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KFAB’s Tom Becka interviewed a homeless man from Siena-Francis House who was paid five bucks to vote by the Mayor’s campaign last week.

See the two parts of the interesting interview here:

The main nuggets from the interview with The Dude are:

“A gentleman came by, and uh, said, uh, that if we wanted to vote we’d get paid five dollars. Pretty simple as that.”

“We were to say (to the media) that we were basically being trained for jobs. Which, I don’t know if we were or not. I haven’t seen any jobs being offered yet….For the possibility of a job….They were concerned about the news media being there. I could tell they were panicking.”

Add to all of that the eye witness accounts of the Mayor’s campaign (let’s identify who they are, and stop calling them “Forward Omaha”, yeah?) people telling the homeless guys how to vote while in the voting booth.

We have heard the Mayor and his campaign people continuing to defend their actions, but it seems clear to us what happened here.


This from Tom Shatel of the OWH’s sports page today:

So last Thursday at the Outland Trophy banquet, Mayor Jim Suttle said that an outdoor pro soccer team is “knocking on our door.” And here I thought that he was trying to avoid a recall.

And while we are at it, where the heck are our Papal Tobogganing Championships? We need to get the Archbishop on this, pronto.


  • Recall Committee’s Jeremy Aspen and KFAB’s Tom Becka will debate Councilman Ben Gray and state Senator Brenda Council regarding the recall on local public access.  Could be interesting.  If anyone saw it.
  • When in doubt, blame Hal Daub.
  • The Mayor sent another guy to the campaign handle paying the homeless to vote — er, organize the GOTV campaign.  Glad THAT’s taken care of.
  • Wonder what David Dover is telling Gary DiSilvestro to do today?


  1. Mike Fahey says:

    How’s it going, Mr. Mayor? Whew, I got outta there in just the nick of time!
    Sure is nice down here in the Ozarks, beats those Omaha winters (potholes & all).
    And think, they actually named a street after me!
    Bwah ha AA Ha HA Haahhha Ha Ha Haaa!!!

  2. MacDaddy says:

    Suttle is too busy solving Omaha’s problems to worry about politics. You right-wing haters just can’t see that. Wanting to uphold the law must be some sort of rabid right-wing dog whistle. You know who else was a stickler for upholding the law? Bull Connor. That’s right. You need to renounce Sarah Palin and let Suttle get back to fixing Omaha’s problems. And forget that Suttle’s only argument, that he doesn’t deserve impeachment because he hasn’t broken any laws, is now inoperable. He’s an engineer. He can fix that.

  3. Master and Servant says:

    Drove by Forward Omaha’s offices this weekend. It seems Gary was there and Mr. Dover was not. It seems Gary is still the Master.

  4. Spike says:

    Forget this drivel, it’s history, let talk about contenders to the throne. Anyone with substance out there besides the usual suspects??? Any real Forward Omaha types that can put this Backwater town on the map??

  5. Anon says:

    Too bad Suttle isn’t fixing Omaha’s problems. His supporters are just clouding the issue with how much the recall election will cost…Tell me WHY I should vote to Keep Mayor Suttle in office. Don’t tell me why to vote against the recall. BIG difference.

  6. Anonymous says:

    The homeless dude interviewed seems politically wiser and more perceptive than the Mayor’s entire staff.

    More to the public point, the action he describes is a felony committed on the Mayor’s behalf. Why is this matter still in the realm of political bitching and not being tendered for a grand jury?

  7. patriot says:

    Voting the man out of office isn’t enough. Send him to jail.

    If you as a regular citizen stepped into a voting booth and told someone how to vote and paid them, you would go to jail. When we elect people, they are supposed to be held to higher not lower standards than average. Representative Democracy was butt-raped by this Mayor’s lackys, for his sake, maybe on his say so.

  8. Dan Brown says:

    The Aristocracy never goes to jail. They make errors in judgement. How many others were paid by Forward Omaha that we don’t know about?

  9. GeosUser says:

    Here’s a headline in tomorrow’s Omaha Weird Harold…”Recall Spokesman Makes Racist Remarks During Recall Debate”. The idea that anyone from the Recall Committee would, at this late date, agree to a “recall debate” with Ben Grey and Brenda Council on a public access TV show with a largely African-American audience is beyond stupid. Just the sort of thing Backward Omaha is praying for to take the focus off their conspiracy to commit voting fraud and put a little energy into their North O GOTV efforts…beyond paying voters that is.
    I can see why Becka would agree…controversy will produce more listeners/higher ratings for his drivetime program on KFAB. Nabity is also scheduled to “debate” Grey on KFAB tomorrow morning. Another stupid move on Nabity’s part when he’s eyeing a potential run to replace Shuttle and while he’s facing a slander suit from the head of the fire union.

