9:30 pm Recall Results!

Yes: 28,349

No: 28,351

A 2 vote difference.

(And how many homeless guys were paid to vote for Suttle?)

Well, this has a very good shot of dragging on until tomorrow.  WOWT reporting that around 2,000 absentee votes will not be counted until Wednesday.

The Election Commissioner says he only expects to have 85% of ballots counted tonight.

Next bunch in around 10:15 pm.


  1. Richie says:

    Re: the news conference….Is he going to announce his new Chief of Transportation. Forget the Bike guy, it’s all about the Shuttle in Omaha.

  2. What the results mean says:

    The votes are not coming in slowly- this is on a schedule. If I were betting, I’d bet on Suttle- God help us- now.

  3. Nick Naylor says:

    Thank you Jeremy Aspen and the ‘B’ Team for their awesome GOTV effort. Next time let the professionals do the work.

  4. Millard parent says:

    Late votes will be pro-recall. Republicans have jobs and work and come home late. Democrats are dependent on welfare and vote by mail.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Well Millard parent then your in a whole lot of hurt if your crass statements are true. Because there is over 2000 absentee ballots that need to be counted. Those are mail in ballots. What happened to the 60% for the recall i saw proudly talked about on LS for weeks?

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