2010 Halloween SABs!

Ah, our favorite time of year.
Autumn leaves? Trick or Treating?  Election week?


Halloween Separated at Birth, of course — our FIVE year anniversary!

You remember them from 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009.

Well, this year we tore off a page of stamps and based all of our SABs on ’em:

So hereeeeeeee we go!

First former Omaha Mayoral spokesdude…

Next, Democrat Lt. Governor candidate…
Embattled Omaha Mayor…
State Senator and 2nd District Congressional candidate…
And last, but not least, Nebraska’s senior Senator…
Woo hoo!  And Happy Halloween!


  1. Anonymous says:

    SS, you got the "evil" look down, but Tom White can't keep his eyes open that wide without toothpicks after a flight with the lobbyists out to a "field hearing".

    Happy Hour just got a new nickname!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Tom cant be too happy now that it all but over……. hehehehehe!

    The sweet, sweet vision of White leaving Nebraska Politics!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Where is the witch from Connecticut? O'Donnall. Then the two vampires from Alaska. Palin and Wilson. Talk about two blood suckers for the rich out of the middle class. Then Sara Angle the banshee with her shrill voice spouting nonsense. Adrian Smith the scare crow fro the wizard of OZ. No brain there. The Cowardly lion would be Lee Terry pretty easy to see that one. Your right it is fun to tell the truth

  4. Anonymous says:

    Sweeper, make sure you sweep up the dead donkey bits after the election. Nelsonstein and Phantom of Obama will try to sew new monsters from the rotting parts. That won't work but it will stink.

    This isn't an election. It is an exorcism. And Republicans aren't leading it. It is townspeople with pitchforks and torches heading to burn the monster. Republicans have been telling a disbelieving public for years that the monster is real. Two years of Obama have proven it to be real.

    Thanks Barry, you have gutted the Democratic Party like no one else could. Republicans are just tagging along, trying to keep up behind all the townspeople and your own jilted Liberals as they vie to see which one can drive a pitchfork into you and torch your place.

    "Have fun, boys. Enjoy storming the castle!"

  5. One Out In The Third says:

    Great post…although it doesn't scare me as much what's going to happen in the upcoming Lame Duck session of Congress and the last two years of Obama. It's going to be much worse than anything even the Abominable Dr. Phibes could conjure up.

  6. Street Sweeper says:

    A glass…Haunted House?
    What are you getting at?
    That I'm secretly in the horror movie industry?
    Stamp collecting?
    Help me out here…

  7. Haley says:

    Here is a SAB movie monster nomination Scott Lautenbaugh and that movie monster classic Mike Meister. "Attack of the 300 lb Liberal"

    More than likely Senator Scott should go as Philip Morris executive. Since he is so good at lying with a straight face. Scott, are you still telling folks that you haven't taken any tobacco industry contributions?

  8. Street Sweeper says:

    Attention Haters:

    I'm guessing this SAB has struck a chord with some of you b/c all of the SABers here are Dems. I will tell you that I only realized that AFTER I put them all together.

    My goal, when creating these is to find a good match that may be funny. You can realize this from the SABs I've done over the past six years, and particularly the Halloween ones over the past 5.

    When I finished, I thought about going back and switching one of them with an R. But which one? Is there a good substitution? I didn't see one. And frankly, since these are funny I didn't see a need.

    But of course, there are a few of you who who are just up in arms in your traditionally politically correct fairness fashion, or whatever.

    So I offer you this:

    If you have a better, or at least good match with one of these stamp pics, make yourself an SAB and send it to me at leavenworthst@gmail.com. If it's good, I will post it.

    I will not make it for you, per some suggestion.

    Go for it.

    Street Sweeper

  9. Anonymous says:

    I feel so childish for laughing so hard. You captured the pure essence of Boyle. Nelson is a good match as well. Silly, creative and hilarious. Thanks!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Frankenstein was the doctor not the monster. Doctor Victor Frankenstein's monster was named "Legion" because he was "many". Legion was sewn together from parts of Democrats who had burst under pressure.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I heard he has indicated he would like to run for mayor. Pretty pathetic that he looks at the next one while still running in another one.

  12. Anonymous says:

    832, you are too stupid to be posting. Get a dictionary and read a paper.

    BTW, cowardly is sucker punching someone in a dark parking lot and then running before the cops come.

    Cowardly is using your law license to threaten people trying to collect for work done.

    Yeah, Tom White is a coward and a bully-but aren't they always one in the same any way?

  13. Proud to Have Served says:

    Tom White is spewing BS at a record rate on Tom Becka's tonight.

