Strenuously deluged on Homeless-gate

It is the story that no one really expected to die, but the pay-the-homeless-to-vote scandal is continuing to have legs.

But first, we noted yesterday that U.S. Senator Ben Nelson has given money to Suttle’s campaign via his PAC. The OWH picked up on our post, and also noted that Nelson not only donated to Suttle, but did so on $5.00-payout-to-vote day, but also gave another five grand the day after.

So clearly, the Suttle campaign’s actions, being investigated by the state patrol, had no bearing on Senator Nelson’s money clip.

However, Rep. Lee Terry did note the voter-fraudness of the take-advantage-of-the-homeless-shelter-residents-by-(allegedly)-paying-them-a-measly-five-spot-to-vote-for-Suttle scandal.

And to follow up, the guy who took over for Noelle and tells Gary what’s what, David Dover says that the voters shouldn’t vote based on Homeless-Gate.

Yeah, tell that to Jerry Ford.


And we got a kick out of Suttle’s official Mayoral spokesperson Aida Amoura’s defense of using the Mayor’s office to respond to campaign questions.

Maybe you didn’t realize this, but right after Suttle’s Five-Dollar-Fraud erupted, Amoura issued a press release from the Mayor’s office telling the press how the campaign wasn’t going to pay the homeless to vote for the Mayor anymore.

See, that’s a no-no. There’s the Mayor’s office and there’s the campaign, and never the two shall meet. Every re-election campaign goes through that, and it is not exactly rocket-science.

Well, except apparently for Mayor Suttle.

Because Amoura defended speaking for the campaign by saying, “the Mayor’s Office was deluged with requests for comment by the news media and the public after the homeless controversy erupted.”

Oh, well, if they were DELUGED that changes everything!

I strenuously object?” Is that how it’s done? Hm? “Objection, your Honor.” “Overruled” “No, no. I STRENUOUSLY object.” “Oh. You strenuously object. Then I’ll take some time and reconsider.”

See, you simply call up the campaign, and let them respond to the media’s campaign questions.  It ain’t that tough.

Well between the NADC and the State Patrol, everyone will keep plenty busy after Tuesday.


And for you Lincolnites, much potential excitement.

The NNN’s own Kyle Michaelis is considering running for City Council.  Seems no one has officially declared for District 4, so the 29 year old Michaelis is considering it.

Wonder if he has expressed any views on issues before?


  1. Dennis says:

    It was interesting to see that Senator Johanns wouldn’t disclose how he voted on the recall issue. One would think that if he voted in favor of the recall, he would publicly disclose that vote since it would further endear him to the GOP base.

  2. Rozzer says:

    The question now is whether the legislature will hear LB 81 (wheel tax repeal) on Monday or Tuesday, they are officially non-partisan you know…

  3. Dennis says:

    Some of the millionaires backing the recall effort have come out with some budget cutting ideas. Barton Bonn suggested the city should close all its libraries, and combine the duties and personnel of the police and fire departments. Mike Simmonds said that he’d fire all of the city’s firefighters and hire others at lower wages. Where he’d find this pool of workers and what the city would do for EMS service in the meantime is left unsaid. Dave Nabity advocated laying off 35 Omaha police officers, replacing them with Douglas County Sheriffs and giving the sheriffs West Omaha. Let’s ignore for a moment that of the two departments, the Sheriffs are the ones that can still spike their pensions. IMO, the recall people should be loud and proud in their support of these kinds of initiatives. If the end result of this whole process is a GOP Mayor, the recall campaign and Nabity should gets these kinds of ideas out on the table for the consideration of the voters. If these kinds of budget cutting proposals come as a big and nasty surprise for the voters, the cycle of anger and disappointment will start all over again.

  4. An Omahan says:

    Dennis bitches when the recall backers don’t give budget proposals. Then they give proposals and Dennis bitches more.

