2010 Quotes – part 2


We support Governor Heineman. We’ve had no conversations with anyone from Lakers’ campaign.
Berexco company official, responding to the Mark Lakers claim of a donation “pledge”

Matt Sakalosky, Republican for Congress
– sign in the yard of Denny Esch, father of  former Democrat Congressional candidate Jim Esch

Make money beautiful and smell good.
campaign promise of CD-1 Congressional candidate, Jessica Lynn Turek, who lost the Dem primary by 2%

I don’t even know how to use one.
Ben Nelson, on ATMS.

I know about the holograms.
Ben Nelson, on credit cards.

I mean, I’m not without some skills.
Ben Nelson, on his skills


If there are errors in the report, we’re going to make the allowed amendment to the reports…we now have a full staff…
Democrat Gov candidate, Mark Lakers, on his claim of over $300,000 in campaign “pledges”

Leavenworth Street

Public silence is tacit approval of (Democrat Gov candidate Mark) Lakers and his continued deceit.
Anne Boyle

Senator Ben Nelson voted against holding polluters accountable.
Sierra Club commercial


I’m raising money and at this point in time I think I’d have to say that I’m going to run.
Ben Nelson

(The Nebraska Democrats’) dilemma may be the strongest argument for amnesty for illegal immigrants, as they appear to have finally identified a job that an American won’t do.
National Review’s Jim Geraghty

It doesn’t pay enough.
Reasoning given by Nebraska Democrat Chair Vic Covalt for why more Democrats won’t run for Governor

Ever had one of those days where it just felt like “Crap on me day”
Mike Meister, on Facebook

How did I get home last night?

Mike Meister, Facebook

Dave Heineman 71%
Mike Meister 18%

First poll taken on Heineman vs Meister, in July 2010. Final tally was 74%-25%.

The biggest divide is the old is not embracing the new, and the new is frustrated with the old.
Jane Kleeb on her group’s feeling about the current Nebraska Democrat leadership

…it’s very unlikely I’ll run for the Senate (in 2012).
Dave Heineman (in July 2010)


Meister puts the ‘goober’ in gubernatorial.
Jon Bruning

I’ve run out of patience.
Ben Nelson to Don Walton re Dave Heineman

It appears to me Senator Nelson wants to pick a fight.

I think we all know the facts out here. Senator Nelson is in deep trouble with the citizens of Nebraska.

Senator Nelson embarrassed the state with the Cornhusker Kickback.

Senator Nelson did not listen to Nebraskans when he voted for the health care reform law.

Dave Heineman zinnnnnnging Ben Nelson

(Part 3 coming tomorrow – Thursday morning)


  1. Turkeys of Sarpy County says:

    We’re not afraid of Ben Nelson, he has no hunting skills. Sure, his land may be considered a “turkey farm” for tax purposes. But if that short tubby little gray haired guy tries anything, we could easily kick his ass! And then gobble him up!

  2. Macdaddy says:

    Sweeper, you left out the quotes from when BTO and Bruning got into it over the goober remark and Bruning went all Sgt. Hulka on him.

  3. curb feeler says:

    So far, my favorite quote is Ben’s gem from January 2010, “I’d have to say that nine out of ten people that come up to me thank me”.

    So, then, Nelson assumes Nebraskans that dislike his kickback should what? Walk up to him and scream in his face? Spray him with mace? Or just punch him in the chops?

    Its a novel polling method but Nebraskans are a game lot.

  4. Grundle King says:

    Indeed, I’m sure the responses Nelson heard went something like this…

    1. “Thanks for nothing, gasbag.”
    2. “Thanks for selling out Nebraskans.”
    3. “Thanks for making us the butt of so many jokes.”
    4. “Thanks for mortgaging our future.”
    5. “Thanks for giving big pharma $80 billion.”
    6. “Thanks for letting Harry Reid play you like a fiddle.”
    7. “Thanks for the new health care taxes.”
    8. “Thanks for longer lines to the doctor’s office.”
    9. “Thanks for thumbing your nose at your constituents.”
    10. “Do you know where I might a place to hunt turkeys?”

    Hey, 9 out of 10 ain’t bad!

  5. Anon says:

    Hey don’t blame Nelson……. naw go ahead and blame him.

    So Sen Janssen is going to outlaw illegals….. is that a double negative which may well cancel out the whole thing?

    Oh Benny why did you have to go and muck up your legacy?

    Bye Ben

  6. Anonymous says:

    On another topic, how can Senator Rogert sign a contract to lobby for a group while he is still a senator? I heard he has 2 clients and has signed a contract with 1 of them.

  7. Dennis says:

    Heineman is a stimulus hypocrite. Heineman said he would’ve voted against the stimulus bill but he still took the stimulus money and ran like a rabbit! LOL!

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