    You know how full of it he is when he makes a comment like the following. "…… Offutt AFB has a one billion dollar impact on the state"

    You must not have paid any attention to the briefings, it is over 2 Billion in direct impact, 13000+ jobs, and almost 4 BILLION in indirect impact!

    AND YOU WOULDN'T LET THE MILITARY REITREES have a tax break. It was YOUR LACK of leadership on the Revenue Committee TOM WHITE that keeps Nebraska as one of ONLY 5 states with NO recognition of Retired Military.


  14. Anonymous says:

    Tom White is a Jim Suttle style of politician. He'll lie directly to your face and then accuse you of distorting the facts.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Anon 9:46- Isn't that most Progressives/liberals/Dems today?

    Isn't it odd how Democrats became Liberals and now are Progressives? Yet Republicans are Republicans, and Conservatives are Conservatives, and Tea Party activists are American Heroes!

    Just makes you wonder when the Democrates are going to kick the Progressive Liberals out?

  16. Kyle Michaelis says:

    I am a Democrat. I am a liberal. I am a progressive. I am a Nebraskan.

    I am proud of what President Barack Obama and the Democratic Congress have accomplished in the face of great adversity. I recognize that Tuesday's election is going to be tough for those who share my ideals. That's okay – we don't live in the 60% – 40% Democratic nation created by the Republican Party's failures under President Bush. Some rebalancing is necessary for our government to reflect the American people's values. Although probably again lurching too far in one direction, I hope this election will be healthy for our democracy.

    But, nothing ends this Tuesday. With greater power, Republicans will have to live up to their responsibility to offer genuine solutions to the problems we face. I look forward to that debate and will wake up Wednesday morning as ready as I've ever been to continue the fight for a better America and a new Nebraska.

    See you on the other side, SS and Co.

  17. GeosUser says:

    It's assumed progressive/socialist/communists like you Kyle never give up. What I don't understand is why you don't move to one of your socialist paradises like Cuba or Venezuela where you can see your ideals in action…everyone is equally poor and totally dependent upon government for everything.

  18. Right Wing Professor says:

    Big opportunity lost, Sweeper. You could have SAB photos of Ivy Harper, Democrat first district candidate, and a crazed stalker, banned by restraining order from the UNO campus.

    And best of all, you only need one photograph!

    Vote for Ivy Harper…because Halloween doesn't have to end on Sunday night!

  19. Right Wing Professor says:

    I get a bit nauseous reading Kyle drone on about his 'ideals'. The reality is he heavily plugs on his blog a candidate whose main piece of campaign advertising was an anonymous gutter rumor from the pages of the NY Post. ABC News this morning is featuring a story about how the majority of GOP advertising has been about policy, while the Democrats have been focussed on personal attacks.

    That's OK. Kyle's cohorts taught me a long time ago that to fight Democrats, you have to be prepared to match slime with slime. But please, spare us all the bogus piety. The Democrats are interested in raw political power, nothing else, and will do whatever is necessary to achieve it. Kick us in the head, if that's the way you fight, but spare us the sermon about how it's good for us.

  20. Anonymous says:

    I'd welcome Kyle to continue NNN postings–he might want to consider though the idea that people are sick of his approach.

    It is one that promotes sleaze and despicable personal attacks. No wonder so few people comment on his page.

    Kyle–you might want to rethink your approach.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Kyle–time will tell if your comments here are legitimate or just more lies and b.s. from you.

    If you stop the sleaze attacks that would be a good first step. Then, start posting positive issues pieces–if you do I think you'll find Republicans posting at NNN once again to have a spirited but respectful debate.

    We'll see I guess.

  22. Anonymous says:

    RWP back to his sleeze attacks again. The wanna be Glenn Beck is an example of what is wrong with the nutty republicans of today.

  23. Anonymous says:

    The desperation and anger of the White campaign is an obvious tip-off–they are going down big-time Tuesday.

    Frankly, guys, you brought it on yourself. What genius talked you into basing your ads on an attempt to make Lee Terry out to be a liberal big spender?

    Get your $$$ back from whoever the consultant was!

  24. Anonymous says:

    White should have just stood up and promoted the healthcare bill in his TV ads and he should have done ads talking about how the stimulus bill has funded stuff in Omaha.

    Instead, he ran away from the Democratic agenda.

    Terry wrapped it right around his neck though.

  25. Right Wing Professor says:

    RWP, look up "psychological projection" and get back to us.

    I can't get back to you. You are too chicken$h1t to post under the name your Momma gave you.

    Though I expect you're still living in her basement.

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