    Dennis, you are TRULY the oxymoron (heavy on the moron) of this blog. You’re based in Lincoln, but your panties are perpetually in a wad about Omaha. You’re a lawyer (albeit apparently not a good one since you blog all day), yet you have no problem with Forward Omaha and the mayor’s illegal activities. You always express worry that Omaha voters will be angry and disappointed with a new mayor, yet you think we should keep a mayor who constantly angers and disappoints us. You hate the “millionaires” who back the recall, but you love the millionaires who fund Forward Omaha, presumably because they pay for your blogging activity.

    Well, Forward Omaha can’t have TOO many useful idiots, I guess.

  5. Dennis,
    Not only has Nabity expressed his views, we quoted him two days ago on this issue. How much more “on the table” are you looking for?
    And last time I checked, neither Bonn nor Simmonds plan to run for Mayor.
    In any case, if those ideas don’t fly for the Omaha voters, they don’t have to vote for that person in the next (potential) election.
    ICYMI, Tuesday’s election is an up or down on Jim Suttle. Nothing else.

  6. Oracle says:

    The millionaires that back the recall seem to be primarily concerned about lowering their taxes. We don’t need no stinking social services like libraries and a fire department. The other millionaires seem to care more about the city of Omaha and ALL of its citizens. Lincoln added a 2% tax on restaurants and only minor bitching occurred. In Omaha you’d think the world was ending. Typical Republicanism. Lots of bitching but no viable, realistic solutions presented.

  7. Future Mayor of Omaha says:

    Point 1 -We have actually seen several viable and realistic proposals from many sources. I posted some a few days ago on this site. I know you libs like saying ‘the other side doesn’t have any solutions” but you are just not paying attention or listening for them.

    Point 2 – This is a vote on the performance/lack of performance/incompetence of Suttle. No one is required to offer alternate solutions, quit crying abiout it.

    Point 3- Let’s get this spiking thing straight. Omaha Police officers CAN still spike. It would have to be over a longer period of time. Currently there are about 100 officers who can retire at in EXCESS of 100% of their salaries. Don’t forget, every officer who is not a new hire CAN retire at 45.

    Point 4- Prediction. Suttle will be recalled by close to 70-30. He is done, and shouldn’t let the door hit him in the arse. Maybe one of his overpayed staff can hold it for him.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Lincoln Politico, you’re not going to be able to compare Terry Werner to Kyle Michaelis. Kyle has defended Ben Nelson’s conservative views, has criticized against EFCA, defended Tony Raimondo against progressive Kleeb supporters, and has been attacked by the founder of MoveOn for being too moderate. Kyle calls it like he sees it.

  9. Sigh... says:

    Lincoln residents VOTED FOR the restaurant tax to build their new convention center. BIG DIFFERENCE.
    We should close some of the librairies, pools, golf courses etc that are not ESEENTIAL services. Most public schools are open rear round becuase of summer school, so people can use those for library resources. Use a sprinkler…when I grew up we didn’t have a pool in our neighborhood until I was about 10..we used a sprinkler..and when our neighborhood did build that pool, it was paid for with bonds and membership fees..then of course Omaha annexed us and took the pool…dang did it go down after that. I know privater golf course cost more but tough!!! I made cuts to accomdate these new taxes, so the city needs to cut non essential services.

    Firing the fire department is very extreme as is cutting OPD and replacing it with DCS..I would like to see work done to merge OPD, OFD and DCS to produce more efficient response times and coordination.

  10. GeosUser says:

    Anon @ 11:30,
    Vile Kyle is only slightly more reasonable than most of the revolutionary communists that post on his blog and that slightly is measured in billionths of an inch at most. I don’t know how he’d speak during a campaign as his lips are so firmly attached to Ben “Cornhusker Kickback” Nelson’s posterior. Although you never know. Lincolngrad got that moniker for a reason and you can bet the harpies from BoldNE will be hopping on their brooms to swoop in to campaign for him.

  11. In The Know says:

    You wouldn’t have to close pools. Just cut back on hours and shorten the season. Library hours can be changed and potentially closed an additional day each week to save a lot of money. It wouldn’t take much effort to determine when off peak times/days are at each library to determine when best to close them.

    Giving more territory to the DCS is a great idea and would not only save the city money but improve coverage in west O and allow OPD to concentrate efforts on high croime areas in East Omaha.

