Suttle beats it

All are calling it for Suttle.

Up by 1,400 votes with 263 of 284 precincts in.

A dearth of politics for nine months…

Final #s for the night (not including absentee and early voting #s, but frankly that’s not clear, so follow up in the morning):

Yes – 36,832 (48.90%)

No – 38,484 (51.10%)

1,652 difference.

WOWT’s Brian Mastre notes that Suttle beat Daub in 2009 by 1,533 votes.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Since the Republican failed in their coup attempt. Will they try again in the fall? I would not put it past them. That is the type of character most of them have.

  2. embarrassed says:

    Hey Dennis,
    Suttle promised 1,500 jobs to East and North Omaha in the ’09 election. Where are they?
    Suttle promised to lower property taxes. He raised them.
    Then he buses homeless people to the polls and shows them how to vote. But he knew nothing about it.
    A liar and a con man. That’s really how you want Omaha represented?
    WTF are you thinking?

  3. Dennis says:

    The recall people should reimburse the taxpayers for the money they squandered on this misguided effort. Daub, Nabity and their millionaire buddies should’ve had the decency to wait until 2013 to take try to take out Suttle. This divisive recall effort clearly indicates that the millionaires behind this effort lack the requisite character to serve as Mayor of Omaha.

  4. Oh Mander says:

    I am torn – I don’t think Suttle deserves to stay in office, but I’m relieved that the deep GOP pockets in Omaha learned twice in two years that their reach is finite.

    Praise Jebus it’s over…

  5. anon says:

    WOW OMAHA! You have to admit a half term mayor who wins election twice is much more impressive than a half term Governor who was elected once. Jim Suttle rocks! I sure hope the first thing the mayor says in his news conference is that the creeps that forced this election on the tax payers have been sent a bill to cover the cost.

  6. Anti-Omaha says:

    Dennis is right. The recall funders have so much extra money to throw away, they should be required to pay the taxpayers back for their attempt to undo Democracy because they didn’t like the results the first time.

  7. anon says:

    Is it too late to introduce a bill in the legislature that requires an astro-turf group, who pays carpetbaggers to pass petitions in Nebraska, has to set aside enough funds to pay for any costs for an election that fails to sustain the purpose of the petition?

  8. Macdaddy says:

    Suttle will probably be mayor for life, now. Have fun paying all those pensions forever and ever.

    Prediction: OWH will soon run an article about how there is actually a deficit.

  9. embarrassed says:

    Now you people are worried about the cost? When your anti-recall supporters donated twice the cost of the election itself. Oh, and by the way, dennis, as far as those “millionaires” that couldn’t buy the election, don;t forget to say thanks tomorrow to Dick (and I do mean Dick) Holland. Thank him about a billion times for the average Omahan, OK?

  10. An Omahan says:

    Dennis was wrong. He predicted the recall would succeed. I think anyone who shilled for Forward Omaha but predicted the mayor would lose is a friend to no one and should show some common decency and spare anyone from ever hearing from him again.

  11. Anti T-bagger says:

    @Macdaddy: “Suttle will probably be mayor for life, now.”

    Yes. That’s what will happen. Lucky for you, the rapture in just a few months away.

  12. Jeremy Aspen's Sugar Daddy says:


  13. anon says:

    Hey, MacDaddy,

    What are the chances we can recall Hal Daubs pension? He should have to pay some price for his participation in this recall campaign that has proved to be nothing more than an attempt to undermine democracy.

  14. MJ says:

    So where does Dave Nabity, Hal Daub, and KFAB turn next? The voters turned them down, and experts in labor law say that Nabity’s ideas will never fly and, in fact, probably will put the city on the losing side in court.

  15. Andrew says:

    If this were a regular election, Suttle would have lost. Many of the “no” votes were not a vote in favor of Suttle, but against a recall.

    He is a one-term mayor.

    Let’s be thankful for that.

  16. Rozzer says:

    In Suttles great new effort to communicate with everyone, he just hired a lobbiest for $19,000 and some change to fight the wheel tax threat in the legislature. No council approval needed.

  17. TexasAnnie says:

    Yeah, Rozzer, ain’t he great? Y’all deserve the wheel tax because you won’t get behind fair taxes for everybody. Clearly Suttle has to defend the selected taxes he initiates, -given the proclivity of Omahans to stage a recall coup. The $19K is payout to procure needed revenue. It’s kinda like your nonsensical ‘TIF’ and other tax rebating schemes claimed to bring in new revenue and foster economic development: it’s a dumb way to govern! On the other hand, if folks in Omaha would scream on KFAB and scribble on Leavenworth St. about the piecemeal, disjointed and inequitable systems of taxation in place up there, maybe, just maybe, you wouldn’t have to pay taxes to enable the collection of taxes…

  18. RWP says:

    A little narrower than I predicted, but the turnout was better than I thought it would be.

    You folks in Omaha are screwed. The public employee unions pullled it off for Suttle. They now own him.

    As Machiavelli noted, when you strike against the King, it is essential to kill him on the first blow. (Machiavelli didn’t received the memo against violent political metaphors)

  19. Dear Street Sweeper says:

    You’ve had a lot of fun at Ron Girard’s expense in recent months. If I recall, his predictions were a bit more accurate than yours.

  20. The Pip says:

    The Beatles sang “money can’t buy me love.” The Nebraska GOP added a second verse, “money can’t buy an election, either.”

