Still Kickbackin’

Chris Cillizza of the Washington Post political column “The Fix” notes that a group called The American Future Fund will begin running radio ads criticizing Senator Ben Nelson. The group is spending about $30,000 to run the ad for a week.

Listen to the spot here:

Not exactly new stuff, but that is sort of the point.

Weeks after Nelson’s notorious Cornhusker Kickback, Senator Scott Brown rode it to an improbable victory in Massachusetts. And that was selling it to people who had probably never heard of Ben Nelson before.

But in Nebraska it is the slogan that keeps on selling. You will probably hear it mentioned more times than “Save big money at Menards!” over the next 23 months. And this is only the start.


Speaking of Nelson, he made a bit of news this week by trying to argue, after Republican-Democrat Date Night at the State of the Union address, that the party-separating aisle in the Senate should be eliminated.

Heck, Nelson even went so far as to compare the aisle in the Senate to the Berlin Wall. Gee, hyperbolize much there Senator? Do Republicans need to airlift supplies into you? Did Joe Lieberman get shot at as he tried to jump over the aisle? Are Democrats juicing their ringer-athletes when they compete against the college-aged Republicans in the annual softball game?

While some point out that it would really create a hassle for the Senator sitting in the middle that has to go take a leak, nearly everyone else has just chuckled at Nelson.

The hard-core Democrats hate him for not riding with them lock-step down all of their “progressive” paths. “Of course he doesn’t want to sit with us Democrats,” they say.

And the Republicans know that while Nelson likes to sell himself as a bipartisan guy, the Democrats can surely count on him when it matters.

Note Democrat operative Jane Kleeb’s recent quote to the Daily Beast, that “progressives here are very happy with him,” and that “he really does vote the right way on the big bills like health care, food safety, and Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.

Of course Nelson wanting to look like a Republican is nothing new. Heck look all the way back to his campaign ads in 2000 — after he got whipped by Chuck Hagel four years earlier. A darker haired, and much less creased Nelson was gunning for his “no-aisles” theme back then:

Question: Will Nebraskans get fooled again, twelve years later?


In our Wednesday Morning Quarterbacking of the Omaha Mayoral race, we noted that KETV said the Recall Committee’s Jeremy Aspen told them they were essentially coasting during the final week.

Aspen contacted us to let us know that he said no such thing to KETV and they got what he said confused. Aspen notes that the committee made over 70,000 calls during the final week of the campaign.

But Aspen also notes to us that it was his first real gig in politics and that he could have done many things better or differently as the campaign spokesman. He does not claim that they were perfect and has said that he is gathering all of the criticism to fully assess his performance.

He also noted that he plans to write a campaign post-mortem so that others may benefit from what he sees as his successes and mistakes.  We would look forward to reading.

We would note that while there were problems in the campaign — like there are in all campaigns — Aspen at least stood out as the rational one whenever speaking to the media. We noted several times prior to Election Day that while Aspen argued his points, he never sounded rabid or sensationalist. He often came across as the adult in the room, and that’s an accomplishment for a rookie campaigner.


We continue to watch the news about the TransCanada XL Pipeline proposal, so vehemently argued against by oil-haters like Jane Kleeb’s Bold Nebraska.

While nearly every article usually gives the ultra-liberal groups a platform to spin their story, every once in a while we see a rational discussion like the one in the Columbus Telegram that actually discusses facts of the matter.

The CT talks about the potential benefits of the pipeline to electric customers as well as the construction and related industries, as well the arguments and bills in response to the proposal.

(Though we suggest that the CT get a digital pic of Senator Dubas that doesn’t look like she is standing in a snowstorm.)

We keep watching.


And Senator Mike Johanns has gathered 60 co-sponsors for his bill to repeal the ridiculous tax reporting requirements on small businesses in the Health Care Law.

Johanns has been arguing about this for months now, and it is nice to see that a few more Democrats have come to their senses on it.

A throttling at the polls will do that to you.


  1. NE Voter says:

    Mike Johanns has embarrased Nebraska. He should just admit his violations of the Hatch Act, apologize, and move on. His feverish denials only bring further embarrasment to Nebraska.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Johanns will never leave. He only cares about himself. The GOP in Nebraska will cover for him. If any Democrat had done what he had done the screaming would be heard in Mexico.

