Mayor Shuttle strategy

On Day 3 of the Mayor S(h)uttle homeless-pay-for-play scandal, let us take a look at the reasoning behind the Mayor’s strategery.

As soon as reasonable people began to object about busing the homeless to the Election Commissioner’s office and paying them to (wink-wink) work for the campaign, you heard the Forward Omahans:

Why the homeless have a right to vote! Many are veterans! Are you denying veterans a right to vote? Should John Rambo not be able to vote?! (Actually we never heard anyone bring up Rambo. But they should have.)

But here’s the thing. The polling places are easy to get to from the Sienna-Francis House — on Election Day. No one’s saying they can’t vote. But why ferry them all the way to the Election Commissioners office for the early voting?

Ah, the early voting!

You see folks, the Mayor’s campaign strategy is this: Get as MANY people to vote early, early, early…then hope a snow storm hits on Election Day.

Yup. It’s all about the weather.

Ever heard of the old Boston Brave’s slogan, “Spahn and Sain and pray for rain”?

Well, the Suttle version is “Pay at the shelters then hope for Helter Skelter.”


“Get the Siena-Francis in early, then pray for the hurly burly.”


“Get the homeless to go, then pray for the snow.”

(Eh, you got better, send it in.)

In any case, the plan is to bank as many votes as possible and hope they stick.


So let’s stop the sudden piety from the local “progressives” about the homeless. It was clear to anyone who looked at this that the Suttle camp was taking advantage of people down on their luck who didn’t really care about the election and would like an easy five-spot.

Frankly, taking advantage of the down-trodden like that is probably worse than simple bribery.  Note they weren’t going to Fairacres and paying ladies $300 for their vote.  They knew they could get the shelter residents on the cheap early, so that’s where they went.  Pretty low.

And what about the “jobs” program the Mayor’s campaign was suddenly fostering? The Objective Conservative makes a great point that there are thirty-two sex offenders at Siena-Francis House.

Now the Mayor said that they wouldn’t be hiring just “any Tom, Dick or Harry” for their homeless door-to-door program, but just how much background checking do you suppose Forward Omaha is going to pay for this? Is it a good idea to go to a location with a large percentage of sex offenders to get your door-to-door volunteers?  Are they still going Forward with this program?

Of course not all are sex offenders. But wouldn’t a better idea be to go to an employment agency of some type to get people who will be the face of your campaign at the voter’s house? Oh, and to make sure you aren’t putting people in a dangerous situation?

Of course, maybe the Suttle campaign didn’t really intend to have the homeless shelter residents go door-to-door. Maybe they really just wanted to get them to the Election Commissioner’s office early to vote. For Jim Suttle. Like they were told to.

But that would be…bribery…


And one final knock to all those defending the Suttle campaign’s actions.

On this, we suppose we have to leave out the now-apologetic Jim Suttle.

Suttle said the whole affair was, “an unacceptable conflict of interest.”

Suttle called this, “voter manipulation.”

Suttle called it an “effort to inappropriately acquire votes from the homeless”.

Now that would seem to conflict with what Creighton Law Student and Forward Omaha spokesperson Noelle Obermeyer says.

She says she welcomes the investigation by the Nebraska State Patrol, called for by Democrat County Attorney Don Kleine. (Yup, nothing says Election Week like answering questions from the State Patrol about bribing voters.)

And Obermeyer says they have nothing to hide! Uh, well, then why did the homeless folks tell members of the local media that they were told to not speak to them as the exited the buses? Sounds like they had something to hide.

Well here’s the deal: Even though Future Omaha and Noelle Obermeyer and Gary DiSilvestro (Suttle’s campaign mastermind) and Bold Nebraska can’t see the horrible plan and idea and possible flat-out illegality here, Suttle (after no doubt seeing the sh*t-storm descending upon him) finally did.

(And Mayor, if this plan was as bad as you say it was, why are these people still on your campaign staff?)

