First a little Separated at Birth.

State Senator (and…more below) Deb Fischer, and “24” President Allison Taylor:


The Roll Call website queried GOP state Senator Deb Fischer of Valentine about her plans to run for U.S. Senate.

She said she’s still thinking about it.

She is quoted saying,

“The main thing is, what do I think I can add maybe that other candidates can’t, or where’s my focus going to be compared to where theirs is?”

Fischer has the ability to be an interesting candidate. First, consider that she is nearly a complete unknown to the rest of the state. So figure that she would have to raise some substantial cash just to get her name out there. She could then be seen as an alternative to the other two established candidates, Jon Bruning and Don Stenberg.

But if we were handicapping the race (and we always are), we would have to say that unless the other two candidate implode in some way, her road to the nomination is filled with snow, potholes and downed trees, while she is driving a Smart Car.

Not saying she is a bad candidate or person, etc., just that it would be very difficult.

But let’s say then instead, that she has the the potential to bleed votes off the other candidates.

Would that benefit Bruning or Stenberg?

With his numbers the way they are now (or seem to be), you would think Stenberg would be all for a Fischer candidacy. Theory being she takes votes from Bruning’s edges and lets Don shine with his peeps.

But if we were looking at it now, our thought is she pulls voters from both of them. Bruning and Stenberg have about equal name ID. If people are looking for an alternative, they would likely be doing so from each of the two top dogs.

Of course that is all, If The Election Were Held Today.

(Or, ITE-WHT – pronounced “Ite-White”; use it the next time you’re chatting politics with friends and you’ll position yourself as a Leavenworth Street reader. “I think Bruning wins easily, ITE-WHT, of course.”)

And then there are some who believe there is room for one more candidate in the GOP primary. Who that person is, we don’t know. But there is still time for action.

Though that clock is tick-tick-ticking.


The Nebraska Republican Party filed a complaint recently involving Jane Kleeb (of the Scott Kleebs), and her babe-in-the-woods understanding of these strange political things called, “campaigns”.

Not unlike the unfrozen caveman lawyer, she is unfamiliar with your “Nebraska Accountabilty and Disclosure Commission” and its TV-typewriter machines with their demons inside that say bad things about her.

Or something like that.

Here’s the deal: As you well know (because you are here reading this), Kleeb is a veteran of politics and campaigns. How much? Let’s take a look:

She studied not just “political science” in college — in Washington DC’s American U —  but advocacy, grassroots activism, and community organization.  She was the ED of Young Democrats. She was the state director of a labor union org.  She met her husband while he was running for Congress, then helped him after they were married on his freaking US Senate campaign.  She started her own liberal political group that gets waaaay more press than the state Democrat party. She’s a regular talking head on FOX News.

Can we all agree that Mrs. Kleeb has more political and campaigning experience than the average Hastings housewife?

We can? Well, thank you.

So Jane ran for school board in Hastings (someone who took our advice to start on the ground floor, instead of running for Senate right out of the box). Something about “yummy lunches”. Easy win.   But she raised some money and spent some money on said campaign.

The regular gammit, to an extent. Printing stuff, postage, t-shirts, yard
signs. And even went with newspaper and billboard advertising. Yes, billboards. For school board.


Can anyone disagree that she should know, and those around her should know, and her husband should know that she must keep detailed records on all of those expenditures and of those who contributed to her and file those with the NADC?

No disagreements? Didn’t think so.

Because OF COURSE this is the woman who recently railed against the Governor and Attorney General because they didn’t file some of their contribution information properly.

In any case, Jane is a political veteran who sticks her nose in everything that whafts of politics these days.

So when the NEGOP points out that she:

  • Failed to list her last minute donors within the ten-day time period (donors from Omaha, New York and Washington, DC, by the way)
  • Listed campaign expenditures as having been made the day AFTER the election, and then there is the mysterious two-grand worth of “reimbursements” to Jane

Well, we don’t see why she should be given any leeway.

She doesn’t give it to anyone else, and she certainly doesn’t deserve some sort of a pass as a “newcomer” (no matter what the NADC says).

Oh, we are also seeking out a break from those (like the Hastings Tribune) saying, “Oh the GOP should keep out of a local non-partisan race!”


When you are the most politically active Democrat in the state, and you run for office, you get to deal with politics. Otherwise, why the billboards, slogans, logos, t-shirts? Shouldn’t some white sheets of paper with 10 point  type work?

Last time we checked, the legislature is non-partisan as well, yet both parties seem to be involved. Simply tell the Jane to follow the rules, like everyone else has to, and no one will complain.


And hey kudos to U.S. Senator Mike Johanns for seeking the chairmanship of the Senate Republican Conference. This is the main GOP policy group in the Senate, and the steady hand and voice of Johanns would be great for this gig.

It’s certainly not a lock for him, but we hope to see him in this new spot. The Senate and the country would benefit.


Since many commenters are itching to talk about the 2012 GOP Presidential primary, we’ll open it up.

Recently, the National Review’s Jonah Goldberg made a few lists, so we will use that as a basis.

He started with 24:
Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, John Thune, Tim Pawlenty, Mitch Daniels, Mike Pence, Rick Santorum, Haley Barbour, Mike Huckabee, Bobby Jindal, Paul Ryan, David Petraeus, Ron Paul, Jeb Bush, John Bolton, Bob McDonnell, Jim DeMint, Chris Christie, Herman Cain, Gary Johnson, Judd Gregg, Marco Rubio and Rick Perry.

