Jumping the gun

First we just would like to let everyone know that, Yes, Coach P. called us up and screamed at us on Saturday night. But we are OK with it. And after talking to our high school blogging coach, we want you to know that we are not quitting. OK? OK.


So, we thought it interesting that Robyn Tysver of the OWH put together a list of Omaha Mayoral maybes, if a) the recall signatures go through and b) Suttle then loses a recall vote.

A little hasty of the OWH, no? Sounds like something WE would have done, right?

Well, nice to see that the newspaper is catching up, and we appreciate their insight.

So here is what we think of their list, and others who should or shouldn’t be on it:

1) Hal Daub

Unless someone tells us otherwise, we have to assume Hal is in.

First, interesting that the OWH has changed his name from “Hal Daub” to “Hal Daub, 69”. Very subtle there OWH (pun not intended).

But here are our thoughts on a potential Daub campaign: Hal once again will have to combat any preconceived notions of himself and his personality, etc. He will have to run as “the man you know” — meaning a guy who can get the job done.

Differently though, Daub will have to completely spell out what he would/will do differently as Mayor to turn things around. He will have to let voters vote on the “Hal Daub Plan” — instead of simply voting on “Hal Daub, the person”.

It will really need to be a “if you want a ‘perhaps and maybe’ plan, then vote for the other guys. But you did that with Suttle.  If you want to implement my plan, I’m your guy.” Otherwise Daub will fall victim to the “he’s a mean ogre” campaign that Suttle ran. He will need to be specific.

The risk there is that someone else just does a “me too!” on his plan. But that is the sort of risk he will have to take.

2) Dave Nabity

Again, unless someone says otherwise, we will assume he is in.

Nabity has the benefit of being Hal Daub-esque, without many of the negatives that Daub has built up through the years. But if Nabity is Daub-Lite, would voters be more likely to go with the Real Thing? It could possibly come down to that.


All of that being said, a commenter noted that the City Charter states that a candidate for Mayor must have lived in the city “for five consecutive years immediately prior to taking office…”

We don’t know all the details of his residency, but this may be an issue for him. Any legal beagles can let us know more on this.

**Update update**

It is our understanding that Nebraska state law takes precedence over the city charter, and that the Nebraska law says Mayor has a six month residency requirement.  This being the case, we understand that Nabity would meet the requirements.

3) Pete Festersen

If the Democrats need to get behind someone, it is probably Festersen. But though he has made some votes, he is still essentially an unknown to voters.

He was unopposed for his City Council race, so didn’t have to really campaign. And like it or not, someone has to carry the stink of the Fahey years and decisions.  Festersen, a top Fahey aide, will have a a target on his back for all of that.

The relatievely young Festersen (40) hasn’t had to face up to that yet, but in a Mayoral race, absolutely would. That could pose a real problem.

4) Scott Hazelrigg

We have put Hazelrigg on our various lists in the past, but we found it interesting that Tysver included him in her list. There had to be someone who suggested him or pushed him, because otherwise he is quite an unknown to make the big list.

Hazelrigg has had the backing of Suzie Buffet and her deepest pockets for a while, and there are certainly many who think, “he’s a smart, good looking guy; he is what Omaha needs!”

Except that Hazelrigg is a complete unknown in most of the city. He doesn’t have much to hang his hat on, and has a few demerits in his career. He also just took the gig at the Omaha Home for Boys, in a position that usually is long term.

Could be just a trial balloon. But keep an eye on this one.

5) Jim Vokal

Is Vokal willing to give it another shot? He recently started a new gig himself, and has kept himself active on the MECA board.

But someone like Vokal would not just be able to decide to run and “go for it”. He would need to have immediate financial backing and political support to make him a front runner.

If he was the least bit half-hearted or unsupported, he would have a hard time.

6) Dan Welch

It is our understanding that former councilman Welch is looking at this. But we would be surprised if he pulled the trigger here, in the end.

7) Tom White

After the “shellacking” that White took (to use the President’s words), we would doubt that Dems would back him so soon. We think White will need to take a break before coming back.

And now those left off the list.

8) P.J. Morgan

He wasn’t listed as a yes or a no, but Morgan has gotta be thinking about it. Just elected — unopposed — to the Douglas County Board, Morgan is politically “back”. Though the DCB is a much easier decision than Mayor.

