Word on the Street: Recallers have the signatures

Leavenworth Street has learned, albeit not officially, that the Mayor Suttle Recall Committee has obtained more than the 26,643 signatures needed to force a vote on a recall of Omaha Mayor Jim Suttle.

We have been told that when the Recallers turn in the signatures on Friday, the numbers will be around 31 – 32,000 — more than 5,000 over the needed number.

There have been standard rumblings from the anti-Recallers that some or many signatures are or will be invalid. But 5,000 of them? That’s tough.

If it is then found that enough signatures were collected, Mayor Suttle would have five days to resign — and save the expense of the recall vote.

If he does not resign, a vote will be held 30 to 45 days later.

And at that point, who gets off their duffs to vote?
Those who want to save him, or those who want him out?

And if he is out, who is in?

We could have an exciting political season coming…


  1. Anonymous says:

    More lies from Aspen & Co? The fact that they've been mum on signatures until 2 days before the deadline tells me they're behind. If they had it they would be bragging and telling everyone – not trying to quietly spread rumors through anonymous (albeit famous) Blogs.

  2. Street Sweeper says:

    Well, here is the way we look at it:

    By letting it out that they have enough signatures, anyone who was going to make the effort to sign, won't bother now.

    So if they DON'T have the sigs, they may have possibly screwed themselves. They really gain nothing by saying they have them if they don't.


  3. GeosUser says:

    I wonder when the anti-recall people will file suit in district court to challenge the validity of all the signatures after the election commission determines there are more than minimum required??? If they validate more than the minimum, Suttle is toast. No way he wins a recall election even with police and fire support plus the east of 72nd libs. But they will spend hundreds of thousands to dollars on ads trying to keep him in office. Look at the Lee Terry voting pattern inside the city…Suttle won't get many votes in any of those districts.

  4. This is far from over says:

    30-45 days unless the process is delayed by a lawsuit or two. If there is sufficient evidence that the allegations of petitioner misconduct on the UNO campus are true, I'd say a lawsuit is inevitable. And lawsuits aren't cheap, so prepare for a battle of the deep pockets.

  5. Anonymous says:

    My prediction, if they get the valid signatures and oust suttle, the Dems will begin their planning of the recall effort of any Repub after she/he serves 6 months in office. Welcome to the Banana Republic. Omaha will become a national joke

  6. Anonymous says:

    Ah, an "exciting political season." Isn't 'politics' — the place where good ideas and solving problems goes to die — exciting?

  7. Rob says:


    1. Borgeson- Outside of City government and was upset when the County Board did not cut spending in a recession.
    2. Stothert- Unions would be out for blood which would be a plus with many voters.
    3. Dan Welch- He called this union fiasco years ago. That would resonate.
    4. Vokal- See number 3.
    5. ????

  8. Earl says:

    It will be such a pleasure to hear the required signatures were collected. It will be even sweeter when they are validated.

    Then the libs will do all they can, but alas to no avail.

    Then we get another sorry voter turnout, but we get rid of Suttle.

    Buh Bye:)

  9. John Hancock says:

    ANON 2:27…what are you smoking? I am trying to understand your logic (or lack of). First I don't think Aspen has said anything about the numbers. Next, why would the Recallers be out there saying they had the signatures if they needed more? If someone thought there signature wasn't needed where is the incentive to sign?


  10. Joey says:

    Sen Brad Ashford would run, and win.

    Sorry to say it but the blue bloods, Libs, and such will vote for him. The business types will stay away, and that will be that. Over all a win win, as he will be out of the Legislature then:) The Gov will appoint a true conservative and redistricting will go much smoother.

    Run Brad Run……… you get the picture.

  11. James says:

    Suttle's days are numbered. I wonder if he will keep any of his campaign promises. Like "lower property tax" "streamlined city services" and "civility in city hall". It has not happened in 17 months, so I don't see it happening in 30 days.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Hate to say it, but Omaha is already a joke when it come to Banana Republics. When I travel to other NE towns, people ask me what in the world is going on? Jeremy Aspen's noble blather is exactly that…..blather.

  13. Anonymous says:

    4:56, I will give you that Omahans often wonder what people in other cities think about them. But it ain't other Nebraska cities (or towns). I don't know anyone who gives them a second thought. Sorry.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Who was funding the $150 a day for the anti-petition petitioners? The one that I came across was more of an idiot than the actual recall petitioner that was there. Neither one really could speak towards their plight.

  15. Nathan says:

    I like the fireworks idea, its long overdue in this city. Any word on how much of potential funding Omaha can expect from the sales in Omaha?

  16. Anonymous says:

    Actually, more than 5000 is well within the realm of possibilities. If we were talking about Election Day, when everyone they met was a registered voter in Omaha, sure. But they were floundering up until they hired the carpetbaggers to illegally gather signatures.

    Ignoring that major violation of state law for a moment, though, a surprisingly large number of signatures get rejected because of simple things: They aren't registered to vote in the city, or they put the wrong address, or their handwriting is simply illegible.