Based on those who won’t run or are unlikely to succeed, etc., pared it down to:
Romney, Gingrich, Palin, Pawlenty, Santorum, Bolton, Daniels, Cain, Johnson, Paul and Thune (update – Thune took himself out on 2/22/11).

Then for the final 5, he listed:
Romney, Daniels, Pawlenty, Gingrich and Palin.

So who do you like?
Who can be President Obama?
Who would do the best job?

Ah, February.


  1. Anonymous says:

    My two cents.
    Pawlenty takes the nomination after a battle with Romney.
    As for beating Obama- I don’t think so yet- but a lot can happen in two years. It will all come down to if ghe economy tanks again or not.

  2. Anon-Imus says:

    She’ll run just to get better name ID for a gubernatorial run………….

    I’ll take Newt Gingrich…..Gingrich with the 3. Assist from Cary Cochran.

  3. Kortezzi says:

    Palin COULD win the nomination, and then beat Obama. But I don’t think she’ll run. Romney will win the GOP nomination, and Cap’n Kickass will win a 2nd term. God help us all…

  4. Anonymous says:

    Obama loses, that’s all that is relevant here. Oh and the R’s take the Senate, then undo most of the liberal/socialist agenda. There will be a couple of supreme court appointments by a R dominated Fed. The money supply will be reduced, and we will become a bit more isolationist.

    Sen Fischer will do what she does……..

    Nelson is out of the Senate, Don’t care who replaces him.

    Nebraska will return to winner take all

    CIR will be greatly changed or gone

    Jane will be fined, but that’s okay as it is a badge of honor for libs. She may even run against Sen Utter for Legislature.

    Any other questions?

    oh and the 2nd CD will be redistricted in such a manner as to give at least 2 pts to Mr Terry!

  5. maximus says:

    Fischer should run. She has what current field doesn’t – narrative. A hard-charging rancher (who’s succeeded in male dominated worlds) from north-central Nebraska who runs to get something done, not fulfill some lifelong ambition. She’s good, and she would make it interesting.

  6. mad hatter says:

    go deb go! please, please breathe some life into this race. she does what she thinks is right and damn the torpedoes. An increasingly rare trait in the world of politics we live in.

  7. Urban Voter says:

    Deb Fischer is just like Obama in using redistribution of income as her top policy goal. The spending she supports usually involves the Lincoln and Omaha taxpayer footing the bill for her roads and other pet programs. Thanks but No Thanks Deb.

  8. Anonymous says:

    There is not one republican that SS listed running for President can keep Obama from 400 plus electoral votes. Romney is the most qualified. But no way the religious right of the south will let him get the nomination. Gingrich? Remember him asking his sick wife for a divorce while she was in a hospital. Oh that looks good to the family values party. lol Sara Palin ? Please Sara run and win the nomination . That is 500 plus electoral votes for Obama.

  9. MacDaddy says:

    Anon 1:53: is this one of your poly-sci class assignments? Try to get some Republicans to call each other names on a blog? Or did your master’s advisor suggest it? It’s kind of amusing, but wishing that Obama wins in 2012 doesn’t make it so. Rather than looking ahead to something that won’t begin in earnest for many, many months, you might want to help Obama with some advice for him to actually govern the country rather than throwing out joke budgets. You wanting to talk about the Republican nominee a year before the primaries start is very typical of you Democrats: change the subject rather than actually getting any useful work done. Oh, wait, maybe you are Obama! Obama, get off this blog and go write a real budget!

  10. Oh Mander says:

    Gingrich – Definition of hypocrite. Does not appeal to moderates and independents.
    Romney – Mormon faith is a liability in Christian-dominated party. Too rich to be relatable.
    Pawlenty – On the list because a bridge collapsed. Won’t even carry his own state.
    Daniels – Too soon to tell, but he is off to a bad start. Right, Julie?
    Palin – GOP isn’t that stupid. Love her or hate her, she is not viable.

    Obviously it’s early, but I don’t see a president on this list. Who else ya got?

  11. RWP says:

    I see four.

    Palin isn’t viable. She quit as Governor of Alaska. Granted, there were reasons she quit, but you can’t expect to do that and run for another executive office. My own theory is she’s running interference for the GOP. The left, who can seldom contain their misogyny when there’s a politically acceptable outlet, are concentrating their fire on her, leaving the real candidates comparatively unscathed. Result; the rest go into 2012 with low negatives.

    I like Daniels and Gingrich; I could live with either Pawlenty or Romney. I think there are other dark horse candidates out there. I’m delighted if the left considers them all unelectable. They invariably underestimate the GOP. Remember how they were delighted when Reagan was nominated?

  12. RWP says:

    By the way, I’ve never run for anything, but I did help out with a 2008 constitutional amendment, and it took me about a day to get up and running with the NADC procedures. Apart from anything else, I found the staff there very helpful. If Jane Kleeb can’t figure it all out, she doesn’t have the mental wherewithal to run for dogcatcher, let alone Hastings School Board.

  13. Anonymous says:

    RWP i would agree with you on all but Gingrich. He does not have the so called family values to win. Yes Reagan won. The democrats were torn apart with their civil war between Kennedy and Carter. This time they are united. Whilet he GOP is torn apart with their civil war between The Tea party and real republicans. It is fun to watch though. Obama wins 46 states i say and 485 Electoral votes. If Nebraska keeps the same law they have now on split electoral votes. He will get another one from Nebraska. If a kook like Michele Bachman, Sara Palin or Rick (the south will rise again) Perry gets the GOP nomination then Obama will win 500 plus electoral votes and the state of Nebraska. , The reason why people are wondering about GOP candidates, is simple. This is the time of the year you start running. i did not make the rules. They are un written but they do exist. If you snooze you loose. or in this case it does not matter Obama wins in a walk in 12.