  3. postmortem says:

    It’s tough to take Sweeper (and a lot of commenters) on this blog seriously when they “analyze” the recall failure. Let us not forgot Sweeper predicted Suttle would lose by 12 points.

    Now, we are supposed to take Sweeper seriously? We are supposed to believe Sweeper has some insight on why the vote went the other way? OK, I’ll do that.

  4. Spike says:

    PM @ 11;02

    SS is a wannabee Manipulator/SpinMaster but I don’t really think anyone with a brain doesn’t know this?? And LS is just a grown up Kids, semi private, clubhouse as are all of the other Moderated/Spun Pol Blogs. The only neutral political forum in this town is Craigslist Local Community Pol Forum but, odd as it is, no one here about uses it??? It’s the only place that one isn’t dictated to or told what to discuss by some Fairy Queen or King!

    On thread BTW; The Kleeb flavor of the week campaign “stop the pipe line” is a bad agenda because, sad to say, we need the oil. If we don’t do this pipeline the Canadians/Shell oil people are just going to sell it all to China. They are also working on that pipeline to the Pacific, BTW. Personally I’m totally against fossil fuel of any kind but until we get serious about it’s negative aspects, we need to feed the beast. So I suggest to JK to get behind something positive like utilizing NE vast Free Natural resource WIND!!!

  5. Another Perspective says:

    William Reukauf is an embarrassment to America. He should just admit that he (like his predecessor in the Special Counsel’s office Scott Bloch who is currently awaiting sentencing) did a’hatchet job’ (no pun intended) by attacking Johanns for the Obama administration and move on. His blatant disregard for the facts only brings further embarrassment to America.

  6. Anti-Omaha says:

    Do you really think Mikey was just doing his job by going to targeted areas less than a week before the election? If you do, I have an investment opportunity for you, and I look forward to taking your money. Johanns was a Karl Rove Superstar.

  7. The Truth says:

    Johanns paid any and all monies due for any political portion of his trips. The report failed to mention this. Its sad to see the Obama administration using government lawyers once again to further his agenda.

  8. Whatever says:

    I see the Johanns staff is frequenting LS today. Maybe they can explain why Johanns went to targeted races just days before the elections?

  9. Get a Grip says:

    I see the Obama staff is frequenting LS today. Maybe they can explain why Obama went to targeted races just days before the elections?

    Wait, they don’t have to to as long as he DIDN’T use public funds EITHER.

  10. Dennis says:

    “In the end, the recall election will cost taxpayers between $250,000 to $300,000, Phipps said. In addition, “taxpayers paid about $33,000 to process the petition signatures that kicked off the recall election.” KFAB, Nabity and the handful of millionaires should reimburse the taxpayers of Omaha for the recall election. The recall squandered taxpayer money and divided the City. The people pushing the recall were sore losers in 2009 and they’re still losers in 2011.

  11. If Egypt was made up of Omaha voters... says:

    …would they say “Shouldn’t we just continue to live through this poverty, corruption and misery until Mubarak is dead and THEN try to get new leadership?”

  12. Sick and Tired says:

    I don’t understand the venom on this site. Nor on any of the other blogs, forums, or “news sites” out there. There is so much energy expended on tearing others down that nothing constructive has happened in years, Why should it take an event like 9/11 to unify us? This site, others like it on the right, and their liberal counterparts are simply a place for people to become more and more alienated from those with different opinions. The amount of progress that we could make with civilized conversation is staggering, but everyone gets so caught up in party ties and refusal to lose that we are tearing our state and our country apart. What’s the point of being so relentlessly nasty to our opponents? Shouldn’t the health of our state take priority over destroying those who don’t completely agree?

  13. ttg says:

    1:10……The “health of our state” is our ability to argue. That IS freedom. If you think people are going to end up holding hands in a circle and agreeing then you are a deluded utopian. There aren’t enough lotus blossoms to eat to make people that goofy. – You want everyone to be nice. Really? Are you always nice to everyone in your own family when you disagree?

    People are not angels; people constantly battle for their own self-interest. Life is a competition, a striving. It is all a form of war; alliances shifting, enemies encountered, battles, losses and victories; and lucky for us the outcome of us having Freedom (all freedom is individual) is that our daily wars are handled with words not bullets. Argument is freedom, even the heated, nasty kind of tiffs.

