New pro-recall ad up.

See it here:

This is of course from the “undercover” video taken as Mayor Suttle’s campaign bussed homeless individuals to the Election Commissioners office after they had offered to pay them five dollars..for something.

We would just note that while Suttle has said they shouldn’t have done this, he and his campaign still deny that they did anything wrong here. They just say the appearance is bad. So in other words, if no one had heard about it, it would have been just fine.


You may have heard or noticed that the Mayor’s campaign altered their recent TV ad. In it they had a guy who wore a red pull-over with a University of Nebraska logo on it.

Now they’ve changed that ad — all the same except now the logo is gone. Amazing the political backtracking this Mayor has done after the continuing foul-ups.

Hires a suspected pedophile for Chief of Staff.

Swings himself a brand spanking new fire-engine red SUV to drive to work.
Backtracks (sort of).

Promises to lower taxes.

Pays the homeless to vote (allegedly).

Hires a violent felon to run his campaign outreach.

You may remember that Mike Boyle wasn’t recalled for doing anything illegal.
But he was recalled.


FWIW the Nebraska Leadership PAC gave Mayor Suttle $2,000.
Guess whose PAC that is?


  1. Give Ben the Boot says:

    So Ben Nelson supports illegal voting efforts with homeless people. Note to Ben: If you need to scrape for votes I know a young couple that works for Suttle that will need a job in a few days. They know something about “VOTER TRAINING”

  2. Dennis says:

    There was an interesting article in the OWH today. Apparently, one of the millionaires supporting the recall wants to prevent public sector workers from organizing into unions at all. In other words, this rich guy wants the heavy hand of government to tell free individuals they can’t set up voluntary associations with other citizens. I thought conservatives supported limited government. I guess not. Limited government for me but not for thee. And we’re supposed to blindly trust these guys financing the recall?

  3. Observer says:

    It seems the Recallers have a lot of video footage of Forward Omaha’s activities. Did they hire several PI’s? They seem to know a lot about what is going on in the Suttle Camp. I’d check for bugs Mr. Dover.

  4. Anonymous says:

    What’s this “we” business, Dennis? You live in Lincoln. The only people you have to trust in Omaha are Forward Omaha and hope that their check to you for blogging for them doesn’t bounce.

  5. An Omahan says:

    I absolutely support eliminating those public service unions. Do you know why cities and states are going bankrupt? From funding those unions’ pensions. Do you know why elected officials supported those unions? To get elected. Corruption abounds when those who control the votes (unions) support those who sign their contracts (Suttle and others like him).

    You need to find other sources for your information, Dennis – you’re insane if you think this is a “voluntary association” issue. The unions are their own worst enemy.

  6. Chris Link says:

    “The process of collective bargaining, as usually understood, cannot be transplanted into the public service.” Franklin Delano Roosevelt

    It’s hardly an idea embraced by right wing plutocrats only.

  7. Dennis says:

    Apparently, the conservatives who post here do support big government. Apparently, its OK for the government to ban private individuals from forming up some kinds of voluntary associations. Wow.

  8. GeosUser says:

    Dense Dennis,
    With fresh snow in Lincoln, don’t you have some ambulances to chase today? Or is your supposed law practice such a failure that you’re “pay by the post” deal with Backward Omaha is your only income source? If we “the people” were really smart, we’d outlaw the Bar Association and require any lawyer running for/holding elective office to surrender their law license. After all, how can a licensed member of the “judicial system” also be a member of an elected legislative body? That’s a huge conflict of interest violating the separation of powers. Better yet, let’s institute a “loser pays” tort system and hold the losers’ lawyer too. I bet that one hits really close to home doesn’t it Dense??? LOL!!!

  9. Spike says:

    Not a bad ad except for what the homeless guy is supposed to be saying which really screws it up. Sounds like “When are we going to Burger King”. Would have worked much better if they had had the announcer repeat the line or digitally alter it so it was understandable. At any rate compared to Suttles stupid high-school produced ad which insults any Omaha citizen with a brain, it should be very effective. If any of you people are connected, have whoever produced it, fix that bad audio. It’s like a 5 min. fix!

  10. Surplus says:

    $3.3 Million dollar surplus, no restaurants harmed in the implementation of new tax.

    While Forward Omaha is a ridiculous amateur organization, it’s not any worse than the pro-recall groups funded by a handful of wealthy businessmen.

    I’m voting NO on Tuesday. Money talks.

  11. In The Know says:

    Annon 1:41
    You obviously don’t know the first thing about political messaging. Especially in this type of campaign.

    I guess a flowery ad talking about the rosey picture of our city would be better for their purpose.

  12. An Omahan says:

    Dennis is at Walmart right now, scanning the parking lot for people slipping on snow. Dennis, you should get a job as a greeter! Whenever someone biffs it on the wet floor, you could slip ’em a card!