  14. Oh Mander says:

    No way Gingrich is viable. No way. I know he talks the talk, but the man has far too many personal issues that do not match up with that talk, and people know it. I don’t know if enough time will ever pass before a majority will actually trust him again.

  15. Anonymous says:

    If you want to know why Gingrich is un-electable, google “Esquire Gingrich profile”

    There’s just too much ick there.

  16. Julie Schmit=Albin says:

    Mitch Daniels messed up big time with his truce on social issues talk. Given several opportunities to walk it back, he hasn’t. Haley Barbour and Paul Ryan have made similar statements and if Barbour thinks social conservatives are going to trust him after it he may be surprised.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Macdaddy, Do you read polls? Or do you just think they are nonsense like evolution? Obama is riding high. The GOP is having a civil war that compares to 1912 and 1964. Their best candidate Romney can’t get the nomination because of the bigots in his own party. The rest are either loons or are waiting for 2016. You can dislike Obama all you want. You can say he is terrible. Many agree with you. But most don’t. 1916 is the last time an American president was re elected with fewer electoral votes than the first time he won. If I remember right Obama won real easy in 2008. So history says if he wins he will win with a bigger margin. So if you are just listening to right wing talk radio and FOX news, you’re not getting the full picture. Sorry to break it to you about the GOP Santa Claus . He does not exist.

  18. Omaha Independent says:

    My bracket has Pawlenty over Romney, Then Pawlenty over Obama. But ask me again after the Iowegian Hot Dish and Bars Campaign Festival.

    Dear Jane Kleeb-I don’t believe you. Stick to the school board and work on running a school district with only the revenue your local constituents provide you.

    SS, non-partisan laws don’t mean anything? Everyone should be forced to pick a side? Preferably yours?

  19. MacDaddy says:

    Anon 8:02: Everything you just stated is so much fevered delusion on the Left and has no basis in reality. Civil war? What are you talking about? As a card-carrying member of the VRWC, I have seen no evidence of it. In fact, so far, the republican leadership is walking the walk to keep the base happy. Obama riding high? What poll are you talking about? His approval rating is under 50% and the policies that he has worked on have been gigantic wastes of time and/or harmful to the economy. Instead of looking back to 1916, you might want to look to 1980 and 1992, the last times when one-term presidents didn’t get re-elected because of…the economy. Obama has completely mishandled everything put on his plate so far. There is no evidence that he is capable of or willing to change.

    Out of curiosity, which 4 states do you think he will lose?

  20. MacDaddy says:

    Here’s my take on the field: Romney won’t get the nomination because his signature achievement in Massachusetts was the blueprint for the oh-so-popular and unconstitutional Obamacare, not because of his religion. Mitch Daniels probably won’t get it either because he declared a one-sided truce in the culture wars and everyone knows that a one-sided truce is also known as surrender. The problem with surrendering on the “little” things is that surrendering on the big things is inevitable. Gingrich’s time was 20 years ago and doesn’t have the temperament for being President. Palin won’t run because she is way more effective where she is and being President would certainly crimp her style. Christie has stated many, many times that he isn’t running. I would love it if he would run, especially for the slogans (Fat Man, Lean Budget; Big Man who gets Big Results), but he isn’t. So that leaves Pawlenty, Huckabee, and Rick Perry. I think Rick Perry is the dark horse and is a serious contender if he runs. He leads a rather large state that actually added jobs during the recession, balanced the budget, is on the right side of immigration, and hasn’t surrendered in the culture wars.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Idaho, Utah, Alaska, Texas. Those are the only four states that the GOP is guaranteed and Texas is in play because of the Latin vote. Yes Nebraska is in play depending on who gets the nomination. i think the GOP will commit suicide and give the nomination to a loon like Plain. MacDaddy, you sound like the writers of the Literary Digest in 1936 who said FDR was doomed. We know how that turned out. Obama is very popular. You just listen to and talk to haters of him. Just like liberals thought Reagan could be be beat in 1984. You see I live in Nebraska and I hear all of that too. But I hear those same republican friends say we don’t have any one who can beat him. Hating some one and beating him are two different things. Good luck you will need it. Your Civil war is big . Lots bigger than you want to admit . The tea party are eating their young. Thanks to them Harry Reid is still Majority leader. Go tea party.

  22. Grundle King says:

    The people who say that the ‘religious right’ won’t embrace Romney because of his Mormon faith apparently fail to acknowledge the fact that many of those same folks still think that Obama’s a Muslim. Now, I personally don’t believe that, but a lot of people do, and if you think those folks are going to take a suspected Muslim over a Mormon, you’re out of your fricking minds.

  23. FarmerRick says:

    As stated before, Romney won’t get it due to his socialized medicine record in Mass(and gun-grabbing past).
    Palin – too polarizing, people either love or hate her and there are too many that hate her.
    Pawlenty – wet towel, no personality(shouldn’t matter, but it will).
    Rick Perry of TX – from TX and sounds WAAAYYY too much like GWB for the general public to support.
    Gingrich – thought of as a has-been by most.
    Huckster – making too much money at FoxNews.
    Ron Paul – eh, his son Rand would get more votes than he would(not a bad thing, btw).
    Daniels – Not well known enough yet.

    The GOP seems too fractured at this time for it’s members to get behind and agree on any one candidate on the list. I hope I’m wrong, but that’s how it looks to me.

