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Liberal Democrat New Yorker, Bob Kerrey, President of the New School in Greenwich Village in Manhattan, thinks that over half of Nebraskans — 60% by some polling — are rubes.

They’re super right-wing, reactionary hayseeds who don’t know how awesome Ben Nelson is, and are Karl Rove’s suckers for thinking he should be voted out of office.

When Kerrey’s licked 11,000 envelopes to be sent from New York to Nebraska last week, that was the message inside.

Kerrey thinks New-braskans need Nelson’s “progessive populism”.

The Pope’s progress on what?

Gee how buzz-worthy of Cosmic Bob! The funny thing is, suggest to most Democrats that Nelson is a “Progressive” and they’ll throw up in their mouth. (Then they’ll post on on DailyKos that they threw up in their mouth — but that it was all 100% soy products.)

And seeing that Progressive is just the new politically correct term for Liberal, let us see how that sells in Nebraska anyway.

Populist? Ask how many people think he was doing the “people’s” bidding when he was the deciding vote on ObamaCare — as opposed to becoming a Democrat party tool. (Becoming?)

Yes, we understand that Kerrey feels he needs to re-up his liberal bona-fides after he was ousted from the New School for not being New York City liberal enough.

But please, spare the fine folks of Fly-Over-Country the liberal…er, Progressive…lectures that sell so well in lower Manhattan. Nebraskans are aware that when something stinks, it ain’t a fine cheese.


For those keeping score at home, the Washington Post still has Nelson’s Senate seat as the #1 most likely to switch parties in 2012.

Remember when that was all supposed to change because of how awesome everyone would realize ObamaCare is, and how they wouldn’t believe that Nelson embarrassed Nebraska with the Cornhusker kickback, and how Nelson’s awesome ads would change everyone’s minds?

Yes, yes, we are a long ways off from Election Day. But how is all that working so far?

Overarching foreign and domestic policy interview with Rep. Jeff Fortenberry (NE-1) in the Fremont Tribune:

On Libya:

This is another neighborhood, another hemisphere, and others have the primary responsibility here.

On the budget:

The president’s showing no leadership on this and the House of Representatives can’t run the country by itself.

On lowering Ag subsidies?:

Most Nebraska farmers are also good Americans, they realize this has to happen.


Jane Kleeb is lapping up the attention given to her by Governor Dave the other day, and of course incorporating it into a fundraising letter.

One line:

Bold (short for “Bold Nebraska” — their liberal movement, which you know is “bold” because it’s in their name – Ed.) works closely with landowners and concerned Nebraskans who want to see safeguards put in place for this risky pipeline…

Uh, yeah they may work with people who want safeguards… but that is not what THEY want.

They want to eliminate the pipeline and the Canadian tar sands oil completely. They do not want a “safe” pipeline…they want NO pipeline.

Don’t you forget it, automobile driver.


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  1. Dennis says:

    It’s too bad Fortenberry didn’t come to the realization that the world relies too much on the U.S. back when Bush was President. If Mr. Fortenberry and other Republicans had come to this realization several years ago, it would’ve saved the U.S. a lot of blood and treasure.

  2. Shoe Salesman says:

    Hilarious. “The will of the people.” Repealers have spent close to $200 million dollars in ads and legal fights designed to earn media while supporters have spent $2 million defending the law. Even with that lopsided expenditure program, the best the repealers can do is essentially an even split on repeal.

    All polls, event the ones that show more support repeal than dont, all indicate that when you get down to specifics, the American people support most tenents of the law and don’t want any of the existing benefits taken away. Even the individual mandate. So Nelson was and is right as far as the will of the people.

    As for embarassing Nebraskans – the GOP leaders did that. When the governor double crossed Nelson and he and the rest of them fanned the flames of the cornhusker kickback they put their political jealousies ahead of the state and its reputation. The only folks who use that terminology these days are the NE GOP, the far right wing fringe of the Republican cabal and this blog – oh wait those are all the same thing.

