Ben bats Bruning

As we get started this Monday, first a little Separated at Birth.

The always stylish Douglas County Commissioner (and former Omaha Mayor) PJ Morgan and…
the hyper-stylish Hockey Night in Canada’s Don Cherry. (h/t Political Omaha.)


As we have continued our observations on whether or not Senator Ben Nelson will run for re-election in 2012, the LJS’s Don Walton came out hard on Sunday with Nelson running.

In particular, Walton took note of Nelson’s bashing Attorney General Jon Bruning at a local Democrat dinner.

Of course most telling was not Nelson criticizing Bruning’s positions on anything, but his pure political taunts:

“Nobody has laid a hand on (Bruning) yet,” Nelson said. But, sooner or later, he said, candidates “find out if you’re ready for prime time.”


And Nelson also seems to be hinting at some of Bruning’s past writings when he suggests that Don Stenberg will do his dirty work by selling that Bruning’s political positions have taken “violent swings”.

This has been brought up again recently by the gals at Bold Nebraska who quoted Bruning’s old Daily Nebraskan column from his Law School days. Jane Kleeb no doubt pulled out her rolodex to send the story to National Journal’s Hotline who said that BN had “dug up” the article.

Yeah. Or they had just read a Leavenworth Street post from 2007 which pointed out the old story.

This isn’t any big news — and as the years fly by, it gets older and older. Yes Bruning was a hard-core Democrat back then. But someone please tell us when he has followed any of those paths in the Legislature or as AG. Frankly, Bruning can use this old quip from Ronald Reagan:


But we digress.

Walton’s story, like many others, was obviously pushed by Nelson. Walton is the only one reporting on it, and it has nary a comment from Bruning, Stenberg or any other opposition voice.

A glowing Nelson article from Don? Oh my, the room is spinning! Let me steady myself!

Either Nelson has “push poll” type results — that start with, “What if you knew that Jon Bruning eats adorable puppies for breakfast” — that indicate he can beat Bruning.

Or he is just trying to soften Bruning up enough that he could possibly face a less difficult opponent.

In any case, we still think Nelson is testing the waters and hasn’t fully jumped in.

Lots and lots of time left to get in.

Or get out.


And just to throw the Stenberg folks a bone, we have it from at least one polling expert that the PPP poll greatly under-sampled the over-65 set.

We are told that this group — who vote — are still Don Stenberg’s base.

We don’t think that gets him that much closer, but something to keep in mind with those numbers.


And did you catch the ultra-liberal Bold Nebraska’s Jane Fleming Kleeb on the “The Factor” hosted by Laura Ingraham?  If not, here ya go:

And here is an even more damning version of the undercover video:

Kleeb was on there to defend Planned Parenthood’s assisting and coaching of potential child traffickers on the ease of getting birth control and abortions.

(Oh, and on topic, Ch. 7 has this story: “FBI: Sex Trafficking Real Problem In Omaha Area“)

It is sort of amazing that Kleeb went on to defend the indefensible. But then, it’s pretty clear that she is of the “any publicity is good publicity” school.

Here’s the thing. She could have sold her position as, “these Planned Parenthood employees went way over the line, shouldn’t have done this and should have been fired. I still believe in the services they provide, but they need to learn when to help people and when the police should be called…” blah blah blah.

But she didn’t.

She went with the, “well, some of them told their superiors about it later, and this is just a Republican ruse” argument. She could have shown that she was slightly human, and instead went with the full blown political tool.

That’s your political spokesperson Nebraska Democrats. Congratulations.

(Oh, and watch some of her “anti-oil” support dry up when they figure out that the pipeline rhetoric is just another way to get her name in the papers.)


  1. Kortezzi says:

    PJ Morgan’s formerly preppy fashion sense has shifted to left field. Just like his Suttle-sympathizing politics!
    This summer I expect PJ will break out the seersucker suits, white shoes and huge Bermuda shorts.
    Followed by an endorsement of the Benator!

