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Less than two weeks to go until the Omaha Mayoral recall vote, and each site is trying to gather some steam.

First let’s look at the anti-recallers and their “16 Day” plan over at Forward Omaha. They are apparently going to come out with sixteen groups, or something, who support the Mayor and are against the recall.

Their first was a laundry list of environmental groups, starting with the Sierra Club, who love bike coordinators and presumably red, ethanol powered, SUVs.

But we were a little curious about the second group when we read about it in the OWH.

The OWH says — and this apparently came via a release from Forward Omaha — that Day 2 was sponsored by “ the Latino Caucus of Nebraska.”

Um…except it’s not.

A quick trip over to the Forward Omaha website will tell you that Day 2 is “sponsored by” (whatever that means) The Nebraska Democratic Latino Caucus. And it is on Nebraska Democratic Party stationery.

Well, how about that! Democrats and their sub-groups support Suttle! That IS something to crow about.

We wonder what other Nebraska Democrat caucuses support Suttle? Think he will get the sponsorship of the Nebraska Democrat Skeet Shooting caucus? Or maybe the Teen Bike Riders Caucus (which may possibly overlap with Day 1’s environmental groups, but we won’t quibble.)

But OK, the Nebraska Democrat Latino Caucus must have some solid reasons for supporting Suttle, right?

Well, look no further than the headline: the recall is “bad”.

Yup, it’s bad.

Oh wait, check that, it’s more than that:


You lose hope? Really??? You “lose hope” because Jim Suttle isn’t up in the 3rd floor office at the City/County Building? Wow, that’s some life you’ve got working there if it’s allllll riding on Jim Suttle. Sort of threw all your eggs in an unusual basket, no?

Well in any case, on Day 3 we await the next hyperbole from the Forward Omahans.

We are betting on a sponsorship from Princess Leia (“Help me Jim Suttle. You’re our only hope.”)


And then Channel 3 features the TV ad from the Pro-recallers — namely “Citizen’s for Omaha’s Future”. KMTV says they have it set up in their rotation, just waiting for the payment to air it.

If it gets sent to us, we will post it here, but in the mean time, you can glean parts of it from KMTV’s report:

**UPDATE We have the vid now**

You can see that the main thing they are hitting on here is Suttle’s negotiation of the police union contract. That tends to be an issue that gets people pretty riled up. (Though of course, it may rile up the unions against the recallers as well.)

Not sure when we will see this spot on TV, or if the recallers will focus any funds they have on the crucial, yet less sexy, mail, voter ID and get-out-the-vote plans.

It is all about turnout, turnout, turnout kids.

All of the free and paid media is interesting, but the group with the best turnout plans will likely be the one toasting on the evening of the 25th.


And by the way, we note that the Mayor has been beating on the “five wealthy people decided the election should have a 5th quarter,” drum set.

That sounds much better than “29,000 people decided to follow the state law,” eh?


  1. Nebraska Spoked Coalition says:

    I can tell you that if Jim Suttle is NOT reelected, we may as well let the air out of our Schwinn’s tires. If he IS reelected, we’re getting a basket for it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Sarah Palin imploded? WOW, that’s big news. Who was throwing anti-Semetic rhetoric at her? I didn’t even realize she was Jewish. Have they arrested anyone yet? Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

  3. GeosUser says:

    Mayor Moron Is Terrified…
    After agreeing to appear on KFAB with Tom Becka sometime this week, the Mayor has changed his mind telling Becka “I’m too busy”. He may be busy trying to raise money but he’s clearly shown he is absolutely terrified of being asked really hard questions in an unscripted challenging interview. I guess the fire union, Dick Holland, Mike Yanney, Backward Omaha, would rather spend tens or hundreds of thousands of their money promoting retention of this incompetent tone-deaf coward than insist he stand up and face the tough questions before the recall vote.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Sarah Palin using “Blood Libel” in her latest rant to describe “attacks” on her for her putting representative Giffords in the cross hairs target. Kinda pathetic when you consider the history the phrase “Blood Libel” and especially when you consider that Represenative Giffords is Jewish.