    Having the schools hire well trained private security is another GREAT idea. Absolutely have no problem with this.

    Replace the fire fighters who work desk jobs with civilian emplyees is another way to make cuts. More of this with the police department too.

  12. Taxed Enough Already says:

    I was watching the Legislature and just saw they unaminously voted to use more stimulus dollars to prop up school districts. When will they learn. Even “so-called” conservatives like Price, Fulton and McCoy all voted to grab more dollars from the federal trough. Enough is enough. I will not support any Republican in the Legislature for a higher office. None of them have a spine.

  13. An Omahan says:

    You liberals don’t seem to realize we’re in a depression. About a tenth of the people are without a job, and who knows how many have quit looking and how many are seriously underemployed. EMPLOYMENT WITH THE CITY AND CITY SERVICES ARE NOT SACRED COWS IN THESE CONDITIONS. Library and pool hours CAN and SHOULD be cut back. City employees SHOULD have furlough days. Fire trucks CAN go from four men to three men on a truck. Not ALL emergencies should have a fire truck responding. Higher-paid fire union desk jockeys SHOULD be replaced by lower-paid and just as qualified civilian workers.

    There were many, many ideas like this proposed to the mayor at the town hall meetings and he ignored them all, saying “his” surveys indicated Omahans wanted no cutbacks in services. That was what he was always going to say to justify raising taxes, and he was always going to raise taxes to keep his police and fire unions happy. For ignoring the people, for supporting the corrupt police and fire unions, for violating election laws, we need to recall Suttle.

  14. Spike says:

    Being new to Omaho from Chitown, the first thing I noticed about this place was, that politically it’s controlled by the Backboys. ie $$$ people. I was then amazed that there were only 7 council people who i found out were also controlled by the Backboys. Next I realized that the people here didn’t really have a voice and that they seemed to realize this and had ceased to try or care about expressing their voice. Case in point; the new stadium which wasn’t voted on by the people that would pay for it but just had it rammed down their throats. Not smart politics! Actually I think this scenerio is written in the history of the city from the days of the brutal fur traders & rivermen that ruled with iron fist when Omaha popped up or was pooped up. So it seems to continue in this same stupid brutal way today which I suspect, is why it’s the same backwater town it was 100 years ago. Just look around. What’s Omaha’s biggest national tourist attraction??? Any guesses or is the question an oxymoron? Hint it’s initials are BH & it’s leaders are WB. Get it? Now that’s cool but I suspect that if the people/citizens of Omaha got to put in their $.02, things would be a lot different, maybe?? So what I see is the biggest problem with this place is INCEST, the blind leading the blind, the inbreeding of puppet non leaders! Cases in point; [beside Jim Suttle & Hal Daub] what grand plan has any mayor in this town in the last 100 years had? From what I can see, a Big “O”! Perhaps that’s why you call it, “The Big O”. Now it’s never too late to start. So what I’d suggest to all you movers & shakers is, next election make sure that your candidates for Mayor have a PLAN, a BIG, Big PLAN to put this nothing town on the map and not just on Warren’s Big Shoulders! Here’s where all you Omaha Think Tankers might start, do a little on R&D on the tactics of one John Hickenlooper the brilliant X Mayor of Denver, now the Governor of Colorado! That all for now, folks!!

  15. James says:


    So what do the millionaires in support of Suttle think we ought to do to solve problems.. Have not heard from them. More of the good ol’ boy network. What kinds of things to these fat cats donating to Suttle think they will get in return in the slim chance Suttle makes it through this.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Spike – You forgot about the College World Series. And I don’t know you, but you sound like kind of a dick. If you hate Omaha so much, why did you move here?

  17. Just Got Back from the Post Office says:

    I was standing in line to deliver my Recall Ballot. I noticed that out of the 8 people in line, 5 of us had envelopes for ballots in our hands. It was kind of cool.

  18. Not Vile like Kyle says:

    I hope Kyle runs for the City Council. We just need to go through his posts and take some of the more obnoxious and sleazy attacks he made on Republicans, and mail them out to Republican voters. Goodbye, Vile.

