Wednesday Morning QB

The recall campaign said it is not making as strong of a push in the final week because it feels it got their message out when they collected petition signatures.
On the other hand, Forward Omaha is pouring all of its resources into these final days hoping to keep Suttle in office

KETV last Tuesday

That idea pretty much sums up what happened last night.

You had a rookie campaign, split into several pieces, haphazardly funded, without a true spokesman going up against a fairly well-oiled machine.

And they got wooped.

Now, we would prefer to let this campaign sink in a little before the Wednesday-morning quarterbacking, but frankly today is the day everyone reads, so let’s have at it.


The numbers in this race show that, give or take a paid-homeless man or twenty, it was pretty much the same as the 2009 race when Jim Suttle beat Hal Daub. We will be interested to break down the precincts, but in the mean time, let us just say that it was a repeat of 2009.

And you want to get the voters kind of pissed off for that? There you go.

Because people who signed the recall petition and then went out to vote and donated money figure that if they are making that effort then the recall better damn well happen. It is Machiavelli’s Ralph Waldo Emerson’s “kill the king” mantra (look it up before you get your panties in a wad), and the recall campaignS, blew it.

Ah, that plural noun. “CampaignS.”

Tell us again who the spokesman for the recallers was? Was it Jeremy Aspen?
Or was it Dave Nabity?
Who should volunteers call?
Where do they get literature?
Who does the press call?
Who should I give money to?
Who is getting out the vote?
Who is advertising?

If you can’t answer these simple questions you have very, very basic problems with the campaignS.


In the mean time, the Suttle camp knew it was going to be very close — and likely had polling showing exactly that.

So what did they do? They threw their ground game into 10th gear. They were scouring the city for every last vote they could find.

How do we know this?

Well, just ask the brand new voters from Siena-Francis House.


But should it have come to this?

Or did we see it at the start?

Political unknowns running the show.
At least three or four spokespeople (for the recallers) at the start.
Volunteer signature gatherers.
Last minute donations.
Somewhat iffy paid-gatherers.
Internal bickering.
Splinter campaigns.
More last minute donations.
Utter lack of a visible ground game.

You get the picture.


Side note: We don’t think that Leavenworth Street is the end all, be all of political discussion in Omaha and Nebraska. But we would argue that we have a fairly decent readership, and players like to read this blog.

So, you would think that those running a campaign would make an effort — however slight — to reach out to us to attempt to get our readers involved at some level.

Well, we made many efforts to reach out to the Mayor Suttle Recall Committee. Yet we were lucky to get press releases — and were usually sent them second-hand, if we got them at all.

When Jeremy Aspen’s first campaign video went up on YouTube, we happened to see it minutes later, purely by chance, and posted it on L.St. And from there it received a large chunk of the hits that it got. But again, we only saw it by chance. No one from the campaignS sent it to us.

No one ever sent us locations for signatures gathering, volunteers or anything else. Again, there may be better places to get your people or your message out. But one would think you would make a swing at talking to what may arguably be your base.



We asked a few local veteran campaigners — who weren’t asked or weren’t involved in the recall at all — their thoughts.

First was shock — utter shock — at Aspen’s comments noted above from last week. That should have been the point where things were humming like crazy. Instead they were coasting on their old message?

In any case, one politico put it this way:

1)The money came in too late, they should of had a more concentrated early vote program.

2) Cluster f*** of messaging – Aspen and Nabity were never on same page.

The political operative then went on note that Dave Nabity probably was not the ideal spokesman for the campaign (to put it much more gently). One reason is that he came off as motivated by wanting to replace Suttle himself. And he was all over the board on issues, proposing all sorts of different plans for how he would run the city in the future — none seemingly thought out.

And that may have been fine for the next campaign. But it wasn’t what was going to hammer out a simple message for a recall victory.


You could probably argue that Homeless-Voter-Gate made this race much closer than it otherwise would have been. Suttle was cruising along at a certain point, and put a severe bump in the road — visibly shown by his backtracking hours after saying it was no big deal.

But the latest budget numbers probably sealed the deal for him. Whether they are the real final numbers is another story, but they at least allowed him to claim a fiscal victory that he needed for many to say, “Screw it.”


Looking at this now, we have to say this is probably adios to the elective-office career of Hal Daub, no?

While many believed Daub was absolutely going to run if the recall went through, we have it on good authority that that was not the case. Oh he was considering it very seriously. But it was not a done deal by any means. If he didn’t think he could win, he wasn’t going to run.

But now, we would be surprised if a 72 or 73 year old Daub would take another shot at City Hall, or any other office out there. We doubt he would jump to admit that, but that is the way it looks.

And Dave Nabity? He probably isn’t done.

But after taking over and becoming the face of the campaign, his stock will plummet.

