Picture this…

Nebraska pols were highlighted in a few publications recently. What do they indicate? Let’s take a look see.

First, Jon Bruning was featured in the print edition of Politico, in a story about GOP Senate candidates. (Though we would hardly say that the GOP had to “recruit” Bruning.) In the story itself, Bruning got just sort of a quick mention. But he got a giant pic at the top of the article (click to embiggen):

Ironically, he got no photo in the online version of the story. But the other person who got neither a photo, nor even a mention, is former Attorney General, current state Treasurer and announced U.S. Senate candidate, Don Stenberg.

We know Don is running a bit of a sleeper campaign, so to speak, but it is rough when he doesn’t even get a side note in a story like that. Yes, yes, he’d rather be noted in Nebraska than Washington, and blah blah. But it will make it just that much more difficult to get out-of-state cash when national publications don’t even recognize his candidacy.

Then there was the front-page, feature article on state Senator Deb Fischer in the Omaha World Herald.

Take a look at that giant headline they give for her:


If you are picking up the fishwrap copy of the OWH, that has to get your attention.


The question we have received from several politicos is, “Who is pushing her?”

We certainly respect Senator Fischer, and see the importance and controversy surrounding the roads issue. But to get the huge photo and that kind of headline, there is something else working there.

And our suspicion is this: The OWH is not into the Jon Bruning candidacy.

They either do not like him personally or politically, or they simply like Ben Nelson more.

We cannot imagine that they are into Don Stenberg either.

So, they are pumping up Senator Fischer as either a potential alternative to Bruning, or simply as a stalking horse to knock his candidacy and make it an easier ride for Nelson in the general.

Again, that is not to say Deb Fischer isn’t worthy or qualified or anything else. She just doesn’t have the cash and organization or name ID that Bruning has, and would have a much more difficult time in a GOP primary — which she has not even entered.

So Fischer’s road bill starts today, and a win for her would be huge. The bigger question on that is, will she have enough votes to override Governor Dave’s veto — and if she does, then does she think about the U.S. Senate?

Continue to keep your mug focused on who the papers and TV and radio focus on. Oh, and us to. You never know what news we may get.


And yes, we of course saw Mayor Suttle’s push for an extra dime every time you wipe. The OWH’s story even got linked on Drudge’s main page (and yet Omaha.com is still up!).

Here is the thing…

Mayor Suttle has come up with a bevy of ideas on how to increase taxes. Wheel taxes, employment taxes, restaurant taxes, property taxes, among others. Now TP taxes.

It would simply be nice if the Mayor would come up with some creative strategies for increasing revenue that weren’t based on some new way to reach into someone’s wallet (especially while they are sitting on the can).

Let’s hear about expanding the current tax base. Let’s hear about bringing more business and revenue. Let’s hear about some nutty ideas for how we can help out city services without it being a tax increase… Every. Single. Time.

Remember back when we heard his (genius!) idea for the Pope tobogganing at the new baseball stadium (or something). He stated at the time that he would be full of ideas for different things.

What we didn’t realize was that all of his wacky ideas were schemes for another way to take your money.

Look for a Tobaggon Tax coming soon.


  1. Skid Mark says:

    Jim Suttle has left a dark stain on our city’s reputation. It will take years to wipe away the waste he has created. Why is he in such a rush to flush our city’s future down the toilet. After he leaves office in 2013, the citizens of Omaha will have to light a candle and pray that the stench of his policies dissipates quickly.

  2. Kortezzi says:

    Deb Fischer may very well have a bright future in Nebraska politics. But she’s making a mistake going against Governor Dave on anything. If she decides to run against Bruning & Stenberg too, she’s making an even bigger mistake (possibly tempted by the World Herald and Jim Rose’s flattery). This move would be a flameout for her, not good practice for a future run.

    Nebraska has 6 big political jobs: The Gov, 2 Senators, and 3 House seats. Well established Republicans hold 5 of those 6 and Bruning will likely take Nelson’s job next year to make it 6 of 6. Deb Fischer will just have to build her credentials in the Legislature for a while longer before she is ready to move up. And Mike Flood is another guy who may compete with her for any openings among the big 6.

