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The Omaha Police Union is going full bore in Mayor Jim Suttle’s favor as the recall gears up in this final week.

Here is the latest literature they are mailing out (click to embiggen):

We asked the pro-recall committees for their thoughts on the cops’ mailer and here is what Dave Nabity of Citizens for Omaha’s Future had to say, mainly about the “reduction in force” items:

It is most unfortunate when the very people who are supposed to be upholding the law, telling the truth and representing integrity deliberately deceive voters to manipulate the outcome of an election.

There is no question they want Mayor Suttle, because he gives them what they want.

Yes, I want to reduce the number of Omaha Police Officers (OPD) in West Omaha. Why? Because I want to replace them with County Sheriffs (DCS) that are already covering the same territory and cost $30,000 a year less.

No neighborhood will have less coverage. Response times should actually improve since the DCS are already there and don’t have to travel as far as OPD officers. Also, the DCS pension deposit costs the county 8.5% annually. The OPD pension deposit costs the city 35% annually. This strategy eliminates needless duplication and saves the city almost $4,000,000.

We polled this question to those who live west of I-680 and these residents agreed, 5 – 1, that they would support this move if it saved money!

Yes, I want to put private contractors in the schools, because they will work for 50% less, even though they are sworn officers with arrest powers, just like the tenured OPD officers currently in the schools.

My plan improves response times, improves public safety in West Omaha and saves the taxpayers significant amounts of money so we can work at getting rid of the Mayor’s “Occupations Privilege Tax”, better known as the restaurant and bar tax.

Now, do you know why the OPD is so against my idea?


And here is the latest mailer from Citizens for Omaha’s Future:


And then KMTV uncovered more info on the Suttle camp’s recent hire.

You may remember that on Friday Suttle announced that Marlon Freeman was going to be heading up the “drive the homeless to the polls” effort on Election Day.

But it turns out that Freeman was convicted of beating the crap out of his girlfriend in Kansas City in 2008 (cuts to the face, black eyes, broken nose in three places). And shockingly — shockingly — the new spokesguy and leader of the Mayor’s campaign, David Dover didn’t know anything about it.

Dover, (who now tells Gary DiSilvestro what to do) then told Channel 3 that they weren’t allowed to ask Mayor Suttle anything about Freeman.

You will remember that it was DiSilvestro who told KETV of the homeless folks who they paid to vote — er, paid to go through training — “A lot of these people are potentially going to be hired by us on Election Day.”

And the Mayor’s camp will no doubt be doing just as solid of a job doing background checks on all of their new homeless door-to-door employees.


The splintering of the campaign groups in this election has been a strange thing to watch. Reminds of “Life of Brian” with the People’s Front of Judea, the Judean People’s Front, the Judean Popular People’s Front, the Campaign for a Free Galilee, and the Popular Front of Judea.

In this election we have:

The Mayor Suttle Recall Committee (the Jeremy Aspen group), Citizens for Omaha’s Future (Nabity’s group), Forward Omaha (the de-facto Suttle campaign), The Committee to Keep Omaha Moving Forward (the Dick Holland group that has essentially merged with Forward Omaha) and Taxpayers Putting Omaha First (the police union).

Then of course there are the parties, and don’t forget about VOICE Omaha (Jim Esch’s group), Tom Becka and Ben Gray.

Yee haw.


Oh, and just to throw a bone to all of you non-Omahans, Attorney General Jon Bruning is taking a few more steps in his Senatorial campaign.

They have taken the URL CornhuskerKickback.com and developed it into a pro-Bruning page that pounds on the issue that you may just hear a few more times between now and November 2012.

We noted back in 2009 that CornhuskerKickback.com used to go directly to another GOP — GiveBenTheBoot.com.

Either way.


  1. Chicago Voter says:

    On my first vote next Tuesday, I will vote “NO” on the recall. My reason? Only because I want to see this mayor’s continuing circus unfold. It seems we have a new fumble about every day. It would be a shame to see all of this fun end.

  2. Chicago Voter says:

    On my second vote next Tuesday I will vote “YES” on the recall. My reason? This mayor is a joke, and the people he hires are a joke. Marlon Freeman, Gary DiSivestro, Matt Samp…who is next? Please end the madness!

  3. Oh Mander says:

    From the OWH article regarding voter bribery:

    Bribery, 32-1536
    Any person who accepts or receives any valuable thing as a consideration for his or her vote for any person to be voted for at any election shall be guilty of a Class II misdemeanor.
    Any person who, by bribery, attempts to influence any voter of this state in voting, uses any threat to procure any voter to vote contrary to the inclination of such voter, or deters any voter from voting shall be guilty of a Class II misdemeanor.