    You want feather pillows in that word fight? Okay, you try that. But you should know that people differ sharply as to what they believe will kill their freedom and prosperity and doom their children to a hellish future. When people feel policies will harm them, they don’t talk in a civil tone. Not here, not anywhere. They fight to survive, to advance, to get more and better for them and their kids. Of course, if you don’t think that is worth fighting for in words, fine. But don’t expect others to be as kind or civil as you when they defend what they see as threats to them and their children.

    Life is at best a war of words without bullets. That’s as good as Freedom gets. You want friendly? Get a dog.

  14. Omaha Independent says:

    Nice buffet of issues today, Sweeper.
    Nelson: Every time I see him I hear Don Meredith singing “Turn out the lights, the party’s over” Aisles aren’t the problem. Putting ideology before problem solving is the problem.
    Aspen: Nice to see someone admit their mistakes and be willing to share the info with others. He may show some promise yet.
    Kleeb: Here’s a perfect example of putting ideology before the solving the problem. We need oil from secure sources while we transition to something else. Kleeb says “Omigod! Itz Oil!” and runs around shrieking. Kind of like the flip side of Dave Nabity.
    Johanns: I have a close relative who is an accountant with a small business and tax practice. According to her, the IRS told congress not to increase the 1099 reporting because they weren’t ready to handle the load. There is more than one potential paycheck getting eaten up by the fees to prepare and send these forms. If you want businesses to report something more, have them report their campaign contributions. At least then we’d know who’s buying the elections.

  15. Omaha Independent says:

    Anonymous 1:10: Leavenworth Street is name calling first, issues second. I just stick to the issues and let the rest roll off.
    ttg: Your philosophy of life seems to completely ignore teamwork, compromise and cooperation. Is there a place for these, or are they just a sign of weakness?

  16. Kortezzi says:

    Ben Nelson is toast. People rightly disbelieve his excuses for how the Cornhusker kickback came to be, and why he was the 60th and decisive vote for Obamacare.
    And he’ll be 71 running for reelection in 2012. Do we really want a Senator serving through his 77th birthday?
    Nelson’s bipartisan schtick is annoying. Everyone knows when push comes to shove he tows the liberal line. On throwaway votes Obama and Ried, etc. tolerate his feints to the center since he’s from such a deep red state.

  17. anon says:

    You make a good point there, Kortezzi.

    John McCain was 74 when he ran for President. He’d have been 78 at the end of his first term, and 82 if he’d won a second.

    McCain’s bipartisan schtick is annoying. Everyone knows when push comes to shove he’s just retaliating against those who have opposed him. If Obama hadn’t won we’d be dealing with a senile S.O.B with a tendency to throw temper tantrums when he doesn’t get his way. Thank the political gods that we didn’t have to deal with a McCain Presidency.

  18. Che says:

    The posts of all of my leftist brothers and sisters on this capitalist pigs website remind me of the good ol days when Fidel and I rode my motorcycle through the countrysides looking to start revolutions!
    Down With Capitalism! Up With Suttle! EVERYONE (except my leftist brother and sister of course) SHOULD BE FORCED TO PAY HIGHER TAXES AND BRING AT LEAST ONE HOMELESS PERSON INTO THEIR HOME AND CARE FOR THEM!

    P.S. When is the next BOLD Nebraska meeting? I see to have been left of the e-mail list.


  19. anon says:


    When are you and the rest of Omaha’s right wing crooks going to stop snatching dead bodies to prop up your positions?

  20. Ricky says:

    I am hoping that David Sokol gets his comeuppance for throwing 50 Gs against Jim Suttle by having his protege, Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning, get beat by Senator Nelson in the race for the 2012 Senate.
    That is what the political power that defeated the recall will focus on next.
    Think it won’t happen? That is the same conventional wisdom that saw Mr Street Sweeper and others to call Mr Suttle a dead duck.

    ricky from omaha

  21. 'Political Power' says:


    The ‘political power’ that defeated the recall consisted of middle income GOPers in western Omaha. This was evident from the World Herald story comparing support and turnout. Northeast Omaha, though solidly DEM had lower turnout compared to 2009 while Southeast Omaha (also with lower turnout than 2009) voted to toss Suttle.

    The common thread among these normally disparate groups that saved Suttle was ‘fiscal’. While they don’t agree with Suttle’s taxes they didn’t like the expense of electing a new mayor nor the uncertainty in city government associated with the process.

    Those same groups are chomping at the bit to toss EBN for his LACK of fiscal restraint in giving us ‘free’ health care.