People gave it to him — or he took it — to take out Suttle, and he failed, arguably miserably. He wanted control, and he got it. Voters and donors may ask why he should be trusted to win again.


We may expand or change in the next few days — and we will eat several hats if 70% of the votes left to count are pro-recall.

But these are our thoughts this morning.



  1. NE Voter says:

    SS, I have to disagree with your notion that that MSRC “had no spokesman.”

    In addition to Aspen and Nabity, I would submit the following who nattered non-stop against the Mayor for over a year, and particulalry during the recall campaign:

    Tom Becka
    Jim Rose
    Gary Sadlmeyer
    Scott Voorhees (tried to double-down)
    Chip Maxwell

    I do agree that MSRC seemed to have little ground game. Wasn’t that Cleary’s job? He’s a pro (especially in black ops) — What happened? Did Nabity turn him off that badly?

    More to come.

  2. Midtowner says:

    The main problem wasn’t the recall committee, the ads, the spokesmen, etc. It was that Democrats now have a 104,224 to 85,412 edge in voter registration over Republicans in the City of Omaha. That’s nearly an 8% cushion for anything backed by the Democrat party machine. The recall was beaten by just about 2% so Suttle is right to avoid crowing.

    Needless to say, I am very disappointed in the results. Too many people who recognize Suttle’s poor decisions on union deals, taxes, and communication blunders still viewed him as the victim of the recall campaign – – as if he had some divine right to a full 4 year term, however poor his performance, just so long as he avoids a criminal conviction.

    Suttle is incapable of changing his approach and 2 years from now, people will wonder how he survived January 25, 2011. I hope the Democrat machine in Omaha keeps backing him because the Republicans will benefit from having Suttle as the face of the opposition later on.

  3. Anonymous says:

    WOW. the the democrats have more votes in Omaha so they win. . The republicans have more voters in the rest of the state and they seem to win most of those elections. The next thing on the reactionary right agenda is to make sure that the 2nd districts electoral vote never gets taken away from the GOP. No more elections like 2008. Before you know it the GOP will be working on a way to make democrats vote only count for 3/5 of a republicans vote.

  4. aligner says:

    I think there was a large contingent of people who have absolutely no love for Jim Suttle but hated the idea of recall and the ensuing chaos. I think you can count the exec board of the chamber amongst that group. The political discourse that led up to the recall was healthy for this community. Light needed to be shed on the relationship between public unions and elected officials. But some reasonable people thought it was better left to debate than to actually initiate dumping someone from office. What I fear is that Suttle, in his delusionary ways, will see this as referendum on his job performance. My advice is to keep the debate flowing, look for meaningful steps for improvement (such as CIR reform) and pray that we’ve all learned lessons so that the electorate will stay engaged and better, more thoughtful candidates will emerge in 2013.

  5. Anonymous says:

    The Republicans control the vast majority of the unicameral and the Governor’s office, What exactly is the holdup in reforming the CIR?

  6. Outside the Beltway says:

    As a non-Omaha resident, it has been interesting to watch how so many (often anonymous) ‘pundits’ have used the opportunity of this recall to take swipes at Republicans in general and those backing it in particular. Even more humorous are the far-fetched, unsubstantiated conclusions that are reached based upon it.

    From an outside observers perspective, you (Omaha) have one of the most, if not most, prominent Democrats in state politics as your mayor, narrowly surviving a recall election and you are out spinning this as if ‘salt’ is being rubbed into some sort of proverbial GOP ‘wound’.

    This, after your mayor failed miserably to address the primary problem plaguing not only Omaha but many of the cities (Detroit, Chicago) and states (MI, CA, NY) in this country on the edge of bankruptcy largely due to public employee unions. Instead he raises property and other taxes at roughly 10 times the rate of inflation, even creating his own restaurant tax. After further burdening the tax base and insuring that no job creating business in their right mind would relocate to Omaha you are still asserting some sort of moral victory and belittling the opposition.

    If this is the best you (in Omaha) or we as a society can do, we all might as well start learning Mandarin and trading our dollars in for yuan.

    Sweeper – excellent Wednesday morning analysis!

  7. ummmm says:

    It’s laughable that everyone that predicted Suttle’s demise is coming up with excuses for why the voters voted “NO”. There was one question on the ballot with two answers.

    Who cares about people’s motives? We went through this when Suttle beat Daub. “People didn’t like Suttle but they hated Daub more.” “Suttle didn’t win the election; Daub lost it”.

    Now, we are on to excuses like “Aspen was a bad spokesperson”. “The message wasn’t cohesive.”

    The fact of the matter is Suttle won… again. Aspen lost. Nabity lost. You can try and diminish the victory all you want. You can say that he only won by 2% but none of that matters.

    And can we give Suttle a little credit? A good deal of the population thought this recall election was a slam dunk – Suttle was doomed and should resign. Let me say this one more time – he won.