Morgan is someone who could immediately gather the funds for a run. But, like it or not, Morgan will still have to have a heart-to-heart with voters on why he suddenly quit the job back in ‘94. Yes, we understand that it was a “personal” decision. But in this very public job, Morgan would have to be much more forthcoming for voters to trust him again.

Or is 17 years long enough for voters to forget?

9) Brad Ashford

Tysver lists Ashford among the “not going to run”.

Don’t you believe it.

Right now Ashford is the face of the anti-Recall campaign, and he couldn’t come out now and say “but just in case…” People would immediately question his sincerity, right?

But if Suttle is out, look for Ashford to suddenly say, “well, for the good of the City…”

He will position himself as a “Republican who can work with Democrats”. But of course, the pro-higher taxes, pro-abortion, pro-gun ban Ashford is really the face of the word “RINO” in the political dictionary.

Ashford would simply be Jim Suttle with a wig and glasses. Or at least that’s the way his opponents would/should frame him.

10) Someone Else!

The way things stand now, this race has the potential to be really wide open. If enough credible names get in, second place could be a battle. So if someone with the right backing decides to play, everything could change.

Stay tuned.


And hey, we haven’t forgotten about you non-Omahans! We have a little statewide news.

First, remember Pay Flynn? Well, he announced quite a while back that he was running for Senate in 2012.

And not to be left out on all the discussions, he announced it again. He is now (surprise!) trying to position himself as the Tea Party candidate. Watch that drum get banged repeatedly the next few years.

Then there is a name that is currently being floated around as an alternative to Jon Bruning:

Rex Fisher, President of Qwest, who is retiring this year.

Fisher was recently featured in the OWH, and has been mentioned as a potential President for the Omaha Metropolitan Utilities District board.

But lately certain business types have been floating his name for Senate.

The main question now is if Fisher is really interested in that job.

And then there is the fact that Bruning is efficiently locking up support in the business community on his own.

Things are still interesting here, nonetheless.


  1. Anonymous says:

    I heard that Heath Mello is making calls. He has also had several big dollar fundraisers this year. He is the Jon Bruning of the Democratic Party.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hate to burst people's bubble's, but Nabity can't run for mayor should Suttle be recalled…Section 3.02 of the City Charter says:

    "A candidate for the office of Mayor shall, at the time of filing for the office, be a qualified elector and resident of the city, or an area annexed by the city, for five consecutive years immediately prior to taking office…"

  3. Anonymous says:

    Mello for Mayor……? While I'm not a Mello basher nor supporter, phuleease!

    Not to mention Mello's wife works for Suttle! Nope on Mello. Maybe in 20 years when he is in his early 40's.

    Ashford…….hehehe we should be so lucky.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Nebraska Revised Statutes § 32-501 Residence requirement; restriction; home rule charter; legislative findings and declarations

    No person to be elected to office at any election or nominated at any primary election, except for state officers, shall be required to meet a residence requirement of longer than six months in order to be eligible to be a candidate for such office. The Legislature finds and declares that the election of public officials and the qualifications related thereto are a matter of general statewide concern notwithstanding the provisions of any home rule charter.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Nebraska Revised Statutes §14-217.01. Mayor; election.

    A city of the metropolitan class shall elect a mayor for such term as may be provided by the laws and ordinances of such city.

    Plus 32-501 mentions at a primary election..the vote after Suttle's recalled would be a special election, not a primary

  6. To the firefighter above says:

    What part "ANY ELECTION" do you not understand

    32-501. Residence requirement; restriction; home rule charter; legislative findings and declarations.

    No person to be elected to office at ANY ELECTION or nominated at any primary election, except for state officers, shall be required to meet a residence requirement of longer than six months in order to be eligible to be a candidate for such office.

  7. To the firefighter above says:

    What part "ANY ELECTION" do you not understand

    32-501. Residence requirement; restriction; home rule charter; legislative findings and declarations.

    No person to be elected to office at ANY ELECTION or nominated at any primary election, except for state officers, shall be required to meet a residence requirement of longer than six months in order to be eligible to be a candidate for such office.

  8. To the firefighter above says:

    What part "ANY ELECTION" do you not understand

    32-501. Residence requirement; restriction; home rule charter; legislative findings and declarations.

