A week of recalling

Jeremy Aspen of the Mayor Suttle Recall Committee has a YouTube vid up explaining why they want you to vote YES next Tuesday.

See it here:

Now the first thing you will notice is that Jeremy is also going with the v-neck zip-down, favored by Mayor Suttle — except Jeremy left out the silk tie. Wise move Jeremy.

After that he breaks down a few of the reasons for the recall — namely faulting the Mayor for the recent CIR decision in favor of the firefighters.

All in all, well-delivered by Aspen who has done a decent job as a spokesman in this gig.


Other than this we have yet to see or hear any ads, though the recallers promise that there will be radio up before the week is over.

And interesting tact that the anti-recallers have taken is (apparently) employing VOICE Omaha’s Craig Moody to run their campaign.

According to a video on Joe Jordan’s blog, Moody has stated that their goal is to nail down 10,000 votes for Suttle.

Which is an interesting strategy.

Figure that Omaha has a total registration of 247,000.  If turnout is 25%, that means 60,000 voters.

50% + 1= 30,000.

So, if they have 10,000 votes “locked down”, they still need another 20,000 to win.    If turnout is only 20%, that’s 48,000 voters –you win with 24,000 –so 10,000 is still less than half of what they need.

In other words, it is an interesting strategy to shoot that low. Now we are sure they’re thinking, “Well, if that’s our base,   we can turn out even more than that.”

Well, maybe.

Not sure what Moody’s campaign experience is, but this one could make him or break him.


And we read with a little interest Robyn Tysver’s article calling out Suttle as a poor politician on Sunday. (Sounds remarkably similar to what we wrote on the last day of last year, but we digress…)

Oh by the way did you know that Jim Suttle is/was an engineer — a point mentioned no less than five times (six, if you count the headline) in the article.   Is this Suttle’s all-inclusive defense in life?

“I’d shovel the walk honey, but I’m an engineer, and the best option really would be to raise your taxes and have someone from the city do it.”

“We could go to a movie tonight, but I’m an engineer and Rom-Coms just don’t make any sense to me. Sandra Bullock clearly should have just raised his taxes, then took a walk on the beach.”

We could (hillariously) go on.

And four Democrats bu only one Republican comment huh? Balanced.

In the mean time, we like how Suttle complains about how the recallers have lots of high-dollar donaters. Yup Mr. Mayor. Cry that one all the way to Dick Holland, ok?


  1. Snowman says:

    STILL waiting for a single suggestion of how to solve the problems suggested from this clown Aspen. These recallers whine and complain yet have yet to offer a single inkling of a solution. What a joke!

  2. Dennis says:

    Mr. Aspen, Mr. Nabity and the other wealthy men who support this recall effort lack the guts to tell us how they plan to cut $44 million from the budget. Weak.

  3. Kortezzi says:

    You anti-recallers are getting pretty experienced with this schtick about how the Recall Suttle Committee shouldn’t have tried to remove the Mayor unless they also propose a complete policy agenda. For me, it’s a plenty big task to just organize and get the 26,000 signatures (which they did) especially with Suttle sympathizers and lawyers doing their best to undermine the effort and stop it in court.
    For the umpteenth time, let’s understand this: the NEW mayor will have to come up with a policy agenda to put Omaha on a path to solving our fiscal and other problems. A recall committee doesn’t dictate to yet-unannounced candidates!
    It’s plenty clear that a sufficient groundswell of Omahans resent Suttle’s teeny little police & fire union contract tweeks when a much more aggressive negotiation effort was needed. It’s also clear his tax increases – – after a campaign that pledged tax cuts – – have motivated the voters to want to send Suttle packing. He desperately wants to confuse people with his whining about having not committed any criminal offenses (as if the Presidential impeachment criteria have anything to do with Nebraska’s recall statute) and paint himself as a victim. I’m not buying it.
    I’m voting to recall Suttle and then vote for the best candidate to emerge after that. Nabity would be my first choice, Vokal second. But I’m pretty sure that damn near anybody will do a better job than Dim Jim Suttle, the Little Engine(er) Who Couldn’t.

  4. Poor Man Supporting the Recall says:

    How about we let Nabity announce he’s running and THEN he can tell us? That sounds fair to me. In the meantime, we’ve got to get rid of the current guy.

  5. Target Dog says:

    Dennis, don’t you live in Lincoln? What’s this “us” business?

    Not to speak for Nabity, but I think all of us who signed for the recall agree the best plan to cut $44M from the budget is to fire Suttle and take it from there.