    Given that the few petitioners I've run into have asked "Are you a registered voter" and not "Are you a registered voter in Omaha" I think you'll see quite a few invalid signatures.

    And that's assuming that your sources aren't totally wrong…

  17. Anonymous says:

    I just got done reading Joe Jordan's article "Recallers Make Final Plea, Won't Announce Numbers." Looks like Jordan isn't as convinced of their success as Street Sweeper is.

  18. Anonymous says:

    I agree. Jordan's article isn't nearly as optimistic.

    At this point, maybe we're all better off if they fail to reach their number. I'm sure Jeremy Aspen would be thrilled if he could go back to work on Monday and never have to answer another question about his merry band of out-of-state Tea Partiers.

  19. Street Sweeper says:


    Oh there's every chance our source could be wrong. You never know. But we feel confident about our info, or we wouldn't have posted it.

    So if we're wrong, we'll suck it up.

    But if we're correct, please come back here and announce to the masses:
    "Sweeper is the bomb!"


  20. Anonymous says:

    At least whoever it is will only be Mayor for 2 years and then we will have yet another election for Mayor in which no one will bother to actually go vote.


  21. lol says:

    Speaking of out of town. I saw many Iowa and bellevue resident firefighters acting as blockers for Suttle. Thank god they can't vote against the recall. LOL

  22. Anonymous says:

    I'll vote to retain Suttle. I'll also sign a recall petition against any Republican that replaces Suttle before the next scheduled election. Thanks for playing.

  23. Omaha's 4th straight recalled Mayor says:

    You think Omaha's in bad shape now? Wait til' our fine city gets dragged through a recall process and then dumps the exact same problems on someone else.

    What happens when this new mayor does a single thing I disagree with? RECALL! That's Omaha's answer to undermining the political system!

  24. Anonymous says:

    You mean like the time you dems tried to recall Jean Stothert and failed to get one signature. 30,000 signatures is a bold statement!

  25. Anonymous says:

    In order to have a viable candidate, you must be able to withstand all the bashing from the unions. They will certainly get out and work against any candidate that sees the bigger picture; the unions are killing the cities budget.

    I'd like to see a candidate that stands up to them, stands up to Gernandt, who is a retired cop and won't admit it but has an allegiance to the union. I'd like to see someone say, how about doing away with collective bargaining for the unions because it's killing everybody else.

    A candidate has to look ahead and project out beyond their term. They need to be willing to let the credit, down the road, go to the next person in office because fixing the budget is going to take more than one term.

    Staff cuts at the top. Too many big titles at the top, when if you are qualified, you should be able to run a few more people under you and save a couple of other salaries for the budget fix.

    The next mayor has to quit thinking about non-sensical stuff. No more stadiums, street names, streetcars, retirement pension increases, bigger salaries, bigger cars, personal drivers etc. SAVE MONEY and CUT THE BUDGET.

    Start by telling every dept. head that they need to trim 10% from the budget. Don't come back and start trying to put fear on the people by saying "layoffs", "increased crime", "personal safety", "slower response time", "can't operate with fewer men on the truck", just to name a few of the fear mongering words. Make the management cut it, stick to it and let's move on.

    Just like Obama, Suttle hasn't heard what people want. CUT the spending and FIX what we have.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Speaking of stadiums, does anyone else find it funny that the Ricketts family is asking for a bailout from Chicago taxpayers to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars to renovate Wrigley Field?

  27. Anonymous says:

    The press and opposition on the recall has been laughable in driving a story all about the Recall not divulging numbers.

    If the Recall announced a low number, people would think it wasn't going to succeed. If they announced a high number, volunteers and citizens wouldn't feel a sense of urgency.

    Thus, the Recall didn't announce numbers (not even amongst the Recall campaign) and kept the press guessing (and reporting) and the people motivated to sign.

    Sweeper's good…but this story is not based on inside info because Sweeper's numbers are too low…unless Sweeper is reporting where the Recall was at several days ago… 😉

    It's not too late to sign and get in on the landslide!!!

  28. Who Doctor Who says:

    I may be putting the cart before the horse but……….if (when) the number of signatures to recall the mayor are certified to be sufficient. Why wouldn't Suttle resign rather than stand for a recall election if he was truly interested in not having monies spent on elections in lieu of Police, keeping libraries open, et cetera?

    If what he says is true (and we all know how well he keeps promises like lowering taxes, streamlining city services, lower prices for my hay) then he should keep the best interests on Omaha at hand and save us from the cost of at least the recall eclection.


  29. Anonymous says:

    Because, 1:40, according to polling a majority of Omaha residents do not want Suttle recalled. Thought you righties believed in majority rule, but I guess only if you have the majority.

  30. Anonymous says:

    To 1:40PM: Maybe Suttle feels he is doing what is good or right for Omaha and they'd be better off with him in office.

    He wasn't the one who called for his recall, it's Jeremy and Hal Daub's former advisers that have reaped the cost of what they've sown for taxpayers.