  13. BkDodge42 says:

    The WH says that the city has a $3.3 million dollar surplus, but is that after taking into account the $2.2 million dollar judgement that the CIR ordered to pay? Is the city considering that expense for 2009 wage increase a 2009 expense and not to count it because it wasn’t a 2010 expense, or are they considering it a 2011 expense when the city finally pays it? The 2011 budget included in the fire budget $5.5 million in consessons that the “new” contract was going to provide, even before a new contract was signed. Smoke and mirrors, thats all it is.

  14. GeosUser says:

    Makes one wonder about the financial statements and SEC filings from publicly traded Werner, doesn’t it? I wonder if their past CFO cooked the books there like she’s doing for the city of Omaha?

  15. BkDodge42 says:

    To Observer, funny you must have missed all of the videos that Forward Omaha had of recall circulators that they offered in court as “proof” of wrongdoing. At the trial, all they played was only one. At least this one wasn’t just someones shadow. Besides, the news stations have video of the voters in the election office with Forward Omaha flyers displayed while waiting to vote. That would fall under electioneering, a class V misdemeanor.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Class V Misdemeanor because a homeless person carried a flyer into the office?! That is laughable.

    I wish all of you wanna be lawyers would stop shooting from the hip. If you knew what you were talking about, you’d be hard at work in a law office instead of posting on this blog in the middle of the day.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Dennis, let the fire fighters and police have unions. That’s cool. They throw great parties there and drink a lot of booze which helps the local economy.

    But don’t put the mayor in charge of negotiating their contracts. Or you wind up with what you got in Lincoln under your friend, Don Wesely. He jumped in bed with the Fire Union and they helped get him elected. In return, Wesely worked to get rid of the private ambulance service and place ambulance service under the purview of the Fire Dept. (More union members, more money and control for them.)

    How many millions did the city of Lincoln then have to spend to buy brand new ambulances? Who paid for those ambulances, Dennis? The private ambulance service paid for itself, right? Now, the city of Lincoln has to not only pay to buy ambulances for the Fire Dept but it also has to pay fire union members to staff those ambulances, right? Dennis, how much is that costing the taxpayers of the City of Lincoln that they didn’t have to pay before when there was a private ambulance service?

    And staffing. I’ve read the complaints on here about the staffing of firehouses and how many personnel the union contract requires the city to pay to man a fire station. Same issue in Lincoln. I’ve driven around in Lincoln, Dennis. I’ve seen car accidents there as well. The first thing that shows up is a police cruiser. Then a firetruck. Not an ambulance but a firetruck with 4 guys on it. Then an ambulance is the last thing to arrive. Why do we need both a firetruck AND an ambulance showing up at every car wreck, Dennis? Why? Couldn’t a private ambulance have shown up last just as easily and saved taxpayers in Lincoln a bunch of money?

    And, folks, this is what you get when you elect Democrats for mayor. They give away goodies to their union buddies who get them elected. And it’s all done on the back of taxpayers. The solution is to not have the mayor negotiated union contracts. Make that someone else’s job. Someone who isn’t elected by firefighters and so doesn’t have the incentive to give the police and fire unions everything they want when it comes to negotiating a new contract.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Sweeper, a question: The radio ad that anti-recallers are currently running says that the pro-recallers are basically lying about the retirement age of 45 in the union contract and saying that’s something Fahey did and not Suttle. But when they negotiated the new contracts, couldn’t that provision have been changed? In other words, they could have made it 47 years old or 50 for retirement, am I right? In that sense, wouldn’t it be fair to state that the retirement age in the contract is on Suttle because he didn’t insist on raising it in the new contract? Am I close here?

  19. Hypocrites? says:

    I seem to remember Jeremy Aspen and Nicole Jesse holding “Recall Mayor Suttle” signs in the Election Commission lobby while early voting was going on back in November.

    Jeremy, you’ve just committeed a Class VI misdemeanor as well.

  20. In The Know says:

    Anon 3:19
    It is a violation because Forward Omaha distributed the materials and coached the “workers” (electioneering) within 200 feet of the enterance of a poll location. You need to check your facts and stop shooting from the hip. The fact they were homeless has nothing to do with it but nice try Noell…I mean Annon 3:19

    Anon 3:29
    Close. The increase in the retirement age is only for NEW hires. Current officers can retire at 45.

  21. In The Know says:

    There wasn’t an item on the ballot for the recall in November 2010 thus they could not be electioneering. Come on…you can do better than that.

  22. Dan Brown says:

    Remember the prediction of a mass exodus from OPD with Suttle’s new contract. Didn’t happen, did it? Why, good contract!

  23. In The Know says:


    Why would they leave when they are still making out like bandits. Most of the “pain” in the new contract only starts with new hires. As for spiking? It may not appear in the form it has existed but we will see in a few years if it really ended.