    Nelson may or may not win re-election. He may or may not even run. But one thing is for certain – his vote on the Affordable Care Act was the right vote. And those who continue to fight the losing legislative battles of the last two years are peeing in the wind. Nobody wants the law repealed except for 18-25% of the hard core Republicans – probably the same people who think the President isn’t an American and that Medicare isn’t a goverment porgram.

    BTW – Dennis is right – when it comes to war, the Republcians wont support a Democratic President no matter what – but they’ll blindly support a GOP president who rushed to war so fast our soldiers went into battle without the appropriate gear and got killed. But hey, we took down the Saddam statue! Oh, and is Osama Bin Laden at Gitmo yet?

  3. Don Kuhns says:

    “Liberal Democrat New Yorker, Bob Kerrey, President of the New School in Greenwich Village in Manhattan, thinks that over half of Nebraskans — 60% by some polling — are rubes.

    They’re super right-wing, reactionary hayseeds who don’t know how awesome Ben Nelson is, and are Karl Rove’s suckers for thinking he should be voted out of office.”

    That’s funny Sweeper because these people are never mentioned in your link. Kerrey’s comments were clearly aimed at Non-Nebraskan corporate front groups such as Club For Growth and Americans For Prosperity who intend to take Nelson down. Lie much?

  4. Lil Mac says:

    It is interesting to see terms like “fringe” and “cabal” used by someone criticizing others for using odd old political terminology.

  5. Brian T. Osborn says:

    Only spineless (and illiterate) cowards come onto blogs and anonymously throw their monkey poop at others. How’s the spineless coward tally per party going so far?

  6. Kortezzi says:

    Bob Kerrey looks like that guy who screeches “Get OFF ma’ LAND!!!”. Somebody get him a tube of Brylcream please, or at least some Dippity Do.

    He is the PERFECT guy to have backing up Ben Nelson on the Cornhusker Kickback.

    I haven’t forgotten how Kerrey called Bill Clinton “and unusually good liar, unusually good”, & said we needed to be lower tax burdens, but then proceeded to vote for Slick Willie’s 1993 tax increases because he didn’t want to “destroy Clinton’s presidency”. How touching that was.

    Nelson knows he could have & should have stopped Obamacare, but he voted for it just to avoid giving BO an embarrassing failure on the Federal health care takeover he promised.

    The Benator’s gig will be up in November 2012. Wonder if he’ll relocate to NYC or DC when he cashes in on the insurance lobbying racket. I highly doubt he’ll return to Nebraska.

  7. Sweetwater Woods says:

    And I haven’t forgotten how this Bob Kerry, President of New School, attempted to close UNMC’s College of Pharmacy when he was Governor of Nebraska.

    Or how one of his restaurants in Lincoln got fined for violating child labor laws.

    Or how his was the ONE vote that helped the US Congress approve the largest tax increase in history when he was “our” US Senator during the first year under President Clinton.

    And now he thinks we give a rat’s ass about what he thinks. I am glad he sent the letter. I will help me write an even bigger check to whom ever runs against Ben. The bumper sticker stays on my cars…it says “Senator Nelson, we will remember!”

  8. Mr.Mojo says:

    If you want to bring up Bob Kerrey’s past, why not tell about the time his leg got blown off serving his country? Most of you gasbag patriots think you serve your nation by chanting “U S A ” whenever you accidentally hear something Rush didn’t tell you.

  9. Ted Brockman says:

    The fact that Nebraskans have sent Lee Terry and Adrian Smith to Congress multiple times provides considerable support for Senator Kerrey’s assessment. Just sayin.’

  10. Cigar Smoker says:

    SS has the rare ability to read something and then infer whatever he wants from the message, the truth be damned. Dont you dare criticize him for his overly active imagination!