Now what happens if Mayor Shuttle wins the recall by, say, a hundred votes?

**UPDATE 1/14**

The OWH is reporting that Suttle has “shaken up his staff” in the wake of the pay-the-homeless-to-vote scandal.

Well, except that as near as we can tell nothing of the sort has happened.

Some 30 year old guy is moving from the Mayor’s office to “oversee” DiSilvestro?  Really?  That’s what’s going to happen?

“Uh, um, hey…Gary?  Whatcha doin’ there?”

“Beat it kid, I’m trying to run a freakin’ campaign.  Go post something on a blog.”

At least that’s the way we imagine it.

And as near as we can tell Noelle Obermeyer is still there.

So please, someone let us know what exactly has been “shaken” over at Forward Omaha .  (You know, other than a jar full of change in front of a homeless shelter – zing!).

**Update 2pm 1/14**

Missed this before:

The Open Door Mission also expressed frustration with the group’s actions.

President and CEO Candace Gregory told KETV the Open Door Mission told Forward Omaha no, twice, when contacted about busing residents to the Douglas County Election Commission. Gregory said as a non-profit organization, the Open Door Mission cannot take part in any political campaign effort.

Gregory said the buses showed up Wednesday anyway, and Thursday, she also took numerous calls from angry donors.


And here is the Mayor’s latest campaign commercial that will explain all of his accomplishments, square-away the reasons for the tax increases, and apologize for all the boneheaded moves he has made:

**UPDATE 1/19/11**
This video was taken down, as the guy at the end was wearing a red pullover with a University of Nebraska logo on it. No more. Now see in the next version that the red pullover has no logo.



  1. Dan Brown says:

    I’ll bet there are more Sex Offenders at Sienna Francis House than Veterans. When you are in trouble resort to patriotism, how low can you go?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Since Kleeb and the BN blog continue to defend the indefensible because they are partisan libs, one could surmise that great strategist Jane might have been assisting FO with their plot. Learning at the knee of SEIU and ACORN taught her well and how could FO dismiss her sage wisdom? One wonders if the media will actually do their job for a change and do some digging to see if a Kleeber or BN kid is tied to this hairbrained plan. Right now it looks like LS, Becka and Jordan are the ones on top of it.

  3. Omaha Watchpuppy says:

    Who pays Aida Amoura Rezac’s salary? Why is she doing campaign work for Jim Suttle and why is she issuing campaign statements from city offices, using city resources and on city time?

    Curious pups wanna know.

  4. Dennis says:

    The recall was put on the ballot thanks in part to an illegal payment scheme (the workers were paid by the signature in violation of state law) and with the “votes” of dead people. IMO, the recall people are making a big mistake by getting high and mighty over this early voting issue. They don’t have much room to talk.

  5. Anonymous says:

    A highly respected judge saw legality in the recallers’ actions. An ambulance-chasing, Lincoln-based shill for Forward Omaha sees it as illegal. I’m listening to the judge.

  6. GeosUser says:

    Dense Dennis keeps lying just like his masters at Backward Omaha (who pays him) and good ol’ Mayor Shuttle himself. Dennis, all of your allegations against the recall petition process were heard in a court of law and were rejected. Just what law school did you graduate from anyway??? The Vince “I Guarantee There Will Be No Recall Election” Powers law school??? And aren’t you a resident of Lincoln so, like the bums Mayor shuttle paid to vote early, you are ineligible to vote in the recall??? I just came back from dropping off some early voting ballots in the outside collection box at the Election Commission office. I had to park a block away and the line of people waiting to vote early was out the door. I can guarantee you those folks weren’t voting in favor of retaining Mayor Shuttle. I hope your last check from Backward Omaha doesn’t bounce…LOL!!!

  7. Know the Facts says:

    If the recallers paid by the signature you would have seen or heard of payments made in odd denominations. It would have been like petitioner A was paid $23 for the 23 signatures he collected.

