Mayor Shuttle backtracks

After first fully endorsing the plan to pay homeless individuals to work for his campaign — after they were bussed to the voting office — Mayor Jim Suttle has changed his mind and now calls it:

“An unfortunate mistake.”


“…an unacceptable conflict of interest.”


“…voter manipulation.”

Uh, of course that was the polar opposite of what he said earlier in the day.

That’s quite the campaign you’re running there Mayor.


  1. Dan Brown says:

    I signed the Recall petition and voted to oust the Mayor, but I will not be voting for Nabity or Daub if they are on the future mayoral ballot. I have heard many say the same thing.

  2. Anonymous says:

    So much for the argument that recall’s should be reserved for crimes… Bribery? Voter fraud? January 25 can’t come soon enough!

  3. Unreal says:

    Well, I guess this is better than blaming Phipps!

    Will he have a another position on this in a few hours, or are they closed for the day?

  4. Anonymous says:

    And the award for “no duh” statement of the day goes to our outgoing mayor. When asked in his interview with Watchdog if he should have known about the $5 per homeless vote ahead of time, Suttle claims he’s not a micro-manager. I think we kinda figured that one out when the Fire Department records were in un-auditable condition.

  5. Hadrian says:

    “Nowadays, Suttle says, most campaigns hire people to walk neighborhoods or make telephone calls.”

    How out of touch is this guy? Lazy candidates hire people to walk neighborhoods or make telephone calls.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Finally the Recall is getting sexy enough to grab my attention. It was boring as hell before this. Homeless guys screaming for their bribe money, buses, major damage control. Now it’s got everything.

  7. Chicago politics says:

    How can Dick Holland AND Mayor Shuttle be so stupid? I guess it doesn’t take brains to be rich, or to win elections. Jane must be very proud of her sugar daddy right now!! I wonder how Chicago politics will work on a school board.

  8. RWP says:

    OK, I’m surprised by one other thing. How come they used buses to get the homeless to the polling place, when they could have done it for free in police cars and firetrucks?

  9. Anonymous Coward at 8:43 says:

    What is the difference between RWP and a homeless man from Omaha?

    A homeless man from Omaha has voted before.

  10. MJ says:

    There was no backtracking, Sweeper. Read the story again. Suttle said there was nothing wrong with assisting homeless people to get to the election commissioner’s office to vote. And there isn’t. He’s consistent on that account.

    Suttle first said he wasn’t aware that Forward Omaha was hiring the same people to work for the campaign. Then, after that, he said it was unfortunate…after he had a chance to learn what had happened.

    I mean, he could have done an Aspen and pretended that it didn’t happen.

  11. RWP says:

    Voted just three months ago, Anonymous Coward. Right down the ticket to the bottom. And it pisses you off because your tiny stalker brain can’t figure out how.

    But seriously, get a life.

  12. NMR 13C 1H 31P says:

    Buh bye Suttle. You can now take the shuttle to the door. Ben Nelson could use your vast political insight in his upcoming election. No really.

    RWP, (Buckyball) I would be careful to not stir the pot as public records might not back ya up. Stick to the chemistry where you are very, very qualified. Politics is free to comment on, but start making claims of having voted and…….. well you know.

    Now back to the regularly scheduled comedy in Omaha…….Mayor Suttle

  13. Average Joe says:

    Friday January 14, 2011
    Forward Omaha into the Stone Age will be busing more people to the Douglas County Election Office today. The $uttle $huttle will be making it’s rounds today to local cemeteries to help the dearly departed get registered to vote. Buses will be running from 8 a.m. till 4 p.m. These people were once citizens and they have the right to vote! They will be given some new plastic flowers for their plots. If you know of someone who is dead and would like to get registered to vote, they can contact Forward Omaha to schedule a pickup. The $uttle $huttle is paid for with your tax dollars, so please make sure you keep that in mind when you turn out to vote!

  14. GeosUser says:

    I’m left wondering why Mayor Shuttle didn’t demand the immediate resignation of the leaders of Forward Omaha? I guess he either tacitly approves of their effort and/or he’s afraid he couldn’t find any replacements outside of the homeless shelters.

  15. Noelle @ FO says:

    MJ, don’t be so clueless! We don’t do anything unless the mayor OKs it, and the mayor doesn’t OK it until Gary and Ace tell him he should do it! DUH!

    Of course, being in law school as I am, I made sure I didn’t put my name on anything. OK, bye!

  16. RWP says:

    Ah, but the public records do back me up, stalker @ 10:20. Ain’t my fault you and your creepy little pals are too stupid to figure it out.

  17. Brian T. says:

    So if I live outside Omaha, can I move to the homeless shelter, put down that address as my address and vote in the recall election? T

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