  2. Julie Schmit-Albin says:

    Kudos Sweeper for putting both the PP and O’Reilly videos up so people can watch both and see just what Jane was defending. Jane and I went around on Twitter last week about abortion and PP and while she maintains that she doesn’t support “either side” because we all end up mucking it up; she had no problem rushing to be on The Factor Friday night to defend PP against the Live Action video stings. Laura Ingraham as host, does a great job decimating Jane and helpfully labeled her as a “Planned Parenthood supporter” at the outset, which Jane didn’t deny. (Thanks Laura, this will be helpful when Jane wants to move on up to Legislature or Congress!) SS is spot on in the assessment that Jane biffed it big-time on FOX. PP’s supposed reporting to the FBI was well after the fact, not timely and only after they realized they had bad employees in a number of clinics who were more than ready to assist a purported pimp with sex trafficking of minors. We are talking about 11 stings done by Live Action in a number of States. More videos are coming out this week. One can only hope Live Action will come to Nebraska. I wonder how Planned Parenthood of the Heartland feels about Jane being their new spokesperson in Nebraska? Who knows where she will branch out next and is Dick Holland fine with Jane mixing it up with disparate issues? Pipelines, healthy school lunches, breastfeeding, immigration and defending PP, all in a day’s work.

  3. MacDaddy says:

    I loved that nothing-to-see-here-all-is-well argument from Jane. I’m a little mystified by her assertion that pro-choice and pro-life sides should come together over this issue but then she asserts that it isn’t really an issue, just a Republican publicity stunt. So, does Planned Parenthood think that sex traffickers using their clinics to keep child prostitutes in good money-making condition a problem or not? Do they happen to have a policy about it or not? If they have a policy, was it followed in these mutliple cases or not? Who has oversight of Planned Parenthood to make sure that taxpayer money is not going towards the aiding of illegal activities? Would Mrs. Kleeb advocate for an investigation of Planned Parenthood, by, say Attorney General Jon Bruning, to make sure that the same problem is not happening here in Nebraska? Or is this not really a problem?

  4. Oh Mander says:

    SS – When did Ms. Kleeb say she was the spokesperson for Nebraska Democrats?

    Julie – When did Ms. Kleeb say she was the spokesperson for Planned Parenthood?

    As far as I can tell, she is simply a liberal person that was asked (and paid) to comment on the situation, not to speak on anyone’s behalf. That is like saying Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck is the spokesperson for the GOP. There is a big difference between a partisan commentator on a partisan “news” program vs. a spokesperson.

    The fact that they had Ms. Kleeb on to talk about this incident exposes Fox’s agenda. Instead of hearing from someone within the PP organization, or a law enforcement official, or anyone else with first-hand knowledge of the situation, they call a woman half way across the country with nothing to really add other than personal opinions – opinions that they know are outside of the mainstream – in hopes of making all liberals look like pimp-sympathizing baby killers. Journalists interested in a “fair and balanced” assessment of these events would turn to sources of information, not sources of opinions. Ms. Kleeb speaks for herself.

  5. OM,

    Let me know when there is a Nebraska Democrat who speaks more often, is quoted more often and is more vocal than Mrs. Kleeb.

    I believe it was Democrat Jim Suttle who said, “It doesn’t make any difference whether it’s perception or reality — treat them the same.”

    We will.

  6. Grundle King says:

    Oh mander wrote: “That is like saying Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck is the spokesperson for the GOP.”

    But of course, we know that the fine folks on the left would NEVER think to say something like that.

  7. Grundle King says:

    JFK pulls out some pretty lame points in defense of PP.

    ‘The GOP had 8 years where they could have defunded PP’
    ‘This is an orchestrated attack by the GOP…err, wait, a PR firm once used by the GOP’

    How do you defend the indefensible…apparently you kill the messenger.

