Don we now…

If you followed our Twitter feed (and, you know, it’s not the 80’s! You don’t get your news from Kurt Loder and MTV anymore! Twitter up!), you would have known a couple days ago that Don Stenberg will announce his U.S. Senate campaign sometime in the next few weeks.

No real details from the Don camp, otherwise. He has been keeping a pretty low profile, letting Attorney General Jon Bruning take the shots at Ben Nelson.

Of course Nelson expects Stenberg to soften Bruning up for him — though we are sure Don doesn’t see it that way. Stenberg no doubt thinks he can take Bruning out.

No matter that some polls show him down by over twenty points. No matter that Bruning started with half a mil in the bank and Stenberg started $90K in the hole from his last race.

So how bloody will this primary be? To a certain extent that will be up to Don, and how well Bruning can parry.

If he thinks he can win no matter what (the sort of things polls can help gauge), Bruning may just spend the primary hitting Nelson and ducking Stenberg’s shots — while trying to stay as positive as possible.

Can this primary be simply about who has the best ideas? Or will it get personal?

Let’s not be naive now.


We noted Jon Bruning’s new web ad the other day, and see that it is being picked up by the national blogs — more so than the local press.

The national guys seem to like it, and we figure that is who is was directed at more. Get a little notoriety for the race, and maybe pump some extra cash in.


And we hate to be all “Jane Kleeb Street” here, but we just can’t resist noting her recent comments on Facebook.

So at a recent Republican dinner, NEGOP Executive Director Jordan McGrain was MCing and  joked,

“Until he was elected to the legislature, Senator Dennis Utter was proud to say he had only three jobs since college, all in banking.  It’s probably fair to say he was just cantankerous in those jobs as he is in the Unicameral!  No one can blame him for his generally cranky mood – he does have to share a hometown with Jane Kleeb – but a children’s magazine actually celebrated Senator Utter’s famous disposition…he was named one of Oscar’s Favorite Grouches.”

Get it? Jane Kleeb makes him grouchy.
About as good of a joke you’d expect at a party function, right? (Sorry Jordan.)

So Jane takes to FB and delivers this:

It less about funny or not, more about GOP obsession with me and its very bizarre and boarding on harassment.

Boarding on harassment????????????????????

A joke at a GOP dinner is harassment?

Well, Jane, please take your case to the Judge and get yourself a restraining order against…political jokes. Oh and against NADC complaints.

Of course if she thinks that’s harassment, we wonder what she thinks of…

  • Having someone follow her husband’s political opponent with a camera, filming his every move.
  • Sneaking a video camera into a rally and then following an out-of-state guest around hammering him with questions.
  • An office holder’s wife getting hassled about her opinions on her kids’ school by political opponents.

Jane gets more national TV time than most of the elected officials in the state. But when she gets a little light shined on her POLITICAL activities by POLITICAL rivals, she thinks it’s harassment.

Gee Jane, looks like you have a new candidate for Wimp Wednesday.


And the DCCC is out with their top 50 House Republicans they are going to go after.


Oh, but guess whose name ISN’T on the list.

We will give you a hint:  He lives in Nebraska’s 2nd District.


  1. Don d don don says:

    Okay, so Lee Terry is invincible per the Dems in Congress. Okay, so Jane Kleeb is stupid per what comes out of her mouth. But Don Stenberg? Jeez.

    Stenberg is like a sweet retarded little brother. Only he’s not sweet or retarded or a brother. He’s just a conservative person who burns with a crapload of ambition and has less personality than a wart. Don is to politics what Ben is to integrity. But Ben Nelson actually benefits his own party.

    Don Stenberg is an aid and comfort to the Democratic Party.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Jane thinks the NEGOP is obsessed with her and close to harassing her? By what barometer? If anyone is obsessed, it’s Jane who incessantly Tweets and Facebooks about the perceived shortcomings of numerous GOP elected officials, I would think they get together in a class action lawsuit against her many inane and borderline malicious comments.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Don we now? Don we now? Don we now our gay apparel. Falalalalalala. Who knew?

    This is like a bad night on Elm Street. Just when you think Freddie has gone away to do a job elsewhere, (can you say newly elected TREASURER?), he’s back.

  4. Should've Voted for Fulton says:

    I’m sorry Tony. I should have voted for you. I don juan anything to do with Don Stenberg.

    Kurt Loder? Colin Quinn?

  5. Uncle Wiggily says:

    Ummmm … shouldn’t that be “bordering” on harassment? Not sure how one “boards” on harassment, but if anyone could manage it, it’d be Janey-Poo.

    Yeah, I know … I’m being a PITA grammar cop. Sue me.