    Let the Republican circular firing squad commence.

  8. Spike says:

    This should be a major wake up call to Suttle & his Drones, he just squeaked by this recall, so he best start listening to what his critics had to say! On the other hand, let’s not forget about HomelessGate & his criminal activities in the Electioneering Scam. He needs to be brought to trial over this brilliant piece of work… and all for a measly 60 votes?? The bottom line is that, I think the people of Omaha just took the easy & less costly way out of this, “nuisance”, expression of Democracy and that they were just tired of this expensive Winter’s diversion. When Grey Davis was recalled as governor of California a few years back, the ballot had both the Yes/No on recall & also the list of successor candidates to replace him. Omaha?NE would have been smart to do that. I think if that was the case here, it would be a lot different ending to the story for the Dim Light at city hall!! And BTW SS, both campaigns were totally Amateurish & actually the Recallers was much better, more to keeping to issue. Suttle’s like Suttle was all over the place like the hysterical male menopausal mayor that he is in fact!

  9. MJ says:

    You can talk all you want about not having a “ground game” or “fundamentals”, or “inexperience”, or whatever you want to call it. Bottom line is that the recall campaign was run by bitter men who never got over the most recent repudiation of Hal Daub and tried to “take the city back” from the voters. They tapped into a misinformation campaign and through the 50,000 watt blowtorch on KFAB, threw everything they could make up at Suttle, and couldn’t make it stick. They hired enough paid circulators to get signatures of dead guys and the like to put the issue on the ballot, but again, they didn’t have anything of substance to offer.

    Suttle is a clumsy politician, but the voters of the city of Omaha didn’t think that was enough to throw the man out of office.

    The big loser in this debate is Dave Nabity. Hal Daub may or may not have tried to run again, but now that he’s been rejected time and time again, he’ll likely stay on the sideline going forward. Nabity thought his “Alliance” had all the answers, but the recent actions of the CIR as well as the findings of labor experts proves that he’s completely clueless on how to negotiate with labor organizations. If he ever tries to run for anything higher than an NRD board, this debacle combined with what he tried to do to Trinity Church will make his 6% finish in the gubernatorial primary look like the pinnacle of his political career.

  10. ummmm says:

    One more thing, I want to commend Sweeper on a pretty good analysis this morning. It’s reasonable to ask questions and ponder why this recall failed. Sweeper must be going soft because at no time did he/she/it diminish or belittle the mayor’s victory. This was a fair fight and the mayor won.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Suttle just squeaked by? Yesterday there were people saying he would be lucky to get 40% of the vote.Then he wins what 52% It . looks like a solid victory. The GOP just does not get it. You may win elections. You may loose elections. But most people will not allow you to steal or buy elections. This recall was 100% coup material.

  12. ummmm says:

    @Spike “This should be a major wake up call to Suttle & his Drones, he just squeaked by this recall, so he best start listening to what his critics had to say!”

    His critics have lost all credibility. His critics tried to remove him from office and failed. In the words of Emerson “If you shoot at a king you must kill him”. The critics missed and have to deal with the consequences.

  13. John Smiith says:

    How about we quit blaming it on the way the campaign was run. Did you ever think that majority of the people in Omaha didn’t want to start over. I made my mind up weeks ago. I voted “No” because he didn’t deserve to be recalled not because I saw one last commercial from forward Omaha right before I left for the polls

  14. Oh Mander says:

    Well put, SS. The only thing I take issue with is referring to the Suttle team as “a well-oiled machine.” I think Suttle won despite having a team with many of the same problems as those attributed to the recallers in your post.

    If Suttle lost, we would be criticizing his group’s tactics – lack of coordination between the Mayor’s Office and Forward Omaha, lack of a central spokeperson, lack of grass-roots fundraising, etc. The shuttle incident alone would have been viewed as reason enough for a successful recall. At the end of the day, the slightly less amateurish side won, and the slightly more amateurish side is responsible for sticking Omaha tax payers with another bill. Rest assured that this will have consequences for the future political careers of all involved, especially Mr. Nabity’s.

  15. Spike says:

    And another thought; once again, the Deeper Pockets won! It’s going to be interesting to see just how much $$$$$$$$$$ Suttle spent to save in LAMO, just standin still, arse!! Guesses? 2- 1, 3-1?? Now why doesn’t Suttle do something positive & original like initiate a Bill to ban paid, no truth in advertising laws applicable, political advertising in Omaha & NE. Wouldn’t that be just grand that NE became a leader? in Banning Lying paid advertising in the State and only have publicly aired debate by candidates??? All of these public debates could then be uploaded to the many Free video site so that the public could analyze just what politicians actually had to offer with out them having to resort to Con & Spin Artist to fabricate gross lies to SELL incompetence not to mention BRAIN WASHING the public mind with the “Art Form” of deception??? Think about it!