    Meanwhile, Dim Jim Suttle is performing gifts to the GOP by advocating idiotic things like the Toilet Paper Tax! I hope he continues to be the face of tax-increase-loving NE Democrats (this is the upside of his surviving the recall).

  3. Mayor Suttle’s VAT

    We tax your land and tax your home,
    All you possess, from crypt to dome.
    We tax three ways the daily wage
    Of young and old and middle age.

    We tax your cigarettes, and more,
    We tax the alcohol you pour.
    Your restaurant has a special rate
    As does your bygone dad’s estate.

    We tax your car and we impose
    A tax on household goods and clothes.
    Your haircuts, pedicures and nails
    Are taxed as services or sales.

    But still the budget comes up short
    And now we’ve hit the last resort.
    A dime a roll – a trifling fee –
    For those who want to use T.P.

    Our Democratic mayor sees
    He’s got the people on their knees.
    And so he adds upon their backs
    This little Value Added Tax!

  4. What if? says:

    What if Nelson doesn’t run and there is an open seat? Lots more people get in the primary so whose not to say that Fischer shouldn’t run – and concentrate on the vast lot of primary voters in the 3rd District?

  5. WI,

    As I’ve said before, if Nelson doesn’t run, that changes EVERYTHING for the GOP primary. You could have many other who get in.

    But even if Nelson does run, we’re not saying Fischer should not get in. Just that she would have an uphill battle against Bruning (and Stenberg). I don’t think she or her supporters would disagree with that.


  6. Anonymous says:

    Why does Fischer have to build up more time in Legislature when Terry and Fortenberry went directly to Congress from City Council?

  7. Kortezzi says:

    To Anonymous @ 12:29

    Terry ran for 2nd Dist after Jon Christensen said he wouldn’t run again.
    Fortenberry ran for 1st Dist after Doug Bereuter said he wouldn’t run again.
    If Adrian Smith in the 3rd Dist was planning to call it quits, then sure, Fischer would be a strong candidate there. But that’s not the case now, is it?

    Bruning is the likely GOP candidate to knock off Nelson in the Senate.
    Stenberg would be great but he’s had 3 chances and fallen short, so this 4th try seems quixotic to me.
    If Deb Fischer jumps into the 2012 Senate fray, she’s not helping herself or the GOP.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Kortezzi: Apparently the Omaha powers that be who like to have a hand in these things do not want to anoint Bruning and would rather stick us all with Nelson than to see Jon be US Senator. So what if Fischer gets in? Either way the die is cast that the Omaha guys want anyone but Bruning. If you think Fischer would be the only spoiler to Jon’s ascent, guess again.

  9. Unicam watcher says:

    Loving that Danielle Conrad Nantkes a/k/a Snowplow, has today forever burned every bridge she had in the Nebraska Legislature. She tried an Ernie Chambers stunt, but the difference is she’s only half as smart as Ernie. Meanwhile, Amanda McGill nods her (empty) head in agreement.

  10. WTF says:

    There are a lot of state senators who think that just because they are known in every hall in the Capitol building, they are known throughout the state. Just ask Tom White about this…the guy was a state senator in an Omaha district and still lacked name recognition when he ran for the 2nd District seat. Deb has quite a few people in her own legislative district–not to mention the Third Congressional District–who don’t know who she is. But boy, that Fischer photo in the World-Herald sure looked like a campaign photo…

  11. GeosUser says:

    If Mayor Moron is stupid enough to run for reelection in 2013…and he probably is just that stupid…you don’t have to be a PR/advertising genius to come up with some really devastating ads against Mr. Tax & Spend…not limited to a pair of hands squeezing a 4 roll pack of TP and dimes coming out of the bottom of the package. “Jim Suttle, he’s never subtle about raising your taxes”.
    BTW, I wonder why he’s so intent on stacking the Board at OHA? It couldn’t be as payoffs for past/future support from his appointees could it???

  12. Anonymous says:

    Unfortunately, Mayor “Moron” was not recalled and the alleged PR/advertising genius of DiSylvestro and Samp managed to slime the process by using the homeless to their client’s disgraceful political advantage by shipping in the most downtrodden for pay. I don’t recall this mayor ever trying to correct that despicable ploy gone bad for those nonprofits by dipping into his own cash reserves to mend the breach. Who needs advertising when the lack of leadership in the smallest regard is constantly left unattended?

