2010 Quotes – part 3


I don’t know what I’d do.
state Senator Brad Ashford, on whether he would run for Mayor if Jim Suttle is recalled.

former Gov candidate Mark Lakers’ plea to the misdemeanor charge of “abuse of public records”

If this group is going to keep advancing the erosion of our election process, they need to come forward with full disclosure of the secret polling data that is driving them.
Omaha Democrats’ plan for defeating the Mayoral recallers

I don’t consider FOX an enemy. I consider FOX definitely representing more MODERATE and definitely more conservative voices…
Liberal Democrat Jane Kleeb to FOX’s Bill O’Reilly

Omaha Nighthawks fans to Mayor Jim Suttle

He’s my kind of guy!
Vice President, Joe Biden on Tom White

Mayor’s Tax
new line on some Omaha restaurant receipts

Tom White’s ad is a a false and disgraceful attack on Lee Terry and his family. It’s politics at its worst. … Tom, leave the trash in the gutter, and start talking issues.
Mike Johanns, in an ad for Lee Terry

I will not rebuild nations — Medieval Muslim nations — at the cost of our citizens at home.
Tom White, on which religion he supports

Ben Nelson: One of the Worst Members of Congress
Esquire Magazine

Terry 44%
White 39%

OWH poll on the CD-2 race.
The actual final numbers were Terry 61%, White 39%

Terry’s lead grew to 8 percentage points among more committed voters — those who said they had already voted or definitely planned to vote.
the OWH, sort of noting the BS of their other results

I’m running through the gantlet and can’t see the end, We’re in a period of bitch, moan and complain. We need ideas, answers and solutions.
Jim Suttle

My name may not be on the ballot, but our agenda for moving forward is on the ballot.
President Obama, prior to November shellacking

The folks in Omaha love that man.
Vice President Joe Biden, on Tom White

I am very suspicious of the recallers.
Dick Holland, funder of the anti-Recallers, and liberal hit websites

Davis said she wants people to be engaged in the system, so she carries around campaign literature of her opponent, Hill, and hands it to voters, telling them that even if they don’t support a Democrat, there are other options.
– story on CD-3 candidate Rebekah Davis and “independent” Dan Hill, running against Congressman Adrian Smith


The media did everything they could to say this was a contest.  In my opinion it never was.
Lee Terry, Sr. on Election night

White never received any financial help from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, a clear sign his race was not viewed as likely to succeed.
OWH the day after the election, with some information you never heard prior to the election

Heineman WILL NOT run in 2012
Leavenworth Street headline (scoop)

Announcement tomorrow morning 10am re Sen Nelson’s Senate seat. Isn’t it time we rein in Federal Spending and take America back?
Tweet from Jon Bruning

Even after they spent millions of dollars in attack ads against health care, their own partisan polling shows Senator Nelson with strong approval ratings.
Nelson spokesman on Nelson’s 50% approval rating
Ben Nelson has no interest in changing parties.
Nelson spokesman

If Ben is the nominee in 2012, whoever his opposing candidate is will be scrutinized like they’ve never been scrutinized before. Ben’s task will be to tear down whoever his opponent is and he’ll do it. There will not be a nook or a cranny not explored.
GOPer, David Kramer

I made a pact with the voters to serve four years…
Jim Suttle

We will use any and all efforts that we have to ensure that the recall effort doesn’t go through.
anti-Recall spokesperson, Noelle Obermeyer

We’ve had people call back and say, ‘I signed the petition, but I didn’t know it was to recall the mayor.
Noelle Obermeyer


We haven’t seen anything that has been outrageously fraudulent or anything like that.
Election Commissioner Dave Phipps

When people say the whole Ogallala Aquifer is at risk, they’re wrong.
UNL hydro-geolgist Jim Goecke on the anti-pipeline rhetoric

(The recall election) will never happen.
Vince Powers, attorney for the anti-recallers

How does a lieutenant governor shake hands with the governor? He clasps firmly and extends two fingers up the governor’s sleeve to check for a pulse.
Lt. Gov Rick Sheehy

Nelson will be 71 on Election Day 2012 and, given what he’s up against, may decide to step aside.
Washington Post

Suttle said his family — especially his wife, Deb, and their 9-year-old grandson — “are going through a tremendous problem right now” because of the recall.