    It appears as though the class of infraction for accepting a bribe is the same as offering a bribe. This will no doubt hinder any investigation into the matter, as anyone that admits to accepting the alleged bribe will be implementing themselves in an “equal” crime. Might be time to revise that law.

  4. James says:

    Matt Samp, Marlon Freeman…. Priceless. What other kind of degenerates does Suttle have working on Forward Omaha or on his staff?

  5. GeosUser says:

    I wonder what class of crime conspiracy to commit voter fraud is in this state? Maybe Noelle, Gary, Matt, David, Aida and Mayor Shuttle discussed the “pay for play” homeless voting strategy and, in specific, the supposed “release” the paid voters were required to sign. I suppose some lone volunteer at Backward Omaha just manufactured/printed those documents on their own initiative…yeah, right.

  6. BkDodge42 says:

    When Forward Omaha held training for their poll persuaders for the November election, they told them that they could not talk to the media. When they bussed the homeless to the election office, they told them not to talk to the media but if they did to say that they were being paid for training. When the reporter asked if she could ask the mayor about Marlon Freeman and his conviction on assualt charges, David said that she could ask the mayor anything except about the charges against Marion.

    What is it about Forward Omaha that they don’t understand the first ammendment protection about free speech? Here are three examples where they tell people what they can say or ask. What is it that they are hiding from?

    I was a paid circulator for the recall group. I was not the spokesperson for the group, I had no direct involvement with their plans, but I was never told that I could not speek to the media. I have on a few occasions.

    When you try to keep people from speaking to the media it looks to me as if you have something to hide.

  7. Jim Lange says:

    I don’t know why the Campaign staff shake up at the Suttle Camp is a big deal. Noelle has been reporting to Mr. Dover for a while now

  8. Greenbrier says:

    There is going to be so much fallout from this recall next week, I think I’ll go hide in a bunker for a week or two. I don’t want to be around when Dave Nabity’s ego goes nuclear.

  9. Non-Omahan says:

    Thanks for throwing us a bone Sweeper, but we would rather hear more about how Attorney General Bruning is doing his job…i.e. investigating voter fraud in Omaha….than in hearing about how he is planning the next step in running for the Senate!

  10. HAL my PAL says:

    I think the public goes with Hal to mop up the Democrats mess. Oh can the council name the street in front of the Francis House after Suttle?

  11. Harold Jr says:

    Don’t worry Jean. After I clean up Suttle’s mess, I’ll leave office with everything in order so you can be mayor. You will kick Jerram’s butt by 30 points!

  12. Dennis says:

    The flyer sent out by the recall people complains about the tax increases but doesn’t spell out what spending cuts and lay offs they favor to make up for the lost revenue. The recall people’s message to the voters is: “trust me.” What (if anything) have the recall supporters done to merit that level of trust?

  13. Spike says:

    Getting back on thread: Has anyone bothered to do any Fact checking on the Police terror mailers?? Methinks there is a bit of fibbing going on with the stats. From a sensationalist & marketing POV, they would have done a lot better having the “perp” in handcuffs, being a person of color! Just saying. Or if they really wanted to be PC, they should have gotten a stock shot showing a Black person handcuffed to a White. Obviously it was a rush job that got very little thought put into it!

  14. Spike says:

    Dennis the Menace @ 3:36

    It’s not in the Recall peoples job description to offer advise! There objective is to Recall da bum, as Ditka would say.

  15. Dan Brown says:

    What has Suttle done to deserve any trust? Raise taxes when he promised not to, appoint an alleged pedophile as Chief of Staff, use Acorn tactics to pay homeless people to vote, didn’t clean up the contracts as promised? We should trust him, why?

  16. Dennis says:

    This recall isn’t done in a vacuum. Suttle is far from perfect, and Nabity and the recall people are far from perfect. A voter must compare Suttle to the actual alternative being offered by the recall people. Why should the Omaha voters trust the recall people and Nabity to come up with a workable solution to Omaha’s budget problems when they’ve refused to offer any details? What (if anything) have they done to deserve that level of trust?

  17. Spike says:

    Dennis the Menace @ 4:48

    Just what is it that you don’t understand? Recall = Recall! New Mayoral Election = New Mayoral Election! One thing @ a time. You’ll get all the alternatives you’re looking for when the time comes! Get IT???? BTW; if you haven’t been paying attention? the reasons for the RECALL have been stated ad nauseum.

  18. Bus Drivers for Suttle says:

    Don’t get mad at Dennis – he gets paid per post so he does repeat things over and over. He doesn’t have to “get it,” he just has to post.