  6. Macdaddy says:

    Wow. Esch came within a whisker of taking out Lee when Obama was at the top of the ticket. Either Lee earned himself some breathing room or the DCCC looked at Obama’s likely GOTV effort and figured that it won’t be the juggernaught in 2012 that it was in 2008. Doesn’t bode well for Obama in the CD2.

    Oh, but Nebraska is in play! Spend money here!

  7. Geez, Jane has thin skin says:

    The fact she complains about it at all makes her look a little whiny. But then she won’t drop it. Some young Democrat chimes in with a, “hey, don’t let it bug you, I was at the dinner and they were just joking around making fun of themselves too” kind of post. But of course, that doesn’t mollify dear Jane. Noooo. She comes back with a “it’s not funny” and “it’s (boardering) on harrassment.”

    Harrassment? Really, Jane, harrassment? Have you seen the kinds of things the members of your party — including many who post on this very blog — have said about Sarah Palin? Hmmmm? Or what they’ve said about Palin’s kids? Or what your Democrat friends say about Michele Bachmann? Or Ann Coulter? Or the kinds of vile and hateful things your Democrat friends have said about any number of other conservative women.

    But someone at a GOP dinner cracks a joke about someone being grouchy because he lives in the same town as you. You poor thing. Oh, the slings and arrows you must endure.

    Oh, and one of the posters on Jane’s Facebook was a Dennis someone or other. Could that be our favorite Dense Democrat Dennis who posted on here during the recall effort? “The GOP is full of haters” says he. Yep, Dennis, chock full of haters. But, trust me on this one Dennis because I’ve heard you guys plenty: when it comes to hatin’, Republicans are pikers compared to you Democrats.

  8. herassmeant says:

    Her ass meant this. Her ass meant that. When Jane’s partisan donkey gets done braying, it is hard to tell what her ass meant.

  9. DQ says:

    Jane Kleeb is the de-facto voice of Nebraska’s Democrats. No one elected her to the job, but leadership isn’t about holding titles. Leadership is about leading, and that is something that Jane has proven herself quite capable of doing. Vic Covalt, Jim Rogers, and all those others that supposedly drive the Democratic bus down the road have been asleep at the wheel.

  10. Omaha Independent says:

    If by “Leadership” you mean “making a spectacle of yourself in public”, then yes, Jane is a leader. So is Glenn Beck. And Charlie Sheen.

  11. DQ says:

    The squeaky wheel gets the grease. If only Covalt and Rogers made more of a spectacle of themselves. How about it Nebraska Democrats, who speaks for you – Jane Kleeb or Vic Covalt? The only voice we’re hearing out here is Janes.

  12. Hey DQ says:

    Define leader cuz Jane ain’t one. A leader has principles, consistency and inner strength. All you see out of Jane is flapping her gums on every imagineable topic and contradicting herself at every turn. All she’s about is promoting herself above everything, the “cause” of the day is a far second. Never has anyone done so little actual work to garner so much media attention and psuedo-adulation from what she perceives to be her masses. Jane’s a fake, she knows it. She and hubby are just milking this ride as long as they can and then they will find another place/benefactor to extract money and praise from.

  13. DQ says:

    Hey DQ@2:12,
    Hey, Vic, thanks for finally speaking up.
    Definition of a leader? Anyone that does anything other than sit on their dead ass and do nothing.

  14. DQ says:

    Vile Kyle tweets, “NDP Chair Vic Covalt delivered fiery call to action at rally for workers’ rights. Neb Dems have a voice. Just lack shared strategy & agenda.”
    Nebraska Democrats not part of the inner circle of attorneys in Lincoln and Omaha respond – there is a shared strategy & agenda, you just aren’t following it Vic.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Let’s see,
    Nelson will retire, and then we will see a real feeding frenzy. All of the energy Bruning is directing at Nelson will be lost time and dollars. Bruning needs to start telling people he is more than a candidate running against Nelson. The Dem’s will have a lot of fun finding a candidate too.

    State Sen Heath Mello is exploring a run at Lee Terry, and Heath doesn’t have years and y ears of being a pain like White did. Mello is personable, smart, and very smooth. You know this is the case as he is speaking more like a fiscal conservative these days. He is on the Appropriations Committee, and the Redistricting Committee. Mello is a LOT smarter than Bruning to boot.

    Oh and the Unions need to brush up on their tactics as there is going to be some serious reform to the CIR!

    Have fun kids.

