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And a Happy Mardi Gras to ya!

U.S. Senate candidate Don Stenberg is getting his party on with a new web video up on the ‘Tube.

See all four minutes plus of it here:

OK for those of you who didn’t click, it is a montage of his announcement speech, with stirring background music.

There is even a cameo of Joe Jordan asking…well, we don’t know what Joe was asking. He wasn’t subtitled. Or mic’d … well actually he DID have a mic on his tie. Oh well. But for some reason he was left in (later seen from and back and seen shaking hands with Don), and Don responds to his question about Jon Bruning, we think.

Even more interesting on the Don Stenberg YouTube page is his speech at the CIR reform rally from the other day.

What makes it interesting is, of course, the camera angle that was chosen for this vid. Who is that over Don’s right shoulder? Well Jon Bruning of course!

We even get shots of Bruning smiling and applauding Don’s applause lines.

Intentional? Well moving the tripod, or using a closeup were certainly other options.

Thin gruel for discussion? Well, there is a good year to go.


Speaking of rallies, the Pro-Life Legislative Day is tomorrow (3/9/11) at the Capitol in Lincoln.

Julie Schmit-Albin and the crew will be chatting up Senators and would like your help.

See their info flyer here:


The Keystone XL Pipeline issue continues to be batted about.

A group of military veterans, from Generals to Sergeants, came out with a letter in support of the Pipeline — basically noting the importance of getting oil from a neighboring ally, as opposed to the Mid East.

And you may have seen that Senator Mike Johanns believes the State Department should take time to further review the issues presented.

But just remember that those who are really pushing to stop the pipeline really aren’t interested in “moving” the pipeline. They want it stopped altogether. They don’t want the oil from Canada, and hate oil as a rule.

Note what their leader, nutrition expert Jane Kleeb, said to Joe Jordan: “Our first choice is no pipeline.”

All of their supposed concern about safety and the location and all of that is just subterfuge to reach their main goal: stop the flow of oil. That’s it.


Did you notice who introduced all of the Republican Presidential hopefuls in Waukee, Iowa on Monday night?

That would be Nebraskan Pete Ricketts.

Also there was former Godfathers CEO Herman Cain — the Hermanator! — running himself.

It will be interesting to see if Cain — who these days considers himself coming out of Georgia than Nebraksa — can gain any traction. If you get the chance to hear or see him, do it. Engaging guy and a great speaker.


Hey, and remember when we mentioned a few months back about the possibility of Chuck Hagel becoming Commerce Secretary?  Well, the present Sec just got named Ambassador to China.

If he gets named, could this be a stepping stone admin gig for Hagel? Then move up to Defense or State if there’s a next term?

Remember, you heard it here first.

Do you care? Yeah, well, that’s all we got.


  1. MacDaddy says:

    That first video was painful. There was really no need to show people asking him questions with no sound on. Towards the end, where he was takling to people with his speech playing in the background, that was better, but overall, he needs to do better.

    As for the second video, nobody should ever, ever, ever again, for a political ad of any type, ever film the Nebraska capitol at a 45 degree angle.

  2. RWP says:

    For Annie, a bit o’ abbreviated culture from the RWP:

    It was eighteen ninety-six, and I was just sixteen
    And Altgeld ruled in Springfield, Illinois,
    When there came from the sunset Nebraska’s shout of joy:
    In a coat like a deacon, in a black Stetson hat
    He scourged the elephant plutocrats
    With barbed wire from the Platte.
    The scales dropped from their mighty eyes.
    They saw that summer’s noon
    A tribe of wonders coming
    To a marching tune.
    […but alas…]
    Election night at midnight:
    Boy Bryan’s defeat.
    Defeat of western silver.
    Defeat of the wheat.
    Victory of letterfiles
    And plutocrats in miles
    With dollar signs upon their coats,
    Diamond watchchains on their vests
    And spats on their feet.

    — Vachel Lindsay

  3. NE Voter says:

    Off topic, but did anyone else notice that Jean $$$tothert and Tom Becka had identical posts on Facebook today? Coordinated union-busting LOL.

    Where are the cuts, Ms. $$$tothert?