  24. RWP says:

    If ‘social conservatives’ declare a litmus test on nominees, that really could re-elect Obama. The outcome of this election could be a diminution of the power of the Federal government and return of power to the states. That would be good for both fiscal and social conservatives, unless social conservatives decide that a quixotic campaign to outlaw abortion and gay marriage nationwide is a better idea than a chance to allow states more control over their own laws and fiscal affairs.

  25. Anonymous says:

    RWP you hit the nail with the hammer. The Tea party goal is social engineering . They have all ready started. Watch FOX, listen to talk radio. Or read right wing blogs. It is full of that crap. Now that can win you 20%-25% in a crowded GOP primary and maybe get you the votes in a convention. But it won’t win main stream America. You and others may see Obama as a wide eyed liberal. But most liberals think he looks pretty conservative. But they know how the bread is buttered. They will vote for Obama in the droves to keep the kooks out. This election is over. Obama is the winner.

  26. Really Omaha? says:

    Urban Voter and Omaha Resident, you do know that the money spent on highway projects almost exclusively goes to Omaha right? Look no further than I-80 between Omaha and Lincoln or the Dodge elevated expressway, two of the last capital improvement projects done in this state. Not sure how Fischer trying to find much needed roads money is personally benefiting her or her constituents. Apparently you’ve never been to her district.

  27. MacDaddy says:

    “Obama is very popular.” Anon 9:59: you sound just Kevin Bacon in Animal House: “All is Well! All is Well!” You are also someone who does not live in Nebraska or has even visited here if you think Nebraska is “in play” for Obama in 2012.

  28. Oracle says:

    Rick Perry? Balanced his budget? What propaganda are you reading, MacDaddy? I don’t think even Faux News would be that far off. Texas is facing a budget deficit between $12 – 27 billion. On a per-capita basis, it may be worse than California. How can you say with a straight face that Perry balanced the budget?

  29. Anonymous says:

    You, Adolph and Karl distrust goverment right up until you are running it. Well here’s a news flash. Real Tea Party people aren’t conservatives. They are constitutionalists who see freedom as the result of hamstringing federal goverment. For example, they don’t want federal goverment paying for abortions and they also don’t want federal goverment outlawing abortions. They don’t federal goverment involved. Like murder and other crimes, if abortion be a crime, it is a state issue. That way, people who think abortion is murder can live in Utah and people who enjoy a nice pickled fetus once in a while can move to Boston. That is true choice and real freedom. The one size fits all Republican and Democrat federal solutions you try to cram down everyone else’s throat, that isn’t freedom. And, ironically, it makes you the social engineer. Oddly, you project your faith in federal solutions onto people who have the least such faith.

  30. Anonymous says:

    So shutting down the Unions in Wisconsin is getting problematic. There are 14 Dem’s who left the state so the business of the People can’t go forward. Makes me glad we have a Unicameral in Nebraska, and nonpartisian too. Of course it won’t matter if the 15 D’s didn’t show up as there are enough R’s to Git Er Done!

  31. Macdaddy says:

    Oracle: the projected budget deficit is for the 2011-2012 budget cycle. That is based on current spending continuing at the same rate versus projected revenue. The next budget has yet to be passed (I think) but a budget has been submitted that will cut the shortfall without raising taxes. The most recent budget cycle, 2009-2010, ended without a deficit. So, yes, Texas did balance their budget despite the recession and is working on a plan to balance the next budget without raising taxes.

    I get a kick out of people trying to criticize Heineman and Perry for things that haven’t happened yet. The budget deficits will occur only if nothing changes when in fact their budgets have yet to be submitted. Contrast that to Obama, who has submitted a budget that has yet another gargantuan deficit. If you compared Obama’s budget to doing nothing and keeping spending at the current rate, doing nothing has a smaller deficit.

  32. Oracle says:

    You’re being a bit disingenuous, MacDaddy. Except for stimulus money provided by the feds (which is one of many reasons the Federal deficit has ballooned), Texas and Nebraska would have run large deficits in 2009 – 10. Instead of starting to deal with the problem last year, Heineman and Perry ignored it by design. Heine’s solution? Pass the problem onto cities and school districts by cutting state aid, and try to bust public unions. Great political art by a master, albeit a bit irresponsible. Whatever happened to Truman’s slogan, “the buck stops here!”?

  33. Anonymous says:

    MacDaddy I live in Nebraska and Nebraska is in play. Check the current polls. I know this is hard for you. Being wrong about politics most of your life is a terrible burden. Please tell me some more Glen Beck type history, Like President Dewey, or Martin Luther King JR. the conservative. Maybe that one about WMD’s in Iraq. I think Nebraska will still go GOP. But it is still in play. And if your party nominates a kook like Sara Palin. watch out. Again get used to President Obama a two term President.

  34. Macdaddy says:

    Okay, Anon 5:45, if you do live in Nebraska, then you are incredibly ignorant about yer voters. Obama squeaked out a win in the CD2 thanks to a very impressive GOTV effort. That organization has been nonexistent in every election since. The enthusiasm that Obama generated with his first election is gone. The One has feet of clay and he won’t get the same amount of voter enthusiasm in 2012. As for Nebraska’s other electoral votes? Puh-lease.

  35. Anonymous says:

    Anon 4:39

    Damn Right. The R’s in the Unicam, Lead by Sen McCoy, will get the job done! The CIR is going to get put out to pasture. As a matter of fact today’s ruling was their admission, and attempt, to avoid the whupping they are about to get. Nebraska is lucky to have Sen McCoy leading the charge.