Want to know if your friend or neighbor signed the recall? Full searchable database of names…
Twitterer on the OWH’s database

I’ve never seen Ben Nelson speak so negatively about GOP.
Markos Moulitsas

Is that what I just said?
Kay Orr, on if she is ruling out running against Ben Nelson

There are people that are hoping that a candidate captivates them more than Jon does.
David Kramer

Fortenberry has shown little public interest so far in challenging Sen. Ben Nelson.
The Hill

It is the public’s right to prevent egregious or criminal acts by an office holder. I have done neither.
Jim Suttle, misrepresenting the Nebraska statute

Jon Bruning 52%
Ben Nelson 38%

poll on the 2012 Senate race

Even if this Court granted the benefit of every doubt to the Plaintiff in his assertions, the most that would be rejected would be 1,678 signatures. This is still less than the 2,077 cushion that was created by the recall process. As such, this the Court finds against the Plaintiff and dismisses this matter. The recall election will proceed as scheduled.
Judge Peter Bataillon

Now (the mayor) will just deal with the election.
Vince Powers

I am no different than Bo Pelini.
Jim Suttle, on his campaign strategy

Hopefully I will have enough things in place that the concepts we have done will stay there and will be followed.
Jim Suttle, on the future


Leavenworth Street Politician of the Year coming Friday morning.

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  1. Omaha Independent says:

    “We haven’t seen anything that has been outrageously fraudulent or anything like that.”
    – Election Commissioner Dave Phipps

    We get it Dave, a little fraud is ok. Just make sure it doesn’t look organized. Who would have thought Omaha Republicans could learn so well from Chicago Democrats?

    Happy New Year to all!

  2. The Fahleson Coverup says:

    2010 election was “perhaps the most successful in Nebraska Republican Party history,” – Mark Fahleson Lincoln Journal Star 12/29

    Here’s a reality check…

    May 2009 – NEGOP fumbles in Lincoln and City Council is controlled by Democrats

    May 2009 – NEGOP fumbles again in Omaha and Jim Suttle is elected and the Democrats control the city council.

    October 2009 – Mark Fahleson makes national news for making jokes about Jon Benet Ramsey on his Twitter page

    November 2010 – 0 federal gains, 0 statewide gains, Democrats nationally have the worst year in over 100 years and Republicans can only defeat Kent Rogert. All other targeted legislative races, Conrad, Mcgill, Lathrop, go down in flames.

    January 2011 – Mark Fahleson failes to recruit a candidate for the Lincoln Mayoral race.

    This sounds like me to be the worst election cycle in the history of the NEGOP, we need to elect someone better.

  3. POTY says:


    Suttle 2:7
    Nantkes errrr Conrad 5:1 (Decent effort coming back from the grave)
    Fortenberry 9:1
    Gotta go with Suttle…………..

  4. GeosUser says:

    Do you get paid by the post or what??? And it’s the same damn post every time. Don’t you folks at Backward Omaha have something more important to do…like trying to find any Mayor Moron supporters for some upcoming vote??? Here’s a list of layoffs for you: (1) Mayor’s office staff and his department heads; (2) 200-300 fire union members; (3) 100-200 police union members; and (4) fire chief. How’s that for a start??? Of course, that will be preceded by you losing your hourly job with Backward Omaha on 01/26/11.

  5. Owen Marshall says:

    BTW, Dennis is Dennis Crawford, a self-employed attorney (i.e., yes, he gets paid by Backward Omaha for every stupid post and they don’t care if it’s the same stupid post). There’s no defense for the mayor from Backward Omaha, so they tell the people they can afford to still pay to keep posting attacks.

