Wednesday evening

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of those affected by the tragic shooting at Millard South today.

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  1. Omaha Independent says:

    Once again, sorrow lives here. I wish I could give every 18 year old the perspective to see beyond the problems they see as unsolvable. I’m trying to do it with the ones in my life, I hope you are all doing that with the teenagers in yours. My prayers are for all concerned.

  2. Millard parent says:

    Shameful that Kyle is politicizing this tragedy on Twitter. Nebraska Democrats should condemn him and remove him from all party positions.

  3. Grundle King says:

    I’m curious as to exactly what anon 12:01 is trying to say.

    It’s truly shameful, disgusting, sad…I have a hard time picking a word…that these types of things continue to happen. Unfortunately, it’s hard to send a message to future would-be shooters that this type of action is wrong, because the shooters’ names are publicized a billion times, and their ultimate goal typically includes taking as many people with them as possible before they leave this world.

    My condolences to the families of all involved, including the parents of the shooter. I’m sure they’re doing some serious soul-searching right now wondering exactly where they went wrong.

  4. Kortezzi says:

    Anon 12:01 seems inclined to inject politics to this discussion. So I’ll take the bait.

    A 2nd amendment solution would involve having the school’s security officer possess a gun, so he wouldn’t have to cower behind a desk, but instead might (again I say MIGHT) be able to stop a shooter, or dissuade him from firing.

    Better solutions would of course involve parents recognizing danger signals, kids telling teachers when they see warning signs, etc.

    Neither of these are guaranteed to have worked in the Millard South incident. But Anon 12:01 is wrong to imply that a gun cannot help, because in the right hands, it might have. And if kids know the school cop is armed, maybe that alone would have discouraged him from taking the tragic actions he chose yesterday.

    Prayers for all…

  5. Macdaddy says:

    The Omaha paradox: More nice, friendly, upstanding citizens than anywhere else in the country, and a sizable chunk of young men who see nothing wrong with shooting people.

  6. Roger Snowden says:

    Since the ice is broken, I’ll chime with the observation that a relatively high percentage of shootings occur in “gun free” zones.

    Clearly, “gun free” is a delusional pretense that banning legally possessed firearms somehow makes us safe from those who will disregard the law anyway.

    Regarding the notion shooters all seek publicity, there is much yet unknown about this case. However, I suspect the kid was seeking something other than mere publicity. We’ll know more in time, hopefully.

  7. anonymous says:

    You people just have to go there don’t you?

    Out of respect to those whose loved ones are lost to a tragedy, my thoughts and prayers are with the shattered hearts. I am so sorry.

  8. respectthevictims says:

    We best respect the victims by not confusing them with the perpetrators.

    We should and we do feel sorrow for the dead and wounded, for the frightened and victimized. For them it was a tragedy, like lighting striking out of nowhere. But it wasn’t out of nowhere.

    The shooter, by his own words, planned to take other’s lives. He could have acted out his teen angst via suicide. He chose the route of murder, which he premeditated. And abetting this crime, forehand, was the failure of a weapons expert to adequately secure his official duty weapon, without which this fit of teen unhappiness should have culminated in a fist fight or a stabbing.

    This wasn’t insanity. It was a cool and premeditated act of revenge upon authority, an acting out of anger in the most vicious possible way. The lightening-like tragedy that hit the principals, teachers and students was actually the effect due to very real causes.

    Please remember that every day our government puts loaded weapons into the hands of many thousands of 18 year old young men who have not one drop less angst-generating testosterone hormones running though their veins. They can, like anyone can, choose to murder or not to murder. Respect the victims by not confusing them with the perps.

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