  19. Spike says:

    anon @ 2:10

    OMG, the college world series??? What’s that, sort of like the Junior Olympics or the Soap Box Derby? Case in point; the Soap Box Derby is actually Akron’s claim to fame! Get a life!! Oh, and no name calling because it sort of gives away your emotional development. TDA on the move here.

  20. Ted says:


    You’re coming from Chicago and trying to lecture Omaha on virtue in politics? Ha.

    But really, the fact that you can only name Warren as a monied political influence in Omaha shows what a noob you are. Omaha has more billionaires per capita than the Windy City. (Oh, and last time I checked, the Cubbies are now run by a family of Omaha billionaires.)

    And, yes, they carry quite a bit of influence in Omaha politics. But please get back to me with all the cities and pols who are not influenced by their wealthiest constituents. Such is politics.

    And, remarkably, ESPN always seems to find Omaha on the map each June. And so do millions of viewers. See you at the ballpark.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Who has so little of a life to sit in a vehicle filming the entrance to the election commissioner’s office waiting for something to happen?

  22. Spike says:


    Can you read? I’m not lecturing on political Virtue but on political brains & VISION that gets things done for the Common Good! Daley was great at this, as a trip to Chitcago will show anyone. Also just ask the millions of International visitors and ask Chicago businesses that reap hundreds of millions, perhaps billions of $$$ from his political smarts!! BTW; I never said WB was a political influence in “O”, I said that he was Omaha’s biggest National/International tourist attraction. As far as I know, WB has better things to do with his time & money then local yokel politics. And once again, your community pride in being seen on espn once a year only feeds the latent inferiority complex that seems to abound with Omaho’s!! Get a life & some ball & BRAINS and put your heads together and THINK about what could put Omaha on at least the national map!!

    BTW anon @ 3:04

    They weren’t just siting & waiting, they knew what was going on in advance and they were working for their cause, getting the Good on LAMO JS!

  23. Ted says:

    I guess I would just point out that only a fool would try to compare a city of nearly 3 million to one with less than 400,000 — each metro area with roughly twice those amounts.
    So I’ll let you have at it.

  24. Yikes! says:

    Can we please get rid of Spike, and have Brian Osborn come back as a replacement? Maybe after Tuesday, Spike can take Mayor Shuttle to Chicago, and hopefully neither one will return to Omaha.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Sweeper, you appear surprised that Nelson didn’t object to Suttle paying bums to vote. On what basis do you suppose such normal ethics and decency exist in Nelson?

    Nelson sent Suttle money after the news was out. This is the same Nelson who openly solicited a bribe seeking to rob taxpayers in 49 states while making those in his own accomplices to his bribery and robbery; and he continues to believe that is normal healthy politics. If anything, Nelson admires Suttles pay-for-vote.

  26. Dennis says:

    Dave Heineman has a one billion dollar deficit and he has had a large Republican majority in the legislature. If the recaller supporters were intellectually honest they would demand Heineman’s recall and Suttle be inserted as Governor since Jim Suttle turned a deficit into a surplus.

  27. Nebraska Cowboy says:


    Taxes, buddy. It’s all about taxes. Democrats LOVE raising taxes and taking more of our money. Republicans (with the exception of Sen. Brad Ashford) do not. Heineman will balance the budget without raising taxes. Suttle couldn’t wait until he could get his hands on more of my mine, and yours.

  28. Rob says:

    OPD union head starts a group called Taxpayers putting Omaha First. The problem is he is not an Omaha taxpayer, he lives in Gretna.

  29. john smith says:

    Hey cowboy,
    You tell me what democrat proposed a bill to raise taxes this year. if any state taxes are raised it will be because of the governor and his 34 republican state senators.

  30. jm says:

    Anyone hear Jim Esch on Becka today talking about the recall? Becka asked him what Dems might run in the event Suttle is ousted and he said “OUR bench is pretty thin.” OUR bench? I thought you were an Independent Jim. Becka asked you about Dems, not Independents running.

