

    2. Face #2, Would someone get me another supersized, sour grapes club, Whopper with Fries and Jimmy Johns magnate.

    3. Face #3. I live in Bennington and am an omaha landlord, Jizzy Jizba.

    So, two of the 3 leaders are out of town interlopers.

    Nice work.
    Thanks for the info.

    Oh, and how smart can Simmonds be when the boycotts start–

  20. Anonymous says:

    3:44 –

    1) It's a lot bigger than that and going to grow

    2) Pay for your own and stop trying to freeload off the back of tax payers.

    3) A consultant and someone who is directly affected by Suttle's incompetence? The out of town interlopper thing doesn't fly.

    I'm pretty sure Simmonds could care less about boycotting BK or Jimmie Johns for that matter. He doesn't own them anymore.

    Sounds like the real sour grapes come from the suttlites who know they are about to get their arses whooped.

  21. Anonymous says:

    What do we have to worry about? Isn't Chris Jerram going to be the next Mayor? Afterall, he showed such great leadership yesterday.

    Oh, wait. They raised taxes…didn't they. And the cuts and lower tax INCREASES he admitted will be vetoed.

    Well, we always have the satellite dish tax to fall back on…

  22. Anonymous says:

    Interesting Boycott comment. Must be a firefighter. That is exactly what they did to Bart Bonn, owner of Ashley Lynnes Tanning Co.

  23. Anonymous says:

    If I am running for office, I WANT my opponent to be endorsed by the fire union.

    Everyone thinks those guys are selfish, greedy thugs now.

  24. Nathan says:

    I personally think Omahans are a little to recall happy. We recalled Mike Boyle, we tried to recall Daub, Fahey, and now Suttle. Its called an election people, when your guy (or gal) loses you can try again in 4 years instead of wasting tax payer money on a recall election.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Hey Nathan, You recall people when they are incompetent and don't keep their promises. I'd start looking for a job Pam….I mean Nathan

  26. NE Voter says:

    Well, Suttle Watcher's back.

    Whatever happened to Jim Vokal and his OMAPA watchdog group that saved the city pools last year?

    For that matter, where's the Ideas For Omaha guy who used to go on Becka's show when David Nobody was busy.

    Both of their websites are gone.

    What happened?

  27. Anonymous says:

    Scott Lautenbaugh is supported by the fire fighters union. He even passed a bill that takes more money from their pensions!!

  28. gldeys says:

    Hey Nathan… Your pal Suttle vouched to "lower property taxes" during his campaign. This is when he was on the City Council and had first hand knowledge of the budgets and finances of the city. So why hasn't he made good on his promises?

  29. Anonymous says:

    I laugh at the ignorant folks on here who attack the poll based on sample size. You folks haven't a clue. I took stats and a class on opinion polling in college and I used to work for Gallup and I can assure you that the sample size was sufficient to provide a reasonably accurate picture. The key is whether it was sufficiently random. But, trust me, the sample was plenty big enough.

  30. Nathan says:

    Its called short term pain for long term gain people. Its better to spend 23,000 on a new police cruiser than having to spend 4000 in repairs for an old cruiser that will have to be replaced someday anyway. There was a good article in the OWH about it not that long ago. Getting a better bond rating means we pay lower interest rates on our bonds for new roads. And speaking of new roads, have you driven down the streets here in Omaha? If you can honestly say they dont need some work then your either blind or a liar. Nobody likes paying taxes, but if we want to live in a first class city we have to pay for it. I live and work in the city, I own a home (technically the bank owns it but Im paying them back on a monthly basis), I go out to eat in bars and restaurants, Im not going to enjoy it as much and will probably cut back, but I also recognize the logic in parts of the plan.

    Suttle should take the smart play and vote for this budget from the City Council, he will get murdered in the press (more so than he already is) if he goes for more.

  31. City Slicker says:

    Wait, did I miss something? What's stopping all the surrounding City's from enacting the same type of commuter tax that the Omaha City Council just passed?

    Why don't all the people who live in Iowa or Sarpy just find jobs there instead if they don't like it? That's because all the jobs are here in Omaha. The rest of this state and eastern Iowa have been sucking on the money teet that Omaha provides for years. If you want real financial reform look to the State Senators to solve our problems. They have the power they're just afraid to use it.