  6. Dennis says:

    If Nabity and the recall people don’t come up with a specific budget plan, they will have a mandate for nothing if Suttle is recalled. If somebody like Nabity should emerge as mayor at the end of this process, any budget cutting plan will be met with a firestorm of criticism. Once again, the Omaha voters will feel like they’ve been lied to. Does Omaha need to go through another cycle of recriminations?

  7. Anonymous says:

    What official in Omaha ever had a specific plan to do anything? Look the guy is being recalled because he has a tin ear. Also the vote can have multiple outcomes where one is to remove Suttle, not only to put another person in office. It could well be there are a few candidates who woo the voters with their platforms to a greater extent than the tin man. Then Suttle is removed and another election will take place. All this to say the voters will turn out to give Jim the Boot. If he is/was a capable politician he will/would haved encourage(d) a lot of candidates to file. This would split the vote and ergo his 10000 goal might just work. But alas……..

  8. Anonymous says:

    Anon 4:04 ahem you are a bit off. The recall vote is just for the recall. There are no other matters on the ballot.

    Street. You (and only you) might want to link to the Douglas County Election page to the sample ballot? I’m sure it would be viewed as a Public Service Announcement.

    Peeps just think of today’s weather as a reason to request an early ballot!

    Buh Bye Jim

  9. Icon says:

    OK just so we are all clear about what is going on w the recall, if you haven’t figure it out, it’s $$$$, Big $$$$. Get it??? For all of you dim lights, it’s the City’s $$$$. The way I see it, Nabity & Aspen & all the others only have their EYES on the BIG PRIZE, ie getting their paws on the MONEY. They could give a shit less about Omaho!! On the other side of the fence, their is Mayor Moron who has got his hands on the MONEY!!! Now both of these camps are about the same, just a bunch of dickheads. Case in point, Suttle paid a GRSC Con-sulting in Minn. $65725.00 for Anti- Recall consulting. He also paid the Obama wiz kids in DC, Murphy Putnam Media, $ 105,288.69 for Recall Con & media. You could tell it was Murf & Putt because just like Obama doing a bad job trying to read a teleprompter in his commercials, Big Jim had the same problem. It must be their secret weapon having their clients appear to be idiots that can’t remember a few lines on camera??? Now the flip side; the recallers paid a Cleary & Assoc. in a Tuscon suburb about $60K for just Recall Con-sulting. From these #’s we can draw a bit of a conclusion, ie both of these groups are jerks. Suttle spends $177K on Cons & the Recallers $60K. Do the math, who’s the biggest SUCKER??? One question, who’s Cleary? Seems like this was a kickback to a retired local who’s now living near the Mexican boarder in Redneck Heaven????

  10. Anonymous says:

    Here’s another good question to 4:18PM January 10th: Why are all these great supporters, recallers and anti-recallers of the Omaha economy not supporting….well…..the OMAHA economy?
    So much for local “economic development” when its transported to other markets. What ever happened to “buy the Big O?” They haul in carpetbaggers to do their dirt and wonder why few to none want to be part of the process.

  11. Icon says:

    Glad U picked up on that Anon 4:28. I mean if these out of town boys were worth a Shit, it would be a different story but… I’ve a question 4 U however, as I don’t watch any TV, I’m just curious if the Team Suttle actually ran that pathetic scare TV Commercial that I saw on the web. The one about lay-offs of P & F & closing libraries etc…? If not just what did he run that cost $105K???? BTW; that alone is reason to kick Suttles ass out, hiring out of town Con-Sultants. Guess Suttle was the one that got Conned, if he loses! Lesson for future wannabees!!!!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone else look and listen to Aspen and cringe? What a pud. Is this the best we can do for our recall spokesperson? I’m afraid we’re going to regret this was our leader on Jan. 26.

  13. Target Dog says:

    I looked and listened to Aspen. Honestly, I thought he did a MUCH better job of making his case than the other guy in the sweater.

  14. Jim J. Enright says:

    Voters, recall our tone deaf, tax happy mayor! Put Omaha again on the path to economic growth. Omaha is already ranked #10 highest taxed city in the nation. Tax gouger Suttle is the wrong man to head our city. Maybe if the mayor is retied early, the other poorly performing, tax mad entities in Omaha will take note. Omaha Public Schools, for example, spends $15,200 per pupil per year, yet is ranked very near the bottom of the nation vis a vis disadvantaged students, as well as having a six year decline in ACT and CAT test scores.

  15. GeosUser says:

    Dense Dennis,
    Just how much is Backward Omaha paying a Lincoln ambulance chaser to keep posting the same crap over and over in an effort to keep Mayor Moron in office? He’s out trying to raise $400,000 to spend in two weeks in an attempt to stay in office. Where do you think his money is coming from? He and his supporters, including you, have utterly failed to make any compelling case for retaining him on 01/25/11 because it’s impossible to do so.