  10. Noelle @ FO says:

    You know, no one is saying “recall the archbishop.” His first day in office, Mayor Suttle contacted the AB and told him that we’d be honored to have the Pope here. We never heard back and now we’re thinking he didn’t even CALL the Vatican.

    None of this expensivedivisivereckless recall would be happening if the archbishop had followed up on Mayor Suttle’s great idea. When you go to the polls next Tuesday, if you don’t vote “no,” at least write in “recall the archbishop”!

  11. Confused says:

    I see Sweeper ignored the W-H article today where top Republicans defend Suttle and point out that Dave Nabity (and the pro-recallers) are completely clueless as to how contract negotiations with the unions work.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Confused, I haven’t read the OWH story, but would “top Republicans” include Brad Ashford? If so, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. That’s really funny.

  13. Dan Brown says:

    I just looked at WH cover to cover and can’t find any reference to Republicans other than RINO Tom Mulligan. Even Ultra-RINO Ashford was not mentioned.

  14. Lincoln Politico says:

    First Lakers, now Suttle. How many indictments will the Dems have in a 12 month span?

    Meanwhile, down in Lincoln, Republican, small businessperson Tammy Buffington announced she’s taking on Dem Mayor Beutler. Reasons include Beutler’s cozy relationship with the unions. Sound familiar Omaha?

  15. RE: Confused says:

    You hit the nail on the head…but it show even more why we need to get rid of suttle.

    The union negotiation process needs to be changed. Suttle and his team have been completely incometent in their negotiations. No fire contract at all put to the council.

  16. Engineering Disasters on History Channel says:

    For those who keep pushing Suttle the engineer, I have a great show for you. Engineering Disasters on the History Channel covers all of the disasters created when engineers got it wrong. I’d bet if people affected by disaters like the hotel in KC partially colapsing could have recalled the engineers of those disasters they would have loved the opportunity.

    We must recall Engineer Suttle or we might one day see the complete colapse of Omaha on Engineering Disasters. Stop the disaster before it is too late!

  17. Oh Mander says:

    So the conversation is now shifting from “The homeless people at Sienna are no-good sex offenders” to “The homeless people at Sienna are honest, trustworthy, and suitable to take the stand in a court of law”? You can’t have it both ways.

  18. Spike says:

    News Flash for Omaha! Camden, NJ laid off 50% of their overpaid Police Force!! And believe it or not, Camden make Omaha look like the safest place on the planet. BTW: Anyone read last weeks “Economist” front page story, “The Battle Ahead: Confronting the Public Sector Unions”, check it out. Take a hint you next King of the Big O because we’re mad as hell & we’re not going to take it anymore!!

  19. Anonymous says:

    The big reason this recall has happened is that there’s a perception that a union shill was effectively in charge of negotiating against the unions on behalf of the taxpayers. And the perception is that, in those negotiations, he repayed the favor of the unions helping to get him elected.

    The same thing happened in Lincoln and, I’m sure elsewhere. For democrats who hate this recall, I would think you would support a structural change that would remove the conflict of interest from having a mayor negotiating on behalf of taxpayers against one of his main constituencies.

    Let’s have the legislature pass a bill designating the governor’s office or AG as the collective bargaining agent for negotiating public employee contracts on behalf of any political subdivision. Save the fox from having to guard the henhouse.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Mander, show me where anyone said ALL homeless people at Sienna Francis were sex offenders. Some of them apparently are but I assume you Forward Omahans made sure to screen so that only trustworthy and reliable homeless people were being “trained” to canvass for votes or whatever. Since the interviewee was one of the people who made the cut, I’m sure Noelle can vouch for his credibility.

  21. Oh Mander says:

    I am in no way affiliated w/ the amateurs at Forward Omaha, I do not oppose the recall, and I think that this whole incident is reason enough to recall Suttle. I even let out a chuckle at the whole “Mayor Shuttle” thing. I just object to the steady stream of hypocrisy, double standards, and general disregard for fair play that we’ve seen throughout this thoroughly tainted process.

  22. Dennis says:

    Pot meet kettle. The recall supporters broke the law in paying petition gatherers and used the “votes” of dead people to get the recall on the ballot.

  23. Aanother Anon says:


    If they broke the law why weren’t they found guilty? Your incompetent lawyer or a corrupt judge with an agenda?

  24. Dennis says:

    I will hold the Mayor’s campaign to the level of purity and perfection you demand of them once the recall people can live up to that lofty standard.

  25. Target Dog says:

    Dennis, you’ve already said that the reason you come here is to rile up Republicans. You’ve so totally marginalized yourself as a Lincoln dog-bite lawyer and unimaginative, repetitive blogger that your standards and opinion ain’t spit.