  31. Oh Mander says:

    Did you think the “Independent” title makes him care less about persons, places, or things? He is a liberal – perhaps not viable in the sense – but roughly the same guy he was a fews years back. Why feign surprise?

    Give me one squeaky clean viable Democrat candidate. You hear me Democrats?!?!? No likable block captains. No rich dudes with ambitions beyond their capabilities. No clusterf@%# of competing egos. Give me one viable Democratic candidate that can dilute the “pissed about everything” demographic. Festersen, I’m looking to you, sir.

    I will now defer to the haters…

  32. John Q Wingnut says:

    Yeah Spike, you should STFU. You have now exposed yourself as thoroughly ignorant, bigoted, and therefore not welcome. You give the rest of us slightly less ignorant, slightly less bigoted people a bad name.

  33. James says:


    Explain to us how a 12.4 Million deficit suddenly becomes a 3.3 Million surplus? Where did that 15 Million come from? Unique accounting? Maybe Suttle has the fire chief balancing the cities books too.

  34. Anonymous says:

    I wonder if the numbers of the “Potential” surplus will change much when the recall is over? Oh and surplus’ aren’t reall until you write the check expending them:) So when the legislature ends the Out of County Wheel tax we will all see how the surplus works out.

    Buh Bye Suttle

  35. Anonymous says:

    If one more person spins this recall as a referendum that the “people have spoken” then we are in sad shape as a city and it isn’t Suttle’s fault. The fact that all these rich fat cats belly up to the bar, both sides, to write out $50k checks? What does that say? I hear Sid Dinsdale singing like a bird every day about Pinnacle Bank being a team player when it comes to community. He gave $40K. What’s his dog in this fight? Makes me wish I could return all the Whoppers I ate at Burger King before Mike took a hike on that business adventure. Not to say Suttle didn’t bring it on himself with the worst PR since a dead toad, but it is disturbing to see just how much money is flowing at such late date and it ain’t only coming from one side in this river of power plays.

  36. An Omahan says:

    Ultimately, the people DO decide. The vast majority of those of us WITH homes who haven’t been paid by either side WILL speak on January 25.

  37. Curious says:

    Why do libraries have to be free? Why can’t they charge for a card and the “privilege” of borrowing books? Maybe then we could have more than one copy of each book on the shelves.

  38. anon says:

    Great point there, Curious! I assume you’re in total agreement with a wheel tax. Why should using streets be free? Why shouldn’t they charge for the “privilege” of using streets? Maybe then we could buy snow plows and fill pot holes.

    Would it be ok to ask anyone who requests the services of the fire or police departments to hand over a few extra bucks for the service?

    Of course it would make sense to charge extra to use the library to a moron who doesn’t ever read anything.

  39. Dennis says:

    There was a sample restaurant receipt in the OWH today. The much maligned restaurant tax was all of 62 cents in a $30.75 bill. 62 stinking cents! That was it. And you guys are freaking out about such a tiny tax increase. Unreal.

  40. Dennis says:

    Suttle balanced the budget – something no GOP President has done since 1969. And Heineman and the GOP majority has run up a $1 billion state deficit. Fiscal responsibility requires tough choices – the kinds of choices Republicans have been avoiding for years.

  41. GeosUser says:

    Dense Dennis,
    Your touting Shuttle’s supposed balanced budget or budget surplus shows just how desperate Shuttle’s supporters have become. Anyone except a Lincoln lawyer being paid to blog by Backward Omaha can see that Pam Spac made some mighty big assumptions to project a $3 million surplus. I wonder how last night’s 6 inch plus snow might have eaten into that supposed surplus. As for your insightful analysis of the restaurant tax, you forgot to mention that beyond the $0.62 it added, it also increases the sales tax due since that wonderful Shuttle “payoff the fire and police unions” fee is also then subjected to the sales tax…a tax on a tax. Only an idiot Dem would think that’s a good idea. At least in Lincolngrad, the taxpayers got to vote on the issue. BTW, still no ambulances to chase down there???