  36. Whatever says:

    You do realize that Republicans have been the majority for decades in the Unicameral, right? And look where we are at. Nearly $1 Billion deficit. If they have had the control for so long, how come we are where we are at?

  37. Anonymous says:

    Oh Macdaddy. I agree Nebraska will go GOP in 12. But i said the state was in play.Do you understand the difference? The Polls are a lot closer than you think. Have you read them? Usually Nebraska goes republican 20 to 25 plus points. Right now Sara Palin is ahead of Obama by just one point. Obama is within single digits of the other GOP candidates. Will that change ? Yes. This has nothing to do with what you want or what I want. I want to see Obama win Nebraska big along with the rest of the nation. You want Obama to go away forever. Neither is going to happen. Right now Nebraska is not a Tea part nut house state. We have more real republicans. If a kook like Sara Palin or Michele Bachman get the GOP nomination what will Nebraska republicans do?. They have three choices. 1.Vote for a kook. 2. Vote for Obama. 3. Stay at home. What a choice . I am sure you never thought Obama had a chance at winning an electoral vote in Nebraska in 2008. But something must be scaring Heinmann and his goon squad to get the law changed.

  38. Anonymous says:

    Whatever- You are so right about the Unicam being Republican for a long time. Yet they lacked the will to do what is right. Between Ernie, and Schimek et all the Unicam was neutered. However, now it is a new day with people like Sen McCoy, Lautenbaugh, and Gov Heineman. You add that with term limits and you get about 1/2 the Legislature being Lame Duck and nearly impervious to special interest influence. Now the Senators need to heed the will of the People. See now the Senators don’t have much of a future so might as well keep the constituents happy. What is it the MAJORITY want? Well they want to not be in debt to greedy Union Thugs! They don’t want to ever see ilk like the Obama Machine in our state again. They don’t want a few bleeding heart individuals to block their will! Silly Liberals didn’t realize what was happening when they let term limits in. So just like we have to endure the legally elected idiot Suttle, and the potentially illegally elected Obama, so too must you endure being an insignificant party in Nebraska.

    Go Beau Go!!!

  39. Urban Voter says:

    The Omaha and Lincoln area provides way more than half of the tax receipts of this state. I hope we can be allowed to use our money for our roads. Deb Fischer wants to create bonds (deficit spending) so she can get her pet projects done. The reason why Nebraska is weathering the economic storm is that we have little or no debt. Ask Omaha about long term obligations!!! I’ll vote for a fiscal conservative in 2012

  40. Spike says:

    It will be the best Lap Dog that the Big$$$$$ can find. None on the list except, possibly Jeb but the Village Idiot that you Idiots elected, ruin it for that Lap Dog! It’s going to be an outsider as yet undecided unless AIPAC & the Bankers give the green light to the other total IDIOT Palin. Let’s face it, you real Cons have lost it to the Idiots of America that Clinton threw under the bus, so basically you’re SOL! Just remember that Obama was a nobody that won because of AIPAC & Bankers $$$$ and a great ad campaign and the fact that he could dish the shit a bit. But he a least has a brain in his head!!

  41. Anonymous says:

    How was Obama illegally elected? Anonymous 9:43? Are you one of the STUPID birthers? I hope so. i have never really listened to a real live kook before. Please expand and share your kook ideas with us? Give us more.

  42. Cherry County says:

    What is wrong with using Omaha tax dollars to fix our roads? We should share our resources to help move this state forward.

  43. MacDaddy says:

    Anon 7:48: you are correct. Nebraska is in play. The Dems should spend lots and lots of money here because they can steal Nebraska’s votes from the Republicans. It would probably be better if they started spending now, you know, like a farmer preparing the soil.


  44. Wendy says:

    Not that it makes that much difference, but I think Senator Fischer’s decision to be a hard core smoker makes her a less attractive candidate. Since our tax dollars wiould go towards her health insurance we should consider the long term fiscal impact to tax payers of treating her self induced diseases.

  45. Anonymous says:

    MacDaddy glad to hear your coming around. If the election is a landslide and the democrats have the spare cash they had in 2008. They will spend the money. Don’t worry. McCain had to spend money to hold on to his own home state of Arizona. Because Arizona was in play in 2008. Don’t worry MacDaddy people like you with reactionary view points. You still a have a few leaders that will tell you the sky is falling every day. Just go to FOX news and Listen to Glenn Beck. You listen to him and let Obama and the real leaders of the country do the governing.

  46. Chain Smoking Liberal says:

    I didn’t realize Fischer was a smoker. I may have to give consideration to supporting her in any bid for higher office.

  47. Truth squad says:

    I’ve known Deb Fischer for years. I don’t think she smokes. Not that it matters- but I don’t think she does. She has been a proponent of education- just not to the extent that she wants spend everything the unions want. I know her as a kind, smart fiscal conservative who represents her district so well that she last ran unopposed. Our state is lucky to have her- and I don’t recognize the person Anon. 5:51 describes.

  48. Anonymous says:

    I read what Anon 5:51 wrote before it was deleted . It was spot on. Republicans may delet a blog talk. But they can’t delet what a person really is.

  49. Anonymous says:

    Gotta love the Unions, they are going to spends tens of millions trying to “educate” the public about their purpose. Obama will find a way to funnel more tax money to them to do just so. The American People will se right through the bs and union members will be ticked their confiscated dues went for naught. I suspect by the end of the year Union membership will be down to around 20% from a whopping high of 27%.