  16. Hu JinTao says:


    And, you could create a separate state agency or news organization (much like our China Daily) to oversee this fair, public debate devoid of corrupt capitalist interests.

  17. Yip Yip says:

    The most laughable part of this entire process was watching Suttle’s little ankle biting lap dog Ben Gray look and sound like a complete moron. Yip yip.

    I see people think this is a win for Suttle. Not a chance. Suttle survived but clearly it was because a good chunk of those who voted “no” just did not want to go through the process of recall and potentially two elections. They did not have a clear cut replacement to fall back on. Daub? Obviously has his detractors. Nabity? So out front he was maybe a little more than radio active. Festerson? His base would be those with absolutely no spine and as a Fahey guy wasn’t he greatly responsible for our problems? Who else?

    With no clear replacement, it was just easier to keep the idiot we know.

    The absolute funniest thing that will happen is Suttle, in his whacky mind, will think he now has a mandate for his failing, unethical and disasterous policies. You have a little more rope no Jimmy, I’ll bet you don’t use it wisely.

  18. The establishment Republicans in this county are so far behind in the world, it is pathetic. They think they can win with their little white papers, not engaging social media, think one radio broadcast is enough to defeat a candidate. They still think the World Herald is run by Harold Anderson. They don’t print flyers, even. Then, they expect to win even though one group was focused on one ego in Nabity, and the other half of the recall was organized by Daub’s former campaign manager and his cronies.

    The recall never approached the Tea Party beyond a few tertiary contacts, never made the case with them. Instead, they let people trained by the SEIU, Chicago political advisors, Milwaukee political advisors, and a bunch of young social media activists run over them despite all the pitfalls they hit along the way. My analysis if things were reversed would be the same, but would emphasize the pitfalls tripped up the Suttle side. They had this recall won handily until they started using Chicago-style tactics and almost lost because of them.

    I had hoped for the recall to succeed, but in the back of my mind, things ended up like I thought they would. Very good analysis, Sweeper, on your part. You hit the nail on the head.

  19. The Ghost of Al Gore's Career says:

    Mr. Nabity to OWH: “We thought Omahans would rise up and seize the opportunity we were giving them, but they didn’t.”

    The opportunity lost was yours, not ours. As is much of the blame. Time to hang it up, sir. You should follow Rickett’s lead and stick to cutting checks.

  20. Spike says:


    Are you being serious? The only thing that would be necessary is that each “Honorable” candidate, { I know Oxymoron } would have to submit to a body search to make sure that they weren’t wired with an ear prompter or a wireless Implant, to be make sure that, like Bush, they weren’t being fed info by a team off camera!! And BTW, lighten up as the US isn’t quite like the China Daily just yet… but then I guess it’s basically the same only we here just pay off the media to spin & don’t threaten to kill them!!

  21. Anonymous says:

    The floor of the legislature was buzzing with the Union action against Pinical Bank, and very quiet with regards to Suttle supporters. CIR reform has a bit more wind at it’s back.

  22. Spike says:

    David L

    Suttle paid Obama’s DC Con Sultant like $105 K+ & another in Minneapolis $ 60 K + to save his arse on the recall. He would, as you didn’t say, won by a much larger margin if he had in fact used the Chicago, & SEIU people. Milwaukee doesn’t exist politically because it’s a Suburb of Chicago. But you’re right on one count, Suttle could surely have done without his team of ” young social media activist” who were Clueless and cost him plenty of votes with HomelessGate & the Fear Tactic TV ad which was designed, [if at all] to appeal to IDIOTS, but then….

  23. Anonymous says:

    When did Cleary ever run a successful ground game? Yet the local GOP keeps asking the carpetbagger back from the desert. Someone needed to put a cork in Nabity.

  24. Dennis says:

    The recall failed because Nabity, Daub, the recall people et al. never provided a comprehensive or coherent solution for Omaha’s budget issues. Instead, they were content to merely complain and cast aspersions. This put the recall people in an especially bad light once Suttle restored Omaha’s Triple A bond rating. The recall people were afraid to submit an alternative because they knew it would be less popular than Suttle’s tax increases.

  25. The Big Dog says:

    @ Yip Yip

    I see Jim Suttle used his lap dog (very funny, that describes him to a T) Ben Gray to force through an illegal appointment to the OHA board because they “needed that vote” to dictate OHA policy to their desires.

    Ben Gray should resign from the OHA.

  26. Kris J Pierce says:

    From my perspective, and I wasn’t involved with any campaign for the recall, SS has many correct points. At 9:30pm…I called the race for Suttle. Given that the final tally always reports West to East.

    There was no central and consistent campaign plan from the recall effort and it was too fractured. Even with the problems (buses, pay-for-votes, felons) there was a central hub of activity for Forward Omaha. The press knew who the Campaign Manager and the Spokesperson question.