  13. Out West says:

    Fischer could capture the nomination with 3rd District voters. Bruning may have a name recognition advantage right now, but she’s the local option, and folks out here resent urban elitists even if they aren’t liberal. Fisher comes off as a fighter. Bruning looks like a slick (sleezy) politician from this end of the state.

  14. Sweetwater Woods says:

    Mayor Moron’s toilet paper tax was also a mention on the Rush Limbaugh show today. Rush had fun with it.

  15. Philip says:

    Fischer’s budget policy to try to keep the cigarette tax as low as possible while raiding school budget’s to pave roads will come back to her haunt her. Surprised the OWH photo didn’t have her with a Marlboro Light in her mouth.

  16. Don Kuhns says:

    I almost lost my lunch when I read this in Walton’s LJS piece:

    ‘Nelson’s defeat would “mean an end to the progressive populism that brought so much progress to our state and nation,” Kerrey wrote.’

    If Ben Nelson is a progressive populist, then I’m the Sultan of Brunei.

  17. Out West says:

    Keep in mind – the only woman who has represented Nebraska in Washington D.C. was VIrginia Smith, the long serving Congress Critter from Nebraska’s Third District. Even the Democrats out here speak well of her. Fischer’s chances are a lot better than Eastern “experts” might think. If Stenberg cuts Bruning’s advantage in the East, Fischer can win the nomination in the West on her own merits.

    Fischer can probably beat Nelson by an even larger margin than Bruning. It’s going to be hard for the Nelson machine to abuse a woman the way he did that last guy he steam rolled.

  18. RWP says:

    Snowplow is on a kamikaze mission. She’s term limited and has no political future. She’s going to take down Fischer’s bill, in retaliation for Fischer’s work on the telecom tax.

    Deb Fischer is starting to become interesting.

  19. Anonymostly says:

    RWP, you mean like the Kamikazes they sell at Cliff’s? That kind of Kamikaze mission? I had a few of those myself, back in the college drinkin days. Good thing I had a designated driver. A few of Cliff’s Kamikazes could really put a person under the table.

  20. Dennis says:

    Ben Nelson is a progressive populist compared to the reactionaries who run the RNC and Nebraska GOP. If those guys get their way, the country will return to the “glory days” of Coolidge and Hoover.

  21. paperchase says:

    Nelson is rotten and is stinking up the fridge. Fischer is good but green. Don is past his expiration date. Bruning is fit for consumption.

    Don’t expect Nelson to throw himself in the garbage. He thinks his stench is wonderful, like aged cheese. Oily, with a hard rind, holes full of gas, and more than a little fungus.

    See, its not all about toilet paper. But if it were, I’d recommend the brand with Suttle’s face on each sheet. Its so soft! The secret is, they mix tax dollars into the pulp.

  22. Run Deb Run says:

    If I were advising Jon Bruning, I would tell him to stop selling the “front runner” message. Hagel wasn’t the front runner in ’96. Johanns wasn’t in ’98.I don’t know that there was a front runner in the 2nd Congressional race in ’98. Fortenberry wasn’t the front runner in ’04. Oh yea. And Dave Heineman wasn’t the front runner in ’06.

    This isn’t an AG Primary where all he has to do is convince Steve Grasz not to run. It’s a contest to serve in the United States Senate.

    Deb Fischer is a woman who earns the admiration of her adversaries and inspires loyalty among her colleagues. She’s from the 3rd District, unlike Bruning who just talks about Bruning,NE in his over-produced commercials because he doesn’t really have a good story. She’s a rancher, a mother, a public servant, and is sincere in her desire to make Nebraska a better place.

    The GOP primary is more than a year out and Nebraska is a top target state for the first time in more than a decade. There is plenty of time, money, and space for another candidate to push through.

  23. Anonymous says:

    The more drumbeat there is for canonization of Bruning the more backlash there will be against his candidacy. Agree with above, Bruning needs to run on his own merits and stop trying to shove people out of the race. If he is the strongest candidate, he will prevail in the Primary. Right now the clamoring to keep a Fischer or anyone else out will only make Bruning and Stenberg look petty.