    No person to be elected to office at ANY ELECTION or nominated at any primary election, except for state officers, shall be required to meet a residence requirement of longer than six months in order to be eligible to be a candidate for such office.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Sorry to all the Mayor-wanna bees

    Omahans have too much common sense to get to that point.

    don't waste more money on more politics. Give Suttle a chance.

    all departments (except police) are under budget

    no services have been cut

    Triple A bond rating is back

    He did the hard work that nobody would do.

    I support Suttle!

  10. Demon Sheep says:

    Are these the same business types that didn't want Suttle Recalled or think the Learning community is a great idea? No thanks.

  11. Postman says:

    Mrs Mello doesn't doesn't belong in the conversation. However, I'm sure with her qualifications and contacts she would land on her feet.

  12. Rob says:

    There is no way Hal Daub gets elected. The OWH is probably pissed that their editorial page was ignored. I bet they do some digging on the OFD contract and previous endorsements. Hal got one before Fahey came around. He played a part in this mess and I would bet OWH would like to prove it. Plus any politician that took money from the OPD and OFD is off many people's list.

  13. Lucky Charms says:

    The Fire pension fund was solid when Hal was mayor. The fire unions attorney (John Fahey) had the union endorse his kid brother for mayor. Then after they got him elected, had closed door good faith (wink and nod) negotiations of the fire contract.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Hal Daub also said the Qwest wasnt going to cost the taxpayers because all these conventions are going to come to a City without great connecting flights and without convention weather. I love the Qwest, I just wish Hal knew what he was talking about when it was put together.

  15. Fahey's Follies says:

    Hey anonymous at 5:17: You have no clue what you are talking about. Hal Daub has a larger 27 story Marriot Hotel that was big enough to handle large conventions. Then mayor Fahey took over and had a meeting with his union buddies and went with the smaller Hilton hotel, which had less rooms (later we had to add to it). Mike Fahey like all dems screwed this city for union favors.

  16. Anonymous says:

    6:05, wouldn't a larger hotel mean more union work, not less? Or were unions somehow going to be banned from working on the proposed Mariott? Your post as it stands makes no sense other than demonizing union workers.

  17. Anonymous says:

    To Fahey's Follies, It doesnt matter how many hotel rooms you have when its 75 degrees in Orlando and its 20 degrees in Omaha. Daub's projections to sell the Qwest were baloney, agressive baloney at that. He is the second worst person for the mayor's job, the problem is the worst has it now.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Above a certain size required the use of a non union shop because no one local that is union is equipped to build the larger scale.

    It was built small on purpose and for the protection of solely union jobs as opposed to many union jobs and lot's of money for a non union owner.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Suttle agrees with expanding the Hilton, so it has to be a good idea! He will probably let the contractor to shred the plans too, paperwork and good decisions just arent his thing.

  20. Malinda says:

    BORED NEBRASKA is giving a big shout-out to Tom Becka, who will be tending bar at the Dundee Dell tonight as a fundraiser for the Heartland Food Bank. And you all thought Jane and her posse didn't love right wingers!

  21. James says:

    Anon @ 5:17. Hey, at least Hal let the citizens VOTE on the Qwest. Feeble Feehey did the Ameritrade behind closed doors. I guarantee you we will be paying for that in 10 years.

  22. NE Voter says:

    James, you're wrong. Daub himself had nothing to do with "allowing the public to vote" on Qwest Center. The vote happened because of the creation of MECA. The private money behind QCO said they would not put their $$$ in unless MECA was approved/created.

    It's all about control, baby. That's what the private boosters got in exchange for their $75,000,000.

    It's the way business has always been done in this town.

  23. Nick Naylor says:

    Becka? right wing? Hardly. he just does what gets him ratings.
    kind of like Jane Kleeb, whatever issue gets her paid the most from Dick Holland.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Hal Daub, the greatest Mayor since AV Sorensen. Fahey coasted on Hal's achievements then look at Fahey's Legacy,$500 million in underfunded pensions.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Did NNN jump the gun?

    Seems that in the past week, only 24 comments were posted on the four articles Vile Kyle wrote at NNN.

    That's an average of six comments per article. wow. Why so few posters there?

  26. Anonymous says:

    6:02, maybe because you have to create an account there before posting. Kyle's blog has more quality than quantity, unlike this one (and I'm not Kyle :))

  27. Anonymous says:

    Suttle has all of Obama's success and none of his charm. No wonder the World Herald is rooting for him to be ousted. He's put Omaha in a coma.