  4. buck turgidson says:

    Stirring? Yes, I suppose that background music is stirring in the same way a 1998 Cinemax After Dark feature’s soundtrack is stirring.

  5. Roger Snowden says:

    Actually, moving the tripod was not really an option. The best spots for video were gone before the rally started. Not sure who shot this video, but the camera location was quite crowded, to be sure.

  6. GeosUser says:

    Texas Annie trying to usurp Ms. Kleeb’s role as Ivy Starnes??? Texas Annie, how is giving some tax incentive for angel investors “the ultimate form of corporate welfare for Nebraska plutocrats”? Do you have a clue who most “angel investors” are? Usually they are family members backing a new business venture. They are also people who are willing to invest a portion of money they’ve saved into a business venture that is usually nothing more than a PowerPoint business concept presentation…and risk losing 100% of that money in a short period of time. Why shouldn’t the tax code in Nebraska recognize that fact and reward those who are willing and able to take that risk? I guess you’d rather not see new businesses start that aren’t far enough along in the development process to even garner a meeting with a banker. I’d be willing to bet you’ve never been on either side of the table when pitching a concept to angle investors, so you have no basis for offering an opinion.

  7. Uncle Wiggily says:

    Good gravy, RWP … though I esteem you mightily, I must question your selection of Vachel Lindsay … even as a cudgel to discipline TA. Lindsay is to poetry what Al Capp is to classical art … in other words, not much. See, the man couldn’t have made a living writing advertising jingles, much less serious verse.

    May I offer, as a more apt (and euphonious) offering, “The Plebian Plutocrat” by Robert Service, or, for those with the time, how about Booth Tarkington’s wonderful 1927 satirical novel, “The Plutocrat”.

    Just sayin’ ….

  8. RWP says:


    I thought about Service, but it didn’t have the Nebraska connection; Nebraska Democrats are still working on their 1896 talking points.

    Robert Graves was an admirer of Vachel Lindsay, and cited ‘Bryan Bryan Bryan Bryan’ as a modern analog of Greek synecdoche. The only reason I know the poem is because of its mention, IIRC, in the preface to ‘The Golden Fleece’.

    And dammit, I like the goddamn poem, even though I’m an elephant with plutocratic aspirations.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Oh Don. You’re so boring. I bet Jon was clapping your speech was over. Say it ain’t so, Joe. What were you thinking?

  10. Anonymous says:

    Chuck Hagel would be right at home in the Obama cabinet as a Commerce Secretary, similar ideologies, and the fawning press coverage that would be sure to follow would feed his need for it. However, it would be bad for the country and our troops to have him as SecDef. After the opening salvo he proved he was near to clueless about Iraq and our military. He tried repeatedly to cut the legs out from under the troops. Not the kind of guy who needs to be SecDef.

  11. Professor Sagan says:

    Pluto is no longer a planet. I don’t care about people who want to rule has-been celestial bodies.

  12. Macdaddy says:

    I agree with anon 5:29. Hagel is a legend in his own mind and shouldn’t be in any position of real power.

  13. Sweetwater Woods says:

    Hagel and Bob Kerry are political class idiots! Please, never allow either one of them to be a part of American government again!!! and take Ben “call me Cornhusker Kickback” with them.

  14. Don's Shrink says:

    Stenberg said, “I’m convinced I’m the best Republican leader in Nebraska…” Really? Who convinced you? That voice in your head? And did that voice quaver as much as your own?

    Stenberg has been in politics forever and yet his voice still quavers in abject what? Fear? Constipation? He quavers like a small child and yet had the ego of Benito Mussolini. And his sole aim is to shoot down Bruning. Right off the bat, Stenberg’s words aren’t about Nelson or the issues. They are about Bruning. And his video isn’t about himself. It is all about Bruning. It is as if Stenberg claims some holy right to lose another one for the elephant in elephantville. But his high degree of creep factor definitely comes from that quavering neurotic voice of his, which Stenberg expects makes him a fit orator for the United States Senate. That is delusional.

    As Bruning is ambitious, and Nelson is slimy, Stenberg is creepy. Listen closely to his voice. Feel your skin crawl. There is something really wrong going on inside Donny’s melon.