  6. Anon says:

    Dennis- your commentary exposes you to be a fool. O gains in Federal offices for Nebraska, ummm Duh! The GOP has them all.

    Other than that all is well.

    Owen, thanks for the tip on Mr Crawford- will be looking for payouts to him on NADC forms. Will be interesting.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I don’t think that’s a lot to ask for, if the recall people have a plan to balance the budget then they need to present that plan. Attacking Dennis just shows that the recall people have no plan.

  8. That is sooooo punny! says:

    Geouser – Did someone, somewhere, at any point in time, tell you that you were the least bit funny or clever? Just asking…

  9. Oh Mander says:

    Still with the outrage over Nelson’s healthcare vote? Where is the outrage over the equal if not eventually larger sum of money spent on tax cuts for the wealthy? So far RWP, who must not have gotten the news about the change in web address, is the only wing nut that has recognized the double standard. Seriously, where are the pictures of John Boehner with a Hitler mustache? Where are the signs with McConnell made up like the Joker? They spent a trillion dollars, too. C’mon Tea Partiers, start calling Cantor a honky ’til he stops spending your money! C’mon Sarah, how about a facebook post that condemns the additional debt we just passed on to Trig and Willow! C’mon Street Sweeper, give me side-by-side-photos showing that Johanns and the boogy man were separated at birth! Give me something to balance out all of this Nelson bashing!

  10. Macdaddy says:

    Priceless picture of Suttle getting “bombed.” I am surprised, though, that the anti-recall people haven’t accused LS of condoning violence against the mayor.

  11. Dennis says:

    Pretty pathetic commentary here from the anti-Suttle people. You guys need to turn off Rush, Fox et al. and try to do some thinking for yourselves. IMO, the anti-recall people don’t have a plan because they think they can play the voters of Omaha for fools and win on a non-platform. If Nabity should get elected Mayor and shuts down pools and libraries, it won’t affect him and his wealthy supporters. They can just go swim at the country club or buys books at Borders. Let them eat cake! LOL!

  12. curb feeler says:

    Dennis, you really must sue whichever elementary school screwed you on “civics”. Most third graders learn that a mayor runs a city. You keep harping on a recall somehow making mayoral decisions.

    So, here’s the deal. A recall election is going to be held. All the people who think Jim Suttle stinks will vote against him. If he stinks enough in the noses of We the People, then Omaha eventually gets a new mayor. But you, Dense Dennis, you are stuck being the most politically retarded individual to grace this page in a long time. Unlike Ben Nelson whom Esquire says is one of the worst in his job, there is no such equivocation in your case. You are the nittiest of political nitwits here.

    Don’t quit. There is a party chairmanship awaiting you in your future.

  13. Dennis says:

    IMO, the influence of the right wing media (Limbaugh et al.) has had a profound influence on conservatives. All of the name calling I see on this blog happens 24/7 in the right wing media. Thanks to the likes of Limbaugh and Hannity, name calling is now considered to be a legitimate “debating” tactic on the right. Folks like Ronald Reagan and William F. Buckley would be appalled at the type of discourse presently coming from the right.

  14. Fahleson Guy says:

    Fahleson Coverup is outta his mind.

    Federal sweep in 2010. Statewide sweep in 2010.

    Most people consider adding seats to be a “gain.” Actually added seats to the State Board of Education, defeated Rogert and elected Jim Smith in a battleground district. Republicans now enjoy largest legislature majority in three decades.

    And even though it’s not really his job, Fahleson has indeed recruited a candidate for Lincoln mayor.

    Keep on slinging your nonsense, Coverup. You’ll have another two years to criticize after Fahleson is unanimously reelected in January.

  15. Reagan Republican says:

    I think there are some big questions in this upcoming NEGOP chair election. Should Mark Fahleson take some of the responsibility for the Omaha and Lincoln City Elections that were a disaster for the Republican party? Should he be bragging that his sole legislative gain is defeating Rogert in 2010, which was the worst year for the Democrat brand name in 100 years? Did he embarrass the NEGOP when he made national news for the “Twitter incident” in October 2009?