    At least Brad Arseward would be more entertaining.

  28. Anonymous says:

    It is so amazing what a load of BS lies that republicans will tell about anything and everything . Just watch the news or read a paper or a magazine. The GOP and the truth are millions of miles a part on everything. How long before the American people wise up? Soon, I hope before the republicans ruin our great country forever. If you don't understand this. Then you are part of the problem!!

  29. Anonymous says:


    the best posts (of the few that are made there) actually come from GeoUser–a conservative. lol. 6:19– Agree that's quality. Bogus that people don't post because they could create an anonymous or other screename.

    Face it–people got tired long ago of Vile's rants and hatred to anything other than his views.

  30. Right Wing Professor says:

    Making people post via an account is a good idea. It's just that NNN is a tediously boring site. Not a smidgen of humor; no attempt at balance; and sanctimonious sermons about the eeevil GOP while he totally ignores Democrat political corruption. Might as well read a NDP press release.

    This site wins 56:0 on humor, 14:7 on balance, and 28:0 on realism.

  31. Phil M. says:

    6:19 (Kyle),

    If we wanted to be insulted by your ego driven rants, we'd hop over and read your blog. We don't because we find your sanctimonious diatribes to induce nausea. Why don't you buy some ads on Blogger if you want to draw recruits from the Sweeper's enviably numerous readership? Or better yet – go get a life.

  32. Anonymous says:

    So, who verifies the signatures and how long of a process is it? A pity that no one took me up on my bet that both Suttle and White would lose. Can't wait for them to get the signatures verified so they can schedule a vote. I'm halfway there on my pick two and none of the tough-talking dems who post here had the guts to back up either White OR Suttle by taking my bet. I had to be right on both races and still, no one had enough confidence in either guy to take the bet.

  33. Phil M. says:

    Vile tweets, "After deleting your 5,000th spammer (literally), you can't help but start wondering if there aren't better ways of spending your time."

    We agree Kyle. Please find one!

  34. Anonymous says:

    I have several friends that are progressives–they told me they could care less about NNN and stopped reading a few years ago. I hope the discussions here at LS continue the way they have–upbeat, friendly, a few testy exchanges back and forth–but little of the hate and vitriol that marks Kyle's articles. Happy Thanksgiving to all and wishes of continued success by LS in 2011!

  35. Anonymous says:

    The Full Story

    Kyle's most recent article attacks Rep. Jeff Fortneberry for not supporting the DREAM Act. But GeoUser then posted a bullseye–and quoted Sen. Ben Nelson on not supporting the bill either.

    Of course, no mention of that from Vile Kyle… .

    VK=shredded credibility

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  36. Anonymous says:

    11:39 a.m. Jane is just sucking up to any media person who will put her in the spotlight and radio is one of her favorites. So she attempts to curry favor with Becka and anyone else she can badger into giving her free publicity for her self-generated media events. One of these days she will learn that "boy cries wolf" will wear out her welcome with the Nebraska media and they will stop covering her press conferences and events that have no substance.

  37. Anonymous says:

    Libs want power in the hands of a few, like royalty/politburo. Republicans want it in the hands of industry. In looking back on history the people have ALWAYS benefited the MOST from Capitalism. Not all people have been well treated, but at least in the system the US had in the mid 1900's there was an ability to move up.

    Now with Obama and his ilk only a few can move up as the rest must be brought down to pay to bring up a small percentage. So goes the cycle. Eventually those who are paying for those who won't will grow tired and throw the shackles of Progressiveness off for that of true hope found in Capitalism.

    Meanwhile, the rest of us will continue to eek out our meager existence and hope Obama doesn't steal CHRISTmas too!

  38. Anonymous says:


    One question though is if you take away Dick Holland's $$$, what's left in funding Bold NE? Probably very little.

    What if Holland has to largely fund the recall opposition campaign–would he have to reduce his allotment to Jane?

    Could be a problem?

  39. Anonymous says:

    11:54, please pick up a history book. You are correct that Republicans want power in the hands of industry. Read Upton Sinclair's "The Jungle" to see how well that worked in the food industry. Your view of Democrats is a tired caricature. I am glad that you realized things were much better in the mid 1900's. We had stronger industry and Wall Street regulation and a more prosperous middle class. The top marginal federal income tax rate was 90%, and the top 1% of income earners only took 9% of the wealth in 1976, closer to 23% today. Yeah I agree that conditions were much better in the mid 1900s, and one had the chance to "move up". Today one's lucky to have a job.

