“Where’s our money at?!”

A home- video of the Mayor Suttle Homeless Voter Bus from the Sienna-Francis shelter to the Election Commissioner’s office was sent to KFAB’s Tom Becka.

Becka posted it on YouTube.  See it here:

You can see approximately twenty people walk from the bus into the office.

At the 2:15 minute mark, you can clearly hear a man yell:

“Where are we  supposed to get our money at?!”

Then, at the 4:00 minute mark you can hear a man (the same man?) yell:

“Where’s our money at?!”


Channel 7 reported:

A representative for Forward Omaha says the people who rode the bus were promised opportunities to work for the group on Election Day.

Those hired would help get voters to the polls on Jan. 25.

“We are paying people to work for us to get out the vote on Election Day. If they go through training they get $5. They are not being paid to vote either way,” Gary DiSilvestro with Forward Omaha said.

Yet, shockingly, one of the homeless people didn’t understand it that way.

And to that we present the following Nebraska Revised Statute:

32-1536. Bribery; prohibited acts; penalty.
(1) Any person who accepts or receives any valuable thing as a consideration for his or her vote for any person to be voted for at any election shall be guilty of a Class II misdemeanor.

(2) Any person who, by bribery, attempts to influence any voter of this state in voting, uses any threat to procure any voter to vote contrary to the inclination of such voter, or deters any voter from voting shall be guilty of a Class II misdemeanor.

It sure seems like the man yelling, “Where’s out money at?” expected to be paid for voting.
And he was no doubt given “literature” for Mayor Suttle.

So did Mayor Suttle and his campaign group Forward Omaha violate 32-1536 above?
We will let those involved take a whack at that.

But are there questions about all of this?
Sure seems so to us.


WOWT’s story on this:




  1. Chicago politics says:

    I live in Central Nebraska. I really enjoy visits to Omaha.

    But holy cow! Omaha politics appears to be as dirty and corrupt as Chicago politics. I am embarrassed for Omaha citizens.

  2. Pop Quiz says:

    Forward Omaha is:
    a) violating Nebraska election laws by paying for votes
    b) violating Nebraska’s employment laws by not completing required paperwork
    b) exploiting Omaha’s homeless community
    d) all of the above

    Answer: Vote to recall

  3. Chris says:

    Chicago politics –

    Omaha politics is MORE dirty and corrupt than Chicago poltiics…always has been. There’s Mayors Dworak, Dahlman, Fahey..

  4. BkDodge42 says:

    Our service men and women who are serving their country overseas in Iraq and Affganastan will not be able to receive absentee ballots in time to vote in the recall election because it takes two weeks for mail to arrive. While it is good that these homeless have the opportunity to vote it is a discrace that our military men and women will not have the same opportunity. Support our troops and vote Mayor Suttle out of office.

  5. Huh? says:

    I thought Forward Omaha already had a tremendous number of volunteers and a big need for cash.

    …So why are they paying homeless people to work for them? Hmmm…

  6. Is it her? says:

    I’m not sure, but the woman’s voice on the video sure sounds like Jean Stothert’s. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  7. Disgusted says:

    Idiots. Even without the video, this was going to annoy people, and the numbers have to be trivial. How dumb would you have to be?

  8. Concerned says:

    How can the ‘Moving Omaha Forward’ crew sleep at night? Where are their values? What are the principles behind offering the individuals a job and money, when it would be illegal. OR do they plan to exploit them, without intending to pay them?

    They have a choice between breaking the law and exploiting. Is this disgusting act a picture of the ‘Moving Omaha Forward’ and the individuals involved? If so, they don’t represent Omaha.

  9. Anon says:

    OK, number one, you gotta believe Forward Omaha thinks the homeless aren’t that educated, because who would do all this for five bucks, right?

    Alright, number two, the ballot says yes or no on should Suttle be recalled. If Forward Omaha thinks the homeless aren’t that educated, they probably also think they don’t know what “recall” means and would think that voting “yes” means you like Suttle.

