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Following up on all things political, we note that the OWH’s Robynn Tysver penned (keyboarded?) her little feature on Jane Kleeb.

Robynn started out the piece noting that “she is often mentioned on conservative political blogs”.

There are so many of those Robynn, to whom could you be referring???


But we cracked up upon reading that Jane doesn’t want to be described as a “Lefty”. She probably doesn’t like the terms, Liberal, Socialist, Bolshevik or Nanny-State Enabler either. But, you know, sometimes labels fit.

Her line was that “her political views are more nuanced”.

May we quote the great film, Diner:

You know what word I’m not comfortable with? Nuance. It’s not a real word. Like gesture. Gesture’s a real word. With gesture you know where you stand. But nuance? I don’t know. Maybe I’m wrong.

But you know what always cracks us up?

When a Lefty or Liberal or Progressive, or whatever word they’ve invented for themselves, tells us how much they don’t like their moniker. Because, you know, they are really just a Centrist. Everyone really thinks like them. Or those that don’t are just the extremes.



And by the way, we note Julie Schmit-Albin’s comment about Kleeb:

“She rolled into Nebraska in, what, 2007 and now she knows better than native Nebraskans what needs to be done in this state?”

And Jane gets all indignant about such suggestions that she’s an “outsider” or newcomer.


First of all, uh, she is.

But second of all, it’s not that she’s new. Tons of people are new to Nebraska. And love their new home. Find it a good place to live or raise their kids or work or whatever.

Few however then try to lecture you on the state they just moved to. Like Tweeting:

There are no better people than ranchers and farmers. Strong, bold, caretakers of the land, folks who feed us every day

Oh, really? Gee! Thank you!

Next up:

“While chant is ‘Go Big Red’, school colors are actually ‘scarlet & cream’. Univ should consider writing a song.”

Or maybe…

Central High in Omaha beautiful architecture. Could have been a nice state capitol.

How about:

Chimney Rock: Tall!

Oh but sorry. Didn’t mean to “demonize”….


So with stories like this dominating the local political news it must be…February.

That’s what happens in the political doldrums, stories get invented.

Like the recent rabid headlines, “Heineman says Palin is absolutely qualified to be President!”

If you caught that headline on the blogs, you’d have thought Heineman held a press conference and sent out a release heralding the former Alaska Governor and Vice-Presidential candidate as the next coming of Calvin Coolidge.

Then again, YOU watch Joe Jordan’s interview of Governor Dave, and note the tooth that Jordan pulled out of Heineman:

By the way, you maybe remember that Palin was on the GOP ticket in 2008, right? What is DH, a former Romney guy, supposed to say? “No, if McCain had keeled over we would have had the next Libya on our hands.”

Oh well.

As if you needed suggesting, we will open up the comments section for whatever your topic du jour is.

Keep it civil kids.

No demonizing.


  1. Kortezzi says:

    Jane Kleeb reminds me of the feminist author Naomi Wolf. Bitter, hard core socialist, but reasonable, pleading tone of voice. And not nearly as ugly as most angry feminist blowhards – – therefore she gets invited on more TV talk shows than old kooks from Nebraskans for Peace!

    We don’t hear much from Naomi anymore. I hope Jane fades away quickly too.

    Or departs our state for company with like-minded folks in San Francisco or Greenwich Village.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Once Scott’s government funds dry up for his energy biz (non-profit or profit-only for the Kleeb’s ?) expect to see them packing for Oregon or Washington State. Can’t happen too soon.

  3. Julie Schmit-Albin says:

    Sweeper, you are right to note that I have nothing against “new Nebraskans.” My comments would have been better directed at the fact that Jane blew into Nebraska in 2007 and almost immediately started attacking all manner of elected officials and other groups as if she had been a longtime observer of all things Nebraskan. That separates her from “new Nebraskans” who simply like the State and want to make a life here. I thought Robyn did a real puff piece on this one but it’s not unlike the one she wrote about the Kleebs when Scott ran for Senate. Nebraska media would do well to pull back the curtain on Jane and the Land of Kleeb and provide Nebraskans with a true assessment of this woman’s liberal background and what she is trying to do here. At least we have her on record on abortion now and NRL will continue to make the case with Hastings voters that Jane does not represent Nebraska’s values.