    Great attempt, however, to create a link between retaining Suttle and Nelson that otherwise doesn’t exist.

  22. West O GOPs says:

    The only reason we didn’t vote is because everyone told us Suttle was as good as gone. It’s just like 2009, when everyone told us that Daub was as good as in.

  23. Ricky says:

    Hey Political power you have a point there about which voting block was instrumental in saving Mr Suttle. I am proud to say my Westside neighborhood was smart enough to realize ousting a mayor was not worth the cost or uncertainty of whomever came next.
    Whatever coalition we can put together to deny David Sokol and Jon Bruning a victory in 2012 will be one I will be happy with.
    Anybody like Mr Sokol, with enough power and money to toss around like snowballs, is cause for concern.

    Ricky From Omaha

  24. Progressive Democrat says:

    I would just like to know who elected Jane Kleeb to speak on behalf of all of us progressives in Nebraska. This state’s news media treat her as though she actually represented someone. If that were the case, then there should have been an election at some time. If anyone knows when that was, please share it with the rest of Nebraska’s progressives because we would like to know.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Thank you Tea party for the GOP civil war. This will will make sure Obama wins in a landslide in 2012. Also Thank you for Michelle Bachmann the gift that keeps on giving. Now with her plan to cut Veterans benefits to the bone. Plus she is asking for more tax cuts for the super rich. Thank you for Sara Palin every time she opens her mouth money pours in to the coffers of Democratic party candidates all across the nation. Thank you for Glen Beck and Rush Limbaugh for their screaming my way or the high way that is turning off voters by the millions. Happy Days are Here again.

  26. Anonymous says:

    It would serve some of you to remember Sen Johanns was the Chair of the Lancaster County Democratic Party at one time.

    West-O republicans need to not depend on others to thell them how to vote.

  27. to Anonymous @ 9:57 says:

    What does that mean? Reagan was a Democrat at one time too? Brad Ashford is a republican and that doesnt mean squat.

  28. Macdaddy says:

    Political Power: I saw that article in the OWH. Very interesting. I’m a little surprised that we didn’t hear denunciations from the Left about how Republicans voted to stick it to poor people in North and South O who can’t afford all the higher taxes. Oh, wait, it’s because it was to the Democrats’ advantage. If Suttle were a Republican, the headline would have read, “Screw the Little People. Keep Suttle!”

    I am a little curious, though, if Suttle poll-tested the message that the recall was bad for the city, because that’s really the only argument he made, and it worked.

    One other point: this election shows the importance of not spending all your time with like-minded people. It warps your estimates of possibility of success. Did the recall people do any polling before they launched into this?

  29. Political Power says:

    Progressive Democrat – Ms. Kleeb was elected with Dick Holland’s checkbook. Ricky, he has ‘enough power and money to toss around like snowballs’. Are you concerned?

    Anon @9:25AM – In case you’ve been missing the national news articles, it is the DEM Party that is having a civil war and Biden has been sent to ‘make the peace’ with them on behalf of the administration. Also, those ‘Tea Partiers’ are responsible for energizing the GOP base that little literally ‘cleaned the House’ in November. So, I would agree with your assessment that ‘Happy Days are here Again’ albeit for very different reasons.

    MacDaddy – great point on where is the outcry for ‘sticking it to the poor’. I can’t speak for either side of recall effort, but the OWH poll done on it showed Suttle with a 40 pct approval rating yet voters thought that he shouldn’t be recalled by over a 10 pct margin. There is really no other way to interpret this than the recall was perceived to be ‘bad for the city’. I’m sure someone in his camp picked up on this or had it poll tested.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Political power your lost in your Tea party dreams. The GOP civil war is real. The democrats what war.? In your day dreams maybe. Obama’s SOTU speech is at 91% approval. The 2012 campaign has started. Obama is way in the lead. The only Republican who would have a chance is Roomey. He is a moderate with some common sense. The current health care law is based on his plan when he was Governor. But the right wing south and the Tea Party will never allow a a moderate to become the standard bearer of the GOP. He is a not a racists, nor simple . enough for the reactionary right. Neither Limbaugh or Beck would ever allow it. They would rather lose with some one like Palin, Bachmann, ,or Gingrich, the corporate state toadies. Than win with some one who knows that complex problems are not solved with ideas that would not stand up on a Junior High play ground.