  15. Kortezzi says:

    I don’t think Stenberg has much of a chance against Bruning.
    And Bruning has a much better chance against Nelson.
    Not to mention the prospects of a longer Senate career than Don could hope for.
    Is Stenberg more conservative and experienced? Yeah. But Bruning seems plenty conservative to me. And his better prospects of sending Nelson packing are enough stronger that I’m leaning to Jon in this one.
    Don, you shouldn’t have thrown your hat in this same ring again. I’d rather you pick your favorite 2012 GOP presidential candidate and angle to be his (or her!) US Atty General. That’s the gig for you.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Will Stenberg or Bruning support CIR reform?

    Wisconsin figured out a way to break the log jam. CNN is interviewing a LOT of teachers who are unhappy. Go figure.

  17. Dennis says:

    Big loss for freedom and liberty in Wisconsin today. It was also a big loss for the middle class and a big victory for billionaires.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Booo Hoo Dennis, Your boys and girls left town so you just have to deal with it. Now they can come home to cry some more about how their policies are being rejected by the MAJORITY. Cry me a river. All CNN could find to interview were teachers. Hmmm who is getting the benefit of the UNION,,,,,Teachers. Go Figure

    Bottom line is the class warfare has to end. The class with golden parachute government monies, and those of us who pay for it.

  19. Dennis says:

    The Class War has been waged by the wealthy for about 30 years now and the wealthy are winning big. Today’s vote in Wisconsin is yet another victory for the wealthy and another loss for the middle class. Public servants who make middle class incomes will be losing ground economically while the nation’s wealthy few won’t be required to make any sacrifices to put our nation’s fiscal house in order.

  20. MacDaddy says:

    Dennis, your obtuseness astounds me. Wisconsin struck a blow for freedom. Teachers now have the freedom to not join a union and can keep more of their money rather than paying it out for union bosses to launder back to Democrat politicians. Taxpayers, you know, those middle class people, now have a chance to get a handle on over-spending and re-establish their control over their employees, namely public union members. Public employee unions are the epitomy of cronyism where politicians get to collude with unions to get the most money possible with zero input from the people who actually are forced, not requested, but forced, to pay the bills. We, the employers, have no say over hiring, firing, salaries, and competency standards, and the like. Even FDR thought public employee unions were a horrible and corrupt idea.

    Thank you, Wisconsin, for correcting your mistake from 50 years ago and leading the way for the rest of the country to achieve fiscal sanity.

  21. Anonymous says:

    OMG. The right wing spin machine is alive and well on LS. The myths that are told here and held up to be gospel. Facts are thrown out the the window. I could write pages and pages of the lies the Republicans have told just on Wisconsin alone. But the biggest one is that people want the unions to be broken. The polls do not say that. If you go to Madison and walk the streets and talk to the people the unions have great support. What happened in Wisconsin yesterday was wrong. Everyone knows it So tea party nuts enjoy your little victory. The courts will rule in a different way. The recall elections will soon change the equation. Then what will be your excuse? . That Obama is a Muslim?

  22. Nebraska Educator says:

    Nebraska Teachers pay over 8% of their salary to their pension, Wisconsin teachers 0%. The Nebraska Pension system is solvent and is adjusted regularly to ensure its financial health. This is why Nebraska (save OPD and OFD) have none of the issues the liberal states have. Ask School Board Member Jane Kleeb if it is ok for teachers to have to pay 8% for a solvent pension fund. I’m sick of her whining about Wisconsin when she is so clueless about educational issues.

  23. MacDaddy says:

    “Within an hour and a half of the vote, the protesters had seized the building’s lower floors, creating an ear-splitting free-for-all of pounding drums, screaming chants, horns and whistles. Police gave up guarding the building entrances and retreated to the third floor.”

    This is how Democrats accept election results: illegal strikes, AWOL legislators, trashing of public buildings, and generalized hissy fits. Who was it that said, “We won, get over it?” Oh, yeah, that was Obama. But when Republicans, who campaigned on this issue, win, suddenly there’s no getting over it. Wisconsin Democrats think they will get somewhere with recall elections (look how well that worked in Omaha) but they should be working on the next regular election so that they can take back the legislature. And there’s the real reason for all the screeching: by the next election, when Governor Walker can show that Wisconsin is in better financial circumstances and the sky didn’t fall, the voters will like the job the Republicans are doing. In the meantime, any of the public employee union members who feel that their working conditions are now unbearable need to keep in mind that this isn’t Russia…they can quit any time.