  4. Oh My says:

    Jane and Scott are continuing their job of trying to get people to keep supporting their way of life, and especially her ego. Expect another run for something in 2012. Democrats would be smart to tell them they’ve had their chance and not support them.

    Julie isn’t pro-life either because she loves Gov. Dave’s position of throwing unborn babies under the bus.

  5. Ricky says:

    Jane must be doing a good job because she keeps getting under the skin of the Republicans.
    I thought Robynn did a good job on the story and I was surprised to learn that Kleeb overcame anorexia. Kudos to her for that. It can not be easy, right?
    I think Kleeb speaks for every Democrat the same way JSA speaks for every Republican.
    Go labor, Planned Parenthood, and the ACLU.

    ricky from Omaha, member of ACLU Nebraska. we rock

  6. Anonymous says:

    So being a liberal is against the law in Nebraska? That is how the anti abortion person sounds like. I ran into a guy today who hates all Muslims. He has no problem in doing to them what the NAZIS did to the Jews. He also said Obama is a terrible person and President. The last thing he told me is that he is a conservative republican. Now I doubt if all republicans are like him . But you guys can keep him. I will keep the Kleebs over bigots any day.

  7. If you settle in Nebraska – the home state of your ancestors – after college, you just might be a Nebraskan.

    If you marry a man with Cornhusker roots, you just might be a Nebraskan.

    If you have great-grandparents – Mark & Molly Harper – buried near Hebron and Davenport, you just might be a Nebraskan.

    If you move to Lincoln – from Washington, D.C. by way of Baton Rouge, Louisiana – and run for the City Council within months of arriving; with a bio that shows a 1996 Master’s of Theology at a conservative Catholic college, convenient considering Lincoln stands as one of the country’s most conservative Catholic communities; yet whatever epiphany compelled a D.C.-based, 36-year-old politico with a public policy/Cajun-public relations background to desire a religious degree and then – in the same year, 1996, – just miraculously pick Lincoln – of all cities – to immediately segue from that religious career track by running for political office in the Great Plains, you just might be a Carpetbagger.

  8. Oh Mander says:

    SS – It is truly amazing how much time and energy you and the folks on this blog spend criticizing Jane Kleeb. I don’t understand why a conservative blogger in a conservative state completely dominated by conservative politicians feels the need to focus this much attention on a single liberal figure. You’d think that absolute power would be enough. Not that I care…

  9. Oh Mander,

    That is a legitimate question. (I wouldn’t call it “amazing”, but then maybe your life is boring.)

    We comment on the political. Jane has pushed the political issues from her side of the spectrum quite a bit lately.

    In her campaigning, her politics drew the ire of the NEGOP, and we commented on it.
    The OWH did a full-on piece on her, and we commented on it.
    In recent months she has gathered her peoples to pass out beanie-babies for her political plans, and we commented on it.

    If the Democratic party or any candidates or pols were doing the same — or when they do do (heh) — we would comment.

    Right now, it’s Jane Kleeb, so we’re commenting.

    And when the GOPers do the same, we will comment as well.

    If someone else is making political news, etc., please let us know. Always looking for new stuff to write about.


  10. MacDaddy says:

    Jane Kleeb is the de facto spokesperson for the Nebraska Democrat party. Do you see any other Husker Democrats in the media? Ben Nelson has come under some pretty heated criticism here, as well, but now that he’s largely irrelevant, what’s the point? So as far as I can tell, Hastings School Board Member Kleeb is the highest ranking elected Democrat official who is willing to offer an opinion.

  11. Anonymous says:

    How lame is it that NDP ED Jim Rogers says in the article that they just love having Jane’s voice out there. What a bunch of losers. They don’t like Kleeb grabbing all their attention but they’re too lazy to make the minimal effort it takes in Nebraska to be an alternative to the GOP. Obviously if Jane can garner attention with her stupid publicity stunts the NDP could do the same but they are so freaking incompetent they think any narcissist with a pulse can do what a political party should be doing.