  8. Macdaddy says:

    Oh Mander, how do you know that Ingraham didn’t try to get someone from PP but they refused to come on the show? Maybe Ms. Kleeb was the next best thing.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Maybe it’s me, but I’m really, really tired of Jane Kleeb getting so much ink and air for her blabberings again. Yeeeeeeeeeeawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwn. It’s not like the ground hog saw his shadow and we have to endure six more weeks of this do we? Besides where is Jon Bruning’s first grade scribbings that once hung on his Mom’s refrigerator? I’m betting they must tell us plenty about Jon today. Did he have a box of 64 back then, or only the conservative box of 24?

  10. Julie Schmit-Albin says:

    It was the second night Laura Ingraham was on that PP had declined to have a spokesperson regarding the issue. The first night another FOX News commentator went on with the PP side of things. Laura mentioned at the outset of the Friday night interview with Jane that for a second night in a row PP had declined to provide a spokesperson. My point about PP of the Heartland having a new spokesperson in Jane is that heretofore, Jane had never ventured into defense of PP publically or even stated much about abortion except in her social network postings. So I was surprised when Jane tweeted that she was going on to talk about PP and the videos, given that she is usually talking about the pipeline, healthy lunches, etc. Who knew she was an “expert” on this as well? Watch out NE Farm Bureau, you’re next.

  11. Stenberg Supporter says:

    Stenberg also polls well in the coveted “old-timey gramophone listeners” demographic, also tragically undersampled.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Ben Nelson is not what his public image suggests. There is a lot of hobnailed gestapo behind that Yogi bear smile. Things he has done cannot be safely talked about.

  13. Dennis says:

    Nelson ran a pretty aggressive campaign against Pete Ricketts in 2006. It quickly became evident Ricketts wasn’t ready for prime time and he couldn’t take a punch. Bruning has had a pretty easy road in his political races to date. We’ll see whether or not he is ready to hit the ball in the major leagues next year.

  14. Don Kuhns says:

    Well that was a pretty hapless performance by Mrs. Kleeb, which is probably why the guys as Fox love to have her on. The way she kept “totally agreeing” with Ingraham while arguing with her was bizarre. I’d love to see Laura Ingraham square off against Jane Hamsher or Joan Walsh sometime.

    Pulitzer Prize? Riiiiiight. They performed a multi-state sting operation of a dozen or more clinics and found one single person who did anything wrong. And let’s be clear here-neither I nor Jane Kleeb is defending the crooked freak in New Jersey who got immediately canned by Planned Parenthood.

    PP is a medical clinic. Ever heard of medical confidentiality? These people may have been ethically obligated not to report anything to the authorites. Yet they did report these incidents to their superiors, as they probably have been trained to do.

    And let’s not forget that these videos were made by an associate of James O’Keefe, and were doubtlessly subjected to some “creative” editing.

    Maybe PP should install buttions under their desks like a bank to bring out the SWAT teams if a real sex trafficker ever shows up. Would that make everyone happy?

  15. Spike says:

    Laura Ingraham is a hormonal zombie/pitbull that is a perfect representations of the head-in-the-sand attitude of all you brain dead Omahos in relationship to a big problem your community has in regards teen pregnancy & STD’s ! You born again freaks and other pseudo christians who in fact are the antithesis of Christianity are really ignorant beyond reality. The attack dog Ingraham, like most gopers, doesn’t have the class of a pig in the pen. Her constant interruption of Mrs. Kleeb only shows what a bimbo she really is & also how insecure & illinformed she know herself to be. Like what was stated by Mrs. Kleeb, the Planned Parenthood staff acted professionally & not like some hysterical freaks on a mission. If you would give it some rational thought which may be a oxymoron in Nebraska & not be swayed by the mind f that is Fox agenda, you would realize that PP is there as an information resource & not some rabid loony moral agenda pontification organization. Oh & BTW, just a little tidbit for you all that’s relevant to this issue. The recent $1M Bash Omaha ad campaign about Omaha being rated # 142 health wise in the nation, do you know what statistics it’s based upon? It’s at risk behavior. Do you know what At risk behavior is? STD’s & Teen Pregnancy!! Another tidbit for you all, something that you idiots can be proud of, unlike your stupidity, it’s that Omaha is actually ranked # 9 nationwide as one of America’s top 10 fittest cities!! Pity it doesn’t hold true for Rational THINKING!!!