    You will find none of this from their effort. Petitioners were paid an hourly wage with an expectation they would collect a minimum number of signatures. Petitioners were paid for the time they worked regardless of their meeting that expectation or not. They were paid for the time worked, not by the signature.

    Some who did not come close to meeting the expectation were not asked to come back. Again, I point out they WERE paid for the time they worked. There is absolutely nothing in violation about the way this was done.

    Let me know if YOU every need to collect signatures and are paying. I’ll grab a sheet, go sit in a bar for a few hours and come back to collect my wages from you.

  8. Need help from the city says:

    Does anyone have Forward Omaha’s phone number? I need to get ahold of Omaha City employee David Sund and I understand this is the only place I can find him lately.

  9. High and Mighty says:

    Wow, I have a lot of room to talk about the early voting issue now, especially since all the pro-Suttle with SOME brains have shut up and left DENSIS to represent them! No mistake, I love all this room to talk! Densis, if YOU’D shut up, I’d have even MORE room to talk!

  10. Anonymous says:

    SS you are stooping as low as anyone else in this by suggesting that homeless= sex offender. This situation by the Suttle camp does look like bribery, and does seem like taking advantage of homeless people. But comments from the other side now (just take a glance at Becka’s facebook page) are reflecting a viewpoint that homeless people should not have the right to vote. The communication and thought behind what Suttle did was more than lacking; but let’s not take the situation to the other extreme. Both sides are exploiting Omaha’s homeless population with the rhetoric they are using right now. Don’t lump all progressives in with defending these actions either; that is definitely not the case.

  11. Nebraska State Patrol Watcher says:

    There are 36 sex offendeds registered at the Sienna Francs House. Did Forward Omaha screen these people to assure they were not “traing them to go door to door” (wink).

  12. Anonymous says:

    Dang it. I just ran out of popcorn, I want to get up and get some more, but I don’t want to miss the show. What are the odds that the Suttle camp will do something stupid in the next five minutes that I’ll miss? I think I’ll sit tight.

  13. master and servant says:

    Don’t believe the shake up. Gary and ace placed their buddies in those policy positions. Both of the daves have been at forward Omaha every day

  14. Angry Democrat says:

    According to the OWH: “Election Commissioner Dave Phipps said Friday that most people — 7,451 — cast their early-voting ballots by mail. He said 1,896 voted in person at the Election Commission, while 487 had someone else turn in the ballot for them.”

    My question is “How could 487 people have their BALLOTS turned in for them?” You can only be an “Agent” for 2 people per election…so are we saying that 243 people turned in ballots for 2 other people other than themselves?

  15. RWP says:

    In all seriousness, I think Forward Omaha’s excuse for paying these guys is worse than simply bribing them to vote. How insane do you have to be to recruit door-to-door canvassers from a group home with a substantial population of sex offenders?

  16. Dennis says:

    If I were the recall supporters and Nabity, I would be careful what I wish for. If some Republican mayor were to be the end result of this process, he will be elected following a tainted and controversial effort to put the recall on the ballot in the first place. That same Republican if he fails to spell out a specific budget cutting platform, will have a mandate for zilch. Once that Republican starts laying off people and shutting down pools and libraries, he will face a shite storm of criticism and probably be a one termer. Just saying……

  17. Next Mayor Of Omaha says:

    – Fire current staff and bring in new staff at previous administrations levels or lower. Cut unneeed staff
    – Hold OFD and OPD unions to ZERO increases in pay for next two years with no promise of comperable increases for an uncertain future. Promise to renegotiate in year 3 based on current economy/city condidtion. If they fail to agree there will need to be cuts and lay offs. Their union brothers in the construction trades are sitting on the bench or working 30s instead of 40s. It’s about time they realized that holding at ZERO is damn fortunate for them
    – Cut Fire Department staffing and place lower salaried civilans in non-critical staff postions
    – Get rid of SUV and use personal vehicle
    – Cut library and pool hours
    – eliminate funds to organizations that do not play an absolutely vital role in city government

    There’s a start.