  24. MacDaddy says:

    Now that teacher union membership is optional in Wisconsin, I wonder if the older teachers will go Teamster on the newbies.

  25. Anonymous says:

    MacDaddy I thought you were describing the anti health care rallies that the tea party were involved in. That is law too. Or are political rallies only for your side? Funny now the Nebraska GOP is against recalls? Walker is done next year when recall is allowed on him. He did nothing but awake a sleeping giant. Thanks Walker for your help in Democrats taking back America in 2012.

  26. Anonymostly says:

    I think it is hilarious that they figured out how to do an end-run on the departed Democrats. It is amazing how the sore losers have behaved. The elected Dems go run and hide. Meanwhile, the unelected malcontents storm the Capitol and think they’re going to prevent a vote from happening?

    If I was Walker, I’d call out the National guard to clear the Capitol of trespassers and help the police make some arrests. Imagine if Tea Partiers were doing what these nasty union people are getting by with. The media coverage would be scathing.

  27. Anonymostly says:

    Oh, geez, what a stupid Democrat that was who just posted at 10:07. When did tea partiers ever bulldoze past security officers, climb into buildings through windows, occupy public buildings after hours while refusing to leave, or attempt to prevent elected officials from being able to meet and vote on legislation? Tea partiers never did those things.

    What a monstrously stupid thing to say. Have a rally if you want. Hell, have a bunch of them. In a public park. Or on the steps of the Capitol if you have the proper permit. But, in occupying the Capitol building and refusing to leave, those idiot union folks have crossed a line the tea partiers never even approached.

  28. Muammar Muhammad al-Gaddafi says:

    Congratulations to the defenders of the legitimate government of Wisconsin. They have my full support.

  29. MacDaddy says:

    Obviously, Anon 10:07, you are new to this blog because otherwise you would have known that I was absolutely against the Suttle recall. As far as Obamacare goes, there was an election that was all about Obamacare. It had mixed results: Republicans retook the House in historic numbers, but couldn’t retake the Senate. As a result, Obamacare still stands. Of course, a judge ruled it unconstitutional, but whatever, right? What would a former constitutional law professor care about that? In 2012, when Republicans retake it all, Obamacare will be done for. In the meantime, the White House is busy nullifying it’s own law by granting well over 1000 waivers to unions, corporations, and even an entire state, Maine, so one could argue that not even Obama likes Obamacare. My point is that with the exception of the White House, Congress is not having to resort to sneaky, underhanded tactics that involve them not doing their jobs to get rid of something they don’t like. In Wisconsin, different story. Legislators run to a different state and hide out while teachers illegally shut down schools and coerce students into protesting for them. I won’t even get into the mobs trashing their capitol building. And all this furor was to make sure that the taxpayers of Wisconsin will either have to pay more taxes and risk personal bankruptcy or go into bankruptcy as a state.

  30. MacDaddy says:

    And while we’re on the subject of public employee unions, Nebraska isn’t so clean either. Somehow the state trooper’s union was able to build their own headquarters using health plan money. I would be very surprised if people don’t go to jail over that. These are the people pulling you over on the highway for a little bit of speeding, but in the meantime, are corrupt out the ying yang to the tune of millions of dollars.

    Surely there are honest people in these organizations. Why they would want to associate themselves with criminals is beyond me.

  31. RWP says:

    This is how Democrats accept election results: illegal strikes, AWOL legislators, trashing of public buildings, and generalized hissy fits.

    It’s called fascism. The protestors in Wisconsin are the modern equivalent of the SA. They hate democracy, and will use any means necessary, including violence, to overturn it.

  32. Anonymous says:


    What you are describing is fascism. And the Tea Party did stage similar protests all across the country when someone had the audacity to give them healthcare.

  33. Macdaddy says:

    Someone had the audacity to make them pay for healthcare that they alrady had in the most inefficient way possible. Nobody “gave” anybody anything.

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