  24. anonymous says:

    C’mon folks. Deb Fischer has 50% name id among the readers of this blog and 2% name id among Republican voters statewide. Her legislative district may know her (maybe) but there’s no way anyone other than the capitol staff who comment on this blog have a clue about her. Only one way to build name id here or anywhere else: paid TV. Does she have money?

  25. anonymous says:

    Money doesn’t buy victory, 10:49, but a candidate for a big job does have to have enough to get some message out there. Does she have personal money, or can she raise it?

  26. Anonymous says:

    Conrad is just blowing wind. She is burning out all the energy of the libs on a bill that wont even be enacted anytime soon. All the energy expended on LB 84 will leave their tanks empty, and little tolerance for their BS for fights later on. See there will be CIR reform, and may well be a move to amend McCoy’s Winner Take All onto a bill. Then there is the budget and redistricting. So watching the leading liberal burn out now is good news for later on.

    Mello will just about explode by the time the session is over. McGill will be viewed as a screaming hag, who is more akin to a cadaver. McGill is a young lady who should know she is physically attractive without coloring her hair read, and wearing skin tight short skirts. She’s out there wanting to be taken seriously but acts like a shrill liberal with her voice dripping with sarcasam and poisioning the well, and yet trying so hard to be $exy. In the end she is just seen as a harpy in the making. Lucky for Nebraska she only has a future of 3 yrs.

    The session will be interesting to say the least.

  27. Out West says:

    Fischer may not be in the lime light with the monied folks in the Aksarben camp right now, but she might get there. Out here, where Republicans are only out numberd by Herfords & Angus, it’s all about the Cattleman’s Ball. Deb Fischer is very well known by that cash strapped camp. That “2%,” that you assume is all who recognize her name, just happens to control 90% of the cash reserves in the 3rd District. Deb Fischer is no Dime Store Cowgirl. Her natural base all come equipped with built in bullshit detectors from years of dealing with real bullshit. Bruning, (and Stenberg), will never get past the smell test in the 3rd District if Fischer throws her cowboy hat in the ring. And they can’t win the nomination with support from Omaha and Lincoln alone.

  28. Anonymous says:

    10:49 Anon: I think Out West knows a little something about the 3rd. How long did they revere Virginia Smith? Fischer is a breath of fresh air for folks who don’t trust politics as usual. There is also the distaste of Bruning jumping in the day after the election and Stenberg not long after; each having just won office for a job that is supposed to last four years. Fischer may be way behind them in name recognition and money but that could change if a lot of people want an alternative. The surefire way for Bruning and Stenberg to lose votes is to act like this is a Junior High class presidency and only the first two in can run. Both camps need to can the “close the primary” jive and concentrate on what’s good about their candidacies and tout it.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Tell you what, Deb Fischer is sure getting plenty of Air Time with LB 84! Let’s see, she is fighting for roads money, and making libs look like fools for squwabling over it all. If Deb has anything to work on to overcome Stenny it would be get a bit more “God” into her speeches.

    As far as Jony B, he sure as heck doesn’t lack confidence, just any real experience. Anybody know how many case Jony B has tried at the Supreme Court level? I’m thinking NONE.

  30. FromBlogToBog says:

    In a blog where political science equals science fiction, Deb Fischer poses a challenge to Don Stenberg for Ben Nelson’s US Senate seat. Get real. Deb is small fry being flattered by a crooked monopoly newspaper that exists for its own profit and hates any officeholder it feels it cannot purchase and own. And to even mention “Stenny” with a straight face shows the kind of idiocy Sweeper tried to point out by noting how rational politicos find Don a zero.

    All these arguments that veer away from Bruning, ignore the looming fact that when Bruning collected a million dollars and then stood aside for Johanns, Bruning thus carried water to the elephant like few have in history. Compare that to shakey Don Stenberg who was twice crapped on by his own GOP voters for the US Senate and the one time when Republicans did give Stenberg a chance to run for the Senate, Stenberg put “Kickback” Nelson into office.