  12. Anon 2:26 says:

    Street Sweeper 100% true story. I have nothing against Republicans they have their view point. I have mine. I think the GOP is wrong on most stuff. but that is ok . This is America. But I have a lot against bigots. I hope you do too.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Now Indiana Dem’s are fleeing the job. Hmmm seems like there needs to be a NEW law to protect against this. At least a recall:)

    Now will the D’s in the Legislature PLEASE leave! The work of the Legislature would proceed a bit faster. Of course you would still have the Rual vs. Urban, and the RINO PRO Educators still wanting to fund every doggone Education Bill that comes down the road. BUT it would be quicker. Alas the D’s won’t leave as they are needed, so nothing to gain.

    Bet ya there are some ticked off CITIZENS in both states where the chicken $hit Dem’s abandoned them!

  14. Anonymous says:

    The polls show the democrats getting a solid majority support in Wisconsin. People there know the real truth about the Koch brothers attempt to run the state. If the unions are broken, before you know it they will be gong after social security, and medicare. Soon it will be the 1920’s. The child labor laws will be abolished. Equal pay for equal work laws will soon be gone. The attack on the middle class is in full swing. Before you know it the company store will be back and the corporate state will replace democracy. That is what is at stake in Wisconsin.

  15. RWP says:

    Mitch Daniels, in failing to support RTW legislation in Indiana, has just lost my support for national office. At one point in my life, I was forced to give over $2,000 in union dues to a union I did not like or want to be a member of. I want my money back, with interest.

    Labor unions, protected by forced unionization laws such as they have in Wisconsin and Indiana, are tantamount to slavery. Whether you want to or not, 1% of the work you do in those states is involuntary labor to benefit the union bosses.

  16. Lizzie says:

    Anybody else PO’d at Jane effing Kleeb over the price of gasoline? Nice work children, delaying the pipe construction from Canada – one of our only friends left in the world. After the way the Janiacs have caused the disparagement of TransCanada and the copious VOLUMES of disinformation (nice word for “lies) that BOLDNE has strewn into the interwebs and blogosphere, I hold her/them pretty much solely responsible for the nation’s current tenuous position concerning our oil supply, due to the fomenting unrest in the mideast. If that isn’t enough, I know everybody remembers that the Janester was the SIEU spokesgurl in NE – that’s right, she’s UNION all the way, baby! Not only is she in agreement with Planned Parenthood enabling and assisting child sex traffickers, she ALSO approves of the sedition going on in WI and IN, because its “for the workers after all, comrade!”

  17. Lizzie says:

    Funny, Anan 5:2l; all the polls I see are OVERWHELMINGLY in support of Gov Walker; by the hundreds of thousands of people. Weird, huh?

  18. Lizzie says:

    Typical leftie, Henry. All you can do in the face of truth delivered with a sarcastic bite is disparage. No facts in your corner, eh?

    OMGersh RWP! it totally IS an anagram of BLONDE – How awesome is that!

  19. Anonymous says:

    Lizzie what polls? CNN< GALLOP all came out with great support for the Democrats Over 60% . Walker is down to 40%. and falling fast. I bet you watch a lot of FOX. You know the network that lies a lot. There is talk of recall on Walker all ready. They have to wait until he serves one full year. Recall WOW. See it works both ways. RWP you would not be making 10,000 a year or getting any benefits if not for the unions.Everyone pays some price to get a ahead in life. Your an educated man and know that the the first two things Hitler did when he took office. 1. Started the reign of terror on the Jews. 2. outlawed unions. People have a right to negotiate for wages and better working conditions. The unions caved on the wages. But all Americans better hope they don't cave on the right to negotiate. If that is taken away kiss your raise and any raises for any one not in management away forever,

  20. RWP says:

    Anonymous @8:31

    My field is almost entirely un-unionized. Salaries are set by the market. The few unionized schools can’t offer competitive salaries, because they’re forced to pay superannuated dreck.

    Only a complete twit invokes the Nazis. But you’re historically inaccurate anyway. Hitler simply combined the unions into a single organization, the DAF (kinda like our AFL-CIO). It was nicely integrated with the NZDAP, just as our unions are joined at the waist with the Democrats.