  31. The Spelling Police says:

    I have to say that the preceding post is the WORST I’ve ever seen. Spelling, punctuation, sentence structure – it’s a disaster. But that’s what happens since the Left took over the public school system.

  32. Featherstone says:

    Who cares Spelling Police. The states with the worst education are in the south. Plenty of liberals down there. NOT!!! Go police your own home. What the guy or gal said made enough sense to me. In your little paragraph I saw three errors. BOO HOO you’re not perfect either. Neither am I. No one cares on blogs. In school and work people care but not here.

  33. The Spelling Police says:

    Who are YOU to judge ME? You found NONE in mine and I found two in your first sentence here and TWENTY ONE in your post at 6:18 p.m. Go back to the South.

  34. Grammer Cop says:

    You all must go to Jail. Do not pass GO. Go directly to jail.

    Good heavens! Arguing over spelling and punctuation? Get a friggin’ life! And while you’re at it, move out of your parents’ basement and get a job.

  35. Macdaddy says:

    “The GOP civil war is real.” What civil war? The one in your fevered mind? The one you wished we would have? I have just one question for you, Anon 6:18: Are you a follower of Lyndon H. LaRouche or something?

  36. Animal Lover says:

    NNN was never much of a political blog. Now it looks like Kyle has converted it into a dog fighting ring. That’s probably the best use he could find for Lisa Hannah.

    Should someone let the ASPCA know that Kyle is sanctioning dog fights over at NNN?

  37. Anonymous says:

    NNN is a mind over matter issue. No ones really minds because no one at NNN matters in the grand scheme of , well just about anything. Like the old saying “The sound of one hand clapping”, or “If a tree falls in a forest….” wait that won’t work at NNN as they have trees like the Sandhills:) You get the point.

  38. Anonymous says:

    ProgDem 9:19 1/30: If you don’t want Jane Kleeb speaking for all of you then you would have to employ an actual media strategy based upon created photo opps and events as Jane and her BN kids do. The only thing Jane has going for her is her ginormous ego and massive sucking up to the media, especially to those in central NE who apparently think they’ve got someone above the level of bland toast who can bop in live to the TV stations. You are losing the media game to a FOX has-been because she and the kids know that it pays to act like you love all reporters and come up with weekly props and astroturf “events” to keep them covering you. Get outside of your blogs and bi-monthly press releases and compete with Jane and the kids.. She’s preggers and she’s running circles around you doofuses.

  39. Come on, Kyle says:

    My guess is Animal Lover is just Vile Kyle doing a little more self promotion. There’s no dog fighting going on. It’s just Lisa Hannah in another cat fight.

  40. Anonymous says:

    What is it about Democrats that makes them hate even the Boston Tea Party and fear our Constitution. If this was 1775, Democrats would be backing the King and British goverment controls, regulations, etc. It is sort of creepy how they think of themselves as free spirits while they push goverment control of individuals and stupidly think that doesn’t include them. What causes this kind of thinking?

  41. RWP says:

    I have to say that the preceding post is the WORST I’ve ever seen. Spelling, punctuation, sentence structure – it’s a disaster. But that’s what happens since the Left took over the public school system.

    Want to know something worse? The guy to whom you’re referring teaches in a public school.

  42. Macdaddy says:

    Spelling Police, you need to study up on your Ebonics. P-Benny jus’ givin’ a shout out to he peeps yo’! Straight-tripping, dawg. No dat.

  43. RWP says:

    Public school teaching jobs are to liberals as meat packing jobs are to illegal immigrants.

    That’s a little harsh. Most meat packers work darn hard.

  44. The Spelling Police says:

    Hey, Phony Spelling Police –
    What did Street Sweeper tell you about pretending to be someone you’re not? Everyone knows you’re not who you say you are since you left several commas out of your post. Plus, my street name is “Spelly P.”

    RWP –
    I did do meat packers a disservice, and for that I apologize. I should have said “…as election training classes are to homeless.”

  45. The Spelling Police says:

    P.S.: Just for the record, the posts at 4:21 and 5:52 are from the “wannabe.” And the correct punctuation and structure of his faulty sentence is “That’s XVI, not ‘the 16,’ Benny, you faker.”

    Please – don’t even try to mix it up with me.