  5. Target Dog says:

    Martian! You’re back! I know, I know – it’s the first time you’ve ever posted on this blog. (wink)

    Again – punctuation, spelling, vitriol – you’re pretty easy to ID.

  6. Hank Kimball says:

    I would say that the mayor is hearing from two very influential people – the closest ones told him to talk to Becka, and the ones with money told him to not do it. Money is talking the loudest at this point.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Funny post Sweeper. How in the world can any political anything pay for such rotten advice? He should keep it simple. Go on Becka with boldness and confidence like a true leader would do. What’s up with people who can’t at the very least be civil in keeping their commitments and saying thanks for Tom’s gesture of sending flowers to the taxpaid “communications” director no less? It speaks poorly for leadership that understands the pecking order of the office they serve. That is not to say the recallers are top of the line in their efforts though not as loopy.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I can tell you that if any conservatives on this site ever commit an act of violence against a liberal, it won’t be because of something Glenn Beck or Sarah Palin said. It will be because interacting with the libs on this site just about makes one want to hit something. (I said “just about.” Don’t misquote me like a typical lib and claim I’m advocating violence.)

    Sarah Palin being anti-semitic? Good gawd, 11:33 a.m., would you not be so unsufferably idiotic? Please? For a day or so anyway?

    Since I started coming over here, I’ve been attacked by the likes of that idiot Brian Osborne and his pathetic sidekick Bud as being some kind of right-wing kook who only gets my news and information from Glenn Beck (in fact, the number of minutes I hear Glenn Beck in a typical month could be counted on the fingers of one hand.) I’ve seen good, hard-working, tax-paying, honest American citizens berated time and time again for protesting against excessive government spending and taxing. I’ve seen them unjustly and erroneously accused of being violent and racist. I’ve seen them repeatedly referred to be a derogatory sexual referrence.

    I’ve seen all this hate rhetoric coming from the left and repeated ad nauseum on this very blog — some of it even directed at ME. And then I witness the unmitigated gall of these same leftists trying to somehow link conservative speech and those who advocate conservative ideas with this apolitical, deranged killer who committed that horrific shooting in Tucson. And, yeah, it almost makes me want to punch something. Or someone.

  9. anonymous says:

    My family mailed our ballots to recall Suttle yesterday. That is only 3 but in conversations with many, there are more to come! Bye Bye Mayor Taxer!

  10. Don Kuhns says:

    You are absolutely right. Palin’s comment, though certainly insensitive, is not anti-semetic. She is just parroting the latest right-wing talking point like the good little robot she is. Media Matters already has several examples of her fellow robots doing likewise.

    The thing about “blood libel” is, it was totally based on lies. In the case of violent right-wing eliminationist rhetoric, however, we have a smoking gun. That would be the suicide note/rant of James Adkisson, who shot up a Unitarian church last July in Tennesee. The Knoxville News Sentinel has released a pdf file showing the actual note. It sounds exactly like one of Mr. Beck’s paranoid tirades until you get to the part about him wanting to kill every Democrat in the congress and everyone mentioned in Bernie Goldberg’s book.

  11. Spike says:

    Just so we don’t get too far off thread here, I think the commercial is quite to the point that has always caught Voter attention, ie TAXES!! Get it on the air, it’s the medium of the MASSES!!!

  12. kjstrouble says:

    I heard the same thing about the buses. What I also heard was that the people being bused in were being paid by Forward Omaha. They went thru some quick training at the OOIC building (don’t talk to media) and then are being driven over. Many are registering their homes as the Sienna Francis house. Um every part but the paying part is legal, but if they are being paid – well somebody is breaking the law. It will be interesting to see if anything is reported.

    Oh wait, the OWH has a breaking news notice about the buses – but nothing about if the people are being paid.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I just went out to vote and Ch. 6 and I think 3 were there. Went I walked in, there were two guys talking to the news people, off camera, and one of the guys was asking the reporter for five bucks! I am not kidding.

    There were about 35-40 people waiting in line to vote – I decided to wait until election day. But if Forward Omaha is busing in homeless people to vote and paying them, if that’s where the Dick Holland dollars are going is to buy votes, I’ve decided which way I’m voting.

