20 Days

(Sometimes these headlines just write themselves, no?)

Under three weeks left until the Mayoral Recall Election (/ Jim Suttle’s political career?) and Suttle is finally hitting the airwaves.

Well, scratch that. He is surfing the internet-waves and hoping you’ll go click.

Well, if you wish, entice yourselves and eat up some Jim Suttle propaganda:

Now what’s the first thing you noticed?

Right, cotton v-neck zip-up with a silk tie?
We don’t know either.

But on to the substance.
What, you mean you are not going to watch a two-minute long commercial of just Jim Suttle talking to the screen?

Hmm. Well, ok maybe YOU will, but then again you read blogs.

And here’s the thing; other than the weird grimaces at the end, it is not a horrible piece. Oh sure they are still trying to sell the idiotic, “I will hire a better communications director next time!”

By the way, how about a “some of you may not always agree with me, but here is what we are trying to do and why,” or something of that nature. Well, there is still three weeks. Er, twenty days.

But his attempt to sell the tax increase was not awful, with the “we’ve gotten the house in order, and it took your additional help”. We have heard worse attempts to defend tax increases.

But this pitch is to a very niche market of those who go out and seek it, instead of having it thrust upon them on radio or TV. We are still waiting for the broadcast version.

And waiting to hear from the pro-Recallers…

p.s. Was that filmed in the Mayor’s office? Hmm…


In the mean time, Jim Esch has taken his non-Democrat, non-partisan group VOICE Omaha, and turned it into a Democrat, partisan group by holding an event for Suttle last night.

Spin it all you want Jim, but you just turned the corner with your group. You picked sides. Welcome, along with your still-Democrat friends, back to the political world. Glad we know where VOICE stands.


And state Senator Charlie is getting heat from a Hispanic/Latino/we’re-not-sure-what -the-PC-label-is group, for using the word “anchor baby”.

Janssen used the term to describe children born to illegal immigrants in the United States.

According to Wiki-pedians, “anchor baby” was first used to describe children born to Vietnamese refuges and now is used mainly in regard to children of illegal immigrants from Mexico and Central America.

The group, “Somos Republicans!” (why the exclamation points?) wants Janssen to apologize and wants Nebraska Right to Life to not endorse him because of it.

Now we aren’t sure why they’re trying to drag NRtL into this — well, we are sure, but we just don’t see it. Other than the use of the term “baby”, there is no right-to-life issue here.

But Somos (who, while they have the word “Republican” in their name, also contribute on Bold Nebraska’s website, so you be the judge) makes a good point about the “anchor baby” argument.

The babies aren’t doing much anchoring. The concept is that if they are citizens, they will then somehow be able to anchor themselves in the country and keep their parents here as well. Except it doesn’t really work like that, because the baby won’t help bring in the parents for twenty years, and then the parents have to leave for ten first and blah blah blah.

The point is, you can argue that children of illegal immigrants born here should not automatically be citizens, but the baby isn’t an “anchor” for the parents. So really Somos’s argument is that they aren’t anchors. And that may be a good point.

But then they go and yell “racism!”, when that isn’t really the point, except they claim that Janssen is trying to stir the pot by using the term. But then that would be the same claim whether Janssen used the word or just described the legal process, right?

Anyway, don’t think you’ve heard the end of this.


  1. Charles says:

    Is there a history or connection with KXVO and local politics? Channel surfing last night and found them running a promo spot last night that included a statement on the recall and a statement that was anti-Becka. Seemed oddly placed regardless of which side you are on.

    Sorry Sweep about the wrong call letters on previous comment, please delete.

  2. Really, Sweeper?! says:

    Since when does voicing your opposition to a short-sighted, irresponsible idea automatically make one partisan? If anything, it shows he’s sensible… something the recallers know nothing about.

  3. Responsible Recaller says:

    I get the feeling that the mayor’s “campaign” has run out of money and has none coming in. No signs, no ads, no door-to-door, nothing. FINALLY showing some fiscal responsibility in the mayor’s office.

  4. Oh Mander says:

    Youtube is just the ground work. Something tells me that the anti-recall message will be front and center once we get closer to the election. The smart money is and always will be used to reach the unfortunately enormous ADD voting block inside the two week mark.

  5. Macdaddy says:

    The excalamation point is because everything is more exciting in Spanish!

    Drink Kahlua! It’s muy delicioso!

    BTW, shouldn’t that be Somos Republicanos!?

  6. Anonymous says:

    The 102nd Legislature started without any partisan ploys. Perhaps this will be a better session than we could have hoped for.

  7. Dan Rather says:

    I found that the tie and sweater vest combo did wonders to soften my “hard news” image and get viewers to warm up to me. Ought to do wonders for you too, Mayor Suttle!

  8. GeosUser says:

    Dense Dennis,
    Yes, they have…again…again…again…again…and so on moron. Don’t you have an ambulance to chase or something???

  9. Anti-Dennis says:

    I doubt that the recall squad will talk about their plans until they are sure the office will be open. I’m just sayin….

  10. Dennis says:

    IMO, if Nabity and the recall people fail to disclose the cuts and layoffs they support, they will have a mandate for nothing if they should win. If a GOP Mayor is the ultimate result of this process and hasn’t gotten specific, he/she will have a very difficult time carrying out his/her agenda. When the cuts and layoffs are announced, the Omaha voters will feel like they were misled and react with anger & disgust. Do we need go through that again?

  11. Oh Mander says:

    GeoUser – I must have missed the announcement on a budget plan. Are you making stuff up again, or do you have access to info the rest of us do not?

    And once again, great insult/nickname. You are a very clever person (jerking motion).

  12. Cheech and Chong says:

    We’re so stoked our friends’ mom is running for Lincoln Mayor! Maybe she can create a blog for us Tea-Party Stoners and call it the Puffington Post.

  13. Hank Kimball says:

    Dennis, what would you rather have – specific budget cuts from someone in Omaha who isn’t even running for dog catcher, or one really good dog-bite case in your own city of Lincoln? You want the dog-bite case in Lincoln, don’t you? Yes you do, snookums, yes you do! You LOVE those dog-bites, don’t you? Yes you do!

  14. GeosUser says:

    Oh Mander,
    I’m sure you know all about “jerking motion”…and you’re a perfect example of the mental downside of excess use of it.

  15. Icon says:

    Glad you picked up on the Grimace before the lame Smile SS! My [free] advise to the Pro Mayor Moron con- sultant hacks is, to REMOVE all of his terrible on camera stuff from everywhere it appears & figure out a new media approach, and I won’t tell you the 3 or 4 other ways it can be done. [ Just a side note to all you wannabee Pols,: they run schools to teach idiots how to read video prompters as well as other essentials for wannabees.] The reason for the removal of All his OC stuff is because it is just pissing in the face of those that want him out & also in the faces of the undecided. That’s not to even mention, that he’s no Marlon Brando! I really can’t figure out how he’s so OC challenged to have gotten this far but… Oh it slipped my mind for a moment, this is OMAHO, isn’t it. Keep on Truckin!!!!

  16. Dennis says:

    We’re still waiting for some substance on the budget from Nabity and the recall people. If what we’ve seen on this blog thus far is representative of the pro-recall people, Omaha is in a lot of trouble if they should succeed. Yikes!

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