  11. Macdaddy says:

    Pretty telling that Senator Nelson has to go outside the state for a word of support. It’s also telling that former Senator Kerrey sent the letter out to only 11,000 people…basically the Democrat base in Nebraska. Unfortunately for them, he told them what they wanted to hear, and being so far away, completely misreads things here in Nebraska. So far, the only outside group that has spent money on the 2012 Senate race in Nebraska is the DSSC when they ponied up a cool mill to help out Senator Nelson when he made that oh-so-courageous vote. I guess a million bucks buys a lot of courage or at least salves a bruised ego when you get booed out of a pizza parlor. In any event, Nebraskans are now wise to “Mr. Independent” who always seems to vote with the party whenever his vote is needed. Hard to call yourself a fiscal conservative when you vote for a new entitlement program that costs a trillion bucks.

  12. The Pip says:

    I’m guessing Obama went to Libya to catch up with “W”. He is still behind one war, but should catch up soon. In an unrelated post, Dick Cheney led the first U.S. ground troops into Libya, and immediately shot three American soldiers behind him. Cheney quickly called it friendly fire, and refused to apologize. A spokesman for the wounded warriors said that unlike the Republican Party, they would never follow Cheney again. Lighten up, boys.

  13. Macdaddy says:

    Uh, Shoey, Democrats are the only ones calling for impeachment of Obama for his kinetic military action in Libya. Republicans are just asking for information, since, you know, they are part of Congress and Obama hasn’t bothered to ask permission from Congress even after spending time seeking approval from the UN, the EU, NATO, the Arab League, the United Kingdom of Micronesia and Related Atolls, Outer Krapistan, and Rivendell. Even after a week of bombing. Even after an address to the nation (finally). No, after all that, he’s still giving Congress his middle finger. You know, the easiest way for Obama to make questions about his birth certificate go away is to f’in act like he was born here.

  14. RWP says:

    You know, the easiest way for Obama to make questions about his birth certificate go away is to f’in act like he was born here.


    Quote of the year, so far.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Dennis and the other Dumbocrats who typically post here, there are some salient differences between Bush going into Iraq and Obama’s Libya thing (kinetic whatever.) Among them:

    *Saddam’s army invaded anotehr sovereign nation.
    *He used WMDs on the Kurds.
    *He violated the terms of the earlier cease-fire.
    *The Bush administration spent months building a coalition of nations and making the case to the UN and to Congress that military intervention was justified.
    *Dumbocrats wailed and moaned from shortly before the Iraq war until just after bombs started dropping on Tripoli that U.S. military intervention is never justified unless our national security is threatened.

  16. Memory Lane says:

    Perhaps my memory is better than Sweetwater’s. I remember that Bob Kerrey, President of New School University, sought out Norman Hsu to be on the University’s board of trustees….after his sizeable contribution to New School University. It turns out that Norman Hsu, a huge contributor to Democrat politicians and causes, was later convicted and sentenced to 3 years in prison, for his creation of a very lucrative Ponzi scheme. Even Hillary Clinton had to give up $850,000 she had received from shyster Hsu. I wonder if Nebraska Bob sent a Ben Nelson fundraising letter to his old buddy Norm.

  17. MacDaddy says:

    I realize that Obama says he isn’t trying to get Quadafi out of power (does that even make sense?) and the UN mandate only authorizes a no-fly zone (wouldn’t want to violate that UN mandate now, would we), but I would hope that he could see his way clear to dropping a few bombs on the Lockerbie bomber to make sure that his condition really is terminal. We should try to get something of value in return for our kinetic military activity.

  18. Brian T. Osborn says:

    Memory Lane,
    And Tom Delay is going to be spending the next several years vacationing … where? And then there is Randy “Duke” Cunningham, another admirable representative of the people. The list goes on and on, on both sides of the aisle.
    Let’s face it, becoming a member of Congress, or even a lower level politician, is more temptation to steal, and accept compromises to their principles, than many people can bear. The Democratic Party has no monopoly on bad behavior, just listen to the drivel that issues from the mouths of many of your party’s spokespeople on talk radio, tv and from our own UNL comedian. I’m not saying that there aren’t just as many fools on our side of the aisle – there are – I’m just saying that there is plenty of guilt to go around.