  18. High and Mighty says:

    Actually, Densis, the next mayor will be elected following a tainted and controversial MAYOR.

    And who appointed you, a low-life lawyer from Lincoln, as the conscience of the next Omaha mayor?

  19. Anonymous says:


    If you’re going to continue to write under a pseudonym you probably shouldn’t link to your own “scoops”. Oh, and wait a while in between OWH and LS stories next time…you’re getting sloppy.

  20. Ted Williams says:

    I love this country. The other day I’m holding a “have golden voice, will talk for food sign”, the next day, I’m on with Matt Lauer and voting in the Omaha recall election!

  21. GeosUser says:

    Since Mr. Dover is on a “leave of absence” I wonder if that leaves him as a participant in taxpayer supported city health insurance and/or retirement benefit programs??? You don’t think Mayor Shuttle would allow someone still being supported by tax dollars to work full time out of his city office running an election on the Mayor’s behalf??? I’m sure some enterprising local reporter thought to ask that question when Aida made the announcement…right???

  22. Dan Brown says:

    What will be the next scandal before the 25th? When they get nervous they start stomping signs and picking up homeless people. Waiting for the Section 8 busses now?

  23. Political Novice says:

    I know less about political strategy than anyone who posts here but even I could do a better job than Forward Omaha. I did not sign the recall petition and tried to give the mayor the benefit of doubt on his decisions but these latest shenanigans are just too much to defend. Their actions may (or maybe not) be legal but they are certainly unethical in my book. The Mayor’s latest doublespeak has completely erased any confidence I had in him of his decision making and being informed which were not that high in the first place. I gave him a fighting chance before this latest action but now I think he hasn’t a prayer.

    But cheer up Mayor – there is still a chance you could get a street sign named after you!

  24. Who's the ad wizard? says:

    Apparently, if you keep changing your jacket on election day, you can vote as many times as you want. BUT you have to keep the stickers and put them all on the next jacket.

    I’d love to stay, but I’m headed down to the new baseball stadium to try out the new toboggan run the mayor is dedicating today, and Pope Benedict is giving the benediction. Glad to know that he did get in a couple of his great ideas before leaving.

  25. Who's the ad wizard? says:

    Those two AND the proposal that surrounding counties help pay for Rosenblatt!

    I can’t help but think he would have been saved had he proposed surrounding counties help pay for our firefighters, too. I mean, our firefighters gave test answers to Papillion firefighters, didn’t they? And didn’t our firefighters help support the Council Bluffs motels and massage industry, too?

  26. Spike says:

    Good Luck Mayor Moron! If your policy adviser & new Recall advisor Mr. Dover is the one that told you to LIE to Sucker Omaha Voters to get you elected, I’d suggest you go back to the drawing board & try again because me thinks that you are under a VERY BLACK STAR!! As a matter of fact Mr. Suttle, it seems as if your clueless drone Ms. Obermeyer, with her totally wacko, slimeball, Homelessgate misadventure has put the Last Straw on the proverbial Camels Back in regards to your political future. Look, just stop the madness, take a deep breath and let the Gods or Fates do as they will with you! Stop wasting Mr. Holland’s money & everyone else’s money & time on this insanity. We won’t consider you to be a quitter but someone who was in fact wise enough to know when to throw in the towel even if it was sort of late!!! Requiescat in Pace!!!!

  27. Spike says:

    BTW the FO Commercial is PATHETIC & a major insult to the people of Omaha. It’s interesting to note that FO blocked comments on the vid on utube which is always a sign to BEWARE of. One other thing, the “Talent” in the commercial look like either Coppers or Firemen, anyone know them???

  28. Anonymous says:

    It’s funny how Democrats view homeless people as a reliable constituency.

    Advice for all future Democrat office hopefuls: Don’t forget to get out the homeless vote.