    The Democrat who singlehandedly passed Obamacare was singlehandedly sent to the Senate by Don Stenberg. Stenberg kicked the GOP elephant in the groin and yet sells himself and the “real Republican”. With Republicans like Don, the elephant needs to wear a catcher’s cup front and back. And yet some here think Stenberg is Debbie’s problem and that Deb is viable?

  31. Macdaddy says:

    BlogToBog has it right. Despite being on the front page, I doubt anyone actually read the article. The only reason I did is because I had heard Fischer’s name on this blog…about 3 months ago was the first time. Whatever maneuvering Bruning is being accused of undertaking is being noticed only by political junkies. Regular people, you know, who make up 99.999% of the electorate, are not noticing and not caring. I’d bet that the same 99.999% of the electorate has no idea Stenberg is running for Senate.

  32. Out East says:

    Anon 5:24 revisited a very important point – Bruning threw his hat into the ring waaaay too early. Hours after securing another four year term as AG, he shifted focus to a senate race two years down the road. This was a huge misstep by Bruning. To me, this says that Jon is more interested in serving himself than serving the people of Nebraska. I always suspected it, but this was the proof I needed. Criticize Ben Nelson all you want, because he most certainly deserves it, but at least the misguided intention behind his shady backroom deal was to serve the people of Nebraska. The question now is: Will the next year and a half be enough time for Jon to convince us that he intends to serve Nebraska instead of himself (again)?

  33. Bruning? says:

    I don’t think bruning is beating the drum he will win with no contest. It would seem like the talking heads are. Show me any proof that says he is not the clear front runner?

  34. Out West says:

    I suspect all the Bruning fans banging pots on this blog for Jon Bruning have never been any further west than Crete. Nebraska’s a whole different state once you get past the inner city blight and Urbanistan. The low information voters who make their minds up who they will vote for don’t even subscribe to the Weird-Harold. In the western half of the state they stopped daily delivery two years ago, so their influence is at an all time low. The only people who still get the OWH in the western half of the state are the ones who have always subscribed by mail. Those subscribers just happen to be 99% ranchers and farmers. That front page piece on Fischer went a long way to promote her to her natural base. We not only lack any newspaper coverage of Nebraska news out here in the sticks, once you get west of Grand Island (GI is in eastern Nebraska for those of you that are geographically challenged.) there isn’t any television coverage, and very little radio coverage.

    If it’s a three-way race between Bruning, Stenberg and Fischer, I think Fischer’s odds of winning are equal to Bruning’s. Stenberg isn’t going to win, he’s only a spoiler, and it’s Bruning he’s going to deprive of votes. If Bruning’s going to win he better find a way to get Stenberg on his bandwagon damn fast. If the big boys decide to fight it out with each other, they may both wake up in May of 2012 and find out that the little girl from the sticks walked off with the prize while they were distracted.

  35. Out West says:

    Ross Perot got Bill Clinton elected. Ralph Nader got GW Bush Elected. Don stenberg just might get Deb Fischer elected. And Deb Fischer can beat Ben Nelson.

  36. WTF says:

    Fischer put a clinic on at the Capitol today, ramming through a cloture vote before Conrad and the Liberal Mafia knew what hit them.

  37. Out West says:

    Yep! Fischer has just become the champion for the number one issue in rural Nebraska. Every bump in the road out here figures the answer to economic development and ending population decline is a new highway. It’s a hell of a lot more than the Governor or anyone else has done. Every mayor and village board member in rural Nebraska now is going to see Deb Fischer as their number one advocate. It doesn’t matter now if the governor vetoes it or not. Fischer owns the issue. It doesn’t matter that Fischer’s bill won’t do much. It will give her the edge out west in any political race she wants to get into now. Bruning and Stenberg haven’t done anything in their careers that will even come close to it.

    Deb Fischer, the next U.S. Senator from Nebraska, is gonna’ go to Washington and bring us back some great big wide roads.

  38. Anonymous says:

    When did Crete become the line where the west began? Bruning has the lead,but needs to make his strengths known in what he’s accomplished while AG. I think their numbers are many and speak well for him. He needs to knock off the cutesy stuff especially those ridiculous ads on YouTube that dignify Nelson. Who cares who is behind you when you’re the lead dog? 9:26PM March 24th makes good points.