    As for Pat McPherson? In the last election I can't….recall….but didn't he lose? So much for knowing how to recruit success.

  31. Grundle King says:

    Anon 2:34 wrote: "Thought you righties believed in majority rule, but I guess only if you have the majority."

    You mean like how you lefties only believe in minority rights when you're in the political minority? Strange, seems like ever since late 2008, the lefties have been taking 'majority rule' to the limit. It'll be interesting to see how the Dems in the house handle being put in the backseat again.

  32. Mr. Ed says:

    In defense of my four legged brother and his posting, which is being dragged through the mud, you no-recall supporters don't get it. This recall is not about Hal Daub, Republicans, sore losers, or any other constituancy you have thrown out. No is it about Suttle braking any laws. It's about an individual who is in over his head and leading our city down the wrong path. It is our right to exercise the process to recall. And, it seems, there are enough people willing to put the issue to a vote. There is a process in place, and the process is being exercised.

    As to the comments about a majority of Omahans don't want him recalled…I guess I don't remember the numbers, but I do remember that nearly 2/3s of those polled did not approve of the job Suttle was doing.

    And finally…let me let you in on a little secret…this is not the only campaign Pat McPherson has worked on in his life. Besides he is only one person of many working on this effort. The same could be said of Jim Cleary. Afterall, if you want to have a chance of coming out ahead wouldn't you hire people who have experience in the area of interest.

    If this were really about sore losers and sour grapes where are the other former Daub hired guns like Harding, Kountze and Fisher?

    Years from now when Hal Daub has been laid to rest (and maybe have a street named after him) who are you guys going to be calling the boogey man then?

    Neigh, Neigh!

  33. Anonymous says:

    Pat McPherson? Didn't he come in last in a field of 4. Noticed how he toned down his "Objective Conservative" blog when he was running for office. Its shrillness is returning. (And while I'll admit some conservatives can be objective, he isn't one of them.)

  34. Anonymous says:

    Oh Mr. Ed–you can talk, you just can't write…."Suttle braking any laws"? Sounds the same. Spelled differently.

    Do tell what is the right path? And, if it isn't about Hal then it sure has his odor.

    The poll you mentioned had a small sample and was conducted by a firm that poses impartial and leans so far right it's in Hal's loving lap.
    How totally kohinky dinky it came about the time when the fever had reached its pitch.

    McPherson? Red Robin boy? You're right he advised Mayor Dave Friend and others including himself. What office was that again?

    Cleary? He just can't find work to keep him in the desert so he returns to Omaha to run campaigns that usually lose and end up in the red…check the NADC reports for that one

    You demonize Suttle and worship Daub…maybe you just be the boogey…..man?

  35. Multiple Polls says:

    Anon 6:27

    There were multiple polls run concurrently that showed Suttle's approval rating inverted. I'm sure if they were all released to the public you'd have rationalized some way to dismiss them all.

    To paraphrase your ‘peerless’ leader – you’re entitled to the facts, just not your ‘own facts'.

    Come to grips with it – the democratic process allows for a recall and that process is being carried out. Shut up and go vote.

  36. Earl says:

    Folkes ya just goot know you aren't going to change anybody's position on the matter of Suttle. There are those who are in love with him, and those who aren't.
    The right to recall exists and is being exercised. The process will bear out to some conclusion and if you don't like it then get the votes together and change it. There is even a process for that.

    Complain all you want, but you still have to deal with it. Like we have to deal with the POTUS for 24 more months. He won and the process is we work at him not winning reelection.

    Just gotta deal with the hand dealt.

    Buh Bye Mayor Suttle, don't let the door hit you on the way out.

  37. Anonymous says:

    Yes, those polls showed Omahans dissatisfied with Suttle's performance, but the vast majority of them were also against a recall.

    And the right to recall does exist within the law. And if the recall committee followed the law, I think you'd find a lot less griping about the fact that they aren't following the law. But then again, if they followed the law, they wouldn't have got nearly the number of signatures they claim to have right now.

  38. rob says:

    By the way, the world herald poll that said that said that people did not want to recall Suttle was the same poll that said the White/Terry race was close. BS.

  39. Anonymous says:

    Nope, that World-Herald poll only said the race was close in the disingenuous way that they presented it (counting the 5% "not voting" in their totals).

    The recall polling was accurate. And the fact that the recallers were floundering until they decided to break the law and hire circulators from out of the state is proof enough of that.

  40. Earl says:

    the argument on whether the petitioners were 100% perfect in the collecting the signatures or not is deflecting the issue.

    A petition was initiated, signatures gathered, and now a validation of signatures will be performed. Should enough valid signatures be there then the recall is done.

    To argue the process is invalid because of the manner in which the signatures were collected are in questions does not diminish the process for validation of the signatures.

    Whether or not the majority of people want Suttle recalled or not isn't the questions, just that there are enough who do and have signed the petition. Don't like the process then get it changed.

    Buh Bye Suttle

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