The “Mayor’s” Tweet

This was posted on Wednesday night on Omaha Mayor Jim Suttle’s Twitter feed:

It was deleted soon after…


  1. Anonymous says:

    Looks like Newt Gingrich’s presidential exploratory webpage uses the same stock photography of people waving miniature American flags from Getty Images that Mayor Suttle’s original campaign site used. Awesome.

  2. STL native says:

    Hey TJ Hooker, this show was supposed to be cancelled earlier this year following lousy ratings. It just keeps getting propped back up. Kinda like MSLSD errr MSNBC gets life support by GE. Pathetic.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The mayor likes a show, who cares. Of course why would he care if people knew?

    Of real interest in the ruling in Florida on Obama Care. The liberal media is portraying the ruling as as something positive but in reality the Justice Dept got served! A stay for 7 days and a demand to either cease the implementation or file an appeal, on a fast track, to either the 14th circuit or the Supremes:) Hee Hee played the judge and now got themselves in a pickle.

  4. NE Voter says:

    I don’t tweet, but I think it’s funny.

    But you know what’s funnier? The outcome of Dave Phipps’ much ballyhooed-ACORN led-assault on democracy voter fraud scandal in which, it was alleged, six criminals attempted to control the outcome of the recent eections by voting twice.

    Now, I’m sure many of you “recall” the caterwauling on this blog and on KFAB by the recall supporters over this felonious outrage. You do, don’t you? OK, I thought so.

    ‘Course, now it turns out that it was 6 confused senior citizens (average age 65).

    The take-away from all this: Dave Phipps is in over his head.

  5. Anonymous says:

    “The mayor likes a show, who cares.” — That’s a stupid statement. Pee Wee liked twiddling himself in a theater. Who cared? Everyone who ruined his career.

    Childish behaviour, spasmodic behaviour, a lack of ability to control one’s emotions and mouth and blurt out crap like a nutcase with tourette’s, and that coming from a chief executive who just underwent a recall effort because some people seriously doubt his wherewithall and perhaps his sanity, is not a good thing. The guy is a mayor. He is in charge of people with loaded guns. Him blurting out silly crap isn’t good for him or the city.

    Maybe he is nuts. And the fact that “recallers” are inept wouldn’t, after all, diminish any of Suttle’s craziness. “Crazy” was the word Suttle chose to send out to the world. Apt choice.

  6. NE Voter says:

    Anon 8:25

    And, meanwhile, conservative hero Sarah Palin continues to tweet inanities while people like you seriously discuss her viability to be elected leader of the free world. Seriously.

    Lighten up, Francis.

  7. Nelle,
    The website automatically rejects comments with links in them.
    And it’s noted in our comment policy.
    And yes, from time to time I do censor comments, if they don’t comply with that policy.
    Just remake your point and leave out the link.

  8. To NE Voter says:

    There were several recall opponents who were claiming it was recall supporters who tried to vote twice. Phipps was doing his job, and since he has been under continous scrutiny, he had to turn them in. Otherwise people such as OFD & Proud on Watchdog would still be crowing that republicans were the ones voted twice.

  9. Apparently not you.
    But I disagree about the humor factor.
    It was obvious some staffer or whomever put up that tweet on the Red Cross site.
    But Suttle’s is a personal account — and is supposed to be coming from his fingertips.
    So the idea that he was geeking about Hoarders was even funnier.
    (But if it has to be explained to you…)

  10. nelle says:

    you’re right. i don’t read comment policies.

    lighten up!

    I also understand why you think it’s funnier, but I guess I already knew there was someone else behind @jimsuttle, so I found #gettingslizzered from the Red Cross to be funnier.

  11. Anonymous says:

    All of these politicians have twitter/facebook accounts. We all know that the majority of them are run by someone else. This is not a good story and certainly not surprising

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