  46. Mrs. Smith says:

    I’m a teacher. If you want your snot-nosed, DNA-damaged, filthy little brats back so that you can home school them – please, be our guest. We have enough work with trying to impart knowledge on the unteachable with little funding as it is. We’d rather concentrate on the smart kids and let your pea-brained offspring go learn how to flip burgers at McDonalds.

  47. Macdaddy says:

    Anybody read the anti-pipeline article on the OWH op-ed page from the scientists at Bold Nebraska? My favorite sentence: “Nebraska is not an oil state for a reason.” And then they start talking about how our agriculture depends on water. Did an editor not read their column? That’s the sentence they wanted to start the paragraph with? The reason that Nebraska is not an oil state is because we have no oil, not because we chose agriculture over dirty oil. They sound like those old-timers who refuse to get on airplanes because “if God had meant us to fly, he would have given us wings.”

  48. Anonymous says:

    11:02 AM said it is “tough to take Sweeper (and) this blog seriously… Sweeper predicted Suttle would lose by 12 points.” We may assume every Democrat here feels the same way and thus sees this blog as irrelevant, silly and Sweeper as unserious and pointless. Perhaps they are right.

    And yet every Democrat here is still here.

    In Africa, they catch monkeys by dropping into a narrow-necked jug, a tasty fruit that is only slightly smaller than the mouth of the jug. The monkey reaches into the jug and grabs the fruit in his fist and refuses to let go, thus trapping them, as humans simply walk up and capture them.

    Street Sweeper may not be your idea of a political advisor but you have to admit, he is one hell of a good monkey catcher.

  49. What am I supposed to do with the captured monkeys, again? Do I have to feed them? And what if they bite my fingers off? Like that Scottsbluff monkey. What then? How am I supposed to type? I mean, I’m sure I could eventually learn to type with fewer finger — heck lots of people only type with two. But it’s not as if I’m used to that now. My old typing teacher would be appalled. What am I supposed to tell her? Huh? Did you ever think of that??? Monkey jugs. Sheesh.

    Sorry. Little cabin fever there.
    Might need to put a new post up.

  50. Anonymous says:

    Mrs. Smith, I think you have it backwards. The snot-nosed, DNA-damaged, filthy little brats are all attending public schools. Home-schooling is a sanctuary so that my bright and accomplished offspring don’t have to slow their learning down while all the future unwed mothers and their pot-smoking boyfriends in your “learning community” catch up. You should appreciate my home-schoolers more: It’s they who will be paying the taxes that pay your salary and the welfare benefits of all the kids you teach.

  51. Anonymous says:

    RWP, I think someone screwed the pooch on your redistricting plans. Did you see the make-up of the committee that was appointed to draw the lines? WTF? The two Senators from Lincoln are Avery and Sen Snowplow. Mello in Omaha (along with Lautenbaugh). Out-state you have Deb Fisher and Annette Dubas. Some uber-libs, and some RINOs with just a couple of conservatives thrown in. Who fell asleep at the frickin wheel?

  52. Mrs. Smith says:

    Ashamed of your family name at 4:42 p.m.,
    Dream on. If you’re the one doing the teaching, I believe you are going to be dreadfully disappointed with the end results. If I were you, I’d get those kids of yours into the kitchen as quickly as possible so that you can teach them how to put a spatula to good use.

  53. Anonymous says:

    The Republicans on the Redistricting Committee are Lautenbaugh, Nelson, Langemeier, Schilz and Fischer. Which one of those is a RINO?

  54. Anonymous says:

    To Mrs. Smith: Ashamed of my family? You only wish. And disappointed with the results? Not hardly. My kids would put the vast majority of your public school kids to shame. Of my three oldest, I have one at the Air Force Academy, one with a Regent’s at Nebraska, and one who’s a senior with a 4.0 GPA. And they’ve each posted at least a 32 on their ACTs. So, disappointed with your public schools? Sure. Disappointed with the results of my home schooling? Not so much.

  55. Mrs. Smith says:

    Well – arent’ we “special?”

    My oldest is the Duke of Wellington. His sister, my middle child, is an astronaut currently commanding the CIA’s Krypto Secret, invisible, very low orbiting spy station. My youngest is not only the President of Cambridge College, but is on the cusp of releasing an article in the Journal of ther American Medical Association revealing the cure for cancer. Since you can’t verify who I am, you’ll just have to believe me as you expect everyone to believe you.

    Good luck getting those geniuses on the day shift at the Golden Arches.

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