    Saw a guy on a street corner today with a sign that said “Down on luck; will work for food.” Standing next to him was a guy with a sign that said “Homeless People for Suttle.”

  29. Anonymous says:

    Remember back prior to the recall petitions being certified, there were a bunch of libs on this site who warned us that the recall would make the City of Omaha a laughing stock?

    Wow, they called that one, huh? They musta known the Mayor’s folks were going to bus a buncha homeless dudes down to the election office and pay them $5 to vote. (Five bucks. That’s like a whole day’s worth of panhandling for some of these homeless guys.)

  30. chett with two t's says:

    i hope Noell isnt looking for a job anytime soon, because her incompetence is shining through…who would want to hire her?

  31. Reformer says:

    Only thing that will be more fun to watch is the Constitutional Amendment to take away Collective Bargaining from Public Unions! The CIR will be joining Suttle on the Shuttle outta Nebraska!

  32. Rhetoric Reality says:

    I don’t believe Sweeper or anyone else here is suggesting that only sex offenders live in homeless shelters or that they are not capable of canvassing work.
    Rather, if you listen to F.O. arguments at face value they are completely inconsistent with the facts. First, if Suttle honestly means they don’t hire just any Tom, Dick, or Harry, I defy you to find a higher concentration of sex offenders in Omaha (according to public data my neighborhood of over 500 residents has only two) from which you’d have to screen acceptable paid campaign workers. Second, if they really were being screened and trained for jobs on Election Day, what proportion of the residents bused this week will be residing there on January 25th? Again, I defy you to find a more transient population in Omaha?
    The rhetoric just doesn’t match the facts on this one. However, if you wanted to buy a relatively cheap vote through ‘training’ with little possibility of anyone showing up or meeting the screening for a job on Election Day, you picked the right location. I’m not sure what is more egregious on the part of F.O., exploiting the homeless to save the Mayor or expecting the voting public to believe you actually intend to give them jobs or care about them having an opportunity to vote.

  33. Dennis says:

    Next Mayor of Omaha, That’s an interesting agenda. Now will the recall people and Nabity have the courage to present an alternative agenda? Just today, the lead OWH editorial called for these people to present an alternative vision for Omaha: “The Recall Committee should tell the public what alternative candidate it would present who would be better than the mayor we have now. The committee has not done that, and Omahans should know what its plans are before casting a vote in the recall election.” What are they afraid of?

  34. Greg says:

    Let us not forget that Mayor Shuttle said he should not be recalled because he has not done anything criminal…oh no, he might have to rethink that campaign slogan now

  35. Spike says:

    The OWH is a joke of a Rag! When Suttle is recalled there is going to be a HOARD of contender for the Crown from both sides of the fence & even, if we’re lucky, an independent or 2 who just might do something positive for this Clown Town!!!

  36. dave in dundee says:


    Hi my name is dave and i’m going to run for mayor in place of suttle. here’s my platform:
    Next Mayor Of Omaha January 14, 2011 at 1:14 PM
    – Fire current staff and bring in new staff at previous administrations levels or lower. Cut unneeed staff
    – Hold OFD and OPD unions to ZERO increases in pay for next two years with no promise of comperable increases for an uncertain future. Promise to renegotiate in year 3 based on current economy/city condidtion. If they fail to agree there will need to be cuts and lay offs. Their union brothers in the construction trades are sitting on the bench or working 30s instead of 40s. It’s about time they realized that holding at ZERO is damn fortunate for them
    – Cut Fire Department staffing and place lower salaried civilans in non-critical staff postions
    – Get rid of SUV and use personal vehicle
    – Cut library and pool hours
    – eliminate funds to organizations that do not play an absolutely vital role in city government

    There’s a start.

    I’d rather not cut library and pool hours if i have to, but hey that’s just me making a TOUGH DECISION.


  37. Aanother Anon says:

    Becka was talking about that on his show yesterday. I can’t believe they would allow that. It may be a small point but it shows their lack of regard to other people’s property and the trademark laws.