    They (Recall) also conducted the WRONG campaign. To the average Joe Omaha, the Union Contracts don’t mean a thing. What they care about is if the Police/Fire arrive quickly when THEY call them. If you wanted to talk “broken promises” then focus on what the promises were (i.e. use the 2009 Political Ads).

    Yes, I am a Democrat as you all know and yes I did vote to retain b/c that was the right thing for Omaha in my opinion in the long view. But the Recall effort did not (and in my opinion “could not”) defeat the argument of the “REAL NEED” to recall this mayor when the election is just 2 years away. It wasn’t the expense that bothered many, it was whether or not Mayor Suttle DID anything that was so egregious that he should be removed.

    There was not real CAMPAIGN from the RECALL effort after the petition signature process. How can one fathom a victory if they don’t work for that result? Perhaps there was no money to back it up due to the signature and lawsuit process.

    Finally, in my opinion, the RECALL effort did not give the voters of Omaha an alternative. If there was a candidate in the wings and a candidate that the voters could support if he/she were up for election, then perhaps more voters would have turned out to support that candidate to run for Mayor after the recall election was successful.

    Forward Omaha had some (heck – MANY) problems, but they were facing a non-campaign opponent. There was no political campaign running against Forward Omaha and they took advantage of this fact and work to get each and every voter out they could and they were successful.

    Just my 2 (or 3) cents.


  27. Hu JinTao says:


    My proposal is as serious and as likely (actually more so) of becoming a reality as yours. It was simply meant as hyperbole to illustrate your faulty logic.

    With regard to the wireless implant, I much prefer the overt teleprompter for my political puppets. It is much easier for me to type in my Hanzi characters and have our Chinese engineered software convert it to English in real-time and display it in hi-def for Obama to read.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Jim Suttle’s won two close elections in twenty months. It’s been assumed both times that Suttle couldn’t win. Betting against Suttle is an expensive lesson to learn.

  29. Spike says:


    Faulty Democracy, not logic but I get your point. Teleprompters are too clumsy & it requires that one be able to Read one. Case in point, Obama’s TVC’s & Suttle’s vids. Once again you’re right about the manipulation. China on the one hand does it with a Gun in the US it’s done with $$$$$$$. But the medium is Still the Message & without the manipulated message, ie Advertising or the Gun, the public might be in a better place than it is in either China or the USA today!

  30. Speaking of Ben Gray says:

    Frank Brown used to question EVERYTHING the police did. Ben Gray questions NOTHING. After saying he needed to think about it, Ben gave his blessing on Mike Fahey Street with almost blinding speed.

    After voting against CVS on Dodge, he did a FAST turnaround and said yes. He didn’t say anything about the recall initially, but then he became the loudest and most vicious critic of it, and even broke out the race card. Even in the victory last night, it was almost scary how intense he was about it.

    I don’t want to say he’s on the take, but it sure is funny how… hmm (looking for a nice word)… how PASSIONATE he becomes on certain causes.

    Just sayin’….

  31. conservative says:

    I am a Republican with little use for Jim Suttle but I voted for Suttle in the last election because he was anybody except Daub. I also feel the same about Dave Nabity. He is just a little too loose and fast with the truth and I sure as heck don’t want to see Nabity as Mayor or anything else. When the recall petition drive got under way, I called Aspen’s office and asked the specific question, “Is Dave Nabity involved in the recall process in any way?” I was assured by the woman who answered my call that he was not. So, I signed the recall petition only to find out later that Rabbity Nabity was the chief fundraiser. I had no intention of helping Nabity and his buds in their attempt to steal the Mayor’s office mid term. Yesterday I voted against the recall. In 2012, if my party fields a viable candidate to run against Suttle I will vote for them. If the opposition is Nabity or Daub again, Suttle will grudgingly get my vote again.

  32. Chris says:

    Yeah yeah, blame the black guy. You folks are so predictable. Personally I enjoy blaming the crazy guys. Have a nice day, Dave!

  33. Whip it Up says:

    Hey Conservative 4:41,

    So let me get this straight — you would rather have a liberal you don’t like vs a CONSERVATIVE you don’t like?

  34. Nathan says:

    Well this should prove to all involved that Dave Nabity has been and always will be an idiot. He is one of the few people in this world who is absolutely convinced his sh*t dont stink, maybe now he can learn some humility. He did everything but crown himself (just like Napoleon) the next mayor of Omaha during the runup to the election, hopefully this has tarnished his image enough that he can fade into nothingness and let the grown ups make the big decisions for him. Good riddens Dave.

  35. Speaking of Ben Gray says:

    Geez, Chris, YOU’RE the one pointing out he was black. I was the one pointing out he may be corrupt, er, passionate. You folks are so predictable, ALWAYS saying there’s racism involved.

  36. Get on the Bus says:

    Did Forward Omaha ever announce how many of the homeless they trained that they ended up hiring?