  19. Memory Lane says:

    Memory Lane to BTO…

    Yes, Brian, except that this particular LeavenworthSt edition is about BOB KERREY. And Bob Kerrey’s intrusion into Nebraska politics. Bob has chosen New York City over Nebraska, so let him stay there and shut the hell up about Nebraska, a state he turned his liberal back on and now knows very little about.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Dippity Do? Now, there’s a blast from the past. We called it Dippity Don’t which I’m thinking is more fitting for Cosmic Bob.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Someone says “Only a idiot would use his or her own name in a blog.” And someone else chimes in by name, praising his own bravery and chiding as cowards people he doesn’t know. But its not about bravery. its about responsibility.

    Do you know how long it takes surfing the net to find someone’s address, family members, history, etc? Five minutes. That is absolutely fine for the 99.9% of people who will disagree civilly. But the other .1% includes those who mail you death threats, those few incumbents who call your children to obliquely threaten them because of your big mouth, your home broken into and computer downloaded, and bullets that whiz by your head. The same violence and danger that permeates third world elections isn’t entirely gone here. Bravery should never be confused with supidity. Your Navy days were brave enough. Why risk anything of real human value in a silly blog?

    I hope you don’t have to learn the hard way how bad it can be. Some of us have. And it ain’t fun. Christ, if you have a family, use some common sense.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Actually, Mr. Kuhns, when I said, “Only a idiot would use his or her own name in a blog”, I wasn’t referring to you. But since you raised your hand and volunteered…

  23. Anonymous says:

    This Libya thing should remind us all how important the 2nd Amendment is. Only a few weeks ago, the Libyan government was legitimate. See how quickly things can change? Now, Prez O is telling us Gaddafi isn’t legitimate and that we need to support those freedom fighters over there who simply seek self-determination.

    But, when you stop and think about it, you have to marvel at the good fortune of these freedom-loving citizens of Libya who just happened to have a stockpile of major weapons systems collecting dust in their mom’s basements, just waiting around for the off chance that Gaddafi would become illegitimate and they would need to seek regime change. Lord knows it’d be a tough deal to wage a successful defense of freedom against tyranny if they didn’t have a boat load of machine guns sitting around. And the ammo to go with it.

    I just think it’s amazing good fortune for all those innocent civilians in Libya that they just happened to be well-armed for when they realized they needed to overthrow their oppressors. I can’t imagine what they were hunting out in the wilds of Libya with those .50 cal machine guns I saw some of them pictured with in the paper this morning. But it’s darn fortunate for them that Gaddafi evidently didn’t have any strong gun control laws. Otherwise, our little “no fly” zone would be pretty much a waste of time and effort.

  24. Anonymostly says:

    Hmmm. Interesting thought, there. So where, exactly, did our new Libyan friends obtain all their weaponry? Salaam’s Jewelry and Pawn in downtown Benghazi? I worry this might not end so well.

  25. Brian T. Osborn says:

    Memory Lane,
    I’ve been threatened by a lot more scary people in real life than any dimwit on a blog has ever done, even been shot at and missed by Muammar’s navy. You should read up on why John Hancock wrote his name so large on the Declaration of Independence. Although he would have been a lot safer had he signed it as … Disgruntled Colonist … the world would not have been the same.

  26. Uncle Wiggily says:

    One of the more memorable lines from Johnny Carson … during one of his “Carnak the Magnificent” schticks … you remember – he would give the answer before the question was asked …

    Anyway, the answer was “Dippity Doo” … the question was “What do you find on your dippity in the morning”. Still makes me chuckle

  27. CIR says:

    The reforming of the CIR is off to a bad start. Seems those who came up with the bill decided it was more important to brief the Big Cities and the Chambers of Commerce before talking to other members of the legislature. Now there are 30 or so miffed senators who may just gut the bill and end all collective bargining to show them? Nebraska had better strap in for this one!