  38. Anonymous says:

    Did the recall promoters pay for the copyright use of those photos they liftedoff the internet for their ad in a cheap quick fix? Just checking. Stealing is stealing.

  39. Harvey says:

    It has long been the policy of the universty to support democratic candidates and causes. We won’t pursue any claim against Forward Omaha.

  40. Anonymous says:

    There are enough Senators who read this blog that the University should be concerned with their funding. If nothing is said publicly about the Suttle use of University property then perhaps they don’t need so much Public money. The NDP can fund Innovation Park?

  41. Omaha Independent says:

    Hey SS, Can a poster use HTML to italicize or emphasize quotes. Just wondering.

    Dear Next Mayor of Omaha,
    “- Fire current staff and bring in new staff at previous administrations levels or lower. Cut unneeed staff”
    I work for a multistate corporation headquartered in Omaha. Talent costs money. If you don’t put out a decent offer, you’re going to get the finance director equivalent of Noelle O. Is that what you really want? Why do you eager beaver salary cutters think you’re going to get quality private sector help to volunteer for you? So pay market rate. It’s how they do it in the business world that conservatives love so much.
    “- Hold OFD and OPD unions to ZERO increases in pay for next two years with no promise of comperable increases for an uncertain future. Promise to renegotiate in year 3 based on current economy/city condidtion.”
    And if the unions don’t get what they want, they just trot down the road to the CIR. The dirty water is coming from upstream, sonny. Maybe you should talk to your state senator about that.
    “If they fail to agree there will need to be cuts and lay offs. Their union brothers in the construction trades are sitting on the bench or working 30s instead of 40s. It’s about time they realized that holding at ZERO is damn fortunate for them”
    I hate to see layoffs, but I’ve got to agree with you on this one. I think layoffs are the only thing that are going to make an impression on the police/fire union leaders. Mentioning the P-word (privatization) certainly hasn’t changed their tune.
    “- Cut Fire Department staffing and place lower salaried civilans in non-critical staff postions”
    I’m on the fence about this one, and maybe one of our fine Rebublican insurance people could help me out. If we cut staff, maybe condensed a station or two, the response time would go up. How much of an increase could we take before homeowner’s insurance went up?
    “- Get rid of SUV and use personal vehicle”
    The mayor needs to get where he/she needs to be in any situation. So maybe a 4wd Subaru instead of a SUV.
    “- Cut library and pool hours”
    I’d cut every dollar we spend on tourism and convention sales before I cut services to citizens. After that, if we still have to cut, then fine.
    “- eliminate funds to organizations that do not play an absolutely vital role in city government”
    I’m assuming you mean Joslyn, Durham, Children’s Museum, and that lot. I have no problem with that.

  42. curb says:

    “… the homeless have a right to vote! Many are veterans! ” That’s based in a terrible untruth.

    The Democrats who offer this assertion presume a larger percent of homeless are veterans. That isn’t true. Veterans have a lower unemployment rate and homelessness rate than average Americans. You can look it up.

    While it was local Democrats who said this, this view of veterans as “broken” is endemic in the Democratic Party. Liberals habitually show how humanitarian they are by hoping for a war-less world of eternal peace and happiness. In order to bolster this unfounded idea, Liberal Democrats must show there is something dysfunctional about being a veteran. “Peace at any price” has to be justified by imagining veterans of war are not strengthened by combat, but rather are made weak, insane, criminal, etc. War is bad, so those who fight war must be damaged.

    Yet common sense says what you survive makes you stronger not weaker. People who whine are often untouched by real misery. People who have endured hell tend to be grounded and successful. –Veterans are statistically better educated than average, with lower rates of mental illness, better employed, less incarceration, etc. You can look it up.

    Any cross section of “bums” will of course include some veterans. But the percent is lower than average for veterans. But, of course, if you ask a bum, he usually claims to be a veteran… just as if you ask a convict in jail, he usually claims to be “innocent”. Why? Because idiot Liberals hand them sympathy and dollars… like Suttle’s toadies paying bums to vote. That’s a crime, but even worse is that the toads used veterans as an excuse.