    Many States will have stripped them of collective barganing powers and taken away their pay schedules etc. AFSME will be a token union, the members again ticked off. Then companies will be more likely to invest and there will be an increase in manufacturing. Not to mention the growing possibility of conflict in the Middle East. Nothing like war to help business. And all because of greedy Union Bosses.

    Either way the back of the Greedy Union Bosses will be broken and then the country can get back on a trajectory of being the BEST in the world. The budgets will get better, and perhaps even the deficit growth can be slowed down.

    You can always thank a union boss for the fact your children and grandchildren will be paying off the country’s debt. The Union lable……..gotta love it.

    In other news Democrats still can’t find a way to halt the Reform of CIR!!! Feels good to be a Nebraskan!

  50. Anonymous says:

    SS the Mubrak of LS only he knows right from wrong, truth from un truth. When Democrat party leaders get slammed no big deal. But don’t you dare go after a republican or you will be told you are out of line and you will be deleted. You might ask Ms. Kleeb or President Obama about the out of line comments on this blog.

  51. MacDaddy says:

    Anon 11:19: the Wisconsin teachers union just caved on the cut in benefits. I guess they do have a price and I guess they figure they will lose this fight. Doesn’t bode well for public employee unions around the rest of the country. They spent hundreds of millions of dollars on Obama in 2008 and all they got was a lousy statement of support. Where’s the Labor Department? Where’s the Justice Department?

    But Nebraska is in play! Spend your union money here!

  52. Dennis says:

    The Wisconsin budget “crisis” was created by Governor Walker when he cut taxes earlier this year. Now Walker is falsely blaming the Wisconsin public employees unions for the “crisis” that he created. Walker and the Wisconsin Republicans want to essentially take awaythe rights of the unions to bargain collectively. This is an assault on the freedom and liberty of private individuals. Interestingly enough, Walker has exempted the unions that supported his election bid from any of these changes. Walker’s agenda is about partisan politics – it’s not about the budget.

  53. Anonymous says:

    Dennis- who cares as long as union bosses lose:) Of course taking away collective barganing is going to be the real treat. SEIU and AFSME need to be neutered. Then cuts to the benefits and have the public employees pay more into retirement and health benefits. The final stroke will be to raise their retirement age. These actions will bring us back from the brink.

    While all of this is going on we MUST lower the corporate tax rate, lock down our borders, and impose higher tarrifs. This will create an enviornment where Americans can get back to work. To hell with stock holders.

  54. Dennis says:

    There isn’t any good reason to cut taxes for corporations. When you take into account all of the deductions and loopholes corporations can take, U.S. corporations have one of the lowest effective/actual tax rates in the 1st World. Moreover, U.S. corporations are already sitting on $2 trillion in cash – they don’t need any more money to invest. If the GOP gets it way and guts unions, that will reduce the earning power of millions of middle class Americans. That will be bad for the long term prospects of U.S. corporations because they will have fewer customers who can afford to purchase their goods and services.

  55. RWP says:

    A union is a private individual? Really Dennis? And you’re claiming Walker has taken away union’s ability to bargain wages? Do you have a source for hat?

  56. Brian T. Osborn says:

    Anon 10:58 a.m.,
    This is the Sweeper’s blog. The Sweeper gets to decide what can, or cannot, remain on here. If you don’t like it, start your own damned blog, or go participate in the circle-jerk edifying KM’s ego on NNN. I once wrote something critical of Sen. Ben Nelson on the NDP’s “blog” and it was immediately shut down by the NDP State Chair. To silence me he silenced every Democrat in the state. Wow! And people wonder why I seem to have more problems with my own party than I’ve had with Republicans.
    I disagree with Republicans on just about everything, and I have nothing but contempt for the cowardly jerks that anonymously sling poop here and elsewhere, but I’ll give credit to the Sweeper where it is due … obey the rules, and your comments will find a home here. You don’t need to agree with Sweeper, or any of the other participants. Just follow the damned rules and your voice will be heard.

  57. TexasAnnie says:

    OMG the OWH has a feature on JFK. It notes her uncanny ability to organize and mobilize and agitate the GOP! Even JS-A criticizes: “She’s all over the map,” and she’s an outsider.

    Hint to JS-A: Jane supports abortion because she understands the ‘effect’ of making abortion illegal. I guess you’ll never understand that, Julie. And that’s okay. But while I don’t support Jane’s ideology, I’ll take her style over your’s any time. ‘Cause I can’t stop thinking how you’ve turned your concern from human consequences to empty “pro-life” dogma. It’s all about ethics, and you ‘ain’t got it…

  58. Oh My says:

    JFK is an idiot, and is a self promoter. Ask anyone who’s ever had to deal with her for extended periods of time.

    Sweeper – JFK’s hubby has been active on FACEBOOK and updated his websites. Keep an eye out. That OWH article and all the activity is pointing toward the Kleebs planning another run for political office.

  59. Anonymous says:

    Hate to say it, but I agree with JSA–Jane is all over the map–literally. The Donald Trump of self promotion. Too many Petalike theatrics ruin credibility with the masses and diminishes political capital. What captures interest today as a fad of sorts becomes yesterday’s Pocket Fisherman.
    Come to think of it? Why was another Grand Dame of Dems, Annie Boyle, condemning those big yellow buses full of paid homeless when Lakers got the thumbs down for making stuff up? Man those buses looked real to me. Amazing how that works.