  14. Kids,
    We are hearing that KFAB’s Tom Becka may have a VIDEO featuring interesting information about the Suttle Homeless Voter bus today.
    You can listen on your computer via at 4pm today.

  15. Rob says:

    I was in line today and channel 7 interviewed two homeless men who said on camera that they were being paid $5 to vote for suttle.

  16. NE Voter says:

    I rather doubt the claims that voters are being paid.

    But let’s see if I’ve got this straight: It’s OK for the recall committee to collect valid signatures at the homeless shelters (yes, they did), but it’s not OK for the anti-recall groups to encourage/help those same folks to actually vote in the rrecall election?

    You recallers have turned Shark-jumping into a fine art.

  17. anonymous says:

    The bleeding hearts are victimizing the very people they claim are underserved, uninsured & forgotten. Why don’t they give them their coats and a warm meal? This is the most sickening approach I have ever heard. No wonder Obama got elected.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Don, you’re a perfect example of the kind of a left-wing anal sphincter that makes me want to hit something.

    First, you bastages are out saying she’s anti-semitic for using the term “blood libel.” Then, when that doesn’t stick (because you all fail to understand or be aware of the broader use of the term), you have to slam her in some other way. In your case, it’s to call her a “good little robot” for “parroting the latest right-wing talking point.”

    Ironic that you should now condemn Palin for parroting talking points supplied by others when, in the very next breath, you talk about how you just got all this nifty info from the liberal website “Media Matters.” Isn’t that special, you good little left-wing robot, you. Parroting the talking points from Media Matters. How nice.

    And, Don, I’ve noticed that deeper thinking has never been one of your strong suits. Adkisson killing someone proves exactly nothing. Nothing related to any point you think you’re making. A homicidal lunatic who happens to like Glenn Beck (but who could just as easily have been a fan of Keith Olbermann or Michael Moore) happens to kill people. There’s nothing Glenn Beck does or says that is materially different from all those various talking heads on MSNBC (or Brian Ross on Nightline or any number of other leftists). You’re a little selective with your condemnations. Reflects how shallow your thought process is.

  19. Oracle says:

    16:54, Brian Ross a leftist! I guess to you anyone left of Attilla the Hun is a leftist. Adkisson followed groups and people that preached hate toward Democrats and liberals. That’s a fact that can’t be denied (except by those who don’t use thought processes). Can you give me an example of someone who followed left-leaning groups and individuals that was driven to murder? In the last decade please.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Do the residents of Omaha’s ghetto areas count? Most murders take place there and their residents vote 90 percent Democrat.

  21. Anonymous says:

    No, Boracle, you moron, I’m not going to provide you an example. I’m not even going to look for one because I don’t think there’s a causal relationship between what these infotainers say and people going out and committing murder. That’s my whole point you dumbass.

  22. Oracle says:

    4:54/8:28 says There’s nothing Glenn Beck does or says that is materially different from all those various talking heads on MSNBC. Unless you can cite an MSNBC host talking about murdering someone, than that statement is materially false. (And I love how you right-wingers resort to name calling when you have nothing intelligent to say!)

  23. Anonymous says:

    Boracle, you ignorant slut. No one outside of a small handful of people was even remotely aware of that brief commentary almost six years ago when Glenn Beck joked about whether he could kill Michael Moore. That single commentary that lasted at most a minute or two did nothing to incite anyone to violence. And it was delivered in a tame manner compared to the foaming-at-the-mouth diatribes we often see from your hero Keith Olberman. If you are truly worried about this atmosphere of hate, you should be just as concerned by the angry rhetoric coming from Keith and Ed and Bill et al as you are about some obscure comment from Glenn Beck 5 1/2 years ago.

  24. Oracle says:

    2:01, maybe you didn’t hear Olbermann’s “Special Comment” condeming liberals and conservatives (including himself) who have used violent rhetoric to make a political point. Can you give me one example of someone on the right apologizing for their violent rhetoric? As I asked RWP, google “Insurrectionism Timeline ” ( domain). If you can provide me an equivalent list of the left promoting violence, I’d like to see it. It seems to be in the right’s (especially the Tea Party’s) playbook while it’s more of an aberration on the left.

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