  21. Anonymous says:

    No RWP your history is 100% wrong about the Nazis and the unions. You might re read some ww2 history. i grant you may be right on your profession. But remember the unions helped raise wages for everyone . With out their help no one would rise up. The unions created the middle class. There was no middle class before the unions had any power. You may not like them. And that is ok. But their good is so much better than the alternative. One more thing, Sticks and stones may break my bones , but names will never hurt us twits who are right about facts.

  22. Anonymous says:

    For the RWP’s of the world and others who get their news from FAKE news(FOX) You have a right to your opinion you don’t have a right to make up facts.

    On May 2nd, 1933, the day after Labor day (Germany’s labor day), Nazi groups occupied union halls and labor leaders were arrested. Trade Unions were outlawed by Adolf Hitler, while collective bargaining and the right to strike was abolished. This was the beginning of a consolidation of power by the fascist regime which systematically wiped out all opposition groups, starting with unions, liberals, socialists, and communists using Himmler’s state police

  23. Historical poetry says:

    First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out —
    Because I was not a Socialist.
    Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out —
    Because I was not a Trade Unionist.
    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out —
    Because I was not a Jew.
    Then they came for me — and there was no one left to speak for me.
    Martin Niemoller(1892-1984)

  24. RWP says:

    Google ‘Deutsche Arbeitsfront’. Hitler loved organized labor. The Nazis gave it everything our forced unionization states give it — mandatory membership, control over wages and working conditions, etc.. The DAF was determinedly anti-capitalist and pro- nationalization; just like the UAW.

    As for the Fox News crap; my knowledge of 1930s Germany comes from actual history books and from living there. How many of you socialist kool-aid drinkers read German?

  25. Lizzie says:

    Ummm, Sweeps? How does Henry know about my butt?

    Seriously Henry – that had to be one of the most pitiful comments I’ve read. Ample derriere? That’s what your going to for a last word? Really?

    FYI – I’m 5’5″ and 125 pounds of lean and toned muscle; including the glutes. Nothing ample here but my intellect 🙂

  26. Lizzie says:

    *you’re* going to.

    It’s late…

    Actually, the yer, yore, you’re, and your misspelling is one of my pet peeves and it just bit me in the dairy-air. Time for sleep.

  27. Historical poetry says:

    Poor RWP proven wrong again. The man just can’t get anything right when it come to politics and history. I hope he is better in the science field that he says he teaches.

  28. Greg says:

    Dear Anonymous,

    You do realize that NAZI stands for the National Socialist Party a.k.a. the Worker’s party right? Hitler didn’t abolish unions, he made them mandatory in Germany, That is how Germany got out of its depression after WW I. Hitler forced all worker’s to work for the state and be compensated by the state. Interesting fact: that VW Jetta you are driving around is a product of Hitler’s Germany (or is it a VW bug that you drive? Anyway doesn’t matter).

    It is great that the left always goes to the extreme when they don’t get their way and start analogizing rebuplicans with Hitler. You stay classy leftists, or progressives, or is it centrists?

    Now onto my main point: The union’s can come to the bargaining table all they want right now and say “yeah we will contribute more to our pensions and health plans”, but in two years if they still have collective bargaining rights the unions will demand that their contributions return to the levels as of today.

    The centrists are right, there is an assualt on the middle class and it is coming from the union’s, The average middle class worker has not gotten a raise since 2008 or if they have it has been a modest cost of living increase, nothing like the union’s enjoy, contributing .8% to their pension fund and 5% to health care. So while the average middle class taxpayer takes it in the shorts, the average middle class teacher in Milwaukee is compensated over $100,000 a year and growing. Disgusting.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Ivy, I don’t appreciate you putting down the Lincoln Diocese. This isn’t how you presented your attitudes when you were campaigning against Mr. Fortenberry. Back then, you couldn’t tell us enough how you were a Lincoln Pius X graduate. Now, I see that whole Pius thing was a cynical ploy on your part to ingratiate yourself to Lincoln’s Catholic voters without telling us how you really feel. I will do everything I can to make sure my children who attend Pius won’t grow up to be disengenuous and dishonest liberals (redundant?) like you. I’m frankly ashamed to count you among the many wonderful people who have graced those halls.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Now that Bud Pettigrew posts on here as “anonymous,” it’s kind of a fun little game to try to figure out which posts he’s authored. The indicia of a Bud Pettigrew post are lousy grammar and punctuation, historical references of dubious relevancy and accuracy, fabricated stories about some personal experience he claims to have had, and frequent attacks on Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck and conservatives in general.