  39. Out West says:

    By the way, liberals don’t care about fiscal responsibility or oppose building highways. Mello, Conrad and crew were fighting to prevent Fischer from becoming Ben Nelson’s worst nightmare.

  40. Macdaddy says:

    “Deb Fischer, the next U.S. Senator from Nebraska, is gonna’ go to Washington and bring us back some great big wide roads.”

    If Nebraskans want their next Senator to deliver pork, they’ll keep Ben Nelson and then go shower. OutWest, you might want to actually talk to your neighbors because people are fed up with all the deficit spending. Bringing home the bacon is not something a Republican should campaign on.

    Oh, wait. You wouldn’t happen to work for Senator Nelson, would you?

  41. out of work??? says:

    Sounds like there is a great deal of out of work politicos on here waiting to bait senator Fischer into the race and then suck her money dry.

    Bruning is the only one that can beat Ben Nelson.

  42. Anonymous says:

    With well over half the state is just off I-80, when it comes down to it, building roads between towns of 1,000 is not a high priority to many. I would hang my cowboy hat on a different argument.

  43. Cigar Smoker says:

    Its ironic that you say bringing home the bacon isn’t something that a conservative should campaign on considering the fact that republican states receive far more federal government spending than democrat states.
    New Mexico, Mississippi, Alaska, Loiusiana, West Virginia, North Dakota, Alabama, South Dakota, Kentucky, Virginia and Montana are in the top in Federal spending.
    Massachusetts, Colorado, New York, California, Delaware, Illinois, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Conneticut, Nevada, New Jersey are in the bottom.
    Apparently pork spending is what conservative lawmakers do best.

  44. Macdaddy says:

    California received $350 billion from the Feds in 2009. That’s over a tenth of the federal budget. You’re smoking something, but it ain’t a cigar.

  45. Out West says:

    @Macdaddy, you can talk to your neighbors if you wish, I’ve discovered that I learn a lot more if I listen to mine. You’re right they think deficit spending is a problem. They aren’t happy at the prospect of losing any of the services that they benefit from either. It’s not a matter of campaigning on bringing home the bacon. It’s a matter of bringing “good” government services to Nebraska. Any good politician knows how to frame that piece of voter bait. Bacon is what those representatives from other states are taking home. Anything that benefits the local economy is purely a matter of providing constituents a healthy meat and potatoes kind of diet.

    @ Anonymous 4:56 PM, you might be half right. I assume you’re making a demographic argument and not a geographic one. A casual glance at the map seems to prove that about half of the total area of Nebraska is more than 50 miles from I 80. Keep in mind that the farther you get from I 80 the higher the percentage of voters who identify themselves as Republican. If you’re running in a Republican primary, sticking to the I 80 corridor could be a fatal mistake. Even those folks who live along the I 80 corridor think they’re getting shorted. They all are presumptuous enough to think highways should run north and south in addition to east and west. The folks in Grand Island, North Platte, and Scottsbluff all are of the opinion that they’re entitled to a four lane highway connecting them to I 70 to the south and I 90 to the north.

    In Nebraska any politician who hangs their hat on a single issue is a fool. They better be ready to deal with both urban and rural issues, and recognize that even that split is over simplified.

    @ Cigar Smoker and Macdaddy, may I mediate this dispute for you? I believe those lists of states Cigar Smoker presents actually represent states that receive more in federal spending than they pay in federal taxes, and states who send more in to the federal government in taxes than they receive in federal spending. Macdaddy is also right in his assessment of California’s portion of the budget. Keep in mind that California represents 12% of the population of the United States, and they have higher average incomes so they pay higher amounts into the federal tax pool. In the end, California is a tax donor state and is subsidizing those states on Cigar Smokers first list.