  16. Ooops... says:

    Dennis is posting to KEEP the mayor in office? Crap – I just absentee voted AGAINST the mayor because of Dennis’s posts.

  17. In The Know says:

    Gosh I hope someone wasn’t making fundraising calls from city hall. That will get you booted even if you win the recall election. I would keep Vince Powers on retainer, someone may need him.

  18. To In The Know says:

    You mean that votes or approval of projects would be withheld without giving Suttle some cash? Any fundraising call coming from a 444 number could be easily traced to whomever made the call. Suttle can’t be that stupid.

  19. Another in the know says:

    He admitted on KETV’s Kaleidoscope that he cannot perform his mayoral duties between the hours of 8am and 5pm because he has to raise money for the recall campaign, but did not say where he was making those calls from.

  20. Gary for Mayor says:

    Gary DiSilvestro seems to be Suttle’s Landow. I think Gary should run for mayor. Just keep him off the internet and he should be fine.

  21. Oh Mander says:

    KETV is reporting that the images used in Aspen’s video were actually from an Australian recall effort, and that the company hired to make the video pulled them off the internet.

  22. Icon says:

    News Flash!!! I saw Suttle out on my street with a toothbrush putting the final touches down after, would you believe, a Plow passed by!!! And who said Suttle was a Slow Learner??? He might not know anything about Spending Money but he did figured out that he “D” well better get the streets cleaned or he wouldn’t have a prayer in the Recall Effort!!! [Note: SS banned me form using bad words like the “D” word & other strong nasties. Is he the dictator of this site?? No freedom of speech here???]
    About the RC video, # 1 it’s too long. # 2 It’s what we call an “Ego” spot, which is always a problem when one wants to reach the other side. [Think M. Moore & Jim Suttle, ie don’t show them your Ego Face] # 3 no one here about looks at utube. The Recall people however are on target with the their basic message that Suttle is Clueless about managing $$$. They might also try resurrecting a very famous line & hang it on Suttle; “READ MY LIPS, NO MORE TAXES!!!!!” It sank Bush #1, I think it can work for them. Bottom line a cheap :10 TVC using Suttle himself as the star holding his infamous campaign property tax sign with a woman VO, very dramatic sound, saying something like; ” Suttle LIED about Taxes!! Start Omaha Moving Forward Again! Vote YES to RECALL Mayor Suttle!!!”

  23. Oh Mander says:

    File images of the things they are actually reporting on, such as a mugshot or a still from last year’s annual event – not images of somewhat similar events occurring halfway around the world featuring token age and race demographics. And once again, I do not oppose the recall, I just oppose some of the questionable methods this recall group continues to use.

  24. Political Novice says:

    Like Anonymous 10:01 AM, I too am curious about these references to this DiSilvestro and the internet. What is the story here? Is this just idle gossip or did something really happen? Perhaps there are slander issues at stake but perhaps just a hint from someone in the know? And yeah I confess – i enjoy watching Jerry Springer from time to time.

    The salty language used here doesn’t bother or offend me in the least but it IS Street Sweeper’s site and he’s God here as far as I am concerned.

  25. Icon says:

    PolNo, I guess HE IS GOD here!! Thanks for the tip!! But I’ll give S/he credit as S/he said S/he was going to delete my comment or as he called the post, my non comment, the one that called S/he Sister Mary but he left it up. Guess that’s shows some “B’S” as in Basket—-‘s!! Or maybe he’s still sleeping or shoveling snow???

  26. Craig Moody? says:

    Is he the one that ran Flynn’s campaign? Or was it Chris Timm or something?

    Wow….some of the Rovians we have in this state.

  27. Confused says:

    So Aspen blames Suttle for the CIR’s decision last week after Nabity convinced the city council to reject the agreement with the fire union? Nice.

  28. Anonymous says:

    …and in other news Republicans in Lincoln still have no Mayoral candidate. Fun to watch the complete collapse of the Lancaster County Republican party.

  29. To Oh Mander says:

    Actually, most political campaigns, dem or repub, use file images in mailings and video. It is much more inexpensive than shooting your own, recreating scenes etc. It’s really not that big of a deal.

  30. Oh Mander says:

    Ah yes, the age old “Everyone else is doing it” defense. Too bad they couldn’t find a photo of a blind Asian person in a wheelchair signing a piece of paper – that would have really driven their point home.

  31. To Oh Mander says:

    It’s not an excuse..it’s just done. Ad agencies do it for ads, it’s not a big deal! I remember looking through ag pictures for mailers to make sure the picture LOOKED like 3rd district Nebraska..corn vs. ranches

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