    I see five very likely candidates for Bud Pettigrew Original Postings (BPOPs) on this thread alone. Bud, you’re hilarious. But we’re laughing AT you, not WITH you.

  31. Butt Pittygrew says:

    Hahaha 1:43 ewe must bee a reel right winger I bet you get all you’re news from Fax News. Back when FDR drove the Rough Riders off San Juan hill he cleared the weigh for the modern laber movement. But you wuldnt no that because u get all you’re news from Fox News and Glenn Beck I f you new anything about history youd no that without laber unions the Nazi would have won the Battle of the Bilge and all of western yourope wuld be speaking Russian right now That govener in Westconsin needs to quit watching Fox news be for the unions put him out to pasture.. if it wasnit for laber unions yule all be making less than two dollars an hour.

  32. Nate says:

    Anon 1:32 –

    Honesty was never a real strong suit for Ivy during her campaign. She was a bald-faced liar when Coby Mach asked her about why she was banned from the UNO campus. She might have gotten away with it, except that the involved parties called in and refuted pretty much everything she said.

  33. Oracle says:

    1:32, Ivy said the Lincoln diocese was “one of the country’s most conservative Catholic communities”. That’s all she said. You are a conservative, I assume, and you consider calling the Lincoln diocese conservative putting it down? This is why it’s impossible to have an intelligent conversation on this blog. Righties instinctively knock any post by moderates/liberals that post here, generally without a logical or coherent argument. Just grade-school name calling.

  34. Hey, Oracle, thanks for sticking up for me!

    You’re 100 per cent right. I was merely stating a Fact; there are many Catholic communities that are not considered as conservative as Lincoln. Absolutely not a put-down. Just the Truth.

    Btw, one of my Washington, D.C. friends is the daughter of ’41 and the sister of ’43; plus, my amazing father has been a life-long Republican so I hold no ill will towards a particular party. Honestly.

    One thing I’ve learned by living in both Cornhusker country and in the shadow of Capitol Hill is that there are wonderful people in both parties. Let’s celebrate that Fact rather than Fight. Why not!

    And the reverse is true.

    @ To SS, just wanted to tell you that I’ve laughed a lot reading your Posts; and as Norman Cousins reminds us, we all need to laugh more. It’s good for the soul, the heart, and the hyper-partisanship that’s wrecking America.

  35. Hey, Boracle says:

    Nice try. Re-read Ivy’s post. She’s not simply calling this Diocese conservative. She’s calling it conservative in the context of ripping her political rival for settling here after graduating from a “conservative” (there’s that word again) Catholic college. She’s implying that it’s a bad thing for our Diocese to be as conservative as she perceives it to be. Otherwise, why would she even bring it up … in the context of ripping on her political rival? What’s the point of her even mentioning it, Boracle? Hmmm? Just for grins? Just cuz? Please. I’ve heard enough people like her criticize this Diocese for its commitment to the traditional teachings of the church and for maintaining a liturgical orthodoxy. I know what she was getting at and it wasn’t flattery.

    Or, Ivy, do I have it all wrong? Please tell me if I do. Ivy, were you suggesting in your earlier post that it’s a good thing that the Lincoln Diocese is conservative? Please, Ivy. Set me straight. Explain to me why you thought it worth mentioning that, in your opinion as a liberal Democrat, the Lincoln Diocese is “one of the country’s most conservative Catholic communities.” Evidently, you intended that as a compliment?

    P.S. Boracle, for your information, I don’t consider the Lincoln Diocese to be “conservative.” It’s not a term that I think applies. I consider our Diocese to be faithful to the teachings of the Catholic church.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Hey Boracle: the way I read Ivy’s post is that she is making the connection that Fortenberry went to a conservative Catholic college and then moved to one of the most conservative Catholic dioceses in the nation to begin his political career. As if he looked around after Stuebenville and plotted where to go to get elected as a conservative Catholic. Not saying it was all part of a master plan on his part to find a way to get elected and move up through the ranks, but she has a point given neither he nor his wife had ties to Nebraska prior to moving here. Or maybe as strong Catholics they just wanted to raise their children in the Lincoln Diocese and the political motivation came after living here a while.