    Number three, Forward Omaha certainly doesn’t want to pay people to vote against Suttle, so you GOTTA believe they’re telling the homeless “Whatever you do, DON’T vote “yes”!”

    And that’s what’s gonna get them busted.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I predict that for every homeless voter the mayor buses in, there will be 20 Omahans pushed to vote against him because of it.

    I suggest that the recallers do nothing before election day – this guy is doing a fine job of losing it for himself in the waning hours.

  11. GeosUser says:

    State senator Brad “RINO” Assford on KFAB this morning commenting on the Suttle Shuttle voting fraud…”There were allegations about the recall petition and now there’s allegations in the voting…this shows the recall is a bad idea”. Let’s see, the recall petition was examined in court and no Backward Omaha allegations were upheld. I wonder if Mayor Moron and the Backward Omaha people would feel so confident if they are hauled into court on charges of conspiracy to commit voting fraud??? Just when you think Mayor Moron can’t make any dumber moves, he does. Well, on 01/26/11 he’ll have plenty of time to spend with his homeless supporters instead of screwing Omaha’s taxpayers. BTW, I wonder how Creighton law school is going to react to one of their students bringing disrepute to their program???

  12. Costanza says:

    This reminds me of that Seinfeld epsiode where Newman and Kramer came up with that half-brained idea of starting a rickshaw business where they would get hobos to pull the rickshaws. Legal or not, this just looks very bad.

  13. Anonymous says:

    All of the Mayor’s supporters said that Recalls should be reserved for crimes… Thank you Mr. Mayor for committing bribery and election fraud and putting that terrible argument to rest!

  14. Newman! says:

    Why didn’t Forward Omaha (aka Don’t Fire the Mayor) hire the homeless to haul homeless to vote on rickshaws?!?!? It would have made the mayor look “green” instead of using the buses AND got some great PR for the Get Fit Omaha campaign!!!

    Forward Omaha isn’t very forward-looking.

  15. GeosUser says:

    Dense Dennis,
    No ambulances to chase down in Lincoln this morning??? The idea that homeless bums are being paid to vote for Mayor Shuttle evidently doesn’t bother you. Oh wait, you’re also being paid by Backward Omaha. Never mind…birds of a feather flock together.

  16. RWP says:

    The Attorney General needs to launch an investigation. There will be the usual predictable whines from the left that it is partisan, but this is too serious a corruption of the democratic process to allow to pass without criminal charges.

  17. Dennis says:

    GeosUser, I will not hold Mayor Suttle to the level of purity and perfection you demand from him until the recall supporters can achieve that same lofty standard. In the mean time, I plan to compare the recall people and Nabity to the alternative – not the Almighty.

  18. Chicago politics says:

    Has anyone picked up the phone and called the Attorney General’s office? Or is the Attorney General too busy running for the US Senate to be concerned about corruption in Omaha?

  19. Kortezzi says:

    Hey Gary S & Noelle from Backward Omaha – – how about you pay the homeless $5 to shovel snow along the many residential streets that didn’t get plowed to the curb as they were supposed to?
    Nobody paid any attention to Mayor Shuttle’s odd/even snow emergency, because the cops didn’t want to ticket anyone who violated it.
    The odd/even thing would acutlaly WORK, if it’s got any teeth. But it won’t, because now everyone knows it is TOOTHLESS. Just like many of Suttle’s many Sienna Francis $5 voters. Probably because Suttle told the cops “Psst…no tickets for a while, please”. He doesn’t want to (further) upset potential voters shortly before the recall election.
    Absolutely shameless, not to mention illegal. This will backfire. Suttle will now get recalled by a 3:1 margin I bet.

  20. Get on the Bus says:

    We’ve had the police, the firefighters, the 24-percent interest car dealers, the new department heads… but it’s Homeless Guy who comes up with tagline for which the Suttle Administration will be remembered: ‘WHERE’S MY MONEY AT?’