  26. James says:


    Where is the proof that it was the recall supporters that signed the names of dead people? It’s just as lazy to say that it was Forward Omaha that did it.

  27. Taxed Enough Already!! says:

    Has anyone been paying attention to the Legislature? The only tax increases being introduced are by Republicans!! First, Mike Gloor wants to up taxes on a pack of smokes and now Kathy Campbell wants to raise taxes on gas.

    This is why I no longer consider myself a Republican, but a Tea Party member!

  28. Anonymous says:

    As far as Public Sector Unions breaking the bank nationwide, it’s going to change in Nebraska! Sen John Nelson has a bill in to end the use of collective bargining for them. I sure hope the legislature votes it out and lets the PEOPLE of Nebraska vote on it. Sure the air waves will be filled with the union lies and all but I feel confident the PEOPLE will vote to support the bill. This will take the bite out of the union and let the elected officials deal on an even level with unions. Now if only Auditor Foley would bring criminal charges against the Omaha Fire Union Management (Oxymoron there:) and put into the Public Eye their financials!!! You know the OWH wouldn’t publish them, but perhaps a true news outlet like LS would!

  29. Anonymous says:

    IT would indeed be a GREAT day for Nebraska to end the choke hold the NSEA has on the people. I support paying the teachers better but the cost of K-12 has gotten out of hand. Just looking at the statewide scores, the graduation rates, and college 4yr grad rates show how inept Nebraska public education is. The teachers try to do their best, but when you have to be the partents, dating monitor, bully monitor, and everything else it is a difficult task.

    One of the biggest problems is the automatic funding formula. The whole concept where last years maximum in funding becomes this years starting point (Floor) is nothing short of idiotic. Just looking back 50 years you can see where less was spent with better results! It has a lot to do with the Union. By ending their collective bargining we can break the choke hold they have.

    Oh well nothing get’s done until the Union strangle hold is broken, then it will be time to contain Adminstrative Costs at schools, one hill at a time.

  30. Aanother Anon says:

    Foley can’t bring charges regarding the bad bookkeeping in the fire dept. Only Bruning can. And I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for him to go up against McDonnell and the fire union.

  31. NE Voter says:

    By his display of divisive pettiness, David Sokol has now proved what I’ve long suspected: He will not succeed Warren Buffest as Berkshire’s top dog. Sokol has shown that he lacks the temperament to lead BH.

  32. Anon says:

    Sleazy… Hmm…

    Which Omaha mayor said the firefighters’ books were fine only to be told by the state auditor they were so bad that it would take a year to clean them up? Which Omaha mayor hired old buddies from HDR at twice the salary of their predecessors? Which Omaha mayor split up big bills into smaller to avoid review by the city council? Which Omaha mayor initiated bogus recall petitions against city council members and even himself to distract from the REAL one? Which Omaha mayor OKed a scheme to pay homeless people to vote for him? Which Omaha mayor told restaurants they wouldn’t have a special tax then hit them with a special tax?

    Give me a break, Dennis – try to name ANYONE sleazier than this guy. You must be the crookedest lawyer in Lincoln to defend him.

  33. Noelle @ FO says:

    Could you just not say anything until after Tuesday? You’re really not doing us any favors at this point. OK, thanks, bye!

  34. NE Voter says:

    Oh, and can anyone explain to my why the World-Herald considers it “news” every time Scott Hazelrigg changes jobs? Funny, he can’t seem to hold a gig longer than a year or two.

    However, I do admire his single minded commitment to working with disadvantaged boys.

  35. Anonymous says:

    Tammy Buffington is a joke. Beutler was able to cut the retirement match for city employees from 2 to 1 to 1.3 to 1 and cut payroll by 140 positions. He has kept unions in check. And is overwhelimngly popular. Trying to paint Beutler with the same brush as Suttle won’t work.

  36. Anonymous says:

    I wish David Sokol’s temperament and intellect were as deep as his pockets, but they appear not.
    Has he become a bitter man since failing to revive the small private jet service co. to which he may be been sent as a test of his “leadership” and accumen? Does anyone remember the fanfare and bravado (it was to be his crowning achievement- save this tiny company and earn the stripes that put you in the BH captain’s chair) when he took that position? His inability to make it work and his inability to get along with people has been reported, so his tantrum donation to the recall effort comes as no surprise to me, especially when you consider the significant arse whoop’n he has taken in court lately due to his business conduct and practices. It appears DS just can’t figure out how to get along with people. Now, he’s taking his arrogant political rage out on Omaha.

    Can’t you picture the disappointment held by the blueblood, old-money Omaha “nobility” who comprise the Kingdom of Quivira at DS displaying the behavior expected from the nouveau riche.

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