  32. Rob says:

    This whole taxation without representation argument is weak. Go buy something in Iowa and pay sales tax, a visitor to Omaha pays a hotel tax, work in Iowa and pay income tax there (and here). Unless you are only going to live in your town and stay there and never leave, you are always going to pay taxes where you have no vote in it. I hate this raising taxes too and will support a recall, but the whole representation thing doesnt hold water.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Nathan, I don't think many would disagree that if you want to live in a nice city, that you need to pay for it.

    I doubt Suttle would have won his election if he said "I'm Jim Suttle, and I will raise all sorts of taxes and create a slew of new ones too". Instead, he said he'd lower the property tax.

    It seems to me like he deliberately lied to get elected. That does not fit into my definition of integrity.

  34. Nathan says:

    Anon 11:52,
    And if the economy hadn't nosedived I doubt taxes would have been raised at all. When those were made it was a much better economy in this city. Would Daub have won if he he were to campaign on laying off cops and firefighters and charging more for city golf courses? (That pissed off some people more than raising property taxes) At this junction we're left with the options to cut costs, raise taxes or both. How many cops should we cut?

    Oh, and Dave Nabity is an idiot, always has been and looks like he always will be.

  35. Anonymous says:


    Im most cases, those are voluntary taxes, You can choose to go ther, and pay the taxes associated with going there, or not.

    For workers in Omaha, this will be a mandated tax. You work in Omaha, you pay, regardless of where you live. In this job market most don't have a choice where they work, can't really just pick up and move your job.

    It is also a regressive tax for the city. In a time where we need more jobs in Omaha, the city just told potential employers it will cost their potential employees more and it will cost their business more in administraive costs to collect the tax.

    Basically, it is a job killing tax.

    Ben Gray of all people should have opposed this. His district is in dire need of local jobs. What business is going to move there now? Answer? None.

    CB, Papio, La Vista and Bellvue have to be loving this. Orediction is you will see a number of businesses that can move, move outside of the city. This will end up a net loss in revenue, just as the restaurant tax will be.

  36. From The Bleachers says:

    To Annon 3:44 PM-

    1) Actually Cleary lives in Arizona, but has clients in many states. You miss state your "fact" about Jim being the campaign manager for Hal. Sorry not true. I'm sure it won't matter to you that he has family here and frequently visits.(He probably doesn't live here because of the taxes Mayor Simple wants to impose.)

    2)Mike Simmons no longer owns the Burger Kings here. Sorry that the fact doesn't fit your argument. Besides, I don't think many Omahans would be boycotting BK or Jimmy John's (they are freakishly FAST!).

    3) So what id Mr. Jizba does not live in Omaha, but a suburb. He has business in Omaha, pays taxes in Omaha and may soon have to pay additional taxes if Mayor Simple's budget passes. Maybe Mr. Jizba wants representation with his taxation.

  37. Anonymous says:

    "Why not save all the fuss and muss and not vote for them in the first place." – RWP

    Is that why you don't vote for anyone ever Gerard?

  38. Anonymous says:

    It's official:

    Omaha is now a banana republic with a bunch of idiots trying to run a coup.

    That's really good for attracting business.

  39. GeosUser says:

    Recall Press Announcement Review,
    They are off to an inauspicious start in dealing with the local press. They may have gone into the event with a clear message on serious concerns with demonstrated fiscal mismanagement but they let themselves get sidetracked taking questions for which they had not yet formulated a clear, concise and cohesive response. On the upside, they will get better at it and, if they do move forward, they are quite likely to succeed.

  40. NE Voter says:


    Recall spokes-Hatriot Jeremy Aspen just referred to the Mayor's "collectivist mentality," and how that just doesn't work in Omaha.

    Does Ben & Jerry's serve a Banana Republic Split?

    Just LOL

  41. Anonymous says:

    KFAB just said the election commissioner told them two other recall efforts were started today; against Jean Stothert and Pete Festersen…..the only 2 good ones on them council

  42. Anonymous says:

    Nathan, I still don't buy your reason. Suttle was in office just a few weeks before this budget crises was discovered. It was always there. The pension shortfall was there, the bad roads were there. Suttle just flapped his gums during his campaign to get elected.

  43. Anonymous says:

    There is no way that Suttle did not know about this. He was on the City Council for 4 years and had access to the information upon asking. Did he just not ask so he would not have to answer to it during the election? He accused his opponents of "scaring" voters. It appears the voters should have been scared!

  44. Anonymous says:

    Dave Nabity may not be "officially" a part of this effort but Mike Simmonds is. It is well known that Mike Simmonds is the President of the Omaha Alliance for the Private Sector, of which Nabity is the Secretary and spokesperson.

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