  40. Right Wing Professor says:

    Read Upton Sinclair's "The Jungle" to see how well that worked in the food industry.

    Why not read 'De Bello Gallico"? "The Jungle" is 90 years old. Maybe it's time for the local Democrats to move into another century?

  41. Anonymous says:

    Nobody cares what you think RWP. This is an insider blog, you have provided precisely ZERO in incitefulness, just arguing with your trolls to hijack this blog and make it all about you.

  42. Anonymous says:

    RWP, it's simple. One has to go back 90 years to find a time when "government was in the hands of industry". Thanks to reforms instigated by Democrats but opposed by Republicans, we don't have the labor abuses and abysmal food production practices documented by "The Jungle". Now considering the removal of regulations started by Reagan and still promoted by Republicans, someone may write "The Jungle II" if Republicans gain anymore power.

  43. Earl says:

    Ahhh but you deflect the story. The comment was directed at Progressives and Liberals. The democrat party USED to be honorable and shared many of the same goals held by Republicans.

    Today the Democratic party has been hijacked by a minority, fanatical, group who have done nothing but tear down the once proud name of Democrats, and the US. PLEASE take your party back!!! As a Republican I would much rather work with a Kennedy Democrat any day. Obama and his ilk are ruinous to not only your Party, but our Country! I suspect many Democrats know this and are working to clean their house to return it to it's once honorable and effective past. Good luck.

  44. RWP says:

    One has to go back 90 years to find a time when "government was in the hands of industry". Thanks to reforms instigated by Democrats but opposed by Republicans, we don't have the labor abuses and abysmal food production practices documented by "The Jungle".

    Well, of course this is nonsense, on so many levels. There never was a time government left industry alone. And whatever one thinks about it, the administration of Teddy Roosevelt was more active in regulating industry than any prior to it, and most since.

  45. Anonymous says:

    If Theodore Roosevelt, Abe Lincoln or Dwight Eisenhower the only three decent( GREAT) Republican Presidents were alive today they would be liberal democrats. That is why the the super kook republican party could be the ruin of the greatest nation in the world. The right wingers care nothing about what being a real American is all about. Ask Sara Palin with her super knowledge of our ally and friend North Korea. Her words not mime.

  46. RWP says:

    If Theodore Roosevelt, Abe Lincoln or Dwight Eisenhower the only three decent( GREAT) Republican Presidents were alive today they would be liberal democrats.

    In your sweaty dreams. As if they would ally themselves with the party of Jefferson Davis, William Jennings Bryan, or Henry Wallace!

  47. Anonymous says:

    RWP the dixiecrats are called Republicans today. Ask Richard Nixon and Strom Thurmond. Or better yet pay attention to what the tea baggers have been saying about President Obama. Fool!!

  48. RWP says:

    RWP the dixiecrats are called Republicans today

    By whom? You?

    By the way, Henry Wallace and George Wallace were not the same person. Just so you know, Henry was FDR's vice president, until he became too much of an embarrassment.

  49. Anonymous says:

    No RWP by historians. People who study history. Yes your right about Henry Wallace. Even a broken clock is right twice a day. I know your from Ireland but you live in the USA now. Your lack of knowledge of american history is really bad. Maybe you get your history from people like Glenn Beck? You know the guy who said Martin Luther King JR. had nothing to do with civil rights.

  50. Anonymous says:

    I like this guy Ron Jeremy. He's obnoxious, but so is RWP. Fight fire with fire right. At least Ron Jeremy isn't dragging the University of Nebraska into his unseemly rants.

  51. Street Sweeper says:

    Hey kids (and I mean that in the purely intellectual sense),

    Enough already with the "teabagger — har har" discussions. Uh huh. We get it. We got it when Beavis and Butthead giggled incessantly and we get it now.

    This is a blog about Nebraska politics. As Jim Rome says, "Have a take and don't suck." All you are doing right now is sucking. (OK, stop giggling again.)

    It's not clever, and therefore YOU'RE not clever. Please stop typing and let someone who is more clever make a much better point than you ever can.

    Thanks and have a Happy Thanksgiving.


