Recall Election Evening

Say hey kids!

It is our understanding that the first returns will be in around 8:00 pm, with the early votes counted/announced around 8:30-8:45 pm.  Final count around 10pm or so.

All info we have from various news sources and emails and other accounts indicates heavy voting in West O, lighter East.  None of that terribly definitive, but we will have the real deal soon enough.

In the mean time Mayor Suttle is videoing personal thank you messages to people with names like “Amy” and “Brent”.  We assume the “C” names will be coming soon, and on down the line.  (Xerxes?)

We will update when we get more info.


  1. Embarrassed says:

    This off
    KETV NewsWatch 7 caught up with Suttle moments after he finished an interview with The New York Times.
    Suttle said he’s not even considering the possibility of being voted out of office.
    What’s more, he’s come to believe this recall effort was inevitable after the last election.
    “This recall was going to happen regardless of what I did. It got started one hour after I got elected on May 12, 2009,” Suttle said.
    Now that kind of talk casts the city in a good light . . .

  2. What the results mean says:

    8:00 will be the whole city as of 2:00 or so- fairly reliable indicator of final outcome

    8:45 will have all the votes by mail and from in person voting before today added in

    So, if the margins are the same or similar percentage-wise at 8:45 as at 8:00, that should tell the whole story

  3. Dennis says:

    The recall people are the ones who should be embarrassed. Suttle is right – the Daub people began talking about a recall within hours of Suttle getting elected. The recall people make Omaha look like a banana republic.

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