  37. The Spelling Police says:

    Good “riddens”? It’s spelled “riddance,” Nate.

    Just a clue, people: When you leave a comment, you’ll get a red, squiggly line underneath all misspelled words. If you don’t know how to spell it, get a dictionary or keep retyping it until you get it right.

    This is a fairly intelligent room, but we’re seeing way too many dropouts sneaking in.

  38. Macdaddy says:

    Make no mistake: this was a huge win for Suttle. It was also a huge win for the OWH. Their steady diet of stories that put Suttle’s shortcomings in the most positive light as well as their selection of letters to the editor and finally capped off with a story about Omaha running a surplus just could not be overcome by the recall folks. I’m not even sure they noticed it happening. I always thought the recall was unwise and this is why: rather than taking out Suttle, they took out themselves. I hope everyone learned a lesson and the lesson is this: omahans don’t mind higher taxes, politician’s who lie to them, politicians who bend the rules, and they think that the city doesn’t spend enough money. That’s how omahans roll. Good luck changing their minds.

  39. klev landsteamer says:

    Hey Street Sweeper, where were you a week ago when the pro-recallers made that statement on KETV? I haven’t been able to find that post where you called them out for not getting their message out.

    Also, where’s the post where you called them a “rookie campaign”?

    Sounds like someone is trying to play would’ve, should’ve, could’ve. But I’m sure you run Lee Terry’s campaign differently.

  40. TheScene says:

    Macdaddy hits it straight-on: the OWH was practically falling over themselves to print positive stories, editorials, and letters the past week. Having Suttle in office does provide more ridiculous stories to print, so I suppose it makes sense.

    SS hits it on the head, as well: this always seemed like a splintered effort. A professional campaign would’ve buried Suttle after paying off homeless people. It was a terribly insulting episode…even moreso when you consider they gave them an insulting sum of $5.

    Instead, they impossibly let that story die. Had that story gotten leaked last week, i have no doubt Suttle would not be the Mayor today. Instead, they got outmaneuvered and Suttle played the media (er, his out of town consultants, that is) like a violin. Suttle may be an unmitigated disaster politically, but he knows where to spend his money to make up for it. Can’t deny him that.

    I think another problem with the recall folks were people like Mike Simmonds….nice email, idiot.

    I will assume you mis-read Jennie’s message or simply have no sense of humor as opposed to suggesting we didn’t know the obvious.  To Jennie’s point, no one verified if all the “homeless” folks bussed by the mayor were truly homeless.  We could all play homeless for a day.

    Does this mean you are one of 3 restaurant owners that are opposed to the recall?  Hope it doesn’t hurt your business.

    Mike Simmonds
    Office Phone 402-963-4110

  41. Yip Yip says:

    @ Speaking of Ben Gray
    Isn’t it something that lap dog Ben Gray tries to expedite an illegal appointment to the OHA Board (which he heads) through the council for himself and Mayor Suttle.

    We should wonder how Gray is even on the council, the most eager council member to call for massive tax hikes, pushing illegal appointments for his cronies when the guy couldn’t even pay HIS OWN taxes (Omaha World Herald, Monday 27 2009)?

  42. Yip Yip says:

    That should have read OWH, Monday April 27, 2009. Sued for debt twice and two federal tax leans for debts of nearly $30,000.

  43. Speaking of Ben Gray says:

    @ Yip Yip
    It IS remarkable how fast Ben Gray acts on some things, and how slow on others. I’m thinking he’s slow on paying his taxes because that’s money going OUT. I’m thinking he’s fast on other actions (Fahey St., CVS, etc.) because that’s the potential for money coming… well, I don’t need to say it.

    Remember how angry he got when he changed his vote on the CVS and there was some insinuation he was bought out? He was LIVID. Was that Shakespeare who said “Me think he doth protest too much”? None of the other council members would touch the recall, but Gray was easily the loudest and most emotional of the anti-recallers, even bringing racism into it. It was almost scary on the Channel 22 debate with Tom Becka, where he was making up “facts” and calling Tom and other people liars. He sure seemed like someone who had something riding on the outcome.

    Just sayin’…

  44. Catastrophic Ego says:

    Dave Nabity ruined the recall. Instead of spending time preparing to run for Mayor, maybe he should have worked on voter turn out???

  45. Oh Mander says:

    @ Yip Yip, Speaking of Ben Gray, and Anon 830:

    I agree w/ you, but be careful. The last time I vented frustrations with Ben Gray and his sudden “changes of heart” I recieved somewhat veiled threats like “you are not as anonymous as you think are.” The man is obviously a sell out, but a sell out w/ allies.