  19. Hamid Karzai, Afganistan says:

    Hey Omaha, I understand voter fraud better than anyone, and I am suggesting that Jimmy Carter be brought in for the election next week to “monitor” the honesty of the voting in Omaha. Looks like you could use some oversight.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Suttle is down 2 to 1 in the race. It’s over. Now all that is happening is money is being spent. The criminal charges after all of this will be fun to watch. See the Unions have to fight the battle on multiple fronts in both the Legislature and in Omaha. With criminal probes going they have to “Protect” their own which will only add fuel to the fire to either have a major reform of public unions or the elimination of the collective bargining aspect otherwise known as the CIR. So who is going to protect whom will provide lots of fodder for purging more liberal union loving progressives from the legislature in two years. Again the hens have come home to roost, and in a unicameral there is no hiding behind another house. Aren’t you glad for a single house system.

    The lobby was full of union/labor types today…… but by the end of the session the numbers will thin out as they will have failed to hold up their end of the bargin to union bosses and the workers. Their power will be greatly diminshed and the State can get back on the road to recovery. I suspect old cops, firemen, and teachers will be retiring in droves. So there is a silver lining in that there will be a power vaccum from all those accepting retirement.

    I suspect we should all be thankful that the perfect storm of a Unicam, the Gov, bad economics, and a super majority of republicans have come together to cast a Bright light on the actions of union leaders. Now a rather large cathartic action will pave the way for sensible union Workers to step up and protect their jobs and workplace instead of padding a few senior members pockets.

  21. Charles Roast says:

    I will never forget or forgive the police & fire union mailers against Jim Vokal. Vote for whoever they hate the most and the citizens win.

  22. Survey says: says:

    Suttle is not down 2:1. Don’t spout poll numbers that are false because it is a cool thing to say.

    If Suttle’s campaign hadn’t paid homeless individuals to vote he would have won by 10. Now it is 50/50. People didn’t think he was a good mayor- but until this scandal they didn’t think he had done anything dishonest or recall-worthy. Now he’s in trouble, but the unions and Holland are outspending the recoilers on tv so it’s anyones game.

  23. Aanother Anon says:

    Haven’t seen the ad yet but I hear the Shuttle camp has changed the guy in the Husker shirt to just a guy in a red shirt now.

  24. Red Beard says:

    Found out at the Capitol today that Tom White’s errand boy Ian Russell is leaving Nebraska to work for the DCCC. I heard a bunch of Democrats joking about how they are going to throw a fundraiser to celebrate his departure. Sounds like he’ll be just as missed down there as ol Tommy Boy is. How can a guy who lost a race by over 20 points get rewarded with a job working for numerous Dem Congressional candidates? Perhaps we should actually be thankful. With Ian at the helm we can be sure the Dems won’t win another seat.

  25. James says:

    Now what does everyone think..

    1) Suttle changed the commercial because it was the “right” thing to do,
    2) Court injunction to cease and desist?

  26. anon says:

    In view of the fact that Acorn has disbanded, it looks like the recall folks are still intent on abusing the dead for their own purposes by making false postings under the Acorn name.

  27. Uncle Wiggily says:

    As a self-appointed expert on all matters sesquipedalian, I can authoritatively state that not only is “embiggen” a perfectly acceptable word, it is momulatively crepifiscent. Listen and learn …

  28. Acorn says:

    Anon, 8:59. Please tell me how posting under Acorn is any more false than posting under “anon”?

    It is just amazing to a non-Omahan like me to see people quibbling over the truthfullness of “retire at 45”, when there is so much actual fraud and criminality going on with the Shuttle group to look at?

  29. Acorn says:

    In view of the fact that the tremendous amount of corruption and fraud that we were operating under that forced us to change our name to Community Organizations International, it’s good to know that our mindless minions are quick to jump to our unwarranted defense whenever our former name springs up.

  30. Bill O'Reilly says:

    ACORN – I know Fox News didn’t cover this, so I’ll give you a pass on this one, but months after the alleged pimp scandal ACORN and its employees were cleared of any wrongdoing by both State and local authorities. The videos were found to have been heavily edited to make it look like crimes were committed. The only fraud in that matter was committed by James O’Keefe. Not that facts matter anymore…

  31. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous posing as Bill O’Reilly, you only wish what you just posted was true. You libs like to hang your hat on the fact that one ACORN employee in California refused to assist in obtaining government housing money for a brothel. But that doesn’t change the fact that ACORN employees in several other offices all along the east coast did just that.

    The uncut videos/transcripts are out there still for viewing and always were. Shortened videos (edited if you will) were also released but you can see for youself (as I have) that they didn’t change the content or context. And if ACORN didn’t think they’d done anything wrong, why’d they fire a bunch of their workers who appeared in those films? Huh?

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