  60. Macdaddy says:

    Mrs. Kleeb is misinterpreting the GOP’s attention as flattery because she’s so dangerous and effective. LOL. Mrs. Kleeb wants to be a lightning rod. Republicans are more than happy for her to be the lightning rod, especially if she insists on defending an organization that has no problem with aiding pimps who keep child sex slaves.

    BTW, I think it would be awesome if either one of them ran for Nelson’s seat when he announces he isn’t running again. In all honesty, there isn’t another Democrat in the whole state with her name recognition or stature. Ben Nelson trumps her in name recognition, not so much in stature. As for anybody else, it’s hilarious that some school board member from Hastings is the spokesperson for the Nebraska D’s.

  61. Dennis says:

    RWP, Walker’s proposals are a clever and somewhat subtle way of taking away the public union’s rights away. The unions aren’t allowed to bargain for wages to rise faster than inflation. That doesn’t give the unions any leverage. In other words, they really can’t bargain for wages and they can’t bargain over other forms of compensation. They just can’t bargain. That is the end result of Walker’s bill. That State of Wisconsin would be prohibited from collecting union dues and members of collective bargaining units would not be required to pay dues. The bottom line here is that Walker’s legislation would destroy a private organization. That sets a bad precedent. What private organization will government next try to destroy? Genuine limited government conservatives should be troubled by the implications of this legislation on private organizations.

  62. Anonymous says:

    Ahh, now Denis get’s the point. Take away the Union’s strong arm tactics and let’s get back to business. Unions have been the downfall of this country. Now is the time to fix the situation! Nebraska is fortunate to have a Governor who understands the issue, and Senators who will get the job done. Nuff said!

    What a great year this can be, historic to be honest.
    1. Repeal the whacky distribution of Electoral Votes to Winner take all, like the rest of the country. If the larger states did it the way we do you would almost NEVER see another D in the Oval Office, hense the reason they don’t do it.

    2. CIR reform!

  63. Karl Marx says:

    Kleeb adamantly denies that she is a “lefty.”

    She said her political views are more nuanced and issue-focused. She prefers the label “progressive,” and said she is much more driven by issues, such as health care, than by political campaigns.

    Really Jane, “nuanced”…lol

  64. Other People's Money says:


    You are either missing or fail to realize the difference here. A public union is NOT a private organization. The dues being paid to a public union are a direct ‘pass through’ of tax dollars paid to public employees who work for the taxpayers.

    In effect all taxpayers are subsidizing a public organization whose sole purpose is to extort more tax dollars for the same job by negotiating with other public employees (municipalities, counties or in this case Governor Walker). So you have one set of public employees negotiating with another (using dollars subsidized from taxpayers) for more tax dollars that neither group generated.

    In the private sector, this would be akin to allowing labor to negotiate with itself and inform the business owner of how much of his or her money they would have to shell out for the privilege of having them work there. The logical thing for that business owner to do is fire any employees who don’t wish to work for the current ‘going rate’. Governor Walker isn’t even asking them to settle for the ‘going rate’ but is still giving them a better deal than the private sector. These public unions, however, have been extorting taxpayers for far too long and won’t part with their strangle hold on our tax dollars.

  65. Dennis says:

    OPM, All of this talk about “extortion” is hyperbolic. Public workers earn 4.8 percent less than private sector employees with the same qualifications and traits doing similar jobs. Would you rather have the income of an attorney in private practice or one who works for the government? I can tell you that if you’re a Nebraska lawyer, you will make more money in the private sector if you’re even halfway competent. The public employees who tend to have overly generous pensions are the ones who work in police and fire departments. There is certainly some room for reform in that area. However, what makes Walker’s proposals hypocritical is that he exempted the police, fire and public safety unions from his changes – and that’s because those unions supported him in the 2010 election cycle. Walker’s proposals aren’t about fiscal responsibility – they’re about partisan politics.

  66. Jenn says:

    The Nebraska legislature also has proposals this term to eliminate public collective bargaining. Dennis is correct that, “Genuine limited government conservatives should be troubled by the implications of this legislation on private organizations.” It really is an unfair restriction on basic freedoms to assemble and petition. OPM, the taxpayers dollars are no more directly “passed through” to the union than they are “passed through” to the grocery store where a teacher spends her salary. If I thought that eliminating public collective bargaining was going to save the State of Nebraska any money, then I’d at least find it a tempting proposition. However, we’re not losing money in our budget because of state union negotiations. In addition, some of the proposals (like LB 555) will actually LOSE the state money, and cause us taxpayers to spend more on litigation for these negotiations. Moral of the story: the lawyers always win in the end. ha!

  67. Jenn says:

    On the GOP presidential primary issue, I think the players are Daniels, Perry, and Christie. I don’t think Pawlenty, Romney, Palin, or Huckabee have a prayer of getting elected. Palin has the star power but can’t attract any voters in the middle. The other three are just duds. Christie has a lot of charisma and does a good job of getting the average voter riled up about issues that favor the GOP. He has a good message for the current fiscal climate, and even though he can get very “attack-dog”, people still seem to find him likeable in spite of (or because of) that! I’d put my money on him, but a successful Texas Gov. always has some juice, and Daniels seems to be earning lots of favor these days among the well-connected and well-heeled.

  68. Anonymous says:

    Unions are losing the PR battle each and every day. As most of you know they make up less than 30% of the workforce as it is. By removing collective barganing those numbers may well go to less than 20%, which is a good thing., The next step is to put more “Transparency” on Union financial activities. It would be a step in the right direction to ensure membership dues must NOT be used for political activities! A seperate fund should be required where members must grant permission for thier monies to be used for political efforts AND there can be NO reprisals for those who do NOT want their contributions used for political efforts.