  46. Anonymous says:

    Dennis says Republicans are “reactionaries” and invokes Coolidge and Hoover.
    What is it about Democrats like Dennis that makes them sound like 150 year old Marxists? Yet, that same irrational clinging to the musty murderous failed socialism of the past titillates most modern “real” Democrats. They get a tingle up the spine when they hear Dennis do his Trotsky imitation. But unlike Dennis, most Democrats aren’t so drunk as to openly say it. Like Out House, they instead tend to project their idiocy on others. But there is a lot of idiocy going around. Maybe the idiots win in the end.
    Wankers of the World Unite! All you have to lose is your Brains!

  47. MacDaddy says:

    OutWest, I knew what Cigar Smoker meant but didn’t write.

    As for “good” government services, good luck with that. The entire system is so screwed up that it needs real reform and politicians need to have the courage to say that. We, the entire country, are broke. If Deb Fischer is going to run on making government smarter and more efficient, well, she’s just shoveling something she found on her ranch because I have heard that story every election since I can remember. She needs to talk about lowering people’s expectations of what the government can or should do. She needs to talk about living within our means, which, in my opinion means not spending $125 million a year on roads right now. Maybe 2 years from now, but right now, this doesn’t seem to be the smartest use of our limited resources.

    Don’t get me wrong, should Ms. Fischer run and win the Republican nomination, I will vote for her, but she needs to show that she works for the taxpayer and that she will be a hard-nose steward of our hard-earned tax dollars.

  48. MacDaddy says:

    Anon 8:27: you, my fellow reactionary, may refer to me as an Imperialist Running Dog. I’ll wear the label proudly.

  49. Oh Mander says:

    @Out West

    Gosh I sure hope you’re right…

    I could live with a Senator Fischer. She appears to be a woman of integrity – so far. As it stands, us libs are preparing for the reality of a Republican monopoly by January 2013, so it might as well be someone that represents the admirable aspects of the party rather than the kiss-the-ring, business-as-usual, shill-for-deep-pockets political succubus that is Jon Bruning.

  50. Lil Mac says:

    Gosh I sure hope you’re wrong.

    You project your mindset on everyone else, demanding that they demand as much services and benefits as you demand from government. You irrationally equate politicians using tax dollars to purchase voters ala pork barrel crookedness, to average people “bringing home the bacon” by them working to earn a living. You confuse the best and noble with the very worst. And then you sew it all up by saying “It’s a matter of bringing ‘good’ government services to Nebraska.”

    Really? You must look at a Post Office and see a font of efficiency and see in GS workers the peak of human drive. The rest of us see lethargy and bad service. Yet that is the real nature of government. With no bottom line, but with a bottomless reach into taxpayers’ pockets, government is the laziest and most inherently inefficient “working” entity on earth. Slaves are more motivated than government employees. Government is inertia incarnate.

    As for “good” government, perhaps it has never occurred to you that governing people is tyranny and that all freedom is individual hence is reduced by government. The bad guy is always government. It is a necessary evil that governs best by governing least. But you see government as a savior. If you ask government to govern you, it surely will.

    The cosmic irony is that you authoritarians and governmentalists like government being in control of everyone because you picture yourself as being the controller. But in fact, you didn’t like all that federal power when George Bush was in control. You think benevolent tyranny is only tyranny when you aren’t imposing it on others. Worse, you think tyranny is something you can turn on and off at will.

  51. Anonymous says:

    Sen Conrad burned bridges with more than just those on the the right, but with those within her own caucus! She had Sen McGill toasted in the chamber on Friday, heck had her crying in the back of the room!

    If this is was a fore shadowing of what will happen with CIR and Winner Take All, heck the liberal party might as well pull a Wisconsin and save everybody the trouble, and a lot of tissue! Being snotty to the Speaker didn’t play out too well for Conrad, Nordquist, Mello and McGill this last go round. Let’s see what Lathrop does with CIR reform. I bet Sen McCoy lights Lathrop up! That will be a debate to watch for sure. I suspect it won’t really matter much what the libs want as the Legislature’s Republican caucus will do what they do with or without the Libs.

    IT will be interesting to see how Nordquist’s bill 558 to Change provisions relating to focus schools, focus programs, and magnet schools goes after all his work on LB 84

  52. Dennis says:

    Anonymous, The Democrats aren’t socialists. That’s just a stale right wing talking point. The real socialists in the U.S. Socialist party say that Obama isn’t one of them. OTOH, though, the GOP does want to return us to the economic and social order that pre-dates the New Deal. House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan’s plan would privatize S.S. and Medicare, cut taxes for the wealthy and raise taxes on the middle class. That plan – if enacted – would return us to the days of Coolidge and Hoover.