    Where’s my CITY at, Mayor?

  21. From the GOP says:

    Thanks Noelle. After you graduate from law school, I encourage you to run as many Democratic campaigns as you can. Your strategies are very effective. Note to Ben Nelson–HIRE HER!!!

  22. meister says:

    The mayor was quoted on the radio saying this wasn’t shady at all, and blaming the Election Commissioner for not having offices in North and South Omaha for these voters.

    Leaving aside the cost of multiple election offices, it there a reason these folks couldn’t vote at their polling place on election day? Are they going to be out of town (ahem)? At work? Too busy?

  23. Omaha Independent says:

    Ron White was correct. “You can’t fix stupid.” I’m changing my recall vote. I now welcome our new Republican overlords. Just keep the streets paved, don’t build any streetcars or stadiums, and we’ll get along fine. I might even vote for your re-election in 2013. The Democrat’s talent pool appears to have dried up.

  24. Anonymous says:

    I wonder if the homless blame the Mayor for their condition? He might have thought about that BEFORE deciding to bus them?

  25. Don't be fooled says:

    How many of those bused voted against the Mayor? ZERO.

    It would be illogical to get on a bus that goes to vote and then takes you to training/interviewing for a job to support the mayor, if you are against him.

    Do you really think anyone got on the bus, voted against Suttle, went through training, got to the interview and said, “No thanks, I voted against your objective. I enjoyed the training, and want the five dollars promised, but don’t want the job because I’m on the other side of the issue?”

  26. Spike says:

    Just another indication or indictment why Mayor Moron must be RECALLED!! Paying these hurt & sick people only $5.00 to go door to door to solicit votes for himself is, # 1. an outrage & # 2 a blatant LIE! Seems like Suttle is Very Good at one thing, LYING!!! These people were paid for their VOTE, if they were paid at all. Get RID of the BUM!!!!

  27. GeosUser says:

    So now Mayor Shuttle has confirmed to the Weird Harold that he and his election law breaking minions are going to expand their “pay to vote no” program to North and South O so “the low income people” can pick up some pocket change too. I’m sure all Omaha Housing Authority residents 18 and over will be “encouraged” to participate. This guy and his supporters have moved from desperate to dangerous now. So even if by some miracle Mayor Moron does survive the recall, how does he retain any authority to govern when all he’s representing is bums, welfare recipients and union thugs???

  28. Oh Mander says:

    I don’t think they would be dumb enough to break any laws after all the complaining they just did over the recall people breaking laws. They did, however, just prove that they are dumb enough to (1) create a shit storm of bad press by blatantly exploiting the homeless for a few quick votes, and (2) spend their donors’ money on hiring people that have proven that they cannot perform on a level necessary to obtain and hold a job. Congrats on securing the coveted homeless endorsement, though.

    Though this may not be illegal, the stupidity of their actions is every bit as damaging, if not more so. Please just resign so we can put this ugly chapter in Omaha history behind us.

  29. we know says:

    Hey robynn, I mean SS, why is it that you blow this out of proportion and not the fact that the recall committee broke numerous laws in their un ethical pursuit of signitures?

  30. JM says:

    So, if I am to understand this correctly, they are training these people to go door-to-door on election day? Are you kidding me? I can’t speak for the rest of you, but if I am on the fence about whether to vote for the recall or not and a smelly bum shows up at my door to encourage me to vote against the recall that is certainly going to convince me to support the Mayor!

  31. Elephant never forgets says:

    I remember the democrats using church basements in North Omaha in the early 90’s as partisan voting operations. Nothing has changed.

  32. Omaha Independent says:

    “I remember the democrats using church basements in North Omaha in the early 90′s as partisan voting operations. Nothing has changed.”

    Oh pshaw you persnickety pachyderm, Republicans have churches with partisan activities too.

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