    Take the money away from the unions and this would be a much more cival world. Just look at what the unions are paying for politicians here in Nebraska. Hundreds of thousands of dollars are used to capture races, just looks at the race for LD 14 where Whitehead was heavily funded by unions. Or go to the NADC and see where Sen Mello is almost exclusively funded by unions. Is this the will of the union members?

    Either way when unions are neutered the country can get back on track and pull it’s self out of the debt mess we are in.

    Then it will be off to reform Social Security, Medicare, and Medicade.

  69. RWP says:


    Unions have no rights. Union members have rights.

    No other private organizations can force the state to collect their dues. I was once subjected to this sort of extortion, at the State University of New York. The union pocketed 1% of my paycheck each year, even as it bargained away the merit increases that were the only real way I could climb out of poverty. They were more interested in protecting the cost-of-living increases for tenured and lazy
    full professors.

    If it sucks so much to be a teacher in Wisconsin, they should go look for another job.

  70. Other People's Money says:

    Wisconsin’s proposal applies to teachers, not lawyers (or firemen / police). It is factually incorrect that they make LESS than their private sector cohorts, Wisconsin has already documented this.

    The money IS a direct pass through as RWP notes, because they collect it off the top of these teacher’s paychecks directly from the state’s general fund. Second, it is unclear as to why you don’t believe removing collective bargaining would save NE money? Wisconsin will save $300 million through the balance of this year alone.

    NE collective bargaining can cover contracts 2 years out and they have been negotiating raises during the same period that people in the private sector have been losing jobs. Simply freezing the pay of these unionized public employees would alleviate some of the budget pressures. However, both state and local governments get neutered when they attempt to negotiate because all the unions have to do is defer to the CIR where they always get some sort of increase. Wisen up.

  71. Anonymous says:

    and now the Right to Work bills are springing up in FORCED Union states. Way to go Barry and your union Bosses. At this rate unions will be all but extinct, much like Vorhees said on his show this morning.

  72. NE Voter says:

    I know it’s way off topic, but does anybody else miss the caterwauling crybabies who posted non-stop during the attempted recall? GeoSuser. Curbfeeler. Third Floor Watcher. Suttle watch.co_m guy. Jim Vokal’s OMAPAC. Bonn’s IdeasForOmaha. Hell, Dave Nabity himself. And Patrick McPherson.

    The only person still riding the crazy train is Tom Becka.

    Come back, ya’ll!

  73. Dennis says:

    Unions aren’t perfect and they have their flaws. (So do corporations.) However, unions are a valuable check and balance on the power of corporations and other monied interests in the American political system. Unions are one of the few influential players in our political system representing the interests of middle- and working-class Americans, as opposed to the wealthy. If unions get wiped out, then the U.S. will become more oligarchic and less democratic than it already is.

  74. Anonymous says:

    If you don’t mind unionized teachers holding your children’s education hostage on the taxpayer’s dime, you won’t mind the military pointing a rifle at you until they get what they want, Fair is fair.

  75. Bob Loblaw says:


    Thanks for spouting word for word what Paul Krugman wrote in the NYT today. It proves my theory that liberals can’t think for themselves.

  76. Bob Loblaw says:


    Thanks for spouting word for word what Paul Krugman wrote in the NYT today. It proves my theory that liberals can’t think for themselves.

    It is funny though that you come in spouting about oligarchies and try to pass it off as if it was your own idea. You are pathetic. I would at least give credit to Krugman for stealing his words, but no, you want us to all think how intelligent you are and what deep social commentary you make. You are nothing but a phony spouting off tired liberal talking points and trying to pass them off as your own original thought.

  77. Follow The Money says:

    Notice Robyn Tysver’s puff piece on Jane Kleeb made no mention of the complaint filed with NADC regarding Kleeb’s creative campaign bookkeeping which Sweeper mentions above. Suppose Kleeb needed some good PR after the NADC complaint was made public and the OWH was more than happy to oblige. It will be interesting to see if Jane gets the rest of the campaign stuff buried or if the media will actually do its job as they have regarding others who have been brought up on NADC complaints.

  78. DQ says:

    Although Jane Kleeb does come off as a bit pushy, I am glad that she has come to our state. It was about time that someone, anyone, spoke up on behalf of the Democrats in this state. No one in Nebraska’s Democratic Party speaks out as forcefully as Jane on the topics that we hold dear. It is as though the Democratic Party doesn’t even exist here.
    Where is Vic Covalt? Where is Jim Rogers? Where are Maureen Monahan, Maureen Nickels, Jane Erdenburger, Vince Powers, Brenda Council, Gerard Finnegan, Charlene Ligon, Jeff Kirkpatrick, Mary Doyle, Bud Pettigrew, Richard Ream, Karlee Coleman, Marion Bahensky, Jerry Reynoldson, Shelisa Minnifield, Matt Hansen, Lin Quenzer, Mary Herres, Roger Garcia, Ron Kaminski, Mary Angus, and Tom Dorsch? These are all listed as the “leaders” of the NDP on their website, yet no one – not even we Democrats in this state, ever hear anything from them. It seems they are only interested in their own interests, not those of the people they supposedly represent.
    No one has elected Ms. Kleeb to anything but our school board, yet her’s is the only voice, that speaks for Democrats in this state. Ben Nelson? Hah! Meanwhile, the Democrats in the Unicameral are all supposedly “non-partisan,” so they can’t do it.
    I say “Good Job!” Jane. Keep up the good work, and please run for higher office. We will be there for you.

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