  43. Anonymous says:

    Hey, OI:

    “So pay market rate. It’s how they do it in the business world that conservatives love so much.”

    I assume businesses pay market rate for quality people (as opposed to underpaying and getting what you imply would be lower-quality people) because IT WORKS, no? Businesses aren’t like governments. If they aren’t successful and efficient, THEY FAIL. They go away. They cease to exist. They are no more. So, of necessity, businesses have to figure out what actually works and do it.

    It’s funny how you take a back-handed swipe at businesses (and conservatives) in one breath.

    Fortunately for Mayor Suttle, government isn’t constrained by having to compete and either succeed or cease to exist. Fortunately for Mayor Suttle, the Government of the City of Omaha will continue to exist even if he does a lousy job. Fortunately for the taxpayers, the Legislature had the wisdom to include a recall process in the laws of the State so that we could get rid of the Mayor when he does a lousy job.

  44. Next Mayor Of Omaha says:

    – CIR reform is a must. Brad Ashford is completely holding this one hostage.
    – Layoffs for police and fire are not a threat. They will need to happen if the unions continue to put the city in jeopardy with their contracts and need to sue the city. I think the OPU and OFU members need to go hang out at the Electrical Workers union hall or Plumbers Union hall to see just how good they have it. They might also look around the country to cities that are taking very drastic measure to address excessive pensions and union contracts. We are at a time when we need to implement drastic measures.
    – My new staff will be filled with talented people who can actually administer a fiscally responsible city government. Heck, we’ll actually have a city budget based upon factual data. There is still a principle of service to community where good/talented people will sacrifice for a few year to get a job done. Government is not where you should go to get rich. Yet Suttle’s staff is making out like the bandits they are.
    – Obviously cutting pool and library hours is a painful option but there have been many creative ideas to cut hours, be more efficient and save money. The next mayor has to be willing to take the heat publically to implemet these moves. Once past the initial heat the pain will be relatively minor.

    There are no easy answers but if we do not start somewhee and now…
    Point of all of this is people are asking for ideas. Here are a few.

  45. Get Real says:

    If Suttle is recalled you can all bet on one thing. The next mayor won’t do a damned thing to change anything. Suttle has made the hard choices and the next guy will just blame him and carry on.

  46. Got Real says:

    Suttle made the EASY choices. Lay it all on the backs of the tax payers instead of forcing needed cuts for his biggest supporters. What he is doing IS actually kicking the can down the road. None of his math adds up even after his “fixes.”

    The only way to get us out of this is to make painful and drastic cuts. Tax increase ALWAYS prove to be regressive. They may give a short term boost but in the longer hall they force business and opportunity away.

    I hope the next mayor comes in and BLOWS IT ALL UP. What we wouldn’t do to have Chris Christie here now.

  47. Anonymous says:

    Hey, Scott Lautenbaugh, how about a legislative bill designating the governor’s office as the bargaining agent for all political subdivisions in the state for purposes of collective bargaining agreements with public employees? This would prevent the kinds of conflicts of interest that we’ve seen with Suttle returning favors to those public employee unions who got him elected. The fire dept doesn’t have the incentive to get Suttle elected if he doesn’t have the ability to throw them some bones when the contract is up. What say you?

  48. anon says:

    Great idea, Anonymous @ 5:23 PM,

    The Gov. has made politics a priority in every decision he’s ever made. Heinny could do for Omaha what he did for the BSDC. Why not hire Hal Daub to handle all the public employee contracts for the entire state? He was the mastermind that created the present system.

  49. Anonymous says:

    Question on the Suttle presser today. This new company in North Omaha will provide uniformed security at community centers. Do we have this now? Is this being added to the budget? I have never seen a security guard at a community center. Create the problem to fix it?

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