  46. Oh Mander says:

    I just went back to the Sept 15, 2010 post where the mysterious Ben Gray supporter made his/her threats, and it has magically disappeared. Careful folks, they are cleaning up their paper trail. Maybe they are planning something…

  47. Mr. T says:

    To Senator Lautenbugh –

    Any comment on the District Court ruling that your cigar bar bill was ruled unconstitutional? Although, you had to know that was coming. Now you have a common bond with Mayor Shuttle.

  48. Seriously? says:

    How pathetic SS. For months you have scrutinized the anti-recall efforts, poked fun at their strategies, and slandered those who were trying to fight this ridiculous recall effort. Then, when their side wins, you scapegoat to the problems in the recall effort. Not once have you mentioned your attempts to “help out the recall effort” that you claimed to do about. Not once have you scrutinized the recall effort, and only have degraded the complaints about the recall effort. I would even say you defended all the actions of the recall effort. I will say that the anti-recall effort experienced just as many issues as the ones you cite for the re-call effort. For example, you point to political unknowns running the show and too many spokespersons. I would say we saw 3 different spokespersons for Forward Omaha (Gary, Noelle and Dover), all of whom are un-known. In addition, there were two other anti-recall efforts coinciding the forward Omaha effort, potentially confusing the message to the votes (Police Union, Brad Ashford’s deal)

    In the end Robyn, I mean SS, don’t be a pussy and blame the actions of effort that you supported, and blame them for not involving you because you are hurt with your tail between your legs. Recognize that you were plain wrong, and the citizens spoke out and support this mayor. Let’s let this Mayor get back to running the city, a city that is in the black I will add.

  49. Dear Suspenders says:

    Shut your clasp. You are important part of my bold fashion statement and vital in keeping my pants up since my pockets are stuffed with checks from Marlboro and Camel.


  50. Kids (and I use that term will all sincerity),
    Please get a grip and moderate your comments before you post them.
    Or they will simply be deleted.
    Feel to criticize, me or others, but do so in a somewhat respectful, non-foaming manner.

  51. Pro Recall says:

    As one who tried my best to assist with the recall campaign, it is entertaining to here how we were all a bunch of wealthly millionaires. This was a true grass roots effort from the start. Many seem to forget the building anger and frustration all of these people involved were having with Suttle. The SUV, excessive salaries, paid lobbyists just under the $20,000 level (avoiding city council approval that way), and property tax increases were maddening. But it was the additional sales tax on restaurants that became the final straw. That was what drove people to seriously start the recall process. I’ve been a grunt on many political campaigns throughout the years, and I’ve never seen one that was being run with true volunteers to the extent that this one was. Yes, Mr. Nabity did jump in towards the end to help get it slightly more organized, but even Mr. Nabity does not have the campaign experience that was required to get this to the finish line.

    The Douglas County Republican Party stayed out of this, the Republican State Party stayed out of it, and for almost all of the people involved on the pro recall side, this was their first rodeo. Contrast that with the other side: Mr. Suttle did have a campaign staff that had just done a city-wide campaign, the County Democrats threw all of their resources into the fight, and the fire union and police union is very seasoned when it comes to campaigns.

    What most people seem to be missing is that if this group of very green (meaning “inexperienced”, not the “environmental” green) people could generate a vote total exceeding that of a very experienced campaigner (Hal Daub), then that should show just how disillusioned the Omaha citizens are with Suttle.

    So for those who are eager to use this as proof that Suttle is a strong leader and a great mayor, it would be like Nebraska fans being very excited about their team when they can squeak out a win against South Dakota State. I hope Suttle continues to believe he’s everything the OWH now says he is and decides to run for re-election in 2 more years!

    (okay, you are all welcome to spell-check my post)

  52. Anonymous says:

    Speaking of CIR, I was told by Speaker Flood that if the CIR is altered too much, then disputes may need to be settled by the National Labor Relations Board. Decisions that board makes could possibly be worse for the city of Omaha than the ones CIR hands down, thus the caution by GOP in the Unicam.

  53. kit says:

    anon @ 229:

    Disputes won’t go to the NLRB if LR29CA is passed…cuz there won’t be any police or fire unions at all to complain!

  54. mathman says:

    Maybe, but of the 5700 (not 5800) left he would have to lose his lead of 1643 in addition to 50% plus 1 of the remaining 4057 ballots. All told he would need to lose 65% of all the remaining ballots, or 3,672 out of 5,700, in order to lose the recall.

    Looks like you picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue.

  55. JR says:

    To paraphrase that great American, Mike Simmonds: “The greatest day of my life was the day the people of Omaha rejected the recall efforts of the wealthy know-it-all leaders of the Omaha boobocracy, all of whom could obviously be replaced by much lower paid people of comparable ignorance. The world didn’t end; the sun came up in the East; all the pizza, hamburger and taco joints still were able serve food.”