  53. Brian T. Osborn says:

    Hey, Lil Mac. I hear they’re having a sale on tin foil hats at Herbergers. Thought you’d like to know!

  54. Uncle Wiggily says:

    Dunno who “Lil Mac” is … but I sure like the way he/she thinks. It is instructive to note that the only response(s) so far to his/her excellent post have been ad hominem cracks … not unusual … trog-progs rarely have any substantive arguments to make in defense of their goofy collectivist notions.

    Hope you post again, Lil Mac … you got some game.

  55. Lil Mac says:

    Ah, Brian, you thought I was referring to something you wrote? Bzzt. Wrong. That minor paranoia aside, and on the oft chance that all those Democrats are wrong about you being a nutcase detrimental to your own policy goals, let us assume you attacked me for me being wary of government power. So, that means you enjoyed what Bush did with his government power?

    I notice you didn’t refute arguments. You simply threw poo like a chimp at the zoo.

    Here’s a rule of thumb. If someone does not attack you, don’t attack them. It makes you look crazy. And in no case should you ever enter into a poo slinging contest under your own name, for whether you start it or not, the stuff dries onto your name. Crapping up your up your own good name in something as ephemeral as a blog isn’t noble, it is stupid.

    Gripe if you want, Brian. I just gave you the best advice you will ever get on a political blog.

  56. Out West says:

    If you insist on a response, I’ll give you one.

    There is a difference between a libertarian and an anarchist. You seem to have crossed the line.

    Out here we don’t worry much about fire and police unions. Our fire departments are all volunteer, and most of our law enforcement is done by the county sheriff. We don’t drive past the post office very often since its frequently 40 miles or more away. We do appreciate having our mail delivered even if it’s only three times a week. In very rural areas even our UPS packages are delivered by the U.S. postal service. In addition to the mail, law enforcement and fire protection, we think schools and roads are necessary government services. It pisses us off that the urban folks in the Legislature, both Republican and Democrat destroyed our rural schools.

    My point about “good ” government services was to simply point out that politicians have to pander to low information voters to get elected. If the Republican primary becomes a race to see who promises to cut the most fat out of government, Ben Nelson will have stalkers following all the candidates and will produce a whole string of ads in the general election letting voters know that the Republican candidate is going to put old people out on the streets. He’s a very skilled liar. Campaigning against Obama care is not going to end Nelson’s career. If you mention it to average voters right now their eyes start to glaze over. In another year and a half it will be ancient history to many of them.

    If all elections are about is name recognition and money, then we can hang it up right now because Nelson has more than Bruning, Stenberg or Fischer. Stenberg and Bruning may be fighters, but for a lot of voters all that means is contentious. They may have higher name recognition than Fischer, but they also have higher negatives. Nelson has won elections in the past because he draws a lot of Republican votes. A lot of Democrats are fed up with Nelson, but they won’t vote for Bruning or Stenberg. They will vote for Fischer. Someone mentioned Bruning’s accomplishments, but didn’t mention what they are. Fischer has a record in the Legislature she can run on, and roads and local schools are issues voters support.

  57. Brian T. Osborn says:

    Lil Mac,
    Don’t let your ego get the best of you. I did not think I was referring to your blather as a response to anything I wrote. I was merely alluding to what you wrote as blather.
    I believe that government, while a necessary evil, is still necessary. A society without a government is just a bunch of serfs under the bootheel of whomever wields the most powerful army, generally a dictator or the fruit of a dictator’s loins. The thing I enjoy about a representative democracy is that we don’t necessarily have to put up with the idiot sons of our previous despots, unless we have a moment of collective insanity and choose to do so.
    As for refuting your “arguments,” there has to be some substantial thought behind them before they merit refuting.
    And, as for good names “Lil Mac,” at least I have one that I’m not ashamed of. And, referring back to my first paragraph, I have received much better advice on political blogs than that dispensed by you.

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