  16. Ted says:

    If it’s “professional” for PP to tell pimps how to get contraceptives and abortions for their 14 year old sex slaves, just exactly what “profession” are they in?

  17. Macdaddy says:

    Don, all medical professionals in all 50 states and the District of Columbia are required to report child abuse. In New Jersey, the clinic where the clinic manager was advising the “pimp” how to keep the nurse practitioner from finding out too much information, anyone who has knowledge of child abuse is required to report. Also, there is no pimp-prostitute confidentiality. The tapes are posted unedited in case you’d care to watch them.

    As far as your suggestion of a button to summon the SWAT team, it’s called a phone. The clinic workers had the opportunity to interrupt crimes against children and they didn’t. They had the opportunity to stop children from being raped, and they didn’t even bat an eye. At best, they sent the reports up the chain so that several days later, and who knows how many rapes later, Planned Parenthood claimed to notify the FBI about a possible child sex ring. In the meantime, in multiple clinics, the undercover pimps confessed to crimes against children and Planned Parenthood was more interested in being down with that than being responsible human beings. Jane Kleeb’s attempt to defend Planned Parenthood on this just defies logic and decency.

  18. Whatever says:

    SS has a no links policy, so you’ll just have to go to Media Matters and see they’ve shown how the videos have been edited. Also, its funny JSA keeps pushing this stuff when she’s a baby killer herself. You do realized PP initiated an investigation and normal policy for anyone would be “no comment” until the investigation is complete. At least, that’s what responsible people do. Finally, JFK is an idiot and doesn’t represent Nebraska or Democrats in any way.

  19. Julie Schmit-Albin says:

    Jane must know she stepped in it on this one. She is uncharacteristically silent about Sweeper’s post and others. Oh, and PP did it again. 6th video of PP’s in three states released today from Live Action. This one from the Bronx showing a PP staffer telling the purported pimp how to declare himself as legal guardian of minor girls in order to sign them up for taxpayer-funded “services” i.e. abortions, STD treatment, etc. As more videos come out I wonder if Jane will continue to defend PP or run away from it? Too late, we already have her FOX News interview to show potential voters that she has added “shill for Planned Parenthood” to her resume.

  20. Anonymous says:

    So how is the Hastings School Board doing? I hear the new chair is hugely in favor of raising taxes on cig’s. Or anything she can get her hands on…… is she a puppet for Jane?

  21. Macdaddy says:

    Now there’s footage from a clinic in the Bronx. Isn’t it amazing that all of these different people from different states have the exact same attitude and are giving the same advice? Advice that helps cover up child sex-trafficking? I won’t hold my breath waiting for Eric Holder, the most political Attorney General in the history of this country, to break out the RICO Act, but defending these people has got to be one of the dumber things Mrs. Kleeb has done. What number of tapes is high enough to admit that you made a mistake, Mrs. Kleeb? Did you not believe Liveaction when they said there were more tapes? You’d better hope that the next set of tapes don’t have a 14 year-old “ward” of the pimp being offered an abortion on the spot.

  22. Whatever says:

    Reality check, people. If you had someone come to you in a setting that normally confidential and giving you information that they are involved in illegal activity, wouldn’t you get as much info as possible and encourage them to come back with the children they are using? I sure would. And then I’d do exactly what PP did – take all the information they got from the people coming into their offices and report it immediately to the authorities. The fact is these videos have been heavily edited and posted without full context, and until an investigation is complete – as requested by PP – you’re falling for the spin from the professional baby killer JSA. This is the same group that did the same video work on ACORN, and in the end, every single video was found to have been heavily edited and all investigates concluded, after knowing full context, that there was no criminal wrongdoing.

  23. Anonymous says:

    If the actions of Planned Parenthood were as bad you all say, why would there be any need to edit the video? Same with ACORN – if there really was a crime committed, there would have been no reason for extensive editing.