  21. FAC says:

    Congratulations to the people of Omaha who would not allow a handful of millionaires to control our city. Frustration at how much it cost our county is understandable. Those who advocate for those same millionaires to foot the bill are setting a precedent that only millionaires can pursue a recall. If you have to show you can pay the cost of the recall if you fail, then the vast majority of citizens could never pursue it, even if it is warranted. Bad idea.

  22. Anonymous says:

    I think when the firefighters come in to get their money from Pinnacle Bank, Dinsdale should tell them “Oh, sorry – we used all that money to fund the recall.”

  23. anon says:

    It looks like all the folks who have spent the last several months proclaiming the end of mayor Suttle’s political career are now going to spin the election results by stating the voters weren’t voting FOR Suttle. The simple fact is that the voters were very obviously rejecting any alternative to Suttle at this time. If it wasn’t a vote for Suttle then it was clearly a rejection of thugs like Dave Nabity and Hal Daub who refused to accept the results of any honestly held election. Anyone who participated in the recall effort can kiss any political aspirations good-bye. It would serve the city of Omaha well if has-beens like Daub would now accept the fact that voters realize that Daub himself laid the foundations for the hard decisions that Suttle was forced to make and never-was types like Nabity should accept the fact that their counter productive protestations have been resoundingly rejected by the voters of Omaha.

  24. Aanother Anon says:

    Watching many of the posts here you would think that Suttle won by 25 points. He squeaked by. The mayor said that he wants to unite Omaha. The gloating by the poor winners shows that I sincerely doubt there will be any reconciling in Omaha.

    BTW The Pip… Suttle spent a lot more ( with the help of the police union) than the recall people. I guess money can buy an election.

  25. anon says:


    It’s easy to distinguish between recalls that are truly grassroots and those pushed by moneyed interests. If the organizers have to pay circulators to come up with enough signatures on their petition – it’s not grassroots. If they are willing to come up with the cash to undermine the democratic process, they should be required to come up with the cash to cover the costs of holding the election when their efforts fail. It’s destructive to the democratic process when millionaires are allowed to stick tax payers with the bill for their frivolous tantrums.

  26. Anonymous says:

    i don’t get it. How did Suttle win? Why don’t people listen to us? Don’t they know that people with money have a more vested interest in how elections should turn out? it is important that we get to run the city. We have the money. Letting the so called little guy have a say so is wrong. They really don’t understand what is going on. Our laws used to only allow men of means to vote. Then we let the liberals change that. We need to get our voting laws fixed . Elections like last night should never have that type of result ever again.

  27. To anon 830 says:

    It’s easy to distinguish between anti-recall campaign that are truly grassroots and those pushed by moneyed interests. If the organizers have to pay poll watchers to come up with phony abuse allegations – it’s not grassroots. If they are willing to come up with the cash to pay the homeless to vote, they should be required to come up with the cash to cover the costs of holding the election when their efforts fail. It’s destructive to the democratic process when millionaires are allowed to stick tax payers with the bill for their frivolous tantrums.

    Dick Holland IS a millionaire.

  28. Roger Snowden says:

    Tom Becka had it right– we have become the unions’ bitches.

    This will not end well for the union members, I predict. Their leadership will be emboldened by this victory, and will find it much easier to get a sweet deal on the next contract. And when that contract finally breaks the city– long after Suttle is gone– the police and firefighters will find themselves with no pension at all.

    And since municipal bankruptcy will be come fairly normal in American life in a few years, the City of Omaha will find it relatively easy to bounce back, especially relieved of the insane burden of those pension liabilities.

    We’ll be fine. The union members will be screwed for all time. But, they will have screwed themselves.

    Big picture, long view. No longer fashionable, but ultimately unavoidable.

  29. Anti Thugs says:

    Roger- you have hit on an important point. It becomes more evident with the union leadership now publicly requesting all unions and their members withdraw their money from Pinical Bank because Mr. Dinsdale supported the recall. I wonder how that action will play in the Unicam when it comes to the Wheel Tax and CIR reform votes? I know a few Senators who have become weary of the partisan politics and were leaning against supporting such bills who just this morning have remarked how the Fire Unions comments are influencing them to change their position. I guess they see the big picture and don’t want to become the Unions bitches.

    End the CIR, end the Wheel tax authority across county lines, and request Auditor Foley to disclose more of his findings.

  30. James says:

    What a night for Omaha politics. As I recall, Tom Becka referred to those voting against Daub in the general as “stupid people”. Well they did it again, and in greater numbers this time around. The night could have been a little more satisfying if Tom had joined Nicole Jesse and Jeremy Aspen during the concession interviews.

  31. Anonymous says:

    With the vitriol and personal attacks seen from the “winners” this morning, you have to believe it would be even worse if they had lost. Ben Gray looked like he was on the verge of violence last night, and just the tone of the victorious posters this a.m. tells me they’d probably have been out with Molotov cocktails last night if it had gone the other way.

  32. Omaha Independent says:

    As stated earlier, I voted for recall. Turnout for my precinct looked about the same as the mid-term election. A couple of thoughts.
    1) Dave Nabity is a buzz-kill.
    2) Maybe the fact that it was a close vote might make the union leaders less likely to gouge the city in the next contract cycle. Nah, what am I thinking?
    3) The Republicans may be too fat and lazy to unseat Ben Nelson.

    Off topic: Phoenix/Tucson was nice and warm. The highlight of the trip was listening to the “nearly famous Barry Young” rejoice over the end of Keith Olbermann.

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