  52. Anonymous says:

    I find it ironic that leftists freely use the phrase "teabaggers" to disparage the Tea Party, yet they're embraced by the gay community which invented and practices that which we call "teabagging."

    Minorities have to LOVE the compassion, understanding and other lip services they're given by the left!

  53. Anonymous says:

    So it goes……. I recall mentioning how the lib/progessive folks were going to howl and cry. Really a pretty easy call.

    See Ya kiddies

  54. TexasAnnie says:

    Happy Thanksgiving, indeed!

    We bought an Apple computer. So when I get back from my big meal today (but before capitalistic, midnight, Black Friday shopping) I'll try to learn a little more about operating it!!!

  55. BkDodge42 says:

    Why would having some candidates announce that they would run for mayor before the recall election be jumping the gun? Hasn't anyone heard that people want to know who their choices would be before they vote to recall Mayor Suttle?

  56. Buck Up says:

    Why would someone want to lift Bruning's Jock Strap? Why would Mello even consider doing so? Are you worried you won't be allowed to hold Bruning's strap anymore? Are you so close to Bruning, so much a servant of him that this is to be taken as some sort of honor? My God man, stand up for yourself and stop drooling over Bruning. Your Man crush will blind you to the truth.

    Jon Bruning may be the next Senator for Nebraska, but don't ever think he is without fault. That is how we ended up with the NeoCon's who spent Billions and Billions. The same people who drove jobs overseas. You know the list of their deeds. Yes they were the lesser of two evils, and I did vote for them. However, don't just put your tail between Bruning's legs and worship him.

  57. Anonymous says:

    For what it's worth — which is not much on a blog in which I do not know anyone, whether you drink the poison Kool-Aid, or the laced Tea, both parties are not much short of a pile of dung.

  58. RWP says:

    It's an NMR probe, 'Ron Jeremy'. It carries a peak voltage of about 100,000 volts at 2 kW.

    Stop by some time, and I'll demonstrate it in action.

  59. Ron Jeremy says:

    Will it curl my hair, give me a wild-eyed appearance, and cause my mind to hallucinate dangerously erratic conservative thoughts that I will feel impelled to share with Sweeper's readers? Gosh! Given the empirical evidence, I think submitting myself as a test subject for neurotoxin research would be less dangerous.

  60. Right Wing Professor says:

    Given the empirical evidence, I think submitting myself as a test subject for neurotoxin research would be less dangerous.

    The empirical evidence is that it's already too late.

  61. Anonymous says:

    RWP – You have now posted several times in a thread about the Omaha Mayoral recall and pending special election. Do you ever miss an opportunity to weigh in on subjects for which you have no knowledge whatsoever and nothing new to contribute?

  62. Anonymous says:

    Man, the libs who post on this blog are a bunch of pathetic, weasel, losers.

    What about the post-partisanship that Pres Obama was supposed to be ushering in? All you Dems pointed to that as a reason to vote for him. (Since he had no record to run on, you didn't have much else to hang your hat on.)

    So, how's that post-partisanship thing going? Not well, judging by the excrement being flung by liberals who post on this blog. And I thought Bud and Brian were bad. You morons who mindlessly attack RWP on matters completely irrelevant to the discussion are a step below both of those irritating pieces of garbage, which is an accomplishment indeed.

    Hopefully, if any libs respond to me, they can work in another clever reference to "teabagging" into their reply. You guys are pieces of work, that's for sure.

  63. Anonymous says:

    So there's a high rate of invalid signatures, apparently. So many that there may not even be enough valid signatures. Then there's the fact that many petitioners were either illegally paid out-of-state workers and/or they failed to follow the law in asking for signatures. Are you guys prepared to reimburse the taxpayers for the money you wasted on your hissy fit?

  64. Anonymous says:

    wouldnt be surprised if mort " the ego" sullivan would run. he loves running and losing. ashford and white and vokal= hell no. why dont some of the omaha world herald "journalists" run for mayor. many of them are basically political activists. Robert Nelson or Michaela Saunders or Mike Reilly or Rick Ruggles or Jeffrey Robb as mayor would make Suttle and Fahey look good.

  65. Anonymous says:

    Franklin Thompson and Jean Stothert or Pete Festersen as mayor= great. can we get Jim Siedlecki of wowt to run for mayor and then lose. he would be comedy relief if he ran. same with bill randby of ketv. plus maybe the local media might stop being so dumbed down.

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