  24. Julie Schmit-Albin says:

    Somewhere I saw a site that has up all of the unedited videos, might have been Live Action. James O’Keefe was initially with Live Action on the very first PP sting video three years ago but left and did the ACORN videos on his own with Hannah Giles. The ACORN videos were not done by Live Action. Anyway, I wonder why KHAS and NTV haven’t jumped at the chance to interview Jane about her defense of PP’s cover-up of child sexual assault. They are usually happy to give Jane time for any of her current causes. I’ve got a call in to our Hastings folks to see how this is playing out there. Can’t imagine the good pro-lifers who were duped into voting Jane onto the school board could be very happy by this turn of events.

  25. Anonymous says:

    I like the new bill up in one legislature that will make it illegal to abort a life once there is a detectable heart beat!

    Maybe Sen Mike Flood will carry the bill next year?

  26. Lizzie says:

    Don Kuhns, Anon, et al – SIX clinics all broke the 2000 US Child Sex Trafficking law. SIX. This has nothing to do with confidentiality. It is about conspiring to sexually abuse little girls. Geez. You liberals are so lost.

  27. Mr.Mojo says:

    I have just two questions? Who the heck is Jane Kleeb and can’t Julie Schmit-Albin find something constructive to do with her life besdies hacking e-mail accounts and shilling for the Catholic Church?

  28. Anonymous says:

    You libs are really frickin annoying. The ACORN videos were all available for viewing on-line in complete and unedited form. The edits were not misleading. They showed ACORN employees at offices throughout the country behaving badly. Many of those employees were fired — by ACORN — for the very conduct depicted in the videos. Whether they were charged with crimes or not is irrelevant. It wasn’t an actual pimp or an actual underage hooker and they didn’t end up filing fraudulent loan apps with the fed govt. What the videos revealed was a willingness by ACORN to cooperate and participate in what most certainly would have been fraud had it been an actual pimp with his actual ho. And all you libs act like the entire ACORN organization was vindicated because one employee at one location did the right thing. Sort of. After the fact. But then you never explain why all those other ACORN employees were fired. Because you can’t. It doesn’t fit your narrative.

  29. Lizzie says:

    Does the Hastings School Board know newly-elected Jane F. Kleeb is defending coveringf up child sex trafficking? Because that is what she did on the Factor the other night. Hmmm. I would not let a person like that within a mile of my little ones, and I certainly would not let such a person make ANY decisions affecting children. There’s even less to Jane than meets the eye.

  30. Julie Schmit-Albin says:

    Lizzie, I have asked KHAS and NTV if they are going to cover what their school board member Jane said on FOX, precisely because it is a defense of a cover-up involving minors in sexual trafficking and perhaps voters of Hastings have a right to know. Nebraska Right to Life will ensure that Hastings residents know of Ms. Kleeb’s comments in defense of PP. Our PAC tried to point out during the election, comments from Jane that dealt with our issue. Unfortunately many good people out there apparently bought into Kleeb Camelot Charisma line.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Holy moly, a newly elected member of the Hastings school board publicly defended child sex trafficking on National TV? Lizzie, I hadn’t thought of it like that, but you’re right. Have to say Hastings got the school board it deserves. They should have known the whole gamut of issues and causes that an unbridled lefty like Jane (in all her hotness) would support. What do progressives stand for? Gay marriage, abortion on demand no matter what, a rejection of social moral standards, etc. That’s what you all in Hastings voted for.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Would like to say that Ms. Kleeb is not the Nebraska Democrats spokes woman. She is an independent person and a lot of democrats have problems with Ms. Kleeb. She just knows how to get on TV more then other democrats.

  33. Anonymous says:

    10:10 a.m. Correction: You Dems are clueless on “how to get on TV” compared to the Kleebers. It’s not that difficult. Send someone to a PR/social network training given by any of the lib groups run by youngsters. Take a cue from Ms. Kleeb, daily screechings, press releases, concocted “events” will start to draw even Nebraska’s media out. Re-post local news articles by political and legislative reporters to endear them to you. Suck up to the local TV stations that are dying for issues that can be related to the locale. It’s all worked for the Kleebs so far.

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