  28. Open Minded R says:

    It will also be interesting to see if there are enough votes to override parts of the Governor’s budget that badly wounds many services and raids the cash reserve with no plan to replenish. Let’s see if there is courage in the Uni to make tough decisions on the budget to do what’s best for NE. There is the handful that will follow DH blindly, but there are 30-38 who are taking a serious look at cuts, investments, and revenue streams to keep the state strong and not leave an even greater mess in two years with unfunded commitments and no cash reserve. The cigarette tax is one of those decisions that is at least worthy of debate as we make those decisions.

  29. A non-smoker, but says:

    If the legislature increases the tax on cigarettes as much as Mike Gloor wants to, smokers will simply start buying contraband cigarettes. Read the news stories about other states that have tried to hike the cigarette taxes. Nebraska should never depend on bad habits or drug use to fund the state budget.

  30. CIR says:

    What will be needed is 33 votes to bring cloture. There are enough libs and with Ashford and Cornett you have 16 votes needing only one more vote to kill efforts by the majority. This will be a defining moment in Nebraska’s legislative history.

    Might even be bigger than when the CIR was formed and Winner Take all was ended. Righting the ship will take some doing. Grab your popcorn and take a front row seat to the Main Event.

    Let’s get ready to Rumble!

  31. Anonymous says:

    To non-smoker. Don’t believe the stories of an explosion of contraband sales – just look at the tax revenue data from states when cigarette taxes are incrased. Or perhaps look at the fiscal note on the bill. As to your other suggestion on a radical shift away from taxing or charging fees on “bad habits or drug use” – so you are thinking the state should eliminate tobacco, alcohol, caffeine taxes and drop all liquor license fees and then raise income, property tax and corporate tax exemptions. Not sure if that will fly. I have a feeling we will continue a state tax policy that reduces or provides exemptions for behaviors and investments we want to see (buying property, creating jobs, marriage, charitable giving, earning income, etc.) and raising taxes and fees on things that are less desirable and a burden on the economy (such as smoking). As the Unis make the tough decisions on the budget it will interesting to see if they are going to prioritize keeping cigarettes priced as low as possible or cutting Medicaid, education, roads, etc. And ask yourself the question who really benefits from keeping cigarette prices low?

  32. A non-smoker, but says:

    Anon 7:27, you say we need all of those taxes so we don’t have to raise income or property taxes. How about this: STOP THE SPENDING INSTEAD!!

    And stop all of the free passes that businesses are allowed to get from Governor Heineman’s love of business incentives. Stop all of the subsidies and incentives given to ethanol and it’s producers. I could go on and on. Nebraska taxes the hell out of cigarettes as a source of revenue, and now wants to triple that tax. Nebraska depends on the great revenue it receives from taxing gasoline, and now wants to take away our right to know what is in the gasoline we purchase.

    The answer, Anon 7:27, is not to keep looking for ways to get more taxes from Nebraska citizens, it is to STOP THE SPENDING.

  33. Anonymostly says:

    To: non-smoker but

    With Caterpillar talking about leaving Illinois because of recent increases in corporate income taxes, and the possibility they would relocate to Nebraska, now is not a real good time for you to complain about “Governor Heineman’s love of business incentives.”

  34. NE Voter says:

    Anon. 8:39

    Caterpillar ain’t going anywhere, and certainly not to Nebraska.

    It’s just posturing for increased tax breaks and incentives.

    Business. As usual.

  35. Anonymostly says:

    Well, then, Illinois should call Caterpillar’s bluff. I think that would be a great plan. Test them. See if they really mean it. I’m sure that will work out well for Illinois.

  36. Don Kuhns says:

    At 2:38, something wrote: ‘Actually, Mr. Kuhns, when I said, “Only a idiot would use his or her own name in a blog”, I wasn’t referring to you. But since you raised your hand and volunteered…’

    That’s what I love about conservatives. They’re all about PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY.

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