  42. Anonymous says:

    Odd too that the recallers were so lily pure in how they collected all those many signatures. Why they had to pay circulators to go after all those disgruntled voters that were so busy being disgruntled they couldn’t find their way to a signature gathering hole. Never mind those same circulators drove private business owners nuts out in West O by trespassing to use their private property for recall gain. From one private property parking lot to the next all in a day’s work. Then when they were thrown off, they went to another private property. All day long, all weekend long those well meaning circulators gathered their sigs trespassing. Course they disappeared when it was obvious they were in legal trouble only to reappear time and time again. There’s the difference. Forward Omaha hauls in questionable activity using the homeless on big yellow buses in clear sight to do their dirt while the recall effort sneaks around laws and private property using paid strangers to do their dirt. How virtuous of both sides in their bid to establish the true meaning of….leadership.

  43. For Integrity in Omaha says:

    Please citizens of Omaha!!! Vote for integrity and get rid of Mayor Shuttle. His attempts at voter fraud and his hiring of thugs and wierdos is just sick and must not be rewarded with continued power.

  44. Frankly says:

    I’m surprised that Forward Omaha hasn’t run a commercial for Suttle with a little girl plucking daisies and a nuclear bomb going off.

  45. ttg says:

    If Mayor Suttle had risen above the recall, he’d have beaten a vote early on. He’d have won. But the fool mistook it for something else, a competitive election. This recall vote pits Suttle against himself. It is a battle he cannot lose unless he engages in it. A few opponants baited him; daring him to jump into the gutter, rip off his clothes, and stand there screaming naked and pot bellied,
    This is essentially a political stupidity test. And Suttle seems a particularly stupid politician.

    With all the skill of a Public Administrator designing a nuclear reactor, this engineer saw a challenge to his incumbency and reacted by beating himself in the face with brass knuckles. People who a few months ago barely knew Suttle as Mayor, today know him as the guy who pays bums to vote.

    He may be a wise engineer but as a political incumbent he is a damned fool.

  46. Deb says:

    To TTG. You are spot on. Any observer should have been able to see that Suttle was a stupid politician during his term as city councilman. Just look at his half-butt smoking ban as a great example. Struck a deal with Mike Kelly and Mark Welsch and the city ended up in court only to have the Supreme Court confirm what everyone had told him from the start – that it was unconstitutional.

    Let’s hope that Hal steps back and let’s Jim Vokal step up to save the city.

  47. To Dennis says:

    That measly 62 cents is going to the city and not in the pocket of the servers…that’s right, the servers. I have 4 friends who work part time in the bar business and this tax has hurt them. While business itself has not been hurt much, servers are seeing more people take that measly 62 cents out of their tip. Let’s say it happens to you 8 times in one shift, that’s $4.96 per shitf…let’s say they work twice a week…that’s $9.92 a week, and $39.68 a month. heck, that’s my MUD bill right there.

    Now, I am one of those people who will not stiff my server, so instead I have one less drink meaning I spend about $5 less in the bar for a savings of $20 a month (I only go out four times a month) I then buy my own liquor at the store and avoid the extra tax, or I buy some great food and have my friends over instead of going out. Works out great for me! Maybe I should thank the City. Now I spend about $20 less a month going out…maybe I’ll add HBO back to my cable bill!

  48. Omaha is King says:

    The legislature is driven by Omaha. You can see this by all the debate on the floor to stall discussion on LB 81, Sen Cornett’s bill to limit Omha’s Wheel Tax. Seems the Omaha Senators don’t want to allow debate on the eve of Suttle’s Recall. Guess as Omaha goes so too goes the Legislature.

  49. Anonymous says:

    To 11:34AM: It’s the gnat on the ass of the cow you drive by doing 90mph. Maybe if restaurants would include marketing and advertising in their overall budget they’d figure out how to increase their business and market share. Better yet, maybe they can seek out one of the many bazillionairres to who funded this recall mess both sides and have them eat out more.

  50. Anonymous says:

    Suttle will win today. God revealed this to me this morning. I had just wrapped my head in tinfoil and was getting ready to take my morning nude roll in the snow…

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