  37. WTF says:

    Wow..Joe Jordan’s budget must be getting smaller than the little digital camera he uses to film his interviews. He milked that Heineman interview for what, four or five days? You’re going to have to do better than that when you’re going up against “Tiny Heiny”, Joe! Try being more “sassy” like Jane’s reporters!

    And Liz…I think I’m in love…

  38. Oracle says:

    Hey, “Hey Boracle”, 8:07 is correct. Fortenberry was looking for a good diocesan fit. That’s all Ivy stated, but somehow your thought processes were able to infer much more than was written. I grew up Catholic in Omaha, then moved to Lincoln, and I’ve never seen such a thin-skinned, paranoid bunch of Catholics as are found in the Lincoln diocese. And thanks for proving my point about “name-calling”. It’s the refuge of idiots who have no argument.

  39. Hey, Boracle says:

    Exactly what point was it you were making about name-calling while you were calling people idiots for name-calling?

    And you can try to spin Ivy’s comments as much as you’d like. No reasonable person would read her comments as nothing more than an innocuous observation that her political rival was looking for a good Diocesan fit. She described his choice to move to Lincoln as “convenient” and “miraculous” before calling him a carpet bagger. And when she describes the school and the Diocese as conservative, a philosophy to which she clearly doesn’t subscribe, she’s not paying a compliment.

    And my point was and always has been (which you obviously missed) that’s not the way she portrayed herself during the campaign.

  40. Oracle says:

    Hey “Hey Boracle”, I apologize for calling name-callers idiots. I should have said that they are persons of subnormal intelligence.

  41. Anonymous says:

    I think that the Union issue in Wisconsin is be misrepresented and comparisons to Hitler are unnecessary. The Nazi’s dealt with Trade Unions. The Wisconsin law deals with Public Unions.

    Trade Unions were a force for good and helped create work place safety and child labor laws. The elimination of some but not all Public Union collective bargaining rights is not going to create a country where we send children to work in unsafe factories.

    In 1937 FDR, who was very pro Trade Union, was not willing to give full union rights to public employees. In the 1950s the AFL-CIO did not believe that government workers should be unionized.

    Tax payers, with expensive insurance and no pensions at all, should not be forced to pay very generous pensions and benefits for government employees. Working for the government should not be a better financial deal than working for a private company.

  42. @ Hey Boracle: As you recall, the thread on the Comments was about Outsiders vs. Insiders.

    One Commenter (who I like) urged the Nebraska media to pull back the curtain on new political Cornhuskers and provide voters with a true assessment of their liberal backgrounds.

    Oracle, the Feb. 24th Anonymous, & Others got my point:

    That if the GOP wants to paint some Nebraska politicos as too-new-to-the-sod-to-express-themselves, then it’s fair play to talk about a Republican’s D.C.-driven journey to Lincoln.

    The third-district-based newbies came here with some connection to Cornhusker country.

    One recent Republican had none.

    Additionally, it’s a well-known fact that in 1994 & 1996 – concomitant with the success of the Contract with America – Tom DeLay & others mapped out the country like a GOP chess board looking for potential and continued Republican House victories and recruiting candidates; including some who lived in Washington, D.C. At that point, Rep. Doug Bereuter already had served for 20 years with no clear-cut Republican superstar waiting in the 1st District fields.

    Perhaps, however, the possible GOP candidate doesn’t have a single tie to Nebraska. Well, but he is Catholic. Yes, that will help. But wait, he worked as a pr person for certain Louisiana interests and that won’t help in Lincoln’s conservative Catholic community; all that kind of stuff’s across the river. But if he earns a Masters in Theology, that will make up for it.

    Cynics might say it’s a convenient coincidence that the minute an advanced religious degree is awarded, the politico who earned it runs for office in a Catholic town where such credentials mean something.

    Why not become a priest; or an advocate for the poor; or a Catholic high school teacher; or a University Theology Professor; Or a social worker; or a non-profit director; or a direct-care worker?

    The point of my Post was parallelism. If the GOP feels comfortable questioning the status of political newcomers and their “opportunistic” motives, well…

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