  56. PJB says:

    Just so you know, the National Labor Relations Act has no jurisdiction over workers employed by federal, state, or local governments. Labor disputes between the City and its employess would not be heard by the NLRB. But then again you might wish to check with the resident expert, Mr. Nabity.

  57. DIrty Streets says:

    It is amusing listening to the excuses. My how the tones have changed. This is not brain surgery. Listen it may have been grass roots but then like usual Nabity took over something that was working and screwed it up. His Ego is what lost this! He cant get over that middle of the road people dont think like him. He needed advisors…….. but they probley would have advised him to shut his mouth, We all know that isnt gonna happen. Well its all over, we are left with Sutlle. Nabity has depositions and a court hearing to go to. Who will finally take charge of the GOP? Any reasonable person would have ousted Nabity or at least shortened his leash. I dont think Nabity had or will have any power in the GOP. He is able to obtain the big checks its too bad his mouth is as big or bigger than the checks. People continue to call Suttle the idiot well lets see here are some brilliant quotes from the ego guys.
    Mike Simmonds- “My proudest day was when Ronald Reagan fired all the air traffic controllers.” Well Mike………… Most people have forgot about the 80s and if this was your proudest day you probley shouldnt say that. (sit down and write a check)

    Dave Nabity- “I would tear up the union contracts and start over from scratch” Well Daaaaaave most reasonable people know you cant do that. Also why go after the fireman? Why not be their buddy and then cut their throat like Stothert did?

    Plus Nabity you already made too many people mad. Trinity was a big church.

  58. Anonymous says:

    To 11:17 today: I think Sweeper was gentle in his criticism and dead on with his analysis. The recallers ran a poor campaign and Cleary doesn’t know how to win. Plain and simple. They had money and boots on the ground and didn’t know what to do with it. Their ads were lame and motivated few. Obviously. Becka had a better grip on valid points than Aspen. Nabity was divisive and didn’t stop talking. They lost to a group who bused the homeless for pay. That’s pretty bad.
    It was a battle of the worst.

  59. Jim Esch says:

    Ironically, the vote that won this election for Suttle was the progress young republican. I had a lot of friends who did not vote for Suttle in 2009, but voted against the recall, and would never vote for Jim Suttle. The problem is that everyone thought this was a partisan race and it wasn’t. This was more about the state of the city, than anything else. East Omaha should up, but not to the level we wanted. Trust me, I was at 30th and Ames from 7am till 3pm trying to turnout North O. Republicans delivered this victory.

  60. Anonymous says:

    Elections in Omaha are normally a choice between crooks and idiots.

    Forget paying bums to vote. Lets get some of them to run for office!

  61. More Proof Suttle has No Mandate says:

    @ Jim E
    I wouldn’t say it had anything to do with young Reoublicans. There is no such thing as a progressive young republican.

    Obviously the failure of the recall was because a large number of Republicans voted against it. More obvious is that this had absolutely nothing to do with any approval of Suttle’s job performance. It was a lot more about recall process and not wanting to go through the messy process.

    Suttle and hip little followers like Ben Gray and Chris Jerram think they have the power and support to move full speed ahead. They have a surpise coming when they do.

  62. Omaha Independent says:

    I guess none of the recall supporter’s money went for polling, or they wouldn’t have taken their foot off the gas. There were plenty of TV ads running with the undercover bus video.

  63. Anonymous says:

    Pretty bad week for righties. Suttle wins in Omaha. Obama ‘s speech is at 91% approval. More evidence comes out that Bush was crooked. Palin and Bachmann have another case of saying something stupid. Tea part at war with Republicans. Rush Limbaugh comes on glued and acts normal. Glenn Beck loses 1/3 of his sponsors. Early prediction. Obama wins 40 plus states and 400 plus electoral votes in 2012. But Nebraska does not vote for him.

  64. Spike says:

    # m on January 27th, 2011
    @ No Suttle Mandate:

    Not to beat a Dead Horse or anything but that’s what the GOP agenda is today, Conservative & definitely not progressive . The Reds who vote against the recall were just being Conservative. They realized that the NE Recall method is deeply flawed & that it was going to Cost & Drag on til next election time anyway. Get it? I guess NE Sen. Ms. Council doesn’t however because her bill in the state house regarding Recall is a knee jerk reaction lacking thought!! Obviously Ms. Council is forgetting that someday the shoe will be on the other foot, then what Ms. Council?? The recall agenda is just fine Except that NE needs to do what progressive & thoughtful CA does relevant to the recall process. As I stated before, when a recall vote takes place there in CA these choices are on the ballot; # 1. Recall – Yes or No., # 2. List of replacement candidates for the office being recalled. Can you all figure out how intelligent this process is in that it virtually eliminates frivolous recalls. If you need it explained further, just ask! So yes the NE Recall laws need changing but not in the way Ms. Council suggest because her agenda is, well, very un-democratic in the least. Shame on her!!
    # Kevin

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