  16. Oh My says:

    Has Don even started his job as Treasurer yet? Or is he just riding the title as he prepares for his next run? Yeah, never saw that coming……

  17. TexasAnnie says:

    …..just checking in to see whether y’all are going to get around to discussing anything other than candidate bashing. For instance: how much “economic development” can you suckers up there afford? That Innovation Campus in Lincoln and Heineman’s four “talent and innovation” initiatives are sure to drive the cost (to taxpayers) of doing business in Nebraska to new heights! Y’all sure do love corporate welfare! Doing business in Nebraska just seems to precipitate a (tax-funded) bribe of some sort, huh? It’s kinda like the bribe Sen. Nelson delivered to the people of Nebraska…..

  18. Anonymous says:

    yup- corp welfare is the best kind there is. See they provide jobs, and some revenue. While individual welfare does little none of either. I would rather have a company employ 200 people who are willing and able to work than keep 50 people on the dole. Those on welfare really do so little for the economy.

  19. Pa Kettle says:

    Hey, Ma! Looky here in the newspaper. It says our state is a bazillion dollars in the hole. It’s all the fault of them darned welfare moms! By the way, Ma, has our ag subsidy check got here yet?

  20. Ma Kettle says:

    No, Pa! It had better get here quick. Our Social Security checks aren’t going to be enough to cover the first-class airfare for our trip to visit the Clampetts out in Beverly Hills next week! And we sure don’t want to have to cash in any of our Berkshire stock.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Wow, great point about how individual welfare just costs, while helping business helps pay for those who don’t do a thing. Getting tired with the parasitic society we have.

  22. TexasAnnie says:

    I know, Anonymous at 7:34 pm yesterday. It’s a false dilemma to suggest that we should become overly anxious about one form of welfare versus another. Welfare is welfare. And anti-welfare sentiment is phony unless applicable to ALL FORMS OF WELFARE. It’s analogous to Heineman’s standard public policy of espousing “pro-life” sentiments without actually promoting LIFE….. (my use of the ellipsis here displaces the needed reference to the killings last year out of the Beatrice State Developmental Center, the high water mark of Nebraskan “pro-life” hypocrisy.)

    Y’all should check with your own Dept. of Revenue if you have any concerns or doubts about corporate welfare. It’s a policy battle which has been waged in Nebraska since 1990 and the dept. does a good job of tracking the tax expenditures garnered by corporate welfare. Once your policymakers (both R’s and D’s in your “non-partisan” unicameral) agreed to Ag and RR tax subsidies, the bottom fell out. Even your Omaha newspaper got into the game with a threat to pick up and leave Nebraska unless they got theirs. (Seriously, folks! How ludicrous is that?) By now, evidently, no business can conduct business in Nebraska without those tax subsidies which, make no mistake, ARE TAX EXPENDITURES. Don’t you realize that providing an educated workforce, infrastructure and utilities, and your right-to-work regulations is ENOUGH. Why must you also BRIBE businesses into coming and/or staying in Nebraska? And why must you BRIBE your offspring to stay and work there once you have educated them? What’s wrong with Nebraska??? Dont’cha think the offering and taking of bribes has a down side…..

  23. Omaha Independent says:

    @Texas Annie
    Businesses (and unions) are no different than Willie Sutton, they go where the money is. If you look at Nebraska’s unemployment rate compared to other states, I’d say it worked. The problem is that the legislature never drew a line and said. “We have to have this much to run the state”. That’s what happens when budgeting is a religious rite (“The Invisible Hand will Save Us!”) instead of a math problem.

  24. Anonymous says:

    It is a math problem and a painfully simple one.

    Flat economy Islamic peoples, who basically don’t like you, live atop seas of oil that you buy, while we hem and haw over drilling our own oil. Until we have our own oil, or better yet find a way to get around without oil, the math is against us.

    Chinese people are willing to work for a buck an hour. And if they unionize they get a bullet in the head. Here we encourage taxpayer-paid teachers to hold children’s education hostage for more pay and the inability to fire bad teachers. We push longevity over productivity. We are unproductive as a result. The math is there for the Chinese, Indians, etc., and against Americans.

    Business welfare? Indigent welfare? Welfare is welfare. All welfare is a crutch and a crutch weakens over time that which it props up. Muscles wither under “help”. Limping sores become crippling deformities. Put weight on bone and calcium comes flooding in to strengthen the whole. Steady stress and strain result in strength, individual and societal, and economic health.

    That’s not to say we shouldn’t stem a hemmorage. Starving people need food. The disabled need help. And businesses won’t come to Nebraska without good reason. But enuring any healthy person to assistance (welfare), or pouring money into businesses that won’t otherwise profit (bailouts), and demanding workers be paid more for doing less (union hash), is the route to weakness and misery.

    This is a math problem and America isn’t solving it.

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