  24. To Dennis says:

    I am a state worker whose position falls under the collective bargaining unit for state employees, and I ask myself “why?” everyday. Because of this SUPPOSED great collective bargaining unit, I was only able to receive my current salary upon hire because no other positions with the same classification within the agency made less than what I had requested. Actually, there are no other same classification of emp[loyees in my agency. However, if there was an employee who was that same classification, I would not have been allowed to be hired with a higher salary even if I was more qualified and would have more responsibilities.
    Also, because of the wonderful bargaining unit, I had to take two involuntary furlough days. Why? Because the bargaining unit stuck their feet in the ground and would not budge on a wage freeze.
    If I get more job responsibilites, or if I outperform everyone in my classification, I cannot get a raise. Why? Because that wonderful collective bargaining unit has set salary ranges for each classified position.
    Now there are some “good” unions. Unions are good for trade jobs: IBEW–GOOD union. provides training and continuing education for it’s memebrs. Unions for government workers? Nope. Just a way to suck the taxpayer dry and keep a good honest hard working emplyee down.

  25. Dan Brown says:

    You should have applied at the City of Omaha. You can get hired and the Mayor will pay you a lot more than the job was posted for. Example, Bicycle Path Coordinator was paid $15K more than the job was posted for.

  26. James says:

    Hypocrites?…. at 3:54.

    I think you are wrong, only because the elections in November had nothing to do with the Mayor. If he had a sign for Governor or for the House of Representatives, then you would be correct.

  27. Hypocrites? says:

    Not at all, James. If that were the case they would have been able to gather signatures within 200 feet of a polling place.

  28. Oh Mander says:

    I am willing to wager a tidy sum that no charges will be filed against Forward Omaha for this shuttle incident. The evidence against FO is no more substantial or reliable than the evidence exposing the improprieties of the petitioners, and we all remember how that turned out. Lucky for FO, Suttle, and GeoUser, stupidity is not a crime, because so far that is the only thing we can really prove. At least all you so-called legal experts can take solace in the fact that this ridiculous stunt eliminated what little chance Suttle had at beating the recall effort. “Yes” by a landslide…

    Hang in there, Omaha, this debacle is almost over.

  29. BkDodge42 says:

    If you had a campaign button that said vote yes or no, or anything that says support or remove the mayor and you go into a polling place, they would ask you to take it off. In the videos on the news channels the Forward Omaha flyers were being held prodomently to be seen by the cameras. Should they be procucuted for electioneering? That’s not for me to decide, but I do think a citizen could be justified in filing a complaint.

  30. In The Know says:

    Wrong again. The gathering of voter information is in all circumstances electioneering. it doesn’t matter why you are collecting the information Thus 200 foot limit.

    Replace the Recall Suttle signs you refer to and replace them with Yankee signs. Same effect and same legal ruling.Neither is on the ballot at that time and thius neither is a violation of electioneering laws.

  31. GeosUser says:

    Ho Mander,
    Progressives like you have the market cornered on stupidity and every post of yours demonstrates that inescapable fact. Dismissing a conspiracy to commit voter fraud which could include Mayor Shuttle and/or members of his staff shows your ACORN/SEIU approach to elections.

  32. Ricky says:

    Working men and women would be foolish to follow the advice of the millionaires who basically funded the buying of signatures on the recall-Suttle petitions.
    Why would anybody want to lead the life that Mike Simmonds wants us to live; working at his Burger Kings and Taco Johns for minimum wage? Why would the average Omahan follow like sheep David Sokol and Pete Ricketts? We have nothing in common with them.
    I predict smart Omahans won’t force out Mr Suttle just because wealthy Omahan’s are bored and want to see their names in the paper.

    Ricky From Omaha

  33. Omaha Independent says:

    Republicans think the minimum wage is much too high. They expect you to volunteer to work at Burger King. I’m off to Tucson for a week, kids. I’m sure there’s less heated rhetoric down there…
    [wink] “Bye Kids, Have fun storming the castle!”- Princess Bride.

  34. Kortezzi says:

    The World-Herald is doing its best to insinuate that the early voting hints at defeating the recall. Ha ha, fat chance.

    Most of the people mailing in ballots early, and voting early in person, are those outraged at Suttle’s promise-breaking tax increases, his attempts to block the recall in court, and his $5-a-vote buying at the Sienna Francis house. People who assumed Daub was a shoe-in last time are NOT taking chances this time. They are determined to recall this inept condescending bullheaded fool of a Mayor.

    Buh Bye Suttle…you’re going to lose, and you’re going to lose HUGE.

  35. An Omahan says:

    The minimum wage IS too high. Minimum wages keep you and everyone else from hiring more people who need jobs, it keeps prices high, it drives some companies out of business, it gives businesses a reason to buy machines to do jobs instead of hiring people, and it keeps people out of the job market who need to develop skills. Good Lord, man – there are TONS of reasons to get rid of the minimum wage. You liberals seem to think that people who take minimum-wage jobs will stay there the rest of their lives, or WANT to.

    Saying that “they expect you to volunteer to work at Burger King” is one of the stupidest things we’ll see posted here today, too.

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