10:15 Results

Yes – 35,786 (49.01%)
No – 37,233 (50.99%)

1,447 vote difference.

The Suttle folks had said those numbers represented North O and South O voters, and were hoping for a bump.

They got it.  But will it hold?

WOWT and Suttle seem to think so….


  1. Anti-Omaha says:

    Stop your whining. Your rich sugar daddies spent big wads because ya’ll had a temper tantrum. You lost. Get over it. Glad to see that voters finally showed those 6 people that gave more than half the money for the recall that they can’t buy everything they want!!

  2. Dennis says:

    Memo to the recall people: Thanks for nothing! You squandered the taxpayer’s money and divided the City of Omaha. You were a bunch of sore losers after 2009 and you’re still a bunch of losers.

  3. Greg says:

    Don’t ya’ll have a BOLD(er) Nebraska meeting you should be getting to? I hear big oil is trying to starve children and ruin every river and aquifer in Nebraska. Not to mention the special guests: Hugo Chavez and El Presidente Fidel Castro. Should be a pretty fun evening.

  4. Cesar says:

    If by “rich reactionary forces” you mean the Anti-Recall committe (who out spent the pro-recallers 2-1) then yes, Hooray for the “little guy”!!

    Jim is just a nose to the grind stone, engineer. You know?

  5. Andrew says:

    If this were a regular election, Suttle would have lost. Many of the “no” votes were not a vote in favor of Suttle, but against a recall.

    He is a one-term mayor.

    Let’s be thankful for that.

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