  16. Dennis says:

    Here’s my request to the “Anonymous” name callers. You should demand that Nabity and the recall people spell out the specific budget cuts and layoffs they support ASAP. You guys seem to believe that these tax increases are unpopular. OK. That’s fine. It would then stand to reason that the Omaha voters are in favor of cutting the budget. If you guys are right, spelling out specific budget cut and lay offs will increase the chances of the recall being a success and get Nabity elected Mayor. In the (less than immortal) words of George W. Bush: Bring them on!

  17. Anonymous Name Caller says:

    Here’s my request to Lincoln-based dog-bite and ambulance-chasing attorney Dennis P. Crawford who keeps posting to this blog and telling Omaha voters what to do: You should really find a more respectable way to make a living and do it in your own city. I know you’re not doing as well in your practice as you hoped and billing Forward Omaha is the best thing that’s come along for your billable hours in a LONG time. But it really does a disservice to the legal profession (not to mention shame to your fellow Creighton grads) for you to copy and paste the same inane “demand” over and over and over and charge people for it. You probably ARE their kind of “attorney” though, given that they have no problem with manufacturing bogus “recalls” by semi-senile former state senators or putting bogus signatures on the real recall and apparently have no problem with hiring people from out of town to help them! In the (less than immortal) words of Barrack Obama: “I’ve now been to 57 states with one left to go, Alaska and Hawaii.”

  18. Anonymous Observer says:

    It’s strange that everyone has this much venom for Dennis, he must be saying something that is getting under the skin of the recall folks for them to lash out like this toward him. Where’s all the whiny idealists who defended RWP vigorously when he faced the same lashing?

  19. Dennis says:

    Nobody is paying me a dime to post here. I just enjoy tormenting right wingers. IMO, the Husker loss tonight was Jim Suttle’s fault.

  20. GeosUser says:

    Only a liberal would say “Where is the outrage over the equal if not eventually larger sum of money spent on tax cuts for the wealthy?” and think it is an economic fact. What is the “cost” of letting any taxpayer keep any amount of money that they earn? Sound like Oh Mander and his ilk? They just don’t understand government is economic overhead and an ever expanding government is a drain on the real economy. The more accurate statement by a liberal would be “Where is the outrage at putting a kink in our plans to redistribute even more income from the productive to the nonproductive?”. They cringe at the thought of multi-generational wealth accumulation but have absolutely no qualms about creating and maintaining multi-generational poverty. Moochers all and always.

  21. Hank Kimball says:

    Dense Dennis is this blog’s equivalent of a whiny 5-year-old in the back seat saying “Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?” ad infinitum. At one point, you just want to pull over and smack him one. .

    He IS probably right about the Husker loss hurting Suttle, though – whenever Nebraska loses, voters do tend to take it out on the next guy up for election (or retention as the case may be). Just keep stokin’ that fire, Denny!

  22. Oh Mander says:

    Geo – This is not a subjective liberal vs. conservative debate – this is about dollars and cents. We are not simply letting people keep more of their money. We are borrowing cash from foreign governments and handing it out to people. A tax cut that is not paid for is not a tax cut. It is a loan. So to answer your first question – $700 Billion over 10 years. And that is just for the top 2% of earners. Tack on cuts for lower and middle classes and we’re looking at about $2 Trillion (or as much as $3.4 Trillion, depending on which organization is crunching the numbers). Regardless of whose estimate you use, it is more than Obamacare and Stimulus I combined. So where is the outrage that we saw when the cameras were pointed at 2010 GOP candidates and Tea Party rallies? Where are the gloom and doom analysts? The truth is the GOP is just as bad as the DFL when it comes to deficit spending – they just do a better job of pretending that they are concerned about the deficit while campaigning. One month after the election, we are seeing these “fiscal hawks” expose themselves as complete hypocrites, and you rush to their defense because this latest round of “borrow and spend” includes a taste for good ol’ Geouser. It is a double standard, plain and simple. Just ask Jim DeMint.

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